AMC Sikes Senter 10
3111 Midwestern Pkwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76308, United States

Review №1

Movie was great, staff was too. But the bad water got shut off. They only had popcorn an $5 bottled water to serve. If we wanted a refund to go to the other theater. We would of had to wait 24 to 48 just for the refund for our preordered tickets. An reschedule for everyone to meet up again. To top it off I had to pay $5.40 for a large popcorn refill which. Wasnt something I had to do 3 weeks prior to this visit. That Mall destroys so many good businesses. I wont be returning for along time

Review №2

Hated this theater with a passion before but the renovations are looking pretty good. Probably about 40 seats (all recliners) per theater which can be heated too. As it improves, Ill up my star rating. However, I will say the screen should be a little higher because when youre reclined, if short like my wife, the seats in front of you can be obstructive. Also, as of now, the lobby is under construction and quite chaotic but is coming along. Looking forward to the final product

Review №3

I went to watch fantasy island last night. The seats were very uncomfortable. And I somehow dropped my phone in the seat. I spoke with a young man over the phone who was nice enough to find it for me and put it in the office for me to get this morning. But when I went to go get it it was completely shattered and my screen wouldnt turn on at all. I would highly recommend going to the other theaters. Elliot was nice tho

Review №4

I’ll share a few. Came for first show of the day on a Saturday, manager waited til 15 min before movie time to open the gate; maybe that’s procedure?They weren’t ready in the concession. Candy wasn’t displayed, butter machine wasn’t turned on. No prices were posted on monitors and the manager was annoyed when I asked who could scan my tickets on my phone. I had to stand in line again for the concession person to scan it when she could have when I was buying popcorn. The theatre was warm and stuffy; it did improve. The bathrooms just need to be gutted. Maybe they were just really off their game. I don’t plan on returning.

Review №5

I hate the assigned seating, especially in the smaller theaters. This is reason enough alone for me to just skip this theater. The last time I went the seats were filthy, smeared with hand prints, melted chocolate stuck to the seat. Raise your standards AMC.Editing to add: I came here last week and the theater was yet again filthy. Seats with popcorn in the cracks, sticky armrest and cup holders. The one seat was reclined all the way back and not working (it was simply unplugged.) No body cleaned that theater before closing the night before, we were a first showing of the morning. The ONLY reason I go here is because I get free tickets and concessions. I am putting no profit into this disappointment they call a movie theater.

Review №6

Love the new seats. I think the screen angle is good for sitting back.

Review №7

This theater is much better now that they are renovating it. We refused to step foot in it before since it was so gross. The power recline seats with heat are awesome and I like that you can get your own drink at the concessions. Much better than it was before! Id happily see movies here now! AMC really is turning this place around and Im sure it will keep getting better as they finish the remodel. I cant give it 5 stars since they are still finishing up the remodel and only theaters 6-10 are redone and working right now. If you havent gone here in a while give it another shot, I think youll be pleasantly surprised!Be warned that the bathrooms havent been renovated and they still seem kinda gross. Hopefully thats in the plans!

Review №8

Well, its a little better than it used to be. The new recliner seats are very nice. They are heated and apparently you should be able to move the middle arm up and out of the way to make it a love-seat option. (we didnt know this at the time.) The aisles are wide enough to walk through even if the seats are extended.However, there are still some issues that need attention. The popcorn was stale and tasteless. There was no one out front showing people how to work the kiosks, so it took a long time for people to get their tickets. The fountain area either had all new employees or just untrained employees and it took forever. The womens bathroom on the side of theaters 9 and 10 was just NASTY. It really needs a super deep cleaning.We hadnt been to the mall theater in 10 years because it was so gross. I think we might wait a little more before we go back.

Review №9

The kiosks weren’t working and ended up getting stuck on the card processing screen. When we got into the actual theater to be seated, our seats were covered with trash and food items from the previous people. To top it off, the women’s bathroom was trashed and there wasn’t any toilet paper in the stalls. I would suggest going the other theater.

Review №10

It was really dirty in here. We went in and were the only people in the theater so I guess they thought there was no need to clean it before. Popcorn was everywhere there was something sticky all over the arm rest of the chairs we pick so we got up and sat somewhere different. Old drinks were left in cup holders pizza boxes thrown on the ground. Im not so sure we will be back very disappointed especially after paying almost a $100

Review №11

The place was great!! Me and my mom went awhile ago to see Dumb bo and got to pick where we wanted to sit and everything. They have heated seats and can recline them awesome

Review №12

Sub-pair renovation. If your short you better hope the person in front of you reclines all the back. The theater is much nicer than it was but I will still be going to the nicer place down the street

Review №13

The new look is really nice. They added an adult feature with alcoholic drinks which may not be popular with everyone but it adds to features and I believe a nice addition for adults. They have a police officer on duty so security is not a concern. The seats are great, the soda machine is updated and overall the experience is just better from what I have been to at the same location in the last ten years.

Review №14

$40 for 2 adults, 1 medium drink and 1 medium popcorn seems excessive. What do you mean that you dont sell small popcorn?! The seats are great, its very clean; but the customer service needs to be a little friendlier and frankly the drinks and popcorn need to be a little cheaper.

Review №15

Comfortable seats, enjoyed the movie Overcomer, check it out youll enjoy.

Review №16

They FINALLY started renovating these theaters! Its more comfortable, seats also are heated, they recline...much MUCH better than they used to be. Concessions still suck though, Id recommend eating before or something so you dont get sick. Once they address this then I will rate higher, but over all...much better!

Review №17

Love the new setup especially the seats. But man we saw a late movie and it was so freaking HOT! Turn on the A/C

Review №18

This is easy go get a drink and some popcorn and lay back and injoy a movie good as it gets.

Review №19

Was nice and clean employees nice helpful. Easy to get tickets lines moved fast even concession line moved quickly. Everything out for popcorn salt, butter and more.

Review №20

Nastiest movie theater Ive ever been to. Filthy, overpriced and disgusting.

Review №21

The recent renovations definitely helped the overall atmosphere of the theater but it doesn’t fix the employees’ attitudes or service. Both times I have been there since the renovations there’s been problems-the self ticketing not working so having to stand shoulder to shoulder (more like shoulder to chest/behinds because I’m very short) in the tiny lobby area, which was small to begin with but now with the drink machine and bar there’s even less room. The restrooms are always filthy and it’s always boiling in the theaters to the point that I feel like I’m going to have an asthma attack. The declining seats are a nice touch, but as someone else mentioned if you’re short like I am other people’s heads and even the seats are barely out of your way. And the button for the heated seat function is in a very inconvenient place-I kept turning it on by accident.

Review №22

Great location for date night!!! Great theaters and terrific customer service!!!

Review №23

Renovations are top notch. Love to see the progress and looking forward to seeing the finished product! If they maintain and keep it clean, we will be regulars.

Review №24

Always love this Theatre, great staff, food and love the seating

Review №25

A little pricy, but in a very convient location

Review №26

Seats are comfy a little on the small side though for a big guy.

Review №27

New seats are cool. Only issue is the assigned seating. Group of people were in our seats, and was a pain to get them to move. It worked out, but a bit annoying.

Review №28

Dirty theater, sticky seats, even with remodel. They just do not clean it. Drink dispenser had sticky residue and stuck on layers of hair & fuz. Bathrooms were indescribably bad. Floors covered in layers of urine and dirt, that’s was the women’s bathroom. Trash cans overflowing at 11am. I’m just shocked that money was invested for the upgrade. What’s the point if your going to allow it to become deplorable.

Review №29

Just wanted lesser of the actionable activity and now feel I frequently moved out of too much action

Review №30

All right but IVe seenBetter

Review №31

The theaters ok but dont EVER put butter on your popcorn! I did and I felt sick for days. Not to mention it stained one of my favorite shirts and that shirt was not cheap!

Review №32

The reclining seats are comfortable.... a good place to watch movies... the snacks and drinks are a bit expensive but thats unavoidable now a days

Review №33

Love the new look. Smaller seating capacity is great as well. My new go to theater in Wichita Falls!!

Review №34

My company helped install projectors and seating and this place is like brand new. The seating is amazing. Wait till you see the new concession that’s coming.

Review №35

Bathrooms were disgusting, seats sticky . Tried getting hot dogs for kids said there was none made obviously they didnt feel like making anymore and not close to closing time either, then tried getting them fries said fryer wasnt working .

Review №36

Place was awesome. No problems with movie. Seating was excellent

Review №37

Enjoy seat arrangements to the screen

Review №38

The recliner chairs are nice.. But they really need to clean them out and get all the popcorn& trash out of the seats!!

Review №39

Nice and big reclining chairs and no heads in front of me like at other movie theaters.

Review №40

I love it here! Nice, clean, comfortable seats that recline and are heated.

Review №41

Had a great time last night in a newly renovated theater. Came back today to purchase another ticket and the process needed the help of a supervisor. The general manager came to perform a ticket refund/seat reassignment and must have been interrupted from more important things. Bottom line: horrrible people skills. J. B. should have kept on task and kept her scarcastic tone to herself; next time let a supervisor with some customers service training resolve the situation in a positive way. Discouraged from joining A-list reward program.

Review №42

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.......WORST THEATER I HAVE EVER BEEN TO......0 STARS..... 4.75 FOR A 16.9oz soda, the movie does not even fit the screen it is shrunk in and you sit like a mile from it...... again go anywhere else

Review №43

It is not possible to put a zero star on google reviews. That is unfortunate because a zero is the only deserving rating for Sikes Senter Theatre.This establishment is an embarrassment to our community. We had boycotted the Sikes Senter Theatre for over twenty years until we ventured back in to see a movie.not showing elsewhere. We were hoping for some redemption having been gone for so longWe were thoroughly disgusted by the condition of the place, by the lack of care the people working there had for us patrons and the smell of garbage.I dont understand how a business, in the center of retail and shopping in Wichita Falls, is capable of such poor quality and service and remains in business for as long as it has. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Many of us Wichitans havent been to this theatre in decades and rightly so. The lack of any 4 and 5 star reviews proves my claim.Im disappointed at what I experienced going back after so many years away. I am embarrassed that this represents Wichita Falls in the center of commerce. I can honestly say there wont be a next time.

Review №44

I love the new theater especially the seats are awesome! I would highly recommend this theater over the other ones in town.

Review №45

I loved the seating and that youre able to pick your seats in advance

Review №46

Completely remodeled and very nice seats.

Review №47

Watch out for an Employee named: Scott or Justin but otherwise everything is is Sound as a Pound and with the Bar and Extra features....... Youll be impressed on what they can do in a decent sized Theater!!!

Review №48

This place is so much better now with there new chairs, and the updated screens

Review №49

The place is brand new but I think the popcorn they used was the same batch from ten years ago when the look of the joint reflected the quality.. no need to rant on all the things I didn’t enjoy., I’ll be going to Cinemark forevermore.

Review №50

Need to work on there popcorn. Theater area awesome.

Review №51

Large theaters, extremely comfortable seats, which recline and heat.

Review №52

Movies r great

Review №53

A better theatre.

Review №54

The staff is emotionless and slow, the theaters are horrid and not escalating so its just flat rooms. there are torn up seats and there is no rule enforcement at all. Every time i go kids are running up and down isles throwing things and screaming, and their parents sit and do nothing. the management is a joke and they dont care one bit.

Review №55

So before AMC took over, I was boycotting this specific theater. The attendants were rude and the popcorn su-u-ucked. When we heard that AMC took over, we checked it out. They have their liquor license which is a plus and this industrial type popcorn machine. Popcorn was ok. They also added those new mix-it-up type soda fountains. Only downside to that is its in a tight spot so people were corraled in front of it. Now the recliners - those were legit. I was wondering why there were reserved seatings and now I know why. Seats could heat up too and there was enough aisle space so youre not having to get everyone to stand up and let you through. The bathrooms could use more attention. Altogether, a good experience.

Review №56

The seats are really awesome! Reclining and heated and the middle arm rest comes up so I could cuddle my hubby .

Review №57

Great Mall for Witchita. Not much of a food court.

Review №58

It was okay. The chairs were comfortable and the staff was good, but the theater was a mess and the tickets were more pricier than the competitors.

Review №59

This dilapadated theater was recently upgrade from the worst mall theater in the United States to below average status...the leather seats are decent but dont recline...the kiosk didnt print out my ticket... concession counter only has 3 lines....i count go on and on....gonna check out Cinemark 14 upgrades next week....

Review №60

Cant put zero stars or I would have. Went to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. I show up, pay $14 a ticket for the 3D showing, and go to get a drink. They dont have a soda machine, so I end up buying a $4 bottle of Coke. We go into the theater, which was a flat room with old seats and a tiny screen. Already not worth $14/ticket. The previews play and the movie starts. The projector is out of focus, badly, and its definitely not in 3D. I go say something to an employee, who tells me theyre working on it. 5 minutes into the movie, they stop it and the manager comes in and tells us that the 3D projector isnt working so theyre just gonna show it in 2D and everybody is going to get a readmit pass (voucher for a free ticket) on their way out. So they restart the movie. ITS STILL OUT OF FOCUS. 5 minutes go by, and they havent fixed it. I just got up and left. I dont plan on coming back for a while. I hope these issues are addressed in the upcoming renovations.

Review №61

Good if you like movies

Review №62

Fast clean and no hassle

Review №63

The place is disgusting. Theres stains on the seats, the bathrooms have urine, gum, and bandaids all over the floor, and the the whole place is sticky and covered in food.

Review №64

The new renovations to the place look great, the heated seats are amazing. Dont let the past negative reviews turn you away, they really cleaned up their act.

Review №65

Nice seats, clean, maintained

Review №66

Very old theater. I recommend Cinemark on the corner of Kemp and Kell if you want a better overall experience.While it had all the basics covered, dont expect anything too fancy at this AMC location.

Review №67


Review №68

The renovations are great cant wait to see it when everything is complete

Review №69

But theres a Cinemark down the road...

Review №70

The girl at the podium seemed extremely disgruntled and barely spoke loud enough when we asked her a question.Upon going to the counter to purchase tickets, another employee who was leaning on the register, looking as if they were fighting sleep, pushed us to another worker who was actually doing their job. Two other employees to the right of the counter were too busy chatting up their friend.

Review №71

Im part of the construction crew, remodeling this theatre. Its going to be nice!

Review №72

Clean and friendly staff. Good pretzel bites.

Review №73

Great seats, love the recliners.

Review №74

I thought with AMC taking over the theater would get better. I was proved wrong! This theater is still run down, seats broken everywhere, curtains ripped, a smell that makes you regret buying a ticket and a lack of caring from all the employees! This theater is a joke and a shame you have to pay a dime to walk in. We also sat in our designated room for the movie for over 20 min before even one thing popped up on the screen. No commercials previews nothing!

Review №75

Seats are heated and recline. Smells much better. Bar is a bonus.

Review №76

While the facilities have been updated the theater does not use ushers to ensure that guests are not flagrantly recording movies with their phones. Disruptive glares are the annoying result.

Review №77

The new seating is so comfy!

Review №78

If I could give this zero stars, I would. How this theater has ever passed a health/code inspection is beyond me. If the movie I want to see is playing in this theater and I want to see it bad enough I will drive an hour or two to a different movie theater to see it. Ive have done this several times and I know for a fact that Im not alone here. I cant tell you how many times Ive driven out of town and ran into people I know that went so far out of their way to see a movie for the same reason that I did. To avoid the Sikes Mall theater. This theater is far from the quality that I have come to expect form an AMC location. Have you ever been to an AMC? Theyre awesome. Ive never been to one that I didnt absolutely love. The best theater Ive ever been to was an AMC in Orlando at Citywalk. I am a better person because of that theater. Seriously, it changed me. But I digress. Until this theater undergoes a MASSIVE renovation or is shutdown and relocated I refuse to support the AMC brand. I understand that the current state of this theater is not their fault but the fault of the previous franchise that they bought out, however, they are the ONLY people who can fix it. It would be in AMCs best interest to just start over and leave its current location. Sure its centrally located but its in a location that is overcrowded and has very little parking and not enough space to put in a quality IMAX. In short, we deserve better.

Review №79

Shopping at the mall. ALWAYS FUN.

Review №80

Love going to the movies at Sikes, SINCE the upgrade.

Review №81

Saw Coco with my family recently and didn’t notice any roaches crawling around, or gum on the seats or unclean restrooms. In fact the movie theatre we were in was clean.Would like to see semireclining seats like Cinemark and better quality popcorn.

Review №82

Awesome seating.

Review №83

Nice theater, I like the bar too

Review №84

Good movie theater

Review №85

They absolutely refuse to answer the PHONE and give any kind of helpful information!!!!! I will not go there ever again! Absolutely no customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №86

This place is Dirty Nasty Filthy OVER PRICED UnAttened by STSFF THA DOES GIVE A DA__.

Review №87

Best movie theater in the falls after Cinemark 14!

Review №88

My bother and I went to the AMC theater because the local news said that there would be big changes after AMC took over from Carmikes. The only differance we saw was the staff had was reduced and nobody was there. We were told that the movie we came to see wasnt working. Waste of time.

Review №89

I didnt even go here

Review №90

Terrible. The place is so small, and everything is always dirty. Ive never had a good time there, its run down and fallen apart. The new renovations will only decrease the amount of space in the theatre and limit the amount of people going as no one would want to pay extra for seats they can sit in at Cinemark.

Review №91

Fun little mall to explore

Review №92

So I called to find out why it shows no movies showing Saturday or Sunday. The lady was very hateful when I called. She gratefully told me there Schedule is not made yet for the weekend and I then asked why they have all of next weeks schedule on there then and she hung up on me.

Review №93

Its not very comfortable sitting in the chairs for a long period of time. I would recommend coming with friends as its not very fun without people to interact with.

Review №94

Awesome seating

Review №95


Review №96

Remodeling. Will be nice when finished

Review №97

Navigating thru the parking lot sucks

Review №98

Loved it

Review №99

Not the greatest AMC

Review №100

Really good

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:3111 Midwestern Pkwy, Wichita Falls, TX 76308, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 940-692-4181
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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