1000 Kalli Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28546, United States

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Its so sad the place looks deserted (well I guess it is) weeds are taking over people have knocked down all the trees .... Cant wait to go to a movie again.In Yuma Arizona where my friend lives the theaters have stayed open through this whole thing just to sell curbside hot popcorn. Its been a morale booster along with the best way to watch a movie at home.

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Cashier with beard is rude and doesn’t seem to care about his job or customer. Popcorn is always cold since re open. Staff used to be amazing, what happen.

Review №3

Every member of staff was completely courteous and made certain to provide extra jalapeños!

Review №4

My son and I went yesterday to see Onward. It was our first time at AMC Kalli. We really enjoyed the movie and the theater. We went to Big D. The screen was very big and the seats were high back and pretty comfortable. The only complaints was that my son wanted a pretzel and their oven was down so he couldnt get it. Also, when we got the print out of our tickets because we ordered online, nobody directed us where to go so we had to walk around and find the theater because the theater number wasnt clear on the tickets.

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I am from Tulsa, OK... we have Cinemark, Regal (Warren Theater), and AMC. This is by far the most unprofessional movie theater I have been to in years. I expected more from AMC. When paying $13.90 for a ticket and $12.92 for a drink and mediocre burger sliders and have yet to buy a movie snack... I am glad I don’t live in Jacksonville, because this is an awful movie theater. GET WITH IT AMC. A line of customers and yet an even bigger crowd of workers just talking and standing around leaning on the counter. The guy who helped me, I didn’t catch his name, walked off before I finished ordering and I stood there, and had to talk loudly and say can I order, which then he begins to talk to me like I’m the one inconveniencing him. IS THIS REALLY AS GOOD AS YOU CAN DO AMC KALLI 12 JACKSONVILLE??? I feel sorry for the locals here who have to put up with this just to enjoy a night out to see a movie.Four of the pop machines were out of order as well... yep.The screen wasn’t visual. But the speakers worked great. Yay.....Best worker I ran into - Tim, he wears a Toby McGuire name tag. And if it weren’t for him, and if it were possible, I’d give this theater a zero star.

Review №6

Love AMC and the A List! Hoping they can stay around after all this!!

Review №7

Grateful to have them open, again.

Review №8

Seats are comfortable, theaters are kept very clean from the minute you walk in you notice. Selection of snacks is great. Prices a little high but not outrageous. Staff friendly and helpful. Many movies something for everyone

Review №9

Just OK. Not as many options as some of the newer theaters. Only standard seating, no seating reservations, basic snack options. Not a bad place, we have seen multiple movies here when visiting the area. It just doesnt have some of the higher end amenities

Review №10

This movie theater is always clean and the staff is always helpful, and friendly. Ive been coming here for two years now. I enjoy movies with my mom and family!

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The theater itself is great. I love, love the seats, high back provides comfort for the whole back, they are nice and soft and have a little rocking motion. The climate was just right not to cold or hot, despite the fact that the evening had just turned into a windy, rainy chill fest outside.The staff was quick, efficent, and courteous about getting us our tickets, snacks and drinks. Overall a very enjoyable evening. Highly recommend this theater.

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The movie theater was okay but you didnt get to choose your seats and the theater didnt open until 10 minutes before the film making everyone stand in a line of upwards of 30 minutes. The outside restroom was closed for cleaning though due to the hour it was closed I just believe it was closed early. Prices for movies and for food/drinks are absolutely insane and I dont understand how a family of 4 is able to pay for it. The quality of the sound and the picture were good and there are limited other complaints.

Review №13

Clean and comfortable atmosphere in the ticket area and the theater as well. Screen was in great condition and audio was set at a comfortable level for the entire film. Staff were pleasant. Refreshments are ridiculously expensive, as you will find in most theaters anymore so budget accordingly or eat at home before going!

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Great venue - comfortable with many amenities. Sound and viewing experience was top notch. Very clean - floors, chairs. Overall - great experience!

Review №15

I enjoy coming to this theater over the others. They have a good system setup but it is not always as fast as it could be. Its usually pretty clean and staff is usually nice

Review №16

Popcorn could be better

Review №17

I prefer this theatre over the one closer to me because of the crowds and normally their popcorn is on point. A good theater to attend!

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Review №19

Saw the Sonic movie tonight. Its a really fun film, I went to the late showing because I dont do good in crowds staff was rude and didnt want to be there. I get it its late on a Saturday night dropped $50 dollars on two tickets and a large combo went to get a refill and was told refills are for stubs members only but I got you. I didnt appreciate that I go to the movies maybe twice a year because of the expensive it would be nice to at least still get free refills when you drop $50.

Review №20

Not impressed after going to the bruin theater in newbern. Better seats that recline and better service small but worth it...sorry AMC not worth the price and not clean, i loved that gum was stuck to my jeans and wife sat in a wet spot.

Review №21

Was trying to have a nice date night with my husband we get to the movie we chose and about 10 people walked out saying they weren’t ready so we waited patiently. The crew comes out and I asked if they were ready for everyone. The girl who replied had attitude with me and was rude, totally ruined my whole night. She told me “yeah if only you gave use a few minutes”. Like I literally just showed up and all I asked was if y’all were ready, I didn’t need the sass.

Review №22

They changed the popcorn poppers in Jacksonville at both theaters and now it is soggy. It is awful. The popcorn is 1/2 the reason I go to the movie. It is crucial to have good popcorn. I will be popping and sneaking in my own for now on. I would rather buy theirs - but it is not god anymore. Bring back the old poppers.

Review №23

Tooooooo! Many previews. Literally 25% previews as the movie. I paid to watch the movie why do they feel they can show 30 minutes of preveiws?

Review №24

I paid almost 60 dollars, two tickets with medium popcorns, nachos and hotdog for an uncomfortable sits there, screen good size but very very loud, bad service when I asked for my snacks, the guy was having a bad day or something like that, I couldnt enjoy the movie as my husband and I planned for my birthday for those details.No worth it that money. There are better places for same or less price!

Review №25

Great theater but 50 dollars for a matinee showing? I mean, that was popcorn candy and a soda as well but 50 bucks?! Kinda pricey but all and all a good experience.

Review №26

I have been coming to this theatre since it has been open. It is my favorite theatre by far. The pricing is fair, especially if you go during a matinee time or join the AMC Stubz. The staff is efficient and friendly. The popcorn is always good and the drink options blow my mind. I cannot wait to being my future family here someday

Review №27

Good movies and great seating. Go almost every weekend.

Review №28

Nice place...... But! Like every other movie theater I have ever been to, they hire the slowest, most incompetent people to work behind the counter. How hard is it to ring up 2 tickets, a small popcorn and small coke?! That should not take 5-7 minutes per customer. Damn!!!! Do movie theaters hire these people from a pool of slow and incompetent applicants?

Review №29

One of the best experience ever although it is a little pricy we ended up paying $101.36, it was totally worth the majority of the money spent.

Review №30

Excellent. Friendly helpful staff, very neat and clean, convenient times, comfy seating.

Review №31

Visited tonight while on vacation at nearby Topsail Island. Enjoyed the theater overall but my popcorn wasnt the freshest, and our seats seemed to be directly in front of speakers? It got very loud at times (and I know, movies should be loud.... But this was annoyingly so) would probably visit again on vacation.

Review №32

My son and I go to the movies every week. We love everbody that work here in Jacksonville nc #12. They all are so nice. THE BEST MOVIES THEATER IN THE WORLD. The manager is the best.

Review №33

Awesome time watching Star Wars. Everyone really made it an enjoyable event. The staff was helpful.

Review №34

Carmike was so much better maintained

Review №35

First time in the Big D theater, definitely worth the extra couple of bucks. Went and seen Bad Boys 3, the theater was jam packed, yet no one was sitting right next to you.

Review №36

The pop corn was bomb and the butter station! The real 3d seats are awesome!! Cant wait to go see another movie. Only thing is I will be bringing me a blanket!

Review №37

Its as bare bones as AMC can get. If I were to use an analogy, Id say its the vanilla ice cream of AMC theaters. Its got everything you need, but none of the extra stuff you want. The sound is lacking (sometimes too quiet to hear certain dialogue), the seats are just comfortable enough, and the projector are inconsistent (sometimes playing at weird angles). But it still is a decent movie theater and probably one of the best in the area.

Review №38

Great movie experience in the Big D theater, but the drink and popcorn area was filthy. Employees seemed like the customers were an inconvenience.

Review №39

Nice theater, great AC and seating. Able to buy tickets and concessions at the same counter which cuts down on extra lines. No arcade games, just movies, which is nice because there are no distractions from what youre there for.

Review №40

This is a really nice theater! Comfortable seats and good sound. Movie and popcorn prices are....well, movie prices.

Review №41

The workers here were very nice and I enjoyed my movie

Review №42

Great location, accommodates everyone, 3D movies, wine, beer, food and snacks

Review №43

This place used to be awesome.... Now its just meh

Review №44

Its a nice theater. Good picture and sound quality. But theater 9 had a weird wet smell that gave me a headache.

Review №45

This is my place to watch movies. The staffs are welcoming.

Review №46

Very large place, clean and nice. Very cool view of their server room (sorry tech person), bit pricey but very well organized and clean experience.

Review №47

Great quality theater with pleasant staff

Review №48

Nice theater, clean. $15 forlarge popcorn and soda. $$

Review №49

4 stars only because the ticket/food/snack cashier was the nicest dude I have encountered at any movie theatre... the theater itself is nothing spectacular or gross

Review №50

Very nice facility; good and clean!

Review №51

Saw Birds Of Prey and loved it!

Review №52

I like this theater. It is always clean and very well run.

Review №53

Damp and Moldy smell, dirty bathrooms, and stupid requirement to buy tickets at concession counter that SLLOOOWWWS everyone down. Before we moved here, went to the movies at least twice a month and we always purchased popcorn, soda, and hotdogs. Now, we rarely go for the listed reasons, but we refuse to buy concession stuff just on principle. Finally, if you don’t arrive 30 or 40 minutes early...forget even going. The long wait time to get tickets will frustrate a saint.

Review №54

While this theater is clean (its only a few years old) and regularly adequately staffed, dont use Fandango. They are never in sync. You will buy a ticket for a 5pm show and that showing wont exist. Or it will, but you might pay for the BigD theater 3D and it wont be in that theater or just a standard flik.Also, fewer and fewer movies allow pre-purchased tickets for opening night showings.Another thing is forget you reward points, they scrapped that system and now you have to pay a premium membership to get coke and popcorn refills. They dont even fill up the large buckets you used to buy for extra popcorn.So it has gone down in quality and service in the past 5 years. I dont know if it is management or carmyckle (sp?)Now for the rambling part for 5 extra guide points. So, Jurassic World is a pretty good movie, had several good jump scares. It is a much darker and bloodied movie than the others, but I still took my 11 year old for his birthday and he loved it.Redhead pics are all I have in my phone so enjoy.

Review №55

I seen childs play it was pretty good. Nice theater. No complains. Nice people.

Review №56

Great movie quality and nice staff but doesnt have the leg room like I was hoping. After about the second hour you feel really cramped and uncomfortable.

Review №57

The staff and managers are very friendly and accommodating, there a few things wrong like they were flooded after the hurricane so there is water damage that is noticeable sometimes in the smaller auditoriums but it’s not unbearable. Make sure to go to your movie a little early especially between 4:00-5:30 because the tickets are cheaper so they get busier. Other than that, the theatre itself is very clean and well managed. I really love this theatre! It’s the best one in town.

Review №58

Decent place and never too crowded. Hot food items are reasonably decent quality, well except for the prices but its a movie theater. It could use a cleaning, a few of the rooms are acquiring a bit of a pungent uncleanly smell.

Review №59

Nice Theater Good variety of Snacks and Food

Review №60

Good non-luxury theater.

Review №61

Nice and around the corner. Convenient to run to when you want to get out of the house for a little bit! Nice staff!

Review №62

This is our go to date night place. We joined the premier club for only $15 and we earn points and discounts like crazy. We get free upgrades to large popcorn and sodas. We also get a separate line that gets us through faster. They always have the newest movies playing. Theyre clean and comfortable too. As usual it can be cold in the theater, so bring a jacket if you get cold easily! I recommend this theater over the one by the mall. It just wasnt kept up like this one is.

Review №63

Great matinee prices, Plus $5 movie tickets on Tuesdays.. My son and i come here often to see new movies comming out. Not bad at all!Foods alright. A bit over priced... Go in a few minutes early (beat the chance of a line) and Ask for fresh popcorn when you go.. You wont be disappointed.

Review №64

Standard theater with overpriced snacks. Large theaters with steep stadium seating so good views from any seat. Comfortable folding seats. Generally clean. Nothing special but nothing bad either.

Review №65

Movie was great. Premier line is about the same as the regular line. Go figure.

Review №66

The big fancy theatre was awesome! The screen was huge and the sound was amazing! Already bought upcoming tickets for that specific theatre, well worth the couple extra dollars!

Review №67

The big D, is the only theater worth it, in the building. Never no issues!

Review №68

This place is actually in my top three movie theaters here in Jacksonville. This is only because, there are only two movie theaters here that screen premier films. They are also part of the same chain. The newer one surprising!

Review №69

The better theater in the town.

Review №70

Enjoyed the . Staff was helpful & friendly. If they could/would down the amount of commercials; it would be great!

Review №71

A movie is always welcome...make sure to bring a coat.

Review №72

Get to the theater very early if you’re going to an evening show. Since there are only two theaters for the 70,000+ people in Jacksonville it fills up quick. Jacksonville just needs one or two more theaters to accommodate the population and it’s not their fault. However, I don’t like that they force you to go to the concession stand to buy a ticket, especially since they have a ticket booth off to the side. This would significantly cut down on the wait time for people that just want a ticket. I personally try to only go to matinees. Other than that it’s your standard movie theater and I’ve never had an issue.Addendum 5/20/19Monday evening showing of John Wick 3, there were 9 total people (didn’t pay attention to any grouping) in front of me in the regular line and it took 9 minutes. There were 3-4 registers running, giving preference to express and Stubs members. Still hands down one of the longest waits if any theater I’ve been to.

Review №73

Great movie bathrooms were filthy like a gas station, concession counters were dirty. Its a great place and location with a little custodial work.

Review №74

Always fun and going to this one vice the one at mall...people are nicer and workers are very attentive

Review №75

Nice, new theater. Seats were comfortable and floors were clean. The theaters themselves feel small, but many movies are fairly empty which is nice. I prefer this theater over the other here in town.

Review №76

Love this place. I enjoy going to the movies here. I wish that they would redo the theater with the reclining heated seats like a lot of other theaters have. Other than that great theater.

Review №77

Great theater with quick service to get you in the theater as quickly as possible. Seats are comfortable and you are sure to enjoy your movie experience here!

Review №78

I travel an hour just to come to this theater. Bathrooms are clean, and some of the best pizza as well.

Review №79

Clean neat seats uncomfortable for me

Review №80

Nice clean theater. Very friendly.

Review №81

Great discounts on Tuesday but the sound from neighboring theaters spills over which is annoying!

Review №82

We go here for the BigD screen. A little pricey, but roomy and good place for a larger screened movie with excellent audio

Review №83

Very clean, friendly staff, and comfy seating

Review №84

I have A-List and I love coming here for movies. Since A-list is all done on cell phone, I am glad I’ve never ran into any issues and just have to show a photo ID.The drinks are great with the handful of those fancy Coke Machines and the popcorn taste fresh. You can add salt/butter as you please.Last, screens are great and The Big D is really nice.

Review №85

Best theater in the area. The only thing I think they should do which is also a problem at the classic 16 is quit having people have to go to the concession stand to buy tickets and to also install electronic ticket kiosks and the theater would be perfect. But overall good theater.

Review №86

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The food & drink selection was great. The customer service was awesome, the facility was very clean & comfortable. I cant wait to come back & see something else!

Review №87

Best theater in Jacksonville, although it is the newest. Doesnt have the nice reclining seats that some theaters do. But they are clean and comfortable enough.

Review №88

The way they funnel you in to buy tickets, then wait in line again to enter the auditorium is extremely weird and awkward. Their Big D format has terrible audio quality, and the green lights below the screen are districting. They pull you out of the movie experience. Would not ever go see another movie here.

Review №89

Worst movie going experience. Its got a mold smell. The screen is clearly dirty. We actually had to take a shower when we got home just to make sure we didnt take any fleas back with us.

Review №90

Was standing in the line in movie theater in the priority line and there was only one other person in the main line. The attendant called the person in main line instead of me like he should have, but I assumed it was oversight and overlooked it.Then about six white people walked in and all stood in the main line. Two more attendants called the next two couples. I gave the benefit of the doubt that they may have been assigned to the main line since their registers were directly in front of the main line. Then the lady at the furthest end closest to me looked me in the eye and called for the last white couple from the main line.When I was finally called up. I demanded to see a manager who comped my tickets and gave me free tickets. He said that is not there process and I should have been the first called up. He asked was there anything else he could do. I told him the young lady who looked me in the face and ignored me owed me an apology. As she was apologizing a black lady walked out of the bathroom and said “Did she look you in the face and skip you too? She just did the same thing to me.”That’s when I introduced myself as the Onslow County NAACP Branch Legal Redress Officer and we exchanged info. I told the manager to let his superiors to know they would be hearing from the chapter.#playstupidgameswinstupidprizes

Review №91

Great building always clean and neat.

Review №92

I went and saw Avengers:Endgame in this theater, the seats were very comfortable and the theater was kept at a nice cool temperature

Review №93

We will most likely not come back to this movie theatre despite the fact that it’s closer to our home. The place needs to be renovated. There is a very thick mildew smell that makes it very hard to breathe. It’s most noticeable inside the theatre screen rooms. The seats need to be replaced they are very small, uncomfortable, and old school. You can’t lean back at all and there’s LITERALLY no elbow room. My neck was killing me the entire time. My 3 year old needed to use the restroom and I was completely disgusted when I took her into the restroom near the ticket counter because it smelled like a farm. Not the family movie experience we were expecting on a Sunday. Hopefully the owners get to work and update and renovate before they lose serious business.

Review №94

We had a great time at the movie, but my son left his cell phone in the theatre. We went back and looked during the next movie and didnt find it. I spoke with the night manager, I called corporate the next day and filed a report, and called the day manager....he went three places looking for it, and found it!!! I went the following day and picked it up. So thankful for all the friendly and helpful staff members.

Review №95

Why is the difference between a child admission and an adult admission only $.30?? Such a negligible difference - actually insulting. Child admission $8.99; adult $9.29. It’s no wonder Netflix and pay per view are so popular.On a different note : the facility is clean.Last note: What is the significance of “Kalli”? I thought the name “Patriot” was very appropriate given the town this theater is located in.

Review №96

Its a awesome theater

Review №97

Staff are unbelievably helpful. Theatres are spotless. The only reason I dont go once a week, is that a ticket for one adult and one child with a medium popcorn and a medium drink is 34$. Thats really expensive...

Review №98

This is the only theater I go to. So I am biased. People are always nice here too

Review №99

Took family to see lion king. Was in theater 4 and it was so muggy and uncomfortable in there. It smelt of mold so bad my husband got a headache before the movie even started and wanted to leave. Horrible experience and I feel discusting being in there.

Review №100

Hard to sneak into R movies if youre a minor, 10 out of 10 do not recommend

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  • Address:1000 Kalli Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28546, United States
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  • Phone:+1 910-378-4940
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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