Grandin Pointe
5901 N St Joseph Ave, Evansville, IN 47720, United States

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Horrible place to live, bad management!Lived here a little over a year, they knit pick with people, when you move out they try to force you to hand over your trailer, got into it with karen she threatened to deny my sale because she couldnt handle someone arguing with her about her own lies. Had to threaten discrimination lawsuit for her to shut up. Never will i live out here again. I will live in a card board box before i ever live out there again. I dont even know why they make leases, they dont even follow rules with them.If i could leave negative stars i would.Its funny how they owe me money now, i will probably never see it a day in my life. I beat them at their own shady game, dont let them bully you. They will try to lie, so they can get your trailer back for free. Half their park fees are made up so they can get more money out of you.Good luck to all the future tenants & tenants who live there.

Review №2

Love the residents at Grandin and this community is getting nicer and a great place to live.

Review №3

As Always they are only interested in their money. Cant keep promises. But demand you keep yours.

Review №4

I have lived here 2 years I loved it in the beginning but you cant get them the fix everything and this timely manner my trailer is already falling apart I have holes in my bathroom floor I cant get things fixed when I think it should be fixed in a timely manner I know theyre very busy but the manus people on experience to fixing some things they just do a band a job

Review №5

I was at my grandmas and are some good food it also helped me track the geese

Review №6

I don’t recommend anyone to live in this trailer park because they constantly trying to get you evicted to get your property which is your trailer! They say they give you 5 days to pay the lot rent but they will close the office on 4th of July which is on a Saturday so you only have 3 days to pay then want to charge you $70 dollar late fee then on Monday serve you with a eviction notice saying you have to be out in 4 days! Because they can keep your trailer! This place is a major joke so if you want to be taken advantage of and arrest for paying your lot rent do not buy or rent mobile homes in his trailer park! And the property owner will not return your phone calls! Not to mention that the maintenance crew will steal your property! This is the worst place i have ever lived!

Review №7

My son lives here. Its his (our) first experience living in a mobile home and community. Its very clean and quiet. Been very happy.

Review №8

Run ! Management constantly makes promises it doesnt keep. And will lie to make a dollar.

Review №9

Moved in 2.6 years ago. Ive been burglarized twice, many item stolen outside. Kids through a large concrete block through the passenger window of my truck. Management has stolen money from me on three different occasions, totaling $769.00. Moving out and going to a lawyer.

Review №10

Horrible maintenance. Horrible rules of living. Prices are rediculous. They dont keep their word on leases and do not leave you any privacy anywhere in the park exceot for your own restroom...honestly they are probably in there too just never caught them

Review №11

Added a clause to our lease without our knowledge and threatened to evict us when we violated the new rule. Referred us to corporate who is of course unavailable and not able to resolve this in the time table we were given so we have no way to challenge this. Completely unacceptable. We were told they knew this was going to be an issue but they couldnt deign to issue a statement to residents.

Review №12

Ive been dealing with this mobile home park for 6 years now. Ive owned 2 different homes out here on Springfield Dr. The newest manager of the park, (Gerri) is constantly harassing tennants, twice a year the lot rent goes up, this place is full of drugs, its not a quiet place to live, at all! People who have been here for 20 years, are moving out, left and right. Because of management and crime. This is definitely not the place to raise a family. Now if you want drugs, this is the place for you!

Review №13

Larry in the office was so sweet. Such an amazingly clean and welcoming place

Review №14

We first moved in lot rent 205,water included, they started to clean up the place getting new mobile homes in. Now lot rent is 275,plus water, which they regulate the price,or send you the bill *not the water company *,trashy people, with no respect for other neighbors and moving back in,with cheaper rented,homes,

Review №15

They makeup rules as they go. If they like you your gold, if you cross them the wrong way for whatever reason look out. They could do a lot more for the empty lots and abandon trailers. And if they really wanted to make things better, they could help the people who are already struggling to keep there lives in check, just to pretty up the place. Instead of chomping at the bit to make people do things they either cant afford or dont have the proper time needed to comply with random commands give a hand. Sitting in an office judging and dictactaing is pretty easy. Maybe try giving a hand up and be freaking reasonable for pete sakes!! Bringing the people down is sad!! Take more give less should be the slogan there! SadNow they are making people move there property out of the storage and RV lot without any alternative areas for storage or decent notice, so they can prepare with bills. The manager is rude and doesnt care! I wish they had better helpful management it would be a nice place

Review №16

Jeri and the Grandin Pointe owners have been so wonderful to Grandin Evolution. Grandin Evolution is a 501 3C nonprofit licated in the park. We are like a boys and girls club for the children who live in the park. Jeri and the owners provided $600 in school supplies at our Back to School Bash! But that is just a drop in the bucket of the financial and maintenance support they provide us! We are blessed!

Review №17

My mom leaves there nicest thing I have to say

Review №18

Cant get ahold of the office

Review №19

Watch out for this place because they’re not watching out for you. They like looking at you social.

Review №20

Not very helpful, had to go back 4 times to get all the information needed.

Review №21

Do anything and everything you can to avoid this place. I understand everyone is money hungry but this place takes it to a new level and has no remorse for it at all.

Review №22

I have lived here for several years. The new owners are trying to clean the place up. They have removed several mobile homes that no one has lived in for years.The rent is average for the area. Be sure and pay on time as the late fee is high. They sell both new and used mobile homes. I would only look at new ones if you want to buy a home.A few problems are the fact the roads need to be repaved. The drainage ditches inside the park need to have the trees and weeds removed from them so when it rains the storm drains could drain proper. And they should enforce the no shooting off fireworks rule.

Review №23

Ever since Joe sold it, it’s gone way down hill. New management is an absolute joke on a power trip. Each year has been an increase in lot rent. Cant have a fence, a porch, or whatever yard amenities. Jeri is extremely rude. Grounds people are asshats.

Review №24

Home us where you make it

Review №25

Okay, time for the truth! My mother lived here 10 years ago,and this place was a hell hole back then! The roads were all torn up back then... Im confused as to how people can give this place 4 and 5 stars! There was a woman arrested on 2/24/2019 for being a large drug supplier in Evansville...Moline mother lived on Moline drive!The place was shady back then! Tell people the real truth and dont let them be trapped into lies and moving into a slum like YOU know this place IS!

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Review №27

I am a single mother of three kids. I took my tax money in 2016 and decided that I needed to buy a trailer so I at least could make sure my kids had a roof on their head. In the beginning, Jerri was very pleasant and accommodating. She helped with everything and made sure things were taken care of on time. I did not start having issues until July 4th. Came to my house, and threatened eviction because someone in the park told her that we were setting off fireworks, when in reality, we were not. Things escalated quickly from here.In the following months, the lot rent was increased by 50 dollars, and instead of a three month notice we got a 30 day notice, which, by state law, is unreasonable. I also have been having my water bill slowly increase over the past three years so much so that my first three water bills were 60-80 dollars and my last three have been between 200-250. I have made several complaints and nothing seems to be getting done. I have also been waiting for my actually title for three years now. I have never received it. When I ask about it, they keep telling me the same thing. I am seeking attorney advice and also other means of rebuttle. This company is not anything they say or show themselves to be. My neighbor did not receive a water bill for over a year because maintenance never came and put a water meter on her trailer. They let her go a month without water with two disabled children and then refused her assistance. Why is finding somewhere to make a home so difficult.

Review №28

Weve lived here for 21 years and I just have to say that this company has made this a miserable place to live!! They state that they sent out a letter stating no pools were allowed in Jan of 2016. We never received said letter and had our pool up all summer last year. This year 5 weeks after putting our pool up the office manager came to my door and rudely told me we had 7 days to take it down. Then one of their gophers delivered a letter stating that if it wasnt taken down in 7 days we had 30 days to move our home. We are in complete compliance with the law as far as having a 6 foot privacy fence to keep young children out of our yard and safe from the pool. Plus the fact that theyve raised the lot rent by $50 in less than a year and a half. Doesnt matter that weve paid our rent on time for 21 years only matters that they think they can control my life. Looks like well be moving soon!!!! If youve heard bad things about our previous owner just know that he was a dream compared to these people. My advice is dont buy or rent from these people its only a money and control game for them not building a decent community to live in. Too bad I cant give them a zero or a negative number because I would but one is the lowest I can give.

Review №29

Love it

Review №30

They lie

Review №31

I live at Grandin point and before the new owners took over this place was going downhill and now that we have new owners they are doing their best to make this place a nice homie clean-looking place but it was so bad before that its taking them a long time to clean up but I have noticed changed since they took over and its just going to take them a while and I am pleased to be living in here now because I look around and the progress is slow but there is progress and I appreciate it

Review №32

Do not move out here,lot rent has went up 4 times,water and sewage bills get getting higher and a lot of times the water does not work, but of course they blame it on the previous owner, very rude office people you call and they are not friendly, at all cost avoid Grandin point do not move out here.

Review №33

When I first moved in there the place was warm and safe i knew I made a good choice. Jerri was very comforting and nice. She helped me with anything I needed. She made me and my kids feel at home. But as time went by she began to change that. She started nit picking at me for everything. Everytime something happen she blamed my kids for everything. I swear she makes her own rules as she goes. Was there 2 yrs. I loved it out there but she made it miserable to be there. My master bathroom broke I couldnt take a shower cuz the nozzles broke. Couldnt use the toilet cuz u had to plunge it everytime it was used. She knew about for 2 months. Her nit picking and her not trying to fix things was the reason we moved. But she didnt stop there she decided to take it personal and take it in her own hands she told the mail lady we havent been at that address so they have sent all our mail back. Keep in mind we have only been gone 2 days before she did this. Please think wisely before going here she will stick u with everything. There are several people who have bought their trailers and 2 yrs still no title

Review №34

The office people are rude an not very perfessional

Review №35

I have lived here for 10 years and Jerri the Manager is great . If you pay your bills and follow the Lease you have no problems . I always pay my lot fee and I keep my yard clean . She is trying to make a better place to live .

Review №36

I gave this place one star, because I cant leave zero or negative stars. The sewer system is horrible; health code violations galore; the streets constantly flood to unsafe & undrivable levels; abandoned stripped down trailers left for months to rot; manager is a lying crook; and they raise the rent at the first chance they get with zero improvements.This place is a Certified Ghetto. Then to top it off they steal money from the tenants through inflated monthly water bills. These are all facts.Do not move to this disgusting craphole. Save your money and live anywhere else but here.

Review №37

This place is not as good as made out to be. The manager is rude, and disrespectful! Some of the used homes are almost trash or completely disgusting inside that it can be unsafe for the workers around here to work in but they are told to go in anyways and try to clean them up so they can get money for the trailer. This is a greedy place - some might say it’s average rent price but you can expect it to go up.If you own a boat or camper or some type of trailer you can haul do not be able to expect you can keep it on the premises. They have a “fenced lot” for you to keep it in. I know people and we ourselves have had damage done to our stuff. They don’t even let you bring it to the house to clean it out, or pack stuff up, they want you to leave it in the lot and do all that with no electric, no lights or anything.

Review №38

I have no problem living here Jerri the manager is so awesome she is doing good cleaning things up.Pay your bills help make this the best around

Review №39

Becoming more and more family oriented

Review №40

Much improved, beautiful property. Better management means better living.

Review №41

This place is corrupt and trash

Review №42

Lots of changes being made. It appears that some of the ppl who caused issues, and their homes were trashy are gone

Review №43

Awesome office management but the corporate office are ridiculous. It is becoming a nice park.

Review №44

Horrible. Manager Jerri is incompetent. If you’re struggling and get a day behind on lot payment or water, which water bills are twice as high then any other place, she threatens owners with eviction with no notice. If she likes you she allows you to have trash everywhere, so you have to kiss up to her so she doesn’t make threats to evict you. She knowingly allows violent drug dealers to remain in their trailers because they pay their bill on time. The lease is so strick you have to ask permission for every little detail to you own trailer. The company does nothing and has multiple lawsuits pending. DO NOT BUY A TRAILER FROM THEM! Living there is a nightmare where you’re constantly stepping on eggshells and are NOT safe!

Review №45

Bought my home for more than it was worth. Manager is super disrespectful and rude. They had a maintenance man come knock on our door and tell us we had to have blinds on our front windows even though the room dosnt get used. I ended up calling them and said that the rules never stated that i had to have any blinds up and so she told me if i didnt go get some and put them up they would evict me. How unprofessional and against my right to live in poverty and piece!! Also if going to be late on rent GET IT IN WRITING!!! They will try to evict you giving you a three day notice instead of a ten day! They tried with us and once we called they said they were sorry and that no one put the note in!

Review №46

They need to take the grand out of grandin.a few nice homes.but its a dump.but Im told by the manager that its up and coming.the playgroundis a hole.

Review №47

Nice quiet place has a park for the kids and a party/ meeting rental room

Review №48

It was a God send

Review №49

Reading everyone negative reviews and guessing some got evicted. 1st / Jerry Lynn is awesome! Don’t judge the messager . She does what she’s told. 2)Larry and Joe are great guys . We bought new and that’s why they got a 4! We waited to long for them to set it and ect. The park rules and fees are not as bad if you are not on SSI . IDon’t like them but what can you do ? Betty Johnson is sweet too ! Brian is good too but Larry is my favorite! Hints livening in the trailhood ! Pay you rent, don’t get a pool, Its not Balair so don’t expect it to be. Your home is what you make it to be!

Review №50

Starting to look much better than it had been!

Review №51

Workers are rude. Office staff act like youre a burden. Lots of traffic and police there

Review №52

The people that owes the place are bad landlord

Review №53

They hire anyone to be a manager. We lived there and paid our rent and the manager took our money so corporate made us pay again! We moved out after that! Horrible place to live! They dont fix anything. My daughters wall fell in due to mold and they kept saying they were coming to fix it and never did

Review №54

Great place for the kids!

Review №55

Its HOME to me in the Trailerhood!!! Love how much the new owners have stepped up & done away with the trash.

Review №56

A terrible place and Clayton the manager is very deceitful.

Review №57

My mom said if I have nothing nice to say .. not to say anything at all..

Review №58

Dont move there. Rip off artists

Review №59

They need to get busy and do a clean sweep of the units on Belmar near the creek area. They claimed they going to clean up some of these yards streets. They are slow going

Review №60

That the lot fee gose up every year

Review №61

They rip people off. They add charges and fee to everything. Its a joke

Review №62

I live here

Review №63

Rates keep going up and there is entirely too many rules and regulations.

Review №64

Pretty expensive for fixer uppers... all mobile homes we looked at were extremely run down

Review №65

The most unprofessional staff I have ever had the displeasure to know.

Review №66

Good place for family events

Review №67

Local mobile home park management corporation.

Review №68

L9ve it

Review №69

Dont move there

Review №70

The manager there at the office is super rude

Review №71

Great community!!

Review №72

Friendly clean park to raise your family

Review №73

Not the safest nor desirable place to live.

Review №74

This is nice, efficient, and clean place

Review №75

Lot manager is rude and unprofessional.

Review №76

Really low class

Review №77


Review №78

The experience therr wasnt my best.

Review №79

Dont live here. Just visiting

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