AMC DINE-IN Prairiefire 17
5724 W 136th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66223, United States

Review №1

Amazing experience. 1st time doing this. Leather reclining seats, good food, and covid protocols.

Review №2

We were thoroughly disappointed. The theater had love seats which were comfortable, but they were dirty, sticky and ripped up. We had to order our food at either the bar or the concession which was fine since they delivered it to the theater. However, when it arrived it was served on disposable paper dishes, not what i expected when we paid over $60 for 2 meals and drinks. If we need refills we had to go get them. Oh but where/ how do you eat said meals/ drinks, out of your own lap as there are no trays/ tables/ cup holders or anything. We will not be back to this location. We love AMC, but sadly disappointed with this experience.

Review №3

This is not a movie going experience. The film and sound quality is fine, but compared to The Alamo, or even your local AMC, this place is a bust.We walked right in with no greetings or funneling, kind of wandered around for a good ten minutes looking for our party. I finally asked. We could have easily slipped in to any theatre with no issue.The decor is straight out of Tron (the first one) but lacks the kitschy vibe. The downstairs is blue and the upstairs is red. Neat. One chair would not recline, the other would not retract. Straddling my seat in a dress was not in my plan, so wear pants.The service in house was not great, with no light in some areas to easily see the very large menu. We used our flashlight. The waiter did not take my order until after previews, and then I was told my food was not available. On a diabetic diet with no way to choose another item, I asked for a salad - which I picked at in the dark. It was fine. Meh. Not the best date night. Good movie, though!Go somewhere else.

Review №4

Outstanding cinema - especially love the smaller themed theater rooms. Food was good.

Review №5

The theater was vast and armed with pleasing color schemes & aromatic enticement! Featuring a large variety of parlors and cinema screens. I was very impressed by their selection of food and beverages. The seating was comfortable with plenty of elbow & leg room. Our attendant/server was efficient and articulate! The price was a bit steep. All-in-all I enjoyed the movie going experience

Review №6

One of the best dine-in movie experiences I have ever had. They also have some great restaurants nearby in case you dont want anything in the theatre. The lounge seating and service is amazing 8 times out of 10. Sometimes staff can be rude or short and even forget your meal items. But the viewing experiences here in any theater style are always amazing. They offer a lot of different food, alcohol, and dessert options. Everything tastes greater here. My wife and I frequently come here for a nice date or a couch relaxation style of movie. They even let us bring blankets to truly relax and feel at home in the movies. I celebrate my one year anniversary with my wife here.

Review №7

Love this theater. They have comfy seats, I just wished the recliners went all the way out. The one thing that really drives me crazy is the prices all theatres think they have to charge for their food. Ive worked in retail for 20 years and I know the items they sell cost a fraction of what they charge. I know its a business, but come on! I would take my family to the movies a lot more if it werent for the concession prices. You cant take kids to the movies and expect them to not want something from the concession.

Review №8

While visiting Kansas City, I took in an afternoon film at this large multiplex theater. Ample parking and access were evident from the moment you entered the area. The theater was clean, nicely appointed, and complete with all of the amenities you might expect such as recliner style seating, food service and large screen, unobstructed viewing. Across from the theater complex was a very interesting museum and one I would definitely return to tour and see up close.

Review №9

BEST MOVIE DATE NIGHTS IN ALL KC AREA!!!!A Must Go if you are wanting all the luxury of food and a movie experience but on an offer level!! Here, you can Actually relax with your date.Recliners, and seating where you can prop your feet up and relax after a hard working week/weekend.You Definitely will not be disappointed!!*Cinetopia*

Review №10

The movie & sound are fine here, but the cleanliness is hit or miss. It was not great when it was Cinetopia, and has not improved since AMC bought it. I dont believe Ive ever seen the womens restroom clean--theres always paper towels and trash everywhere. The floors in the smaller theaters are sticky. I hope when they reopen that theyll focus on cleaning!

Review №11

The dine- in full service wasnt really full service. You had to go to the bar to order and then they bring you your food in the theater. There is not one thing on the food menu for a vegan so I skipped the food altogether which sort of defeated the purpose of the whole fancy theater thing. The reclining seats were comfy. The bathroom is HUGE and not too gross.

Review №12

The movie was the best part- I Still Believe. The chairs were worn out and not that great. You can tell the theater was not the cleanest and run down. The food was so bad! Plus they leave the trash from the food sitting on your tray during the entire movie. My expectations were low for food but I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich that was rubbery and the GF bun tasted stale... Like a year old stale. Will not be going back.

Review №13

I was told I can order drinks and popcorn from my seat or place the order at the bar. I get upstairs to my seat not a waiter in site. I then go to the bar waited for about 6 minutes just so he could tell me that I can NOT buy popcorn upstairs I have to go back down and then come back up to the bar to buy drinks. As I was headed downstairs I asked another member of staff and he too advised I need to go down. Long story short i got my snacks and drinks 20 minutes later. Movie was good though.

Review №14

Very nice and comfortable place to see the latest movies!!!

Review №15

The theater was dirty from previous showings even though I was alone. The escalators were off or broken and concessions were closed.

Review №16

The cleanliness of the this place has gone down since AMC took over. They no longer clean between showings. There was a stack of trash people left behind from the previous showing. The bathroom was actually not bad. No one there to scan tickets which doesnt make sense. Love the AMC at Town Center so this one is a bit disappointing.

Review №17

Nice little movie theater, now owned by AMC highly recommend for 5$ movie Tuesdays. Upscale and in a good area. Great seating and selection of theater with comfortable reclining seats, solid options for food and drinks at the bar and concession stand. Only grype that I can said I had with this is they get busy at the bar and wait times when you just want to grab a quick drink and head back to your movie nearly impossible

Review №18

Been going to amc theaters my whole . No where near the standard experience. How can you call it dine in theater when you have no tables or trays to hold your food or drinks . This needs an overhaul couches worn out and side of couch next to us looked to have soda on it. Will not go back to this amc.

Review №19

It was cool I like the reclining chairs the food was very good to. My wife ordered chili cheese tater tots and I was impressed by how big the bowl was. I guess Im old I never had to pick my seats before when buying a ticket not going to lie I thought that was instresting. Overall I can see myself taking my wife back here for date night again. Oh by the way it is a great place to take a date. There were so! Many couples there I thought that was so dope to. But again overall great movie theater I will be going back

Review №20

Very disappointing. We usually go to AMC 20, where we have great recliners, reserved seating, and easy snack purchasing.At AMC Prairiefire, my seat recliner did not work, the concession line was backed up out the door. We even waited 30 minutes to try again. It still took a good 20 minutes in line to get our food. I will not go back to this theater. The only thing that I liked was lots of leg room.

Review №21

We have been coming since it was Cinetopia and we like the changes. I rather go to this movie theater than any other. I dont like full theaters. It makes it more intimate and great for date nights! The food is pricey but all movie theaters are this way. I do like being able to drink while I watch my movie makes it great for adults. I have never had a bad experience here.

Review №22

Very nice location, personnel, establishment. Good for family outing or date night. Food (may be delivered to seat). Comfortable seating. Military discount available. Movie club options. Good pricing. Will return (often).

Review №23

The staff are friendly and great, but the concept is completely misleading. I was expecting this to be modified like other Dine-In AMC theaters around town. Staff will only serve you at your seat after you have already ordered at the concession stands or the upstairs bar to have your order brought to you. This is silly unless you are a family of five because every other person might as well take their own food to their seats after standing in line and paying. If you are calling something “Dine-In” per your other locations, either make the upgrades or stop calling it what it is not.Other things that bothered me are the incredibly dark hallways (safety concern) and the fact the chairs cannot recline backward because of the current construction / layout of the theater rooms.

Review №24

Great movie place, eat in and bar. One of the better areas of KC

Review №25

Fun first time here. Loved the reclining seats and food & drink options. Nice theater.

Review №26

Fun, clean atmosphere; friendly and efficient staff. We didnt use the dine-in service as we had already eaten supper before arriving. I prefer the reclining seats.

Review №27

Waited in line for 25 minutes for popcorn and a drink. They were out of fountain drinks?? So I got a WARM bottle of coke. Its sad that I can go to a theatre in a questionable part of town and have an experience thats 199 times better than what we had at Prairie leawood.. seems odd. Not a good experience at all, sadly its not our first poor experience here. By the way, concessions close 20 minutes early, just in case you go-to a movie here - important to know.

Review №28

Was hoping that since AMC took over Cinetopia they would at least make it decent. It was an absolute downgrade. We use to always go there but now the seats and service are all a waste of your money. Your better off going to B&B theater. They replaced all the nice recliners and seats with used torn up seats and the place was filthy.

Review №29

Such a cool theatre all the different types of theatres are so cool! The GXL is absolutely huge! The dining room has nice waiter/waitress services and reclinable seats. The Movie Parlor has couches and chairs, you actually feel like your right at home!

Review №30

I tried AMC’s Fork and Screen concept years ago. Not only did they NOT learn from that pilot, this is actually worse! We had to stand in line to order our food at the bar. They delivered the food while the movie was going. We had no idea what we were eating because it was so dark. My order was wrong, I had to go to the bar while the movie was running and stand in line again to ask them to correct the order. There were no waiters at all. No ability to order other than the bar. Oddly the food was packaged in loud boxes and wrappers. This concept is not ready for prime time.

Review №31

I came here when it was cinetopia. AMC has not improved the situation. Both companies are providing mediocre experiences. It felt empty from start to finish here. Maybe it was the staff or maybe it was the interior. Or the lack of movie goers. We did have an issue finding our theater since there was no sign out front telling us what movie was playing inside.Ill be giving them another chance because I really like AMC. But they need to step up their movie game.

Review №32

Lovely place, well maintained. The movie theatres are excellent. I couldnt choose a popcorn flavor though lol !

Review №33

Thank you AMC for buying this theater! The very first time we went since the change our experience was different and so much better. We look forward to seeing movies here and the improvements AMC will bring in the coming years. This is official our theater!

Review №34

Overall the theatre was mediocre compared with other AMC theaters in the area. Reclining seats barely reclined and the Dine-in experience is subpar at best. No lighting and only the small side table to put your food on. Definitely needs revamped. However my main complaint would be the fact that we arrived early went to the bar and because my friend did not have her ID they would not sell her a beer. I asked to speak with the manager, because I know in the past when my husband has forgotten his ID at the movies the manager was able to approve the sale of a beer. A Manager did come and talk with us and let us know that his general manager was the only one allowed to approve it, and unfortunately he was off that day. I am a huge supporter of putting precautions in place to keep under age drinking from occurring. My friend is 81 years old!! Obviously common sense should have been taken into account. Very disappointed in this theater overall!

Review №35

This was an overall terrible experience. Charged an extra convenience fee to order the tickets online. Then the projector in the theater was broken so the movie was cancelled. Then they only refunded the ticket price. No convenience fee or concession refunds. So I walked out with two big tubs of popcorn and an urge to never go to AMC again.Do yourself a favor: Go to a quality theater like Alamo Drafthouse where youll actually enjoy yourself. Dont go cheap with AMC. Youll get what you pay for.

Review №36

Seriously, this guy was snoring as soon as the movie started AND THAT WAS AFTER THEY HAD TO ASK HIM TO VACATE OUR RESERVED SEAT. There was literally an entire meal dumped on the floor in front of our reserved seating, at showtime, that they had to clean up before we could even sit down. It was all over the seat and the floor. Not cool. I dont know when that food was spilled, but really?! Either they didnt notice that someone had spilled their ENTIRE entree on the floor, or they failed to clean up after the previous movie. Is this the ghetto?! While I appreciate that the manager took care of the situation, I was not expecting this from Leawood. Ive posted a pic of the guy, so if hes sitting by you, know there will be a problem. The photos of the food are AFTER they cleaned up as we didnt order any food. Those receipts, trash and smashed French fries didnt belong to us.

Review №37

Food left on seat trays from previous movies. Reclining seats not working. Will not be going back to this theater.

Review №38

We are a big fan of AMC Theaters, however, this theater does not reflect well upon the brand. Prices for beverages are astronomical ($14 for two icees??), and I do not even know if there are free refills. When comparing to AMC 20, go the extra mile to AMC 20 and you wont regret it. They have free refills.

Review №39

Let let me tell you about a bad experience turned good. I decided to take the family here to see Jumanji. We get there and our reserved seats are taken. We hunt down staff and ask if we could have them moved. We were told that our tickets were for the next day. At first we accepted that, but it didnt add up. When we got to the escalator, we double checked again. We had shown up at the right date and time for our tickets, the staff was wrong. We were a little grumbly, but politely requested a refund. The manager stopped by and saw the mistake and invited us to come back in a couple days as a guest and watch the movie on them. We agreed, and the manager set everything up. We were given a refund on a gift card, as we intended to use the money there at the store.When we returned, the experience was pretty darn good. We used our gift card and then some. Our seats were available to us and very comfortable. We enjoyed the movie. All in all, the hospitality of the employees is a cut above the rest, and the seating is comfortable- even for tall people with knee issues. Well be returning with the kids for more movies.

Review №40

Cashier not aware larger theaters are Express Dine in (you must pick up food vs. delivered to you). Then he attempted to charge a delivery fee after I clarified it was pick up only. Food preparation took over 30 minutes for a salad & chicken sandwich. This overall process needs significant improvement for theater goers to return. Otherwise we wouldnt recommend this option.

Review №41

Not my fave location. Although it’s an AMC, there isn’t the welcoming feel of any other AMC I’ve been to. The staff were arrogant; customer service is pretty Jon existent.

Review №42

Theater is barely five years old and feels run down and dingy. It doesnt appear that AMC has made any effort to improve the venue since taking over.Also, the dine in option is completely different from other AMC theaters. Having to leave the theater to place my order defeats everything Ive come to expect from the Dine-In experience.I will stick to the Strang Line theater in the future.

Review №43

Its a very nice theater enjoy it when we go. Love the seating. So relaxing, definitely best way to watch a great movie.

Review №44

Super friendly staff, clean location, aesthetically pleasing and VERY comfortable seats. This theater is one of the best Ive been to

Review №45

Great casual atmosphere. Much better than the previous owners.Dine in at seat food service excellent. Just wish they would come back to remove the plates after eating.

Review №46

This place is disgusting. Finthy floors and carpet, trash cans overflowing, short on staff, 1 person at the consession stand at 7pm and does not look like they ever clean after a movie. I would definitely look elsewhere. Such a shame to see this from AMC.

Review №47

So. I gave this 3 stars, purely because the theatre itself was great in regards to the auditoriums with power reclining seats, the auditoriums are roomy, but not over-sized (so there really isnt a bad seat), the ability to reserve the seats you want, the availability to have dinner WHILE you watch a movie (I like to multi-task), and its location is fantastic with walking access to various shops and the Prairie Fire Museum.However, it says its a dine in theatre. Every experience Ive had with fork and screen types of theatres has been lovely...except for this one.First, we had to go to the bar to order our meals. No drink service to the theatre (so if you want another adult beverage, leave the movie you paid $11 to see, wait 10 mins at the bar, go back to the movie and try to figure out what you missed). The food was forgettable at best. Tastes like its microwaved, over-salted, and served in paper bowls with plastic utensils.Ill probably go again to this theatre, but I will NOT spend the exorbitant amount of money for food there.

Review №48

This place is really subpar. The recliner seats you expect at an AMC are torn and ripped, barely reclining and do not lean back like every other AMC I have been to. The concessions line for a 12noon showing took 37 minutes to get called up. The large coke we ordered was only filled about 75% of the way. Think the gas station scene in My Cousin Vinny- it seemed like a joke. The escalators up to our 2nd floor movie were out of order. This place is dirty with popcorn everywhere. I will absolutely not be coming back.

Review №49

Great place to see my favorite movies, the $5 daily deals are perfect!

Review №50

Havent made it to the actual movie yet but so far the lights have been blinding during the previews and the previews were played multiple times!! We asked them to turn the lights off and were told its only during the movie. Strongly suggest turning them down sooner was wayyyyy to bright in there and hurt r eyes!!!

Review №51

Worst AMC I have ever been to. And we are AMC members and go a lot. They were out of Coke and Pibb- in all machines. Not to mention didnt have the customized Coke machines that other AMC have. The theaters were not labeled, so we didnt know for sure which was our movie! The other people in the theater didnt know either, we asked - they guessed as well! The chairs were mixed and matched in doctors waiting room style chairs, love seats that were ripped apart, and peeling bonded leather cushions -seriously, we joked that they would be listed free on Craigslist. Thankfully there was hardly anyone there (now we know why) so we moved to chairs that were more comfortable and without ripped cushions. Then the movie next door was so loud and the doors were open, we heard their movie over ours, and since no workers came to shut the doors, my husband got up and did it. I might understand if we were intending to buy tickets to a super cheap theater, but not AMC spending $11 per ticket. We wont be returning.

Review №52

Ive been here twice since AMC took over this location and I used to look forward to going here, but now it seems to be going downhill fast. No longer is there someone to check to make sure youve got all you want before the movie starts. No more menus in the theater to order something without missing the movie. The displays by each doorway that are supposed to show what is playing inside are no longer in use and any staff aside from the ticket sales seem like they would rather die than be around other people. Theres also a lack of maintenance on the seats and now the seats are so close together to cram more in the theater so you cant even rotate the trays attached to be over your lap. I loved Cinetopia before and now I honestly dont want to go back again. Good luck AMC.

Review №53

Clean, comfortable theaters. Seats dont recline, but have foot rests, which is how I prefer it. Staff was friendly and helpful. Excellent experience.

Review №54

I love the idea behind their target customers. But time and time again (maybe i have bad luck) ive had some issue with my visits. Whether it be the screen blacking out or my food not getting delivered. Then having management lie to my face and tell me they came to my seats twice.

Review №55

This place was easily my favorite spot to catch a movie (every Sunday) and I used to refer to it as “THE theater” because I would refuse to go anywhere else. The staff was attentive, facility was always clean and maintained, and the food/bar was on point when it was Cinetopia. After AMC took over it’s gone down hill, big time. It feels as though the staff go out of their way to be unavailable, theaters are not looked after and a lot of time still have food and trash left over from the prior showing, and they seem to run into quite a few technical difficulties.

Review №56

Clean and a beautiful theater.

Review №57

This is so sad. Why did AMC take over? Cinetopia used to be the best movie theater, super clean and nice. The food/drink menu was awesome and loved that they came to your seat. AMC is trash I cannot believe they took this theater over and ruined everything about it. I have no idea where to go now I hate AMC and not coming here again :(

Review №58

Cool movie theater. I remember when it was Cinetopia. I had never been to the lounge theater. Its not too bad. I have actually gotten used to the electric chairs that recline. This theater has couch like seats and easy chairs, like you would see in a living room. Each row ahs a different style off seating. It probably would be better if they stuck with one style because I can see how sitting in some of them would be really uncomfortable for a 2 hour stint. Definitely an experience though.

Review №59

Nice place to see a movie. Not many people in during the week in the afternoon. They are understaffed at that time.

Review №60

Wonderful theatre with a great sound setup. Only reason for 4 stars is that while we did get our seats reserved, there were two other people who seemed to have reserved the same seats, but the website let us both have it. Overall though, I would highly recommend.

Review №61

The movie and audio quality is great! In the Auditorium style room the only thing missing is Arm Rests that raise to achieve 5 stars.. Great experience all around!

Review №62

Definitely not what the experience used to be. Fewer food options by far and I miss the more personalized service of the past. I dislike eating out of a paper and plastic box if I am going to the movie theater for a “dine-in “ experience - not to mention the waste in this age of so much trash! The theater was also wayyyyy to loud. We were at a standard movie showing so I expected an audio level that would not damage my ears (it was not not supposed to be Dolby or imax, which due to the loud sound I am learning I do not like at all). Unfortunately the previews were so loud I felt like I was in a war zone and for the movie I actually ended up stuffing paper in my ears to block the level of sound. And to top it all off our neighbors were vaping so I had to be the cantankerous person to ask them to stop. This was not the experience I expected for a date night in this type of theater.

Review №63

Escalator up was broken. Took elevator not knowing what floor to go to and there was no one to scan our code on fandango app. Had to ask bartender if we ordered food there for our theather and he said yes. Everyone seemed confused on what to do with getting food for their theater. Just as bad as when we first came to cinetopia when it first opened years ago nothing has changed since AMC took it over! Seats were old. Little trays to eat our food on. 45 minutes into the movie my food was no where to be found! we had to go to the bar to ask about it. even though i saw them put my order in when i paid for it they said it never got put in. So when my food finally did arrive there was no apology sorry about your order! My fries were cold at best. You guys need to get your act together like the other dine in AMCs! Worst experience at an AMC ever!

Review №64

My favorite theatre. Comfy seats. Yummy popcorn

Review №65

Absolutely amazing! Great food and fairly cheap tickets! Comfortable reclining seats,with a built in TV tray. The movie audio was also great quality! Thank you!

Review №66

I was really hoping this would be an improved experienced given new ownership. It wasnt. Dirty bathrooms, unfriendly service, low quality food and dirty screens. Ill be taking my business the 20 mile drive to Alamo next chance I can get.

Review №67

Most inconvenient of a newer concept theater I have been toTerrible customer serviceEscalator out of serviceNo soap in the restroomImpossible to get even popcorn without an hour waitNo ice tea or coke in the barCertainly not the luxurious experience I expectedI will not make this drive again

Review №68

Seating is comfortable and staff is nice. Good prices for the matinee. Only reason Im not giving 5 stars is prices and length of time it takes to get a meal.

Review №69

One of my most favorite theaters

Review №70

Never had a bad experience. Friendly staff, clean seats and auditoriums, as well as the food is pretty good. The bar staff is always quick and friendly, as well as the servers who deliver in-theatre.

Review №71

Good place for date night. The adapted dine in GXL theaters are NOT designed for a dine in experience, plus the extra large screen is not good for anyone who is prone to motion sickness.

Review №72

This is the best place in the mid west to watch and enjoy a movie in a comfortable atmosphere. The Movie Parlors are simply Awesome.

Review №73

This place advertises eat in theater. We were told the food would be brought to us.... reality is 5 employees stand behind the counter on a slow Tuesday evening.... twirling their thumbs. I am handed a pager and told to come get my food when the pager goes off. So... I get to miss a movie I paid for to do someone else’s job. I will not be back.576 seat theatre and we are the only 2 in here...I ordered a sampler only to be told by a very rude girl with an attitude they are out.. how are you out when there’s no one here to order it??So sad!

Review №74

Very nice theater. Great sound except for the one speaker over our head.

Review №75

The experience is a nice quality. There are some easily missed opportunities. First off - just in principal - there are more times than not when no one takes your ticket. This is frustrating because it’s a basic tenant of the business. There are great servers in the theaters and when the restaurant is busy they are there. The reserved seating requires planning advance but most of the time you can get the best seat. They do have a variety of theater types which is unique and fun for different movies. Some don’t offer food service or limit the times they offer the service so check. There are times where the high school staff members make the customer experience somewhat lacking in initiative/customer focus.

Review №76

AMC should be embarrassed to have their name on this theater. The concession line was backed up to the door. No staff available to do dine-in as advertised. Before the movie started the huge trash barrels were overflowing past the top of the barrel. Not emptied during the movie so after the movie people had no choice but to pile their trash on the floor. The floor of the theater was so sticky with layers of soda and food it appeared to not have been cleaned in days and the hand rail leading up to the seats was sticky. No staff or management anywhere to be found.

Review №77

This theater is really turning around. Seats were clean and nice, friendly staff.

Review №78

Totally disappointed! Thought it would be fun to go to a different theatre but unlike the AMC 28 it was dark and drab, no direction on how it was totally different for dine in service. Once in we were unable to see our exact seats and customer service said they couldnt help us because they had scanned our phone. The theatre numbers were lit up but no name of movie or show time. We assumed it would be the same experience especially with the elevated cost in ticket but sadly no. If we could give a lower rating then 1 star we would.

Review №79

From broken seats to no soap in the men’s room, this has not been a good experience. The theatre complex used to be great. Not so much any more.

Review №80

Watched the culmination of my childhood, Avengers Endgame here, Theatre looked very clean and well maintained. The audio was perfect, but the screen was just slightly distorted on the edges. It wasnt noticeable enough to make an impact for almost the whole movie, but there were a select few times where characters on the very edge of the screen looked strange. Overall a good experience!

Review №81

In theater number 1 over the weekend. Got to seat, seen it had tears all the way across the seat. I had feeling I should not sit in it, but knew it was my assigned seat. Got home later and my neck was itching. They were bites in a row. Bed bug bites. When I found out AMC had bought it out, theaters were closed with the exception of 2 or 3. I assumed this was for remodeling, updated. Now I wonder if they were closed due to bed bugs.

Review №82

Since AMC bought out Cinetopia it is not the same. It has gone WAYYY downhill. The quality is not the same, the staff and managers are useless. Nothing seems to work, it smells???

Review №83

Facility is what keeps this from being one star. 1. If movies are showing one would think that the concession stand is open at 9 PM. Not so fast. Understand that it is a Wednesday night but closed at 9? 2. There are still remnants of Cinetopia here (trash cans). On the surface this is an AMC but only in name. In a world of Customer Experience this place is a second-rate experience, especially being in the ballpark of the headquarters. Onto the other options throughout the metro.

Review №84

Well I didnt get food poisoning so its already better than Cinetopia, haha! Actually the food here is really good. They are on the right track, but woefully understaffed. Which is why I cant give them five stars, the few staff they have are doing an amazing job, but they are streched so thin it doesnt seem like it at first. I fear, unless AMC gets them more help, this theater will sink back to being the dump that Cinetopia was. Hopefully things get more settled and the next time I visit I can bump this review up to five stars.

Review №85

Theater is great, love the GXL! But the parking garage is a little confusing if you go to the late show. One exit was closed and you dont see its closed until its too late to turn the other way. Had to swing around to get out.

Review №86

The theater smelled of menthol cigarettes and urine. The bathrooms were very dirty and looked like they hadn’t been cleaned all day. The recliners were all damaged and cracked, not to mention sticky. I would complain about the prices but it is a movie theater I shouldn’t expect low prices, but if I am going to be paying $16 for chicken tenders I expect them to be bigger than an infants hand.

Review №87

My husband and I went to watch a movie a couple of weeks ago and accidentally got charged more than once. However, with the understanding that we are all human I contacted management (Domenick) and he was incredibly easy to work with in getting the extra charges back refunded into my account. He was so fast at getting back to me and resolving the issue. I have officially been refunded. As far as the experience, we loved it and had every intention in returning even before this situation.

Review №88

Really nice place to watch a movie. But get those footrests all the way up.

Review №89

It was a much better, more convenient experience under Cinetopia. I miss Cinetopia.the food was meager and the seats are so jammed close together you cant turn the swing out tables to eat on. You got way more for your money when it was Cinetopia. This theater is a shadow of its former self.

Review №90

We watched The Rise of Skywalker here and it was wonderful! Both the movie and the place.

Review №91

So we moved to Kansas City in 2015 and found this cool movie theater called Cinetopia. They have dine in features to include our favorite part, a bottle of wine. Delivered!Recently, AMC bought them out and the first time we found out dine in was limited to the second floor only, and now you have to go to the bar to buy the alcohol.So second time we go, we planned ahead.But... The kitchen was down, broken or something. And the bar is not opened. 315pm and the bar is not open.3 years of cinetopia, never a disappointed visit.Two visit under AMC ownership, and it just keeps getting worse.For Target lovers, AMC is the Walmart of the Cinema world. I have to find a replacement for our beloved Cinetopia. So sad .

Review №92

On September 7,2019 Today I was removed from this theater by workers there. I went to a rated R movie not knowing you have to be with someone over 17. I tried to enter the movie with my friend and we were removed because we weren’t the correct age . After that we went into the movie again to get our other friend.Once we were leaving the “it 2”movie we were stoped by 5 workers. These workers were very rude and started celebrating when the caught us acting like immature children. They told us to leave with no refund. I am disappointed at the level of quality that this AMC is at . I hope this will be seen by many and hopefully this AMC can make corrections.

Review №93

Ok for a good movie. Had to order food at the bar. No seat service today.

Review №94

Not one of AMCs good Theaters. Formerly Cinetopia. I went twice both with bad experiences. 1st time; no sound to go with movie. I had took a day off work to see Black & Blue. It was showing their at an earlier time. Not appropriate for the kids. I went last night and the lights did not dim when the movie started. 10 mins into the movie a gentleman went out to complain. 20 mins into the movie a worker came into the theater to turn them off. But left 2 still on. The were the can spot lights. So a group of moviegoers still had the lights shining on them from above.Those lights went out after 1 hour into the movie.

Review №95

If we lived a little closer, this would be our go-to venue for movies. We watched in one of the theaters that featured two-person seats along the back row, and it was perfect. We ordered concessions in the lobby, but also ended up ordering from our seat. They was a slight mix up with our order, but the staff were quick to take care of it and were very apologetic. The popcorn was better than any movie theater popcorn I can remember having at any other theater. We will definitely go back for our next date night movie.

Review №96

Went to see fast and furious for my Mamas birthday in the recliner seats, what a stretch, the seats go back for like 1 sec and the feet comes up some, very disappointed. We all ordered food, my daddy the burger which he liked and the rest of us ordered the streak and shrimp bowl, for $18 dollars I expect more rice then 1/4 cup all three of us agreed they were rice stringy which is cheap, so the sauce drowned the little bit of rice I had, I thought about getting up to complain and see if I can get a burger but I didnt want to miss the movie.

Review №97

Its just gone down hill. If your in the area yeah its ok. Youll see a movie and enjoy it.

Review №98

Seats not comfortable. No easily assessable place to hold soft drinks.

Review №99

Not my favorite theater. The seats are not that comfortable. It’s a cool concept but could have better seats.

Review №100

Theres no management presence or if there is its very poor management skills.Dine in theater people are now forced into the line with people just wanting popcorn.. the line was outrageous and unacceptable.There was a single line format so the line backed up from the popcorn counter all the way to the front door. No one was doing any express management.My recommendation is to bring your own candy and popcorn because you will be late to your move even if you get here 30 minutes earlyThe bar upstairs told us they will not take orders for popcorn or candy because they dont know how to ring it upThis was some horrible customer serviceI took photos and will post them in my google pic shareShame on AMC . The tickets are more than several months of streaming service. This is how you DONT do business to keep people coming to enjoy the magic of the movies!

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  • Address:5724 W 136th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66223, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 913-553-3075
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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