AMC Quail Springs Mall 24
2501 W Memorial Rd Suite E, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, United States

Review №1

Went in to watch Let Him Go and enjoyed the movie... There was only 7 people in the theater so no fear of covid and hey we were able to get popcorn...

Review №2

This mall is pretty great you can either spend your entire afternoon or evening here. The movie theater inside the mall is pretty amazing as well has 3D Dolby and any major movie that is out right now with plenty of comfortable and clean seating. the mall is surprisingly clean and has a pretty decent arcade in it as well. There is always security and law enforcement hired on part-time that keeps this place very peaceful and fun.

Review №3

I enjoyed this place to the full extent to the Quality to the games. To say this is a bad place would be to say you´ve never been here. That is why I pity you, and if you think that it is cool to lie about being here that is sad. The reason I gave it four stars is because I wish it was bigger, but despite its size It is a beautiful place, for adults,seniors,teens, and Kids. So please be quiet, and enjoy the movie.

Review №4

9.26....Wowwwwww, TENET was totally amazing. My daughter and I had the entire theater to ourselves-lol. It made it extra special, she and I really enjoyed it. The digital theater was not as loud as the IMAX, when I visited on 9.4. However, I enjoyed the movie both times. I plan to go see it a 3rd time.

Review №5

Theatre was amazing! Easy ticketing and short lines. Lots of options to choose from. Friendly staff. Clean facility located inside mall. Highly recommended!

Review №6

Clean theater. Nice seating, nice sound. Concessions do not take cash. Tons of screens. Always a great time out. My preferred movie theater.

Review №7

AMC Quail Springs provides a consistent movie going experience. The auditoriums, hallways, and bathrooms are kept clean. The theaters allow you to pick your seat in advance, so no more rushing to arrive early and waiting through the ads. The theaters also offer IMAX and Dolby Digital screenings as well as 3D.The snack bar has options, which are all overpriced, and they have the Coke machines that can make any flavor.Lastly the loyalty program allows you to see all the movies you need for a little over $20 per month. The app works well and is easy to use. They also recently added the Entourage feature, which allows you to purchase tickets on behalf of your friends, if they have given permission, so no more trying to coordinate clicking the purchase button at the same time on the website.One of my favorite theaters and has been for years.

Review №8

This place is going downhill. They wont do buckets OR allow refills but its OK to touch items they hand the guest with open hands (no gloves?) Not enough new movies to make my A-list worth it much longer either IF it doesnt change

Review №9

This is an extremely large theater in a very nice mall. The folks at the ticket counter were very nice and the gentleman that actually took your ticket was a United States Veteran who was in a Walker and you talk about a nice guy. The Veteran was so nice and humble that it actually made our time more enjoyable. The gentleman at the concessions counter was great as well. We saw the movie The Great Alaska Race and it is based on a true very heartbreaking and humbling story. The bravery displaced in this movie was remarkable and something I will never forget. So if you want to see a move I cant RECOMMEND highly enough going to the AMC 24 to see your movie. So have a great time and remember to thank the Veteran in the Walker who will take your ticket.

Review №10

Went to see a movie on a Thursday night, during the ads and the start of the movie the audio worked but there was no picture. Very few employees working, had to search for help and they acted like I was inconveniencing them. Overall we wasted a full hour and had to change plans for the remainder of the night. Very disappointed and would not recommend coming here again.

Review №11

Comfy seats and the temperature wasnt too cold.

Review №12

This mall was soo nice! 3 stories and endless stores. The mall in my town is one story and you can get through it in about 30-45 min..but this one had escalators and a elevator. So clean and elegant. We spent about 3 hours walking around and then went to the movie theater which was huge. They served beer, popcorn,snacks, and some hot foods. The lines are a little long so I would be prepared to wait a little if you plan on going through that line. The seats were pretty comfy but they dont recline. I really enjoyed this entire mall! Would def recommend

Review №13

Jurassic Park didnt work so I got to see Tenet. Good movie.

Review №14

Super movie theater. Loved it. Clean spacious cool. Great choices. Excellent matinee prices. Good food and drink choices but waaaaay overpriced. Comfortable seating. GREAT SOUND SYSTEM. Good clean bathrooms. Friendly helpful staff. Long walk to and from city bus stops. Served only by okc City bus 005. Worst bus system in the USA. Great surrounding mall and food court. Easy AMC ticketing. Highly recommend. Will go back. -CPO US NAVY RETIRED

Review №15

Went last night August 20th 2020 the popcorn and or butter was expired it was horrible. I’ll just take my own food in from now on

Review №16

Good theater but they need to work on cleaning the bathrooms and making sure they have tp and soap in there.

Review №17

As far as theaters go, this one is pretty good. I think this one of the better AMC theaters in oklahoma.Pros:StadiumSeating and tons of auditoriums. Also they have movies that start early, makes it easy to catch a matinee price.Clean bathroomsGreat concession options. I recommend the pepperoni pizza ! Skip the pretzel bites thoughUnlimited drink refills! Buy a normal size drink and save yourself the extra money.The location is good, bottom level of the mall. I park near JC Pennys and walk through the mall that way! Closer parking spots!Admission prices are fair and are about average for the state of Oklahoma!Cons:Must enter through the mall, this theater does not have a separate entrance The concession prices are outlandish and are high! Expect to pay high dollar for a drink and popcorn.And a general complaint: People on their cell phones during the movie. Its so inconsiderate to have your phone on in the middle of a movie. I wish theaters would enforce a zero cell phone policy for those of us who wish to watch a movie in peace.All in all this is a good movie theater and much better than the Regal in Moore and the AMC off of 240.

Review №18

I only go to this theater because it is close to my house. It is alright. The chairs dont recline and there is not enough feet room for my preference. It is a little muggy inside, but at least it is not freezing. The seats and floors are relatively clean. They let you take drinks in, which is really nice. They also dont have assigned seating which can be a good or bad thing.

Review №19

Other than substandard managerial assistance the screens themselves are adequate. The bathrooms are ok, could be better, convenient concessions. All in all an enjoyable experience.

Review №20

Almost always reasonably clean, well calibrated picture and sound. Staff is usually very responsive to any issues. Wish they had more reclining seated theaters though.

Review №21

One of my favorite theaters when its not busy... its your typical movie theater.. the chairs are amazing... if you go often, get a stub member card its worth it..

Review №22

Always clean and friendly staff. Seats are super comfortable and movies always start on time. Would definitely recommend this theater. Much better than the Penn Square one.

Review №23

Theatre had the movie I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. Food and beverage was too ridiculously priced so I skipped it. Theatre still had trash in it from the previous showing. Kept looking for a clean seat to sit in. Many were stained and made you wonder when they ever clean the place. I’ll go to another theatre next time.

Review №24

I hadnt been here in a long time and I remember why now. Overpriced and not worth it. They have a bar now and I asked the bartender if he could make a mule. He told me he didnt even know what that was. We got two beers and it was $22. Ill just stick to Showbiz or Tinseltown.

Review №25

Gets packed on the weekend but great place to go during the day. Seats are comfy and clean. I like that you can pick your seats and order food delivered to your seats online.

Review №26

AMC Quail has lots of smaller movies that do not always get wide theatre releases. The Dolby Cinema experience is really great! They are understaffed sometimes at rush hour, and some workers are more friendly than others. The theatres are very clean though!

Review №27

Was not at all impressed!! Had to walk with young kids from front to back of the place, juggling 5 soda cups. Open both stands for convenience if youre gonna play a movie all the way in the back

Review №28

A little too expensive for me - for 2 people on a Sunday night it was $33 which seems crazy when we were the only 2 people in the theatre. Concessions are also super expensive. But the overall look and feel of the theatre is nice and they have a huge selection of movies.

Review №29

First-run movie selection and cost, dollar-movie theater quality.Seats and sound were okay but the rest of the theater complex was an embarrassment. We encountered 8 drink machines, 4 were turned off completely and the other 4 had less then 25% functionality. The floors were disgusting and the bathrooms were in disrepair.AMC Corporate would be horrified. Quail Springs Mall should be horrified. Whoever runs that operation takes no pride in their work. What a shame.

Review №30

Great movie theater in north OKC. I see movies here multiple times most months, and it’s always a good experience.

Review №31

Cant see showtimes on an android phone.

Review №32

AMC is my theater growing up, if it closed I would probably have a very long mourning period. Its my favorite theater in all of OKC, they have an amazing selection, and thats what makes it the best for me. They bring art house movies, limited releases, foreign films, studio Ghibli movies every year. Anniversary re-releases. Show full trilogies, Directors Cuts. As a movie buff its truly the best theater hands down in Oklahoma,its one of the few places that when I come back from a long stint of being away, if feels like home.

Review №33

Great theater, just sooo expensive! $15 for a large drink and popcorn. I think I spent almost $40 total for just me and my son. @ailijay

Review №34

I understand it is the slow season but there were NO ushers after my movie (11:30pm) to give us directions in the corridors. The mall had closed and some of us wondered all over trying to figure out how to get back to the parking lot. They need some staff there while the place is open until all the movies have exited.

Review №35

Normally a great experience. On peak days, like today, they bombed hardcore. Less than 10 on from staff, 5 behind concessions, 2 ticketing, one at guest services and one taking tickets to get in. Lines everywhere with no direction and no one knowing what to do.Back concession area was closed. Lines were backed up to the food court.People were lined up in Stubs Premiere line even though they werent members just to cut corners. Everyone was frustrated and it showed.Yes, were rewards members, and considerate that all want to enjoy their experience, but today was a disappointment... especially on Boxing Day - with Star Wars out - and everyone with cabin fever. Not sure how theyre gonna compete with Netflix in years to come. Guess we shall find out in due time.

Review №36

Theater was clean and everything went as it should with the movie. Employees were polite and efficient. It would be nice if they had the recliner chairs.

Review №37

Seats are average theater seats. We wanted to see Weathering with You in Japanese, and purchased tickets after they advertised it was in Japanese with subtitles. Unfortunately, it was in English. I wish they didnt incorrectly advertise it so I could have seen the sub version in a different theater.

Review №38

Bathrooms cleanliness is always an issue. Drinks at two machines were out of cherry-vanilla anything. Theater itself was very clean. Helpful employees.

Review №39

My wife and I enjoy going to this theater on our date night on Tuesdays. Joining their club allows us to enjoy movies for $5 each on Tuesdays. Always clean and the food is great. Expensive, but that’s not this theater only, that’s all of them. Good movie theater.

Review №40

Overall, I usually have a good experience at AMC Quail Springs Mall and do not have any complaints. The Dobly Theatre is an excellent audio and visual experience with super comfy reclinable seats. It would be beneficial to see continued renovations to the facilities and in some of the smaller theatres to enhance the customer experience.

Review №41

The Gentleman was a great movie! Its my birthday month, and they gave me a large pop & large popcorn! I had a fantastic time!

Review №42

Consistent good service, popcorn is good about 60% of the time. Love self serve fountain drink station. Need recliners!!!! Movie times are as expected, pretty clean.

Review №43

Large theater with several options and multiple concession stands. Just started offering drinks at a small bar that you can even take in the theater

Review №44

Clean and spacious, easy to find and park. Concessions are a variety. The rooms are excellent (especially Dolby Room 23 and the IMAX). Audio is crisp, and kind of too loud, but also worth it. Easy to order online and reserve seats. Highly recommend.

Review №45

I went to see invisible Man on a date. The seats for were dirty from popcorn. It wasnt very clean. The movie was nice. I will go to Penn square Mall next time.

Review №46

Went to the limited showing for Kinky Boots.It started about 20 minutes late, I think there may have been technical issues.They didnt tell us that, someone had to go to the front desk to find out why it wasnt starting.When the intermission was happening the lights didnt come on so people could see where they were going.Its really cool they were showing it at all, but they could have done a better job than literally pressing play on the DVD. (We actually saw the play/pause icons in the bottom right of the screen.)

Review №47

Love this theater, I really like how they made getting tickets automated. The employees are always polite, and their theaters are always clean. Went and saw Ford vs Ferarri last weekend and it was a great experience.

Review №48

I took my granddaughter to see Frozen and was shocked to see assigned seating. Its been awhile since I have been to a movie theater and was not happy about this. The movie theater is so big you should be able to sit where you want. Its dark in the theater and I had a hard time finding it on top of not being able to see well anyways. This is a bad idea will not be returning two thumbs down.

Review №49

At the concession, Elizabeth demonstrated a level of customer service and care that is so refreshing. She went above and beyond to help my mom through navigating her app and understanding her newly enrolled stubs membership perks quickly, effectively, and with a patient smile. She made sure to offer us options to make enjoying our load of concession treats convenient. Very pleased

Review №50

Meh. It looks new and being able to get your own soda is nice but the soda machines all had issues. One didnt have all the soda options, one didnt have all the flavors add ins and the one I used that had both had no carbonation. Also if youre going to have reserve seats why not have the recliner ones? Just a kind of meh experience.

Review №51

Movie was fine. But the seats were very uncomfortable. Stuck in early 2000s

Review №52

This is a filthy theatre. Bathrooms out of tissue & trash overflowing. Seats are gross in theatre and floors are sticky and unswept.Last visit to this AMC.

Review №53

Watched Tenet here!!

Review №54

WOW were we shocked! Movie was fine but to say the facility was a MESS is an understatement! Ladies bathroom was a mess with NO paper products of ANY kind available (TP, hand wipes, nothing) except on the floor! Lobby was trashed and popcorn stations were a disaster on the surface and on the floor all around them. We pay a lot of money to attend here and there is NO Excuse for this! I asked for a manager, explained my concern and was told, Im not in charge of hiring and we dont have enough staff to take care of everything. WoW! They sure have time to take my money! SO Disappointed. Why return?

Review №55

The theater we used was relatively clean. Some people however dont know the purpose of trash cans, but they try hard to maintain the theaters. Because there is assigned seating, that is not a problem. You also cant know if the person/people sitting behind you will be seat kickers or not. Just be prepared to try to ignore stupidity.

Review №56

Where to begin?My wife and I had never been to this theater before but happened to be in the area with a couple hours of free time so we decided to watch a movie.The front of the theater is lined with windows formerly used for ticket offices. Now, bolted to the front of those disused ticket windows are a bank of automated kiosks for guests to buy tickets. We chose one and attempted a purchase.After running our card, the machine froze and would not dispense our tickets. After a wait of some five minutes, I went to find an employee to help us while my wife waited at the kiosk.Inside the theater sat a single young man surrounded by what seemed to be a control system of some sort. I told him what had happened.The young man proceeded to inform me in an impatient manner that the card had not been charged and I needed to, try again.I returned to my wife. In the intervening time, she had pulled up our bank account on her phone and when I told her what the young man said, she showed me that the money had already been debited from our account.I returned to the young man and showed him that we had indeed been charged for the tickets.The young man said, Well, you can just go in. You dont need a ticket.Confused, we walked passed the ticket taker and into the lobby of the multiplex.We soon learned that in a theater with 24 auditoriums it is nearly impossible to find the correct show if you do not have a ticket. After about 10 minutes of searching we found a different young man sweeping.After explaining the ordeal he directed us two hallways up, left and third auditorium on the left. Before we left, he asked if we needed to speak to the manager. I said yes but that we were already late for the show. He said that Emily would still be there when we got out of the movie.Following the movie, which was fine, we asked the young man who was sweeping for Emily, the manager.Emily walked up to us and stated that she had already been informed all about what had happened and that her employee was very well trained and had handled the situation properly.I said that we had searched for 10 minutes for our show before finding the young man who was sweeping and may have been late for the show if we hadnt found him.She said that the first young man had given us directions and we shouldnt have had any problem.I told the young woman (all employees in the theater appeared to be under 25) that we were not even told what the auditorium number was and asked why we would stop the second young man for directions if the first very well trained young man had acted properly.Emily, the manager, simply replied that she didnt like her employees being, attacked.I was flabbergasted. What are you talking about? I asked. Nobody attacked any of your employees.My wife had heard enough. Okay, what is your name? she asked.Emily, she replied.Last name? my wife asked.I dont have to give you my last name, she said, with her hands on her hips, and if you want to call in on me thats fine.We left the theater confused and incredulous. We had never been treated with such disrespect and unprofessionalism before in a movie theater.I waited three or four days before calling the AMC corporate office to let the emotion of the event subside. A professional woman listened and took notes of my story and said that someone would review the report and contact me in a day or two.It has been more than a week with no response from AMC Theaters.

Review №57

Am used to going pretty much exclusively to Harkins theaters because of location, but I must say, I really liked AMC too. Love the soda machines that are self serve and have the possibility for so many combinations of flavors. Love that you can get free refills. We saw a 3D movie and it was very entertaining.

Review №58

Inappropriate previews given the rating of the movie we are here to watch.

Review №59

Not quite as luxurious as the AMCs in Atlanta, but perhaps Ive been spoiled. Nothing about the staff or cleanliness was bad, simply a little older theatre. Edit: Saw a second movie and there was a lot of popcorn on the floor and seats.

Review №60

Must have had a lot of workers call in today or they are just paying poorly. Concessions closed save all but 2 workers toiling their eyes with elderly couples in line saying they just wanted to get drinks. No one taking tickets and all ticket sales were 100% automated today (is this even ADA compliant?). We came to see Parasite but our theater was signed and displayed for “Frozen 2” - would be a confusing mix between a Disney kids picture and an R rated foreign film -no ushers to answer any guest questions, people in the theater still trying to figure out what movie would ultimately be shown to them.

Review №61

General cinema with great options including 3D and large screen formats. No IMAX.Concessions are standard fair, but a cut above. Prices are what youd expect. Kids packs are available and economical.Seating is spacious and comfortable. Some of the premium theaters have fantastic seating, including recliners.

Review №62

Nice clean theatre and showing many up to date movies. Stadium seats, reserved. Good snacks as well, nothing fancy. Enjoy going here and will return.

Review №63

It was nice, there was old popcorn in the seats so they obviously werent cleaned from the night before, we were at the first showing.

Review №64

I love this place! I can afford to treat my family to the movies and it is always clean and nice .

Review №65

There is a bar in this theater now! Holy wow! This theater is old, but still a great theater to visit! I rarely see the back concession stand open and thats disappointing. I hope they get the order to your seat option like penn amc has as well as tje reclining seats

Review №66

I saw a matinee showing of Glass, but I will focus on reviewing the theater. It was a really nice experience. Ordering tickets online was very convenient. I like not having to print paper tickets that simply get thrown away after I get inside the theater. The floors and lavatory were clean. The line at the concession stand moved quickly. Like all other movie theaters nowadays, the prices were outrageous. My recliner seat was comfy and clean. There was no problem finding my seat because the lights were on. Its a terrible experience when I get there after the lights go off. I will return soon.

Review №67

Good experience, enjoyed the movie.

Review №68

I love coming here to watch anime movies,

Review №69

Concession prices are a rip off! Theater itself is very nice but sneak in your own food and save yourself $30.

Review №70

Great place to see a movie. Get your soda, popcorn was really good. Restrooms well maintained

Review №71

Great theater and friendly employees. This theater is the only one in Oklahoma City that shows specialty movies, concert documentaries, etcetera.

Review №72

Friendly and clean establishment. Fast and reliable service. Watched star wars. Movie was good! Seats are comfy!

Review №73

They have really gone down hill. On Saturday night after Thanksgiving they only had 1 person working the ticket booth and 3 people at the concession stand. The place was filthy and the lines were horrible. I expect theaters to be crowded but one with think that when you charge over $8 for popcorn and nearly $7 for a coke they could appropriately staff the place. The back concession stand was closed as well. In the picture there is popcorn and sticky soda all over the floor. The whole theater looked like this. I will never go back to quail springs AMC. Way too expensive to get the lousy service and filthy environment. I would love for a manager to contact me.

Review №74

If I could give 4.5 stars I would. Love the AMC experience, the mall, not so much lol. The assigned seating is different than Penn Square, so since Im short next time Ill sit down lower.

Review №75

Its been a while since I have been to the movies, and now if you want to purchase your tickets there you need a debit or credit card, there is no a human being anymore, if you purchase it online like AAA you have to see a rep to give you an official ticket, is sad, technology is good, but taking jobs.

Review №76

There were.only three working ticket kiosks. On the plus side, the theater and bathrooms are always clean.

Review №77

Nice movie theater but the staff at the snack bar was very slow! The line was so far back! I would recommend to show up an hour early if you want snacks or food.

Review №78

Now even better they have bar you can have a cocktail!!!...thanks

Review №79

Great time at the movies!! Hot fresh popcorn, clean bathrooms and cool in the theater. We were in the small theater since the movie had been out a while. Only thing I missed was the relaxing chairs.

Review №80

Theater is clean, and I have always had a great movie experience at Quail AMC. Staff is friendly. The new Dolby Theater is awesome, assigned reclining seats are a plus!

Review №81

Went to see The Rise of Skywalker for the 3rd time tonight, and we had a pass from seeing a movie a few months back where the theatre had issues and we were given passes to return to see our movie. The yellow ticket pass doesnt have many restrictions, and we were planning to pay the extra to see the film in the Dolby. When we get there we are told that we cant use the passes because something to do with Disney which is not written anywhere in the building or on the website.I was told that if I was on A List, or used a gift card I could have bought that ticket but since my ticket hadnt been paid for I couldnt do that. (which it WAS paid for when they had a malfunction and I didnt get to see the first movie btw)Still paid the $34 for TWO tickets. And this wouldnt have bothered be except that since Thursday I have spent almost $100 here... and was planning on spending the last $34 bucks I had... but that pass meant snacks for us. Not a great way to treat your Stubs members, and nit a great way to keep me spending twice as much to see mivues here and not at another theatreAnd I can see the no passes for opening weekend... but this is Monday. Weekend is over.Happy Holidays.

Review №82

Decent movie theater. Most theaters here still have the old style seating. Would have been five stars if they had the reclining seats that most are going to these days.

Review №83

Theater carpet was dirty, floor was clean around seats, other than the Dolby theater and IMAX this theater needs a big update, carpet, walls, much of the fixtures are the same when built back in 1998. Sound system is good but other than that it still have the look of the late 90s early 2000s, they should at least have some screens with dine-in

Review №84

The Coca Cola was much better this visit and the jalapeno slice containers held an adequate amount of slices. The only negative experience was the cashier at the ticket booth seemingly being interrupted from operating her personal cell phone device in order to serve us.

Review №85

Saw a great movie. Place was clean. Employees were friendly. Popcorn was stale. Movie had started before I noticed. Ate it anyways.

Review №86

This theater is very nice. The staff are amazingly friendly, and handle tough situations very well. The back concession stand is always closed. I asked an employee, and was told it’s due to it not being fully updated and needs a remodel. I think the assigned seating in all theaters is good. It helps you make sure you get a seat, and if you don’t get a good one it is your fault for being late. Overall the staff is the best part (other than the movie of course), they do the best they can to help make sure the theater does it’s best!!

Review №87

Very upset with this theater. They made a special needs person who is very near to my heart leave during a movie because they made a few reaction noises during the movie. Im disappointed in them and thought this mall was better. Never going again until they receive training on these situations with special needs individuals. They let him finish the movie but even still this was a movie aimed at kids- you should expect people to react!

Review №88

Not my favorite theater, but I dont have any major complaints. Dont like that the is no direct entrance from outside. You have to traverse most of the mall to get there. Then its on the bottom level. Seating is good but they dont recline at all. Prices are very fair by comparison though.

Review №89

Showbiz in Edmond is much better. Seats are uncomfortable and Imax screen is like regular screen at Showbiz. Will stay with Showbiz from now on

Review №90

A bit of a funky location and it can be weird walking through an empty, almost closed mall, late at night when leaving a movie, having parked on the opposite side. However, there are plenty of eatery options within walking distance to make a night out of it (and the food court right there at the entrance if you go in the day). Seats are alright and maybe the best of the few weve tried around OKC, but nothing like the comfort we were used to at pretty much any cinema we went to in Texas.

Review №91

Good, roomy movie theatre, with a variety of viewing options. The Dolby theater experience is nice, with the comfy chairs, but more loud than really impressive.They have pretty good before-noon price specials, better than the matinee. Im not a huge fan of the all-electronic ticketing, out front. Its a bit stupid, with unpredictable results, like telling you a show is full, when it cant be. You can always go inside, to see a real human at the customer service desk.In the wide, central hallway, you can usually find large advertising displays that make for great individual and group selfies.

Review №92

The mall is average. It has a good selection of stores for the area but there arent many stores in the mall overall. Some of the spaces are vacant which makes the store seem a bit empty. However the stores that are there are well maintained. It has a massive AMC theater which is hands down the best part of this mall.

Review №93

To expensive and the quality is not good at all. The chair was uncomfortable. It is a little big, but they must need toake some change.

Review №94

The theater was pretty hot with little air flow which made for an interesting movie as we were stuffed in like sardines already.

Review №95

Great theater. Decent seats(not as comfortable as penn square). IMAX is good and friendly service. What else do you need ?

Review №96

Took the kids to see Frozen 2, theater was clean, seats were remarkably comfortable, and the staff was great!

Review №97


Review №98

Not a bad theater by any means but man, the concession prices are getting out of control.

Review №99

Saw Secret Life of Pets 2 with my nephew and there was an older individual with special needs overexaggerating and yelling during parts of the movie. The manager attempted to calmly defuse the situation, but the chaperones become unruly screaming about special needs rights. They were not asked to leave, but only to quiet down for everyone else. They left anyway. Everyone who bought a ticket to see the movie has every right to enjoy it in peace. If my nephew were screaming in the theater, Id tell him to quiet down or take him outside for a bit. AMC handled the situation professionally and I was able to enjoy the remainder of the movie.

Review №100

So apparently they dont have tellers anymore everyone has to use self serve machines with credit or debit card (if there was a way to pay cash u fight see it anyway). And we also have to pick seats when we buy tickets (which is just silly when you go see a movie with 5 only others in the room like I just experienced).However soda drinks are self served as well which basically means you get as many refills as you like.They have matinee movie pricing which we liked.

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:2501 W Memorial Rd Suite E, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 405-755-2466
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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