AMC Vancouver Mall 23
8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662, United States

Review №1

True Pleasure & honestly might travel 30 minutes to come this theater over the Progress Ridge location which is only 8 minutes away from Home. It was nice to be treated like Normal AMC treatment, not being shunned or feeling like we are truly bothering the associates. This location, hands down far better treatment & excellent cleanliness. Kudos.

Review №2

The AMC Movie theater is a Fantastic place to enjoy your movie. There are 2 different styles of movie theaters here. One is like your traditional set up with the chairs and the giant screen except for its a bit larger than what normal theaters are. The other one is more luxurious. They have cushy soft seats for you to sit in and feet rests that you can use. The luxury seating is the upper level of the Level of the movie theaters. The tickets cost the same for both the luxury seating and the non luxury seating. They serve alcohol up in the luxury seating. This is the best immersive experience when it comes to in movie theater that Ive come to. Maybe its because the screens are so large and you really do feel very relaxed sitting in the soft plushy luxury seats. They have lots of different snack options to choose from In the lobby. They also have video games that you can play to kill time before your movie.

Review №3

I love AMC theaters. My family is raving incoherently with joy at the reopening of AMC theaters, since the Covid-19 pandemic. The movies Unhinged and The Empty man were excellent movies. Wear a mask, maintain social distancing and go check out the theaters.

Review №4

COVID visit review: masks required throughout the mall and whilst in the theater at all times unless eating/drinking. Go online and get your seats beforehand and the seats surrounding get blocked off, ensuring social distancing.Not sure what the GPX screen acronym means, but Id put it solidly between standard and IMAX, great sound systems as well.

Review №5

Used to be a good theatre. Booked parlor tickets, they used to serve food and drinks. Not anymore. There was no warning of this when buying tickets. Only concessions available were popcorn and bottled coke. Theatre is worn and in disrepair. Would not recommend, very disappointed.

Review №6

Nice to get back to the movies good sound and picture but the seats are very bad, ripped, broken, and not very clean. The theater has gone down hill as far as cleanliness. IMO

Review №7

Seats need to be replaced, a lot of services missing during Covid, just another theater right now, but at least its open, or it was...who knows today! Lol...2020 sucks!

Review №8

Very nice & comfortable. Descent concession & very good restaurant lounge. Hard to walk past people seated up top when the ottomans are being used because its too dark to see them & rude people dont put forth an effort to move them for you- but thats not the theaters fault

Review №9

Last time I was there their soda machine was down so no sodas and they had no Junior Mints.....wasnt happy at all.... I understand they were under construction or I should say remodeling theres soda area but they should have had a better back up..... I give them two stars only because theyre employees are usually really nice otherwise I would have given one star.....

Review №10

When it was new and Cinetopia, the seats were actually comfortable. Over time, the theater has shown its age and wear. Now that its AMC, how about fixing the worn out seats so your not flat-landing in the row behind?

Review №11

Was WAY better before the buy-out. No longer does the server for sky box seating (but they kept the same price for the tickets) and 1 person working the concession stand (creating a huge line so people miss out on their movie), they don’t butter your popcorn, and the mac and cheese comes in a small bag they pull out the fridge and they squeeze it out like Velveeta and microwave for 90 seconds.The feature presentation was awesome!I don’t think I’ll be rushing back here anytime soon.

Review №12

I like how they added new stuff and different things to the menu. They added menu numbers, like #1 is large popcorn and drink instead of just asking for each individual. Whats cool too is they have it to where you can fill and refill your own drink and choose whatever flavour. During the movie you can run out to refill it, or after the movie.

Review №13

ABSOLUTELY WORST theater! The seats are beyond awful! Torn and ratty. Uncomfortable. My mother wasnt able to sit in them, she kept sliding off them. Even my son complained about them. Awful enough for us to leave less than 30 minutes into the movie. The staff at the ticketing desk was nice; however, the staff at concessions was rude and dismissive. The bathrooms were dirty and both paper towel machines were broken therefore you are left with wet hands and no means to dry besides on your own pants. Just VERY unhappy with the entire experience especially after spending approximately $45 on tickets alone then approximately $35 on concessions. $80 for a horrible experience...

Review №14

AMC, what have you done? This place is a dive. Cinetopia used to be such a unique and fun experience. How could you take a theatre in a choice location like Vancouver Mall, which is still hopping even after so many mall closings across the country, and turn it into a dump? If you practiced basic business management and customer service, the money would roll in almost effortlessly. Whoever is managing this place needs to rethink what they are doing with their life.

Review №15

The new AMC theater at the mall...Yeah...not so to much (even with military discount) more theater service... Friday night service at the snack counter dark and uninviting (2 people working)...the movie parlor #11 middle seats previews or specials offers playing on the supplemental screens...come on AMC this being my first interaction with your

Review №16

Nice movie theater! We enjoyed the upper level seating. Only complaint was that the day we went, they didn’t have water cups or a water fountain upstairs so we had to leave the theater and go downstairs for that, then come back up. No big deal for us spry folk but I’d imagine my mom would have had a hard time there!

Review №17

Regular big chain theater. Weird set up in that there is a lower and upper entrance. Seats in 21+ area were nice and large though they leaned forward quite a bit. Ottomans are provided which mostly solves that.

Review №18

This used to be one of the nicest theaters around. The seats are awesome and the sound is incredible, which is why I gave it two starts instead of one. But my issue is with the service. I expect to pay close to $20 for popcorn and a drink when I go to the theater. What I dont expect to have to do is wait in line to buy refreshments and then wait in a totally different line to pour my own drink and then pour my own butter. Its not classy and the self serve stations are filthy. Im very disappointed in how far down hill this theater has gone since AMC took it over.

Review №19

Went to see frozen 2 movie was great. Theater was horrible the restrooms had no paper towels the candy was old and hard. They were out of fountain drinks so we had to spend allot more money on 20oz soda bottles. This used to be an excellent theater and now I wouldn’t go back. Regal cascade 16 much better

Review №20

I loved the comfortable seating. And the temp of the theatre was perfect. Thank you for a great date night!

Review №21

Ive been to this theater many times and Ive never been this disgusted. If I could rate this a zero star I would. Their bathrooms had no soap, and no toilet paper. There were only 2 people working to serve all of the people watching the movies over the holidays. Popcorn was matted to the ground throughout the theater. Overall a thumbs down. :( what a bummer.At least the movie was good!

Review №22

This place is a joke since AMC took over. No food/beverage service in the movie parlors anymore, yet AMC still charges the same price for tickets. Basically, your paying more just to sit in a run down recliner or love seat. There is no staffing so expect long lines for tickets and food. Restrooms are disgusting and not maintained. Its obvious AMC doesnt care. Take your business elsewhere, youll be glad you did.

Review №23

Their menu on website was completely different than what they actually offered. Typical movie theater food. Wife and I were not happy at all! Please update/change your menu. We asked for our money back and went else where.

Review №24

I am not coming back here for my future movies. This place used to be so great! And now, they charge more and have such old everything. Penny pinching.... just look at the curly fries I ordered- half burnt, and its not even a full order, like the handed me someones left overs

Review №25

My issue is the seats seem narrower and there fore crosser together than I like. There a lot of screens that is a Plus. The seats are selected from a screen at ticket purchase. I prefer a ticket that allows me to select from the available seats the one with the best view to me. Most theaters in Vancouver have this type of selection. Some of these screens have seats that look down from above the top of the screen. I prefer the screen to be like a painting on a wall. You look a little down to see the street, straight a head to see the other side and a little up to see the sky. This does not mean I would not watch a film if this was not available. The picture at the ticket counter does not make it clear what few a location provides. By the time you walk back the seat was available is taken by someone that might prefer the seat you have to what he now is seated in. Give it a try, my brother likes it, so may you.

Review №26

It was an okay experience but where was the customer service? Not one person smiled. The only person that told me “have a good night” was when I was leaving I made eye contact and I said “thank you, have a great night” I bought my ticket from one person, gave it to the person at the little stand and bought a drink at the counter. That’s 3 employees who all made me feel like I was bothering them.

Review №27

Popcorn is fair, employees needs to be trained in customer service.. .sorry but they were rude and, I was spending money. Still had a good time.

Review №28

Bathroom only has one towel dispenser and it was a mess. Main lobby had popcorn all over the floor. Clearly not enough employees to maintain the theatre. On a good note, popcorn was great, not the vanilla stuff though.

Review №29

The theater is nice, but AMC has destroyed what was once a nice theater. They do not staff it properly, so there is only 1 person selling tickets on each floor and only 2 people (1 Register) in concessions. We are currently standing in line for concessions, on Friday night, for 30 minutes and have barely moved. 2 people at the counter!!! This is the second time in a month that we have had this experience.If you want to come to this theater just be prepared to show up at least and hour or more before your show. There are better options nearby that i would recommend

Review №30

Not the same since AMC bought it. The staff use to be great, they no longer are. The arcade games are broken and steal money with no recourse, inefficient service with longer lines, poorly maintained bathrooms, carpets, seats, everything. It’s all been downhill since AMC took over. I hope they get their act together cause it has the potential to be the best theatre in Vancouver.

Review №31

Miss Cinetopia! They made movies fun to go out again. Now we are stuck with the same boring movie theater experience. Miss Vinetopia also. Sorry to see them pushed out by AMC and sold to them.

Review №32

Messy, disorganized and concessions wait time is a joke. Seats are horrible and have a cheap rental car feel.A very far cry from Cinetopia. AMC ruined a great place.

Review №33

I used to love coming to watch movies at cinetopia because it felt like an upscale movie theater. Now it’s like a basic movie theater. It’s super dirty and the food isn’t good anymore, just your basic warmed up chicken. Very disappointed in AMC service. They bought an upscale movie theater and turned it into a mediocre movie theater. I will now be going to regal 12 because it’s cheaper and cleaner than this movie theater.

Review №34

So many reasons first of all great customer service. Very relaxing and comfortable seats that recline backwards just enough that makes the movie experience so much better.

Review №35

Great quality and size screen. Very comfortable seating with foot rest and snack table/cup holder.

Review №36

It was a nice visit. Great sound, great movie, comfortable seats. 5 dollar Tuesdays is an amazing hit with me as well.

Review №37

Went yesterday to watch Bad Boys. Movie was good but the experience was horrible. We had a group of approximately 10 people sitting in the front tow, SMOKING WEED & DRINKING BOOZE and being super loud and obnoxious, playing on Snapchat. Management was notified by several different patrons and nothing was done!!! I didn’t even see a manager or employee show up to even examine the situation. Everyone in the theater who was trying to enjoy the show in peace had to keep shushing the group. Very frustrating and not enjoyable.It seems like after a certain hour management doesn’t care what’s going on in their theater auditoriums....definitely will NOT be returning to AMC Van Mall.

Review №38

AMC suuuuuuuuucks! This place used to be awesome, I used to tell my friends about it, about how great it was. No service, high prices, minimal staff. Weak sauce.

Review №39

I used to love to go to Cinetopia but now with AMC as the new owners the facility is a mess. Trash everywhere, all bathroom stalls were not maintained. Concessions still way over priced. Will be finding a new theatre, it’s a shame. Nice facility going down hill fast

Review №40

This is a huge Mall. Very clean. Every kind of Store u can imagine. I especially like the Childrens Store there. You can even buy gently used clothing for babies.

Review №41

We viewed the movie in Cinema #5. The seats were not comfortable and looked old. Better to get the GXL for $3 more and have a better viewing experience.

Review №42

The seats were perfect for long movie times. Butt doesnt get sore from sitting too long. Thats a plus.

Review №43

AMC Theater at Vancouver Mall was great. I took my 2 year old niece to see Frozen 2 and because she was going to sit in my lap she got in free.

Review №44

A disappointing experience compared to what it use to be as Cinetopia. We sat in the 21+ area and the line for tickets was long. The floor and concession area was filthy, absolutely filthy. There was popcorn, wrappers, and stains everywhere. Would recommend AMC take better care of their theater.

Review №45

Under new ownership, tickets are cheaper. Big change on food limited choices, no more beer while watching movies but no bathroom trips. All Good I still like...

Review №46

Im sad to see how run down the former Cinetopia has become since AMC bought them out. For the 21 and over crowd... no longer is there craft cocktails and a wine selection, in fact no wine at all. Just well beverages and basic beer. No food menu... just the typical movie theater kiosk with popcorn and candy. The place looks run down and shabby... stained carpet, cracked upholstery... limited customer service... its just very basic. This place was our much needed and rare date night venue a few times year. Im sad to see it has become what it is now. Please fix this AMC...

Review №47

Good, solid mall...fantastic amount of shoe choices because there are many vendors.Good food options too and very friendly staff throughout...almost like being back at 80s mall, sans the excitement.

Review №48

Wonderful place,not overcrowded with people and that leaves a certain intimacy,giving you a home feeling)

Review №49

Great seats! The recliners are totally worth the extra money and the short wall in front of the seats hides everyone down in front of you. I dont think this location serves food anymore (besides popcorn etc) but the seats and screen size are great.

Review №50

Clean mall with a variety of shops and restaurants for the whole family. I love that there is a branch of the library in here and a space for local artists to sell their creations. Theres a movie theater, nail salon, and playground for people who want an experience more than stuff.

Review №51

Theater was good, seats were great. Concession prices were thru the roof. I get it, movie theaters make their money from concessions, but 8-9 bux for popcorn?

Review №52

The prices for a ticket keep going up and up and their food drinks and popcorn are grossly overpriced. They have mad efforts recently to update the seating and make it feel a bit more premium but with every passing day it just doesnt feel as worth it to go anymore. I usually go for the experience but increasingly Netflix and all its competitors keep putting out better content to the point that movie theathers feel almost obsolete.

Review №53

Leave it to AMC to mess up another theater experience... I liked being able to order a pitcher of beer and a nacho right from my seat, its really the only thing that got me back into going to theaters, and the occasional live music was a nice touch. I wont be revisiting.

Review №54

Tested out the movie parlor. Was fairly nice. Still had good sound and screen quality. Some of the pillows and couches were a bit less fluffy because of their age. Was disappointed that the restaurants in-theater service was closed when I went.

Review №55

Wonderful leather loveseats.. with foot rest .. very relaxing. Small theater rooms but I actually loved it. Popcorn good.

Review №56

Came here because they have a 21+ older sections. Get here pay for the one to find out they arent serving alcohol. They only point we wanted the 21+. Popcorn taste like it was popped in a bag and Will stick with Regal from now on.

Review №57

This theater is not how it used to be.Theres always food behind the seats and the seats feel sticky.Snacks are just like any other theater.Kids tickets are great!It used to be my favorite place to go and watch movies with my friends but not anymore.

Review №58

Comfortable seats, plenty of room to stretch out your legs. Nice big screen. Wish snack prices were more friendly, but cant have everything. Will come back to watch more movies here.

Review №59

Was not what I expected. No alcohol or food service. Just another basic theater with overpriced food. Chairs up top were pretty good

Review №60

Not much staff for a Friday night, so I had to skip the concessions. Over all clean theater with great sound and a large screen

Review №61

The screens and the sound are still good. Lost most of its charm when AMC took over from Cinetopia.

Review №62

Theres a 21+ section that costs extra. But theres no bar. So I guess I paid extra to not be seated by anyone 17-21.The movie started 15 minutes late. No explanation, just a blank screen and silence.It was much better when it was cinetopia.

Review №63

What I dislike is that the audio is inconsistent throughout the theaters. Some theaters are louder than others, the volumes levels are just not the same. Typically too quiet.Also one of the theaters screen is dirty. I believe its three or four, probably from a kid throwing a drink at it.Finally some of the seats in random theaters are leaning forward instead of backwards. This makes it uncomfortable to watch a movie. Its bearable but if youre paying for the top-notch experience, I suggest going into the parlors. You shouldnt run into any issues there and plus there is drinking and no one under the age of 21 in Select theaters.Images attached are from one of the parlors

Review №64

Wonderful staff at the ticket counter. Seating was easy, nice and comfortable! Add in movie popcorn and a great movie (Aladdin) and you get 5 stars!

Review №65

This was such a disappointing and super frustrating experience. They were seriously understaffed, and concessions were a joke. We went in the afternoon on Black Friday to see Frozen II. We purchased our tickets online which showed a faulty seating chart, so we ended up with seats up toward the front of the theater. The seats feel like you are going to fall forward and it takes effort to keep yourself tipped back enough to be comfortable.The concessions were a joke. The popcorn was very old tasting and the candy was hard and stale. When we were there, they did not have their soda machines working, so they could only offer icee’s or bottled Coca-Cola drinks. Regardless of the size of popcorn or combo pack we discussed ordering, there was no alternative for drinks so there were no refill options.I used to go to this theater once a month when it was Cinetopia, but I will NEVER return to this theater unless I have to.

Review №66

Posted on New Years Day >>>We set out to see Richard Jewel on FIVE DOLLAR TUESDAY last night at the AMC theater in the Vancouver Mall (the one that used to be Cinetopia)...I had called ahead to ensure that we could buy dinner and adult beverages to take into the theater with us because wed seen Midway there a month or so ago and they were only serving popcorn and soda. They assured us a month ago they were just waiting for the appropriate licenses to expand their services, hence my call to find out if theyd upgraded yet.I was told that there was no in-theater service (like they used to have), but that they were selling and we could purchase & bring our own dinner and drinks into the movie with us.I checked online to find out the show times and AMC advertised their participation in the $5 Tuesday for Seniors plan. We planned on a lovely, relatively inexpensive evening watching a movie wed looked forward to for some time.When we arrived, we found out that this theaters version of $5 Tuesday ended up costing me $29 for two tickets. Then we were told that the theater where our R-rated was playing was downstairs where no adult beverages were allowed (something we didnt find out until we actually went downstairs!).... Why they would put an R-rated movie in the Minors allowed (therefore no alcohol allowed) area is beyond me!!They refunded my money but I had used my debit card so I cant access that nearly $30 until I call the bank tomorrow. GRUMBLE!! If there were Less Than One Star ratings, Id be giving them that one!!!PS... We are NOT going back to the AMC (used to be Cinetopia) theater ever again! Well go see it at Eastgate next week where $5 Tuesday for Seniors actually means $5 for Seniors....

Review №67

I got the nice reclining seats but really they are just slightly bigger than normal seats. Instead of reclining they have little uncomfortable ottomans. My seat was cover in spilt soda and they drink holder looked like it had never been cleaned. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars and not 2 is the staff. They were friendly and courteous on the opening night of star wars. I will not be coming back. Going to stick to Cinemark, cheaper and nicer seats.

Review №68

So, this is my boyfriend and mines favorite place to watch a movie. We don’t go anywhere else. We love getting drinks from the bar and ordering some nachos. It’s just enough “extra” to make it worth the extra few bucks for the tickets, and honestly, it’s not that much more! Plus, the seats are so nice to recline in and you get to kick your feet up on the ottoman too! Just a great, relaxing movie going experience!

Review №69

Finally made it to the adult only section. So nice. Definitely will be back

Review №70

AMC removed a lot of things that made this a really enjoyable theater to come to. Sure you can still get your popcorn, soda, and see a flick, but now youre paying premium prices for less than you were getting when it was a Cinetopia. Better off going to Regal.

Review №71

This place was SO understaffed! There was a line going out the door so make sure you come SUPER early for your showtimes. The theater was absolutely filthy and the staff was rude. I love the movie but hated the experience.

Review №72

We like going to Cinetopia as a treat - in the past we were able to order food other than concession snacks. Evidently, the choices have been changed and we were told that if we wanted concessions we would have to go to the restaurant and order at the bar. The menu was limited and what they did have available wasnt anything special. If this is the way its going to stay we probably will just go back to Regal. The concessions are better and you know what to expect when you go there.

Review №73

Went to see Maleficent 2 was kind of disappointing. It was clean but not up to what was expected since they ran cinatopia out of business. Poor replacement.

Review №74

Besides the Joker not meeting my expectations. We paid for the 21 and over seating only to get upstairs and be told that they dont have a liquor license and that they didnt have most of the stuff on the menu. I attempted to order what they did have and the guy gave me something totally different then said he charged me for a larger drink and popcorn on accident thats why he just gave me what I paid for versus fixing the order and giving me what I asked for.The seating was better when it was Cinetopia and why they made us select seats when we were late and there was literally 12 people in the theater was beyond me.

Review №75

Run down, unfriendly staff and no pre movie ads left us bored and un pleased with the service. Gone down hill since Cinetopia sold it.

Review №76

It was better when it was a family owned business but it is still above par for local theater houses.

Review №77

We saw Aladdin which was wonderful, however since the takeover from Cinetopia they were not ready to open. The workers were nice but they were understaffed. The line to get tickets was too long. They only had popcorn, drinks and candy. I understand they wanted to open with so good movies out but they needed to be better prepared with concessions. Hopefully it will improve.

Review №78

The food service was way better under cinotopia management.

Review №79

Large theater with good seats and viewing experience. 2 things though.... Can I get a smaller popcorn and 22 minutes of trailers? Seriously

Review №80

Dont go this is no longer a good place to go the food sucks no beer its a waste of money

Review №81

Theater is alright, but new ownership is weird. Having to butter our own popcorn makes it very clunky to get an even spread of butter throughout the bucket without making a giant mess. Its funny seeing people tap the front desk computer screen thinking its a touch screen though, that never gets old.

Review №82

Cinetopia was a jewel of a business and experience in the greater Portland area. Now, as AMC, it has become a fully unpleasant experience.The restaurant no longer serves a full menu and you are limited to concessions. The bar, once full of a diverse range of liquors, wines, and beers has been relegated to the quality youll find at a sub-par family restaurant like an Applebees or Red Robin.Furthermore, and this is perhaps the most frustrating thing of all - you are limited to two drinks only, they are poured as 12oz pours, and they are $9.92 per beer. Nearly $10 for a 12oz beer, of which the labels are typical and unimpressive, is a crime. You expect this kind of extortion-like pricing at a Timbers or Blazers game... but not at the movie theater.Ultimately its a bummer that this has happened. This takeover was executed poorly, equivalent of a Walmart heaving itself into a small town and buying up small competitors.Im happy to say I wont be going back, and I would advise anyone to look for an awesome theater experience to look elsewhere.

Review №83

It was better and more quality when it was Cinetopia becoming AMC brought it down a little bit

Review №84

Going through some changes obviously, but once they have better offerings for the snacks. I think the popcorn, one drink, 2 icees and 2 candies cost more than the 4 matinees movie stubs. So some combos would be appreciated or Ill just have to bring in my own for there. AMC now. Regal has their own rewards and combos to compare.

Review №85

Ever since AMC took over Cinetopia it has gone completely down hill. First you get rid of the restaurant and now alcohol in the 21+ section! What does that leave you with? Comfy seats? Thats not saying much! There is no point in going there anymore. Bad in your part AMC.

Review №86

MOST DISAPPOINTING MOVIE EXPERIENCE EVER! Before I launch into my detailed review, here are the high (rather low) lights:1. Poorly functioning/misleading website2. Freezer meal quality food at outrageous theater prices (DO NOT GO THERE HUNGRY, I implore you!)3. Not enough staff4. Under stocked/unclean concession area5. Distractingly squeaky theater seats with light left on in exit hallway which took away from the dark theater experienceDetails: I hadnt been to a movie in at least 6 months and wanted to splurge by taking my daughter and granddaughter to see Little Women. I went online the night before to purchase our tickets. I chose the Living Room theater because I know from experience (with the much beloved and greatly missed Cinetopia) that they are the nicest seats. The website let me purchase 2 adults and one child. No where did it alert me that the child would not be allowed to sit there (21 and over). So, when I got up to the box office, I was informed and the difference in price was refunded on a gift card to be used at concessions. Next, I had told the girls that I would be treating them to dinner with our movie. Since our theater was downstairs, we waited in that concession line. At 7 pm there was ONE worker! She took forever to work out a gift card issue (had to call her manager--who didnt stay to help her with the ever lengthening line of customers) and then proceeded to preparing all the food for this family of 6. We were now closely approaching the start of our movie. Thankfully we were 2nd in line and ordered. We chose chicken sliders and curly fries and were informed that: our fryer is upstairs so we cant do that here. We opted for regular beef sliders and a pepperoni pizza and I got popcorn. The pictures you see online of their food selections? Laughable!! The food was unappetizing looking--nothing like the mouth watering pictures online (Cinetopia......why did you leave??) and tasted just like it looked. We ate it, however because THAT WAS OUR DINNER! All three salt shakers were all empty (turns out it didnt need it anyway) and my shoes were sticking to the floor in front of the soda machines. Ick. My popcorn was so salty and just meh that I ate several handfuls and threw it away after the movie. Luckily, we made it to our seats just in time to see the opening credits. The last two irritating issues (and it didnt take much cause I was already very irritated) was the very squeaky chairs and the exit hallway to the left of the screen that was illuminated the whole time. I get that the exit signs must be lit and easy to find, but it was distracting from the movie (the opposite exit hallway light was not on). On top of that, the people in front of us had to check their social media several times during the movie (I realize this is not AMCs fault, but it just proves how addicted this culture is to their devices....sad). To sum up, I will NEVER go back to this theater again. The next movie I will take them to will be at The Kennedy School. That place is awesome (if you havent been there yet). Cozy couch seating and delicious food served to you at your seats.As a P.S. Go over to Yelp if you REALLY want to read reviews that are more indicative of the actual sad decline of this theater since the monster AMC took over. Reading some of these Google reviews, you have to wonder, are we reviewing the same theater here?

Review №87

Went to see Starwars there and the surround sound was not working. I talked to the employees and they said they would take a look. The sound was never fixed. Do not see starwars in theater 2 the sound is terrible

Review №88

First time back since the renovations, seemed a little under staffed for a saturday night, took a long time to get tickets because there is only one ticket clerk, took a long time to get concessions because there was only one register (went to the 2nd level part BTW) they dont take orders in the theater anymore which is why I was always willing to pay more and make the drive south everynow and again.Movie watching experience is still what you expect from a movie theater, but paying more and doing the drive doesnt seem worth it for me nowa days. Shame since it used to be my favorite theater.

Review №89

Me and my wife use to go at least twice a month when it was cinatopia. Since AMC has taken over we maybe go every other month or every three months. When AMC took over they kept saying they were going get food and alcohol back.... well it’s been well over 5 months and still no food or alcohol. Not only that but the concession stands have been barren since they opened “AMC”. If I’m going to pay a premium price for “21+” I expect at least some adult beverages. I hope AMC reads these reviews and sees the negative direction this theater has gone.

Review №90

Doesnt compare to cinetopia. The bar is a joke now. They only 1 had one person staffed on a Saturday night. 22$ for 2 drinks. The bathrooms were filthy. Skybox seating was coated in grease. I had to clean my own seat before I sat down. There was dried ketchup or something. I feel like I need to shower when I get home. Cinetopia never had great food but at least it was clean and they had decent prices on drinks.

Review №91

I like it here a lot. Preselected seating, generally clean, the staff is friendly. Its a movie theater as far as food goes, but you can buy a few other options as well in the 21+ areas or the couch seating. Its one negative is that its attached to a busy mall. Or it is to me. Regardless of that its the best in theater in the area.

Review №92

Enjoyed watching a movie here, got to sit up on the balcony with the reclining seats and table. Downside is that the bar is not open and the concession stand closes early (not sure what time but it was closed at 9).

Review №93

I wanted to try AMC to see how it is compared to Regal (which I frequent often). Went on a discount Tuesday, and got a really good deal on a large popcorn and soda. Guess what? My tongue is now dead. Thanks, AMC! Apparently they pre-salt the popcorn with a mountain of salt, and I finished the tub because why else do you go to a theater? The popcorn had no flavor (even with extra butter) and the soda was flat (like my sisters chest). Also, the seat I was in on the far end was literally in the aisle. It was a terrible experience overall, although the staff was pleasant. Id recommend sticking to Regal (apparently theyre starting a subscription service soon).

Review №94

We watched Pet Sematary in the movie parlor. Im paraplegic and transferred from my wheelchair into one of the chairs and I was incredibly comfortable through the whole movie. We had dinner while we watched the movie as well and the food was great. I had the burger and fries and my husband had the mac and cheese and both came hot and delicious. The only issue I had was there was a spot on the movie screen that looked like someone had thrown something at it and my eyes kept being drawn to it throughout the movie. A little maintenance to the screen would have been good especially when you pay $17 a ticket.

Review №95

Its convenient being in the mall but there has been a definite change since AMC took it over from Cinatopia, example: snacks are more expensive, staff not as responsive etc. Its a standard movie theater now. So not bad but not Cinatopia.

Review №96

Im definitely loving this reserve seating thing. The spacious seating and the footrest in the Living Room Sky box is sooo nice. The customer service is always on point. Slightly pricey but I think its worth it.

Review №97

Prices way to high for a Sunday afternoon in the 21+ seating. No restaraunt, no food or alcohol served while seated....definitely NOT CINETOPIA! (Yet charged as if it were). Popcorn was burnt @ $9/small. I wont be making the drive in from North county again when Battle Ground provides better prices and popcorn options. It was very disappointing all around.

Review №98

Comfortable seats in the over 21 theater, staff were nice & $5 Tuesday is awsome!

Review №99

In the large theaters Ive only sat in the Sky Lounge, in the smaller movie parlors Ive tried out every row and type of seat. Ive found them all to be comfortable. The food is decent. Rather pricey for portion size. Ive learned to not order the drinks with the fun names, they dont taste nearly as good as they sound. ..

Review №100

Messy - poor service. 2 different times the movie started with out anything on the screen - just audio. Horrible customer service. Teach your staff common courtesies, a slight sense of professionalism. I get it - it is the movies, they dont need to dripping in respectability, but the basics wouldnt hurt.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 360-839-2980
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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