Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park
20100 Holzwarth Rd A, Spring, TX 77388, United States

Review №1

My children and I love this place! Its smaller than other Urban Air facilities weve been to, but that doesnt mean it has less to offer: ninja warrior section, trampoline free jump, rope course (for older kids), dodgeball, and an indoor playground that is huge with lots to do. Easily an hour of fun, but most likely, several hours of fun.Prices arent too bad, what youd expect from such a place, but it is a pretty great price for your money.

Review №2

A great place to take the kids for a fun evening of fun. Kids will have a blast for sure. But make sure they follow instructions to help prevent injuries. Also a great place for adults to get a great fun workout in. Also a great place for a team building event.

Review №3

Visited for a birthday party yesterday and the kids as a great time! Most importantly has a parent a felt like the park was clean and safe for my kids. We will come play again.

Review №4

The whole family (including myself) had a great time! The facility was clean and the chicken wings were really good!

Review №5

Update, May 2019 - I’m dropping my rating from 5 to 4 stars.Repairs needed! This place is a lot of fun, but there are several areas that need work. See pics.1. One of the four sections of the warrior obstacle course has been broken for about a year. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten what it used to have, but there’s some kind of track at the top, like a zip line??2. Another section of the warrior course has one of the rope ladders removed now.3. In the multi-level playground, on the ground level there used to be a little zip line - it’s gone/broken.4. Playground again: there’s one section/room that used to have 3 or 4 bouncy things you could sit or stand on - they’re all gone/broken.5. Playground again: in one of the hallways there’s a broken stretchy thing laying on the ground.I love this place...but the broken stuff really frustrates me, especially when the place is packed with people on a Saturday and you’re just trying to find something without a line of people. Please don’t let the place continue to fall apart!———The place is amazing. You’ll have fun, seriously. Keep the socks they make you buy - bring them next time to save a little money!

Review №6

First and last time visiting this place ! Beyond livid about the boss to this place having his child maybe 3 to 4 years of age riding the zip line while children that were older then the little and taller were at the gate being turned around crying because they could not ride. Rules are set in place for a reason so to allow your child to ride a zip line for children over 48 inches in front of other children that can’t have the same treatment is unacceptable. I had To deal with my child crying most of our trip because he had to watch the other child ride a ride she should not have been on !

Review №7

Love this place and the staff! my little brothers have so much fun

Review №8

My daughter absolutely loves this place! She has a great time everytime!

Review №9

Had so much fun with my little sister and brother. Weve been here numerous times before. The place is always clean, the staff are always friendly. Wasnt really crowded or even 1/3 way of being crowded due to Covid19.

Review №10

Took my daughter and her friend today. I did not see a clot of cleaning or disinfecting while we were there. The kids had an ok time.

Review №11

I like it has a lot of fun, the staff are very friendly but it lacks cleaning

Review №12

Thanks Nicole. I very much appreciate your attention to my issue.

Review №13

We purchased the 1 year membership deal and my kids have loved it! We went so many times over the summer that I lost count. They enjoy every thing there is to do there-the trampolines, the battle beam and the obstacle course are their favorites. The only thing they havent done is the ropes course but they have been trying to work up the courage for it. I love that its air conditioned and overall its been worth it!

Review №14

Such a fun place! We go every so often when a friend has a birthday party. They have a great variety of equipment for the kids and even adults to enjoy! Not just trampolines, but the zip line, high ropes course and plays cape are in addition to the huge amounts of trampolines. Highly recommend for a great few hours of physical entertainment.

Review №15

Great time. Masks required to enter by texas order of Governor but not required during play.

Review №16

Considerably clean and a lot of activities. My kids had a lot of fun and 4 Saturday morning it was surprisingly not too crowded. It is kind of pricey for 2 hours. We spent $56 2 children and one adult for their mid range package for 2 hours. Concessions were about $17 for 3 people. I would have given it 5 stars had we been able to stay for 4 hours for that price. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well.

Review №17

Not as big and theres less to do than the Urban Air on the beltway in Pearland but still a nice venue for the kids to enjoy themselves. Parties can get a bit pricey. My party host was literally jotting down every little kid that wanted to jump, even infants

Review №18

BEST PLACE TO PLAY INDOORS FOR THE KIDSWe brought the grandkids they had a ball soent 40.00 something on 3,4,8, year old pretty good next to main event

Review №19

This location has a few more attractions than the Humble location and is kept clean and monitored well except for the sky rider (zip-line) ride, both my daughters notified me the employee that clipped their harness to the line was rude in the way she spoke when instructing them as well as being rough when preparing them with their gear. This should be a kid-friendly atmosphere but unfortunately was not in this case. I noticed most of the kids in line for this ride were without parents and this ride is in the back of the building where these young employees feel they can carry one with this type of behavior with these customer’s children. So just a heads-up to parents to keep caution for this ride.

Review №20

Fun place for kids. But $30 for the ultimate experience (with socks) is kinda high. You can pay just a bit more and go to an amusement park all day long.

Review №21

It’s been a year or 2 since I’ve been here but I had my best time here!!!!!

Review №22

Such a spectacular time for the little ones. The front desk cashier was a tad rude and the restrooms could be cleaner. The upside is its a great place to play with your kids and get a great workout in.

Review №23

Had an awesome time here today! I was so impressed with the staff and how friendly they were to the kids. With an 11 year old and two toddlers this place was entertaining for all of them! Also I know how hard it must be to keep a place full of kids clean and I must say I felt it was very clean. Every single staff member is doing an awesome job at keeping this place fun clean, safe and friendly! Will be coming here again! Management must be doing great, cause it seems like thses young adults love their job!!

Review №24

Had a place for the little kids, only one entrance into it so you can sit there and not have to worry about them running out another direction. All ages are catered too. They even sell alcohol. (I think??)

Review №25

I came here a few days ago with my family and they had a great time! Theres so much to do and the staff was friendly and helpful at all times. They had a bar which was a plus and concessions delivered their food promptly. It was a welcoming environment and clean as well. I will definitely be bringing my family back!

Review №26

Ive talked good things about the place was there for a party of god daughter, as you can see pictures they have enough room for up to 30 _40 people kind of crowded but you spend all the time in play areaThe only inconvenience didnt like today was the fact my daughter was trying to get on a raid right at the corner by bar area and the way she was told to leave got me upset,SHE WAS TOLD TO LEAVE CAUSE SHE DIDNT HAVE A DIFFERENT BRACELET AND BLACK MALE (COULNT GET HIS NAME)WAS LIKE SHU SHUUU!!I dont know about you,but if you care about your kids try to stay close to them,i wasnt this time because never had experience like this before. And if owner/mgr read this believe me that if i heard that m!$#^$**! Talk to my daughter like that would be different coments(think how many kids qhve had same treat and just because they dont say anything we parents ignore what happen with our kids

Review №27

I cam here for the first time with my children. I must say Im very impressed with the place. Also, Id like to mention theres a young lady who works in the concessions part with pretty eyes and black hair. I sat at the bar and her bubbly personality left a good impression on me. She overall made my experience better her service was great! My children loved the place; they werent ready to go. Will come back thanks!

Review №28

Visited this place for birthday party. We were all impressed. The place is clean. It has several different areas for children that are age appropriate and they are monitored by a staff member. They have a area sectioned off for younger ones so they can play safely too. Dodge ball is a favorite and its in an enclosed area. Also has a obstacle course area thats fun. Worth the trip.

Review №29

Fun time. It can be a little aggressive for toddlers and little guys, best suited for maybe 4+

Review №30

Our hostess was wonderful and set up great. However, my daughter used the sky rider at the location and was pushed off, when she said no. The operators both stated someone from my group had called to push her. THIS WAS LIE. We have video recording of no one in my group saying to push her. Rather than owning up the operators continued to claim it. While I was very upset about the turn events and confronted them, even to as far as apologizing for my outburst. They did not apologize for their actions. My daughter was in tears, since she was scared and wanted off. Rather then letting her off. She was pushed. I believe this type of behavior was rude. The video I have even shows no one from my group said it. This was the first and last time, I will visit the location. I believe the employees should be mindful of the childs choices compared to some voice in the crowd.

Review №31

Had a very good time...the price was very husband and I took my niece and we all enjoyed niece enjoyed herself so much that she faced her fears concerning heights and Im soooo happy about was a great experience for us all...we will be back...

Review №32

This place has gone down hill. We used to enjoy coming here. But todays visit was disappointing. First off there is trash and socks everywhere and not 1 worker was the main attractions. I saw 2 employees at the trampolines and at dodgeball that was it. I had to yell at other kids almost the entire time to stop cutting and get in line of my kid because most of the parents were sitting down not paying attention. Also I had to help little kids get out of the warrior course since they were crying but no employees were to be found and some of the older kids were playing with icees and open sodas in their hands. I guess I will be sticking to the one in the much nicer and MUCH more to do for only $8-$9 more bucks.

Review №33

Always love coming here. Just wish they would do better specials. $15 a kid adds up quick

Review №34

It was a lot of fun, even for the parents. The staff was super cool.

Review №35

We bought membership. They have really fun jumping areas. The people who work there are not friendly and dont seem interested in their jobs at all. It is more dirty than I would prefer.

Review №36

We had my son’s birthday here. He had a wonderful time and our party host was very helpful. However there was a huge lack of seating space and they had no other chairs to provide for us. We had older guest and wanted to make sure they had seats. We had to get our own chairs. Also, I was under the impression that they would supply forks with my party package? They ran out of forks and we had no utensils for part of the guests. Luckily our party host located some spoons. But it shouldn’t have come to that. Overall the kids had a great time which is the important part but I would probably never throw another birthday party there.

Review №37

Sure, may be fun for kids but a germ fest it is. Only came for a birthday party & definitely did not allow my kids to climb in the nasty.

Review №38

Take the kids once a month to partake in Friday Night Flights $25 per person includes access to full facility food, drink and dessert. Oh not to mention, kids calm be dropped off with chaperone from 6pm-11pm

Review №39

I love coming here every month and bringing my child to have fun, run and sleep good at home after being here for 4 hours!

Review №40

This Place is AMAZINGLY FUN!Great for the children and the parents too!Well definitely be a frequent jumper!

Review №41

The holzworth location is terrible. The staff literally does nothing but sit down and play on their phone the entire time. If you looking for a trampoline park that is nice you should go to altitude at spring cypress/kuykendahl over urban air at holzworth. It’s much cleaner and the staff is much more professional.

Review №42

Lots of fun for the kids and they have an obstacle course in the air.

Review №43

What a great place for both kids and adults who think theyre kids.

Review №44

Great place to take your kids even the teens, and their menu prices are awesome as Well...

Review №45

We had a great time. Only difficulty was having to correct the early teens when using equipment incorrectly. Several of the spotters or employees were either flirting or on their phones.

Review №46

Great time for the entire family! The building was clean and employees were polite. We will definitely be back!

Review №47

Recently added some new equipment, great place to bring kiddos of all ages, trampolines obstical course dodge ball climbing frame. Children run around like there is no tomorrow really enjoy themselves. Staff are friendly and helpful

Review №48

Ive taken my sons to several of these, and while this isnt the closest one to us, they like this one the best! Once they get their socks on, theyre gone! I especially like the program they have on Friday nights where you can check your kids in securely and leave for a night out, plus they feed them pizza an icee and mini melts all for the regular price! The party suite upstairs is the biggest one I have seen, and the best for a birthday party or event! The attractions are fun, and I even play from time to time- the ropes course was a bit scary I must say! Staff was friendly, the manager was very professional and the cafe is a nice place to sit and catch up on work (free wifi), have a drink and relax while the kids play. Good food and clean, fun place. Good addition to the area!

Review №49

I participated in the jumparoo hours (10am-noon) for my 2 year old and had a blast! The place is a little run down but honestly I expected as much for a place where you mostly jump/do stunts and sweat all that jumping is also great exercise while bonding with my kid. The staff was fun and friendly. It was nice to see kids take to them handing them dodgeballs and catching. At first when I read you have to get their socks it seemed weird but they have great anti slip spots on them that can be reused for another visit. Great price for those morning hours too. I wouldnt mind coming back some time!

Review №50

This place needs a lot of improvement. Their food is not ready on time. The guy who attend my daughters party was watching his phone all the time. Forget about customer service. And believe me, this place is expensive. They have some really good people but we have a not good guy today.

Review №51

I love that they serve beer, wish it wasnt so crowded.

Review №52

Took my son there for his birthday this past Friday, we got there an hour before closing time and the manager was very friendly.The staff was superb at their job and having fun while doing it. Im definitely coming back! Its a big park with plenty of room for the kids to run around. All of their trampolines, padding, and equipment were well maintained. You and the kids wont want to leave.

Review №53

This is a good place to pass the time with kids and family. The trampolines are for both kids and adults.

Review №54

It should not take 20 minutes for 2 slices of pizza. Rest was all good.

Review №55

I love talking my kids there. They always have a great time!

Review №56

Let me start off with when we walked in, we were greeted to friendly faces. You have to use the ipads at the front to sign waivers. The entire staff was friendly, the attractions were clean and my kids had a BLAST! I could barely scrape my kids away after our time was up. Its great for all ages, it gets their energy out, and gets your kids moving rather than sitting in a house,

Review №57

Amazing place with lots of fun for kids and adults. Unbelievably clean for the amount of traffic running through there. This is a place I will go again hopefully soon.

Review №58

The location is starting to look like it needs repairs. Also, the food was pretty poor. Most food items were clearly microwaved and low quality. The kids still enjoy the trampolines which seemed to be in good shape.

Review №59

Great place to wear the kids out or just go have some fun. Several different types of areas including trampoline arae, dodgeball, slamdunk area, and America ninja obstacles. Fun for kids and adults.

Review №60

My grandson loves the big playground area! I like that it only has one side the kids can enter and exit from. I can sit back and not worry he is going to get lost. Convincing him to come down is another story! I even had a staff member offer to bring him down when I was ready to leave. Overall great place with nice employees!

Review №61

The night I went with my family in glad I didnt pay for the most expensive packages as my kids were about to do most everything after paying for the basic package.

Review №62

It’s fun for the kids, but the place is not well kept. Food leftovers and empty drink cups litter the play area and are stuck in crevices of the kids slides.

Review №63

I took my little brother here and definitely appreciate the heck out of this place. The staff, while it seemed like they needed a few more hands on deck at times, were friendly and paying attention to the kids participating. They didnt charge us for bringing another jump places socks and instead exchanged them for their version. The pricing was reasonable and with a $5 parent pass (or in my case adult supervisor pass) I was able to go with my brother and help him get through the ropes course and try the zipline. He had loads of fun and I did too because I got to participate a little too. Whoever manages this location does a good job and the staff is awesome!

Review №64

Fun atmosphere for the kids! Hell, I become a kid every time I walk through the doors!

Review №65

The prices are great my grandkids had a blast.Their pizza was actually really good definitely a go back place highly recommend.

Review №66

Great place my only Concern is if they can make some kind of system to make sure kids dont leave with out a adult

Review №67

Fun has a skyline and coaster, dodge balls and obviously trampolines

Review №68

Great! My girls love this place and Julie always greets us with a smile

Review №69

We decided to have my daughters third birthday party here and boy were we surprised with just how much fun this place is! Our host was so kind, cheerful and patient with our group! We were extremely pleased with how everything turned out!

Review №70

I hosted a birthday party here for my son on February 23rd. First I have to say, our host was phenomenal!! I wish I remembered her name as she truly made our party stress free! My son and all of his friends had a great time! I would defintaly recommended this venue for a birthday party or even just to visit!

Review №71

Great place to have fun when youre needing a cool place to get away from the Houston heat. Lots of fun play options for kids such as a playground, zipline, tight rope walk & much more.

Review №72

Over priced but I did have fun. Its intended for children. If youre an adult without children, it wont be as much fun.

Review №73

The place was clean and and customer service was great thank you for the hospitality.

Review №74

Super fun

Review №75

My daughter and I had a ton of fun! Very fun place!

Review №76

This was the first time Ive been to this location. My kids love going to these places but this will be the last time I go to this location!!! There are a bunch of thugs running around this place with their pants hanging down and their underwear showing. One 16 or 17 yr old kid, with 3 or 4 of his friends surrounding me, tried to punch me in the face because I asked him if he thought it was respectful to walk around little kids with his underwear sticking out. Then 4-5 employees stuck up for the kid who tried to punch me, and told me that I shouldnt have said anything to him. When I asked for the manager, they told me that they were all managers even though none of the employees who were talking to me were over 18...Bad parenting and definitely bad management!!!

Review №77

I have been been bringing my kids here since they opened. We typically come every few months. Tonight was the first time that every employee was interacting and correcting kids. I get the employees are teenagers but tonight these employees were doing great! Everyone had a smile and were friendly. We will definitely start coming in more often for the Friday night special!

Review №78

Great place.. kids love it, the various attractions, lighting and music make it a fun atmosphere. Prices are a bit higher than others but great if you catch early bird special.Note for owner - on the day we visited the smell of cleaner (bleach) was extremely prevalent. Need more ventilation or dilute the cleaner.

Review №79

The staff is wonderful! They take the time to connect with guests. The worker at ball pit helped my younger one through the obstacles. The employee at dodgeball was conducting games and make sure all the kids played fair. Over all a wonderful experience!

Review №80

Toom my kids here and they loved it. So did i. Everyone was nice, friendly and polite. I recommend this place

Review №81

Do not have a kids birthday party here. The hostess didnt do a very good job. Very unorganized. The kids parents missed most of the party because they were waiting on their food that they never got and had to get money back. We paid for 2 hours and the kids literally got about 45 mins of jump time.

Review №82

Very busy place. My kids had a great time! Staff was very friendly and seemed to enjoy being there. Not sure how they can remain so calm with all the kids running around.

Review №83

Hosted my son’s 7th birthday and everything went smoothly. Very clean and organized. Many activities for all the party guests. I do feel that they lived up to my expectations.

Review №84

Excellent for the kids and alot of fun stuff to do close by

Review №85

Purchased the Early bird on Saturday. Overall it was a great experience! Check in did take a few minutes (because so many people had arrived at open). They staff was polite and helpful. One of the workers in the ball pit obstacle area, helped my 4 year old through the course. My 6 year old loved the obstacle course in the air. We will be back.

Review №86

Really good location, my son loves this place. He like to free jump and there is a lot of trampolines to do just that, he also like to play dodge ball with me. Place is clean, staff is friendly. And the most awesome thing is that prices are reliable.

Review №87

Great place for kids to get there energy out

Review №88

Edited to add:We came back in July to see the renovations. The tables in the dining area were repaired. Bravo! Unfortunately there are still tons, and I do mean tons, of broken balls with razor sharp edges in the ball pit.I revised my rating because at least they’re trying and the kids really do love it. They still have work to do though.Urban air, please clean your facility. Please take out the crushed balls in the ball pit, please care about standards. Please fix the waiver iPad stations, when you try to log in it takes forever because the calibration seems to be off on the iPads. Please do general maintenance and repair on the walls, floors, dining area, 2 tables are completely topless. Fun place for the kids but it’s lacking a general manager who cares, clearly.Actual conversation I had with an employee:5-7 kids bouncing on trampoline that is supposed to be one at a time to jump into the mat, my kid is waiting his turn, no one is moving.Me: Can you please help?Employee: Your child can just go ahead whenever he wants.Me: Someone is going to get hurt, it’s your job to enforce the rules.Employee: We aren’t allowed to say anything because the parents will come and yell at us.What? So why even stand post?? We will not be back until they get competent, capable staff. It’s such a shame, my kids love it there. Or did!!

Review №89

Im a grown man so dont do jumping around. My niece however loves to jump around shes 8.

Review №90

Walked it to a very friendly girl working the front desk. The kids had a great time! Overall the staff was wonderful! They definitely found a great group of young adults to work here.

Review №91

Great place for kids. They improved.

Review №92

Truly an amazing facility for families. The staff is beyond what I ever could have expected from this environment. They are definitely creating a safe atmosphere that kids love!

Review №93

Visited on a weekday and LOVED it. We have always come on the weekends and it is too busy for me (I do not like crowds). My kids love coming through, so I thought we could try a weekday. They open at 4 and we showed up about 4:15. Only a handful of people in the facility. Staff was great! I only saw 3 monitors, but they were observing all the areas and even opened the zip line when my son wanted to ride it (They had a sign that stated open by request). One of the staff members helped by daughter when she fell off of the obstacles (in the ball pit area). We will be coming more on the weekdays!

Review №94

Wonderful experience with our party. Our host was outstanding and took care of every detail. The most stress free party I have ever done!

Review №95

Always an AMAZING TIME! In a clean Family Friendly environment.

Review №96

Facility activities unsupervised and many unsafe conditions. Much loitering outside. Many of the employees were standing around talking or on their phone. Personally, it looks like at many accidents waiting to happen.I would not recommend this facility for children under the age of seven. At play, older children are too rough and pose a danger to smaller kids.The kids that are assigned to help you with your birthday party tend to stay in the back room. When I knocked on the door it appeared that there was many of them just hanging out back there instead of doing any of the work that you paid for with your birthday package.

Review №97

Good for family, friends and brithday partys. Im going there today I think for my cousin brithday party.

Review №98

Booked a Birthday party here for my son. The host was very attentive. She was very friendly and took care of the entire party. The pizza was also way better than what I expected.

Review №99

This place is soo much fun for everyone

Review №100

They have a great group of young adults working for them. We are always welcomed with a smile and excitement. I love brining my kids here.

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  • Address:20100 Holzwarth Rd A, Spring, TX 77388, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 281-219-9255
  • Children's amusement center
  • Adventure sports center
  • Amusement center
  • Amusement park
  • Children's party service
  • Indoor playground
  • Recreation center
Working hours
  • Monday:12–8pm
  • Tuesday:12–8pm
  • Wednesday:4–8pm
  • Thursday:4–8pm
  • Friday:12–10pm
  • Saturday:10am–10pm
  • Sunday:12–8pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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