AMC CLASSIC Woodbridge 5
4626 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604, United States

Review №1

I wasnt expecting to have this enjoyment great overall and the person who was working as the food area deserves a great palm on the back and a race she even walked me over to my movie room and was very careful, and for the people coming here youll be pleasant for everyone participating on stopping the spread of covid 19!!! Very cleaning and as a amc a list member this is an 10/10!!!!

Review №2

Dollar, carpet, first run, clean, and thats all i can think of

Review №3

Simple yet cozy. Great staff very polite Bestie (hope Im spelling it right) was a great help. She deserves a raise. Keep up the good work

Review №4

Feels like a comfortable pair of old shoes. Yeah there are newer theatres, yeah there are more fancy theatres all over the area, but Woodbridge just feels grounded to me. It also feels real safe no matter the time of night.

Review №5

Love this place, cheap cinema tickets I believe around $8. Kind of a small place, quiet. There is a park next to it. So I the move was really good and you want sit a few more minutes to fully enjoy the moment you can do so. Also I hate when AC is fully on in Cinema, I always wear a jacket. This one seems like exception, pretty comfortable ambient temperature.

Review №6

This is just my personal opinion: When I go to a theater, it *has* to be better than me watching a movie at home, and this place just doesnt cut it. I can see the movie, I can hear it, and yes I suppose I am technically sitting down, but the overall experience just isnt that great. Pay twice as much, get recliners and a better picture and better sound, or just stay home.

Review №7

Its very casual. its a comfortable place to work out. With viruses and things going around, I wish people would care more about cleaning off the equipment after their use.

Review №8

This theater used to be a great deal for crummy accommodations. Its still crummy but not a great deal anymore. They show new movies now but the ticket prices have gone up and the seats are still the same uncomfortable seats. Your view can still be completely blocked by the person in front of you and the hot dogs arent $1 anymore. Spend the extra few dollars and go sit in a cushy seat somewhere nice.

Review №9

Its a nice movie theater but pretty small. I wish it was bigger. Also, the theaters are old school and its in 2 sections of rows. Its not like a big movie theater like IMAX or anything

Review №10

This theater is a little out-dated. The seats had a certain odor like old couch cushions from your grandmothers house that shed had for eternity. Concessions are up to date, however. Despite all this, $4.99 for shows before 4pm and $6.99 (at the time of this writing obviously) makes the issues seem acceptable.

Review №11

It is great theater, watched lots of good movies and memories, but need upgrade the chair and carpets, but hoping not to raise the ticket price if they do.

Review №12

Old for sure, great prices just wish they would update the interior and cleaned better so it didnt smell from old food and drink on the floors. Sound was good and picture quality was good.

Review №13

It may not have all the hits, but its small, cheap, and simple. A good mix of new and old.

Review №14

Classic is a nice way of saying old-school. I cant remember the last time I went to a theater without stadium seating. The theater is small and you should get there early to secure a good seat. Just hope no one tall sits in front of you. But you cant really beat the prices!

Review №15

Great price and nice environment.

Review №16

Fairly clean best prices around. Seats are a little worned out bathroom needs a little work. Definitely recommend you literally pay half of what other theaters charge.

Review №17

The latest movies at the lowest price! Would I like the most comfortable and plush movie theater? Hell yes I would! But I dont want to drop 20 to 25 dollars for it.

Review №18

The seats arent very comfortable but the movies are inexpensive, the pop corn is delicious, big screen and loud sound.

Review №19

This movie theater used to be very different. Before AMC came, the theater was know as the dollar theater. It was a great price for the around 6 month old movies. The staff was very familiar with the community. It might have had a lot if flaws but for the price and the fact that it played movies that we might have missed when they came out in mainstream theaters made it worth it. Today it is not same. It was bought out by AMC. I have no problem with AMC aquiring the theater but I do have a problem with outrageous prices for movies I could get at a better theater.

Review №20

It stinks and I dont like the AMC takeover. Zero Stars.

Review №21

When this place was a second run theater, it was really worth it, but then AMC decided to make it a first run theater and raise the prices. Kind of shabby looking, figuring out which theater is the right one isnt always immediately evident. Generally not the quality I would hope to expect overall, and Im pretty generous in this regard. The seating arrangement is a little weird. I know at least some of the theaters have the aisle run right down the middle, which is kind of the optimal place to sit.

Review №22

This is a awesome place to catch a flick at a cheap price, for $3 - $4 you cant beat the prices! Why pay nearly $20 at other place when I just wait a little and pay just $3-4 bucks!The staff is always nice, it has comfortable seating and youd think for it being so cheap it would be dump but it isnt.I recommended this place to anyone!

Review №23

This was one of the best places I could have spent childhood years. It was heavenly until the big hand of corporation took over. ACM has slandered this center by removing the GM Chris C. a once an honorable veteran. Truly a sad sight to see.

Review №24

A smaller theater. Watched Parasite a great Korean made indie film

Review №25

Went to see joker, the projector was misplaced, causing the picture to go onto the curtain above the screen. The lights didnt go out until partway into the movie and the lights didnt come back on until long after the end credits came on. The doors were closed while leaving and i had to prop them open for everyone else and we passed 2 employees on their phones laughing as we left. It is a discount theatre but for a better atmosphere, service, and price, id go to triangle square cinemas not too far away

Review №26

I do go here, I will continue to go here. But its in the middle of Irvine, and yet for years the place has smelled like the toilets are overflowing. Speaking of which the bathrooms are disgusting. The prices are good value, but you get what you pay for. The cinemas themselves are not good quality,

Review №27

Small, seats not so comfortable, but excellent to avoid the big crowds and still enjoy the movie experience.

Review №28

They have lower ticket prices than other theaters. Good snack bar selection and they have the Coke machines with the multiple flavor choices that you pick on a touch screen. If you are in a wheelchair you need to use a little elevator to get down to the individual theaters. This does not have stadium seating so you need to be aware for shorter guests.

Review №29

I have nice time always . Very friendly people work here.

Review №30

Great move theater, but prices are high enough to just go the one in Tustin for better quality.

Review №31

Nice quiet theater. A bit rundown but still clean and the staff is polite. Worth every penny.

Review №32

A good option to watch movies at a cheaper price. However, you get what you pay for. The screens are smaller, and the seats are not as comfortable as other AMCs. There also seems to be more families with young kids here, which may or may not be what youre looking for.

Review №33

5 stars for the price, 3 stars for the cleanliness, so it gets 4 stars?Movie tickets in California aren’t cheap. Matinees elsewhere are close to $13 and I can see one here for $4.99. Even evening showtimes are practically half the price.The bathrooms are never clean, no matter the day or time I come, but it doesn’t stop me from coming to save some money. If you buy tickets through an app to save time, you still have to wait in line for them to print it out, just an FYI. The picture and sound is always clear, too.

Review №34

Love going to this theatre!. Tickets on Sunday afternoon are $4.99 each! Yippee!

Review №35

It was a really great theater before the AMC takeover cheaper prices but older movies. Now with AMC prices are more expensive but then you get newer movies. Still great pace good service.

Review №36

One of the least expensive movie places in the area. Family friendly and they show great movies! The movie theater is a little run down but they have been making improvements.

Review №37

Its dirty and it smells bad. Movie tickets are cheaper here. Now I know why.

Review №38

The theater is old and dated. The concession stand was not prepared for a Saturday night. Supposedly the hot dog buns and hot dogs were frozen. We were told :45 minutes. We went back after :45 and was told another :45 minutes; hence, my nephews did not get their hot dogs. The floors were sticky. Overall, I like AMC theaters, but this one needs to go!

Review №39

A great place to take the family to see a movie. Lower pricing, current movies and Stubs Awards credits. We drive 15 miles out of our way to enjoy it.

Review №40

As far as ticket prices go, this place is top notch. I can actually take my family to see a feature film for $20. I rank 3 stars because with the affordable ticket prices come the questionable care for the theatre. It’s kinda gross but cleaner than it was when it was the Starplex. Snacks are pricey but standard theatre “convenience” prices.

Review №41

Its the only place in town that I know that you can still go to an affordable movie without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Review №42

Great prices close to home. I wish the projectors were updated for better movie experience.

Review №43

Great value, great staff.

Review №44

Drove all the way from Glendale to purchase the annual popcorn bucket! $20.99 for amc stubs a-listers!

Review №45

We saw Overcomer there when it first came out.Another great film for our Lord.

Review №46

Great place to watch a movie with the WHOLE FAMILY. Doesnt cost you an arm and leg, unlike other theaters. Been coming here for about 10 years. Its been recently remodeled and under new management (AMC). This theater now gets some of the newer movies on their release date, unlike before.

Review №47

Really really bummed.They now want $10 to see the current features. This is just stupid when they have The Market Place, The Spectrum, and The District to compete with just a few miles away.The tiny screens are the same ones from at least 25 plus years ago when this was the only theater in town. The seats may be newer than that, but I couldnt tell.This place had really seen a comeback in recent years. We absolutely loved coming here and seeing the movies we werent sure about paying $14 apiece for, and seeing them for $3, or $5 (if it was 3D). If we saw a film we loved, we would even come see it again since it was affordable and to help it earn more at the box office. If we didnt like it, no harm no foul.We didnt mind paying for the popcorn and candy since the movies were nice and cheap.I am super bummed since I was waiting for them to get Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Wonder Woman and other films I wanted to see a few more times on the bigger than home screen.AMC if you read these reviews, give us back our older films!

Review №48

16 September. AMC theater. Great Prices, No seat reservations required, Free soft drink refills and No liquor served, so patrons do not have to worry some drunken people causing or starting trouble.

Review №49

Inexpensive and very old movie theater.

Review №50

$5 movies and adequate parking near restaurants

Review №51

I got some cheap tickets on the atom app and this was the only place I could see ready player one. I didnt realize the word classic meant it was a theatre from the 50s. The lobby is extremely small and was very hot inside, didnt seem to be running the AC. When I went inside the theatre, it was long and narrow with a small screen, also hot. I ended up leaving and paying full price at the theatre at the spectrum to see the movie just to have some AC and a bigger screen. Its cheap here but Id rather pay more money to get a better experience.

Review №52

Local original time capsula theater. great staff. Many years being a patron here.

Review №53

Small cramped seating was the only negative. I dont feel that the extra few seat sales possible with small tight seating equals the return business for comfort possible. I realize its a discount theater,.but...

Review №54

Cheap and classic! The price for weekend show is less than $8, seatings -> first come first served. The shape and seat position in the screening room is pretty interesting, no steps or different altitude whatsoever!

Review №55

Sometime lagging. Ive gone first thing in the morning, and it feels like the priority is unloading boxes vs assisting customers. Clean and always nice

Review №56

Best way to watch a movie in theatre and still save money!

Review №57

Very good price . have given free popcorn birthday.month.

Review №58

Place is great & prices even better

Review №59

Cheap theater nice to hang out

Review №60

The prices are good for first run films, but the theaters are old and small.

Review №61

The theater is very old but what can you expect for $7 movie tickets. They have great deals on Tuesday where its only 5 bucks. They do have all theater amenities though so its a pretty good deal overall.

Review №62

This theatre really needs some updating, but the price is great at around $7 for adult tickets and beats paying $20 a ticket at the bigger theaters. Definitely recommend checking this place out if you are looking to save some money and go watch a movie. The only downside is they they don’t always carry the biggest name titles.

Review №63

A theater is a theater. This one had seats that were a little uncomfortable.

Review №64

Great place to go watch a new movie, cheap tickets $6.99 for a new movie ticket.

Review №65

People come to this theater before because of the price, they raised it to $7 for adult but have not raise the service, the theater especially the carpeting and seats are really dirty. Their whole staff is like interns compare to other AMC theaters. I would purchase movie tickets from Costco, for a couple dollars more you can enjoy first release and all the big name movies and premium seating. This theater is good for kids and family movies only!

Review №66

Reading all the reviews and price jump, we won’t be going here any time soon. Almost went tonight, rather pay more for a larger screen & more modern seating. I agree, we have tons of higher priced theaters near by. This made the area feel we had our own special theater. The staff was always pleasant :)My husband and I are saddened.

Review №67

Been coming to this theatre for a few years now, the prices are best here not a bad place to come in and watch a movie. The seating some of them need to be maintained, restrooms need a lil upgrade or some fixed. In overall like it

Review №68

Cheap and just clean enough so you dont gross out.

Review №69

Best prices great place safe environment nice interior

Review №70

Its smaller / older theater but the tickets are inexpensive compared to most other movie theaters around. Watch out for which seat you choose because they are old and many are broken in one way or another. I try to go at least once a month to watch a movie here, because theyre all new movies not just before DVD releases .

Review №71

The guy who works there, David wouldnt let my friend in to the Nun even though she had a school ID that clearly stated that she was 18. Dont bother coming here, the customer service is terrible. Other theaters have let people in as long as the ID showed that theyre 18.

Review №72

Inexpensive tickets and concessions. Seats do not have headrests.

Review №73

Great price for the same movie available double elsewhere

Review №74

Hidden gem in town. Must-go place for a movie night!

Review №75

Honestly this place was one of my favorite theaters until now. My brother and I used to visit my grandma who lived across the street and we used to go to the theater after and pay 2 or 3 dollars for a ticket. Now they have the new movies and raised the prices which is absolutely stupid in my opinion. The theaters are not nearly as nice inside and it’s small but if I’m only paying 3 dollars then I’m fine with that, but not if I’m paying 10 to 12 dollars. I’d rather just go to see it at the spectrum or somewhere else because the theaters are nicer inside. Until they change it like it used to be then I’m not coming back soon.

Review №76

Nice neighborhood style theater. Pretty relaxed atmosphere. Nice crowd. People pretty chill, relaxed about asking or answering a questions about directions, theater number, Movie playing or something simple

Review №77

They let my friend in last time with a school ID when we watched Unfriended late at night but today, they didn’t. So now everyone in our group can’t go in. I’m extremely upset and wouldn’t recommend coming here because the consistency of satisfaction customer service is unreliable from the worker named David. Don’t plan on coming here with a group of friends because your plans might get ruined due to the lack of understanding customers.

Review №78

Best discount movie theatre! People need to stop complaining about their experience and take it somewhere else. Its a discount movie theatre for a reason and is the best in town! Always a good experience! Dont let the negative detour you! Enjoy (: Start serving kettle corn popcorn, come on game changer right there!!!!

Review №79

It isnt AMC or REGAL! Dont expect something that big. It is nice and small! The seats are honestly not the most comfortable. But come on, $3? it is great for the price. Best part is, A LOT of families come, so i dont feel so bad bringing my little girls. They love the movies! We love this place. Family Friendly!!!

Review №80

This is a great discount theater complex. The theaters are pretty good and the prices are really good. Where can you watch regular movies for $3 and 3D movies for $4? They also have hot dogs for $1 and chili for $1, so for $3 dollars you can make 2 chili dogs. Movie prices are getting ridiculous. The screen and sound are much better at places like Irvine Spectrum, but the tickets are $13.50 for regular, $18.50 for reclining chairs, and $20 for IMAX.

Review №81

Convenient & small. Very clean. Theater screen arent HUGE, but good to catch a non-action flick. Definitely want to stick to the bigger theaters for that. Walls are thin, so if you are watching an action movie, you can hear the explosions and other loud sounds.Theyve updated their fountain drinks to the all-in-one machines. A steal in movie ticket prices for sure!

Review №82

I love this old school theater.

Review №83

Quaint, clean, comfy seats, SUPER PRICES, current movies, polite staff.

Review №84

Prices are the lowest in the area. Not remodeled, but still a fine experience.

Review №85

Attendant was very friendly, great customer service. Seats were very uncomfortable and the theater was really dirty not to mention the restrooms. First and last time ill take my kids to this place.

Review №86

This place feels amazing with all kinds of refreshments, yogurt ice cream, movie theatre. A luxury beautiful view of the lake and a nice place to have fun with your family

Review №87

Would give it 4 stars if it was cleaner ( the fllor is really sticky in this cinema). Other than that, I really enjoyed to see movies that I missed for less than $5. However, they increased their prices and added more new movies. I am not sure how to feel about this, but considering that its in walkable distance from my house and still cheaper than Spectrum or Newport cinema, Ill give it a pass.

Review №88

Fast food and always get the order right.

Review №89

One of the smallest and most run down AMC theater Ive been in. The aisles dont incline tall enough to see over the head of the person in front, and seats are too close for comfort

Review №90

Price is right! No reserved seating but you should be fine finding a good seat.

Review №91

It is a dump but love the price!

Review №92

Awesome theatre !! affortable movie tickets ! cold slurpees

Review №93

Since they raise their price the quality doesn’t match the price anymore

Review №94

Cheap, near, good deals for movies.

Review №95

Friendly stuff, great popcorn, cheap tickets.

Review №96

Well its the cheapest moive theater around and its a pretty good theater. Nothing much else to to say.

Review №97

I like the chair the leather chair makes me sleepy.

Review №98

Best place so far for movie watchers on a budget. Movie selections arent as current as the most popular theaters but neither the cost for admission or refreshments, though the prices for refreshment did go up. Hope the prices for admission and refreshments stay low, if not, i will make sure to eat before going inside, or spend more to go to a theater thats closer. Also, hope the staff remains friendly and helpful, and if we have to pay more for refreshments, then add more choices, substance, quantity and quality.

Review №99

They bumped up the ticket price to $4.99 daytime, still much cheaper the other movie theater in Irvine. The renovated shopping area nearby is great place for family activities.

Review №100

Th only thing good about the place is the cheaper movie tickets. The place is gross and dirty. The carpet reeks of 50 years of spilled soda and shoe stank, and the theater seats are incredibly uncomfortable

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  • Address:4626 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 949-733-3795
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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