B&B Naples Towne Centre 6
3855 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112, United States

Review №1

The two staff were so fantastic. Dexter and Lindsey. They turned our whole trip around. It was going so bad to great. I couldnt have asked for more.

Review №2

Nice, local theater, and the prices are cheaper than the big theaters. They used to have a cool, mid-century style, ticket window in the front of the building, but they took it out ️. The place is old, but they keep it well maintained. Its definitely worth a visit.

Review №3

Meeeeeh - unsharp lens in theatre #3 & no fountain drinks - fix these things & I’ll update my review

Review №4

Theater #4 hadnt been cleaned. Trash in the floor and in cup holders. Both the popcorn and candy were stale. The guy that waited on my preferred talking to his female friend than waiting on me. I will not be going back there.

Review №5

Thoroughly enjoyed my first B&B Theatre experience! Comfortable seats, great refreshments, positive atmosphere!

Review №6

Great little theater. Door closed a bit loud on theater 3, but aside from that nice place. People were very nice and helpful. They were so quick with cleanup after movie was complete. Restroom was spotless.

Review №7

I have never seen so many ads in a movie theater in my life-we have been sitting here and there must’ve been at least 20+ -ridiculous! What has happened to an enjoyable movie experience? Bring back cartoons in the bouncing ball exclamation

Review №8

Nice multi screen theater. Seems a little tired. The chairs in the movie I saw were large and reclined slightly. But I could not quite get comfortable.

Review №9

Super comfy seats! Great staff! Our favorite family theater!

Review №10

My daughter from Colorado for 3 days. She use a GPS in her rental car. I have a drivers license but cant afford a car. On rare occasions I take Uber. That is all I have to say.

Review №11

Customer service was great only problem I had is a few of the lights would not dim while watching the movie so you could see everything. The air conditioner works great, seats are fine. I was in first theater to the left.

Review №12

Good movies. Good East Naples location. Other than that this place is in desperate need of an update. Im sure it is exactly as it was in 1995. The day we went they were unable to take credit cards so cash only. Then the staff struggled with calculators and running out of change. To their credit, they were great with what they had to work with. We need a new theater for this forgotten part of Naples.

Review №13

Comfy seats when I bring my folding foot stool cause I am short. Fresh popcorn, good quality and clear audio.price is right too

Review №14

Small theatre but nonetheless a great experience. Staff was friendly especially a gentleman named Adam who helped me with all my needs. Definitely recommend it and I will go back again soon.

Review №15

Convenient. Friendly staff. Seats are fairly comfortable.

Review №16

Brought my family to see Frozen 2... We had a great time... No line to get tickets...

Review №17

Very nice place to watch a movie ...i just moved to the area. So it will be one of my favorite places to go

Review №18

Always clean. An comfy seats.

Review №19

My sons love it. It is always so empty that I feel I am at home

Review №20

Nice location. Theaters themselves are comfortable. Better hot food would be a suggestion. Otherwise a nice establishment.

Review №21

Convenient location for South and East Naples. I wish they would offer more reserved seating.

Review №22

Small but reasonably priced. Comfortable seats but not the best popcorn.

Review №23

Great seats big and comfy reasonable prices. Enjoyable for the entire family. Go to the movies already

Review №24

I always enjoy going to this theater. I recommend it to others. This theater has a local theater feeling plus it has a great location with plenty of parking.

Review №25

Great pricing smells like popcorn inside i love it

Review №26

Probably not too great of a theatre compared to others but it gets the job done. Small, cozy little theatre with alright prices :)

Review №27

Very nice movie theater. It was clean and b the staff was friendly. The picture quality and sound quality were great and the pre show was entertaining as well. The seats werent the most modern but they were comfortable. The snack prices were high as they are in all theaters. The bathrooms were clean and well maintained. Overall a very good experience.

Review №28

I hadnt visited this theater for 15 years and I thought that it was run down back then but I was happily surprised to find new chairs in the theaters and projectors updated to digital. Would have given 5 stars but the concession stand was not updated. I like my popcorn buttered-layered but they have the butter off to the side so employee will give you a partially filled bag which you walk to the other side of the room. You apply the butter and walk it back to the stand and repeat the process.

Review №29

Small and old movie theatre but very convenient. Seating was comfortable and great sound and projection. Went twice on my vacation and enjoyed both time. They close early

Review №30

The plaza where this is located did a nice job freshing up the front exterior. Much more inviting. The ubiquitous front service desk has been removed and now you can enter front and center.The service desk is now inside and they have registered and a big screen right at chest height, no more craning the neck up and looking at times and movie names.The interior is still getting freshed up little by little. Every few months they are investing in the theater. Its nice to see.

Review №31

Inexpensive but definitely not modernized

Review №32

The theater was clean comfortable and pleasant. The sound was good as was the viewing. I would go back

Review №33

This is a great theater. Most comfortable seats ever. I’venever seen it dirty. Ladies roomclean! The theater was doneover about 4 or 5 years ago.Also nice to have a beer &popcorn should you want it!

Review №34

Comfortable, clean, excellent sound and well located.

Review №35

Small local theater that seems clean and the film and sound system were fine.

Review №36

My daughter and I love to go to this down to earth theater. Staff is so sweet

Review №37

This place is nothing to write home about but still a great movie theater. I am particular to the newer reserved seating recliner theater experience but B&B does a great job with the “classic” 90’s movie theater experience.

Review №38

The movie theater is wonderful, but the restaurant next to it La Cuisine, is one of the nicest places Ive ever been, the owner and staff are the absolute nicest people you could meet, Peruvian food, a little different, but absolutely delicious!

Review №39

For a small theater, they need to focus on making it a better experience. Go early if you can.

Review №40

Great new chairs, nice staff

Review №41

Its ok,it was close to where I live, clean,but dont expect more

Review №42

The prices are great! More of an older place that gives it a great feel of the old movie theater I lived it there. They had games and plenty of snacks. There’s a lot of different food places around it depending on what you want to eat like Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Bbq . Perfect for a date night no matter if it’s for family or friends!

Review №43

A little out dated. This small theater is convenient and quiet which sometimes is all you want when you go see a movie. Overall not a bad experience. Check out my other reviews.

Review №44

Dependable neighborhood theater.

Review №45

Tiny little place. But suitable for quickly going to watch a movie.

Review №46

Nice simple theater. Would be nice if staff would wake up. Come on, liven up.. Say hi, welcome, anything. The theater is dated, but it is a nice simple place.

Review №47

Saw spiderman love this small theater and their staff

Review №48

Nice place for a movie night, not an advanced digital tech screen but good enough for a low price ticket.

Review №49

Nice theater with friendly staff but I was in the show for the credits the other day and a young man walked by me with a terrible odor to clean the theaters.Employees should have good hygiene! Otherwise a nice hidden gem with low prices.

Review №50

Seats are comfortable and that’s about it. Place looks not well cared for. No paper towels in the bathroom. Impossible to call them or find out anything much on the Internet about the movies. When we tried to explain to the “assistant manager“ how difficult it was to call and even demonstrated by calling then and there to listen to various recordings telling us that it was not possible to get through she claimed it was just today but we knew it had been going on for at least a week. This person obviously does not have any people skills because as we tried to explain things to her she kept over-talking us defensively until we finally became quite annoyed with her. Go ahead and try to call the theater; maybe you will be luckier than we were but we are not returning to this place. Oh, and expect to see a minimum of 30 commercials before finally getting to the previews. And they even repeat commercials, can you believe! And when we entered the theater there were no lights on at all even though there was nothing on the screen so it was difficult to find your way to the seats. I have not been in such a poorly run theater in many many years.

Review №51

Gross!! They had not cleaned the theatre at all. There were empty cups, half eaten bags of popcorn left in seats, not to mention the trail of popcorn from the concession stand to the theatre. If my hubby wasn’t so set on seeing the movie I would have left. There have to be better theatres in Naples. Find a different theatre unless of course you don’t mind sitting in leftovers.

Review №52

Quiet and relaxing venue. Price reasonable

Review №53

Staff is great, price is perfect. Although there’s only 6 showings at a time, it’s still a wonderful option for the kids and I!

Review №54

This is a good place also to watch a movie even on tight night ...... Ive mainly been here on certain events where there is a function going on but overall no matter what the occasion the staff is pleasant and the atmosphere is very appealing

Review №55

Less expensive than other theaters in Naples. Always clean. Only complaint is their reclining seats dont extend past bend in knees

Review №56

Good popcorn but smallish screens. A bit cheaper than the other theaters in Naples so worth the trip.

Review №57

Like any average theater, but its good service

Review №58

Decent prices the theater was mostly clean the bathroom needed some attention

Review №59

What an awesome theater. Seats are comfy n plush. Friendly n courteous. You do have to ask for senior discounts in order to get them.

Review №60

On our latest visit we planned to bring our grandson and see the new Jumanji movie. I became seriously ill shortly after the movie began and required an ambulance ride to hospital. The manager was wonderful, he called 911, sent someone to fetch my husband and grandson, he sent another employee to watch for the ambulance and he stayed by my side until the paramedics came. My husband said he also offered us free passes for another time after I get better. This theater has been a constant and a great asset to the community, with all of the improvements and such a considerate staff, they do East Naples proud. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Review №61

Toy story 4the best seats were good

Review №62

Not bad, but no reclining seats. Nor are you able to reserve your seat ahead.

Review №63

One of our favorite budget friendly movie theaters.Staff is always friendly and the ticket prices are good.

Review №64

Older theater but still shows a good picture and not super crowded saw a matinee movie.

Review №65

Its far froim luxurious old theater, but it is reasonable for seniors 8.50 and its small, and convenient. If you want popcorn get the deal popcorn small drink candy 5.50. Enjoy the show.

Review №66

Theater was clean,seats very comfortable and sound level was good. Favorite theater! Staff very helpful.

Review №67

Great popcorn and movie was great! Seats were comfy too.

Review №68

Lobby is pretty jaded. Carpets generally messy but the seats are comfortable, audio nicely tuned, picture clear. They need to make it clear that if you have prebought tickets on line you can go to the concession stand to get your tickets rather than stand in line. Better yet, let us print them at home.

Review №69

It was good. Weird smell in the room though.

Review №70

Best god dame theater in America I dont care what the bad comments say thows young men and women work the best they can . The lines are so long because if u ask me its the best god dame theater in Naples . They got some strong and handsome young men . Great prices popcorn is dame good .

Review №71

Wasnt a bad experience, inside was okay, but movie area was good, really enjoyed the movie. Think price could be a bit lower, but all in all had a good time.

Review №72

Theater was dirty. Concessions had no prices posted you had to ask. Small bag of popcorn is $6.

Review №73

Cool older movie place in naples

Review №74

Always good..... Not a fancy place but adequate and we go often! Movies are current and audio and screen quality great! Seating fine and restroom nice!

Review №75

Only reason Im giving this two stars is because of the price and location. The employees sit in a room and come only when you say something, the facilities look old and run down. The butter for the popcorn isnt butter, its nasty, warm, fake butter that tastes so bad( I gave it a shot hoping Id like it).They lack alot of options on the menu, but it is cheap.Employees seem like they dont want to be there and most of the members seem to be older which is not a problem but, but talking to my friends I realize its because of the price.Living in Naples, most of the people between the 18-30 age will pay 15$ for a movie. Although I enjoy the low prices, the amenities are not up to par and the theatre feels poorly run.I go to Paragon where I can get a student discount and enjoy the reclining seats.Also, Theatre was like a frozen tundra.Hope this is helpful.

Review №76

Only 2 employees working selling tickets. Filling popcorn & issuing prepaid tickets. Line was out the door and into the parking lot. Although we were early, we just made the start of our movie. Where was the manager!?

Review №77

Personal helpful and pleasant, seats comfortable.

Review №78

Great little neighborhood theater

Review №79

Nice place to eat popcorn and watch a movie

Review №80

This was a nice visit for a new release, reasonably priced movie. I enjoyed the visit and would go again.

Review №81

Theater was great but whole front of entrance was extremely difficult for me to manage the wheelchair my guest was in.

Review №82

Great shows and service. Comfortable chairs and the screens are nice. Very clean.

Review №83

The newest movies at fair price

Review №84

This place doesnt look like much from the outside but was pleasently surprised. Nice comfy seating, DLP video, good audio. Smaller theaters but still a good size screen.

Review №85

A hidden gem, a diamond in the rough, a very quality theater

Review №86

This may not be the Mercato, but it is nice enough.The seats are comfortable. The ticket prices meet my budget. The people, although mostly kids, are very cordial. I take my grandson all the time.We love it!

Review №87

Since I was little I been coming here, family comfort, starting to up there prices but still better then other places. Cozy

Review №88

Love this theater

Review №89

Prices good but popcorn and drink really made it expensive. Seats were comfy but the theater was a little musty smelling.

Review №90

Typical very overpriced theater snacks.

Review №91

The underdog that should be the champ! Its a nice theater with reasonable prices. Nice seats

Review №92

While its certainly not the fanciest theater in town (#Naples), theyve made remarkable upgrades to the seating and facilities. Perfect place to enjoy a pleasant, cozy cinematic experience without the typical hullabaloo.

Review №93

Super cute! Dont let its looks desive you this little theater gots it all! Came here a couple of time and i love it. The employees are super friendly and everyone is great! The seats are big and roomy and this place has been kept in great shape. Definitely gotta come to this theater for any movies you want to watch!

Review №94

Small theater, but comfortable. Toilets were real dirty.

Review №95

New comfortable seats, new projectors, new sound. Great sound and picture and half the price of other theaters in town! Highly recommended.

Review №96

I love this place. Affordable prices and friendly and caring staff.

Review №97

Small, local cinema. Nice reclining seats. In small strip mall with nice restaurants and ice cream cafe

Review №98

It was a good experience. An old theater that does not have the newest systems.

Review №99

Great steps....Nothing fancy...usually not crowded.

Review №100

Wow! I remember when this was the only place to see movies in Naples. I was shocked to see how comfortable and nice the theater is now after the renovation. Seats are great!

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  • Address:3855 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 239-774-9800
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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