Swan Creek
6988 McKean Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, United States

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I consider this park an outstanding living experience. At first glance it poses an impressive entry, way from the sign to the shining well maintained asphalt sprayed roadways. Its a very pet friendly place i encountered a orange tabby the kids named Thomas. My dog loves the view of the field. I cannot emphasize enough how clean and well kept the neighborhoods are, SERIOUSLY theres very little trash found in yards or on the streets. Theres something special about this place from the community to the views that I get when I travel that peaceful cul-de-sac its always serene.

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We have lived at Swan Creek for around 12 years. We have been though several managers and office personal over the years. For the 1st time, we have an amazing manager Sean Kidd and his office team, Sean will take time to sit down and discuss the issues you are having, whether you own or rent at Swan Creek. He can be seen out and about in the community on a daily basis. There has been more community improvements since his arrival at the community as a manager, than there has been in the past. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for Swan Creek, with Sean Kidd as the new manager.Charles & Melisa Salisbury

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Nice place, peaceful, clean environment.. I visit from time to time. The people that I know living there, say its very comfortable

Review №4

My homeboys T and M are the illest.5 star for real fr.

Review №5

Excellent neighborhood! Patty and Sean in the community office have always been so professional and accommodating. I would definitely recommend living here, the new homes are beautiful!

Review №6

I love that placeOn the future I want to move up there

Review №7

We moved to Swan Creek from the other side of the state at the end of February. The original management we had to deal with to move was rude and condescending, wouldnt return our calls, told us multiple times that she wouldnt fix things that were broken when we moved in since the house was liveable (I ended up fixing these things myself). Since she left and the new community manager, Sean, started it has been an amazing experience! Sean is making a noticable effort to improve our community, and is polite and understanding. We had thought about moving out next year but as long as this change in management continues to care about the community we will stay until we are able to build our own home!

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Nice park. Nice people.

Review №9

I have lived here for 3 years. It has gotten so much better since the new managment has taken over. The ladies in the office are the best..

Review №10

Pretty quiet and easy going park

Review №11

This my second living hear, and I wish I didnt move back. The rent has gone up every year. The majority of the neighbors are good and it can be a nice quiet place most of the time although the manager since the last four is terrible shes rude disrespectful and will not let the maintenance men do their job correctly. I wouldnt not recommend them.

Review №12

It looks nice..clean ..Im just visiting but its nice

Review №13

Laura is awesome she really cares about finding you a home. Commission or not.

Review №14

Do not waste your money!!! THE OFFICE NEVER ANSWERS PHONES. You pay for amenities that you never get to use. Pool is never open. Has not even been open for summer. They refuse to cut grass that theyre suppose to take care of. Its disgusting. Rent increases faster then gas prices. Yet they give you nothing in return. And plumbing is terrible.

Review №15

Stay away from this place!the dirt roads are terrible! They do not want to fix anything in their homes!They will rip you off on your water and sewer bill every month!

Review №16

Nice residential area. Their prejudicial opinion of bully breed dogs, lost 2 stars.

Review №17

Very clean streets and sidewalks plus friendly residents

Review №18

As a current resident that has lived her over 3 years, let me tell you. The community itself is nice and the homes are nice but the office staff both local and corporate are very unprofessional. The office hours are never accurate, the office staff make them up as they go and the pool was closed before the end of the season last year. Over the past 2-3 months a new maintenance guy has just been hired and he is nice, professional and great at what he does! I do not recommend this location.

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I have been living at Swan Creek for about 2 years with my fiance and we have always been on top of payments and never been late and actually pay more sometimes, one month we were $50 behind and they send us a letter saying they will take legal action. OKAY, well Im a criminal justice major and that is not how a business should be run and legal action that they are saying will be thrown out of court and laughed at LOL. Matience does not care to fix anything and no background checks are being done on new people moving in. Legal action, why dont you understand what being legal means first lol.

Review №20

Beautiful place very well keep up

Review №21

I have lived in this trailer park for six years now. I like the old Manager and the old crew that use to work here. Now you have it run by new Management and a new crew. They lie straight to your face and treat you with disrespect. They lied about someone being on are property. One of are good old neighbors told us that someone from the office came on are yard and touch my stuff and went in my shed when i wasnt home. The new Manager is a scammer and a crook

Review №22

If I could give them a zero I would. Trying to charge us for damages that occurred before we moved in. The trailer was over 20 years old!! Do not move in here

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No emergency maintenance is available though they promise it when you move in and CHARGE YOU for it every month as a ‘readiness of service’ fee. Pipes are frozen and we have no water with a young child at home. They almost never answer the phone. Lived here for 4 years management constantly changes, property fixes take months if they ever happen at all. Rent continues to raise every year.I’ve been complaining to them about a leak in my roof with black mold for almost a year and they never send anyone to fix it and my house and shed remained damaged for several months after a severe hailstorm. When you do get ahold of someone at management or one of their answering services they are rude and vague. Roads are almost never plowed in the snow, and when they are they are plowed poorly. Can’t wait to move.

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Rent is ridiculously high and increases every year for the rental price you could rent an actual house in the area.. Trash cans at the entrance are always overflowing and the community pool was barely open last year. The only good thing I have to say is anytime we have had a maintenance issue they have took care of it right away.

Review №25

Been here 2 years now. Pool opened last year late July..this year not at all. Went ALL month of July last year with no A/C due to a broken compresor that took them 4 weeks to fix. They dont respond to your conplaints about neighbors leaving their dog out 24/7...mateer of fact they dont respond to much, even you needing to resign your just wont get an answer and then they add extra fees later. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the trouble. This place is horrible when it comes to business/resident relations.

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Moved in here 2011, after the first year, things started changing! Now its 2017, a whole lot worse! Most of the time, no one in office, to answer your call for problems, to be fixed in rental home we are in! Management now is not qualified, for the position, neither is maintenance. Drives the truck around scraping all evening, thats supposed to be parked at office! Dont move here if you want to have a good place to live! If you want something fixed, attitude, told for months things will be fixed, still waiting. Do NOT move in !

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I own my home here and the place is great! The office is helpful.

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I have hung out in here since i was little. Nice park and people in office are nice

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Swan Creek ypsilanti used to be a stellar community, with a great management team. But in the last couple years it has sunken so far from its long lasting beauty, I dont even recognize it anymore . I wouldnt usally say this, but its a dump! I would not recommend this community to anyone. ..

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I live here it the best

Review №31

The only reason Im leaving one star is because I have to leave at least one. I have lived here for 13 years. When we first moved in, it was beautiful and well maintained. Now, the maintenance guy does absolutely nothing, not experienced in anything besides sitting in his car all day. We are paying for a lot of grass and most of us own our homes. He is responsible for clearing the roads of snow, and now we cant leave for work to pay for the worthless employees in the office to sit around doing nothing all day.Moving very soon!!!!!! Worthless

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Dunhams right there close to the Huron River for people that forgot their licenses or forgot to get their license convenientAnd not to mention Kmart right there too for all your needs if Dunhams doesnt have it Kmarts does

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I currently live in this park. I have asked for over 2 years to have something fixed and it still has not been fixed, it now has become a safety concern and is causing damage to the rental property in which i rent. I have documented several things and I will NOT be charged for damages when I move out.If you work you cannot use the pool in the summer because it is only open weekdays til 6 p.m. and on Saturday 10:00 to 3:00.The rent is getting higher. every year. I pay my rent on time, I keep my place clean and never give them any trouble but yet my rent still goes up and nothing gets fixed.I am looking to move out of this community and would not recommend to anyone to move here.

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Yee haw big deal

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Very rude and unprofessional staff. Ignoring phone calls. Very vague when finally getting through about application approval. Screened phone calls so they wouldnt answer calls for days at a time and when they did they would have an attitude as if it wasnt part of their job to answer phone calls. Glad we didnt move here as i could imagine trying to get anything done with this office staff in charge of daily operations. Might be time to clean house and start over. Dont waste your time money and effort. Move elsewhere.

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Just moved in and havent had any problems !(:Nice and quite. The office has helped with any problems I have had. No complaints yet lol (:!

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I dont recommend it to anyone. The office manager is unprofessional. The maintenance guy doesnt know what hes doing or how to communicate. Theyve taken about 3 weeks - a month and a half to fix any maintenance issue. Overall not a great experience in my year living here.

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Cant get the lazy maintenance guy to do a damn thing. Shingles missing from a storm... a year later still not fixed. Had frozen pipes multiple times and broken promises to insulate them. Had to wake up about a dozen times at 5a.m. to thaw them out myself because some of us have to work. Unlike the maintenance guy. POS. I dont know what this other guy leaving a comment is talking about. Eager my ass! BUT THEY WILL BE RIGHT ON TIME TO CHARGE YOU $50 TO MOW YOU GRASS BECAUSE THERES A COUPLE WEEDS GROWING IN THE YARD. GRASS NOT EVEN LONG!!!

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As the maintenance man for swan creek i have looked over all the comments all i can do is say i will learn from it all and make sure i dont have anyother negetive comments from here on i appologize for everything that upset the people in the community i work for and try my hardest to make everyone at swan creek feel more comfortable with the community and make u all enjoy your choice to choose our community as the residence u choose again i express my appology to thoes who feel i should be better and will do my best to make swan creek and all we offer a good community to live and enjoy thank u for all your insite and i will work on all of it and make our community better with each day

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I have been renting here for close to 6 months and I love it! The staff is very friendly, and egar to help with any mantainece issues.I belive the whole property is starting to show all of the hard work put in by the newly hired employes who genuinely care about the residents.

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The best! Ladys are, The best! Professional, courteous,... and not rough on the eyes either.

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Been waiting three months to have items in my mobile home repaired, oven not working, toilet running, broken toilet seat, kitchen faucet aerator broken, closet door off track. I finally got fed up waiting and fixed the broken toilet seat, aerator, and closet door with my own money and time. still waiting on the oven and running toilet to be fixed. They called me on Friday morning and left me a message (I am keeping message saved as I will probably need to go to court) saying a new oven would be delivered on Monday the 26th, they then told my wife after she called on the 26th that it would be delivered on Monday June 3rd (i am not holding my breath) If it does come not trusting that it will be installed properly. I did have a pop up in my parking spot which I knew I needed to have it moved but was waiting for a spot to open up at local storage area, I contacted management and told them on Wednesday June 21st I would move it, the maintenance man pounded and I mean pounded on my door June 22nd stating that he would tow it himself if it was not moved, I told him that I already contacted the manager or assistant manager they really dont say who you are speaking with an informed her I would move it, I told him it would not be a good idea for him to tow it. I contacted the manager and she agreed that it could stay there until Saturday June 24th, the maintenance man will try and bully you, stand up to him!!!!! I miss the old management team much more professional and skillful. I am only giving this one star because I cant figure out how to give it less and still post it.

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Its okay I guess I just drive through to get my bf son

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This place is one of the worst trailer parks Ive ever lived in. the office ladies are rude and unprofessional. the maintenance guy does not do his job. Ive waited on him for 4 days to thaw out my pipes and he never showed up. cost me $275 for a professional plumber to come out and thaw my pipes and they will not reimbursed me. would not recommend this trailer park to anyone.

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Good trailer park.

Review №46

One of the nicer mobile parks in the area.

Review №47

Some needle was laying on the feound by mailboxes

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Not very nice, but works to start somewhere.

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Alright area neighbors are friendly and stay to themselves

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Ive lived here 20 years. Its poop.

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Dirty park...Im moving team lies and steals

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My friends live here the community is friendly

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Nice place

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Nice community.

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The place is horrible. Its so ghetto and trashy and the playground is disgusting. I grew up there and am so glad to be out of that sh*thole

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It is very to high.

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Okay place

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Nice park

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Nice and quiet

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Mobile homes rent and for sale

Review №62

My sister lifes there

Review №63

I used to live there

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I have a gigantic home

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