Alternate Reality Escape Rooms
21788 Katy Fwy #300, Katy, TX 77449, United States

Review №1

Really nice place. Played two games and lost both but that was a two person party rather than a group game. Definitely fun and lots of thinking involved. Clues are well placed and hidden. Staff is really nice. Personal peeve is the lack of explanation or things to keep in mind when being introduced to game play. Also some clues are a bit faded so its hard to see. I had a hard time seeing in darker rooms so it would be nice for a pen light or a bit extra lighting. Other than that I highly recommend checking out this location and their rooms. It is really fun and definitely different to some of the others you may have visited.

Review №2

First time doing this. Not know how this works. Had no idea it was going to be this fun. Like a kid again it felt real. Thank you guy for bring thing I see on TV to life.

Review №3

We did the NXT Gen escape room which was rated a 2/3 difficulty. The room was closer to easy rooms that we had done at other locations. And it was fairly obvious that they relied more on the props of the room rather than the actual puzzles to give you the experience. To be honest, when we did the final puzzle and unlocked the door, we were all left feeling like their wasnt enough for it really to be worth the price.Also, we did it with four people, and six which is the limit would have been way too cramped.

Review №4

This place is awesome! Me and my friends had a great time! We will go back for sure.

Review №5

Came here with a 8 party group and did the bunker room. It was so fun!! Very immersive and the rooms where nicely set up. The staff was amazing. We are planning on coming back soon.I would highly recommend this place.

Review №6

Very pricy for the experience we got. We aren’t fast paced people but got out of steampunk in under half an hour. I kept thinking maybe there would be another room and then the game just ended. For almost forty bucks a person, that is NOT worth it. Will update once we try another room.

Review №7

This was my first escape room and I had and a AMAZING experience, definitely a must!

Review №8

This is honestly the best escape room I’ve ever been too. I definitely plan on going back.

Review №9

This escape room was the best one I’ve ever done!!! We had so much fun and will definitely come back to do the other rooms. Highly recommend this if you’re look a fun atmosphere. The employees there Savannah and Daniel were amazing!! They were so nice while we waited and were super friendly!

Review №10

Awesome rooms, done two of the four and had a blast. Will be back

Review №11

This was a great experience! My group loved it. I only wish that the rooms were sound proof. We could hear other groups screaming and heard their clues thinking it was ours. Other than that. It was awesome and we will be back for a different room. The staff was amazingly patient & friendly.

Review №12

Well put together, very nice experience.

Review №13

A group of our friends/family came here for the first time and we tried the Bunker Room. The room was challenging and fun, until a part of the room malfunctioned. Because of the malfunction we weren’t able to escape, even though we accomplished solving the puzzle. Quite disappointing when the whole goal is to try and escape the room. The attendant that was assisting our team made the comment that this particular part of the room “sticks” from time to time and has to be rebooted. We were only offered a 10% refund...which doesn’t amount to much when you spend $250 for a group.

Review №14

Alternate reality is where my obsession with escape rooms came from. Played all but their newest room, Next-gen, and can’t wait to play that one. If you want to have a blast, and feel like you’re really in the scene, Alternate Reality is the place to go.

Review №15

My family visited Alternate Reality Escape Room in Katy on Saturday evening. We had an awesome experience. The room we did was Bunker 57. A totally immersive experience. We saw things here that we havent seen at any other escape room. Staff was great, and the room was clean and cool. Give them a try! You wont be disappointed!!

Review №16

Went with some friends to check this place out. We did the chainsaw murder room. Very immersive environment with challenging puzzles. The environment was very detailed and involved. The room was very challenging, and unfortunately beat us. The staff was nice and very helpful. We even got a small peak into a new room in the works, that we look forward to attempting in the future. Definitely a fun challenge to take on with friends.

Review №17

Great spot. Amazing set up. Great rooms and awesome staff. Ill be back you should take the challenge.

Review №18

First time doing an escape room. Definitely recommend to go here if you havent done it before. If youre experienced doing escape rooms then you will absolutely love it. For the experience and details of their rooms the price is amazing!

Review №19

THE BEST!!! We had so much fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Review №20

People were friendly and helpful but the room we did here is nowhere near as good quality as some other places we have been to. Would be willing to check it out again, but not dying to go back.

Review №21

The rooms here are not bad at all, some of the better ones in the Houston area. However a lot of work still needs to be done. The second room I played had a faulty tv screen that should have been addressed to. Our game Master didnt even bother to let us know it was broken, so we wasted a lot of time on it. However they did give us a full refund, but despite that a lot of love was put into these rooms. As an experienced escape room player (60+ rooms around the US), this place was not bad at all. Just wished my experience was a tad better.

Review №22

Went with my friends and had a great time! The staff was very nice and the room was very cool. It is one of the better escape rooms I’ve been too.

Review №23

We had a blast at AR Escape Rooms last night! We did their brand new NASA room and let me tell you—YALL. The attention to detail is UNREAL!! Super fun and really challenging! Go check them out!!

Review №24

Had fun at this escape room. It was an enjoyable experience.

Review №25

Word of advice don’t let them stick you in a room with strangers!!! I had more fun in the lobby than I did in the room. The least they could of done before taking your money is notify you that your going to be sharing the room with complete strangers that are hogging all the clues and taking over the whole game. I wanted to have fun with my family not stand around and watch other people play. Waste of time and money!!!

Review №26

I am an avid escape room guy and I think Alternate Reality has amazing rooms. Ive done about 12 rooms so far. I have escaped from both Steampunk and NXT-Gen. Both rooms are highly detailed with logical puzzles and good story lines. NXT-Gen is especially detailed and uses a lot of high tech electronic locks and interfaces instead of the standard keyed locks, which makes it a great experience. I would recommend Steampunk for any first timers. I will be trying out their other rooms soon.

Review №27

Hands down, one of the best escape rooms in Houston!! We have done escape rooms all over Houston and kept coming back until we have done all of their rooms. The newest room (Next Gen) is awesome and a good challenge. The owner Scott and his crew work hard at providing a friendly atmosphere. The rooms are very immersive and offer great challenges. steampunk and Bunker 57 were our favorites.

Review №28

Loved it so much!! We went for my sisters bday and had a blast!! We did the steam punk room and barely made it out with 2mins left. But we did it! Our guide Morgan was so awesome and thorough at explaining what to expect to us. The front desk staff was so friendly as well. Highly recommend it. A must try!!

Review №29

We returned and did NXT Gen. Had a great time. Game was challenging and clever. Highly recommend.

Review №30

First time doing an escape room. It was extremely fun. Especially the Hollywood style decorating sets.Our party of 8 played Peace Meal. We lost. Had all the clues but failed to solve the riddle. Room was kind of too dark but still enjoyable. Everybody thought things would jump out at you but yet it didnt. Anxiety was high on a few of the players.

Review №31

We did NXT-GEN today, and we got out. Not our finest performance, but well take the win anyway. Solid room, great decor, well-organized, friendly staff, and a fantastic location right on I-10 with boba next door and multiple yummy food options just a few steps further away. Well be back to try their other rooms. Thanks!

Review №32

WoW! Fully emersed. Went through 3 rooms & a crawl space! Survived...Planning​ a group date night.

Review №33

Very realistic scenarios. Rooms are decorated like a Hollywood film set. Very challenging, but achievable. No matter what size the group is, there are enough puzzles for everyone to be involved. Staff is super friendly and very helpful. I recommend to all my friends.

Review №34

My daughter won a package to the Escape Room through school. The people working were so patient and helpful. The room was very detailed. The kids had such a great time solving (with a lot of help) the puzzles. It was fun for the children and adults. Thank you for supporting our local schools! This is a great place to visit. Will definitely be back to try another room!

Review №35

A fun, interesting place... great for team building.

Review №36

Awesome place and staff, fun time. Clean and ready to play.

Review №37

First time going to an escape room and we had a great time here. Very fun and the staff was great.

Review №38

First time here, first escape room experience. A lot of fun. Staff is friendly and helpful. Place is neat.

Review №39

Enjoyed the experience. For a first timer I was nervous but staff was nice and made the experience enjoyable. We even did another one after.

Review №40

Room was a good time. Staff was nice.

Review №41

So went here with a group of four for a fun evening and was very pleasantly surprised. this was all of our first time doing one so we chose to start with a one star one (good choice for anyone btw) and did the steampunk room. it was a lot of fun and the time went quickly. for those people concerned the staff will give you hints if you need it. I would recommended to all but would not consider it kid friendly for younger kids.the staff was super nice and helpful.

Review №42

Went several weeks ago to celebrate a friends birthday, we decided on Bunker 57 and had a blast. With ONE clue left to figure out we did not make it out but had a blast attempting to lol. The owner was super nice and our helper was AWESOME. I have been to several other escape rooms but this place is my favorite! The owner told us they were designing a new room and we are all super excited to go and try it out once they are done!!

Review №43

Well designed rooms, especially NXT-GEN. Friendly and helpful staff. Third room Ive done here with my kids, and Ill be back again.

Review №44

This was the 1st time my family and myself went to experience an escape room and we loved it! Originally we thought it would be something easy, a few clues that we could solve and wed be out in minutes... Wasnt the case. No one from my group was displeased. This was a great experience and sets the bar high for any other location I visit in the future. Ill definitely be back to experience all the rooms.

Review №45

Awesome experience! We did steampunk room and made it out with 2 and a half minutes left!

Review №46

Great room, very immersive and follows story well. The puzzles were realistic and creative. This was our second room here and we will be back to complete the others!

Review №47

This is by far the best escape room I’ve ever participated in. It was interactive beyond belief, challenging, and exhilarating. In addition, the staff was friendly, and super helpful. We will certainly be coming back!

Review №48

We had a great experience with the personnel and the detail in the room was great. The only reason Im giving 4 of 5 is because one of the clues in the Steampunk was too hard to see/utilize. I love the use of magnets, it makes the puzzle that much more exciting. However, we will be going back, which is saying something...

Review №49

Excellent experience. Top escape room selection.

Review №50

Great experience

Review №51

We had an amazing time. Our office booked this as a team building exercise. Both teams enjoyed their rooms. The room we were in was well thought out. You can tell they put a lot of time and detail into creating these rooms. I️ would definitely recommend them to everyone.

Review №52

I wanted to go out with my old high school friends to somewhere especial. We were googling places, and this one came up, and I have to say that we are lucky it did. They had three different rooms from what you can choose; Bunker 57, Steampunk and Piece of Meal. In their web page you can find a short description of each room and the level of difficulty of them. We chose Bunker 57, which the most difficult one. That was our first time in an escape room, and we did not have time to actually escape the room. So if you are going to go and try to solve a room, I definitely recommend to go to the easiest one first and work your way up to the hardest one. From what a member of the staff told us, the easiest one is steampunk, he told us the clues are more visible and easier to decipher. Even though I didnt have time to escape bunker 57, I really enjoyed the experience. We had to think fast and work to together in order to solve the different puzzles.Every room has a different capacity, in the case of Bunker 57, it can hold up to eight players. I only went with two friends, and I would unquestionably recommend to go with more people, because eight heads think better than three.The staff members were really nice, and they tried to help us solve the puzzles as much as they could. They explained to us the game before we got in, and they made the whole experience feel ten times better.I would definitely recommend this place, if you enjoy solving puzzles and deciphering clues . It is a unique way to spend your weekend and it helps you think outside the box. If you end up going to the place, read carefully the instructions and look for every little detail.

Review №53

I have been to many escape rooms before and this was a big let down. We did the piece meal escape room and the clues were not logical. Symbols inside the room were faded and we couldnt differentiate the colors in the dim light. The trailer video got us excited but the actual escape room was very disappointing.

Review №54

We made the pilgrimage from Galveston Island to give my son a special birthday adventure in the Steampunk themed room. We came as a family with 7 of the 8 possible slots booked for us.While we anticipated my son enjoying the room we were all pleasantly surprised that we all go into the challenge. It really did require every one of us to ultimately escape the room.I think you, too, would find the experience challenging and fun!

Review №55

Great place to go with a group. The feeling of exciting, nerve wrecking, anxious but there very helpful with guidance. Great staff they were very nice.

Review №56

This place is great. The room was great also, very challenging. The owners were so nice and so passionate about their company. I’ll be coming back to check out their other rooms!

Review №57

Had a great time, the hostess was helpful

Review №58

So much fun! The staff is so awesome, the rooms really get you thinking! Can’t wait to come back and try the other rooms

Review №59

My family and I went after getting a gift pass and decided to do Bunker 57. The atmosphere for the room was great and we had a blast. Everyone was very nice. Were looking forward to the new 4th room theyre designing. #DoorDentersFTW

Review №60

Wow! These escape rooms will wow you for sure! Im and enthusiast and owner myself, and cant stop talking about the set design and how immersive these rooms were. Do yourself a favor and check them out! Plus the owner and staff were so great, excellent customer service!

Review №61

Love the rooms and staff! It’s always a great experience every time we go!

Review №62

So much fun and challenging.

Review №63

This was my first experience with an escape room. I had a blast very realistic

Review №64

Very fun definitely doing this again with a bigger group. The staff and owners are amazing and very friendly!

Review №65

Alternate Reality Escape Rooms is hands down the best escape room in the Houston area. The props are one of a kind and the room atmosphere is fully immersive! Nothing with locks and boxes which is unlike most escape rooms. The rooms are challenging but super fun! Love the staff and their professionalism. Cannot wait to go back!

Review №66

Our 14 person group arrived to find locked doors. We gave up waiting for the staff to arrive about 45 minutes after our scheduled arrival time. When they finally responded to our calls, they claimed to be a few minutes away. We waited longer and still no one showed up... so we gave up and left.

Review №67

This was my first time to participate in an Escape Room so I didnt know what to expect. Im happy to say it was a lot of fun! With 2 friends we did Bunker 57. We had 60 minutes to get through 3 rooms, solve various problems & challenging puzzles, open locks, find the antivirus serum and escape. The atmosphere was very realistic - the owners obviously spent a boatload of money to create and decorate the rooms. Unique concept, super activity for teens and adults, and the owners and employees are really nice people! My 16 year old cant wait to go. Happy to report that we escaped with 5 minutes to spare! This would be awesome for birthday parties, team building, GNO, family fun outing, etc.Cant wait to go back and try the other rooms.

Review №68

Great room and really good puzzles. We had a great time.

Review №69

Steampunk room was fun and challenging. Staff were friendly and helpful. Great first time experience :)

Review №70

Staff was great. The room we tried was great too, has good effects and mood to it. Definitely recommend it.

Review №71

Went for the first time today. We did the steampunk room. It was so much fun and the staff was very nice. We will definitely be coming back.

Review №72

My husband and I had a blast at this Escape Room. FYI this Escape room is your traditional Escape Room... when I saw Reality in the name I assumed the room was going to have something to do with virtual reality. But I was wrong. Try it out! You are sure to have a great time

Review №73

By far the best escape room we have done in houston. We have done Houston panic room and crazy cat and it was 10 times better than both of those. The rooms were much more professionally done and better things to solve. Its wasnt a bunch of pad locks. Best one so far.

Review №74

Best one yet!

Review №75

Came here for a corporate event and could not have been more pleased. The setup and detail are amazing and the staff are second to none. Would definitely come back again!

Review №76

Had a great time with a group of friends. The staff was very nice and made the experience fun!! I would definitely do it again!!!

Review №77

Great time. Very interesting experience. Dont wanna give anything away but a great way to stir up the mind and team work skills. Go with friends.

Review №78

First time, very interesting. I would go back

Review №79

We love escape rooms and we always enjoy our experience but the Steampunk room was just OK. There should be more clues to direct you on some type of path or to lead you to other clues and puzzles to solve. This was the easiest room they had yet it was nothing to brag about. Theres not a clock in the room, which is always helpful to see. Here, you had to ask your mentor for the time. He could have used a little more excitement and the same with the yound lady at the front desk. This should be a full experience as soon as you walk in the door from begining to end and this escape room lacked the full experience weve had at other escape rooms.

Review №80

This was so much fun and it was very interactive.

Review №81

Definitely recommend this place! The rooms are very well done and is extremely fun! Been to several escape rooms in Houston and this one has definitely been the best!

Review №82

You truly have to think to get out of this one. It was fun to be the movie instead of yelling at the TV at the hero. Now I know, its not as easy as it looks. Big fun

Review №83

Fun place...Id go back.

Review №84

We were there last night 3-10-2018. There were 7 of us. We chose Bunker 57. The owner said, that was a harder one. I thought we were going to die for This was the first time for 5 of us out of the 7. We did escape. The experience was like no other. We all had a BLAST!! The staff were very nice.

Review №85

It really is a nice experience, it challenges you to do critical thinking . Plan a trip with close friends and youll have a ball

Review №86

Had a great time!! Staff and owner were friendly and helpful. I plan on going back and doing the other room. I highly recommend.

Review №87

Fun and Challenging! Had a great time with family and cant wait to come out again to a different room. The staff are very friendly.

Review №88

Great Family Fun! Definately go again

Review №89

This is a phenomenal place with an great escape room experience for a team building outing! I highly recommend this outing for a fun yet challenging time!

Review №90

Wrong guy again, i parked by one of these but didnt go in, so apparently Maps thought i went in. A flaw in the system. I dont know anything about this place .However, i do know they have good parking spaces!

Review №91

We consider ourselves to be escape room experts! After doing ALMOST 25 of them in the last year we have come to find that there are some that are terrible, some that are just ok, some that are good, and some that are GREAT. These guys fall into the category of great! We can;t wait to go back to do their other room AND want to be one of the first to do their NEW steampunk room!!

Review №92

The room was really challenging and was really fun! Really nice place!

Review №93

We had a great time!! We will definitely go back! It is not easy at all, but a lot of fun!

Review №94

So much fun! Can’t wait to do it again!

Review №95

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Review №96

Opening soon ...going to be awesome.... a friend and his family are opening this themed escape room .... the site will be up soon. And they will be booking soon

Review №97

Great place! Fun! Great Staff!

Review №98

Super fun with a group and we escaped!!

Review №99

Soooo scary but so amazingly fun! The staff was so nice and helpful for my first time there!

Review №100

Had a blast here, room was extremely interesting and fun! We did the Steampunk room, highly recommended.

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