RMC Stadium Cinemas at Jacksonville
2199 S Main St, Jacksonville, IL 62650, United States

Review №1

Very clean and staff was awesome. Seating was very comfortable. Had a great time. Highly recommend!

Review №2

For a little more than a year now I have enjoyed a truly special movie going experience. RMC Stadium Cinemas brought big city movie going to the small town of Jacksonville, Illinois. I know. Ive been to the movies in Los Angeles, San Antonio, Louisville, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Austin, and I regularly see movies in Houston and St. Louis The RMC chain has decided they can do what corporate giants in major metropolitan areas have done.Some time ago they started this process by upgrading their 6 viewing suites, including the addition of large comfortable roomy leather seats and plenty of leg room. Tonight I experienced the next level of their evolution in their new state of the art MEGA SUITE 7. Newly built and absolutely above and beyond what anyone in this small town should expect from a local theater. We are soooooo lucky. Seriously lucky, which is why I am taking the time to write this. HUGE space with a giant screen and awesome leather recliners with so much leg room youll never worry about stepping on toes. I mean it. I never thought I would see a place that had the quality experience their older suites provide, but this new Mega Suite is above and beyond - WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND.The attached photos include a poor attempt to capture the size of the screen and my friends reaction to the discovery that his comfy leather seat was actually a recliner. I was hysterical. Giddy with joy is the only way to describe it and it was a site to behold. We saw FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW (2019) and it was a perfect introduction to RMCS new flagship viewing experience. I would say that I tip my cap to the RMC Stadium Cinemas family, but that is not high enough praise. As soon as you get the chance you should check this place out. They clearly invested a ton in giving the Jacksonville area the best movie going experience possible so you may as well enjoy it. I also suggest if you live in a larger town or city you take a road trip because you will be astounded that this gem is hiding in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Review №3

You can see what you want and I love that

Review №4

Theater # 8 .New seats are great! Screen is good size sound is better than the old rooms down the hall. But you better buy your tickets online early the day you plan on going, or earlier. If you have to choose when you get there it slows everything down, and there are not enough people to keep it moving quickly. And wear a jacket this place is cold!

Review №5

Fantastic seats!Brand new recliners!

Review №6

Same quality as normal despite current situation

Review №7

Just saw a great movie for $1!!! Finally saw Grease on the big screen!!!

Review №8

The best seats!! Always clean & reasonable prices!!!

Review №9

We had a wonderful experience here as always!! The staff was very friendly. The new chairs in this theater are byond AMAZING!!! My top pick of theaters are the ones with the comfortable chairs and this theater has everyone else beat by a million!!!

Review №10

Amazing service and super comfortable seats. Love the free kids combo and the free refills on popcorn and drinks

Review №11

I hadnt been here in years since I moved and was pleasantly surprised by how much its changed! The ticket prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly, and the theatres are clean and really nice with comfy chairs. There was about 5 minutes of previews before the movie, much better than other places with 20 minutes of stuff before the show. I did wish the floor was a little quieter as people went in and out during the movie. It was also a little cold, so maybe bring a blanket or sweatshirt.

Review №12

Nice seating in the mega suites! Lots of room and very comfortable. Cheap options on popcorn and drink also!

Review №13

Took in a movie in their SUITES and it was super nice!!! comfortable lazyboy style chairs with cup holders and good lighting on the staircase and room for someone to walk in front of you and NOT step on your toes.THEN I took in another movie in their MEGA SUITE -- holy guacamole batman -- now THIS is how movies were meant to be seen! not only were the chairs comfy, they were recliners! -- and there was still room for someone to walk in front of you without stepping on your feet! Stair going up both sides meant no one was next to a wall. great lighting too, no tripping hazards here!FREE REFILLS on drinks and popcorn so I was all set for the double movies.

Review №14

This place is great! They have great service, food, and movies! They also recently released a new movie theater with recliners! You dont see movie theaters like this in Jacksonville!

Review №15

Although it’s a little out of the way, this theater is amazing!! Much better than going to AMC in Quincy. I’ve seen 3 movies here over the past month just because I love the seats and the cheap prices! Plus, you never have to worry about someone tall in front of you because of the perfect spacing between seats. 5 stars!!

Review №16

Very niceplace!!! Price was very reasonable and the seats were so comfy. Hard to find at night though as there is no sign out on the road and the theater looks like a church!!!

Review №17

Great theater

Review №18

Good venue, good amenities only issue I had was about halfway through the movie the body heat in the room took over, was very hot and sweaty by the time it was over. For 34 bucks for 2 I would have enjoyed some air..

Review №19

I love going here the seat are so comfortable the staff was so nice and helful

Review №20

Clean, friendly, comfortable and not overly priced.

Review №21

Best movie theater that have ever seen very comfortable seating

Review №22

Great staff. Theater always clean. Very comfortable seats.

Review №23

I recommend buying the yearly popcorn bucket because i can go in there and fill a trash bag with popcorn and they dont carevery cool staff and i know the people in charge

Review №24

Very happy with this place- great matinee show and price. Seating is nice and up to date and good snacks. Positive experience

Review №25

Seats are really comfortable and decent price for tickets

Review №26

Love the new addition to the theater. Awesome seats!

Review №27

Very stale popcorn. Sticky floors. The back rest of the seats had a weird musty smell that actually stuck to our clothes by the time the movie was over. Cheaper and more comfortable to just wait for blu-ray release. Only reason for 2 stars and not for 1 is because the movie was good.

Review №28

Great picture great sound comfortable seating. Pricing is pretty par for the course when it comes to going out to see a movie. Staff is friendly and facilities are clean.

Review №29

Outstanding.... top notch employees, clean theater, great prices!

Review №30

I have came to this theatre ever since I was a kid. I brought my daughters to watch 2 movies in a row on a Sunday and they wouldnt let us in bc we were 12 min late to the 1:30pm show. My mom was already in the theatre sitting and waiting on us. Ive never been told no on a late arrival esp when it was shortly behind the opening credits. They ruined our whole family day and the theatre lost 6 tickets being sold this day :/ very disappointed for my girls.

Review №31

Its a really nice newer building. Friendly staff, the carpet is super cool! Theater seats are the comfiest!

Review №32

Friendly staff. Reasonable prices. Great popcorn!

Review №33

Love the new chairs and u can get food now and unlimited popcorn and soda

Review №34

Great place! Seats were comfortable and people were friendly! Only complaint was it was very cold during the movie :(.

Review №35

Not the fanciest movie theater, but good for Jacksonville. Updated well and good prices early in morning.

Review №36

Big comfy chairs! We saw Avengers End Game on. Tuesday morning and had lunch for $15! Love this theater!

Review №37

The redesign is magnificent. Its one of the best theaters for quite some while, a d a wonderfully comfy place. Its expensive, but its a movie theater, we all know the cost coming in, you dont have to have your soda and popcorn but youre going to end up in a comfy chair with your yummy carbs. Wish they rotated some older offerings in during weekdays in the double screen slots.

Review №38

Best experience I’ve had at a movie seats are comply and theaters are clean

Review №39

Great place, nice service, awesome prices,really clean floors,nice big comfortable seats with cup holders

Review №40

Good seats good popcorn good movies

Review №41

Clean and comfortable. Love the seats! Only complaint is that Ill have to save for 6months in order to go again. Over $30 for an adult, 1 child 2drinks, and bucket of popcorn. This was for a Friday matinee. I cant imagine what night time would cost.

Review №42

This theater has the best seat so comfortable also very affordable

Review №43

Nice theater with comfy seating. Great popcorn. Friendly service

Review №44

Great place to go, just thought it was a little pricy.

Review №45

Fantastic movie theater. If you’re looking or wanting the luxury upgraded seats...look no further! This place has them! They are also cheaper the Springfield theaters. Cheaper and better! Just wonderful!

Review №46

This stadium is always clean and the staff are professional. While I wish they would have better selection at the concession stand, the popcorn is the best that Ive had. Seasoned throughout and not just on top.Update: Whoa! They offer a better selection of snacks and I️ love how spacious the seats are!

Review №47

Nice staff need to have a designated line for prepaid tickets and a seperate line for concessions.service very slow

Review №48

Nice place to see a movie.

Review №49

Better than a theater than one costing 2.5 times as much.

Review №50

Had a blast with my little ladys

Review №51

Clean, comfortable seats, friendly efficient concessions, and the movie volume was perfect.

Review №52

Good prices friendly staff and super comfortable seats!

Review №53

Great tasting popcorn, awesome friendly and helpful staff and a great experience at an affordable price! Movie broke down, but got free passes and used them with no problem the next night. The staff was so friendly and helpful. I will be back soon for a night of entertainment and fun!

Review №54

Took my 2 yr old Grandson to his 1st movie and had a great time! The theater wasnt packed and the seats were super comfortable!

Review №55

This place went above and beyond for me. I paid for a combo for my kids because I didnt realize that kids get a free popcorn and drinks and they not only reimbursed us for the combo I bought but they gave is 6 free tickets for another movie.

Review №56

Great place for the family. But please there are other customers so pleaseeeno loud children

Review №57

A very nice place. Employees was excellent

Review №58

I thought the seats were the best part of this theater. Upgraded, almost like sitting in a nice luxury recliner . 4 stars. Prices are a little high . Would like to return again.

Review №59

Love the new theater build on.

Review №60

Cheaper prices compared to an amc. Reclined seats. Only down fall is that is was a bit chilly.

Review №61

Me and my girlfriend loved captain marvel, and the service was nice too

Review №62

Love this place, its perfect for the all family!

Review №63

Great staff,respectable prices & great atmosphere, much better than the bigger places, less congestion & a very nice place. Will definitely be back & recommend to others,try them, you wont be disappointed.

Review №64

New Mega suite is AWESOME!

Review №65

Great atmosphere. Super comfy chairs.

Review №66

This place is very friendly and I am always happy to return so far.

Review №67

Hadnt gone to this movie theater for about three years, because the popcorn had been so salty I couldnt eat it so we thought wed give it another try& we were pleasantly surprised! The popcorn has improved, seating is very comfortable even for larger adults and there is plenty of legroom! The restrooms were very clean and employees friendly plus much cheaper than Springfield! Also thought the movie screen showed a nice clear picture! We are now regulars!

Review №68

My favorite theater in the central IL area. Comfy seats and tasty popcorn.

Review №69

The theater is what you would expect from a chain theater. This was our first positive experience at this location. It was perfectly adequate, though, with kind employees and comfortable seating.

Review №70

I really liked this place. seats are comfortable! good quality of the screens. friendly service.

Review №71

Nice seats and very comfy

Review №72

Not impressed with the management. Would consider going more if it was as cheap as Illinois theater.

Review №73

I love both theaters in Jacksonville, but since the remodel at this location I now have a favorite! They serve hot food, beer, wine, and the usual fanfare of movie theaters. The seats are comfortable, especially the one that has lazy boy-esk chairs! Makes me forget that Im in a small town place. Love love love it!

Review №74

So clean. Kids that work there are all great and helpful. They have big comfy seating. Its awesome

Review №75

A little on the pricey side, but the food was great, huge buckets of popcorn for what you pay for. More visits in the future.

Review №76

13.50 for two after 4 but the place is newer and has nice screens. They have nice seats and plenty of leg room. They usually remodel every couple of years to stay up to date.

Review №77

Our family enjoyed the movie but the place could have been a little cleaner.

Review №78

Watched Life of the Party! Amazing Movie! The seating is amazing now so comfortable and they serve beer!

Review №79

Its good place. Comfortable seats, big screen and amazing sound effects

Review №80

Good experiences always here, the prices suck, but Im not docking on that alone, since movie prices suck in general in my opinion, great sound quality and picture, and plenty of seating

Review №81

We saw a 5 oclock show on Friday and it lagged 5 times like streaming on bad wifi. When I told the man checking tickets I was told if you had told me during the movie we could have given your money back. Since you didnt there is nothing I can do. Which was good to know but I wasnt asking for money back. Rude little dude!!

Review №82

Great place.

Review №83

Very nice theater. Good assortment of refreshments and lobby has recently been renovated. Nice.

Review №84

Love this theater. Super comfy seats. Love the food selection and available adult beverages.

Review №85

Love the stadium seating and large, cushy seats!

Review №86

The movie was great

Review №87


Review №88

Theyve really stepped up lately. Now chairs in the theatres and not to over priced

Review №89

Theater#7 was great!!

Review №90

Great experience no interruptions during the movie

Review №91

Weekday morning summertime movies are a treat and the RMC theater in Jacksonville is a very comfortable escape. With some of the best seating in the area and smiles from the staff, I always enjoy the movies here.

Review №92

I love the movies

Review №93

This movie theater is awesome most comfy chairs ever

Review №94

They always have fairly few movies to choose from. Although the seta are comfy and everything else is good.

Review №95

Enjoyed the seats and clean theater

Review №96

This movie theater has recently changed serving alcohol now. Not sure about that. The seats are very comfortable and has many current movies playing. Still pricy for a small town movie house.

Review №97

Enjoyed the movie, we went in a Tuesday and it was $5Loved the seats.

Review №98

Comfortable seats! Free refills

Review №99

Great service great movies

Review №100

Been years since the last time we were there. Turned out to be very nice.

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  • Address:2199 S Main St, Jacksonville, IL 62650, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 217-245-1850
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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