Century 20 Oakridge
925 Blossom Hill Rd Suite 2000, San Jose, CA 95123, United States

Review №1

So, we went to this movie house, and we are very happy and satisfied. The room is so big and so cold. The facilities and equipment were great. The staff is all amazing and fantastic. Everything we get there was all affordable, and we loved it. Thank you very much!

Review №2

Really nice updated theater experience. The new seating is amazingly comfortable. The only real downside of this location is it is in a mall so it can be very busy and hard to find parking at time. Other than that, its a great theater with plenty of food options in the food court.

Review №3

It’s is a food spot for a movie I’ve been coming to this movie for maybe like 8 years and it is like one of the best movie theaters for me so ya it’s really good and ya

Review №4

I was excited to come back to the movies, it was fine, great movie. I hope soon concession stands open soon

Review №5

Remodeled, comfortable seats. 20+ theatersVery good sound systems.

Review №6

Great cinema with lounge seats. Not as many movies at rotation comparing to some bigger ones but still good selection. Food court on the lower floor provides great selection of food (Japanese was my choice)

Review №7

Reasonable prices on the tickets. Especially Tuesdays.. but the food is a lil pricey. Still a very comfortable place to enjoy a good movie.

Review №8

So I was seeing a rated R movie with my brother but Im a kid so Ive seen many rated R movies with him like THE GRUDGE, IT CHAPTER TWO, HALLOWEEN.But tonight I was going to see BIRDS OF PRAY and one of the workers said you have to have a guardian over 25 but my brother is 18 and nobody has said this to us not cool

Review №9

Very convenient Interior pathways to reach your targeted stores with ease. The food court has a good variety of food styles, including the restaurants along the outside of the mall. The location itself is situated near many great locations that give their mall better access to a large scale of visitors.

Review №10

This theater is pretty neat. Seats new and can recline. They are very comfortable. I like the tray like the ones on the airplanes. Enjoy the movie now.

Review №11

There are plenty of theaters with cheap ticket prices. Also, there are super comfy luxury reclining seats with warmers. The theaters are spacious with great sound quality. They also offer 3D movies which is nice.

Review №12

Soooooo goooooood

Review №13

The seating was warm and comfortable. The chip cookie pizza was fabulous. We did have to sit up close bc XD is so popular .. But the sound and clarity of picture made it all worth it.

Review №14

Harriet movie was fantastic. Theater 3 not so much. Cant get seats to be more vertical (I dont like to recline while watching movies) and permanent dividers between seats. Hard to hold hands with your sweetie. Not a theater to take a date.

Review №15

I been coming to this theatre for 6 years it’s really good and seats are nice and comfortable. But when I went to go see It Chapter 2 I bought tickets online and I took my cousin with me. Once we got there and got our snacks I scan my ticket where you enter the theater they asked for my ID luckily I had on me but wouldn’t let my cousin and I am 18 and I was her Guardian but nope they wouldn’t let her in. So now you have to be 25 years old to bring someone into a rated R movie.

Review №16

Relaxing and fun experience! Now serving wine, beer and gourmet food. And heated recliner chairs!

Review №17

Great place for movies . Parking not easy at times. Sit, watch movie, enjoy cocktail.

Review №18

Oakridge has come a long ways over the years. The movie theater is great. The recliner seats are so comfortable. Love it

Review №19

Love the discount Tuesdays. Would love it if they opened both sides of the food counter. Also wish they could keep up with the demand of the crowd. Pretzels with cheese especially.

Review №20

It was great going in the morning before it got crowded. New recliner seats are nice. This isnt the theater we normally go to but they had something playing early so we gave it a shot.

Review №21

I have not and did not like going to the movie theater, not enough leg room, sticky floors, people kicking the set behind me, etc...The changes to the Oakridge Mall and the Century theater are wonderful seat warmers, reclining seats and plenty of room in the seat. I just loved the experience!!! They have gained me as a movie go’er and I will be going more than once a year. Love the ability to reserve a seat, just like a music concert.

Review №22

Enjoyed this theater very much. Nice seats. The staff let me blast sicko mode so six stars out five. Fish liked finding dory.

Review №23

Theatre was good but the ambiance is really really bad it stinks so badly all over the place. Also few spots it only smells of popcorn and butter.

Review №24

Food is overpriced but most movie theaters are like that. Good quality sound and good quality screenings.

Review №25

A great place to see any movie. Built for crowds. Comfortable seats. Fantastic sound system. Where I go to see the movies that I look forward to. When time and money dont come into play this is where to go.

Review №26

New comfortable seats. Reclining and warm. Popcorn was great

Review №27

Great experience. I love the seating they had a heated button to warm the seat up. i was told they will be adding a bar soon

Review №28

Wow I have not been here for a long time because the upgraded seats they have are very nice! I am referring to the standard seats, I have not tried DBOX yet. Its great that the standard seats are reclining with a swivel table for food and drinks!I am a cinemark rewards member, but they will NOT give rewards unless the money is spent directly at Cinemark locations or website. The tickets I bought through costco did not count for cinemark rewards.The attendant should let people know which part of the movie theater to go to for their movie. I see many people going to the wrong side and the attendant letting them know that they have to go through the other entrance for their movie.

Review №29

Best seats in the house!! Playing the best movie now showing in theatres!! Ant-Man & the Wasp!!DBox experience was amazing!! Really fits this movie perfectly, and transports you to the Quantum Realm.

Review №30

Nice theater but oh to find a open parking slot somewhere.

Review №31

Right next to Westfield food court. Theres so much fun around here. You can eat or go shopping before or after the movie. Tons of food selections are offered in the movie theater too. Its horrible for your body, but it tastes so good. They have a candy bar! Watched Avengers Endgame here, so I have to love it.

Review №32

Great good clean mall the only problem is parking that is why I cant give it 5 stars.

Review №33

Great theater! Love the heated reclining chairs. Excellent sound system.... but for the past 3 movies Ive had to sit next to people that talk, sing, or otherwise make distracting noises. Not the theaters fault.... I just wish people were more considerate.

Review №34

Amazing reclining seats, with cup holders and a platform to set food on. With the Platinum tickets, they are relatively cheap too! Clean, good fast service, overall nothing to complain about

Review №35

Nice theater. Easy access. Nice recliners.

Review №36

New seating is nice. I fought the whole select your seat thing at first because we are last minute decision people. After several months of this though I love the ability to select seats ahead of time. Concessions line can be a little long at times, make sure to give yourself a little time.

Review №37

Always a great experience. Pop corn and Coke was good, theater was clean, friendly employees and wonderful atmosphere.

Review №38

Nice comfortable seating. Parking can be a little hectic but overall a good place to watch a movie!I will be back...

Review №39

I really enjoyed coming here until I was stopped because of having to bring in my knapsack that has in my work laptop. Used to be allowed to bring it in until today (I come to the movies every week). The rules do not cater to the working class who have to carry laptops for fear of a car break in! This is the last they will see of me, my family or friends! We are all canceling our movie club memberships too!

Review №40

High quality theater, with reserved recliner seats, good sound, good video. Not very cheap, especially for XD, 3D, or whatever other gimmick theyre trying these days. Itd be nice if they swapped all those shows to regular ones so we could get half decent show times. The snacks are typical theater quality (mediocre) and price (insane). Box office is under the escalators in the food court, but the theaters are up the escalators.

Review №41

Loved the roomy seats that are insanely relaxing. Havent been to a movie in years but after last weeks visit. Will be going often. Heated plush reclining seats. Good spacing and leg room. Overall good experience

Review №42

Food court before the Cinema with plenty of choices!!Cinema has many screens and choices. Also great popcorn

Review №43

The recliner seats are the best. Quite affordable too. Enjoyed watching Malificient.

Review №44

Arrived at 7:50, movie started at 8:15. They wouldnt let us through because they didnt finish cleaning the theater yet so they had us sit in a small lobby area. I asked if I could go get some snacks from the concession stand and the employee told me I wasnt allowed to since the theater isnt ready yet... um what? By the time I buy my snacks and wait in that horrendous line to pay the movie will already have started.

Review №45

Kids in the adults movie,no enough cashiers,long lines to pay.

Review №46

Im visiting from out of town and because I had my backpack which only had my books, computer, and clothes, I wasnt allowed to watch my movie which wasted my T-mobile $5 off as you can only be reimbursed for the payment. THANKS FOR NOTHING! Will not be going back because they arent going to reimburse my $10 Uber ride so total waste of time and money today especially when the dumb sign is located as you enter the theaters.

Review №47

Nice mall, but as an Englishman I prefer the outlet malls

Review №48

The fact that all theaters have reserved, plush, reclined seats is a huge plus. No more awkward seat saving or worries that you cant sit together if you dont get through the refreshment line in time. Join the cinemark club! Youll save a good chunk of change on concession!

Review №49

Getting a good seat when youre trying to buy a ticket the same day is unlikely. Get tickets in advance on the app.Joining the movie club was the best decision ever, and I love that Cinemark is doing the 2019 refillable popcorn bucket and soda cup. Saves $$ and the environment.Seems like every luxury lounger is different. Oakridge seats have heaters, but they almost fully recline. Your knees are slightly bent.

Review №50

I went to this movie theater to see Pacific Rim Uprising. I saw the movie on Monday night. When I was getting to my seat, I noticed there were not a lot of people. The environment was very quiet. The movie experience was okay. I saw the movie without anyone interrupting me. I was able to see the movie before the movie theater stops showing in the future. My issue was one of the movie workers. The movie worker was black, female, and a young generation. She worked near the front entrance of the movie theater. I took off one star for the movie workers lack of understanding. Just to let her know that not everybody has a car. Everybody arrives to a movie theater differently via bike, scooter, skateboard, public transportation, and walking. I hope the movie worker I talked to understands what I am saying when she reads this review. I know it because I was there. To all the moviegoers, please go to a movie theater on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The reason is because movie workers show less excitement at work on Mondays through Thursdays. The result would be bad customer experiences. In addition, watching a movie with less people is boring. Having lots of people going bring excitement and fun in a movie experience. In the process, good customer experiences prosper. Other than that, I got everything I wanted in this movie theater.

Review №51

Good place to see a movie. Parking is BS though. They accept Google Pay here which is a super plus. Employees are nice. And the XD theater is nice. Parking sucks. Did I mention that yet? Thanos wasnt wrong...

Review №52

Had a great time at the movies... except for the cost...since I am a ticket was $ a D-BOX seat...vibrating chair...AWESOME..!!

Review №53

Easy to find your way there. Its upstairs and is pretty large. Book your ticket ahead of time online. Its so worth it when youre able to reserve a hot seat with space to recline your feet. I will say though its not the theaters fault, there was a mean, old lady with her daughter who kept looking around and staring at people whenever anyone around her laughed! We were watching a romantic comedy called, Isnt it Romantic? Its a movie meant for people to laugh, so her presence didnt make the experience a 5/5, but the theater is great!

Review №54

Nice movie theater and the big reclining seats with trays are awesome

Review №55

Havent been to the movies in a long time wow gonna more often with seats so cozy like that

Review №56

Nice cinema with recliner chair, they even heat up. For being in a mall is not crowded and it feels as going into any other cinema

Review №57

Been going here for years. It recently got luxury recliners and you can reserve your seats to make sure you get a good spot. Its got good concessions and if you go here often enough, consider joining movie club and you can get great deals.

Review №58

Nice movie theater. With the new renovations and update to reserved seating has been the best thing theyve done! Very clean and never feels outdated.

Review №59

Theater is nice with comfortable reclining and heated seats. The staff is polite and helpful. Great places to eat after or before a movie.

Review №60

Couldnt buy popcorn

Review №61

The movie I saw 1917 was really good.

Review №62

Really like what theyve done with the theaters with the heated recliners and tables. Love the fact that they also have reserved seating. I can finally come back to this theater now that they have these amenities/services. Nothing worse than buying tickets and having to get to the theater super early just tho get a half decent seat.

Review №63

Great theater that has made some big time upgrades over the past couple years. Last movie was Captain Marvel in 3D D-Box. The only issue was my seat was broken and couldnt be fixed in time for the movie. I swapped chairs with my wife halfway through the movie and the D-Box experience was awesome! Its like a small rollercoaster during the movie. They ended up giving me a full refund for the broken seat.

Review №64

Great movie theater with comfortable chairs that can lean back and heat up too. You better book your tickets fast because seats usually fill up quickly. They are currently remodeling the lounge but are than that its worth coming to.

Review №65

Clean, and friendly service! Seats have their own little lap table like an elementary school desk, that actually swivel out of the way. Pretty sweet!

Review №66

Very good theater. Super comfortable seats.

Review №67

I always found the staff and management to be pleasant and easy to deal with. They have renovated the theaters making the seats so much more comfortable. Great way to relax and enjoy a movie!

Review №68

Reclining seats are awesome. Very comfortable and plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your movie. Popcorn is really good too.

Review №69

Best placeI’d recommend to everybody.Everything very good, neat and comfortable.I always go there to watch movies.There not busy at all. But I think it’s best reason to go there.

Review №70

Went to go watch bad boys with my dad and it was cool

Review №71

Really like the reserved seating. You dont have to get in line and wait to rush into theater anymore makes movie so much enjoyable. Recline seat, heated button, table, so much easier to eat my popcorn and drink. Thats was going to movie all about.

Review №72

Good movie selection. No beer or wine though.Inside a mall. Parking is a bit far unless you get lucky.Best part is the seats are reclining leather. Nice.

Review №73

Love the luxury recliners! Great theaters!

Review №74

Great friendly staff. Great seats.

Review №75

Who doesnt like going to see a movie? Plus we enjoy the wide reclining leather seats! But they dont allow food or drinks from outside, as of Dec 2019.

Review №76

Great new loungers. Less seats. No more free seating, have to book ahead to get good seats.

Review №77

Best Movie Theater in San Jose. The membership is very good value. Super nice recliners and tables, which is a plus, some theaters with recliners dont have the tables. You have Starbucks and ice cream! You get so much more for lower pricing than AMC. AMC is a rip off and some dont have recliners yet you still pay way more per ticket.

Review №78

My favorite theatre! Now even better with all luxury leather seats and assigned seating. You will choose your seat as you purchase your ticket at the box office. The very spacious seats also recline and are heated. Not my thing but if you like vibrating seats (D-box), it is also available as an option.

Review №79

Got here at 10:20am to watch a movie with my daughter and was baffled that we couldnt get 2 good seats intel 6:40pm. I use to love coming her but now with this reserved seating you cant spontaneously just go to the movies you have to plan a day ahead if you want good seats. Plus the people that helped me or the people who didnt help me could care less about finding my daughter and I seats the whole experience was a bummer.

Review №80

Best place to watch the sunset. Perfect place for family just dont bring kids around the rated R films usually there is marijuana aroma all over. Not in the pg-13 tho

Review №81

Nice lazy boy leather seats with heat in them makes watching movies very comfortable and relaxing

Review №82

Every thing nice and clean, pop corn really good.

Review №83

The new seats are fantastic. I love being able to reserve seats in advance. This is a great theater overall.

Review №84

Well maintained theater with reclining seats and other updates

Review №85

I come here often. They just renovated the whole theathers and the new reclining chairs are awesome. They have a personal heater, and a min table in front of you to put your snacks and soda. Love coming here.

Review №86

Its a nice theater, however, I dont care for the individual trays that they have for every seat. Theres no way to put them aside.

Review №87

Every theater here has reclining seats. Seats are chosen when you pay for your tickets. If you want a good seat, get here early or buy online ahead of time.

Review №88

Seats are really comfortable. But the big problem is that its so hard to find the theater from parking lot.The management of the mall really has problem. There is no sign for theater in parking lot, no sign for restrooms !

Review №89

Great theatre. Had an issue with a movie( mistake on my part) and the manager helped me out right away. I was even shown how to get better deals.

Review №90

Nice clean theaters with comfortable reclining chairs and options for IMAX and 3D movies. The concession area is poorly laid out and can take a while to get through when very busy. Parking is also a challenge, making this theater less convenient to access at peak times such as Friday evenings. On the plus side, tickets including seat choices can be purchased using the Cinemark app, which saves time at the theater. Good meal options at the food court downstairs and elsewhere in the mall.

Review №91

For some reason the seats are hot. Sometimes I accidentally turn the seat heater on. This time I was careful to make sure it stayed off and the seats are warm anyway.

Review №92

We enjoy seeing movies at Century 20 Oakridge . We are club members and love the new seats but the last time we went 3 rolls above us someone was vapping/ electronic smoking. It was very rude !!

Review №93

Clean good location parking sucked.

Review №94

Love the reclining seats with heaters in them. Always very clean and great popcorn!

Review №95

It was good to see the mail closed in Easter, plenty of parking. Went to see Capitan marvel was entertaining. Watch out for the cat

Review №96

Did the Spaces Terminator virtual reality and had a fun time

Review №97

Really like the newer theater seats and the Cinemark app is super convenient. Only comment I have is that the seats on the very front are inconsistently too close to the screen. Some theaters are ok, but at least half of them arent. My kids stain to see and can hurt your eyes is the movie is even there slightest but phone off focus. Otherwise, I like the remodel.Also food is relatively good, although could use some more offerings that are keto friendly. Bathrooms are usually clean.

Review №98

Comfy reserved seating. Love the buttered popcorn. Movie is not complete without it!

Review №99

Went to go watch The Nun lastnight!! Was super scary and the best experience by far!! Would definitely come back for more movies!

Review №100

The recliner seats is a plus. Theres lots of leg room too. Its so comfortable, my husband falls asleep all the time

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  • Address:925 Blossom Hill Rd Suite 2000, San Jose, CA 95123, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 408-225-7340
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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