Picture Show at Main Place Mall
2800 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States

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I went to The Great Khan restaurant, the food is ok but, the Woman owner was extremely RUDE . I will never go back to that place .

Review №2

Amazing selection of Cult Classic Films due to the Halloween season.

Review №3

Great senior price, comfortable seats. Nice location, near the food court. Great if you want to eat, before you watch your movie.

Review №4

Good ticket prices, clean theaters, good staff, and seats that are soft and become recliners at the press of a button.The only downsides are confection prices and higher ticket prices past a certain time of day. [I think, around 6pm, prices go up to a little above $9]Highly recommended, regardless.

Review №5

I was extremely disappointed when this went from a 2 and 3 dollar movie theater the one that has tickets from $6 to $10. I liked being able to go get my soda and popcorn and candy and sit and watch a movie in the afternoon on a lazy day and not have to spend an arm and a leg to see it. I guess those days are over, and I have to get into the real world.Not that long ago the Picture Show at main Place Mall did some renovation. They now have amazing electrical chairs and breathtaking sound. The prices there tickets have gone up, but you can still get there $1 hot dog!I started returning to this theater when I went to some of the surrounding theaters and found that I was paying anywhere between $12 and $18 for a regular ticket to see a movie. Even matinee prices werent much cheaper than that. As a senior (60 and older) I can see a matinee or an evening show for $6.50. I think thats an extreme bargain. Add my hot dog, small drink, and my chocolate covered raisins, and Ive spent around $14. Huge difference to the $35 I was spending before.If youre looking to see the latest movies out, Main Place Mall Picture show is the place to go. We no longer have to wait for a couple weeks to a month and a half to see the new shows, theyre there when theyre at the other theaters in your area only its a lot cheaper to go.because theyre cheaper, and new movies, I suggest you purchase tickets beforehand. Obviously not every show is going to sell out, but if its a really good one, I wouldnt take the chance.If you enjoyed my review please LIKE below. As always thank you for your time and your interest. Have an absolutely amazing life!

Review №6

Reclining chairs and good sound system

Review №7

Amazing first time experience. Seats are recliners!!! I hate going to the movies but now I actually want to start watching movies in THIS movie theater. I love the fact that you get to choose your seats while you are buying your popcorn so that way you know exactly where youre sitting and you dont have to be looking for seats or have to sit separately from your friends are family if you go in a big group.places mall but I really enjoyed watching a movie on a recliner and not having to worry about moving my feet or being bothered by someone going to the restroom and walking on top of me. This place is amazing theyre short-staffed but overall I had a great time and ENJOYED THE MOVIE.

Review №8

Reclining seats were great. Our only visit while visiting the area was for a kids matinee showing. Parking was easy and abundant for us on a Saturday.

Review №9

Good prices and good seating for a movie theater! Be warned, some of the reclining seats don’t work and it can be a bit messy here. But I’ve always enjoy coming to Mainplace since I was a kid ️

Review №10

I worked there many years ago and hard..She let me go with out a reason..Kris was the manager at that time nothing but drama in that place..Its because the owner was a Christian Man Very Nice but as for hes managers DRAMA..

Review №11

I tried applying here and no response, I called the place about 3 times at reasonable hours and no one answered. My reference even said they almost never check the applications that come in.

Review №12

We had many months that we didnt come to see we wanted to see the joker. Wow it looks nice,organized and clean. The joker movie is interesting, this movie shows the secrets life of people and society judge without knowing what people are going through..good movie

Review №13

Great overall experience. Good price, friendly staff, clean and comfortable seats! Can’t wait to go back!

Review №14

Good movie theater

Review №15

My go-to spot for movies! This movie theatre has completely changed in the past 2 years, so whst you need you know is:- All Theatres have reclining seats,- matinee movies are $6, regular prices are $9.- they used to only show older movies, now they show the newest movies.- if you are going to a popular movie on a weekend, dont plan on buying your ticket 5 minutes before the movie. Since each seat is assigned and chairs are bigger recliners, they do sell out of movies on weekends. Maybe that will change since summer is over and kids are in school, but that has been my experience.

Review №16

Very inexpensive! Seats recline, super large and cushy. Snacks less expensive as well! A hidden gem .

Review №17

Always a great time coming. Service is always good. Great prices!

Review №18

Went to go see the movie jumanji . The movie great but not the theater was smelly and and dirty and people were talking and walking in with there lights from cell phone. Not doing that again. But thanks..

Review №19

Mainplace picture show is a nice theatre to go to. I enjoy the movie and the staff is very friendly

Review №20

We used to frequent this theater almost every weekend. We would watch 2 movies some times. Then the replaced the old seats with new ones that recline. And WOW! What an awesome way to watch a movie, the seats are larger and so comfortable! But they raised the price. They now have the same price as all other theater. So, not much more reason to visit this theater. But if you live close, this is still a nice place to watch a movie.

Review №21

Great, cheap place to watch a movie and have a chair that reclines and is super lager and homie.... great service... especially the worker Victor! Really friendly and hes alwaya working hard when im there.. which is everyweek.. its super cheap !!!!

Review №22

I loved it and it was a wonderful experience for people who are looking for somewhere to watch a movie come to picture show

Review №23

I like theatre good selection movies.Parking simple theaters seats are the best.

Review №24

It was better then last time i was there place always clean personal really nice

Review №25

Awesome place to go. Staff is super friendly.

Review №26

The seating is great seats are electric so your able to lift feet up and recline

Review №27

I love moviesThis one has a big varatity of movies all the time

Review №28

This theatre has good pricing and seats, but it comes with a lot of sacrifices. Many of the reclining seats dont actually work. Every time Ive gone, the people coming into the movies 30-45 minutes late, flashing their phone flashlights all over, people constantly talking throughout the movie. There was even a time that nobody was working the check so anyone could just walk into any theatre. Screens are small in comparison to other places.

Review №29

I like this place. Comfy seats, priced right, affordable snacks!!! Its my place to go and its inside the mall. Sometimes screaming babies

Review №30

Stay away... watch at home. CENTURY is even cheaper and much better. Its Upgraded but still ran by kids, little to no work ethic and even less capability. I did not see anyone working over the age of 19. Esp not in the manner in which they acted.

Review №31

Loved it! Always great prices even on new movies!

Review №32

Reclining seats and safe

Review №33

Still closed, hoping it opens soon, Id go to see a movie

Review №34

I love this theater. New recliner chairs with a lot of leg room, perfect for watching the movie laying down comfortably without blocking the way. Small but great, clean and their prices are very reasonable.

Review №35

RATS! came in to watch a movie here and when I started walking down the aisle to my seat I saw a rat running. Quickly left asked for the manager to give me a refund and left. Never again am I going in there even for the low price tickets.

Review №36

Atmosphere is typical of a smaller theater. Sears are comfy, sound at times can be lower than it should be. Popcorn is just okay. All drinks are refillable and they have 7-11 style hot dogs for 1$. Since its small the bathroom is near although it is often not very clean (mens room)

Review №37

They arent answering the phone and their voice mail box is full so you cant leave a message.Generally I do like this theater, but it was off-putting when a worker didnt wash her hands after using the restroom...

Review №38

The Theater was very loud but there was no bass. I got Thru it, but the prices are good and are reasonable.

Review №39

Great movie ticket prices. I went to go see Adventures Endgame personnel were very nice you are able to print your ticket s at computer that they have at entrance with out having to wait in line for a long time SUPER CONVENIENT just input your ticket code or phone number. Helps alot.

Review №40

I enjoy the lower price and reclining seats, but I rarely visit movies anymore because so many people still use their gd phones during the movies. Spoils the experience. Plus Ive noticed at this theater that lots of families let their kids run wild. get what you pay for maybe.

Review №41

Good service, good food, and good price. Comfy seats, and are also recliners. Yay! Sometimes the audio can be too loud or too quiet. But overall its a pretty good experience. :)

Review №42

The seating was incredibly comfortable reclining leather seats. The sound was crisp the picture clear and vibrant. Most satisfied: Jason and Kelsey on our Date Night.

Review №43

Place and movie were good. Unfortunately there was a couple next to me making out through out the movie. They were loud and sounded drunk!

Review №44

Great place to take your kids i took mone its affordable but cant beat the price of seeing my kid smile..

Review №45

Place Is coming along.. I wish they didnt charge an online fee to purchase tickets and add for selections to their concessions overall good value

Review №46

The theater was clean, and the power recliner seats were suitably wide and comfortable. The ability to choose your seats helps avoid any seating rush.The screens are on the small side. If you are used to large screens, I recommend choosing an assigned seat closer to the front.The pre-movie ads were on audio-only, which could be a positive or negative, depending on your preference.

Review №47

Previously, we were excited at the great value of this theater. Now it seems the low ticket price is affecting theater cleanliness and presentation.The Noovie presentation is always misaligned and several theaters have loudly buzzing speaker systems. A real shame.On the plus side, seats are comfy with push button reclining. Restrooms are surprisingly cleaner than I expect for a budget theater (tho they only have air blowers). The staff seems pleasant enough tho inadequate to service such a large location.All issues (except the distractingly loud buzzing) can be forgiven. I guess well be going back to Regal theaters from now on...

Review №48

Love the reclining chairs and low matinee prices. Buuut... The theater stinks. It is like a musty, mildew smell. The carpets need to b cleaned and vent filters changed. They also need some one to wipe out drink holders. Mine was all wet and sticky, and we went to the first show of the day.

Review №49

Worst theater of all time! There is no signage in the mall that is in to indicate where its at. We were there for the very first time wanting to see Dumbo. after wandering around for 25 minutes trying to find the place. We were there just before the show was to start. They dont have a box office all they have are kiosk. Even though the system would allow me to select seating. It would go no further than that. Finally after finding someone who works there. And that took some effort. They informed me that the theater was full. So Im guessing the theater is no bigger than my living room.

Review №50

They’ve really improved over the years keep up the great work

Review №51

Its been a while since weve been there and it is so much nicer than we remember. Cleaner and luxury seats are awesome. Matinee show has great seats.

Review №52

Good place to go chill with the their recliners seats are the best in town

Review №53

Hate to rate so low, so if they fix things let me know I’ll take it down.The people were awful. Ghetto kids running around, people answering phones during the movie or groping each other in the recliners.The movie quality was worse. There were handprints all over the bottom of the screen and a big black spot on the middle left- basically anything bright colored was smudgy and distracting. The screen concave was also visibly not smooth, and there was a blown speaker in the front left. Sync was also a little off, and I was sitting in the middle of the theater.The employees were great and the manager tried- she was nice and immediately offered compensation but I was visiting with family and the experience was already over. I liked that the prices were so low, but was there due to convenient location and would have gladly paid more for a better crowd and higher quality presentation. So PLEASE 1. Police the people; kick out the disrespectful trash 2. Clean the screen It’s disgusting, and 3. Fix the audio.

Review №54

Good value but theater gets loud with young kids....

Review №55

Snacks are decently priced cheaper than other major cinemas. Seats are big comfortable and reclinable. And in case youre wondering they are no longer 2-3$ movies and they are now also new movies not 2-3 month old.

Review №56

Comfortable seats, the movie theathre is usually clean, good one dollar hotdogs, and kind workers. I would highly reccomend to go to this movie theathre and i will for sure visit here again.

Review №57

Nice theater

Review №58

Good place to take your kids

Review №59

I need my membership card. I see some ppl has but not me.

Review №60

Great recliner seats and dollar hot dogs. Great place for families and reasonable ticket prices.

Review №61

It has change a lot for sure. I like the seating, and more importantly no children or adults talking during the movie. Plus they put new release movies. I was happy and for sure will go back again.

Review №62

Great place to take the fam!!Affordable for everyone in your clan.

Review №63

I usually enjoy this theater but I had only gone during the week for matinee. The past 2x I went, it was weekend evenings and I felt stupid for even buying tickets as there are far too many folks in the hallways and theaters and NO ONE checking tickets. Go ahead and just go watch movies for free instead of pre-buying they and choosing your seats online as I did. No one is checking tickets and it’s every person for themselves to police who is in your seat. I had to kick some people out of my seats which was awkward because they were making excuses to me (I don’t care!). It’s really crowded and without any order. The seats are the best part of this place because they recline and there is a lot of leg room. Other than that, save yourself the service fees and just walk in and watch whatever movie you want. Once you’re in, just go watch another movie because I kid you not: no one cares!

Review №64

Terrible concessions organization and the sound in theater 2 kept going out when I was there to watch Avengers Endgame on 5/1/2019. 8:20 showing. Bad experience. I do not recommend this heater.

Review №65

Its a chill theater but I wish they had kept it a dollar movie theater I really liked the dollar nights hope they one day bring back it to dollar theater

Review №66

Great place for a family to see a movie without breaking the bank.

Review №67

Cheap, good seats, cant really ask for more.

Review №68

Great snacks and reclining seats, couldnt ask for more at a movie theater!

Review №69

I went with a bunch of friends, and we had a great time. Picture Show is located in the middle of a fun Mall and the seats were comfy. Oh yeah, and $1 hot dogs. Can you imagine that in the twenty-first century? Hot dogs, that are only $1? Yay, verily. Right there at the movies. Walk up an order two. That will only be $2. $2, and now you have two hot dogs and youre about to go in and see a movie. Is this a wonderful world or what?

Review №70

Its OK, you get what you pay for... Seats are great, prices are amazing, screen and sound us pretty cool. But man, its dirty... And its one of those places where theres no organization. A mosh pit at a punk concert is better organized. But... Its cheap and I like punk rock so I approve.

Review №71

Most affordable theatre with comfortable seats

Review №72

Wish it was cleaner.... But being able to watch movies for as cheap as it is cant really complain.... Lol

Review №73

I would have given them 5 STARS if i would have found at least one movie of my like. But, they were showing 4 movies, same type, only : HERO, FANTASY, n GALAXY ACTION.NO ROMANCE, NO DRAMA, NO REALITY type of movies. NOTHING for me and my friend, reason why she left earlier...perhaps another time...However, their prices are low. Actually, lower than most. That is very refreshing, tho...:-)

Review №74

Nice recliner seating and cheap af. The workers that helped us were super friendly and helpful.

Review №75

Prices in the website said $6.25 before 6pm kids and adults but when when buy them there the price is .50 c more. I know is not much difference but they should update the web or put the price in site the same as their webpage. Beside that I love the new recline seats and that now you can choose your seat .

Review №76

Great theater lacking in variety

Review №77

Theaters are huge!!! The only downside is because its in a shopping mall, theres no room to have slanted rowed seating, so when you sit in your chair, a bit of the movie screen is covered from the chairs ahead of you. But you cant beat the price!

Review №78

The cashier was nice, great smile and all. But damn, no organization. No seats available, so I sat in the back. Was told I couldn’t sit at the back, and I could get a refund or go to another movie. Other movie was even more full. Kind of ridiculous, I would have been cool sitting at the back. But nice service.

Review №79

Reasonable prices for tickets, and the theaters interior is very nice. Seats are reserved and are reclining. I actually prefer going here to other theaters because of the pricing and comfy seats.

Review №80

Great recent movies at a bargain price!

Review №81

They are very comfortable seats and their ticket prices are inexpensive and their movies always are great and they always have a great selection of them

Review №82

A much needed improvement had been done here... comfortable reclining seats, clean, new movies shown

Review №83

The theater has reserved seating in leather recliners and recent new movies. Cheaper than AMC and Edwards. Why not go?

Review №84

Family owned small theater that offers everything the larger theaters do while giving viewers comfort and larger seats that still recline while not obstructing a walking pathway.

Review №85

Went to see Dumbo and its great for all ages. Prices are the lowest in the area and it varies from time of day and age. Check it out!

Review №86

Update: dont go here if youre handicapped, elevator is a nightmare, the escalator down is always off and you cant purchase regular handicapped seats from the kiosk. One of the staff helped us get tickets, came in and checked on us but unfortunately had not marked the other seat as sold. 4 non-handicapped women came in scoped the seating situation (wed been sitting already for about 25 mins) got the manager to sell them our seats and then escorted them in to kick us out of the seats wed already secured.When we explained how wed come by the seats, she said she will have a discussion with her staff and we still needed to move. All this going on while the movie was starting. Eventually one of the women agreed to sit in the last handicapped seat away from her friends Other theaters will not sell the seats at all regardless of capacity to non handicappedNever coming come back here

Review №87

My seat was broken and they had assigned me that seat so I didnt know whether I could get up and sit on another seat so ........ I just sat there. But the seat was comfortable.

Review №88

Id say pretty good.

Review №89

This theater has been offering movies at great prices for years. This last year they added reclinable seats that are really comfortable. I also like that you can reserve your seat, no rush to save the perfect spot anymore!

Review №90

Loved the service just wish thry had a better way of helping out at the consession stand it took forever in line it was a 30 min wait to get my ticket and popcorn and drink

Review №91

Love the nice big reclining seating. Prices are great as well. Gets crowded.

Review №92

The front desk was a good customer service but the guy that was getting the tickets was rude.

Review №93

They have Rats. Yes, you read that correctly. Rats. We saw some eating popcorn on the floor. We told one of the workers who clean the theater, and she said they already know and have had the problem for awhile now. That they have traps set out for them....Ew. Makes me not trust their food, and definitely makes me feel grossed out knowing that theyre crawling by my feet while watching a movie....I only give 2 stars because they have upgraded to recliners. But other than that. Ew. And no. Just no.

Review №94

Great prices. Even have hot dogs for a buck. The screen is pretty small but the chairs are comfy. You may want to sit closer to the front.

Review №95

The sound and whole experience was perfect

Review №96

Love the view great seats

Review №97

Great hot dogs. Great theater seats.

Review №98

The waiting line is a disaster like if the employees just woke up and are now selling the tickets. The theater cleaners last half an hour while other theaters last 5 minutes. And do not get me started with the drinking fountain. They expect us the pay full price for the drinks when the only flavors available are diet drinks and lemonade... seriously? The only good thing about this place are the seats.11-11-2018

Review №99

Been taking my family here for years and its the cheapest theater in Orange county. They raised the prices in the past few years but theyre still the cheapest and now they have recliner seats.

Review №100

The chairs where awesome and theres amazing customer service!

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  • Address:2800 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 714-953-8467
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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