Airport Stadium 12
409 Aviation Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

Review №1

Great location and the theaters are nice. The only one star I deduct is because it can be tricky to actually get tickets ever since they changed this to a reservation-based theater with very few seats in each theater. I personally preferred it when it was a traditional walk-up kind of theater with a lot more seating. But this seems to be the way theaters are evolving, so with that being said, this establishment is doing a great job. Sound is nice and clear, bathrooms are clean, overall environment is safe. Would return.

Review №2

Airport stadium 12 is my #1 favorite theater to go to. They dont have a lot of seating but they have electric recliners that are so comfortable. Ive tried going back to other theaters but their dinky old seats just dont cut it anymore. There is a lot of parking. The staff is friendly and they have a lot of snack and food options. They carry beer and wine also.

Review №3

Finally a good movie experience. The recliner seats was comfortable. Enjoyed my beer while watching the movie. Yes they have a bar at the theater. The option to reserve your seat and not worry about finding a seat is really cool. The lady at the ticket counter was quite friendly. Got to also mention that the facility was clean and so were the restrooms. Plenty of parking available at location and some nice restaurants around if you want to get a bite before or after the movie.

Review №4

This is my new favorite spot to watch a movie. The location is great with plenty of free parking available. They even offer a variety of popcorn seasonings for free at the concession stand. The seats are comfortable and can recline. I also like the option of choosing my seat in advance.On my initial visit, I had an issue which was immediately resolved by the district manager, Doug. This is indicative of the type of service I received from the entire staff. They were all friendly and helpful. Special mention to manager, Nick, who went above and beyond on my second visit.I highly recommend Airport Stadium 12!

Review №5

The seats recline! They are really good quality. Just an overall perfect experience.

Review №6

This has become our familys go-to theater of choice. Prices are very reasonable given the amenities and comfort of the theaters. Concessions are what you would expect - the larger the container size, the better the deal. But onto the main attraction - the actual theaters! The addition of luxury reclining seats in recent years has been the reason my family has made our way back out to the theaters. Being able to kick back, relax, have snacks handy on a tray table, and a big screen in front of us is awesome!

Review №7

The cinema is always clean, roomy, and has lay down chairs. Popcorn and drinks are way more expensive than they should ever be (but that is the case at all cinemas now). Staff is always nice and diligent in service. The lady at the front was helpful and cordial with printing the tickets I ordered online. Overall a great spot.

Review №8

This movie theater is quite nice, all considered. The refreshments are pretty good for a movie theater, and there’s a restaurant on the premises ( in case you prefer that over movie theater snacks ). This movie theater is so popular that almost all the seats are booked online beforehand—so don’t go there hoping to pick out your seat while getting your tickets. The chairs themselves are extraordinarily comfortable, you can lean them almost all the way back, and they have a little table attached on which to place your refreshments. However, do not choose seats in any of the rows in front of the handicapped one, as they are all much too close to the screen any point closer than that row. My family made the mistake of doing that once, it made the movie virtually unwatchable! To conclude, this theater is really up to par, and I highly recommend—just make sure that you book good seats before your showing!

Review №9

Luxury chairs are nice, its clean and yummy popcorn! Its pricey but its worth it over the less expensive theaters in SR. They have online ticketing which has never had issues. Super convenient! Love the rewards program but I wish they had refillable, reusable cups!!!! Discounted refills in novelty cups for the theater would be awesome!!!

Review №10

Comfy seats and good screens. Parking can be poor and getting tickets is often difficult because the seating is assigned and there are not so many seats in each theater. (Which is also a plus, so not all bad)

Review №11

My favorite theater . Love the remodel it’s nice and comfy. Also you can get a beer before the show and some great snacks. I like that they offer free popcorn toppings and Tapatio to sprinkle on my popcorn.

Review №12

Went to a matinee and was not crowded at all. Plenty of parking. Nice reclining seating in this theater. Sound quality okay, but could lose the annoying background hum. Typical selection of beverages and snacks along with wine and beer for those who care to imbibe. Bathrooms and theater were clean. Would be nice to see the cupholders in the seat tables cleaned out -- they were quite grungy and sticky. Overall an okay place to see a show.

Review №13

Employees are completely unprofessional. The one time I went, the credits had just started rolling and one of the employees shouted that we should get out because there are no end credit scenes and they need to clean. Some people enjoy watching the credits, which is what they’re entitled to the second they buy the ticket. The people at the ticket booth were also very short with us, obviously not invested in keeping up with customer satisfaction. They don’t need to be your best friend or anything, but a welcoming smile would’ve been nice. The ticket checker at the door was also busy talking to her friend, completely ignored us as we walked in. Popcorn was everywhere, concessions was okay, but obviously not in any hurry despite the growing line of people. Seriously re-considering making another trip until the employees get an etiquette lesson.

Review №14

Always fantastic. Its the only one I go to as I am disabled and would not be able to sit through a full movie in a regular theater seat. Their lounger theater seats are like being at home in your favorite lounger chair.

Review №15

I go to movies at least twice a month, often more. I have seen MANY movies over the past 18 months here and have never had a bad experience. When offered, I especially enjoy the theater with Dolby Atmos. The sound is INCREDIBLE. In fact, I like it better than IMAX. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the parking is plenty and FREE! I also love the reserved seats as well as the reclining seats themselves. I dont like feeling crowded, but even if the theater is full, I feel like I have plenty of room. This is my GO TO theater; in fact, I was there last night.

Review №16

Relaxing seats that lean all the way back . With quite theaters and friendly staff.I definitely enjoyed my movie here.

Review №17

The parking lot blunt sessions cant be beat!

Review №18

Its closed due to covid !

Review №19

First time i went there, it was great. Audio was great. This is just the regular Cinema and not the enhanced audio but it was great. Too bad only ticket available was front row. Its too close. The thing is the 3rd rows are still available. The second time we watched, the audio was too bad. Its in mono mode and no thump sound. I thought it was just like that on trailers but when the movie started, the audio was really bad. I dont if all theatre had the same sound system. This was on theater 11. I was so disappointed.

Review №20

Best movie theater with recliners in Sonoma county. We drive out of our way to see movies here. The rewards program is a nice bonus.

Review №21

Most amazing theater. Has your normal concessions and then a food spot for beer and wine, paninis and other food. The theater seating is very comfortable. The seats recline and have mini swing tables. You can check in at a kiosk which is quicker if you already have your tickets purchased online.

Review №22

Great show..Frozen 2. Good deal with $20. Popcorn + 2 drinks.

Review №23

Seats are comfy. For some reason the movie had subtitles which was pretty distracting.

Review №24

We love this theater. Comfortable recliners! Lots of space! Wine and beer available in the cafe. And $8 matinees. The only theater in Sonoma County we go to.

Review №25

The reclining seats and plenty of room is why I go here. Modern and clean.

Review №26

Went to see birds of prey. The guys at the consestion stand were kinda rude. And to top it off seen a rat in theater 10. Definitely not the same it used to be yes better seats but poor service.

Review №27

Clean and comfortable! The seats recline with leg rests! Sound is great and the staff is friendly.

Review №28

Great sitting. Comfy clean recliners.Food options are pretty generic and cheap so dont arrive hungry

Review №29

Its a good little local experience, that I for one, think everyone should experience

Review №30

We love this movie theater. The only reason I dont give 5 stars is because they close up the concession stand way too early, they start to clean up very early so that when the last movie finishes they can all go home. Apart from that the individual movie rooms are great, the reclining seats are great, customer service is nice. They even have a Zoltar machine, which is pretty fun. All and all, a great cinema.

Review №31

I love this place. The stadium seats recline and there is a wine & beer bar. They serve Cooperage and Henhouse beers and more.

Review №32

I live this movie theater amazing always friendly people there small place but just the Wright size I always love to take my wife on a date there

Review №33

Very comfortable.. Not a ton of seating so get tix in advance for best results. Assigned Seating

Review №34

Some of the better seating around. I wish there was more variety in the bar they have attached.

Review №35

Always a wonderful place to catch a movie! I should go every weekend! Great drinks, great food, even free seasonings for your popcorn! And a free refill on the large order of popcorn.

Review №36

Great place to watch a movie in comfort rather than the theaters where you feel like a sardine in a can. Grab a beer and popcorn and enjoy a flick.

Review №37

All these modern movie theaters just blow my mind away. The sound, the seats, the quality of the picture!

Review №38

Movie and location were great...employee interaction not so good. They just act and look like its just a job and dont care.

Review №39

Easy access. Love the reclining chairs and stadium seating.

Review №40

Love taking my grandkids to this movie theater when I am up north.

Review №41

What could be better than a great movie with the Tuesday night discount admission, reserved seating, and luxurious chairs in which to recline and stretch out. Very fine experience!

Review №42

Best seats in Sonoma County. Quite literally. Also, best sound as far as you can hear!

Review №43

Great venue. Reclining seats are the only was to watch movies

Review №44

The seats were too comfy, I fell asleep during the movie, I missed the whole thing and they didnt even give me a refund, dont waste ur time

Review №45

The best theater in Sonoma county. Seats are like sitting at home in your easy chair. Staff are helpful and pleasant. Snacks are same as all theaters expensive. But what is a movie without popcorn and a soda.

Review №46

Love this place.. Always clean and the seats are so comfortable

Review №47

Fantastic location, very clean and updated. Great food and service

Review №48

By far the best movie theater after the renovation. The comfort and drinks make seeing a movie at the theater feel like home. Strongly suggest Airport above all other movie theaters in Sonoma county.

Review №49

Clean, excellent, recently renovated theaters with reclined seating and reserved seating. No need to come early anymore! Unless you want a drink at the bar inside. Which I highly recommend you do.

Review №50

Way too much money to get in and if you want to get something at the concession stand most of the time its more expensive than what it cost for you to get in. So just sneak in you Munchies that you want so you dont have to pay for them at the concession stand but make sure you hide them. As far as the movie Dumbo it was very very sad. I thought it was going to be happy cute and at times it was but for the most part like 80% of it was sad. Era 1919

Review №51

Ive been going here since young childhood. Love it then and love it now. Great place and not overly packed.

Review №52

One of my favorites. The recliners are awesome and well spaced for end of row access. Have never had issues with volume or focus and the staff has always been friendly. I know its not exclusive to this theater but the pre order and ticket machines is handy. My only complaint is the between showings cleaning; not as good as it could be.

Review №53

This place has really gotten better, the seats recline and they have a bar inside and you can take your drinks to the seats with you. The inside could still use some updates though. Still feel like Im stuck in 1992. But at least with the current upgrades I enjoy going more.

Review №54

Small cozy screening rooms, making the screen easy to view whether up close or at the back. Very comfortable reclining seats. A good theatre to visit if in the area. Only downside is that the small rooms can be sold out more often than a typical sized theatre.

Review №55

Went to see maleficent fantastic. Clean there hot dogs machine was not working ughh.

Review №56

Okay you have to go see a movie here even if its a so so movie its worth it for the reclining seats, so comfortable. You feel cozy like you are in your living room with a very big screen tv.

Review №57

Better than the Roxy, so I try to go here for any premier showings for sure. Parking is never a hassle, the staff are amazing, and the lines for food are practically non-existent.

Review №58

Great beers on tap. The seats are nice and comfy.

Review №59

This is a good theater. The lobby area is always clean and looks nice. There are no arcade machines or games anymore as they got rid of them recently, but there is a Zoltar fortune teller. A lot of things about this place are good, the food is good too. Only thing is that sometimes the theater rooms themselves aren’t thoroughly cleaned or seats are missing the tray table, which can be annoying after having payed for the seats. Despite all the minor inconveniences, I still always enjoy my visit.

Review №60

Great experience with their convenient online ticket purchase and seat selection. Good parking. Clean lobby and theaters. Delicious popcorn!!! Extremely comfortable cushy seating. Comfortable air conditioning... wish I could take it all home.

Review №61

An amazing theater experience! This theater has wonderfully comfortable reclining seats with excellent sound and picture quality. A great place to check out any kind of film!

Review №62

I like the Reserved seating, no rush to get in there and find seating. Clean and well maintained, the service has always been very good.

Review №63

Chairs are nice. A little noisy when you move them. But their popcorn always tastes old, even when we see them popping it fresh... maybe they need to clean the machines. This is the 3rd time in a row and it tastes funky.

Review №64

Clean, courteous staff, very roomy and comfortable seating.

Review №65

Great theater. It has recliners and an online seat reservation system, as well as a wide variety of movies playing. However, as with most theaters, the foods and drinks are overpriced.

Review №66

The most comfortable seat of all the Santa Rosa area movie theater. Recliner seats with tables so you can snack in comfort. If you are tired sleep in comfort. Also you get to pick your set which is nice . I will be back again. The bar and grill is open now and has food.

Review №67

Great theater with the new lounge chairs through out. Very clean and well managed has a cafe and wine bar. My go to theater

Review №68

As much as I hate having to plan ahead for tickets, I freaking LOVE the fancy new reclining chairs. And booze! Definitely steps up the experience. They could use some better food options to go along with the upgrade. Only real downfall is that we cant just decide to go to a movie here on a whim anymore, gotta plan ahead in order to get decent seats. Overall we love the renovation.

Review №69

Great, clean comfortable seats tuesdays are senior day. 6.00. Food, Beer and wine pricey employees are nice

Review №70

Bestest! New chairs. Loved it

Review №71

Great to other tickets and seats on line.

Review №72

The best theater hands down. With the new lounge chairs they just put in its even better! Clean, small enough to not be crazy crowded, but big enough to have the big screens and other big theater amenities. My husband and I havent gone to another theater in probably 6 years! Highly advise buying your tickets online in advance to get the best seats of your seeing something soon after its release.

Review №73

Theirs some really nice chairs that you can recline and theres alot if isle room

Review №74

Very nice reclining seats, but a bit expensive and mediocre food.

Review №75

Line moves fast. Very nice stadium seating wuth chairs that recline and come with their own table for popcorn and drinks.

Review №76

This was an awesome theater. Very friendly folks there! The seats cant be beat. Will go back for sure.

Review №77

Love reserving seats and the staff is great

Review №78

Seats are nice. But.Concession stand is incredibly slow, staff very poorly trained. Maybe my time managing a Cinemark theater gave me unrealistic goals for service time, but I dont think so. Ushers tend to sweep but leave the popcorn stuck in seats and cupholders House number 2 had several issues. Large dirty spot on far right on screen, possibly soda. Focus was off and all lines are distractingly blurry. Lens was not adjusted properly for scope and was projecting off the sides of the screen, or maybe the aspect plate was filed too much. Overall, incredibly disappointing. If a both tech could get in to fine tune the projectors and staff are better trained or monitored to insure performance, this could be an amazing facility.

Review №79

I had not been in a movie theater for years. I was not ready for the cushy reclining seating and miles of leg room. It was over the top comfortable!

Review №80

Reclining, soft leather seats, clean theater, and $6 Tuesday (All Day) movies! Fantastic theater and the only one I go to. I even bring friends, family, and clients here for a great time. Concessions are a bit expensive, but, its a movie theater.

Review №81

Excellent recliners and sound quality in theatre.

Review №82

Excellent in every way love the recliner chairs and the surround sound Auditorium room!!! We watched How to Train Your Dragon the hidden world. Highly recommended to watch!!

Review №83

Roomy reclining chair with wide rows in front and swivel tray with a cupholder

Review №84

This place is number one when it comes to comfortable movie watching!

Review №85

The reclining seats are very comfortable, and the large screen a great. I like the fact that there is enough room between the seat rows, to allow people to pass without bumping into each other, or someone having to stand...

Review №86

Optimal movie theatre experience, great seats and viewing experience, clean seats and friendly staff. Of course the movie viewing experience will depend on the audience you are with but as far as what the movie theatre cam do, this is the best theatre in the county.

Review №87

Love the roomy, comfy seating, large screen and sound! Popcorn, a/c and a good film on a hot Summer day was perfect!

Review №88

The movies here are great, the food is delicious (and also filled with sugar), the drinks are good. The only problem I have is I dont think that there is any healthy food here. Other than that problem its amazing.

Review №89

Way better then the Roxy. Small and quaint. With great updated seating. Love it! Wish the menu at the consession stand had a little bit more variety.

Review №90

Love the new chairs. The snack selection and beer selection is really good.

Review №91

This used to be a low key, show up whenever you want kind of place. Now its all reserved and LIMITED seating. It is nice once youre in, but you can just swing in and catch a movie. They also serve beer, wine, and margaritas, all kind of pricey. But hey, what isnt expensive in a theater.

Review №92

Today was my first visit, and I love the place! Its very clean, no smells of any kind. Recliners are awesome! I have 3 back surgeries and is not easy to enjoy the movie theaters anymore, but now that this commodity is available to me..... Ill be a regular for sure!!!!!!

Review №93

Very clean, spacious seating with a bar.

Review №94

Its been awhile since I went to see a movie here. I love how easy it was to buy tickets online and just walk in to the kiosk to print our tickets. Snack bar is decent and not too horribly overpriced. I wish you could butter your own popcorn but its not a huge issue. The seats are amazingly comfy but have to say the front row was awful! I couldnt even see the whole screen even with the seats all the way laid back. They should not be greedy and just take that out or charge less for them. Ive had to sit in front rows before and while not ideal you can usually still see enough, not the case here. Overall its nice and close by so we will be back but never front row again. I doubt even the 2 rows behind us could see with how close they are.

Review №95

I love going to Airport Theater! The seats are so comfortable! I just had spinal surgery & could barely walk & I was able to bring a pillow & blanket & it was a very comfortable experience. This is the theater I always choose to go to.

Review №96

I like. Lots of parking. Plenty of theaters. And I love the stadium seating. Highly recommended.

Review №97

Once you got to your seats everything is great. Seats are comfortable they are the leather chairs the recline lift your legs omg so amazing. But the customer service was alright nice people. but the prices everything is really like 5 dollars for a water a hot dog a 4oz bag of candy i suggest going to the dollar store before.

Review №98

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that they changed the seats to reclining seats and that you can make reservations for specific seats. Only down side you have is that you need to be quick at trying to attain the seats you want but that part of the deal which is a fair trade IMO.

Review №99

Love this place because of the most comfortable seats.

Review №100

Went to Matinee show of the Bohemian Rhapsody. The remodel is nice, and the Sound system is Awesome. Im a senior so everything in my opinion is way too Expensive, but I did enjoy it, and their Popcorn is the BOMB!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:409 Aviation Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 707-525-8909
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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