Cinemark Hollywood Movies 20
2101 East, TX-8 Beltway, Pasadena, TX 77503, United States

Review №1

Great time with Family. My beautiful Niece had an early Birthday & reserved a private party. It was just nice being with Family & seeing some I rarely see. Thanks so much for helping us with this event. Your theatre is very nice & so are the people. Stay safe and blessed...

Review №2

This has always been our go to theater but we love it even more now after all the renovations. Love the recliner seats and the fact that they are heated. One thing another Cinemark does is take your food to your seat. Now that would be an awesome thing to do here .

Review №3

I love this place, they have the luxury recliners with heated seats and a tray table, always friendly and clean when Ive been.

Review №4

Love this place. Especially now that you can do private watch parties. Been there three times in the last two weeks! Ive been watching movies there since 1993. They upgraded the interior over the last few years. Its nice, clean, and reclining and headed seats. If only they could fix the paper towel dispenser in the mens restroom at the front of the theater. Its been broken for like a year and a half. Cmon guys.

Review №5

I usually go to the Tinseltown on I-10 but because they werent showing a particular movie, we went all the way to Cinemark Hollywood 20. I love Tinseltown on I-10, however I love this one even more. Every seat is reclinable but in addition they also have seat warmers and a little table that you can swing in and out. The chairs seem to also be much more comfortable here than they are at the one in Tinseltown. It looks clean and organized.I am considering making the longer drive just to go to this one now.

Review №6

I do not know where to start!First of all,Hygiene level was fantastic.Service and assistance excellentThe ticket was Cheapand the best off was the incliner-heated seats!!Very relaxing experience...

Review №7

Excellent service no crowds reclining seating discounts on popcorn and sodas

Review №8

It was very clean and empty seen an old movie but is was great

Review №9

The management has taken great care to provide a safe environment during this pandemic. My son felt safe.

Review №10

Clean, not too many people at the movies due to covid but its ok cause its cleaner.

Review №11

Enjoyed getting back to the theater but the movie itself was not good.

Review №12

They played good movies pizza is trash tho

Review №13

Loved the seating. Clean and safe.

Review №14

Ive been coming to this theater for 15+ years. If you wouldve seen it back then youd never think it was the same place. It has recliners, a great sound system, and its clean. Yeah, you can tell the building is old, but theyve been changing with the times and getting better.It used to be that if you lived around here you would go to AMC, because it was the nicer theater, but at this point theyre basically the same and I prefer this one because its cheaper, and closer. Concession prices still suck, but thats any theater.Love it.

Review №15

I love the idea of less staff on a Tuesday evening by having guests purchase tickets at the concessions, but I dont like the long line it creates. The staff are always very friendly and I appreciate it. The seats are amazing and the ticket price on discount day cannot be beat!

Review №16

Love this theatre. Good place to catch a wholesome G rated movie and eat some popcorn.

Review №17

Been going here since I was young and I always love it. Not cheap but not the most expensive and they have improved with the nice electric reclining chairs with built in heaters if youre feeling cold. Its made to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible. Im probably more comfortable watching movies here than at my own home

Review №18

The place was a little slow in moving the line to get tickets, but they are friendly there. Offer a drink kiosk outside the counter. So you refill it yourself. Nice They are clean, usually filled with good people hoping to enjoy a good movie.

Review №19

Great recliners and a wonderful place to enjoy watching a movie with friends and family

Review №20

Who doesnt the cinema? I always enjoyed this place.

Review №21

This movie theater is really nice! I love the reclining and two level heated seats. The place is kept very well, and you can tell that people care about this movie theater and care about you. I would definitely recommend this movie theater, as its the nicest one that I have been to in Texas.

Review №22

Love for the conviency of not having to drive 20 minutes to a theatre and it being right down the road. But seems to be the only thing worth giving a star about, went for the holidays popcorn and trash all over the floors but being as it was holiday rush youve got to give people a break. Saw star wars second time returning to this theatre this time no one was there at the booth to take tickets but there were handful of workers around and movie was about to start, get to our seats and the reclining chair didnt work. Or the next chair. Or the chair after that or the chair next to that one. Turns out whole row was out except one chair.

Review №23

Food is great but asked more than 3 times for someone to fix our seat that did not recline and no one ever came. It was not busy, it was around 11:30 am. The seats should be tested to make sure they work before letting customers into the theater.

Review №24

I know now a days people are having to purchase movie tickets in advance to see a movie. But this older movie theater had small theaters and were sold out of good seats except 1st and 2nd rows. So we had to go an competitor theater where there was more than enough seating for us.

Review №25

Where should I start?, the old memories I had as a kid coming here and having a ball every single time a film came out. Or the great experiences I have now in this time, either way, I can only say good things about this theater, how well it performs and the comfort of the suites. Thanks Hollywood 20, for the always and reoccurring great experiences I’ve had here!.

Review №26

The establishment needs to open the 3rd concession stand during high volume times. Restrooms need to be cleaned and fully stocked. Over all it wasnt a total bad experience. The pizza & popcorn is good.

Review №27

I came here to see the new Spider-Man movie today and it was a VERY enjoyable experience. The bathrooms look well maintained and have a nice aesthetic with their black and yellow tiles. It was a little hard for me to figure out where the stalls were because there was a wall between that area and the urinals, but it was only my first visit so I wont take any stars off for that. The jalapeno hot dog I got was a good meal to hold myself over until the movie was over, and the employees were friendly and enjoyable to interact with. That, and its just behind a Jack in the Box restaurant where I got a full dinner after the movie, so its quite convenient for me as well. I will definitely be coming to this theater again in the future.

Review №28

I havent been able to go to the movies much, but I got the opportunity to recently. I used to go to this theater when I was a kid. Back then the seats were stadium style, uncomfortable. Dirty. Now, theyre nice leather. Thick. They can actually recline and have a warming feature. Loved this place.

Review №29

Seats are a whole lot better place is a little cleaner but love taking my kids here before of the affordable prices on the tickets

Review №30

New seats make for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Loud people and bright phones are for the most part hidden. I like picking our seats before we go.

Review №31

I went a couple weeks ago to see Underwater. My boyfriend and I were the only two seeing it, but we didnt get to finish the movie. I guess they assumed nobody was in there. Suddenly the screen went black and we saw an employee coming in to clean. I wanted to say something but my boyfriend didnt want to cause trouble. Still bummed that I had to Google the ending.

Review №32

I give a 5 star rating because I know what this Hollywood Theatre has come from to now. Ive been going to Hollywood theater over 20 years and Im VERY happy to see that theyve renovated AND upgraded the quality of both aesthetics as well as the important creature comforts such as the very comfy leather, electronic reclining seats, the swing table to place your goodies and drinks on. The overall experience and quality is great and at a great price! This is why Ive always come to Hollywood and now bring My kids to Hollywood Theatre. Enjoy your movie

Review №33

Great despite the craziness out there. We so enjoyed the movie I still believe.

Review №34

Ticket prices are not as excessively expensive as other theaters. The recently updated theater now has heated,leather reclining seats. The difference between this theater 2 years ago and today is amazing. Helpful staff.

Review №35

Seats recline but leave plenty of room for the walkway! Ticket pricing is good, and the food, though in good variety, is priced as what you would expect for any movie theater. Always clean and staff is courteous.Screens are clear and enjoyable at any distance. Highly recommended!

Review №36

All the memories just love it but want the arcade back

Review №37

This was a nice place to catch a movie, though it did have a few hang ups. Between the ticket booth and getting into the theater their layout was a little wonky. There arent clear snack bar lines and its hard to know what they have as you cant see everything. They have floating shelves for merch which was cool but the placement odd. The lobby was a bit of a mess with some soda spills, trash, and popcorn well just everywhere. I know that is hard to keep up with, but it wasnt very attractive. It was also the end of the night so Im sure staff was tired or cleaning out the theater rooms that just let out. The chairs were relatively clean and had the auto reclining and warming features which was nice! Staff was friendly and helpful!

Review №38

Always seems to be a little dirty. And there are always kids unattended in movies that require supervision. Other than that the theater has lower ticket prices and the staff is always helpful.

Review №39

Its been a couple of years since i last visited this place but I went today(2/28/20) and they note habe abar in there and the seating is amaizing. Very comfortable soft leather recliners, I enjoyed my morning date with my husband. . .we will be returning!

Review №40

I love this theater! The seats are incredible and the food is reasonably priced. It was a little dirty over the weekend but it had been pretty packed due to the avenger movie. They have a really nice bar with a lot of drink options for adults. You also cant beat $5 tickets when everywhere else its closer to $12 per person.

Review №41

It was good I went to watch dora and it was really fun being there

Review №42

Great prices on both tickets and concessions. The newly renovated chairs are by far the best ones any of the Cinemark locations have to offer; they recline the whole body of the chair, they have a warming option, and each chair comes with a sliding table. I highly suggest coming to this theatre, even if its not the closest one to you!

Review №43

Enjoyed the popcorn and drinks and the reclining seats and the seats also warm you up if you get to cold very nice. Great place for you and the family. Lol loved it there

Review №44

I like that you can go to Fandango in pre select your settings and not worry about it before you get there. The have value Tuesday and they recently have remodeled their location in it looks amazing. I definitely recommend this place for everyone.

Review №45

Ive been going here for almost 30 years. The renovation is awesome. Power reclining chairs, HEATED SEATS! Its pretty nice. The only thing I would add is an imax, but thats a whole other conversation.

Review №46

Went to see UNDER WATER, it was very comfortable and the staff are a great bunch of young men and women. Two thumbs UP,,

Review №47

Its very cheap right now

Review №48

Grew up going to this theatre. The recliners don’t go as far back as the theatre in Webster but I live the treys and SEAT WARMERS. The theatre is a little dated in some parts, but all of the upgrades are great in the individual theaters.

Review №49

Highly recommend the new luxury loungers. Theyre heated and recline pretty far back. Perfect for sleeping through a movie someone drags you to.Seriously, I have no desire to watch the Hunger Games, Karen; and I dont appreciate you bringing your new boyfriend.Movie theater was great though.

Review №50

Clean, had a great time

Review №51

Love the new changes! The heated reclining seats are awesome. The food is good but not great. The concession stand is new which is nice but last time I went the floors in front were filthy. I still really like the theater though. Its still one of the more affordable places to see a movie.

Review №52

Changing to lounge chairs, adding pizza hut, and things to buy with a bad is probably the best decision they ever made. Best movie place around in my own opinion.

Review №53

Get full pretty quick and the best seats are full quicker as well. Great prices although they went up because day times prices were on $4.75 for weekend and during the week, not anymore. I find concessions to be little expensive as an overall but here they have great deals to choose. I really recommend this place to watch your favorite movie.

Review №54

It was okay. Just a typical movie theater with popcorn all over the floor. The staff was great though, and getting drinks from those touchscreen mixer machines is always a winner. Also love the power recliners and super mushroom sized theater screens. Its far from a bad theater and Ill deffo return again. Just dont go expecting one of those pinkies up type of places and youll be just fine.

Review №55

Best place to go see a movie low price, good food and a funny staff

Review №56

Went to check out Black and Blue with Mom. Nice recline seating. Pizza Hut personal pans pizzas for a fair price and not the Large Crowds like when you go to the bigger cinemas. And it didnt cost $100 to see a movie like when you go to Edwards by the time you leave to food stand.

Review №57

I went here for my sisters birthday, and the staff was nice, seats were comfortable, but when if can to the actual movie, the projection went out not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES!!! we did get a refund, but still, it needs to be fixed. We will not be coming back.

Review №58

Grate place to relax and watch a movie. The building is not 5 stars but the experience is. 10/10 would recommend

Review №59

Not that bad, they just need to replace their carpet as it looks old and is smell

Review №60

Enjoyed the lean back heated seating.Comfortable and warm.

Review №61

Very comfortable & clean. Prices arent outrageous either. For the movie, nor was it for the popcorn.

Review №62

I love that the seat heats up n you can recline it too;)

Review №63

Moderately clean with large comfy seats that recline. The lights were turned on mid movie. Simple mistake and they were promptly turned back off but killed the movie vibe and caused me to have to readjust eyes for no reason

Review №64

Lost my tickets my overall experience was awesome they took care of me. the night to me remember cant wait for the next day my anniversary ️ thank you so much

Review №65

Very clean. Upgraded sound system. Plus great popcorn

Review №66

A little cold in the auditorium. Had a sweater on top of long sleeve shirt and used the lumbar heater and was still cold. Other than that love seeing movies there.

Review №67

I go here for almost every movie. Nice reclinable seats, drink machines with almost every flavor in the world, good tasting popcorn, and finally nice, clean restrooms. I recommend going here. Ive been in Deer park for about 11 years and always go here.

Review №68

Love the theater. We come from Baytown to here. The seats are much better.

Review №69

Since the theater has been renovated, it is so nice to attend the movies there. Love it.

Review №70

This place has improved a lot since my last 2 stars, this is the reason Ive changed it. Great place to watch a movie nowadays.

Review №71

I wish they had armrest that could be moved up, but I still like it. Very comfortable seats

Review №72

They need to do a better job of cleaning. The hallways were messy with food thrown on the floor. The theater was messy the practically no trash picked up. Almost all of the come machines were out of coke. The bathroom smelled nasty and it was messy as well.

Review №73

They recently added recliners and i think its a nice touch for an affordable theater, the thing is the prices of the snacks are ridiculously high . Had a great time tho

Review №74

Very clean and respectful people came with my God daughter And fiance to see frozen 2

Review №75

The seats are awesome and the concessions was fast. The movie started off alittle messed up and the room was kinda cold but we loved it there.

Review №76

Everytime I get to go to the movies @ Cinemark I always have perfect Im good service

Review №77

The best part of this theater is that the seats are comfortable, recline and have a food tray. Picture and sound quality were very good. The reason for the three starts is that the place isnt very clean. The bathrooms were something Id rather avoid... Which sucks when you are pregnant and really want to use the toilet! The snack bars were plentiful, but stray popcorn all over the floors and the the place that you dress your popcorn was pretty gross. Had the salt shaker and the refill box for the salt shaker in the same place... Consumers arent supposed to need to use the refill box lol.

Review №78

Need to have a draft dark beer on draft, just took off shiner that was my favorite beer. Also wanted puzza with veggies, they never have them. And wanted rocky road ice cream and was told they didn’t have that twice. The refreshments need to b totally redone, definitely not worth the money. And the beer has a lot of beers Uve never heard of, they r not popular, don’t have bud and bud light very popular beer along w shiner or at least a dark beer. Please fix these ideas, I really like going to that theater tks deny murphy

Review №79

Great reclining seats.Back row seats in the corner are great.

Review №80

We were pleasantly surprised! Other than the long wait to buy tickets the theatre was nice, clean and comfortable. The snack bar was a little pricey but the lines moved pretty fast.

Review №81

Awesome! We love going there because of the luxury seats and the concession food is good!

Review №82

Nice theater, but a little crowded at the concession area. Between the coolers, candy racks and kiosks, there is not much room for patrons. Overall a great experience.

Review №83

I love this theatre because the tickets are extremely reasonable compared with others nearby, the staff has always been very courteous and accommodating, and the manager was very quick to respond to an email I sent about needing a refund after the theatre unexpectedly closed due to a shelter-in-place order. Their new reserved seating chairs are fantastic as well. It’s my theatre of choice!

Review №84

Avoid the bathrooms at all costs. Wear closed toe shoes

Review №85

Love that this theater has reserved seating now and the recliners are very comfortable. Concession stand prices are high, though. I spend more at the concession stand than I do for movie tickets.

Review №86

This theater is good, the only thing they need to fix or focus is when you come for popcorn refills you need to stand back in line, it would be nice if they had a person just to accommodate refills, you miss quite a bit of movie time.

Review №87

Private watch party movie was awesome!!!!!!

Review №88

Reclining seats were nice, prices werent bad, and overall we had a pretty good experience

Review №89

The nachos at the back concession stand are the best Ive ever had!! Updated recliners are nice too and reserved seating makes it very convenient and saves time with skipping lines.

Review №90

The sound was that an acceptable level. Seats recline and were comfortable. Did not have to turn my hearing aids off this time.

Review №91

Good price,clean, love the reclining seats with the heater in them. Not too crowed.

Review №92

This theater has been around for a long time glad to see they updated this theater. New reclining seating and concession stand updated also. Tickets are more affordable than other theaters and that another reason to watch a movie here.

Review №93

It is always extremely dirty. Frm the beginning of the entrance to the actual theater. The chairs and tables are always dirty and the food trays. Its the closes one to my area and every time I do go out with the family I have wipe down everything with my own wipes.

Review №94


Review №95

Love the fact you can choose your seats while purchase a ticket

Review №96

The theater was really nice. The reclining seats were great and it was a great price.

Review №97

I hadnt been to the movies in a long time. I was impressed how they fixed it up. Nice booth and very comfortable. Since I have back problems the heat on the booth was very very helpful. Loved it. My granddaughter and I will most definitely be back. Thankyou!

Review №98

Went to go see Joker....great movie..but what was disturbing wasnt what was in the movie..but the police presence at the theater..not because they were there but because the ones I say were busy texting on the their cell phones to notice anything goin on...and second.. there were some girls whose cell phone kept lighting up during the movie..and when I complained..seems to have fallen on deaf ears.... otherwise.. great movie....

Review №99

Seats were awesome! Seats were abundant! Concessions were pricey, but it is a movie theater. Tickets were fair priced. Matinee hotspot! Clientele, -5 stars.

Review №100

The theatre is located on the feeder road of the Beltway/Pasadena Blvd right behind the Jack in The box. They have reserved seating which means you can choose what seat you want. The movie I watch was in the Dolby room, so theres plenty walking room in between isles. The seats are very comfortable with push button recline. The food trays are attached to each seat with cup holder. You can move the tray back and forth, so its not in the way when needing to get up. Overall it was a great experience!

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:2101 East, TX-8 Beltway, Pasadena, TX 77503, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 713-475-8180
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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