RiddleBox Escape Room
620B W 5th Ave, Naperville, IL 60563, United States

Review №1

Nice room experience overall. We did the Witch Room. There were some cool, creative, and unique puzzles.My friends and I thought the place (lobby and escape room) was pretty hot for some reason in the middle of October.There were some things that could be tweaked to help with the experience but I would recommend trying it out.

Review №2

Our team has done many rooms and the Riddle Box rooms are among our favorite.  The puzzles are unique and challenging.  We did the Old Tavern over a year ago and we did the Witch House shortly after it opened.  We had a great time and barely escaped the Witch House.  The puzzles take a lot of work, so be prepared to work hard and make sure to keep up the pace and use your clues wisely.

Review №3

The rooms had good detail and the host was gracious and friendly. The story was well done and the clues required some actual thinking.Very fun will go again.

Review №4

The concepts are fantastic. A game for all ages, even our 10 year old had a ball. Would definitely do more here. Maybe a touch expensive for a single family but absolutely loved it none the less.

Review №5

Both of these rooms are excellent. Each clue leads to the next. There isn’t any distracting ‘clutter’ like some other rooms. Very creative clues and puzzles.

Review №6

Fun time. Great host. Perfect birthday night

Review №7

Due to our guest of honor getting a bad stomach bug, we had to cancel our first reservation with less than 24 hours notice. They were very accommodating and allowed us to do so since they were able to fill our original time slot. We then rescheduled for another time. The room was great. It was the right amount of challenge and success. We felt like we were constantly moving forward. We all had a great time.

Review №8

The best rooms I ever tried. Can’t wait to come back again . We had so much fun.

Review №9

If you enjoy escape rooms even in the slightest, you MUST go to RiddleBox. My friends and I are a bit of escape room addicts, and hands down, the rooms at RiddleBox are THE BEST rooms weve ever done. I dont want to give away any spoilers, but the RiddleBox rooms involve some incredibly clever and unique elements that weve never seen anywhere else. It is clear that a ton of thought and care went into designing the rooms, and they are leaps and bounds above most escape rooms in terms of fun and intrigue. Seriously, I cannot encourage people enough to just go do these rooms. We did the Old Tavern room some time back and just recently did the Witchs room. There is a third room being built now and we cannot wait for it to be ready!!

Review №10

These are the most amazing escape rooms I’ve ever done. We can’t wait to visit the new room that they’re building now. The level of detail and complexity of each clue is top notch. You will not be disappointed.

Review №11

We didnt quite beat it, but still had a really enjoyable time. Went with my 70+ year old parents, teenage son and 10 year old daughter. We all had a good time. Not really for little kids but my 10 year old was able to solve one of the puzzles and she had fun helping out.

Review №12

This was somewhere in the neighborhood of my 15th or 16th escape room experience, and man oh man, was it excellent. We completed the Witch House experience and succeeded! This room was rife with technical and technological puzzles that kept us moving and thinking through the whole hour! We emerged victorious and having had a blast with the room. Prop work is above average, but design and execution is where this room shined! We had a great time and cant wait to be back for their new room thats coming soon.

Review №13

They have 2 very good escape rooms. Today we had 2 family teams compete the Witchs room. Riddles are creative and fun to solve.

Review №14

I had so much fun doing the escape room! Its really fun with a big group of friends and theres little puzzles all over the room that everyone can solve

Review №15

We played the Old Tavern room. It is very nice blend of simple and challenging puzzles in a cozy medieval enviroment. The room exceeded our expectations. We will come again to play the Witch House and will be on the lookout for more rooms in the future.

Review №16

Such a great time. Came here with a couple of my girlfriends and we all had a great time. Great team building experience.

Review №17

FUN, FUN, FUN...What a great time.Girls night out was very fun. We enjoy ourselves so much that we will be doing another Escape Room very soon.

Review №18

Love doing escape rooms. Had a blast! Team building event with coworkers (we got out). Will go again.

Review №19

Highly enjoyed the tavern room. The escape wss challenging and fun

Review №20

We received a full refund after a miscommunication resulted in them not showing up to open for our original booking. They also made good on their mistake and gave us a voucher to come back. We finally went and did the Old Tavern room and had a great time! We also got a sneak peek at their new room being built. Well certainly go back to try the other rooms!

Review №21

I’ve done tons of escape rooms, and expected so much from this with all the great reviews. It felt very static to me. Lots of puzzles on the walls, one piece of furniture in the room. Single room gameplay, and I always prefer two rooms. Disappointed.

Review №22

This place was so much fun!!! It was my first escape room with only one other person (which we knew wasn’t ideal) but had a blast even though the odds were agains us. The theme was really well designed and the puzzles/riddles were rather unique! Would absolutely recommend :)

Review №23

We had a great time at the Riddle box. It was challenging and fun. We would love to back and try more rooms when they become available.

Review №24

Awesome time! Very much enjoyed our experience here. Theyre opening another theme and we will definitely come back to experience the new riddle. Family friendly for kids 8 and up.

Review №25

Amazing time! My husband and I had a great time trying to escape the old tavern! It was very well done. We have visited over 25 escape rooms and this one had unique aspects we have not seen at other escape rooms. Thank you Matthew for a great experience!

Review №26

Awesome place-great experience!

Review №27

This place is awesome we picked the hardest room and did not escape let me know if you do give it a try

Review №28

Our team of 3 solved the Witch House with only 2 minutes to spare. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible. Absolute blast, would definitely recommend RiddleBox.

Review №29

Great experience! The room is definitely pricey but well done and challenging. The effects were great and the puzzles were very fun. We did the room with ten people and everyone stayed involved.

Review №30

Going to have a party here visit it first its really cool

Review №31

Very captivating. Literally and figuratively. Had a great time even though I didnt escape. Would highly recommend.

Review №32

My wife and I have been to a dozen or so escape rooms around the western / southern Chicago suburbs. This, by far, is the best of them! The first thing youll notice is the attention to visual detail, the settings seem real. Both rooms they have, at this time, have been built up with great craftsmanship. I wont go into room detail or anything, but the puzzles are diverse and utilizes some fun solves outside of the get a set of numbers and feverishly enter that code into one of 17 locks in the room variety. Of the 2 rooms, the newer Witch room only expands on the cool ways to solve puzzles and the immersion gets a boost too. This is due to the creators taking more time on the build of the room and you can tell theyre getting more creative and more technological in their puzzle solves. I cant wait for a third room, there is no timetable yet as they accidentally oversold the 2nd rooms opening date. The 2nd rooms came out great and I want them to take all the time they need to make their 3rd.

Review №33

Best escape room experience ever! Incredible use of technology and complexity. You have to check this out!

Review №34

We had an amazing experience at RiddleBox! A true challenge and great team-building activity. You must use all your senses (except taste) and smarts to solve the challenges. Our group of 4 adults and 3 children (ages 11 & 9) had a blast. There were cheers and high-fives through the entire allotted hour. You truly feel transported to another place and time. Very exciting and thrilling. Our group highly recommends this activity and cant wait for RiddleBox to have their newest room ready!

Review №35

The Old Tavern is the best escape room that Ive ever been in. Its just brilliantly immersive and fun. The way that the room is decorated and the story is paced is just perfect, and you feel like youre really exploring an old tavern and not just moving around opening box after box in an office building. I love the music and ambient sounds too. The variety of puzzles is amazing and really played to the different strengths in our group, and there were lots of puzzles and actions that our kiddo could help out with too. The staff here was great and my family had so much fun. We completed The Old Tavern months ago and have done many other escape rooms since, and this is still my fond favorite.

Review №36

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my family...amazing! This was my families first room but my 4th. It was by far the best company Ive gone too. We liked the small puzzles. The theme. The clues. The instructions were clear from the start. We made it with .52 seconds left. I liked that they gave us a pen and paper to write ideas down. And they had stickers on items that were just part of the decor. I like that there wasnt alot of high tech things that had to give you clues. And there was enough puzzles for a group of 6 to keep busy at. I cant wait for a new room!

Review №37

This was our familys first escape room, the ages ranged from 5-37 and we ALL had an absolute blast! To be honest when we arrived we had some apprehensions based on our initial impression of the location. Not having any reference to go off of we didnt know what to think. To say we were pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. The room was so well put together with the decor, which complimented the theme perfectly, and ambiance that we quickly immersed ourselves within the plot. Plenty of puzzles to keep you thinking which utilized all our our kids unique traits. So very glad we looked for an alternative to bowling or the movies as we left with a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment weve never experienced before. It came down to the last minute of our hour experience and weve been talking about it since weve left several hours ago Perfect experience! Another positive experience was talking with the owners/operators afterward. They were so pleasant to talk to and shared their experiences. Cant wait to see what future rooms they design. You have a fan for life.

Review №38

RiddleBox is the perfect name for this exciting and crafty escape room!!Based in a one of a kind setting - an authentic looking European tavern, which felt so real like we were transported into another era. The clues were innovative and clever. My teenage sons, nephew, and niece were captivated by the creative challenges & progress made toward finding the life-saving antidote. Overall the one hour flew by and it was a great experience for all involved. The staff was extremely inviting and helpful. We would definitely return for another RiddleBox experience - highly recommend this place!!

Review №39

We went there last night for New Years eve and we had a awesome evening! So much fun trying to find the secret antidote. We will definitely go back when the new room is opened. Thank you for a awesome evening.

Review №40

Visited with a group of four teenagers, the place was clean and well lit, staff was friendly, and rules were clear. The room was very well set up and true to the theme. I loved that some of the clues required you to feel, smell or listen as well as see. Overall, it was very fun overall. However, it was a bit more expensive than other rooms in the area.

Review №41

Highly recommended! Thank you for the fun! We had no idea what to expect when we booked the RiddleBox Escape Room for our leadership meeting, but we were “escaping the ordinary” and it fit into our theme. One of us might have even thought it wouldn’t be fun. Wrong—what an absolute blast we had! None of us had ever been in an escape room so really didn’t know what to expect. We got off to a slow start, but finally figured out what to do and with only a few clues, we made it! The room was just so cleverly done that we still talk about how simple-appearing but amazing it was. I keep recommending it to everyone I know, but it is hard to explain without giving anything away. What I know for certain, is that it was a great way to spend an hour of interactive, phone-free fun where you have to think and cooperate to make it out. Go check it out!!

Review №42

Fun place when a date night with the wifey enjoyed. the owner was running it very nice guy very cool set up excited for the new room thats coming soon at his location.

Review №43

My family and friends surprised me for my 30th birthday and we all went here. The host was friendly, flexible, and helpful. The Escape Room wasnt an escape goal but a find the antidote story. It was a blast. The clues were complex but definitely solvable. We had to use all our senses to solve the clues. Even my parents had fun!

Review №44

Very creative plot and the room was very well designed. Very challenging. I would recommend a minimum of 4 people due to the volume of locks and puzzles that need to be solved.

Review №45

Beutiful things to do with family and friends.

Review №46

Well done room. Original puzzles. Not easy, but still very fun.

Review №47

Awesome time if you can even find the door to get in the place ! Haha guess maybe that was the pre game to the game I dont know . But definitely was cool once we found it

Review №48

Good escape room for those with some 1-2 rooms of experience. Some clues were a bit of a stretch for my group and one or two tedious tasks. Major positive was that there were some really good mechanics to the puzzles and subtle hints.

Review №49

This was my first escape room I tried and I am leaving this review 1 year after I’ve tried other escape rooms. This room has left outstanding impression within our team with its unique challenges, puzzles-and etc. I really recommend everyone try this place

Review №50

Loved this place. Brought our 2 girls and it was an hour worth the money. It was something different to do and it was alot of fun! Good thing we brought the kids otherwise we wouldnt of been able to get as far as we did. Alot of fun and the associate there was very friendly and explained everything very well. Great experience!!

Review №51

This was our first time visiting riddle escape room. It was unbelievably entertaining. 3 adults and 4 teenagers (who were much smarter than us :)) were able to solve the puzzle just 2 minutes before the end, with help of the clues given to us. The challenges were designed amazingly well, high-tech, the room decor is very authentic and it takes you back in time. The facility is very clean. We cant wait for the second room to be open this spring. This is perfect place for birthday party of 6-9 people.

Review №52

We loved the riddle box escape room. Challenging puzzles and the room was well decorated to go with the theme. Fun for all ages that we had...13, 17, 18 and 40’s.

Review №53

This place is alot of fun. Great place to take the kids too and make it a family gathering. The owner was very nice and made this a rememberable experience. Would definitely go back!!

Review №54

This was my first trip to an escape room. So much fun I would definitely go back. There were 6 of us and there was plenty to keep everyone busy. Challenging but not so challenging you couldnt solve it. I would definitely recommend this place.

Review №55

The best escape room I have ever done!! This room was very well decorated and the owner was very nice. The clues were very cleverly designed and my group had an amazing time. Would definitely do again!

Review №56

Awesome time was had here by all the groomsmen. Came here for part of the bachelors party and it was still challenging for adults! Amazing job, extremely creative, and still puts you on edge for time. Very well done.

Review №57

Great overall experience. The room had many challenging( not impossible) puzzles to solve and was very well set up. The price is pretty much what you would expect from an escape room. And it was great that they allowed us to do the room privately. I would say the best one ive been to in the area and is a must if you havent been. I look forward to their next room.

Review №58

Such a fun experience! The room is extremely well put together and immersive! The owners are super nice. The room itself was very challenging and fun. We’ve been to multiple different escape rooms in the area and this one is definitely one of my favorites. Excited to see what else they come up with in future rooms

Review №59

Awesome experience, so much fun!

Review №60

What an awesome escape room. We went with a group of 9 with an age range of 10yo through adults. Mostly adults. The room is nicely decorated and has clever puzzles to solve. We had 3 that was first timers. They enjoyed themselves. Make sure you use all your senses to solve the puzzles. The last puzzle was epic. Make sure you get to escape. Its worth it. I. Recommend this room. They also let you reserve the room with a minimum fee. So thats nice. Plus its a private reservations. No strangers. Go and reserve the room. You wont regret it.

Review №61

Had such a great time with our friends! It was challenging and very fun! I highly recommend this escape room!

Review №62

My first escape room experience and cant say enough about it! We had 3 generations of family together. Ages 12-70s. Everyone had a great time. Very challenging. The owners were gracious and explained the concept and rules very well. Have been recommending to others! Check it out!

Review №63

Went in a group of two adults and four children 12 and younger. The room definitely felt exciting, challenging, and rewarding as we progressed through it. The kids were able to contribute a decent amount as well, which made the experience worth it.

Review №64

It was the right combination of fun and difficulty.

Review №65

So much fun and cool escape room!

Review №66

Amazing escape room experience really does make you use all your senses! I really enjoyed it!

Review №67

It was challenging but very exciting... kept us thinking. We are totally going to come back, I definitely recommend this place.

Review №68

Oh my gosh! So much fun! It was my first escape room, but definitely not my last.

Review №69

Very funIt was complicated but not impossibleI would never have figured it out with out using constant clues1 hour flys byeI Highly recommended this place for something new to do

Review №70

Ive tried two other rooms in Wheaton and Aurora and this one was the best. Puzzles were very original and room felt like you are in a real medieval tavern. The game was very challenging, but all puzzles made sense and were very logical. Definitely coming back to check new rooms.

Review №71

We went there today with a group of 7 people. We had a blast. The owners were super nice. The escape room was the right amount of challenging. Were totally recommending it to our friends for more outtings.

Review №72

Had a great time with family. This was our first time trying a escape room and we enjoyed it.

Review №73

Great time with friends. The staff was great and the room was awesome.

Review №74

Ive done several escape rooms and this one had some of the most creative pizzas l puzzle Ive encountered. Highly recommend!!

Review №75

Have done over 140 escape rooms and recently stopped here. There room was well done and in my top 5 for places to go. Can’t wait to see there next rooms coming soon.

Review №76

Dont be thrown off by the office building location, this place was a TON of fun! Cant wait for the new room to open!!!

Review №77

Fun and exciting. Great multi-sensory clues and tricks.

Review №78

Wonderful set up, great gentgentleman who runs the place. Cant wait until more rooms open.

Review №79

It was an amazing experience.

Review №80

Went with a work group. Boss picked up the tab, but said it was expensive (relative - shes not from Chicagoland).Although we all had a pretty good time, it was a little kitchy. We solved the room with 0.69 seconds left!The last few pieces we would not have figured out without hints... and were software developers.This was my first escape room. I would attend another after this, so I count it as a success.

Review №81

Slightly hard to find. Games are very well built. Staff are great.

Review №82

Amazing experience! Celebrated my girlfriends birthday and went there, we had a blast!

Review №83

Very fun and unique interactive puzzles. I

Review №84

It was sooo fun. I was definitely sceptical but finding clue after clue is so exciting! Definitely give it a try.

Review №85

What a fun experience

Review №86

The best place for escape rooms! Very much enjoyed it!

Review №87

Had a great time at this place with my family, best place that I have been so far, highly recommend!

Review №88

Best escape room of all of the eacape rooms in the area, clues made sence and the family that owns it is very friendly.

Review №89

It was so fun I would do it over and over again. I loved the story in it and it wasnt too easy or too hard.

Review №90

Awesome place me and my friends had fun time, the owner are very nice people!

Review №91

It was Awesome

Review №92

The staff was very friendly and the escape room was a good challenge. I would recommend anyone to try it!

Review №93

Great fun, great puzzles!

Review №94

If you want to have FUN just go to the RIDDLEBOX EXCAPE ROOM!!! I fell in love with this place Will come back again!!!

Review №95

Awesome experience!

Review №96

Great Place we enjoyed ourselves!

Review №97

We had so much fun!

Review №98

We had a lot of fun!

Review №99

Very creative and fun place, great for families!!!

Review №100

Challenging and fun

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