Tarpon Springs Splash Park
508 Live Oak St, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, United States
Tarpon Springs Splash Park

Review №1

Well-kept and fun splash pad and park! The fixtures are so fun for the kids to play on and there are lots of benches around the inside perimeter of the gated splash pad. Not tons of shade so bring a hat or umbrella and sunscreen. There is a playground right next to it that is mostly for bigger kids because its primarily climbing activities. The sign suggests ages 5-12 which seems about right. Fun to play in the splash pad and then head to the playground! Theres also a canoe and kayak launch next to the playground thats nice to walk down and see the mangroves and water birds. Great park.

Review №2

Fabulous park, well kept, fun for little kids, well organized, plenty of seats in the shade for parents. You may have to wait a bit due to covid and restricted amount of people at a time inside the splash pad, which is absolutely reasonable.

Review №3

Great splash pad! My 3 year old loved it. I liked that its fenced, so kids cant wander out. Well maintained and nice dry playground as well.

Review №4

Need to update hours on website. The nearby cities with spray parks still have regular hours. I dont know why Tarpon limits theirs so much. If its due to covid, just down the street at the sponge docks is packed.........

Review №5

This was a great little spot to bring the children. We didn’t want to go to the beach in the full sun so we brought them here to kill some time until evening. They had a lot of fun but the only downside was it was still very sunny! Don’t forget sunglasses because the sun reflecting off of the splash pad area is blinding. The kids are under full sun so bring sunscreen and hats! There are some shady benches you can sit on (Hopefully you luck out and they’re not all taken) and watch the children have a ball! Love that it’s free (:

Review №6

Second time going and kids still had a blast!

Review №7

Beautiful park, shaded parking with access to the splash park, the river and the Pinellas bike path.

Review №8

A nice park if you happen to have kids or dogs. It’s a combination of small splash park, a dog park and a playground. It’s an admission free park. The splash park has few water fountains and a slide. Just enough to get the kids wet on a hot day. The dog park is fenced and it looks like it had some nice objects for the dogs to play around. The playground is small and it looks like it’s for older kids, not suitable for toddlers.

Review №9

Fun for the kids I even got wet great for the little ones

Review №10

Would be Nice if everyone would be able to make reservations set with Time Limit so All Children would have a chance to enjoy! Would not suggest you come here with your child or Children because you cant get in and your children will be Extremely Disappointed not being able to go in while seeing other children playing and having FuN While parents not limiting their time in so that Others may Enjoy!! Waited over and hour unfortunately We Left very Sad and disappointed as did many others️️️

Review №11

Amazing place for kids who love water. Dont miss it if you are close by.

Review №12

Splash park says it’s open till six it’s actually close so we are very disappointed drove over a half an hour to get here. splash portion is closed WednesdayTue - Thursday is open no one waste their time until Covid is over! 1-2pm daily is closed!Open 2pm-6pm Monday- Tuesday

Review №13

With covid, get there by 10am-10:30, otherwise you’ll be waiting. 10-1pm and another at 2pm. Its one of the better “free splash pads around”.

Review №14

Currently due to COVID this is a terrible place to bring your child or children. Only 25 people are allowed in at a time. There is NO TIME LIMIT ONCE INSIDE. We spent an hour waiting in hopes of getting in and it didnt happen. They need to set up a reservation system so everyone is able to enjoy.

Review №15

Awesome free little water park. Highly recommended.

Review №16

My grandchildren love going there when they visitIts fun and people are very nice.

Review №17

Due to the pandemic the splashpark has reduced hours. Currently, the park is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am-2pm. Saturday and Sunday, they are open from 10am-6pm with the park being closed from 1-2pm for cleaning and sanitizing. The park is also closed on Wednesday.

Review №18

Awesome park for dogs as well for the kids.. you can kayak from this park..

Review №19

Nice place for families to come anenjoy a day getting wet with the kids or you can bring your kayak or go fishing

Review №20

Nice splash park. Have 2 pavilions for parties (1st come 1st serve) Kids enjoyed it.

Review №21

Its a great little place to cool off with an awesome dog park, would recommend splash pad for kids under 10yrs old or so but still fun! Clean and well kept. Bbq grill and table/chairs under cover from sun, excellent place for those sunny spring/summer days since its usually not too crowded.

Review №22

Very fun. Gated all the way around so you dont have to worry about your kids running out. Lots of activities.

Review №23

Excellent. Tons for the kids to do... And free! Perfect age 5-9. Clean. Nice. Fun. Thank you city of Tarpon Springs.

Review №24

Drove 4 kids to this place just to find out due to COVID you have to wait hours to get in and get on a list for a free splash park.It’s hot and this is annoying. Try telling a three year old they can’t go inside!

Review №25

Great park with multiple options including floating dock with easy-to-use kayak launch, playground with BBQ spots, large two section dog park and Ofcoarse the splash park for the kids.

Review №26

A wonderful experience to me and my dog We met very kind people the places kept very well I enjoyed going there today was my first time I will be back

Review №27

We took our daughter as a treat for her second birthday. She and her 3 year old brother had a blast! We have never been to a splash park before. We went on a Thursday morning. It wasnt packed but it was busy. There are ten benches within the gated splash pad. We were lucky one opened up just as we got there. Only 4 of the benches are under their own canopy though. We waited about 45 minutes for a shaded one to open up. If you plan on going on a weekend I would recommend bringing your own chairs and umbrella. Overall it was very clean, there was so much for the kids to do, people were friendly, and kids had plenty of room to run around without getting run-over by other kids. We were impressed. Thank you Tarpon Springs for making a great place for the kids to have fun thats completely free!

Review №28

This place is fantastic! Lots of fun water activities. Very clean, picnic tables and restrooms.

Review №29

Love this little splash park!! Tucked back and hardly busy!! My son and niece enjoy it a lot! I definitely recommend checking it out.

Review №30

Really cute place to go for children on a hot afternoon. Its nice that its a free place to cool off from the heat. Not too much to do for babies but my 2yr old had a blast!

Review №31

Cute little splash pad park. My grandson had a blast !

Review №32

If you have kids under 6, this is a great place to cool off. The kids were all little, so there was not much running around, it was quite clean and the water toys keep interest with the bright colors and functionality. The best part, its FREE!I will be going back again if we are in the area.

Review №33

Its fun for the whole family and clean

Review №34

Clean good value friendly service would definitely recommend

Review №35

The best! Fenced in area. Nice selection of water spouts. Always clean.

Review №36

Its not that big, which makes it perfect for the little ones! Its a good way to keep cool and have fun in the heat. There isnt much shade, I would make sure to bring a hat and sunscreen!

Review №37

Splash pad is good for younger kids, 6 and under. There is also a nice playground

Review №38

We visited here from Michigan. My 3 and 5 year olds had a blast only complaint I have is lack of seating and shade. But great free fun!

Review №39

Great little spot for kids yo stay safe and escape the heat of the summer! Not very big but very well maintained and there is a traditional park and playground attached to it. City of Tarpon does a great job with it.

Review №40

Really nice! Brought my 5yr old God-son to celebrate going Back To School GREAT SPLASH PARK!!! We spent about an hour but wouldve stayed longer if possible ... the park automatically shuts down as a safety precaution in the event of a lightening threat (AWESOME FEATURE / SAFETY FIRST) but well definitely be back!Great attractions via water spouts, water buckets, an interactive water dam, small water slide, etc. Great for Family Fun for little ones.*Free admission*Accomodates up to age 12 with adult supervision (opinion best suited for little kids)*Built in lightening warning system*Decent bathroom facilities*Open air outdoor shower*Separately fenced dog park on same property*Separate playground with covered patio & picnic tablesThe only negative which can be dealt with easily is the parking lot ... its dirt/gravel with several pot-holes near the entrance, just use caution & have a great day with loved ones. God bless!

Review №41

Fun little place to visit, great Shops and restaurants

Review №42

The tarpon springs park service online chat person told me the park was open. As of May 30th splash park is CLOSED

Review №43

Great place to enjoy the afternoonTheres also 3 dog pens equipped with splash pools, amble drinking bowls and some fun exercise courses. Along with a shaded bbq area. Just bring youre coal. Like to fish? Bring your pole along. Theres also a canoe and kayak launch down off the dock.

Review №44

My kids absolutely love this place! There is usually tons of kids but yet never over crowded. There is a lot of cool water things to play with and plenty of kids to keep yours entertained as well. There is also a playground just next to it and a kayak/canoe launch!

Review №45

Kids had a GREAT time. Only downfall, not very much shaded seating for the adults. I like the fact that there are only 2 ways in & 2 ways out & the gates are loud enough for the adults to hear them open & close.

Review №46

It is so cute! My kids love to visit here. They are right next a dog park so if you have a dog too you can have the best of both worlds. There is also a little field and park to play on if you dont want to get wet.

Review №47

Love it besides the noseeums. Bit up pretty good if your not careful

Review №48

My kids love coming to the TS splash pad, its very nice they have a bathroom and picnic area along with a park. We have had birthday parties here in the past! Definitely the best one out of all we have been to.

Review №49

Great park. But unfortunately with free things people dont really watch what theyre kids are doing. Older kids without parents do not need to be there intimidating the little kids the park is made for. BTW, the no climbing signs are there for a reason. But without parental supervision, who cares, right?

Review №50

Love this place!! There is a dog park and swing set near by. The splash area has several shaded areas along with benches to sit. Lots of things to do there. Its free and a blast for small children and their parents!

Review №51

Fun. For kids6 and under

Review №52

Such a great water park for kids of all ages and disabilities. Theres a seperate park for kids as well as a dog park. Bathrooms and changing rooms which is great if your just changing. Great first time. Def recommend.

Review №53

I only gave it a 4 because I didnt really get to enjoy it. Was driving by and happened to Spot It. Took a walk on the boardwalk. Notice that was a great place to take the dog. Plan on taking the dog there soon. Also has a great place for kids to have some fun. May take my granddaughter

Review №54

Oh my goodness we had a blast this is a very fun place to have fun with all a children my husband and I even went in the water and we actually forgot it was so hot out the water was perfect not to cols not hot at all we will return would love to find other fun adventures like this that dont cost that was the best part free fun

Review №55

Next to dog park, which we take doggy to alot.

Review №56

Great park for toddlers and younger kids! Lots of action and water movement. Free too! You cant do better than that! Thanks, Tarpon Springs!

Review №57

A nice, clean, and free place to take the kids on a hot day :)

Review №58

Had my nieces birthday party at the pavillian. Very nice and clean facility. The area gets crowded, but otherwise it is very nice.

Review №59

My son had a blast! The water isnt too cold like some water parks, plenty of space to run and play, very clean! Will definitely be back.

Review №60

So much fun to take my son to. I even have fun there too! Great way to beat the heat without having to go to the beach. And its free! And theres a regular playground next door so my son gets to play on both. And its next to a dog park too so you can bring your pet too!

Review №61

Great for the littles!

Review №62

Great place to bring the kids on a hot summer day

Review №63

Very nice. My 3 year old had lots of fun. Sucks that it closes at 6pm especially during summer months.

Review №64

Excellent way for young children to cool off. Our 7 year old had a blast and made friends.

Review №65

Great place for the kids to cool off without a lot of hassle of a water park.

Review №66

The water sprayers are really strong for the toddlers. Almost drowning them. But they had fun.

Review №67

Love coming here during the summer! Its gated in so Im comfortable with my small kids knowing they cant leave on their own. The benches around it get full quick. Theres some shade over them depending on the time of day. Bring some buckets for water play and expect to share with the other kids who will definitely want to borrow them too

Review №68

Awesome place provided for kids and dogs. I usually park here while my kids visit with their mother. My daughter is afraid of her mothers husband. She likes to know Dad is that close, she loves her mother but knows that she (mom) cant or wont protect her from the child molester she (mom) married.My point is I can sit here and have some form of Tranquility. I love that the city of Tarpon Springs does this for everyone.

Review №69

Was a great place to hang out with the family has something for all. Dog park, kid park, sprinkler play area, kayak drop in dock and charcoal bbq grills for cooking great for a day out in tarpon oh and the sponge docks are only 3 mins away.

Review №70

It was great but set up kind of strange. There doesnt seem to be someone working there so it was pretty overcrowded. The bigger kids are bullies and parents dont supervise.

Review №71

Its Free and very well kept. The splash park can fit alot of a kids at once and has a good variety of fun water equipment. There is limited covered seating for parents so arrive early. Playground and dog park on site too. We usually arrive right when it opens at 10am and stay for about an hour. The kids love coming here.

Review №72

Great place to let the kids cool off!

Review №73

Great place! All fenced in if anyone was wondering. Places for younger kids and big kids

Review №74

Fun free place to let the kids play and cool down without fearing stranger danger situations as much. They have a fully fenced in play area with two exits seen from all the way around the splash pad.

Review №75

Took 2 of my girls there this weekendWe had a fun time !! Clean with alot to do for the younger kids. Kids under 10 is best

Review №76

My neice and nephew love this place. Always clean and well maintained

Review №77

Fun for little kids. Quite busy on weekends but during the week is manageable. Clean and newer play area. Minus 1 star for gravel parking lot. Unless you can get your kids completely dry and then not step in any water (impossible), youll have mud in your car.

Review №78

There are quite a few things to play with and the kids seem to have a really good time running around.

Review №79

Its a very safe and protected park. Its smaller so you can see everything and everybody there with you. It has a secure fence around the whole water park. It is a very cute and fun place for kids to play. The water turns off automatically if theres a storm close which is a nice safety feature.

Review №80

Great place to take your little ones for an inexpensive afternoon out. Great place when its hot as they have sprinklers set-up with small little slides and other water things to run through.

Review №81

Very cute. Next to the dog park so we kill two birds with one stone.

Review №82

Nice little splash pad in Tarpon Srings. Always clean. In a park with with a play ground and dog park.

Review №83

Great for small kids and moms to cool off...dogs not allowed in splash area.

Review №84

Great place to cool off for your little ones, however, if your child isnt into being splashed in the face, you might want to skip.

Review №85

Kids loved this place. I love that its free

Review №86


Review №87

A nice place to play. Playground, dog park and boat launch in the same park.

Review №88

Next to the dog park...Casey the dogs favorite place to play with his buddies

Review №89

Really cool place but it closes way too early...water turns off at 6pm. Extend the hours at least for summer.

Review №90

A charm for children in Tarpon Springs. It is always clean and kept up nicely. Completely free and worth the visit! I couldn’t believe such a nice place was free for families when I heard about it. I go with my friends and their kids all the time and they love it! Also has a dog park.

Review №91

Pretty nice little park. We went for a family movie night. Ample parking and plenty of fun things to do.

Review №92

Great place for the kids to play in the water. It is free!

Review №93

Nice play area for little ones. Our 4 year old had a good time.

Review №94

Havent seen anything like the splash zone at a park in this area. great idea for kids to cool off on hot days and be outside. Only issues are the parking lot is not paved and the shelter cant be reserved.

Review №95

Awesome place with so many things to do. A mini amusement park. :) a kids oasis

Review №96

Its a fun free option to have a great time with the kids and cool off at the same time

Review №97

Great for little kids. Probably 8 and under. Any older and they will be bored. The area was clean and well maintained.

Review №98

Great place to bring the kids for a few hours, with out having to drive all the way to the beach.

Review №99

My son loves this place and it’s a nice area with 2 large dog parks and a playground. Highly recommended!

Review №100

Nice place to bring kids, the park staff are attentive to storm warnings

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  • Address:508 Live Oak St, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, United States
  • Phone:+1 727-942-5610
  • Tourist attraction
  • Water park
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–2pm
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:10am–2pm
  • Thursday:10am–2pm
  • Friday:10am–6pm
  • Saturday:10am–6pm
  • Sunday:10am–2pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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