Rage RVA
2403 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220, United States

Review №1

Super friendly and super fun experience! Sensory smash is the perfect amount of time for the objects they give.

Review №2

Just what the doctor ordered! It felt amazing to let loose. They even let you blast your own music! So cathartic

Review №3

First time using a rage room and I’ve never had more fun!! The staff was very helpful and informational, everything was clean and sanitary, 10/10. Definitely the 2 hour drive! Will be back :)

Review №4

Man, this place is just awesome! My husband and I came for our anniversary after a mess 2020 has been, and it was just a smashing time! The owner is an absolute delight and super friendly to boot. 10/10 would rage again!

Review №5

My sister and I tried out Rage RVA for the first time on 11/7. We both had a blast. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a unique and fun experience. We arw hoping to go back again soon.

Review №6

Do you have that one coworker that just pushes your buttons until you are red with RAGE? Has your boss nearly pushed you over the edge with making sure that special coversheet is on that useless report? Then Rage RVA is the spot for you! Grab a bat or golf club and go to town smashing a faux office. Your office stress will melt away. Nicole is a great guide for helping you unleash the inner beast. Come in and give it ago. I promise a great time unlike any other.

Review №7

Had a GREAT time! Everything was super easy and great social distancing protocols were in place. Cant wait to go back!

Review №8

This was amazing - turns out that climbing into the roof of a Seabring and demolishing the windshield with a steel baseball bat is a lot of fun and surprisingly stress relieving! A little salve on the 2020 wound. 10/10!

Review №9

Now i have never been here but im getting my dad or brother to take me im 12 i dont know if i could go am i allowed in i would ask a question but i need to give it five stars for what i can read

Review №10

Words cannot describe how much fun we had. Its as fun as you would imagine. You get to smash a bunch of stuff, what else could you want!

Review №11

I took my dad as a pre-Father’s day gift and we enjoyed the session. The owner and staff were great! Can’t wait to go back for more!

Review №12

These guys are great and I truly enjoyed smashing out all my angries there. Best birthday present ever. Be back again for sure!

Review №13

I love love lovvve this place! Had so much fun. We did a 20 minute unleashing session. Break bottles and smash windows out of a car to your own tune! The owner is so coo and down to earth. Flew from MA to VA just to go there and it was worth every dollar spent! Believe me when I say that I will be back!! This was better than a spa day

Review №14

You have to make a reservation online!!! My best friend and I did a quick 5 minute session for my birthday and had a blast! Definitely going to come back and smash more stuff. Friendly owner and very laid back

Review №15

There are few words to describe what an incredible experience this was. After a particularly stressful couple of weeks, smashing stuff into a million pieces was just the release I needed. It was super fun and empowering, as expected, but also so much more emotional and healing than I could have ever possibly imagined. Everyone should do this. I know I can hardly wait to go again!

Review №16

It was fun! Tons of adrenaline and you can blast your fave music while beating a car with bats and sledgehammers! The plates, cups and bottles make the best noise! Great for everybody!

Review №17

The one road in was closed so we ended up being about 25 minutes late. We were so glad they were still happy to allow us our slot. Nicole was very nice and explained how the whole process works. But, honestly, how much more explaining do you need than, Here are your weapons. Here is your car. Overall it was a great experience! Definitely going to try and come back again.

Review №18

Brought my son and his best friend for his 16th birthday! The booking was easy and excellent response time for questions. The room was ready at the set appt time. The owner is awesome and the experience exceeded our expectations! We will definitely be back! Thank you for making his day extra special!!

Review №19

My wife surprised me with this for my birthday and it was GREAT! Such a stress reliever and a good workout, too! Id definitely go back and blow off some steam again!

Review №20

This place is so awesome and I highly recommend to EVERYONE. Especially to those who dont think they have aggression and anger to let out, because you do, and this is the perfect place to tap into that! And release it! We did the 15 min session and it was perfect. Blast your music of choice, smash stuff, yell and is everything that has been missing from my self-care routine. I cant wait to go back!

Review №21

Man this place is amazing! If youre looking for a unique experience that you will never forget this is it! My girlfriend and I had a blast and will definitely be back with all of our friends!

Review №22

Great way to let off some steam and have some fun. Cant wait to see how this place grows and expands! Would love it if there were memberships.

Review №23

Great place to release all the built up tension. Great place to celebrate a birthday. I will be going back its a lot of fun.

Review №24

Nicole is awesome! So glad she brought this concept to RVA! My fiance and I unleashed on a car for 20 mins- we were even able to hook up our own music! You need this in your life!

Review №25

Great experience. Definitely go with the car and bring people to help cut the cost. Make your own playlist to listen to what you want. The suits they put you in are a little small so go a size up potentially.

Review №26

So much fun! Definitely the best way to get your anger out and have a great time. Highly recommend!

Review №27

We did this with a group of close friends and had an absolute blast! What a great way to let out some built up stress, and everything was so well set up. Can’t wait to go again!

Review №28

Went here with my boss and coworkers as a fun team building activity. It was SO fun. We got to smash up a whole car with bats and sledgehammers, and there was a box of bottles and plates to throw. 10/10 would recommended!

Review №29

Just got home today with my sister.. had an amazing time.. never thought breaking stuff would be so much freaking fun highly recommended

Review №30

I thought i was going to enjoy my time, i did. The only i would have done differently is get the package where i got to destroy a car. Nevertheless i had a good time and the person i was with was very friendly

Review №31

So much fun!! Letting your mind fade away amidst the smash is pure bliss. Great for burning stress :D

Review №32

Booked a birthday here and it was an exhilarating experience! Nicole was fantastic and we were able to completely smash a car and break a bunch of glasses/dishes using a baseball bat, tire iron, and mallets. Just 15 minutes gave us the best workout of our lives. We will absolutely be booking another appointment in the future!

Review №33

Are you stressed at work or just want to recreate the scene from Office Space where you get to bash a printer? This place has it! So much fun and a great way to blow off some steam. Will definitely be back!

Review №34

If you want a great date night idea or just somewhere to go to let out some stress and frustrations, Rage RVA is the place to go! You and whoever you’re with are the only ones in there so you can really do some damage! My fiancé and I really enjoyed it and will be coming back!

Review №35

SOOOO much fun!!! If youve ever had the urge to smash something, youve got to try this place. It is an awesome stress reliever and totally unique date idea!!!

Review №36

I came to Rage RVA with my staff of 25 Resident Assistants for a team building activity. Nicole and her team were extremely accommodating and willing to work with us on every detail. Their follow up, flexibility and care was absolutely amazing.My staff was so appreciative and thankful for Rage Room.I personally appreciate what they did for us all.

Review №37

Totally worth it!! If you have any frustrations or anger built up. Check out Rage RVA. Took my son to let a little steam off and he loved it. Relaxing he said!!!. Will be back.Thank you Rage RVA.

Review №38

Ive been to Rage RVA several times and its always a blast! Theres a taboo about breaking & smashing things, but Rage provides a safe outlet to do something against the norm - super fun! Cars, plates, printers, dressers, it! Nicole is very accommodating and always has new stuff to break. Great people, great company, great concept!

Review №39

This experience was AWESOME and the service provided was great!!! We had so much fun celebrating my sister’s birthday! We are always looking for something new and different and this definitely did not disappoint. We will be back!!

Review №40

What a cool experience and awesome staff! Take out any and all frustrating by throwing plates at a wall or taking a sledgehammer to an old computer tower. Really fun for a group outing!

Review №41

Thank you for an adrenaline filled, exhilarating experience. The service was great and we can’t stop talking about how much fun it was. We had the best time, and we will definitely be back!

Review №42

The best and most cathartic way to get out all of your frustrations. You make an appointment and get to smash glass and in my case a speaker. Helped me release some frustration from a rough month.

Review №43

I had such a fun time at Rage RVA! Went with my wife for our anniversary and we were not disappointed. We had a ton of fun and got some great pictures. This was fun, stress relieving, and even a great workout program. We smashed that car till we were too tired to swing the sledgehammers. Make sure you make a good Rage music playlist before you go, it definitely adds to the experience!

Review №44

My Tzzzzz and I had an AMAZING time smashing at the Rage Room RVA!!!!! Our wonderful time began before we even entered the doors because the owner went above and beyond with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Once we arrived she got us signed in and went over the safety rules and then she unleashed us with providing tunes to fuel our journey of destruction!!! We will definitely be back!!!

Review №45

So much fun! Would love to start vacations out this way lol

Review №46

Had a girls night (four 30ish year olds but would be fun for any age!) and it was a blast. The lady that helped us was super cool and we all left much less tense, but with an adrenaline rush. Ill definitely be back!

Review №47

I can not say enough how much fun this is! Just imagine all the times you thought about breaking something and now you can!!! Put together a playlist and get to smashing, what an awesome date night!

Review №48

By far, the best activity for stress relief. Staff was super friendly and informative. Definitely my new favorite place in Richmond.

Review №49

Awesome experience! I definitely recommend it

Review №50

I booked a quickie for my birthday. Five minutes was just the right amount of time to rage. What a great set up and awesome business!

Review №51

We took our staff and we had the best time. Worth every penny, get your friend together and upgrade to the group session with a vehicle. You won’t regret it.

Review №52

This place is awesome. Great place to blow off steam and get your destruction on!

Review №53

Had a fabulous time! Very affordable & felt great to support a local RVA business. Staff is friendly & helpful, all safety gear is provided & what a great way to release stress!

Review №54

Smashing the car was absolutely worth it! Will definitely go back.

Review №55

I enjoyed spending my birthday destroying things. Staff was friendly and informative.

Review №56

It was so much fun trying out the sledgehammers, tire irons, and baseball bats on the car. Smashing the bottles and ceramics was also incredibly satisfying. I will be back!

Review №57

Don’t let the location fool you, most fun i’ve had in forever!! even if you think you don’t need it or you’re not stressed, you’re wrong, you need it! thank youuuu rage rva

Review №58

This was such a fun and unique experience! It took a few minutes for us to get comfortable actually breaking things but once we loosened up it was all laughs and broken glass!

Review №59

This place was awesome! What a great way to de-stress and let our any negative emotions...Nicole was great and made the experience worthwhile we’ll definitely be back

Review №60

For our annual birthday outing we decided to try RageRVA and it did not disappoint! We did the unleashed package and had a blast! Its a great way to blow off some steam and have fun with friends.

Review №61

Rage RVA was awesome! Nicole was super responsive and helpful with answering all of my questions and helping me get a rage experience booked for a coworker who had been extremely stressed at work. Amazing experience ...thanks Nicole and team!

Review №62

Two work friends and I had been talking about doing this for weeks and finally made the trip up to Richmond yesterday. We had a fantastic experience. We did overestimate how much time we would need (exhausted ourselves 15 min in), but getting the opportunity to blast my own playlist and cause some destruction was exactly what we needed. Also they have loyalty cards... we will definitely be back

Review №63

What a great time! Had about six people and we all had a blast. Highly recommend the experience!

Review №64

I went here for my birthday and it was a BLAST!!! Will definitely do it again.

Review №65

Had a great time! Great staff and great fun!

Review №66

This was awesome! The staff was great and it was overall a great experience. I highly recommend!

Review №67

Fantastic experience! Smashing a car was such an excellent form of stress release!

Review №68

Great source of stress relief. The options are fairly priced and timed appropriately. I highly recommend experiencing Rage RVA!

Review №69

This was so exuberating n relieved so much built up tension I will definitely be back !!!

Review №70

RageRVA was fantastic. The staff were very accommodating and helpful. I took my mom for her 60th birthday and booked the Unleash package and I can’t wait to go back!

Review №71

Great time. Nice employees. Take the family and enjoy.

Review №72

One heck of an amazing experience!

Review №73

If You Need A Nice Getaway to Blow Off Some Steam, Or even a quick work out, Rage RVA Is DEFINITELY the place to go️10 minutes actually felt like 30 but I feel relieved and much less tense after visiting. I will go again!

Review №74

This was a cool experience and something I had never heard of before. It let my fiancee and I burn off some stress as we finish up wedding planning

Review №75

It was a super awesome time. It is hot in there so make sure u didnt just do ur makeup. Where shoes that cover ur foot because glass will be everywhere.

Review №76

Is life giving you a bag of lemons and you are unable to make lemonade? Do you need to work on your swinging power for softball? Did you get dragged to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden during the playoffs? Well Rage RVA is your place.

Review №77

The rage room is a great place to go to release any anger and pent up aggression! I went with my friend after a stressful day at work and we had a ball! I left feeling renewed! I absolutely cannot wait until my next visit.

Review №78

Great unique experience! I like how they provide complimentary cold water. Defiantly will be coming back!!

Review №79

My cousin and I had a great experience! Very nice staff as well!

Review №80

So much fun - Definitely recommend for stress relief and team building.

Review №81

Awesome time!!!!! Had to reschedule on my end and the owner was extreme helpful and understanding!

Review №82

Great time here, perfect way to let off a little steam. Will be back soon!

Review №83

So glad this place exist. The staff is wonderful and I let off some much needed steam. I will be back very soon for a longer session.

Review №84

Really fun!! And the ladies were very friendly!

Review №85

Had a great time and highly recommend the experience.

Review №86

We had an amazing experience!!!!

Review №87

Great alternative to going to prison!

Review №88

Fun and easy way to relieve a bit of stress!

Review №89

Such an amazing experience!! Each sense takes a part of it !!!

Review №90

So much fun! Thanks for having us!!

Review №91

What catharsis! And it was a win of a birthday present to my wife...

Review №92

Exhilarating!!!!! Thank you RVA Rage Room

Review №93

I had a lot of anger built up and this did the trick!

Review №94

Had a blast!

Review №95

Very nice people!

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