Cinemark Colonel Glenn and XD
18 Colonel Glenn Plaza Dr, Little Rock, AR 72210, United States

Review №1

Rented out a private theater, was a blast! Great service and fun environment!

Review №2

This is the first time I have been to the movies in over six months and I was a bit nervous. My fears subsided when I saw the measures that were being taken to make my family and and I safe. I accidentally purchased tickets for the wrong movie theater, but the lady at the ticket booth took care of that and we were able to see the movie here. The seats are so comfortable, I fell asleep half way into the movie.

Review №3

Best movie experience ever, very comfortable with the new leather reclining chairs. Push a button and let your feet up and lay back, my kinda theater. You can also enjoy all the regular food and drinks as well as fresh pizza hut pizza and beer. And wine as well, prices are ridiculous on everything of course. A 12 ounce can of beer is $7!

Review №4

They seem to have the COVID thing worked out. No issues and enjoyed the movie.

Review №5

Prices are not bad at all and the seats are fantastic! Staff is also super helpful and friendly. It was worth the drive!

Review №6

Very clean and super friendly workers at the concession stand! The seats, oh my, they recline and are just devine!

Review №7

They advertise free refills on popcorn then when u go to get refill tell you because of covid no refills they could give a new container if thats the issue, if not take the advertisement off the screen will not return there no customer service just lies....

Review №8

Just seen The New Mutants in this pandemic...pretty good

Review №9

Awesome movie experience. Very spacious, large comfortable reclining chairs...The sound is very clear!

Review №10

Always love this place, always friendly staff although I usually only do early shows. The kids and I love the recliners and its kept very clean. No sticky floors.

Review №11

Man this place sells Blue Moon! Beer popcorn and a movie I don’t think it can get any better. Popcorn was hot, beer was cold and good. Employees are always friendly and helpful. Place is always clean. Really love the remodel. Assigned seats! That’s what’s up, they recline back very comfortable. Location is very convenient and close to the interstate. Place is safe and has lots of security in place. People do yourself a favor and buy your tickets online. No need to stand in long lines when you can buy online. They have wine as well.

Review №12

The people were courteous. The seats were comfortable. We enjoyed the movie. The sound was great without blowing you out of your seat and most important you didnt spend the whole movie having to move around in your seat so you didnt watch the back of someone elses head

Review №13

Nice, clean theater, nice clean bathrooms. I am too cheap for movie theater concessions so I cant comment on those, but this is my go to movie theater.Love that I can buy reserved seats weeks ahead, love the seating and that you dont have to crawl over folks to go use the restroom, each row has space to walk.

Review №14

The facility itself is 5 star with all the venues. Being able to choose seating online is 10 star out of 5. You get down to a 3 star because the movie should start as billed. I get ads, I do. But 30 minutes straight is overboard, mind numbing and sets your audience in a exhausted and fowl mood. Can I get an amen from someone? Surely Im not the only one.

Review №15

They charge the same prices for movies despite the fact that some movies have a lower rating than other movies. If a movie has a 10% on rotten tomatoes, I should not have to pay the same price as if I were watching a movie with a 90% on rotten tomatoes. It makes no sense. Clearly the owner is just money hungry. But then something amazing happened. To my surprise, the low rated movie that I watched actually was pretty good. We as a society need to stop relying on rotten tomatoes to determine what movies we do and dont watch. Rotten tomatoes means NOTHING. The owner was not money hungry, he was reasonable. Great theater. The best theater. I have personally never been to a better theater.

Review №16

My husband and I took our daughter and her best friend to see The Addams Family. It was a good movie and the theater was a plus! The staff were all friendly and helpful when we had a question. Clean restroom and theater.

Review №17

Great place very affordable

Review №18

Very nice theater! The seats recline, have drink holders, and are very roomy. The sound is good, its all good!

Review №19

Extremely sanitized! Bright, cheerful

Review №20

Always my go-to place for movies! They give discounts to students and half price movies on Tuesdays! The chairs recline and are so comfortable. I love that they have a couple ticket kiosks so you don’t have to wait in line as long, although some of the screens don’t seem to work well (whether it be calibration issues or sometimes the screens don’t sense your touch at all), but hopefully will be fixed in the near future! I love that you have to pick your seat so you can go in and quickly find it. Staff are always friendly and quick! The bathrooms have a ton of stalls and are always very clean considering the high traffic that goes through them. My favorite theater in the Central Arkansas area!

Review №21

Nice and clean. Not Too expensive. The theatre was loud and the seating comfortable. The concessions were quick too

Review №22

This is the biggest movie theater I have ever seen in my life. Every theater is almost the same size as an IMAX screen. Very clean, updated reclining leather seats. And the food is better than most of those updated movie menus. DEFINITELY worth your time.

Review №23

They have the best latest movies Im going there this afternoon with friends. I love everything that they do here. Especially the popcorn snacks and drinks. They have the best resources ever. Even though theyre in second place because of the movie tavern. They still are the original movie theater. Every time someone comes to visit me I take them 2 Cinemark on Colonel Glenn they enjoyed the movie and the movie quality. They have the best 3D movies in Little Rock Arkansas. They make it seem easy to film and produce a movie such as Aladdin 2019. Thank you Cinemark for everything thats you have done. I will always send people and recommend people 2 see a movie at Cinemark on Colonel Glenn. I grew up looking at Cinemark movies. Nothing can replace Cinemark.

Review №24

My niece and her family met my son and me here to enjoy a movie for Thanksgiving. We all enjoyed the movie, our time together, and the theaters reclining seats. Great to be able to recline after a big meal. Lol

Review №25

I always enjoy myself.. Just wish they would expand the bar and let me take shots while watching the movie!!

Review №26

Awesome reserved seating with recliners and a good picture quality. Always a great place to take family and friends for an enjoyable movie going experience.

Review №27

This is the only movie theater I go to when I watch movies. Its spacious and has very nice recliner seats. When you watch a movie you still want it to feel like home, this place gives you that exact feeling. You wont be disappointed!!!

Review №28

Unfortunately this isn’t a review but rather a small somewhat complaint. Just now I came out of the very well done highly intense thriller Uncut Gems, which I have been dying to see since September. I really enjoy this theater and I hate having to write this but I had an issue with a group who was talking throughout the first half the film. I finally had to tell them to be quiet and was harassed by them after the film was over. Please do something to keep noisy patrons out who think going to the theater is the same thing as Netflix and chill. It isn’t fair to people like me who are film buffs, still go to the movies, and have to drive at least 2 hours to see something like this. I really don’t want to have to do Breckenridge or Chenal. But I might have to in the near future and warn and advise other people the same thing. We pay to watch a movie and listen to the actors lines, not a conversation made by two obnoxious audience members who become a distraction that prevents us from focusing on the plot of the movie. Thank you! Overall love this theater and the kind staff!

Review №29

Movie theaters are generally clean and the food/snacks/drinks are not too overpriced.I would recommend buying tickets in advance these days because new releases are always sold out, even if it’s been a few weeks.You can either buy tickets online or at the kiosk near the front. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what the best seats are online so you might want to go in person first, then figure or what seat works best for you and your group.

Review №30

I love this theatre. Reclined seats in every auditorium. They show arthouse films and other limited release movies. Its huge, clean and you can catch a movie at just about any time of day. Never had trouble with this place. Would recommend this theatre if youre in conway/little rock area

Review №31

Greatest movie theater Ive been to. Electric reclining chairs, many different snacks/foods to choose, you can even buy tickets and seats online. Definitely recommend if you want to catch a movie with some friends or just go and watch something because, why not?

Review №32

We went to the Black Panther Premier Party and had a blast! We got free popcorn in reusable tubs, a coin and 3D glasses (my 1st one in a theater). The seats were comfy and reclined. My only suggestions would be for the staff to put BP posters where theres good lighting and advertise these events more aggressively.

Review №33

Such an awesome theater. Seating is so comfy. everything is first rate and this place is so clean. Great sound system. Best theater in the area by FAR!

Review №34

Mostly clean with great service. The standard theatres have the deluxe seats so i never get the XD tickets because its not like the picture is ever bad. Go on Tuesday for $5 tickets

Review №35

They were the only theater in the Conway and Little Rock area to play The Lighthouse and Parasite, so kudos for that! They now have assigned seating, comfortable recliners with great legroom and serve alcohol.

Review №36

Went to a late showing of Avengers End Game. No wait, no fuss. Reserved seating made a huge difference, there was no pre-movie confusion or rushing to get a good seat. Clean place, friendly staff. Good popcorn. Great movie quality, and the reclining seats are just fantastic. Overall, wonderful experience.

Review №37

Clean theater and comfortable seats. Ticket prices are reasonable and the snack prices are as ridiculous as youd expect from a movie theater. Two tickets with drinks and popcorn expect to spend almost $40.

Review №38

Very friendly service with exceptional skills to help you in directions or any needs. Might I add on a nice change of policy when it comes to the certain ages hanging out late at night. Comfortable and recliner type chairs with an electric button that you can actually feel and operate with also the ability to move up or down the armrest. It looks cramped however everyone fits in well with a great screen view no matter where you sit. Also a clean environment as well as going in or leaving out the theater.

Review №39

I like this theater, I can purchase my tickets through Fandango and pick our seats. It never disappoints.

Review №40

This theater is always really busy, but that doesnt stop their staff from making sure that their floors, bathrooms, and theater rooms are relatively clean. The screens are big and so is the experience. Definitely recommend going here to watch your biggest titles!

Review №41

Great movie theater! Gotta love the seating! As per usual with theaters, snacks are way overpriced. But theyve now apparently teamed up with Pizza Hut to offer pizzas and chocolate chip cookies; the prices of which are reasonable. One of my favorite things is Discount Day! Got tickets on a Tuesday for like $5!

Review №42

I am so impressed with this movie. I love the comfortable seating. The associates are very friendly and they keep it clean. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Review №43

Modern theater with comfortable stadium seats that recline. They have security and dont allow unaccompanied underage guests after 6pm.

Review №44

I love this theater, my favorite theater to get popcorn because of the butter machine.

Review №45

Love the comfortable seats!

Review №46

Very nice theater. Great seats, terrific sound.

Review №47

Went to see Captain Marvel, the movie experience was great. The price of the tickets were decently priced. Avoid the conssession counter at all cost. My daughter and I took advantage of a combo thinking it would be better then purchasing the items individually. 20.00 for two large drinks and a jumbo popcorn. The cost to get us those products was considerably less then what they charge for them. I realize that’s where they make their money but at least they could give you a little preparation H with your order so you can sooth the hurt.

Review №48

Loved it. Enjoys the time there had absolutely no problems.

Review №49

Had to request a refund because there was a man in the Harry Potter movie grunting and moaning, however after multiple complaints were made nothing was done. The cashiers made a joke that “maybe he just really liked Harry Potter” and laughed about it. After exiting the theatre and requesting a refund my boyfriend and I saw the security guard had plenty of time to lean and play on his cell phone, but not actually check on the complaint. The manager tried to give us free passes to return on the assumption we purchased the Harry Potter ticket complete pass. After correcting them, we were told that the refund would be processed on our card. We don’t plan to return to this theatre again.

Review №50

My husband and I go at least once a week we love it! Get the 8.99 a month package well worth it!

Review №51

One of the only theaters I go to. Centrally located in Metropolitan Little Rock thus accessible to the city and its surrounding towns. Easy online ticket ordering and quick check-in once on location. Concessions are always well staffed unlike some other local theaters, this time spent in line is minimal allowing us to get in and hit the theater. Bathrooms are always clean.

Review №52

Great theater. All seats are reclining. Very friendly staff. Brian Banks is an awesome movie - heartwarming

Review №53

This is my go to theater for movies in Little Rock. I recall when it was named The Rave. Then, you bought a seat and sat wherever was empty.I review the present now. We buy a more comfortable, reserved to sit. Each one reclines if you wish. If the movie was just released, it is better to buy tickets early. That can be done 2 ways. You can go and buy the tickets or buy online. Purchasing online might have fees.I joined Movie Club for $8.99 plus tax per month. That lets me buy tickets online with no fees. In addition, I paid for a regular ticket. I can use it when I decide. If I quit using Movie Club, unused tickets remain. Imagine you decide to buy popcorn, candy, and/or drinks. Movie Club gives a discount.Since I usually go weekly, I will not forget the arcade. Those rely on tokens. I purchase using a $10 or $20 and bring some leftover tokens back in a pill bottle.Since the power has gone out while there, let the employees restart the movie. They must do that in all 18 auditoriums. You might be lucky enough to receive a free ticket to any movie of your choice. That must be redeemed there.

Review №54

Comfortable seating. Grat popcorn. Great sound system in the theaters.

Review №55

Great seats. Love the recliner. Always a great theater.

Review №56

Comfy seats, plenty of leg room, good sound. Nicest theatre in Little Rock, plenty of parking.

Review №57

Really nice place. Staff was dry at the door but the concession stand guy was nice. Very clean theater though

Review №58

Arcade is usually clean and fun with good games. The new lounger seats are comfortable and theatres are usually clean. Downside is the concession stands are pricey but this is not unusual among theatres these days. Service is generally good to

Review №59

The movies are niceThey sound great and get to eatEven sneak to eat

Review №60

Always fast and friendly service, its my neighborhood theater, just minutes to get too.

Review №61

Nice and clean.. my go to theater in little rock.. used my student ID and got a 5 dollar discount.. yay me!

Review №62

Assigned seating has completely changed my movie experience. I always used to get to movies way early to get the top center seat. Now all I have to do is order my tickets and pick what I want.The theatre is recently remodeled and they’ve done a good job. I come here instead of any other theatre.

Review №63

The Movie experience is Great but the staff is mediocre at best almost no energy or enthusiasm doesn’t really make me excited to be there

Review №64

I dont even know where to start. The have recliner for sit, pizza, alcohol and they play all kind of movies not just what is big atm.

Review №65

The movie was both informative and inspirational. I would watch it again.

Review №66

Honestly I feel even with some changes the theater is showing its age.

Review №67

Great atmosphere for movie watching. Comfortable seats.

Review №68

A family trip to see Frozen 2. Reclining seats, yay! All three children and five adults enjoyed this theater.

Review №69

Plenty of parking. Good online ticket process. Clean.

Review №70

Comfy seats and clean theater. They have you choose your seats when you get there. At first, that caused a little anxiety for me, but in the end it was actually way less stressful than just wandering around looking for a seat. It was a bit cold in the theater, but nothing too awful.

Review №71

Love the seats and that you can put butter on your popcorn yourself. Lines are steady during busy times but not to bad of a hassle. This is my go to movie theater.

Review №72

Its a great place to go and take ur children the theater is great the seats are awesome just love to come here and watch movies the rave is great.

Review №73

Movie good, seating good, sound a little loud. I will sit farther back next time. Employees were nice and helpful.

Review №74

We always have a great experience when we go to the movies here! They have the best ticket prices in town. Tuesday night is the best night to go, and any daytime show is affordable too. Date night Tuesdays, and kids trips during the matinee on the weekends. I e really never had a bad experience here with anything

Review №75

Great movie theater

Review №76

Love the Rave!

Review №77

Excellent place chairs are great almost to good makes you wanna pass out

Review №78

Go to the movies here often with my girlfriend. Staff is friendly tickets are reasonably priced. Theaters are always clean very spacious and the surround sound system is the best in Arkansas I willingly drive the extra 20 minutes from my home to go to this theatre over my local regal theatre

Review №79

Nice place great service patrons put us in right seats when people were in our seats

Review №80

I like the reclining chairs, they are nice and comfortable. I also like the temperature. The theater is always comfortable, its never freezing cold. Just like all other theaters the concession is expensive.

Review №81

Still the best theater in my opinion. Its surrounded by brightly lit dealerships that make you feel safe to go at any time. With all the remodeling, its become the go to place for a great viewing experience with updates being made constantly to make the process of ordering and picking up tickets even more convenient.

Review №82

This place was nice and clean. Very comfortable.

Review №83

Loved reclining chairs. Was lil hot! Have not been in 12yrs. Loved pop corn and putting my own butter on. Missed intermission! Clean!

Review №84

One of the few movie theaters in little rock that still have morning showings. Good matinee prices.

Review №85

Love seeing movies at this theater seats and sound brilliant!

Review №86

30 minutes of ads and trailers! Grrrrr!!!Such a great place....comfy reserved seating, clean, good service, but trailer after trailer after ad after trailer after ad after ad after trailer!!!!

Review №87

Had a great time!! I went solely for the lounger recliner chairs and the XD screen. Absolutely amazing quality in the chair and movie. I had a great experience and will definitely do it again in the future.

Review №88

It needed to be cleaned a little more besides that it was fine.

Review №89

Bryce the manager was extremely nice!!!! I went to see the new Halloween and the audience was extremely rude and disrespectful! People had entire conversations the entire movie and it ruined the experience for me. When I let the management know they were extremely nice to me and gave me a free movie pass to come back and enjoy the movie another time. I highly recommend this theatre for their quality service and customer focus.

Review №90

Love the new recliners and space everyone gets!!! I have never had a problem with the staff, food and quality of the Cinemark The Rave Theater. This is the best theater in Little Rock and the surrounding area. That XD sound is off the charts and will make you feel like youre right there. As I said earlier and have to repeat again, the recliners and personnel space is next level!

Review №91

Comfortable seating. Seats are power reclining. Nice touch. Seats are large enough even for larger customers.

Review №92

I recommend you download the app and buy your tickets online to avoid having to stand in the long lines to purchase tickets. I also recommend you take in a jacket or blanket because it can be very cold inside.The theater is clean and the seats or so comfortable.

Review №93

I love this place. I have been going here for years and the staff are amazing and always helpful and have great customer service.

Review №94

This is the movie theater I always go to. Seats are comfortable, there is a little arcade my child can play at before or after the movie, good concession. Just overall a nice place.

Review №95

The family and I saw Captain Marvel here on 5.00 tuesdays. I really love the assigned seating and reclining chairs. The popcorn did taste like it might have been an hour or two old though.

Review №96

Expensive but really nice and comfortable seats.

Review №97

We always have so much fun here!

Review №98

Matinee costs are very reasonable. Theatre was Surprisingly clean both carpet and seats, staff was friendly. I an deducting a point because the seat was very uncomfortable. Warning to taller people, I am 6’4 and the recliner foot rest is way too short . It would only go to the back of my knees when reclined fully and caused my legs to hurt from dangling around my knees. I had to sit the whole movie without using the footrest due to how uncomfortable it was on my legs. Other than that great!

Review №99

Nice theater. Really enjoyed it here.

Review №100

Nice place comfy seats. Watched a special showing of a foreign movie -- unlike normal, THIS TIME it was all goobered. Started late, couldnt get the right audio to play, finally got it working but subtitles were cut off the top AND bottom side of screen. After ~30 minutes they stopped, announced they couldnt fix it, restarted the movie as is anyway AND gave us all a free pass to the next showing in a few months.Unhappy that they couldnt get it right (special showing, so different configuration) but they did the best the could in making up for it. After all, things DO happen.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:18 Colonel Glenn Plaza Dr, Little Rock, AR 72210, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 501-687-0499
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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