EPIC Theatres at Oakleaf
8368 Merchants Way, Jacksonville, FL 32222, United States

Review №1

First, the clerk couldnt process my ticket. Per the online instructions, I gave her the card I used for payment.She didnt know how to do it that way.Then, I pulled up the email containing my electronic tickets. She STILL didnt know what to do, and wouldnt let us in to our movie until a manager finally intervened. By then, it was 5 min past our movies start time.We hit the rest room, and I ran out to get popcorn.She knew my movie started at 4:20, and it was now 4:35. So she took my payment... then walked away, all the way up to the ticket booth, where she helped another customer, before walking back to GIVE me my popcorn.The floor from the snack bar back to the theaters was so sticky, my feet stuck to the floor, making it hard to walk.There were 2 saving graces: fully reclining seats (like laying down) and the (different) manager who refilled my popcorn when I dashed out mid-film. Unlike anyone else there, he seemed sensitive to the fact that I didnt want to miss part of the film.This theater is an hour drive, but was the only place nearby showing my movie.Next time? Ill drive to Gainesville, rather than go to this disaster again. My daughter was in tears, ready to just go in frustration, before the film even started. Rather the opposite of the experience we were looking forward to!

Review №2

Such comfortable reclining seats that are reservable online. They have a great Beer and Wine Bar too!Always a great movie selection playing in the best picture and sound quality.

Review №3

Well maintained theater. Definitely will go back.

Review №4

On a Sunday at 1:15pm, out of stock of hot dogs and nachos. None to even cook. I asked for my receipt and the cashier had deleted it from the system after I paid? And was unable to give me one. Womens bathroom was nasty dirty. They did had plenty of staff standing around.

Review №5

Watching d the Black Panther at this amazing theathr, and had an amazing time!!!! Also loved the seats cause you have feet stand, so you can lay down.

Review №6

I love EPIC.As far as theatres go, they are one of the best.They are extremely clean, their service is fast. I love the automation that they have embraced. Their ticket buying is simple and streamlined.Their food is good, their popcorn is good, and their selection of concessions is awesome.Their picture and screen quality is excellent, as well as the modern style recliners they have in every theatre.Also, I love their rewards program. You get free stuff just for going to the movies. Thank you EPIC for being so awesome!

Review №7

Always loved this place since it opened and always will

Review №8

Helpful quick clean enjoyable for the whole family

Review №9

Amazing personnel at this location! I lost a sentimental Christmas pin in the theater yesterday (Oct 7th). I called and asked if anyone could check our seats to see if it might have dropped there and I immediately went back to also see if I could check. The young lady in the phone was sympathetic and said she would relay the message to the ushers. When I arrived, I spoke with the young man whom takes the tickets. He was aware of the missing item and checked with the ushers. They had not found it, but confirmed the seats we were in and went back for another look. THEY FOUND IT! I was so amazed and excited to have my pin back. As were my grandchildren who gave it to me and the one’s who noticed it missing. These gentlemen were kind and respectful to my concern. They didn’t try to pass it off as a silly old lady problem or have attitude. THANK YOU to the young men for being honorably and excellent employees. Epic should be proud to have you.

Review №10

Great seats good staff

Review №11

First time . Good experience. New to select your own seats so we did ask to have them changed as first choice was much to close to screen. Comfortable.More expensive than we are accustomed to paying.

Review №12

There are two Epic Theaters near where I live, one is this one and the other is in St. Augustine. I live in St. Augustine, but well make the drive to go to this one because its much cleaner and more professionally run. Its a very, very nice theater.

Review №13

Nice theater and comfortable seats. Staff was helpful as well. We got our tickets online and we were able to go to the kiosk and get them and head right into our show.q

Review №14

Love this place. Its always clean. The associates are very friendly. The bathrooms are always clean. The popcorn is good. The games are good too. Not really crowded during the day. $6 a ticket on Tuesdays with the membership

Review №15

This one of the most cleanest movie theaters I’ve been at.

Review №16

Great seats. Great theater. You can definitely tell that its newer. The only thing I didnt like was no discount for young kids (my 3 year olds just sat on our laps anyways).

Review №17

Its a very nice theater usually not crowded that may not be good for business but its good for your customer that is there reclining seats you can book them in advance restrooms are always clean at least when weve been there occasionally the help looks a little stressed like youre going to ask him a question about calculus instead of wheres the mens room but usually if you keep it about the place and nothing else theyre good

Review №18

Beautiful facility. Clean and the seating was very comfortable. The theater room we were in was small but that wasnt a bad thing. Like the reserve seating. We will definitely be going back!

Review №19

Great to be able to see a movie again

Review №20

So I decided to check out this theater since I now live on this side of town. The layout is not what Im usually used to since the signs arent immediately easy to find upon entering. The staff is... Not that helpful. Their vibe was more why dont you already know where to go? and was a little off putting. I might give it another chance but will probably stick with AMC

Review №21

First time to experience thus theatre. We were pleasantly surprised. Really liked the set up for refreshments.

Review №22

I love coming here. My boyfriend and I always have a good time. The food and drinks are unbelievably over priced. But the quality of everything else is great and the seats are so comfortable

Review №23

Never can get in to see a movie. Always packed and no good seats available. It must be a good theatres if it is filled all the time.

Review №24

Great place. Nice food court and awesome recliners for each guest. Relax, drink and enjoy the show.

Review №25

It was a great experience! I went n saw Bad Boys 3 n loved it. Cant do it without sour patch kids!

Review №26

Our theatre of choice! Friendly and courteous staff and very comfortable seats! Good variety of drink options including alcohol. Not a huge variety of snacks however the popcorn is fresh. They have the typical hot dog, pretzels, nachos, chicken tenders with fries, pizza and ice cream novelties. They do also have milkshakes which is nice too.

Review №27

Great selection and set up for concession operations that I have ever experienced. Even offered chocolate and other flavor ice cream shakes.The movie area was clean and seats reclined for comfortable viewing.

Review №28

Love this place, good food comfortable seats, and a bar. Its a bit pricey but its all well and worth when youre having a good time.

Review №29

Love this place..very much like the set up of getting drinks and food before the movie

Review №30

I went to this theater with my mom for the very first time yesterday to see the Lion King in 3D. I think its my fave theater! I LOVE the reclining seats! They had collectible Lion King drink cups and popcorn buckets - I bought a drink cup (I dont eat popcorn). I love how nice the theater was that we saw the movie in - it was clean and small. I have sensory and anxiety issues so I dont like a lot of people. I very rarely go to the movie theater. This is perfect for me and I will DEFINITELY be back!!

Review №31

Its a great theatre. Customer service is always t polite, professional and available most of all.I wish the bar served more liquor mixed drinks like long island and Margaritas.

Review №32

We have been coming to the Epic Theatres at Oakleaf since it opened and have probably spent over $3,000 at this establishment collectively.We have never had a problem getting an additional bag or bowl for the children to use when we buy a large popcorn and drinks for everyone in our party of 5. Easily a $100-$150 event each time we go to the movies. Today the staff informed us that they were out of the “share bags” but refused to come up with another solution to make it right. We spoke with a shift lead and the manager on duty. They said that in order for us to get an additional bag or bowl we would have to be charged for it because they are inventoried on a very strict restrictions and “cannot” make any exceptions. She’s the manager, she could have made an exception if she wanted to. We moved along and paid for our snacks and refreshments.When my boyfriend went back to get a “refill” of the popcorn he walked up to two staff members gossiping about the situation and they didn’t notice he approached them and was standing there listening to them go on and on about our situation. When they finally noticed him standing there they stopped talking, like two deers in headlights. He told them that they can continue their conversation and both of the staff members rolled their eyes and one walked away.While the additional bag was a minor situation, the part that drove me to decide my family will never spent another penny at this theatre was the complete disrespect and down right terrible customer service.Today was the most unfriendly staff and experience we’ve ever had at a movie theatre. I will gladly give my money to AMC or Regal Theatre’s.

Review №33

One of my favorite movie theaters. Because I dont have to deal with unruly teenagers a lot of crying kids. I love the leather reclining seats. The price is great. I dont have to deal with the traffic at the mall. The atmosphere is perfect and I can enjoy my movie which is great

Review №34

My all time favorite theater!! The chairs are huge and lay completely back!

Review №35

This is our favorite theater! Always clean and staff is always friendly! We also love that you get to pick your own seats!

Review №36

Fast, courteous service. Clean bathrooms and the seats recline!! My new favorite

Review №37

Very First Time Here! Took my 6 yr old daughter to see The Lion King. Loved it! Although I havent been to the movies in years. I cannot believe how much popcorn and sodas are. Epic Theaters is the less expensive of the theaters.

Review №38

Very nice but popcorn was not hot and seconds was very salty.

Review №39

I enjoyed myself here but the concessions at this theatre is very pricey! I know movies are a little costly but it was very surprising how much we paid. Also the signs dont really give any information to the prices or deals.

Review №40

Very comfortable theater all Personnel was very helpful and very polite easy to get in easy to get a ticket easy to get out this was my first trip and enjoyed it very much and will return the concession was confusing did not have much other than popcorn and candy out different from their ad

Review №41

I love this theater except I walk with a cane and cannot step up on the curb. I have to walk all the way to the far end of the theater to the ramp and turn and walk back to the door. I have complained to everyone here to please put a ramp in front of the door. Im sitting here now waiting for the rain to stop because I would get soaked in the distance I have to walk back to the ramp and to my car. Please fix this and your theater would be perfect.

Review №42

Kids had a great time.

Review №43

Always love Epic Theater the prices are very very reasonable compared to other theaters also had my family with me which made it that much more special keep up the good work

Review №44

This is the best. Great for date night.

Review №45

I hate there point of sale system it was confusing and the dude in the vest was being to informative on how to pay..... When I figured it out the cashier was kinda cool so all in all 3 stars

Review №46

Really clean, electric power leather recliner and beer and wine options. Highly recommended

Review №47

We loved it. Made it a family affair for Mothers Day. My husband & myself, and his twin brother and their mother. Had popcorn and nachos and his bro got drinks. Seats r so comfortable and we sat in the handicapped section. Thanks for the nice day. And well be back.

Review №48

The ONLY Theater I want to go to when Im back home. Its always a great time and the seats are awesome. The screen is huge and their food and reward program are the best out there in my opinion!

Review №49

Very nice for a first time visit I was totally amazed with all that Epic Theatre has to offer,,,, most definitely will visit again

Review №50

My granddaughter cried through all of the coming attractions.they were so loud it was scary to her! Even though one of was for the new Trolls movie & she loves the Trolls. I have not shared this experience with one person that has said, oh I LOVE how loud it is. TURN IT DOWN IT IS NOT A PLEASENT experience for any of us !

Review №51

I love this Theater it is never crowded and the staff there is so nice.

Review №52

I love going to this movie theater. Nice staff and I have yet to have a problem. The only thing I think they should change is when to select your seat on the computer it doesnt always tell you if the seat you are sitting next to is closer than the other. Me and my fiance always go here to see movies and when picking a seat there are some that have a sharing hand rest and others that have two different hand rests. I wish the computer would show which ones are which. Last movie I went to see was a scary story and needless to say for horror movies I like to hold him when I get scared. The seat he was in next to me was a double had rest so we were further away. The seat next to me was a sharing hand rest. The theater was full so we couldnt move seats. Other than that I love this theater.

Review №53

Its comfy, its cozy. The seats make you feel like youre at home! The only thing I see as any kind of downside is the snack booth. The layout massively confused me. I can see on busy nights on how it works but when its just a usual calm evening, it seems a little off putting. Otherwise the theaters are fantastic.

Review №54

Great theater with very comfortable reclining seats. The theater itself was very clean. The employess were friendly. Concession was a bit on the pricey side and it would have been nice if the popcorn was warmer and a bit fresher.

Review №55

The theater was very clean and no long lines. THE Staff was very COURTEOUS to the customers and working.

Review №56

Enjoyed coming here.Nice staff and clean theater (theater # 10).

Review №57

Good theater, generally not busy. Snacks are decent prices, but obviously on the tad expensive side, but they have nice variety. Love coming here and not dealing with the crowds.

Review №58

Wonderful experience. Tickets were ready and seats were perfect for family movie.

Review №59

The movie experience here was great. Lots of parking space, comfy reclining seats, and reserving your seats was a nice plus. It is pricey but you pay for what you get...and what you get is luxury!

Review №60

Theater is clean food great staff friendly.Seats are very comfortable

Review №61

Staff was friendly, reclined seating was extremely comfortable, theaters and restrooms were very clean. Im definitely going back

Review №62

I love this place!! Seats are comfortable (even for heavier people).

Review №63

Awesome theater! Good prices and comfy seating

Review №64

Good movie. Treats are way too expensive!

Review №65

Great night watching open Marvel movie. Ordered a snack due to the length of the movie. Atmosphere was good but not great as someone had a young child in the theater. Overall love the staff at EPIC in Oakleaf.

Review №66

It was very pricey. 61.00 for 1 large popcorn 2 waters for 5.00 each. 2 cokes. Entrance was 50.00. Very comfortable seats. Theater was empty. Maybe fill the theater for a better price. This was an afternoon movie too.

Review №67

My son and i this place people are very nice and it is very clean bathroom and the

Review №68

Could have better snacks. always clean, kiosks always work

Review №69

This theater is in a quiet area so theres not a lot of people in the area to compete with for seating at least during the day. Handicap seating is available upon request and most of the theaters its upstairs you have to take an elevator but thats provided all seating is the electric recliners with cup holders very comfortable and easy to transfer to from a wheelchair. Super large screens and very high quality sound.

Review №70

Love this theatre! Seats are so comfortable and always clean. My go to for dates or family outings.

Review №71

Great experience. Closer to the house than the AMC. May visit more often.

Review №72

The place was clean, the staff was courteous, the matinee price was comparable to other theaters, the seats were very comfy, I will go back.

Review №73

Always enjoy watching movies at EPIC Theaters at Oakleaf. Try it for yourself

Review №74

Outstanding theaters options with super comfortable seating, and beer & wine in your seats. XL screen is awesome, but stay out of the front row if its avoidable. Not crowded at all. Cant say enough about the seating.

Review №75

This is literally the best movie theater Ive ever visited. Its a premium experience so while the ticket and concession prices are a little high, you get what you pay for. I didnt feel like part of the herd like I do in AMC and other theaters. Plenty of room to get by people if you need to exit during the movie. I HIGHLY recommend the Epic to everyone who loves movies and doesnt want to feel packed in a room like a bunch of sardines. ;-D

Review №76

Comfortable reclining seats. Seats are divided so you wont get urked by someone kicking the back of your seat. Not sure about there refund policy but way better than AMC in every other aspect.

Review №77

Place is awesome. Though I wish the popcorn tasted fresher. Sits under heat lamps. Love the set up and reclining seats.

Review №78

My new favorite local theater. The seats are very comfortable and clean. The bar area is pretty nice to grab a beer before a movie as well

Review №79

Question: Will yall do a drive in eventually like the St. Johns location during the pandemic?We would love it if we had something like that.

Review №80

This was me & my fiances first time going to this movie theaters the chairs were absolutely comfortable & The cashiers & people working at the popcorn concession stands were absolutely AMAZING I give them Infinity stars (()).. But what I didnt like is they didnt have any type of advertisement posters of the movie Black Panther out front in the lobby They had plenty of screens playing this wonderful movie. But, I like most people feel that if youre paying that type of money to see it which was $28 we would like to take a picture by the posters in the end.. Come to think of it I didnt see a lot of advertisement for any movies that were being played out in there lobbies Just a few small television previews which I thought were cool, the place is absolutely beautiful, thats the only reason why Im giving 1 star honestly.. all that really matters is the experience was wonderful & quite peaceful, I love the fact that wasnt a bunch of young kids in this theater being loud & disrespectful, it was only a few people in the same theater we were in..

Review №81

Nice theater....clean and well maintained. Like the recliners

Review №82

Great prices, great food and drinks.

Review №83

Best chairs in a movie theater in OP or Jacksonville. Clean and comfortable. Love this place. I am so glad that movie theaters have gone this direction with seat selection and chairs. Love it, but it would be nice to have massaging chairs and cooled/heated seats. Just an FYI if anyone is listening! Still great place and will go only to Epic.

Review №84

Comfy chairs, right temperature in the theater, friendly employees.

Review №85

Very pleased . Everyone was polite and very helpful. Theatre was clean and the chairs were very comfortable. Keep up the good work.

Review №86

Saw frozen 2...LOVED it. Love the theater as well.

Review №87

Me and my wife are both asthmatics and every time we come home from the movies our clothes smell of this horrible fragrance and we have to take a shower and use our inhalers. So, today I called, spoke with the manager and voiced our concern. He indicated that they use some kind of wipes to wipe the chairs. I asked him if he knows exactly the wipes they use but he directed my complaint to the corporate office. All he needed to do was look at the label on the bottle. If you are allergic and wonder why you cant breathe when you go to EPIC, now you know why...we are staying away.

Review №88

Easy online ticket order with easy check in. Always clean and neat. Food always fresh. Overall experience every time is great.

Review №89

Lounging seats are great, pre purchase seats online for no waiting!

Review №90

Epic theater delivers great customer service and absolute cleanliness of all areas there!!

Review №91

Movies are clean and nice. 3 stars are for the need a real upgrade.

Review №92

Cashier had the crappiest attitude while my family and I were paying for our $52.00 of snacks. 5/8/18 4:30 PM. Paid more attention to her texting than to thank us for getting raped with those prices. She need to be cleaning the bathroom instead. By the way thats a picture of her having an intense conversation, rather than to thank people who just paid over $100.00 for 2 hours of entertainment. No manners No respect No gratitude No training from management.

Review №93

The sound system is great and the seats are comfortable.

Review №94

Very comfortable place. Loved the reclined seats. Will definitely be back.

Review №95

I love the movies, smell of popcorn, a coke, simply great. As of right now, this theater has that intimate feel. I love that. They also show classic movies on certain days.

Review №96

The theater itself is great. However, seats are loud to recline or sit up and the concessions are absurdly over priced.

Review №97

Great...wish they to student discounts

Review №98

Cool theatre, nice prices on popcorn and drink. The seats are very comfortable and the tickets are good price as well. I recommend coming here.

Review №99

Up and coming movie theater. Their not an AMC but its coming along.

Review №100

Clean and comfortable. Loved movie

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  • Address:8368 Merchants Way, Jacksonville, FL 32222, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 904-772-0620
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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