Escape Again Rooms - Sugar Land & Houston
3564 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478, United States

Review №1

We did the Dragonfire: A Wizards Tale room with a group of 7 people in total. This was one of the best Escape Rooms Ive personally done and many others in my group very much enjoyed it as well. Everything from the theme, to the pacing, and the amount of rooms for the entire Escape were amazing. The Wizard watching over us through our Escape was very good at guiding but not giving answers to any puzzles that were a challenge. Overall I would highly recommend this room to anyone with a big group to take it was a load of fun and you get your dollar amount in fun and then some. Keep up the great work we will return when we come back to Houston for Christmas!

Review №2

OMGHEEEEE!!! We went for our first Escape Room experience and reserved a time. We had a special request on this and immediately were messaged and accommodated and it was such a nice surprise to have this done for us! When we arrived (late) they were so nice about it due to us getting lost. We still got our time in the room we reserved which we didnt expect. The Seance room was phenomenally done. We were so impressed with the riddles and ways we needed to figure things out as well as the features they put into this experience. DID NOT DISAPPOINT AT ALL! We were awesomely given Morgan and he was such a blast! He helped us when we asked for it and was super fun! Even showed my kiddo the room he sees us through during the escape. He was fun, energetic, professional, funny, and so kind! We appreciated him! We didnt escape in time but I tell you we had so much fun we are wanting to go back Friday! Thanks Escape Again!

Review №3

We did the wizard room and it was AMAZING! It is the best room we have ever done. Everything is so thought out and well executed! There are 4 different rooms to navigate with magic wands too! Perfect for families that love the wizarding world. I would do it again and again if I could.

Review №4

One of the best escape rooms we have ever done. Dragons Fire was a well planned,designed and very intricate puzzle. I have never been in a four room puzzle before and this was awesome. My family really enjoyed it. We planned on going back and doing some of their other rooms.

Review №5

This was so much fun! The most fun Ive had in awhile! Very challenging, you really have to use your brain to figure out the puzzles to escape. It was definitely a rewarding feeling once you solved one mystery it helped you figure out the rest. We were only a group of 2 got out in 70 minutes... so close. The goal is to escape within 60 minutes. You can have up to a group of 10 people. Will definitely be going again! Great place for date night or an outing with friends.

Review №6

We celebrated my twins birthday this year at The Escape Again Room for the second year in a row. They were dying to do the new room about Wizard. I took 6 kids and it did not disappoint. The room can take you up to 90 minutes to escape and they did it in 87 minutes. It was really great and well planned. They enjoyed it so much and they plan to go back soon and Escape Again . Staff is really good and the areas are very clean.

Review №7

Dragonfire was without question the best escape room I’ve ever done. My wife and I have done a ton of rooms around Houston, and this one took the cake BY FAR. Well designed, tons of puzzles and lots of interactivity. Can’t wait to try the other rooms at Escape Again!

Review №8

We had a great time yesterday!! The customer service that Kevin & Tracie have is phenomenal! Very accommodating with our group and the rooms were fun!! If you have a team & would like to create a team building experience for them then this is the place to go! We are already talking about when we’d like to plan our trip back!!

Review №9

So my friends and I have been here 3 times now. Its truly *excellent*. You can really tell that they care about both their customers and their games, and both of those things show in spades in their rooms. They want you to have a good time - and they definitely provide it. Ill definitely be coming back.

Review №10

Such an amazing experience. I wish I couldve gotten some pictures, but no phones allowed. Lol Went with 4 friends and we had a blast. It was an unforgettable afternoon! We did the Dragon room! And whoa. Just surreal. I highly recommend this place if you want some wholesome fun with friends

Review №11

FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!!! The room decorations, sound effects and problem solving involved is phenomenal. Went with a first timer, and the staff allowed her to practice on locks beforehand. Even though we went over the hour time slot, the staff were incredible and still helped us to successfully escape. Super friendly staff and fun time with family. Will certainly be back!!

Review №12

I cannot say enough good things about this place!!!!! Kevin is the sweetest man as well as the rest of the staff (whose names I failed to get sadly). After playing Seance on a rainy day, this establishment quickly shot to the top of my favorites list (I have played 50+ escape games). Everything about this place is great; the staff, the location, the rooms, the game masters, the story lines, absolutely perfect. I will be back many times to show my friends/family just how much of a gem this place is!

Review №13

Hands down the best escape room my family and I have been to and we’ve been to quite a few! At this point I have done all the rooms and all of them are so well decorated and thought out. This place deserves much more attention and recognition! The dragon one has been my most recent escape room here and it was truly so unique and creative, I’d highly recommend!

Review №14

Escape Again is the best! Friendly staff who know how to run an escape room. My friends and I have done all the rooms and have never had a bad experience. Clues are always helpful, but they never flat out give you the solution. Rooms have varying difficultly and are always well put together. Would definitely go back if I could erase the solutions from my mind!

Review №15

Went last night with my family and it was sooooooooo fun!! They level of work they put into their rooms is impressive. It is very immersive and creative and we all enjoyed it so very much. They really do a great job from start to finish!!We will be back!

Review №16

We had lots of fun here! Production of the rooms are wonderful and puzzles are right amount of difficulty and fun for both kids and adults :) the staff are friendly, helpful and accommodating. Thank you for giving us great memories!

Review №17

I went here with a group of teens for a group activity. Escape Again Rooms was so much fun! Our kids were challenged by the puzzles and clues, but did not feel overwhelmed. My group did The Seance, it was spooky!!! We will be coming back!

Review №18

This is my first time ever writing a review for a business, but I just feel compelled to because this is an amazing business. My girlfriend and I had such a blast solving the puzzles, and the staff were so friendly that they make you want to come back again. It was just us two, so it took us longer to figure it out, and we assumed that they would kick us out after an hour because they kept informing us of how many minutes we had been at it for, but they let us have like 30 extra minutes to finish. That was a really nice gesture by them, and it definitely makes me want to come back. I appreciated the experience they gave us. They were also on top of their stuff when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation amidst a pandemic. Don’t go anywhere else, these people deserve your business.

Review №19

Our first visit to this establishment was for the the Dragon: Fairy tale room. My husband and teenage children had a fabulous time. We all agree that the puzzles were of different levels to keep it interesting, teamwork is key, and just have fun while going through the puzzles. But wait there’s more!!! Just when you thought you we’re almost done, more “opened up!!” (Have to go & try it to find out what I mean *wink wink*!). Well worth it!!

Review №20

I went with the BGSC. We had a blast! We took a bit long but we laides solved it!The establishment was nice, the scenario was well thought out and detailed. Kevin was nice as well!

Review №21

Super fun escape room, they helped us with as many clues as we needed. Would recommend!!

Review №22

This is my second escape room and by far the better of the two. My family and I escaped Dragonfire: A Wizards Tale and had a blast! It was made of multiple rooms and enough puzzles for everyone to be involved. I cant wait to try another one from Escape Again Rooms! I highly recommend them as the staff were friendly and everything seemed very clean!

Review №23

This is the first time we had been to an escape room in Sugarland, TX but weve played numerous rooms in the US and other countries. We tried Dragonfire and it was hands down, the most immersive and engaging escape room weve ever tried. We were so impressed with the quality of the room(s) and storyline that we actually forgot that we were being timed. Each puzzle was challenging enough, yet fit in the story that we were never confused as to the next step. We would highly recommend this room and are looking forward to trying the Seance soon. Staff is super friendly and deserves your business!

Review №24

Omg the most exilerating experience. We loved it so much we did 6 different escape rooms in less than a week. Very addictive . I think the mystery and problem solving along with family made the experience much more thrilling. Loved the dragonflies magical escape room it was our favorite.

Review №25

Such an awesome well thought out escape room! One of the best weve ever done!!!

Review №26

Had a great time. Thank you so very much for working with us and giving us a great night out that was much needed :)

Review №27

We had a great time here! The puzzles were tough but not impossible and fit the theme perfectly. The staff were friendly and helpful if you wanted a hint. Great place to do something fun with friends!

Review №28

It was challenging and fun. We took a little more than the hour but time flew by. Great time was had by all. We will definitely go again.

Review №29

OMG.... So much fun!!! Clean and nice. Google maps did not take me to correct location, it was the back but close enough to find it. Location and staff was amazing!!!! Super fun and AWESOME hour!!!!

Review №30

One of the BEST escape rooms we have done! Very well thought out, interactive, moving parts multiple rooms and lots of fun! We can’t wait to do all the rooms!

Review №31

Booked an event here for 7 (10-11yr olds) plus 1adult - the team was helpful and patient with booking. Once we got there they were very accommodating and created a fun experience for all the kids (and made it easy for me)

Review №32

Great place to have a fun team building activity or fun family escape! The rooms are designed very carefully and masterfully! Staff is very friendly.

Review №33

First escape room was a blast, multi rooms, very well done.

Review №34

We did the Seance room—it was amazing! It had some unusual clues that I haven’t seen in other escape rooms. The sets were well made. The complexity was challenging but not overwhelming. Will definitely go back!

Review №35

For half of the group, this was our first experience with an escape room. After our experience, it will be the first of many. We had so much fun. The Hike room was challenging, yet very entertaining. The game master was very helpful and very attentive to what we needed. I highly recommend this location and cant wait to do it again.

Review №36

It was amazing... Loved it...

Review №37

It was a fun experience. I would come back and try different rooms. Good group activity builds teamwork.

Review №38

Awesome party place! Just had my sons 10th bday there. Its popular for his age as its all new to them. More than half of his class age 9-10 rsvpd and all of his other friends age 10-11 as well! Total players were 26. So we used two escape rooms and reserved the big party room. Kevin is the best. He makes it all easy for the host and makes sure you have everything. The big party room is really nice too with all the available seating for parents while they wait and tables and chairs for kids. I didnt bring table covers so they provided it. Love love it! All the kids had fun esp my son. :) Thank you Escape again room! Highly recommended!!!

Review №39

My son and I did the Santas Sleigh Ride and love it. We even sang some of the Christmas songs. Our game master Elf Alex was really nice and let us finished the game even when our time was up. We cant wait to come back and do the other rooms.

Review №40

Awesome puzzles. Variety of challenges. Nature hike was fun themed. Hosts were helpful and funny. Three of us completed with five minutes to spare. Had to use a few clues, but not many. Would recommend four to five people. Well definitely be back to complete other rooms.

Review №41

Very impressed with the customer service! Even though the building is only open at certain times, I received an email response to my questions within a few minutes! Also, the game master was very helpful. He came into the room to help the kids, and we were not charged extra. Kids had a great time! We will definitely be back!

Review №42

Weve tried several escape rooms and this is our favorite. Been here with our 11 year old 3 times, twice for his birthday. Everyone always has a great time.

Review №43

This place is a lot of fun. We did the cabin escape room it was great. We did it in 48 minutes with a little help from the ranger. The ranger is the person you can ask for help when you dont know what to do next. It was a nice build out at took a lot of looking around and trying different stuff. I would like to try another theme for sure. We are all in our 30s and we had fun.

Review №44

This was SO MUCH FUN! My husband and I have been wanting to try an escape room for so long and we are so glad we chose Escape Again as our first time. The rooms are very well done, the stories are engaging and the puzzles are challenging. The owners and staff are super friendly too. 10/10 would go again.

Review №45

Great staff. Very helpful. It was a fun experience.

Review №46

Just left Escape again after doing the Seance room with my 8 year old daughter who loves escape rooms. This one was our favorite so far out of the 6 or 7 we have done. Staff was super friendly and we will be back to do the other rooms.

Review №47

Took a Girl Scout troop to Santas Sleigh Ride. We all loved it! The room had lots of different styles of puzzles that were challenging but not impossible. Staff was very responsive to help me set up the room not knowing how many kids would attend. Everyone wants to go back.

Review №48

As an escape enthusiast who has done 213 games, The Hike at this location has been a standout in the industry as well as a great introductory game. The set is modest, yet well executed, utilizing fake fauna and aged wood to great effect. There is a great variety of puzzles, many tactile, that fit the narrative and made use of some impressive hidden technology. In addition, there is a transition so brilliantly hidden you have to see it for yourself, creating a secret passage that cant be seen until until it opens. The staffing is incredibly affable and very interested in the industry, pouring so much love and care into their craft, and it really shows with this incredible game.

Review №49

One of the top we’ve visited across the US. Challenging and fun. Owners and hosts make it even better. Highly recommend

Review №50

Highly recommended! Challenging and extremely fun, we enjoyed this as a company team building event. It was a great experience for our team to work together and solve puzzles. Very rewarding and well thought out. Staff was also amazing to work with.

Review №51

We had a blast! The staff was awesome.

Review №52

Awesome time for my daughters birthday. All the kids had a good time and the staff was amazing. Thanks Kevin.

Review №53

So happy to have found Escape Again Rooms in Sugar Land! I have done quite a few different rooms, at different locations, and Escape Again is the best! Creative puzzles, super staff, clean and comfortable location. Try them out! You wont be disappointed.

Review №54

They went above & beyond to make my daughters party great!

Review №55

This was very fun. Good atmosphere and nice people.

Review №56

Had an amazing experience. We celebrated a birthday party and the kids had a ball. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The kids took over an hour to solve the puzzle and they were allowed to complete it without being rushed. Highly recommended. Thank you for the experience!!

Review №57

A group of friends did The Hike. We had a blast, all the clues were just hard enough to make it fun! This room would be great for all ages!

Review №58

I loved this place, its so challenging and one of the best escape rooms Ive been too. The people who work there are really nice and there is a colorful lobby. The escape rooms in general are really fun and scary.

Review №59

This was my first time going and it was so much fun! Will be coming back again

Review №60

This was the first time my son and I did an escape room. Did “the Hike” and really enjoyed it. Really needs to have a group of people that have different perspectives to solve all puzzles. Would come back again.

Review №61

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. My husband and I went in during the week. It was very easy to get the room, the staff had great senses of humor, and they were good at dispensing hints since we were to proud to ask. They let us stay over the allotted time because there was no one waiting on the room. It was a really good first experience with escape rooms. Were really looking forward to the wizard room being finished.

Review №62

Ive done two rooms at this location with my family and loved both of them. They are fully immersive and the locks fit very well into the theme of the room. The game masters were enthusiastic, making it easier to immerse fully into the game. If I lived closer I would be returning to do their third room, but there will always be another vacation to return on.

Review №63

My family and I went there yesterday afternoon and did The Hike. It was challenging and MORE than a blast! The rooms were fabulously and realistically decorated with wonderful sound effects which contributed to the overall ambience. We had an awesome time and will definitely visit again! Thank you to the wonderful staff.

Review №64

We did “The Hike” and the room was amazing! I was not expecting it to be so complex! I will definitely go back and play their other rooms.

Review №65

Did the Santas Sleigh room with five people. It was a great challenge. Would definitely return and recommend this place to friends. Took our group 40 minutes to complete.

Review №66

This was our first time experience for an escape room and we organized it last minute as a family activity to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. We did it as a family with our 4 children ages 7 to 13. I was a bit concerned of how this would work out with the younger ones, but it ended up being a perfect activity. While the older kids could contribute to some of the puzzles, the younger ones were busy exploring and finding the next clue. It would have been too complex for only kids but as a family it was the right level. The staff were great and ensured that we had a great time. We did The Hike and really enjoyed it. We will definitely be back again.

Review №67

This is the best escape room in sugar land! The owners are very personable! The staff provides awesome customer service. The puzzles are challenging. I can’t wait until they open the wizard room! They are the only escape room that once you break out, they congratulate you with enthusiasm and tell you what a great job you did!!

Review №68

Not only was the game challenging and fun, the staff was friendly and fun! Definitely will do that again.

Review №69

Amazing experience!Customer Service was great! Very patient in waiting for my entire party to show up. Quick reply and made last minute arrangements for my party! All of my guest was very pleased and had a wonderful time! Cant wait to have this experience once again.

Review №70

Great escape room! We did the hike. They even opened early to accommodate our small group. Highly recommend.

Review №71

Celebrated my son’s 28th birthday with this escape activity. We had a group of six. Everyone enjoyed the seance themed escape room.

Review №72

FUN!!! Had fun with my family and definitely coming back with my group of friends

Review №73

Great, friendly staff. Rooms are done well and are challenging. Ive done The Hike and Santas Sleigh Ride. They have options for private groups and public walk-ins. Cost differs for private rooms but public is $25. Highly recommended!

Review №74

The Seance was unique, fun and challenging. The room was set up very well and we felt immersed in the storyline. Our game master was attentive, and helped us stay on track when we needed a clue without simply giving out the answers. Customer service was also excellent. A+ across the board and we will certainly be back to try the other rooms.

Review №75

Super fun!!!! The puzzles are really good and smart to figure out, this place its amazing and the staff are super friendly and cool, we made it out with only 27 seconds remaining ^_^

Review №76

I took my Game Design class here for a field trip. David is a former educator so he was great with the kids and debriefed them after they went through two different rooms. The kids really enjoyed learning how they designed the rooms and explained the iterative process (so important in any kind of design work). So the day was really fun and informative!

Review №77

My 9 years old and his friends loved Escape Again (The Hike). The team was very helpful and provide excellent customer service. We had a great time!

Review №78

We hosted a company team building event here and were very impressed with everything. Ive been to a few escape rooms, and this one was 10x better than any I have been to! Great experience and great staff to work with. I would definitely recommend!

Review №79

I would highly recommend this to everyone. Our group of 6 adults did the seance and had a blast! It’s tricky enough to keep you on your toes but not too tricky that it’s unsolvable. We had so much fun

Review №80

We went for the first time yesterday and had so much fun! We did the Santa room at 8pm and enjoyed it so much that we came back again at 10:30pm to do the Seance. There was only two of us, but we escaped both rooms in time! We cant wait to go back! We would definitely recommend going! Also, the family that owns it is very sweet and you can tell they enjoy it!

Review №81

Santas Sleigh was a great room for kids!

Review №82

Escape Again Rooms has amazing experiences in store for you! My family celebrated our daughter’s 14th bday in “The Seance” escape room. Ooohhhh- it was amazing! This was our 3rd trip to Escape Again Rooms - & it won’t be the last. This is an absolutely wonderful way to get out of the house & have some fun. They’re following CDC guidelines related to COVID pandemic.

Review №83

It is awesome place. All you need is time, a group of at least 5-8 people who knows how to do fun. Try to enjoy and not take stress to complete task.

Review №84

We did the Christmas room and we had a blast. It sounds easy but it was not

Review №85

You have to be very smart to make it out with quick actions.

Review №86

Was our first time in an escape room and we had a fantastic time! Thank you!

Review №87

We did The Hike for girls night and had a blast! The staff was great and the room itself was super fun and challenging. I will definitely be bringing my friends & family here to try more rooms!

Review №88

This was our first experience and it was great! We did the Santa room. All the staff was friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend you try it. You’ll have a blast!

Review №89

Liked it. Clues are not that hard but require some team work and thinking to finish in less than 1h. We did it in 50min-ish.

Review №90

We went here for a birthday party and had such a good time. It was challenging and entertaining. We did Girls vs. Boys, and the girls made it out of the room within the time. Regardless if you Escape or not...its fun!!

Review №91

The Seance was challenging and fun, and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №92

We went for a friend’s birthday and I had never done this before. I was a bit skeptical at first thinking it might be boring but I actually had a lot of fun! We worked together and we escaped the room. This would be great for business to do team building events! We really enjoyed it and I would do it again, they are super creative on how they place the clues so it isn’t easy but it’s a lot of fun.

Review №93

Well thought out escape room. Great hosts. We had a great time.

Review №94

We took a group of 10- mostly 11-13 year old girls and they had the time of their lives. Best experience! The staff made everything incredibly easy, customer service was stellar, the room was fantastic!!

Review №95

My niece and I had a great time here last night! Although we didn’t make it out, The Hike was awesome! Folks are nice as well! Would definitely come back!

Review №96

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely go back to experience all the other rooms! It was so much fun! :)

Review №97

Really fun and well-thought out puzzles. Our group did the Seance room and we were pleasantly surprised by all of the details that went into it. The workers were super nice and helpful as well. We definitely plan on coming back to try out the other rooms they have!

Review №98

Really fun and exciting. Just wish I had more time to complete the Santas Escape Room.

Review №99

Our group had a great time! We plan on coming back. It was nice to have options other than zombies.

Review №100

Super fun and the employees are very friendly and helpful. We came here right after winning at the escape room in midtown and this place was waaayyyyy better!!

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