Regal Governors Square
1501 Governor's Square Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32301, United States

Review №1

Its an older theater but has a great location and environment. Unlike amc there is no need to reserve ahead

Review №2

For what your paying it is decent! I would love to give a 5 but I believe Regal GS can improve. They have popcorn, hot dogs, candy, ice cream, slushes, water, and soft drinks. Selection is decent for a night out. Price for eating is well, eat before you go. The seating can improve. The staff is great and welcoming. They have 3D movies and its a great location next to the Governors Square mall. Plenty of parkingThe restrooms were clean which is a big plus late night. If competing with AMC upgrade the restrooms, carpet, and add comfortable seating and add to eating selection to name a few. Cant help but Love Regal!

Review №3

It is very sad that the theatre is closing down. A business must be allowed to operate to stay in business. The virus has ruined a lot of lives.

Review №4

This theater really needs to step up their game. Seats are uncomfortable and tickets are crazy expensive. There are two newer, nicer theaters in town with recliner seating and special priced tickets on Tuesdays. I had not been to this theater in a while and after visiting yesterday, I remember why. The staff at the ticket counter and concession stands were nice at least. Please update your seating and prices, Regal!

Review №5

Ive always gone to AMC and regal cinemas. This time I had a important reason to go and a incentive to follow that. Here go, I am a blood donor. I give combination of blood every 3 mo to save lives with my popular blood type. The one blood center reschedule me to the Regal Cinema location to donate. Along with my Double red blood cell donation I was given something. That something I was given was 2 Fandango passes to any movie anytime I choose courtesy of one blood and Regal Cinema teaming together to save lives. I was glad my appointment was rescheduled to the Regal location. Thank you for teaming up to save lives in Tallahassee FL and in the state of Florida.

Review №6

Great location in town, clean and staff is friendly. Popcorn, soda, candies etc..

Review №7

Apparently Regal cant afford to turn the heat on. Bundle up if you want to see a movie during the cold part of the year. We also had a piece of ceiling or something hanging over the top of our screen. Would be nice to have ticket kiosks so those who dont want concessions dont have to wait in line for tickets.

Review №8

A great place to go for a date night! More than just a movie theater, you can have dinner, movie and fun at this location.

Review №9

Its nice here but I have seen better

Review №10

Came to watch the new star wars, was pretty empty when we got there but the guy behind the counter took a good 10 min to get our concessions. He had to get everything one at a time. But the concessions were cheaper than most places which was awesome. Went into the movie and there was no issue with the movie, however it was hot in the theatre. I usually have to wear a sweater cause its cold but I was sweating. The best thing about the place was it was pretty empty for a saturday afternoon.

Review №11

Its a nice movie theater I enjoyed my time there, I went to a earlier showing so it was not packed

Review №12

The lady who sold us our tickets was super nice. She even gave me a military discount. I didnt know theaters did that. The guy who we showed ticket to does not care about his job. He was there for a paycheck only. The guy at concession stand was amazing. He was all about customer service. He needs to be promoted due to his attitude of talking to customers and wanting to help them.I havent been to a movie in years. I remembered why when I saw Angry Birds. It was twenty bucks to get in for a child and myself. Then it was another twenty bucks for two drinks and popcorn. Its not worth that, especially when you have other movie goers kicking your chair and talking loudly. There were two other families there, besides my son and myself. Why a family picks the row directly behind someone else is beyond me. I gave three stars because lady at ticket booth, and guy at concession stand were exceptional. Everything else was not.

Review №13

Place was nice and clean. Movie and sound were also good. Seats could have been more comfortable tho.

Review №14

There was a problem with the sound in the theater I was in. Dialouge and music was in mono and coming from the bottom right side of the screen. Additionally the volume level was low overall, although this could be because only the right channel was playing audio. I was not able to enjoy the immersive experience of going to a theater because of this.

Review №15

Well kept theater, except for gang etching in male restrooms. Staff had trouble handling the unlimited movie pass.

Review №16

Reliable theater that doesnt inconvenience you with having to select and coordinate seats all at once

Review №17

Great place to go see a movie nice staff and Kind people

Review №18

Good movie venue. Food extremely pricey.

Review №19

The seats were good with stadium seats so everyone can see.?The popcorn was yummy. It was not crowded. It is an older theatre no lazy boy seats that I saw.

Review №20

I love going to this theater. I enjoyed my movie tonight.

Review №21

Everything was really awesome the theater itself is not very fluffy friendly but it was okay it could be a little bit more comfortable with the reclining chairs or something like that but overall it was nice and clean

Review №22

They put us in the wrong movie, sat there a whole 30 min waiting for the wrong movie to start and the seats dont recline and squeak too much. They did however refund us our $$ and apologized.

Review №23

Best place to play vidya games... & see a movie every now and then.

Review №24

Quaint little theatre trying to survive - generally good acoustics and clean restrooms - it is really too bad that they dont show the upcoming movies they advertise - has happened several times to me. Recently I asked why and they said we werent able to get the movie. Well, if you had ordered it, you would have gotten it - guess another movie manager wanted something else - not fair to the public. Update they did not, once again, get a movie advertised Judy - so sad

Review №25

I saw John wick 3, $20 for 1 kid 1 adult ticket. The popcorn was not fresh when we asked them, they said it was. We got two small drinks and they only filled them up half way. With that we got a medium popcorn to share, in total we got 1 medium popcorn and two small drinks and two tickets for $40. It was overpriced and they were lazy but the movie portion was good and it was clean as far as I could tell.

Review №26

I have seen 5 movies is the last 3 months. Each visit my group experienced a very strong unusual odor when you firsr walk into tbe individual screening rooms. At first I thought it was maybe cleaning products, but then feared it was mold which Im allergic to. I spoke with mgmt on site and actually brought her into theater #8 which is the worst one. It knocks you over when you walk in. She said she didnt smell anything and showed no concern. Obvious to me she was embarrassed. I left my name, number and membership number for her mgr to call me twice. Wait for it..... no call back either time. So I called the corporate office and still waiting for that call back as well. NO WONDER NO ONE IS EVER THERE!!! Cancelling membership and going to the new theater off Mahan. Scary.... especially when its not acknowledged.

Review №27

Staff was great but seats are uncomfortable

Review №28

Theater six has a broken speaker! The music is very loud, but all of the dialogue was so muffled none of us had any idea what was going on throughout the movie. We went and complained and supposedly the management looked at it, but nothing changed. Its smelly and uncomfortable, too, just save your money or go somewhere else.

Review №29

Id consider this to be an average theater, like a tier three.But I give it four stars because of the friendly service at the box office as well as the greeter who took the ticket.The restroom was clean as well as the theater.Granted I was catching an early showing and was the third person to enter the theater, everything as would be expected was spick and span.The sole reason why I wanted to score this theater a three star was due to the non-reclining seats.I thought that was a style of days passed.

Review №30

Sat in theater for almost 30 minutes after show was supposed to start, projector did not work. There were bugs flying around. Moved to another screening room, bugs there as well. Seats damaged. Bad way to spend Valentines Day

Review №31

Staff is friendly! Popcorn, drinks, and candy are good and I just like it better than other theaters! Theres no assigned seating which is great! Prices have definitely gone up, but thats everywhere! Still not as expensive as other places.

Review №32

Enjoyed watching sonic with the fam..

Review №33

I was literally out in their lobby coughing uncontrollably and when I asked for a water they told me I couldn’t have a tiny cup and I had to pay 5 dollars. Also I had to pay before I received the water so here I am coughing fumbling through my stuff. Absolutely ridiculous especially bc the employee was just sitting in their phone and laughing with eachother.

Review №34

Its a movie theater, place was clean and in good shape. Seats are comfortable.

Review №35

The seats need to be updated to compete with other theaters. The theaters have gone absolutely crazy with their advertisements. Show up 30 to 45 minutes after schedule show date and perhaps you will miss most of them

Review №36

Food was good, but non spicey choices are limited. A little high in price.

Review №37

We love going to the movies whether we are home or out of town. Very nice theater.

Review №38

The movie experience is typically the same... EXCELLENT!

Review №39

Good place to watch movies. I had a good experience watching Aqua Man there. Moreover, its very close to the Governors Square Mall.Edit: Previously I gave it four stars because the movie theater didt have reclining seats and the lobby ambiance was quite mediocre compared to some other cinemas that I visited. Anyways, I have updated my rating to five stars since the owner replied to my review, which shows that they care about customer feedback.

Review №40

This place definitely needs a face lift, especially with the new theater that just opened up in town. The price is cheaper than the other local theaters, but not by much, and it might be worth it to pay a little more for the nice seats and new amenities at other places.

Review №41

First movie at a theatre. Clean and friendly. She had a good time.

Review №42

Dirty, expensive, would rather do AMC or challenger learning center for a movie. There was a shooting here in September 2019.

Review №43

Cashier was not only rude, but the prices for a matinee are ridiculous. Id honestly hate to see the prices for a non matinee movie and I was only wanting to give them a chance. Ill be going back to my normal theater.

Review №44

Boy o boy is this place great. They have everything you want in a movie theater: popcorn, candy, movies. Located in the middle of nowhere, you may think youre walking into an abandoned movie theater but NO this place has got it all. My favorite part of this cinema is the badly painted portraits of Hollywood stars they have everywhere, its a fun game to play while youre in line for concessions: who is that painting trying to represent (is that Whoopi Goldberg???) But all in all, very clean and has everything a movie theater should have.

Review №45

Good theater. Buy your ticket and you can walk in and pick a seat, you dont need an app or to log in and pick a seat ahead of time.I like it cause you can grab some friends and show up and watch a movie.The snacks at any theater are outrageous$$$ so Id go out to eat before I get there so youre not hungry.

Review №46

Ive come to appreciate the fact that this theater never adopted those surprisingly uncomfortable reclining chairs that have caused their competitors to enforce assigned seatingCompared to its competitors, its the safe, reliable option that may be less exciting but gets the job done

Review №47

I went to see Captive State tonight. I purchased my tickets around 6:30 PM. The show time was for 7:05. I had to leave during the premovie commercials before the previews of other movies even started playing. The movie I paid to see had not even begun. I went to the get a refund and was told I could not be issued one even though the movie had not even begun to play. Management said they can only issue vouchers for other movies after the showtime. I feel as though I was robbed they kept my money for a product I didnt use. This is theft. I can only imagine how much money they are stealing from countless other customers in the same manner.

Review №48

One of the older theatres in town but very well kept and super friendly staff! The regal cinema card is great because yo can earn free food and movie tickets! Also, the theatre is never crowde so you can enjoy a good movie woth out all of the rush!

Review №49

Popcorn was good and fresh. The wait at concessions was short. The projection system was dated. Picture could have been better. No problem with sound.

Review №50

Getting into the theaters is easier than most places so thats a plus and its a very open and inviting atrium which makes it less confined when a lot of people are there. Overall, a very good experience.

Review №51

Absolutely fantastic movie theater. My son and I went to watch the Incredibles 2. When the movie first started the 3 D was not calibrated correctly. Another patron in the theater went down and informed the management and it was instantly fixed. I was very impressed. Again, worth the drive and the money.

Review №52

Great place to get your daily needs

Review №53

The service is horrible. The works are slow. Everything is overpriced, for example, a bag of gummies is $4. If you go to cmx theater it is way cheaper and the reason it not crowded is because nobody comes here anymore because of cmx.

Review №54

If your needing to trim back on how much you spend going to see a movie; Regal cinemas at governors square is your destination. Up to date movies and all the trimmings. Yeah stadium seating as well as reclining seats are nice but not on a budget. Save some bills and go here.

Review №55

When to go see Avengers endgame movie with great crowd was quiet awesome experience.

Review №56

Seats were comfortable and staff friendly. We saw Bumblebee. Facility is looking/smelling a little past its prime.

Review №57

Only been here once but my first impression was great, clean theater, great staff and love the artwork around the place. This is an actual theater! You have a customer for life

Review №58

Food prices are ridiculous and i didnt like the seats for the guest that sits with wheelchair guest

Review №59

Excellent location, great hot dogs, popcorn and an outstanding array of candy.

Review №60

Had a great time with my boys, great ambience, good service and kept clean throughout.

Review №61

Went today and the lady was absolutely rude and as well as favorable to a selective type of person, but I will be calling corporate since I know I won’t get a actual response back to this review.

Review №62

Unfriendly staff, expensive, poor seats.

Review №63

This place is the bom like it has nice dricks, popcorn, candy and so much more oh and the workers are AMAZING FRIENDLY!!!!

Review №64

Warm, dry, friendly place. Enjoy that they brot A fantastic womanto this cinema. Chilean production Is different from U.S. movie.It was a love story of loss . Fantastic woman was a transgender woman. Touching story and presentation.

Review №65

Its an amazing place great place to meet friends disgust scriptures of God its wonderful meeting place and its very clean I enjoyed my time there.

Review №66

I watched that premier of Black Panther there. It was clean, reasonable prices and quaint. My ideal theatre. Some theaters Ive been to around the country are the size of malls. The staff was super friendly attentive.

Review №67

A tired worn-out old Mall

Review №68

Is this theater the fanciest or the most cutting edge? No, but the staff is some of the friendliest in town and Id argue they have the best popcorn. Great place to catch a flick!

Review №69

Overall very good experience.

Review №70

Fast service. Clean. Cool air. Several movies to pick. Close location. Nice!

Review №71

The theater is maintained and staff are courteous. Its an older theater, dont expect plushy reclining seats.

Review №72

This place is superb in making sure you have the best movie experience ever. The staff is super friendly.

Review №73

The place is pretty outdated. Seats are uncomfortable, cups are flimsy and the theater is really cold. Employees were polite though.

Review №74

Cold popcorn. The movie projector must be old, the color on the screen seems dim and faded. The sound was scratchy, like one or more of the speakers was blown.

Review №75

I havent been to a theater in a couple of years and the last one was at the AMC. When I went to the AMC, I was very impressed with the reclining seats and the overall experience. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed last night when I took my nephew to see Spider-Man at the Regal. The seating was old and uncomfortable; the theater wasnt dirty, but extremely worn out. The popcorn was stale. Not to mention I was out $70 bucks. Wont ever spend another dime there.

Review №76

Despite the fact that the movie wasnt that good, had a posse of people behind me that talked continuously thru the movie and kept kicking the seats and yes these were adults though they had terrible consideration for other people. And there was a light that was malfunctioning and stayed on thru entire movie, somewhat distracting. Regal may need to upgrade to compete with AMC and Cobb theatres. At least get some more food options.

Review №77

I took my mother-in-law to see a matinee on a rainy afternoon. When we walked into the theater we were greeted with a very strong musty smell. While it was off-putting, it wasnt so bad that we had to leave. While we were seated, waiting for our movie to start, I started to feel drops of water on my arm. The theater was LEAKING! I thought about going to tell an attendant but I didnt want to ruin the movie for anyone else so we just switched to less desirable seats. I would definitely NOT recommend this theater on a rainy day or otherwise. Time for renovations Regal Cinemas!

Review №78

Great staff, popcorn and theaters get the Regal card for great discounts too

Review №79

We had went to another local theater and it was sold out, the staff were running about confused and crazy because seats were not available.. We left and went to this Regal Cinemas and the staff were professional, smiling and attentive. Staff were in clean uniforms and the place was clean and organized. They were buddy but not to busy for their guests. I was thanked multiple times for joining them for a movie tonight and as I left was told I look forward to seeing you again soon! Wow!!! Regal Cinemas really bumped up their customer service and has set a new standard for the industry!! We will Definetly return to this theater!!!! A+++

Review №80

Needs to be updated same prices as the new theater with less amenities.

Review №81

We just had a birthday party for my daughter there and she absolutely loved it. They have a birthday room for the kids and we brought our own cake. They put her name on the marquee sign outside, and each guest got a soda, popcorn and a tour of the theater. It was great fun and something different to do. The staff was friendly and very helpful.

Review №82

Nice venue, clean floors and we had the whole theater to ourselves on the birthday trip!

Review №83

I almost exclusively go to Regal Governors Square. Its a great location, the place is well-run, and the staff is friendly. Parking is good and well-lighted, the prices are pretty normal for movie theaters these days, and Ive never seen an issue with sound or picture quality. I really like the stadium seating too. The 3D movies that they recently started offering is yet another reason I choose to go here rather than across town.

Review №84

Movie was good prices now are outrageous and the theater itsself smells really aweful

Review №85

The pros are the people who work here seem to be happy and helpful. The cons are this theater is getting severely run down. The face of the building it dirty. The signage is falling down. The neon has been busted, the carpet inside is torn and pulling up at the seams. To top it all off, all the speakers on the right side of theater 10 were inoperative. It was good enough to see a movie, but I would not go back until the management put some money and effort into revamping the place!

Review №86

A little dirty, but great quality of film.

Review №87

Beautiful theater, friendly employees, AND you can add all of the butter in the world to your popcorn which is definitely the best part!

Review №88

Even though the theater is dated. I seem to always end up here due to availability. It is good location so, I give it three stars.

Review №89

Lol at people reviewing movies instead of the theater. Nice, comfy seats (the armrests go up so you can cuddle). Snacks are pricey but what theater has cheap food? I like it.

Review №90

Nice theater, seats were comfortable, tho not recliners.

Review №91

Great theater in an awesome location! Regal Cinemas provides several different showtime options, as well as delicious food and drink. The theater is clean, and the staff is always very friendly- highly recommend going to this theater the next time you want to catch a movie!

Review №92

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody here. Ticket prices and food prices were about average for a movie these days. However our movie was nowhere near loud enough, and the movie being shown next door was so loud you could clearly hear it all the way through the movie. Seats arent exactly comfy...very 90s throwback.

Review №93

Good theater without all the fancy stuff. Concessions are ridiculously expensive, though.

Review №94

This theater always takes me back to the movies when I was younger, its a cool classic theater without all of the leather and reclining seats. Prices are substantially lower than the competition. Unlike some theaters their popcorn taste great!!!

Review №95

Movies are EXPENSIVE in Tallahassee! This theater was nice enough though. Old style. No recliners. We were the ONLY people in the movie.

Review №96

Employees are friendly, theater is always clean, great location, and picture is perfect.

Review №97

Getting a little long in the tooth, must be the oldest theater in town now, but its well maintained, the crew is friendly and its rarely crowded.

Review №98

We loved this place and have been many times, but terrible experience tonight. arrived @theater@6:45 to watch 7pm movie, and@7:56pm we left bc the movie still had not started, it was also so hot inside. Very disappointed drove an hour to not even watch a movie

Review №99

Compared to AMC theatre, Regal Cinema fares poorly. They have not made improvements to the seats like AMC has. The price is similar but less comfortable. I cannot begin to think what will happen to this place once Cobb opens for business not too far from here.It is common knowledge that going to the movies these days cost a small fortune but each theatre needs to stand out and add value. I failed to see Regal making much of an attempt.

Review №100

Wasnt too crowded for a Friday evening. Ticket line moved quickly. Concession line was a bit slow. Theater was clean.

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  • Address:1501 Governor's Square Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32301, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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