Splitting Timber Axe Throwing Tucson
6401 Marana Center Blvd Suite 125A, Tucson, AZ 85742, United States

Review №1

Oh wow what a place and what a great time we had here. From the moment we walked in we felt as if we were all in a very different time. Our axpert chipmunk was the best, he guided us and taught us how to throw an ax and have a great time doing it. I would highly recommend this place as a must do in the Tucson area. We will surely be going back on a much more regular basis plus found out that they have leagues here as well so might have to do that, try them out you guys wont regret it

Review №2

This place is awesome! The staff is super nice and does a great job teaching you how to throw a axe. The owner is a super nice lady and always has a smile on her face. I cant wait till I go again.

Review №3

Took no time at all to throw bulls eyes and Blue balls with a lil direction from Chipmunk. (That is a short joke by the way!) Great Time ask for the Chipster!!!

Review №4

Had a great time! Chipmunk was a great instructor and did a great job. I had never done this before and would definitely do it again. Definitely something new to try!

Review №5

Had a blast ! It is such a weird experience to throw an axe . Fun environment and the expert Axe guides make the experience Axe-xelent!The only reason I am Not giving it 5 stars is because I wish they wouldnt add strangers to play with our already big group. If Im taking 7 people I dont need random strangers in our event. Its already big enough .

Review №6

I went for my 23rd birthday and we had an absolute BLAST. SUCH a good time. Out of my party of 6 everyone got a bullseye but me . The staff were really helpful, funny, and helped make our experience as great as it was. I would love to go back.

Review №7

This is my new favorite activity, have now been here twice and both times Ragnarok was the instructor, he is awesome and really makes it entertaining. Definitely plan on throwing axes here a lot more.

Review №8

Went for my husband’s 35th birthday and it was one of my favorite birthday outings. We will definitely go back for more date nights and make sure we ask for Chipmunk because he was such a fun axepert.

Review №9

We had so much fun! Makes for an excellent date night.

Review №10

An amazing night! Chipmunk was amazing. As a mom looking todo something with a preteen boy! They made this a memorable night for us!

Review №11

Ragnarok was amazing!! This was our first time here and He was so helpful and patient with us!

Review №12

Splitting Timber Tucson is GREAT! We took our 14 year old twins today as a little family birthday celebration for them.... we had a fantastic time! Our ax-pert was helpful & made us all feel very comfortable. The atmosphere & decor is super cool as well. The waiting area was clean & comfortable & it was super fun that they had board games like Jenga, Battleship & tic-tac-toe to play. Oh & a pool table! Can’t wait to go again!

Review №13

Always an amazing experience here! The staff are hilarious and keep things funny and light hearted they are experienced and very helpful to people whove never thrown an ax before! Great games and lots of different axes to throw with!

Review №14

First time doing this,shop staff and instructor were great. So much fun played against a father and daughter everyone there were super cool. Totally great for the whole family i will be going this week with my wife and son. Great time.

Review №15

RAGNOROK is a very good excellent instructor lots of fun all around 10/5 would penetrate again

Review №16

Ragnarok is an amazing instructor and an even better man! Thank you for a great experience!

Review №17

Great time, will be going back for sure. Thanks to our axepert Chipmink

Review №18

Youll have fun, more fun when you get the axes to stick. Its easy though. Go try it out!

Review №19

Eric had a plethora of knowledge of throwing techniques, different axes, and took great care of us last night. He led the pace and made sure we were safe and had a blast with him. Will definitely recommend to friends and family, thanks Eric, and thanks splitting timber!

Review №20

Great place for family fun! We had a great time and would highly recommend! It was our first trip, but well definitely be back!!

Review №21

First time throwing axes and it was great. Ragnarok crushed it as our instructor!!

Review №22

We had a great time, good family fun! Up until the instructor insulted us by saying our tip was not good enough. He wasn’t satisfied until I gave him more. Rude!!

Review №23

I wasnt sure what to expect when my wife said she wanted to throw axes for our Valentines Day date! I am happy to say that we had a great time at Splitting Timber. Our Axe-pert Axe Solo showed us how to throw the different types of axes and we eventually got pretty good at it! We played some different games, had a fun scoring competition, and even managed to hit the bullseye a few times! This was way more fun than I thought it was going to be! I would definitely go back- this place is great for a fun and unusual date, a fun group night out or a unique team-building get-together.

Review №24

I had a wonderful time I love this place so much i want to keep going

Review №25

We threw axes. Nuff said.

Review №26

Last minute guys night and enjoyed every minute of it. Our axe master had a mustache any man would be jealous of and the Axe Puns are nearly endless while we played lets just say it made my first time at Splitting Timbers memorable for sure (in a good way). Highly recommended and we will be going back again soon.

Review №27

Great place to relax, really fun and the hosts are very entertaining

Review №28

This is great fun! Everyone in the family wants to come back and throw again. This would be great for date night too! Bring food and drinks with you. Kids have to be at least 14. Our teen loved it!

Review №29

Splitting Timbers is one of the most fun events you can do in Tucson! Amazing location that brings some entertainment to Northwest Tucson/Marana. The employees are incredible lending their axe-pertise and keep the event funny, punny and light hearted. Teams go through challenges, earn stickers for hitting special shots, and get to throw some pretty big axes Overall, you cant beat the price, the atmosphere, or the camaraderie.Giveem a try and your sure to visit again!

Review №30

Fun experience. Go with friends or family. Patrick was a great Axepert and coach!

Review №31

It was a super cool experience! I went for a Girls Night and I am looking forward to doing a couple night with my husband and some friends. The only thing I wish they had as an option would be beverage and food available in some way??? The staff was friendly a d I like that they have games available to play while waiting.

Review №32

The place is great, the staff is awesome. BUT... it would have been nice to know we had to share to stations with a group of strangers which made it very awkward. We came in with the concept of thinking we’d have our own station with our group of friends especially for the price.. please read this as feedback and let people know it’s a group with strangers or make it an option to pick.

Review №33

This was so fun! We had Axepert was Ragnarok was super funny, and showed us some great tricks. 100% would go again!

Review №34

Patrick was our axe leader. He was awesome! One of the best leaders we’ve had. He was very explanatory and patient and entertaining. It was a great time! My parent tagged along this time for their first time and they had a lot of fun. Love this place and it’s staff.

Review №35

Awesome time and our axe-pert Big Bun was the best!!

Review №36

It was lots of fun! Great for just a night out with a friend/significant other or as a group. Lots of game options or just throw for fun!

Review №37

Amazing experience! The Axe-perts are friendly, well organized, ensure safety, and extremely funny as well. Youll laugh your axe off!

Review №38

We had a great time at Splitting Timber Tucson. Great clean place and our Axepert Big Josh made it that much better. He was very knowledgeable and a great instructor. Besides being funny as sh**..He mad our experience that much better. I highly recommend Splitting Timber Tucson!!

Review №39

Our Axepert Ragnorok was an awesome host. He showed us all the ropes of axe throwing. It was educational and very fun. I will be coming back with friends ans family

Review №40

This place is such a blast! Who knew throwing a variety of axes at wooden targets could be so much fun. Josh (Captain Axe Sparrow) explained everything very well and taught us different techniques for throwing different kinds of axes. Very professional, but in a fun, light-hearted way. Great way to spend a couple of hours. Ill definitely be back.

Review №41

Really Fun Experience! Had a great time time with Josh as our Axepert! Looking forward to going back soon.

Review №42

We had Redwolf as our Axepert and it was fantastic!! We went on a Tuesday evening and we basically had the place to ourselves. Definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Review №43

Had an awesome experience! Our axe throwing leader, Ragnarok, was awesome and led us and a group of people we didnt know through a great hour and a half!

Review №44

Had a great time with Ragnarok yesterday. He was great training the teams and we all had a fun time.

Review №45

Ragnarock is an awesome teacher! He made the experience fun and funny. Can’t wait to go back.

Review №46

Great time!! Shaved wood was a great host. We learned trick shots, played different games overall a fun time.

Review №47

Over priced for the time you get throwing axes. You will be paired up with another group, if they are late and slow this will have a major impact on the amount of axes thrown. The “axepert” we had did nothing to move the other group along or make things right for us waiting for them since they were late. We waited nearly 30 mins to get started due to thisAxe throwing is fun, but find another place

Review №48

Splitting Timbers more than axeceeded my axepectations! The guys and gals that work here are incredibly sharp, and the place itself is so cutting edge— The reason for this, upon going, is obvious— The ladies that own the place have made it an inclusive spot for absolutely everyone and do such a lovely job that it feels like one big family reunion, even if you’re total stranger. Do yourself a favor, and go cut You won’t regret it! Axe for Patrick!!!

Review №49

Great place to get some good axe play. Talk about a wood spitting good time. I want go back and make some deep grooves just thinking about it.

Review №50

Our Axe Guide/instructor, Ragnar, was awesome, full of energy and very helpful. A lot of fun for the family. Thank you!

Review №51

This place has great potential for fun, beautiful facility and concept, however our experience was not exactly fun. Our axe expert had his wife and her friends in our group and was more attentive to their conversations, then making us feel welcome. I wish I could give it more stars, however we felt for $50 we could have done something just the two of us for date night and had a better time.

Review №52

Had a great time! The facility was clean and they allow outside food and drink (except alcohol). The axepert was helpful and kept the humor at a PG level (they ask what your tolerance level is for the jokes and puns before hand). A great experience for a team building activity... Lots of fun for all! (Note that minimum age is 10)

Review №53

Had a great time here! At first walking into the outlet mall and seeing an axe throwing range was a little strange, but axeter we finished I ended up having a great time, it was very axeciting! Josh was our guide and was very knowledgeable and was axeuctally pretty funny (Hes also gotten me on axe puns for the day). Seemed like a fun place to hang out for an hour or so. Its a very modern and open space, and had lots of ranges to accommodate many large groups when needed. Ill definitely be swinging by again if time allows!

Review №54

Josh was an amazing Axepert. He was entertaining and kept the energy level high. This is still the best place to throw axes in Tucson. They blow everybody else out of the water.

Review №55

Our “Axepert” Patrick aka Ragnarok was awesome. This was our first time going there and we had such a blast. I would definitely recommend this place for anybody looking to have a good time and we are already making plans to go back for another experience so I can defend my LUMBER LORD title .

Review №56

Captain Axe Sparrow is a great coach, funny, and a master of axe puns. Great experience. Will definitely be back.

Review №57

My wife surprised me, and we celebrated my birthday here; we had a blast! It was so much fun! The staff were great, friendly and patient. We were all novices and our axe-pert, Chloe, helped us with great individual tips, so we were throwing like champs in no time! I highly recommend this place, and we will definitely be back.

Review №58

Full of fun, skill, luck, and excitement.Our group had a blast just attempting to get those hatchets/axes to stick, but with the help of our friendly and engaging host (Josh) we were able to improve our skill and our fun!Not only that did he help us learn techniques but also different axe throws mix it up a bit!I would definitely come back for more!

Review №59

Our axepert was Eric and he was awesome! This place is so much fun. It’s helpful having an employee with you to give you tips and instructions. He made it so much more enjoyable. We’ve been to other axe throwing businesses and this one was by far the best. Highly recommend this place for any event or just for fun with friends and family!

Review №60

Went for the first time last night with my boyfriend, his friend and his friends daughter and we all had a fantastic time! I was pretty sure I was in for an evening of my boyfriend excelling at another thing, while I politely obliged to play along. But with the help of our axe-pert, Chloe, I was able to stick more than a few and really got into it. It was great for our party of four but there was a larger party next to us, of a wide age range, who were also having a fantastic time. I could also see it as a fun two person activity (date night??). The cherry on top: its affordable. I definitely recommend checking out Splitting Timber!

Review №61

Great place to go and have some fun and release any tension or stress! Its fun when you go with a group of people and it can get competitive. Axe Factor was super nice and informative! She made the experience fun and easy. Definitely stopping by again

Review №62

Awesome fun! Patrick “Ragnarok” was the best host and full of jokes! Definitely a must do, we will be back for sure!

Review №63

My group of 3 and I had an awesome time, it was cool to have bit of competitive fun with friends. Our Axe-pert Major Woody was very fun, informative/helpful and made the whole experience both funny and safe

Review №64

Such a lovely experience with our Axepert Stumpy on my work trip - he was a great instructor and made our experience really fun. Beware: this establishment fully embraces axe- and lumber- related puns, so everybody has to come up with a punny name and team name.Its hard at first but youll get the hang of it. Id definitely come back!

Review №65

We called to make a reservation and were told we didn’t need one. We drove and hour and were told they had no more room when we arrived. We walked up and only half the lanes were full. The guy said sorry, come back another time. No thanks.Per your response: Yes, we have the right facility, Tucson or Marana more specifically. Yes, we had questions on why if only four lanes were taken and according to your employee, Saturday nights are your busiest however you only had enough staff for 4 lanes out of 26. We called around 3 and were told if we came in anytime after 6 we would have no issues. Just because we didn’t walk out kicking and screaming doesn’t mean we weren’t upset. If I’m going to drive across town I’ll spend my money at well run business like TopGolf.

Review №66

We celebrated a co-worker going back to school with a fantastic evening of Axe Throwing and innuendos with Splitting Timber and had a great time! Ragnorok was awesome, and a fantastic teacher! Ive already told several people about what a blast it was, and Id love to come back soon!

Review №67

Splitting Timbers was a blast! My parents were in town from Missouri and we wanted to take them somewhere fun and unique. It doesn’t get more fun and unique than throwing axes! The staff was great and very friendly. Our lane attendant Chloe aka “Axe Factor” did an amazing job of teaching us how to throw and making sure we all had a good time. We will definitely be going back!

Review №68

We had a great time and our axepert, Ragnarok, was funny and knowledgable!

Review №69

I went for the first time with some classmates to start off our spring break. It was a lot of fun and our Axpert Eric taught us how to safely throw the axes as well as gave us tip on throwing so we could do better. I highly recommend going! It fun and a great way to relieve stress..

Review №70

I competed at the Wildcard Round of the WATC last weekend. AJ and Bee were absolutely incredible and Splitting Timber is a beautiful venue. If you can’t have fun at Splitting Timber then it’s your own fault. Love these ladies!

Review №71

Went here for the first time ever on Tuesday, Went with a date and we both an absolutely great time. The staff is friendly and funny and incredibly willing to help you learn how to throw. Will definitely be back.

Review №72

This was such a fun time. I cant wait to go back!

Review №73

If you havent tried Splitting Timber you dont know what you are missing. So much fun and not as hard as you would think. Great place for a first date, company outing, guys or girls night out, birthday party, etc...Just about any time you want to go have fun.

Review №74

We had a great time with Chloe the other night, she was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting everyone to participate and stick their hawks. We all had bulls eyes by the end of the night. This was really fun and can be a great team building exercise or fun entertainment. And you are supporting a locally-owned business.

Review №75

My husband and I had a great date night at Splitting Timber! Eric, our axe-expert, was fantastic. Informative, encouraging, and entertaining. Will definitely be back and trying to get the co-workers together for a team-building there!

Review №76

Kick axe! Kudos to Big Bun for showing us an axe-cellent time!

Review №77

I had a amazing time with the staff member Ragnarok he was funny and helpful.

Review №78

My group had a great time! Incredibly fun, and you get to throw a lot during your time, even with a big group. We will definitely be back! Highly recommended for an adult birthday party or any other reason to assemble your friends. We especially liked our Axepert Eric, who was very patient in teaching even the most challenging of us how to throw!

Review №79

Great time! The staff makes this a very fun environment. Lots of different techniques the staff teaches you.

Review №80

Josh or Shaved Wood was an awesome guide! My family had a blast and has us laughing the whole time with the dry humor jokes. I would highly reccomend

Review №81

Very fun place for men and women. I first had second thoughts because I thought it was too manly, but it was just fine. Pretty cool place for a date or just hang out with friends.

Review №82

Josh was great as our instructor. Facility is large and well kept. Will be going back.

Review №83

I TRULY CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS PLACE & THE STAFFThis place is WICKED AWESOME I truly have not had that much fun in a long time. I took my 20 year old son for his Birthday we both had a BLAST & our instructor Eric was amazing and so cool can not wait to go back.I am taking my 2 other boys for there Birthdays cant wait .This place is worth the price & fairly priced LOVE IT & GET AXXXXXEDSEE YOU THERE OR BE SQUARE & MISS OUT ON ALL THE FUN TIMES

Review №84

Victor, aka Axe Solo, was awesome. Great teacher and funny guy.

Review №85

Fun place to go with friends. They actually have an assortment of different axes to throw and games to play. Master axeman Tiki was a great instructor. I can tell hes handled many a hard wood.

Review №86

Had a great time with my dad while my wife and mom shopped. Big Josh was awesome.

Review №87

Our group of coworkers celebrating one of us getting “axed” had an absolutely axe-tastic time. I appreciated being able to plan a group activity where each person could make their own reservation and payment ahead of time so that I didn’t need to coordinate or worry about money collection. The staff were ready for our group and greeted us by the team name we chose. The entire experience was exciting and full of laughs! Our Axepert, Ragnorak, was a great host. He kept us entertained and showed us some really cool axe throwing tricks. We will definitely be back.

Review №88

My girlfriend and I love this place, our Axpert, Captain Axe Sparrow was amazing! This place is light hearted and fun and we can’t wait to come back!!

Review №89

Wish I could give more stars! Eric was amazing he was an exceptional coach and made our time so much fun! Totally worth the drive and the price for an hour plus can’t be beat! Please do not skip going here you’ll have a blast

Review №90

Had a great time with the family. Eric was amazing and made the experience safe and fun. This place is great for family time and I can see why companies would use it for team building.

Review №91

We took a large group for a fun little summer adventure. They did a great job with our group which included kids from the age of 10 up to adults and everywhere in between. Ragnor Rock was a great Axepert!

Review №92

Did my husbands birthday here and had a wonderful time. Our teacher was amazing at teaching how to throw axes, my boys were hitting the bullseye by the end. Cant wait to go back.

Review №93

Throwing axes was so much fun! Our “Axepert,” Eric, did a wonderful job teaching us the skills, and coordinating our experience. It’s easy to do, and fun. Highly recommend this for a fun night out with friends.

Review №94

Had a great time splitting some wood. Ragnarok was a great host. Thanks for the experience.

Review №95

We had a blast! Our Axepert RAGNABOK made the experience one we wont forget. Great staff and an awesome time. Will be going back for sure!

Review №96

This was a super fun activity that I would recommend to all. Everyone was very nice and made you feel like part of their family. Our axe guide was Travis and he was awesome. I cant wait to do this again!

Review №97

SOOO much fun! Go with friends, or on date night. Perfect for either. Staff super friendly. Full of puns (which is magical). 10/10 definitely going again

Review №98

A lot of fun I will definitely be back here to have more fun. 6/8/19Went for a second time and again so much fun Shaved Wood is funny and did anamazing job .12/28/19

Review №99

Ragnarok/Patrick was a fantasic host for our big party! Was very patient and accommodating for the whole group!

Review №100

Had a blast! Went with my dad, our Axepert was Master Woody, his instructions were spot on! Definitely will be returning, and recommending to others!

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