Walzem Park Manufactured Home
7500 Paradise Rd, San Antonio, TX 78244, United States

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I have leave in the manufacturing home park for over 10 years it has been the best keep secret on the northeast side . It’s clean it’s quite it’s keep up every one is hard working families that wants something out of life the young families checking on the old families very cool kids have the places the pool playground basketball court the pool needs to lock when residents let people that don’t live here go in there and do what they want the leave gate open for anyone to o in the rule are there for those that what to follow I guess we have to teach the adults too .we have had our ups and down car break ins etc nothing that the community could not handle The only thing we just can keep good hard working people in our off then now all the other people call them selves office manager but all they want to is play house in the office with different men office always lock when did go in the the smell would kill you they were never at the phone always some where else. Then we had a maintenance man that work in our park full time work on the house fix broken things the gate the lights the fence painted he was busy with work he got dirty but now they ride in the air conditioning cause I don’t see them helping the residents with nothing cut a tree repair nothing so what is there job title paid to do what then we got a another office manger that was take care of the office but had to many other personal problems now we have a office manager Heather that is and officially a office manager she there and everything she out about in the park there more houses moving in the park is growing if I bring up something that needs to look into she is on top of it we got the lights at the front gate working trying to keep the gate working if I call the phone I get a call back any problems I have had a bought to her attention she works on the weekends if there emergency from loose dogs running are cars speedy call the emergency number you see her out and about I hope we can keep this hard worker.Keep up the good work Office Manager Heather Put the rules down then take prisoners then it will stay a good place for all families

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Looks pretty nice and has a pool and hot tub.

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Does anyone know the history on the land.

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PLEASE STOP WITH THE MANAGER CHANGING! In the 4 years I’ve lived here we’ve had 5, yes, FIVE different managers. Robyn wasn’t too bad, but she was almost NEVER in the office or she’d close it early. Heather, our current manager has been doing an amazing job and is trying to make sure EVERYONE is following the same community rules. She’s the only one to give better lighting in the community, cameras are now set up towards the front, I’ve seen her many times on my own cameras patrolling late at night passed midnight. Please keep her around longer this time, I’m glad she lives on property for any emergencies.

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This place WAS better with our last manager ( Ms. Heather ) why did she get removed from this park . We have had people not paying their rent and others breeding dog for their own meals. Allowing party’s with jumping castles, and not cleaning all of there trash. Bring in a very old trailer ( 1990’s) with no porch’s for a long time . It has yet to be completed, just like the other trailer that has been brought into this park. We need to get Ms. Heather back here at Walzum park. When she was here this place was clean from any to all trash . Cars parked in the right lot’s. Ms.Heather clean this place so well that all of us was proud to be living here. But then we have some people that are given special privileges, old cars that are not working, allowing them to use the party house, pool when ever they like. Why can’t we all be given this special treatment. If we all are to be held to rules and regulations, then we ALL NEED TO FOLLOW THEM .

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We are a real estate/property management company that manages a home in Walzem Park. They have recently undergone a ownership change and its for the better! Heather, the manager there, is on top of things and has full support of the new owners. She is very nice and always willing to help! Go see the difference!

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I bought a nice double wide and had it moved here about a year ago. Brought my family and everyone loves it. Everyone keeps up their yards, everyone is super friendly, and the office personnel are professional and friendly. Pool is always sparkling clean and the clubhouse is well maintained and nice to hang out at. Definately would recommend. I had a negative impression at first of living in a manufactured home neighborhood, but this park really changed my mind. We love it here!

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Went to Give a client an estimate. All went well till my client said we have to speak with Heather the park Mgr. For permission to build. I did and come to find out custom Aluminum patio covers are not allowed. She was going to see if we would be allowed to build a wood structure. I called back because she didn’t, and after asking if we would be able to do so and trying to get an answer, She got rude as all get out and said not to call her again and hung up! RUDE. Especially when all we’re trying to do is help a man who’s had a stroke and can hardly speak. Nice customer relations you have at this park.

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I lived at Walzem Park for 2 tears and went through 4 different managers and the only one who got anything done was Heather Torrescano . I have not been treated properly until she arrived. I was given assurance that my situation was being taken care of but it did not happen until Heather took over. She is the only manager out of the 4 that got the job done.thank you to Heather for all your hard work.

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Nice and clean trailer park community.

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Pretty nice community with well kept grounds and some friendly folks.

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A gated community near the Glens so it makes you feel a little more secure. B trailers and homes are pretty nice and yards are kept up well. I thought it would be a decent place to live if given the choice

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Great place to live My friend lives there and she likes it

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Lots of kids and families really enjoy living here.

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Property manager is changing every 6 to 8 months park is locked with a chain... pool is not available for residents even tho it is so close to summer ...there has been a death inside the the community ....the gate to go in and out of the community usually never works ....there is a wide open space where pedestrian can walk thru at any time of the day or night ...just last night there were some car break ins for like the 1,000 time ...when spoken or asked something to the current manager she just ignores u and say yea ok uh huh ok while she is on her phone and will not give u any other numbers so talk to someone above her there is no way to submit a complaint on her ... she will also post a paper stating OUT ON PROPERTY and will be driving by coming into the property and still c that she has about 4 to 5 residents there waiting on her for the past 3 to 4 hrs that she can only say I will have to ask u all to come back later I have to go check on property and best of all rent increase dramatically every yr ...if u need something fixed on ur yard plz do it ur self for u will only b told we r working on getting that fixed and will b working on getting that fixed for as long as u live there and even after u move out BEST PROPERTY TO LIVE IN IF I COULD GIVE A NEGATIVE STAR I WOULD

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This is a really nice neighborhood with beautiful upkeep by its residents. Unfortunately, the front office has a major issue performing the tasks which you would expect a lessor to handle. Ive seen the front office face change three times since September. Since that time, I have constantly been charged a $390 rate despite signing off on $380. Two of them told me they fixed it, but alas, changing a single digit in their computer system is beyond their capabilities.The third face has been dragging her feet on it for two months and just told me today that my issue was not of great importance to her. She also tried to have my lawn force mowed in an attempt to charge me a fee despite the fact that my lawn met all regulations of lawn care which I signed off on (shorter than 6 inches, even and trimmed). I guess I must have missed a blade of grass that looked at her funny. Also, landscaping cuts the grass way too short to boot. Anybody whos lived here for extended period knows to leave an inch or two on top to prevent your lawn from turning into a barren wasteland.

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Super nice .. very clean and well secured!! Nicest Ive ever seen actually!

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This company is not very good at telling you the process of the step in leasing a mobile home. They also take long in returing your money

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I live in Walzem Mobile Home Park and really enjoy it. Everyone has to keep up their lawns and nice pool and party house. Very quiet.

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It is a quiet community as in no wild parties, loud music or destructive persons. Warning - near a railroad track. Has three gates. One is locked with a key lock, one is controlled by a code (everyone uses same code) and the last gate is two low bars locked with a padlock and you can walk over it.

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Great place, dont go to woodlake estates, they are awful

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2 months ago, my mother-in law passed. We were left her home, car, etc. We spoke with the office about this and they showed no sympathy to us, now that we have to take care of our mortgage, and other bills, plus her lot fee, her car payment, and more. We asked for some leinance or to be patient with us. Other the next couple of weeks, we would show up to her home and there was notes left by the property for extra fees, knowing she had past. We went to talk to the office and the lady was very clueless on things and kept asking what we are doing with her home. Since she didnt have any answers, we asked to talk to property owner or someone fighter than her. We have yet to receive any emails, phone calls, written letters, nothing. We keep going in the office to talk to someone and nothing is happening, 2 months now and no owner has called us or anyone has called us. They just keep billing us for little extra fees. This place is terrible and the people I have spoken with around the homes dislike the area.

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I live there

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Daughter lives there - nice double wide.

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Nicest trailer park I have ever seen. They have a pool and it is a friendly neighborhood.

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I love Walzem Park. I have been here for a year and a half. When I first moved in I hate problems with the manager at that time. However she no longer works here! Yay! The manager now is awesome. He knows everybody by name the second that you walk into the office. My kids love it here as well.

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Sexual predator lives in the park. They say you cannot reside in the park if you have felonies. They add lawn care charges just because the mowers show up, even though they do not work on your section of the lot. There is absolutely no privacy.

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I have been to Walzem park a few times Over the last year or so. I really liked the park, and recently when I went to look at a lot to lease and to maybe bring my own home into the park and there was a man in the office and he said he was the supervisor from Dallas. Down here to check on his parks. Very rudely told me that he had no time talk to me and that the property manager should be back in a few minutes. Waited 10 minutes or so and she walked in and poor lady, she was all red from the heat and had a office full of residents waiting for her. Meanwhile the supervisor and I think his name was Brian or Ryan. But while we waiting for some help, the lady manager (Sara) was very on top of things. She made sure all that were waiting were comfortable and even asked if we wanted some water. Then he started to yell at her and curse. That was very uncalled for and not professional to talk to her like that. I did not like him at all much less want to talk to him. I want to say thank you to the mgr Sara for being for soft spoken and helped us with all the info we needed. But this guy Just warning, stay away when. I have always loved Walzem park but if that man there, I would not rent there. Very rude horrible manners and he is a supervisor who just smokes outside and is cursing at his employees and resident.. Sara the manager and Walzem park I would recommend as long as that mab was not around. Good luck with that jerk. He should not be in this business.

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Beautiful. Quiet area luv to live here.

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Great neighborhood very quiet and peaceful!!!

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Walzem Park is a beautiful park. There are a couple of bad neighborhoods around it but the management and maintenance team do a great job in keeping the rif-raf out. Any serious maintanence issues are taken care of ASAP. None of the mainanence team have any type of criminal record as previously stated in other reviews. There is a strict background check done on all employees and residents. Compared to other parks in the area it is one of the best.

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This park is the worst place to raise kids and live. The manager doesnt care for her residents she also abuses her status and lets people go into your house without letting you know. The maintenance personal are kinda friendly at first but I wouldnt trust them in my house alone. One of the maintenance guys is a ex-felon. Which put me on edge hoping my house didnt get broken into everytime I left my home to visit family out of town.The park is in between two bad neighborhoods they look nice but full of thiefs. There is a school in one neighborhood that is pretty decent, if you like hearing school bells and kids screaming this is the place to be.While I lived there I barely got any maintenance done when there was alot needed. Many of my neighbors got there homes and vehicles broken into from kids from other neighborhoods and local. The front gate has a code box to get in, but that is really for show cause it doesnt stop anyone. The box is only good when the gate isnt broken and left wide open for anyone to waltz in, and there is open gates all over the park that people from other neighborhoods walk through to get into the park all the time.They have a pool with restrooms near them that are always locked due to kids vandelizing them so I was told by managment. So I had to go home to use the restroom each time I went to the pool. Thats when the pool was even open which it hardly is. When the pool is open its flooded with people that do not even live in the park.All in all I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone. I wish I never lived there in the first place, I am gratefull I was able to move out to a better neighborhood.Helpful hint: When you move out take pictures of the home after you clean it cause the manager will take your down deposit like she did me.

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Was. A bunch of gun fire in the 5 min. I was there

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Everytime I go to office it says open but the doors are locked, the lady inside just watches you trying to get in and dont even bother to say anything or open the door its like their never open

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My grandma lives here

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Good place

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Nice place

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I have family in that neighborhood

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I loved it

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Management does not follow through with there promises.

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I live here, I my complaint is the maintenance guy kinda creeps the wife and I out.

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