Lubbock Escapes
3025 34th St, Lubbock, TX 79410, United States

Review №1

On our visit to Lubbock for the day we got the chance to Visit Lubbock escapes. What an adventure. It was so much fun with my family, working together and with some help from the staff; to figure out the clues and escape from the room. Definitely will be back to complete the other rooms. Its a must when in Lubbock.

Review №2

Very welcoming and inviting. Fun for groups or couples.We were very impressed with the owners and their enthusiasm for their business. They own an escape room business because they are lovers of escape rooms! It shows in their approach to running the business.They offer custom clues based on the performance of the participants. Use your hour and clues wisely and you can make the leaders board with your group photo!Awesome time and awesome people. Thanks again!

Review №3

We had a great time! The room was very well done with good clues & fun props. We will come back again for sure!

Review №4

A group of 6 of us did Murder on Broadway as part of a girls trip. It was such a blast!!. The rooms are well done and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! I would go back in a heartbeat!

Review №5

We had an employee social event there and it was great! Theyre passionate about what they do and determined to make sure you have a wonderful time! The staff was amazing and the rooms were challenging and fun! Our employees had a great time and some are even planning already to go back!

Review №6

Had a great time doing outbreak! The owners are very nice and helpful. Were already planning on doing our next one! Great family fun.

Review №7

Really well done rooms! The family that owns/runs the place is very friendly and accommodating.

Review №8

Perfect place to spend an hour with your family and friends. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №9

Great family fun and awesome staff!

Review №10

Very well put together room, challenging and fun. Loved the Lubbock angle. We have done other rooms and this was the best presentation by far. Cant wait to go back for another challenge!!

Review №11

My friends and I had a great time!Folks were nice, room was well kept and there was a sense of humor that kept me grinning.Well be making more stops here!

Review №12

Had so much fun.

Review №13

Lubbock Escapes was helpful and easy to work with before my visit, helping me understand all the options and details. The staff treated us warmly and professionally while we were there. And my son was completely satisfied with his escape room experience that was a celebration of his 14th birthday with friends. They all had great fun!

Review №14

Thoroughly enjoyed our experience. The staff were very nice and helpful, the clues were interesting and fun, and the facilities were clean and well appointed. We will be back!

Review №15

My 9yr old, 11yr old and myself had a BLAST!! I was shocked at how well we all worked together...I don’t think the kids fought once! Great family fun!! Can’t wait to go back!

Review №16

Got held up at a restaurant and weren’t able to make our appointment on time. Called ahead to see if we could still keep the room. Staff was more than accommodating and couldn’t have been nicer. This place is clean, well maintained, and a lot of fun. I highly recommend for date nights...especially double dates.

Review №17

Our first escape room on a date night. The two of us made it out - barely! We loved it! Well try another room soon. Plus, the staff was incredibly friendly! We agreed several more times that it was so much fun!

Review №18

Great staff, you can tell it is family run and they are passionate about their business. The rooms are challenging and certainly not the easiest. A great way to spend some time together and worth visiting.

Review №19

We had such a blast if we had had 5 more minutes I think we would have escaped. We will definitely be going back.

Review №20

We had such a great time. I appreciate all the details in the room we did. Very well done.

Review №21

Went in with my wife and a buddy two days in a row. Had a blast! Will for sure go back for the 3rd room and we are really looking forward to the 4th room being built in a couple months!

Review №22

A solid escape room business. Very well done.

Review №23

We absolutely loved this place! What a fun date night! The owners were so incredibly warm, kind, and funny! I love the way they involve you in the story rather than just giving you instructions. The clues and puzzles were very clever and thought out so well. The hints being put up on the T.V. screen is a big help, so you can refer back to it. We escaped Uncle Eddies Bunker and had so much fun doing it! Cant wait to go back.

Review №24

My group did Uncle Eddies Bunker and had so much fun!!

Review №25

We treated some of our family to Lubbock Escapes for Christmas. It was awesome!!! We are thinking of doing it every year as a Christmas tradition.

Review №26

An AMAZING experience! Took our granddaughters and they ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! Already wanting to do another! Thanks for the memories made!

Review №27

Amazing room, amazing staff! This was a great time for me and my daughter. The staff make the experience tailored for the group and go above and beyond for their customers. I will be returning and recommend everyone try it. I have been to other escape rooms in town but this one is top notch.

Review №28

Such a fun experience! I went on a double date with some friends, and we had such a great time. The staff was amazing & made the experience that much better. We will 100% be back to try out all of the rooms!

Review №29

The guide did a great job making us feel comfortable. For my first escape room experience it was awesome. Definitely going again!

Review №30

The host did a great job of explaining what we would need to do. The room was very well put together and had a great story line!

Review №31

This was my first escape room experience and it was absolutely delightful. I was no help to my party but still had such a good time. The staff were very welcoming and polite. Cannot wait to go again and try the harder rooms.

Review №32

Fun and great people! Nice and challenging!

Review №33

We went here to try our first escape room and we lost only by 1 minute. It was still a ton of fun and a great bonding time for us.

Review №34

Fun and hilarious to watch a team develop!

Review №35

My sister and I went and did our first escape room. We had a blast it was so much fun. The staff was amazing very friendly and joked around with us. We will be coming back.

Review №36

Whoever was at the front desk was very welcoming and funny. Definitely seemed to enjoy his job. So far we have only done one room (and miserably failed) but had a great time and will definitely go back for more. This was a great date night idea that I surprised bae with and both of us enjoyed it. Overall fun experience!

Review №37

Oh my gosh.... This was so much fun. Friendly staff, clean facility, and loads of fun. We will definitely be back!!

Review №38

Had an overall great experience here. Awesome rooms and friendly staff!

Review №39

Great time with friends or for team building!

Review №40

Did their Hard Time was a great experience, the staff was friendly and helpful. The room was well made and had quality puzzles!

Review №41

My boyfriend and I had a great time here! I am a religious Google review reader, and this place had some of the best reviews for Lubbock escape rooms. It did not disappoint! We did the Murder on Broadway room, and it was a blast. These escape rooms come with unlimited hints which is different than the last escape room I did, but I enjoyed that part. The rooms also cannot be booked by a group other than your own to fill up all 8 spots. For example, say you sign up with a group of 5. It will be just your group of 5 in the room. I liked that part too. I totally recommend it and will be going back!

Review №42

My family and I visited Lubbock Escapes last weekend. I typically dont write reviews on here but felt compelled to share my experience. I was looking for something exciting, challenging and memorable for my family and I to do together. I heard about the Escape Room concept and Lubbock Escapes came highly recommended from a close friend. Booking was fast, easy and hassle free. Upon arrival, the staff member that greeted us was warm and welcoming. Each of the escape rooms were very well designed and created a different and unique experience. I was truly impressed by the attention to detail. We had a range of age groups with our family and the varying levels of escape difficulty allowed for participation from the entire group. This is the perfect weekend activity for a family, school, couples or any type of team building scenario. If you are in the Lubbock area or just passing through, I would highly recommend checking out this cool experience!

Review №43

This was such a cool experience!!! My date and I had so much fun! We were even running a little late in getting there so I called ahead and they couldn’t have been nicer. They went above what they probably should have in making sure we had a good time. The puzzles were challenging, they helped us solve them by nudging us in the right direction! Ha! I can’t wait to go again! Would definitely recommend!!

Review №44

Lots of fun....

Review №45

Gave it as a gift to our children and grandchildren. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Review №46

Excellent team building activity! GEEK SQUAD had lots of fun trying to get out of our room. We will be back!

Review №47

Such a fun experience! We took a group of 30 youth and they loved every moment of it!

Review №48

Family fun and exciting puzzles to flex your mind. Bring your friends to try this amazing adventure. I will guarantee you will have fun.

Review №49

This was so much fun and perfect for our date night! It was just the two of us so we chose the easiest room (which was still challenging). Our guide, Justin, was awesome and helpful when we asked. Totally worth the cost and we cant wait to go again!!

Review №50

This was our first time, and we had a blast! Thank goodness for the wonderful staff who provided such great clues. It was DEFINITELY worth it, and we cannot wait to do it again!!! The staff is awesome.... Especially when she came and saved us when we had the code, but we still couldnt get it open.

Review №51

We had amazing time in Murder on Broadway Street and Hard Time escape room! One of the best escape rooms Ive played and I played quite a lot. Cant wait to arrange my friends to play the other games as well. Huge recommendations!

Review №52

Great date night experience! Challenging, yet fun, and the staff was great. So friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Review №53

The staff was very friendly. We had a great time figuring out the puzzles in the room. We will be going back to try the other rooms soon!

Review №54

My wife and I tried Lubbock Escapes for the first time and had an amazing time. We did the Murder On Broadway room and found it to be a very enjoyable, well thought out challenge. 11/10 would recommend this to anyone. Best escape room in West Texas!

Review №55

We had a lot of fun in the Murder on Broadway room. It was well designed and maintained. The staff was very helpful and provided great insight and discussion before, during, and after we did the room. Were looking forward to doing the other rooms they have on offer.

Review №56

So much fun!! Definitely plan on going again!

Review №57

If you are looking for an escape room experience, this is the place to be! I have done TONS of escape rooms and also work at a escape room in Dallas, TX. This place is premier with their friendly service and fun rooms. Will be coming back next time I’m in town. Go check it out!

Review №58

The room was well done with many interesting puzzles to solve. Cant wait to come back.

Review №59

We really had fun doing the escape room. Highly recommend it for a group of friends or family.

Review №60

We completed Hard Time with 8 people ranging from 16 and up in less than an hour. Super fun room!! We were running late so I called to confirm our later arrival date would still work and I was told there would be no issues. Upon arrival the man at the front desk was abrupt and rude about the late arrival of our party. I explained I had called before driving the 2 hours and I was assured the late time would be fine. I think the lack of communication fell short but in the end we still were able to complete our requested room. the room itself was fun but the customer service could use some work for the money spent.

Review №61

So FUN! This is a great way to spend a date night or a time with friends. The rooms are very well done and the staff could not have been nicer. We will be back!

Review №62

We were in town visiting our cousin and gave this a try. It was a great time and the staff was fun (and helpful). This was a great way to spend an afternoon. We did Uncle Eddies bunker this time and will try one of the other rooms when we come back!

Review №63

My family recommended this escape room so my mom and I decided to pay it a visit. So much fun! We tried Hard Time and can’t wait to try the other rooms!

Review №64

My son and I went for the first time today and escaped with 1 minute and 50 seconds to spare. The name of the room was Hard Time and it was very enjoyable. This was our first experience with the escape room puzzle concept and Justin was very informative. He explained how the game works, the situation you are presented with and any information that needed to be known before you enter the game. It was a blast! We did not think we would escape since there were only two of us, but we worked together very well and had a lot of fun!

Review №65

Really creative ways to get out that made me think! There wasnt just a ton of locks and combinations like most escape rooms, you had to use logic and actually think about what you were seeing. 10/10 would go again.

Review №66

It was a great experience! Lots of fun! The staff was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Lubbock Escapes!

Review №67

Had a wonderful time!

Review №68

We enjoyed this place so much, we did two of their rooms in one night! The family that owns it is so welcoming and friendly, the rooms are intricate and very well put together, and the atmosphere is all around fit for fun.We are looking forward to completing the other rooms they create and returning to Lubbock Escapes in the near future!

Review №69

Had a wonderful time in Escape the bunker. Would definitely do this again! Thank you!

Review №70

We had such a blast. Made my husband and I feel like kids again! Can’t wait to go again and try out all the rooms. “Hard Time” was so much fun.

Review №71

We called and got a reservation right away for that afternoon. Staff is super friendly and obviously loves what they do. The escape room was creative and a lot of fun! Will definitely go back if I’m in Lubbock in the future.

Review №72

Came down with two friends from Amarillo and did two rooms, Hard Times and Murder on Broadway St. We had an amazing time! Both games were a lot of fun and made you think lol. The game flow was really well thought out and is something I enjoy as an escapee. Can’t wait to come back and do Uncle Eddies Bunker! Staff was amazing and made the overall experience that much better!

Review №73

The decorating is amazing. I took their barn door idea home and added it to my home!! The completed sets/games are fun, but doable. Hints given when gamers are stumped... thank you very much!!. Cant wait for jail room to be set up!! Nice people, nice family owned/operated business. We definately will go again.

Review №74

Awesome people there... Me and my family had a blast... Will be returning very soon...

Review №75

What a wonderful experience Lubbock Escapes was!! I cant say enough about the staff. Our group was delayed due to slow running dinner reservations and we were extremely disappointed that we would be unable to make it to our escape. However, management made accommodations for our group, many of whom were here from out of town to attend. We were greeted with a smile and a warm welcome by our host, Justin. He provided a great overview of the escape experience, and fun was had by all. This business went above and beyond to ensure that we were able to participate and enjoy a fun-filled night even though plans went awry. You do not find customer service like this now says. The experience and the staff are five star!!! We will be back!

Review №76

The most fun you can have with friends and family!! If youre looking for an adventure or suspense on a Saturday night come try out an Escape!!

Review №77

My daughters and I had so much fun at Lubbock Escapes. This was my first time to experience and escape room and this one exceeded my expectations. We will definitely be back on our next trip into town.

Review №78

We had so much fun!! Very clean bathrooms and fun rooms. Great customer service.

Review №79

I loved this !!!Had a good time. The employees that work there where very nice and helpful for my first time being there. Me,my girlfriend and her brother tried Murder on the boulevard and it was intense and well played. I WILL BE BACK to try out the jail escape room.

Review №80

First time to experiencing an escape room. I highly recommend the adventure of solving puzzles and working together with family and friends.

Review №81

The people are awesome! What a great experience! We will be back for sure!

Review №82

On a campus visit to Tech my son and I decided to give Lubbock Escapes a try. It was a lot of fun! We tried Hard Time, used our minds and got out on time!!We will definitely be back with the whole family.

Review №83

So fun !! Very nice owners and so much thought into their work I love it !!

Review №84

Our family, including an 8 and 11 year old had a great time. We especially like that you can ask for a clue whenever you want so you are not stuck for long. With little ones, this is especially helpful. We are going to do it again soon.

Review №85

One of the best rooms we’ve been in and some of the most fun we’ve had in an escape room.

Review №86

Went with the fam. Game proctors are awesome and entertaining when they give clues. Felt smart when we solved the final puzzles. Would go again.

Review №87

The staff were awfully nice, very good place

Review №88

Me and my husband had such a good time! The owners were so helpful and happy to be there! We are looking forward to going back and doing the other rooms!

Review №89

My friends and I LOVED Lubbock Escapes! The staff was so nice and friendly! Also the rooms were challenging without being frustrating with lots of surprises! Lubbock Escapes is a MUST while you’re in Lubbock! We will definitely be back!!

Review №90

We were on our way to Colorado and came across this fantastic place! Great atmosphere and the people were very nice! Totally coming back to try another room and I highly recommend this place!

Review №91

Lots of fun for teens and adults! Wonderful atmosphere! They give hints when requested without time penalties. That made it more fun for us and the group of teens we took.

Review №92

Awesome rooms, defintely better than the other ones in town and you get the whole room to yourself. the family that runs this place is super nice as well

Review №93

Awesome place great escape rooms. Definitely check this place out. Very well done.

Review №94

My friends and I did 2 rooms here. We had such a blast. We will definitely be going back to check out more escape rooms from Lubbock Escapes!!

Review №95

The rooms were awesome, very well done. The staff were kind, inviting and helpful. Our group had a wonderful time!

Review №96

Took my daughter and friends to celebrate her birthday and try to ecscape. They had lots of fun and plan on doing it again. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank yall!

Review №97

This place was awesome! One of the best escape rooms I have been to! My girlfriend and I will for sure be back!

Review №98

It was fun made you think.

Review №99

I really enjoyed my time there it was a Christmas gift for me and my brother in law we really had alot of fun we will definitely be back!!!!

Review №100

Has an absolute blast. The staff are awesome. Well planned rooms. The clues arw typed on screen so friendly to the hard of hearing. Will be going back asap.

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