UEC Syracuse Stadium 6
2428 W 1700 S, Syracuse, UT 84075, United States

Review №1

Very good experience, hand sanitizer was provided. Customer service was excellent.

Review №2

Great theater, super comfortable seating. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely go again.

Review №3

Love this small hometown theater! Great reclining seats.

Review №4

I don’t recommend coming here because under the seat are so disgusting there’s popcorn that soo old they never clean under the seats and me and my friend group and they only let have of them go and they said we can’t because we’re Apparently loud when it was totally the kids they let it the manager said he could do whatever he wants and we said so we’re jus going to walk home and he said ya see u next time never going ever again don’t recommend maybe try the amc much better and they actually clean thank u

Review №5

Good price. Great theater! Finally open again from COVID-19.

Review №6

This theatre is horrible. They thought that me and my friends were loud when it wasn’t even our group. They have the worst customer service and would not serve us anything. He acted like he didn’t even care and told me “ I’m the manager I can go what I want”. This is not okay on so many levels. You should never have this bad customer service, and he did from the very start. I do not recommend going there. And don’t even get me started on the cleanliness. The seats have cobwebs and popcorn ALL over. The seats are not clean and the cup holders are sticky. With Covid-19 this should not happen. Even without, movie theatres should stay clean. My experience was not good. Do not take your kids here or any family. Horrible horrible theater

Review №7

Tasty popcorn and we had the theater all to ourselves.

Review №8

I really like this place! Its really cute and cozy and has an great atmosphere. Its not that big and has a small town vibe. The staff is nice and everyone here is friendly. And its a quiet place :)

Review №9

Solid place that is hardly crowded. After my divorce it was my go to for seeing movies alone!! Hahaha yeah that guy. My family loves going here though. Its a little hidden gym in Syracuse. Its not Megaplex but thats what makes it unique and special.

Review №10

Moderately priced. Avoid The Quiet Place movie when its raining. Metal roof is pretty loud. Otherwise comfortable seating, decent popcorn and great film and audio quality.

Review №11

Love watching movies here. Seats are comfortable and the prices is affordable

Review №12

I love this place. Less than a mile from my house, cozy reclining seats, and hardly anybody in the theatre most of the times Ive gone. Tickets are expensive, but they all are these days. When I was a boy, going to the movies cost a nickel!

Review №13

New to the area. It is really nice to find an affordable theatre in the area thats not all tore up. Love the loungers. The Tuesday movie deal is excellent and makes it to where I can afford to take my family to the movies again. Very happy!

Review №14

Concessions seem fairly priced. My only complaint is the theatre floor lighting glows too bright and casts a red glow on the screen. Sound and picture are great. Some sight lines are impeded by the tiers of stadium seating.

Review №15

They wouldnt let us in because a different person in our group was loud and not us and they never clean it they just sweap it under the seats and its really gross and the customer service is really bad and they are really rude

Review №16

The theater was a lot more spacious than I thought it was going to be. They have the luxury seats so it was all good but a little warm.

Review №17

Syracuse 6 is the best theater in the entire state of Utah! They’re cheaper than the big theater competitors with just as good an experience! First showtimes of the day are only $6, I mean, who else does that?? It’s awesome! Free popcorn on $5.50 Tuesdays as well? I can’t believe how amazing this place is! Best hot popcorn in town, all around best movie theater you can get. Love it!

Review №18

Their seating is comfortable and it’s nice having a theater without having to drive all the way to Layton Hills.

Review №19

We like going here. They give military discounts, they do matinee, they are close to home. They are not over crowded. The restroom could be a little cleaner. But with all the in and out of people it is pretty good. I really like this place.

Review №20

This theater is quite small but extremely cozy. Meaning that they have extremely comfortable seats throughout the entire theater that all recline back, like a big Lazy-boy.the only reason I do not give it a five-star is because online I was able to buy a ticket for just under $8 but I decided not to pay the extra $2 for both tickets because I was purchasing online, but when I got there they charged us $10 per ticket. This was for a 7:15 pm movie, on a Friday night.But other then that it was a good place!

Review №21

The best movie theater in Utah! They for sure have the best chairs. Savannah makes the best popcorn with perfect amount of butter. She gladly help with all my problems. Would not be the same with her great service! Thank you Savannah, your service made my day!

Review №22

Love this theater! Love the small town feel it brings. Prices are a little cheaper as well than the bigger theaters up the road. The reason for the four stars is just because it could be a little cleaner. On the counters there always seems to be spilt soda and popcorn all over. However, thats no a deal breaker for us. This is our go to theater.

Review №23

This theater is really nice. The seats are comfy, the snacks are tasty, and the staff is fairly friendly. Like most movie theaters the bathrooms and floors tend to be a bit messy but it isn’t terrible. The prices on tickets are okay but the snack prices are almost triple what Walmart (A 3 min walk away) would charge for any of it. They wouldn’t let my friend, who has hypoglycemia, bring in some food in because they “don’t allow outside food. No exceptions.” He can’t last 2 hours without eating a snack or else he may pass out. They shouldn’t force someone to buy a medical necessity. I will keep going here but I really wish they’d make more accommodations.

Review №24

Love this movie theater Free refills on large soda, Popcorn, and the candy and snacks are not bad prices. Its worth going here. We (group of 9+ people Inc kids) saw Avengers End Game here on a Tuesday (their discount matinee price all-day & night) chose the best, largest Mega big screen which all the theaters were remodeled like a year or so ago to have all seats be really huge, comfy, leather recliner chairs (oversized) with auto buttons and plenty of arm & leg room for you to stretch out. Best part is that even Avengers End Game had maybe 4-8 others in the theater besides our group. Its almost like you rented a movie theater for yourself and your party The employees are incredibly kind and helpful. Everything is just awesome here

Review №25

Ever since the remodel this place is amazing! The seats are the best recliner seats then any other theater! Best popcorn in the world!! Also they do $5 Tuesday so definitely take advantage of that! Definitely go here!

Review №26

The seats are great and its clean. The food choices are limited. The prices are average.

Review №27

Mosy empty theater for our Sunday afternoon movie. Employees seemed disinterested in assisting for a food purchase. The theater was alright, but dirty. Popcorn between the seats and a sticky floor. Overall, not the best, just average.

Review №28

Nice chairs and the prices are cheaper than other main chains! Popcorn Was on spot and loved that they had bags to dish out the popcorn to all my kids.

Review №29

Love the deluxe seating with recliners. Makes it almost like watching in your private theater

Review №30

We love coming here. Its cheaper then other theatres, and it has reclining seats! Their concessions are also more reasonable then other theatres.

Review №31

Nice small theater with a hometown feel. All the staff here is friendly and helpful. Love the bargain Tuesdays with my free small popcorn!!!

Review №32

Great seats that lean back to get a perfect angle on the screen

Review №33

Great theater. Nice place to watch movies. I suggest sneaking in food with the snack prices the way they are.

Review №34

Great theater. Stadium seats, great screens, small town theater feel.

Review №35

Super cold theater; sounds overly loud. Child had to cover her ears. Terrible customer service. Forgot our order.if they would have told us how bad the little pizzas are we wouldnt have bothered to order them.they didnt have the correct pizzas and then offered a different selection but we had to ask to get money refunded for what they didnt have. Wont ever go back.

Review №36

Our favorite place to see a movie! They have good prices & comfortable recliners. Their popcorn & drink combo is the perfect deal!!

Review №37

Watched, frozen 2 with the grandkids. Lovely

Review №38

Great theater with luxury lounges. Price is better than most other theaters in Davis county layton surrounding area save a little cash for a similar experience. Staf is attentive and usually happy to see, and serve their customers. The management is outstanding and will make sure things are how they should be. Wish I could throw more stars up there, five isnt enough.I have never had a bad experience at this theater.

Review №39

This theater is more expensive than cinemark, and feels like a shoddy copycat. The recliners are very narrow and feel cramped for average size people. Over average size, dont even try. The walls are thin and sound effects from neighboring movies were very loud during quiet scenes in our movie. Had to get a manager to get the ticket prices to what they were advertised to be. Bathrooms are filthy. If the price was right I might go again but when you can get top class for cheaper whats the point?

Review №40

Seating is SO comfortable! Reclining leather chairs. Very clean facility and great customer service.

Review №41

I was pretty impressed with the seats. Not so impressed with the glass window in front of my row. I had to stare through the top of the glass which creates a line that is in the picture when reclined. Theater was clean my wife loved the popcorn. Kind of frustrating to buy tickets online that you have to have an account to even view the seating before deciding if you want to purchase. I will go back.

Review №42

Its a great place to go for job corps students and for everyone else tickets and snacks are cheap. Will definitely be the only theater Im going too.

Review №43

Comfy chairs. Quiet atmosphere.

Review №44

Great little theater with the amenities of a bigger theater. As someone who isnt crazy about packed-in crowds, this is s smaller-town gem providing reserved seating and comfortable personal space.

Review №45

Nice little theater to watch movies in, but was pretty dirty and the employees acted like they didnt want to be there. No one was friendly.

Review №46

Saw jumanji. It aint that good

Review №47

Love this place. Syracuse’s best kept secret. Never crowded and great prices!!!

Review №48

Great movie theater awesome popcorn

Review №49

We had a wonderful time here. The price was great, friendly workers, amazing reclining seats, and delicious popcorn. Well be coming back.

Review №50

Tickets sale out fast sometimes because it’s a small movie theater but it’s quite fancy it’s really nice and clean

Review №51

We attended a 4:30 showing of a children’s movie yesterday. Two teenage couples walked into the theatre about 20 minutes late. They started doing very inappropriate things. I walked out to let the manager know and he didn’t seem to care! It is so frustrating to feel like we can not take our children to a movie and feel safe. This place needs adults around that will know how to handle situations like this! Everyone that was working at the time was very young. Also the theatre is always freezing! We have told them many times and they don’t care!

Review №52

Wow! This place is so nice and clean! It felt like I was in someones home. They take really good care of everything. The only downside is the hours. Kind of weird hours and you cant buy tickets at the theater ahead of time when nobody is there. You can buy them online but you have to pay a fee. Other than that, its awesome!

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Review №54

Good alternative to the big chain theaters

Review №55

I like this place. The seats are new and the kids keep it clean.

Review №56

I went to a movie a few days ago, I was helped by a lady named Savannah. She helped me get everything I needed. She had a bright smile and was happy to help. Need more people like her!!

Review №57

Super comfy seats! HUGE popcorn.

Review №58

Nice reclining seats, friendly employees and not hard to get in to see a movie!

Review №59

We love the seating in this theater. Its nice to be able to kick back with my husband in joined seats that we can recline to our liking. The kids working typically do a good job. Always a pleasant experience.

Review №60

Clean theater with comfortable reclining chairs.

Review №61

Syracuse 6 used to be my family’s “last resort theater”, the one we would go to only if we had to, but since they remodeled and added the recliner seats, it’s one of my favorite theaters around. It is small, so just know that they only play the most popular movie releases, but if there’s a movie playing here that you want to see, I 100% recommend!

Review №62

Friendly atmosphere decent prices

Review №63

I had never been to this theater before, but this experience was awesome. The seats are amazing, the staff was friendly, and, most importantly, the seat numbers were lit up so you can easily find your seat in the dark. :) Loved it!

Review №64

This theater is smaller than the monster chains that one can find around. the popcorn tastes better here, the seats are comfortable, and the people are friendly! They show the exact same shows the monster chains show so why bother with the huge impersonal chain theaters?

Review №65

Its been a couple years since Ive been to this location, but we saw a showing last night and it was filthy. We used a military discount and he only took it off of one ticket. The womens restroom was very messy. My husband said the mens restroom had a clogged urinal and the sinks were dirty. Which Id understand if it was busy, but there were employees just sitting around talking about bands and personal life. The theater (#3) itself was dirty too, with food left on our seats, and even candy and trash in the cup holder. The door had a nasty layer of grime, and the light by the door showed shiny sticky handprints on the wall.The good side is the sound was great, and the screen quality was fine. Of course the reclining seats are nice, but those are pretty standard anywhere now.

Review №66

Great location, overall sound and video quality is great. Staff is friendly and helpful, never had a problem here ever.

Review №67

It was ok. The theater was too cold.

Review №68

We were one of two families in the entire auditorium. The seats are very comfortable, the steps are easy to climb because theyre not too steep, and the concessions are refillable.

Review №69

We had a great time. Buying tickets and picking seats was easy. Seats are comfortable, theater was clean, sound was great, and movie was really good!

Review №70

Worst movie experience. Will not go back

Review №71

Great seating and at least for now no big crowds even when there should be. Went on Friday night and got great seat 5 minutes before the movie.

Review №72

Cheaper concessions and comfortable seats

Review №73

Saw end game for the first time there and it was soo good I love their seats

Review №74

We love Syracuse 6. They have a points system where you can earn points for popcorn, drinks, and even tickets if you can save them that long. And speaking of popcorn, I dont know what it is, but I like theirs better than any other theatre Ive been to. The recliners are very comfortable. You can reserve your tickets online. The only thing I have to say in the negative, is sometimes it is rather chilly in the theatre. Many people take blankets, and I think thats a good idea myself.

Review №75

Very comfortable leather recliners. Wonder sound and picture. Worth the few minutes extra drive for smaller crowds with the same quality of the larger theaters. Reserved seating. Sometimes they do not have all of the blockbuster movies out.

Review №76

They have new reclining loveseats. The floors are always clean, as are the bathrooms.

Review №77

Great place loved it

Review №78

I love the reclining love seats and the concession prices are reasonable. The theater was a little on the chilly side and my biggest complaint is that they dont turn the lights down enough. Its like watching in my livingroom. Wish they could make it darker while the movie is playing. The sound system was awesone.

Review №79

5$ Tuesdays are awesome nice theatre with comfy chairs.

Review №80

Our favorite theater for the family. Armchair seats for a few bucks less than the other theaters. All around pricing is much more reasonable.

Review №81

Good popcorn and reclining seats. Love it.

Review №82

The seats are comfortable, but the glass divider kind of blocks the view a bit.

Review №83

Create an app for your theatre like AMC has where you can purchase seats and have snacks delivered to your seat and my experience will be much better. i only chose syracuse 6 because all other shows were sold out everywhere else

Review №84

It was a very nice place

Review №85

The staff were great!

Review №86

Best Theater Ever! Its close to my house and we always head there to see the movies and eat amazing popcorn! I watched Ready Player One during my Spring Break and its AWESOME!

Review №87

Love the seating, used to like the popcorn but after eating it this time my husband and kids were pretty sick all night long. A fun night out turned into an awful up all night miserable one.

Review №88

Love having a theater so close to home.

Review №89

Comfortable seating and fewer crowds.

Review №90

Its a clean theatre with good movies.

Review №91

Absolutely awesome. Complete lounge chairs that recline, great popcorn, had a wonderful time thank you

Review №92

The theater is very nice with a great screen. They have nice reclining chairs and everything is way cheaper which is why I chose this theater over any other. My only problem is The metal guard rail covers but of the bottom of screen and can get annoying sometimes but its not very noticeable.

Review №93

Good location but price is higher than what I think it should be for a lower caliber theater

Review №94

This place has turned into a really great theater since it was bought by Regal. Nice recliners, and its clean. We also go there to get a large popcorn plus the free refill and take it home for movie night sometimes.

Review №95

This place is amazing. I use to always for get about it but now its the first place I go. my wife and I saw star wars there last week. every other theater was sold out. But this place still had many opening left and they have the reclining seats highly recommend

Review №96

My husband and I love this theater so close to home. Reserved seats and lounge chairs. Great deal on popcorn to. Meet us for a movie and we will share.

Review №97

I love the seating. Very comfortable. I dont care for the kiosk to buy and redeem online tickets. It is difficult to get it to work. They also work with a skeleton crew.

Review №98

Comfortable seating and reasonable ticket prices. Had intermittent but infrequent noise coming from the ceiling during the showing.

Review №99

Comfy luxury seats! Gotta love it. Plus they have a great Tuesday deal!

Review №100

Great deal on Tuesdays-$5.50 and free popcorn!!

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  • Address:2428 W 1700 S, Syracuse, UT 84075, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 801-773-2254
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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