Sherman Oaks Manufactured Home Community
1144 Sherman Blvd W, Jackson, MI 49201, United States

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This place gets one star because they lack following through with what they say they’re going to do. Maintenance is great but they don’t really “fix” things, we had a dead mouse in our vent and were told it wasn’t there that we just had mold on the foundation of the house and it would eventually need taken care of. I’ve constantly called almost everyday and never receive a call back, I asked for a copy of my damage report back in April was told it would be on my door on 4/20/20 and never got it have tried calling literally almost every day since and still haven’t received it. They also are to high priced for what you get the water is also VERY HARD, our shower head clogged because of it. On a positive note in the way back it’s so peaceful, the neighbors are awesome and friendly!

Review №2

I was here about a month ago a friend invited my kids to go swimming, well after being in the pool about 5 minutes some guy comes flying up in a red car he gets right out and starts screaming GET OUT OF THE POOL, GET OUT OF THE POOL GET OUT OF THE POOL NOW!, my first thought was it was some drunk Ahole father coming to get his kids, but no it was the parks pool matnace guy who closes the pool at night (the pool times was changed, closing at 5 due to covid) but we didnt no but regardless there is no reason to act that way I mean this man was screaming as if he was in a drunk bar fight, other than that the parks nice but yeah something need done about this guy

Review №3

Picky about who they have there. Lots of open places heard nothing but bad things which is why they probably have so many openings. Dont give a rats about fair housing or helping others. Pretty disappointed

Review №4

For the most part very nice and friendly. Some community members not so nice and like to cause trouble (mainly teens) graffiti houses/ trash in the rd/ flying down the 15mph rds doing 25-60mph!!! very rude and unsafe.parks is normally nice and clean. Pool not always open to residents and clean.

Review №5

Current resident and I will tell you, I rent a 2018 that acts like a 2000. Been here less than 6 months and already my washer has broken down and so has my AC. And of course, they dont rush to fix anything. Cant wait to move out in december.

Review №6

Very nice and clean kept up

Review №7

Lot rent is ridiculous almost $600 a month and roads are bad

Review №8

Stray imbread cats everywhere

Review №9

Just moved here June 1st. We like it so far. Staff in the office is wonderful and helpful. Thanks to Mandy for getting us into something we like. Also good job on bringing the park back up.

Review №10

Management does not work with renters in a friendly way. They are slumlords. Do not choose to live here., or you WILL regret it.

Review №11

Mandie is amazing and was so helpful in getting us into a place we liked and enjoyed quickly. She worked with us and guided us through the entire process, explaining and answering any questions we had. Would recommend working with her to anyone!

Review №12

Nice quiet place. Fun place for kids in a family oriented pool and play place

Review №13

Its kinda run down!

Review №14

I live in this park. They have raised my rent so high I cant hardly afford to live here. They are charging me almost $500.00 a month! I also have to pay my trailer payment of almost $400.00 on top of that plus all of my other monthly bills. Im a senior citizen and retired. I feel they should give all senior citizens a break! They dont take good care of their roads. Theres so many pot holes and they are so deep that it blew my tire and bent my rim. Neither one of them could be repaired! Then the same thing happened to my son! In the winter they hardly clear the roads of snow and they dont lay any salt or sand on them either. I watched a woman right in front of me try to stop and it was so slippery that she slid right out into the main road and was hit by an oncoming car.

Review №15

Im not a resident here but just from visiting a friend often who does live here; the experience is not very good. The maintenance people take forever to fix things in the trailer that go wrong. The managers NEVER answer the phone and are rude. I had a friend rent the community room and had paid a $100 deposit and when it came time to open the community room for the day she paid for the doors were locked and NOBODY answered the phones and the maintenance men refused to open the doors without the managers permission. Besides that whole mess, the yards are small the trailers are okay and there are a ton of cats everywhere. Would not recommend.

Review №16

Great move they have welcomed me and my family great home they have put a lot of money back into the park great service and they are really there to help it takes time to bring a park back that was ran into the ground, great work Bayshore homes and rhp properties. Lee and Sonja Coffey

Review №17

We moved in, in june 2019. Ive read some bad reviews on them being not so attentive on maintenance matters. Ive had to call in 3 times for various things and each time they immediately took action to fix the problem. Office staff is very nice and helpful. Water does suck being well water but thats nothing clr and regular cleaning cant control. I use a 5 gallom water jug/dispenser for my drinking water. Sherman oaks earns 5 stars from me because of their quick actions on the maintenance issues....bravo!

Review №18

I absolutely love it here. Mandy (she works in the office) is amazing. Very friendly. Love my house.

Review №19

Lousy place dont care about tenants the wont fix diddly-squat

Review №20

Clean park.. fir the most part.

Review №21

Live there glad to have moved on. All they are worry about is lot rent. Lived next to a hoarder with fleas and and too many cats to count. Wasnt able to open windows to enjoy a fresh breeze. Another neighbor got into a fight with girlfriend and the msp had to come out more then I can count until they final took him into custody

Review №22

Attempted to work with them in the home buying process, and they are the worst people I have ever worked with! Glad I never signed no paperwork!!

Review №23

I love it here and I have a good neighbor (thank gosh) . Mandie is awesome and she gets things done fast. Very friendly

Review №24

Alot of bad pupils there

Review №25

This is a pretty laid back community, it can be a bit difficult to get hold of someone in the office so call ahead and make an appointment. Nice place and decent sized lots.

Review №26

They discriminate they denied my application refuse to tell me why

Review №27

Driven through here to look at, or pickup, items found on online marketplace. As others say, the roads are rough but they are well marked with signs. There doesnt appear to be enough visitor parking spaces out front by the mailboxes.

Review №28

This place is a dump. It is very filthy

Review №29

Nice mobile park. Beautiful location.

Review №30

Very nice place. Place where you would feel secure allowing your family be outside and know that they are safe from harm.

Review №31

No words

Review №32

Biased on who they enforce park rules.

Review №33

They are rip off! They Jack your rent up every year or u have to move

Review №34

It was alright

Review №35

Looks as if it is under new management.

Review №36

Clean mobile home park. Easy to find. Nice country setting

Review №37

Nice park

Review №38

Its a trailer park,what do I say,not my style

Review №39

As even photo shows they dont take care of place asphalt roads in bad shape weeds on vacant lots cant believe residents yards kept nicer then management keeps vacant lots pool gets shut down for months in summer and no discount in rent why live where a management only wants your money

Review №40

Beautiful trailer park.

Review №41

Nice big mobile home park and very clean

Review №42

The new company that has bought sherman oaks does not care for its residents who live here. They do not snow plow the streets, the water is brown, and they make it hard on the disabled and senior citizens to be able to get their mail or even go into the office. Youbate unable to complain to anyone but the new community manager, who does not care about our community. I wish Sun homes still owned our park and not rhp

Review №43

Flipped apartment could be better

Review №44

This place has had no pool in two years they havent cared about the kids only getting that money wow

Review №45

No swimming pool all summer. Don’t move here.

Review №46

Very friendly staff. Very willing to find you an affordable home to meet your needs.

Review №47

Run down seem somwhat okay place to live

Review №48

Pretty quiet neighborhood. But very messed up roads and not many spots for parking

Review №49

Poor management

Review №50

Rude manager. Roads are terrible. Keep raising lot rent and nothing is fixed

Review №51

Good place to live

Review №52

Place looks ok, streets are a mess with potholes.

Review №53

Horrible place to live. Management sucks. Cant live a normal life with out them standing by your side to see what they can write you up for violation. They also pick and choose who they wanna violate.

Review №54

I will visit but never live here

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Review №56

They suck there going down hill and lot rent is high

Review №57

Wouldnt live there myself but gave family that has and its not too bad

Review №58

We went to visit out in-laws!

Review №59

There are better places

Review №60

Terrible place to live managers come and go all the time half of the are scandalous and embezzle your rent

Review №61

Nice places. Expensive though

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Management is horrible

Review №66

Wouldnt want to live there

Review №67

Seems ok but staff is more worried about money than the occupants

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Its OK just has one store to go to everything else is in town.

Review №70

So disappointed, no pool all summer long,have to boil water at lest ever month,Cant grow any veges in pots.

Review №71

The management is difficult to work with, the roads are always in poor condition and it seems like there is always a boil water notice.

Review №72

Its not well kept up and its to expensive from the looks of the trailer park.

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Wish they would open the pool and keep the unused lots mowed.

Review №76

Its in a nice area

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