Atlas Cinemas at Shaker Square
13116 Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH 44120, United States

Review №1

Its a nice quiet place family-oriented and reasonable prices

Review №2

I had a pleasant experience during my first visit. I watched Black Panther on a Monday and they have this great deal called Bargain Mondays that offers tickets at just $5. I got the best seats since there were hardly anyone for the show. Their service was good when I got my ticket at the ticket counter and some snacks at the food counter. I also got Avengers: Infinity War tickets from this place. Ill be back for another experience very soon.

Review №3

Used to be part of the Cleveland Cinemas chain until Atlas took over. The Atlas Great Lakes location is nice so hopefully this one is too. In historic Shaker Square!!!

Review №4

Had a fantastic time! the staff was awesome it was nice for family outing During this Covid-19

Review №5

Great Cleveland owned theatre. It is a really cool old building with the best art deco interior I have ever seen. They have beer. I like supporting this theatre. See the Cedar Lee theatre in Cleveland Heights if you are interested in indie films.

Review №6

Returning to the theater, during COVID was a awesome experience. And the choice of movie added to the experience

Review №7

As always this theater is one of the best! The atmosphere is exciting and classic. The snacks and service have always been wonderful! I really recommend seeing a movie here. The location makes it a perfect place to eat before or after your film.

Review №8

Imani Khirys movie State of Mind premiered here and it was so nice!! It was a great movie and Im happy this theatre allowed the producer to show it there in spite of all going on!! Thank you I loved it!!

Review №9

The movie theater was clean. The staff was nice.

Review №10

The staff was very nice & helpful. The facility is clean. There are a lot of stairs though, for those who have mobility issues. Other than that, nice place & prices are reasonable.

Review №11

Wonderful secret in shaker square. The movie was dorky. Theater extremely clean. There was no one there, wish the attendant could exude joy. Customer service not in so much in Cleveland. Just my thought

Review №12

Love this theater, it may not have the most comfortable seats but if you are looking for a theater that feels unique and a little bit old fashioned this is one of the best in town. Parking can be a little tricky around Shaker Square, but its worth the trip

Review №13

Im not a stickler when it comes to movie theaters. I just want decent seating, good sound, and good popcorn. Atlas has all 3. Prices are decent as well.

Review №14

Very nice

Review №15

Theater could use some renovation but I still enjoy going to see movies here. Plus, the host the annual Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival every Sept.

Review №16

The seatings are cloth seats and needs to have leather covering on the seats.

Review №17

Watched Avengers Endgame in the theater and was mildly impressed with how they handled the overflow of customers. The theater itself was extremely warm and very quiet compared to what other theaters deliver. I do not recommend going to this theater for large releases.

Review №18

Unlike other theaters this one is fast and helpful and kind hard working and quiet it is peaceful place and the move situation is awsome my experience there was beautiful

Review №19

I can remember going to see all the twilight movie matinees by myself because no one else likes the twilight movies in my circle of friends and family but me.

Review №20

Ive lived near this theater almost 1y months and finally saw a film. The staff were professional and courteous. The facility was clean and I enjoyed the film. I will be back.

Review №21

Its okay. But bathrooms need a serious remodel. Carpeting is dingy and stained in general lobby area/stairs. Needs new carpeting. See the water damage on ceiling (could be mold present) and walls in womens bathroom. Two stalls were out of order when I visited. Otherwise, seating in actual theatre was clean and comfortable.

Review №22

Recliners are a good sales scheme. Get real comfy and fall asleep on that good movie so you can come back and try again. I loved it!!!!

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Review №24

The staff is awesome and the place as a whole is a gem hidden in the rough.

Review №25

This place has gone down in quality since Cleveland Cinemas stopped running it. When CLE Cinemas was behind it, every time I was there everything ran like a well oiled machine. I’ve been there several times since it’s changed hands and the differences are obvious. It takes several minutes before the people behind the counter (last night it was as many as three) even acknowledge you. On two separate occasions I was given the wrong ticket. On my most recent visit, I asked for one ticket and a medium drink. I was almost charged for 2 tickets and a large popcorn. Also, the bathrooms are in terrible condition. Most stalls in the women’s bathroom didn’t have toilet paper. Hopefully Atlas Cinemas can get it together soon.

Review №26

Go on cheap nights and spend the money you saved on tickets for food. Show them some love for keeping it budget friendly.

Review №27

I really enjoyed myself at the theater.

Review №28

Shaker Square Cleveland nice movie house snacks popcorn a little pricey still love the place service fast

Review №29

I frequent this theatre with my son because we live in the shaker square area, It’s family oriented but could use some updating, the bathrooms are atrocious, it’s very dark & dank, there should be a better variety of snacks, the theatre’s are also very cold, the movie projectors seem to be low quality. I would love to see some talc on this theatre because it is a nice atmosphere to hang with family & friends.

Review №30

We had a nice extra at this theater

Review №31

We liked the theater... The popcorn was ok... There was plenty of parking behind the theater. It is an old building... Classic... Not crowded... When we got inside to see our movie, I was surprised to see there were just a few rows and plenty of seating... Nothing fancy... The bathrooms could use updating

Review №32

Clean and quiet

Review №33

Its close to home and great restaurants.

Review №34

The kids always enjoy the movie and I always get to see a free movie I buy the family size combo and have enough stamps on my card to get a free movie

Review №35

Can we find out why they were closed so long. It definitely wasnt to upgrade the seats in theater#4.

Review №36

We saw a documentary here. It was very good

Review №37

Love the architecture here! Genuine experience. Theaters are all updated and super comfy!

Review №38

Been coming to this theatre since the 70s...Great place to catch a movie!!!. Love the service I get at the concession stand!

Review №39

I had a great time. The staff was very polite and respectful. The popcorn and beverages were delightful. Thanks once again .

Review №40

Staff didnt seam to wanna be working and dude care to help you a large group of people came in half hour into movie and didnt stop talking and cussing the whole time in a childs movie also wouldnt recommend going here if u like to enjoy movies

Review №41

Bad experience. The card machine at the concession stand malfunctioned. My account stated the transaction was processed but they insisted it didn’t. Called Fifth third bank who also confirmed the transaction was complete. You would think after they prepared the concessions and handed them to me they would at least give me something to watch the movie with...Nope! Not even a ziplock bag of popcorn for the inconvenience that wasn’t my fault. Will not return to this theatre, the manager at the time Kevin was a smart a$$ and was absolutely no help either. Now I have to dispute a charge with the bank.

Review №42

Didnt have a great time. Came with my husband an our 6 children but our 9 month old was not permitted into the theater therefore it was not a family movie night

Review №43

Fun experience! Also very clean.

Review №44

This is a charming little movie theater with great ticket prices. Aside from opening weekend for the really big releases, most showings are usually pretty empty, as well.

Review №45

Its cool,needs to be remodeled,$5 Monday

Review №46

Clean, and matinees is great . Free parking if I park in back

Review №47

Enjoyed a pleasant movie experience. Went to see Widows Saturday afternoon. Theater had comforty seats, respectful people and tasty popcorn.

Review №48

My first time going to shake square real nice movie theater

Review №49

The seats, popcorn fresh, Good customer servie

Review №50

Very comfortable seats and many seats available so everyone isnt congested. $5 Mondays are understandably packed for every movie. Great experience.

Review №51

Very disrespectful workers, no good snacks, but the movie was great !

Review №52

I extremely recommend this theater to absolutely anyone. The atmosphere is so elegant, homey, friendly,and downright exquisite. The service is excellent. Very Clean.Great theater.

Review №53

Shaker Square Cinema. The price is right, $5 on Mondays. And on Tuesday if you have a Marquee Rewards card. $5 wow! so far I have received free popcorn, drinks, and a free movie pass. This was my new years ritual to go to the movie every week. Ive been to 31 movie Shaker Square Cinema from August 2017 to April 2018. All you great employees keep up the good job.

Review №54

Not crowded at all to see The Predator, but it was so expensive for two seniors with popcorn, nacos and drink. I know its been years going to the movies but it was different and enjoyable. Overall it was a great night.

Review №55

Absolutely charming, beautiful art deco design, great staff, excellent sound and screen, comfy seating and good popcorn!

Review №56

Very nice theater tucked away in the comfort of Shaker Square right next to Daves grocery store parking hard find I parked in the back parking lot and walked around didnt know for sure if the parking lot belong to the theater or not

Review №57

I love the remodel I love the size of the concession stand they are like extra large is worth the price nobody knows its really open right now because they remodeled so its never crowded

Review №58

I love this place most of the time there arent a lot of people so it has a very quiet atmosphere. It is an older theater though so the last time I was there a very mild storm caused some power flickers but they did give me a free movie ticket as compensation.

Review №59

Power outage in the middle of the movie. Matt manager rude and condescending, minimized the significance. Told us we should be glad its back on. Will NEVER go back again. Dont waist your money.

Review №60

Great little theatre in a cool town square.

Review №61

I like this theater because theres always room theres no hassle you can get in and get out -popcorn is $8. dollars a bag the movies always start on time and theres usually no problems- parking is free in the back.

Review №62

Admittedly, anyone would typically not feel very good about working New Years Day 2019, but the staff did nothing to accommodate my party, already running late for a 1:15pm showing. Ill also admit that there was no ticket seller on duty per se, relegating the task of selling tickets instead to two harried concession stand operators. However, nothing about my experience today contributed to my eagerness to return. The lobby looked sad and warn, as did the staff.

Review №63

Super friendly staff, fresh popcorn, and it is clean. It feels like an historic building. I wish the seats reclined and parking was easier, but those are minor details. This theater is still one of my favorites on the east side of Cleveland.

Review №64

Nice quiet place to catch a movie at night. Plenty of parents bring their kids here, safe place, usually during the midday hours. Bring your wallet however, the popcorn Med. Size is a whopping $7+ dollars. Nice clean cinemas, nice comfortable seats. Food stand could benefit from more options.

Review №65

They need better seats

Review №66

Havent had an issue with seeing movies here yet. The inside of the theater is so cool since it was an old theater for plays/shows before being converted to a movie theater. Great piece of local history.

Review №67

I really enjoyed this place. We had nice seats . The service was very easy going and after the movie was over. We needed to wait on our transportation the security was very kind to give us shelter !

Review №68

I walked in to the theater to attain a synopsis of a particular movie. There was no one at the ticket counter, so I headed toward the concessions stand. Before I could reach the concession stand, security acosted me, demanding to examine my purse. When I advised security that I had not purchased a ticket, he still demanded to examine my purse. I asked to speak to the MOD, who was rude & supportive of his security staff. I will not patronize a business that treats me like a criminal.

Review №69

Really Good Experience and Very Friendly. I love their service!!

Review №70

Great local theatre with a cozy atmosphere. Staff are always friendly. Location is clean and seats are comfortable. Would recommend!

Review №71

They didnt turn off the lights until about 10 minutes into the movie. We asked for a student discount and they made us pay full price anyway.

Review №72

It is a small theater with the same snacks at every bin. For ppl who eat very healthy there are NO I repeat NO healthy snacks. I no longer eat the popcorn at movie theaters cause I never know if it is freshly popped or not. The prices are expensive, but the staff seems nice. I would go back, but I would look for other theaters that are bigger with more food to offer first. So all in all this theater would probably not be my first pick.

Review №73

Love this place! Selection is usually pretty limited and there are only a few screenings per film a day, but I often come in for matinees and on weekday nights for a quiet night at the movies. Bargain $5 Mondays! And Tuesdays, if you have the Marquee Pass! I go here just about every week when I can.

Review №74

Excellent movie theater

Review №75

They have kept the old theater charm with all the high tech upgrades you would expect from a contemporary theater. Beer and wine options available. Loyalty card usage gets you free snacks and tickets several times a year. We love this place

Review №76

The place is good but it doesnt have a veriety of movies that it should have but its a dollar cheaper then. Towerr city

Review №77

Enjoyed watching movie with my brother in historic theater!!!

Review №78

Went on a Saturday night and there was no crowd so no line! The theatre we were in only had 3 other parties plus us. It felt real cozy and homey. They have a student discount so that is always nice. Because there want a lot of traffic the staff clearly looked bored and they were not welcoming thats why they get 4stars from me.

Review №79

Theater is comfortable, cozy. Staff is friendly and helpful. Plenty of free parking.

Review №80

I just dont care for the seating

Review №81

It was to see that they did not take the charm of the cinema away. And the seasoned crew remained I really enjoed myself.

Review №82

I have been going to this movie theater since I was a child. I love the historic value of the building. Its almost like going back in time, but with all the amenities of modern technology. The architecture on the inside is great. The environment is family friendly, and good place for first dates. I hope this theater never dies.

Review №83

Great Service Good Ticket Prices

Review №84

Happy to have a Movie Theatre so close to home. Would love to see the community and elected officials start a Save Shaker Square Cinema campaign to restore and maintain this historic landmark for future generations to use.It has very glamorous bone structure. May be HGTV would could take it on?

Review №85

Its Shaker square, not sure what else to say about it. Growing up wed always go to Yours Truly once a month. Its a staple in the community. A lot has changed since I moved, but its always a treat to go back and experience the newer restaurants theyve put in.

Review №86

Not updated yet, only the name changed!!!

Review №87

Old School building new movies good people. And many different ethnic back rounds in the area. If you are looking for the big box theater with all the bells and whistles go some place else.

Review №88

This was a Top 3 worst Movie experience, Ive had and there are not that many I have had. A false fire alarm was pulled by children in the middle of previews. I left after that incident because if a Child can tamper with public safety so easily, there needs to be MAJOR CHANGES done to protect the safety of future customer Immediately. Recieved my refund and was on my way.

Review №89

Very clean comfortable seats

Review №90

Nice and Quiet atmosphere, with clean surrounding!

Review №91

Pretty good cinema they have good movies and the prices are reasonable not expensive good little community theatre

Review №92

Its a small theater that feels cozy. The prices for movies and refreshments are as outrageous as anywhere else. But, sometimes, you feel like youre sticking it to the Man by coming here instead. The number of movies being shown at one time is small. So, be sure to look at what movies are showing before showing up.

Review №93

Great place to watch a movie. One of few remaining classic movie houses converted into a multiplex. However, the lobby and lower level deserve an upgrade that stays true original decor.

Review №94

This art house theatre doesnt have all the modern conveniences you are likely used to, but they show done independent films that you wont see in the big theatres. Id go to capitol, personally, despite it being on the other side of town. Cedar-Lee is another option that is on the east side and has everything this does and more.

Review №95

Pretty nice place

Review №96

I have lived in the Larchmere area since 1985. Before that I moved to the Buckeye area in 1978. The crown jewel for me has always been the movie theater at Shaker Square.I go there once or twice every week. The employees are the best. They know you and are very friendly. Great customer service.

Review №97

Seating could be more comfortable. Apart from that everything is perfect.

Review №98

The place is nasty dirty. The health department should take a look at place. Even smelled very foul. We left without refund.. It should be closed. Thats how bad it is.

Review №99

Its a good theater especially close around the area also when you get out of the theater you have or before you go to the theater you have plenty restaurants in to go to real nice

Review №100

This was a great place to see a movie. The matinee wasnt too crowded, and we could order drinks. Good service. They were a bit pricey but hey... its the movies.

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  • Address:13116 Shaker Square, Cleveland, OH 44120, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 216-331-6825
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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