Touchstar Cinemas - Southchase 7
SOUTHCHASE 7, 12441 Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837, United States

Review №1

@Touchstar Cinema Owner Hi my names Jonathan and I love Southchase 7, Amazing Seats, Affordable Tickets and Concessions, EVERYTHING IS AMAZING....... But the only things that need a bit of improvement are the projection sizing and the Dolby Surround EX Sound System and other Dolby Sound Systems in this theater. in some movies Ive watched over the numerous times Ive visited the cinema, the sound was a bit weak....... I like my movies to be more immersive and loud. Other then that, love the theater experience. Keep up the good work and Ill give you guys a whopping five-star rating if you decide to improve these things. Update: I have seen in some pictures that the film sizing in some movies such as The Meg fit the screen Im more interested and excited to see new releases in the correct ratio. I just hope that the sound is amazing too.Hopefully I get a reply soon.

Review №2

Best Movie Theater in South Orlando. The only theater with movie beds. (Theyre nice)The value is unbeatable. The theater offers real food, along with traditional favorites. They also have beer and wine. If you order food, they will deliver the food to your seat, no need to wait around.The theater has updated leather seats, with different price points. Basic spacious leather seats that recline a bit, is the cheapest option. While you can pay slightly more for reclining chairs, and in the main theater room offers BEDS. Yes BEDS, oh and yeah its not tacky or nasty. Youll be able to watch the movie as if you were at home. Its great! Ive attached a photo of their movie beds.

Review №3

Great customer service. Was there September 2020 and not many people inside. They checked temperature at the door, mask is mandatory inside, everything was clean and not many people so I felt very comfortable being there. As soon as the movie was over the employee literally started cleaning the whole seat where people sat so yes I will definitely go back.

Review №4

My favorite movie theater for many years. Always clean and the latest movies. I always enjoy my rewards. Cant wait to go again when is open.

Review №5

Real Nice and Clean. Come on back, theres lots of room. Remember, Distancing.

Review №6

This movie theater is the best ever. They are always clean and polite. The movies here are great and so is the food! Its also affordable.

Review №7

The popcorn and other food they have is great. The seats are so comfortable. I really like going there.

Review №8

Id really do not know what went wrong today because I usually come here and the service is great but today it was horrible people on staff were pushy and very unhelpful. I bought a combo with a drink and the drink had no cover so they change the cup to a regular cup and did not give me the cup I originally paid for that they had no cover for which was the onward plastic cup. I honestly believe that today would have been the worst experience. The attendant at the cash register told me that she could not give me the onward cup because she gave me the replacement paper cup with a cover and that it would mess up the inventory. Total BS

Review №9

The theater is ok, the employees were nice. The other patrons were rude, talking and using cell phones on speaker mode throughout the movie.

Review №10

I wouldve give 0 star, the person at the front i dont know if was a manager was rude. Popcorn was old and he refused to make a new one. For my understanding the kinda a business theyre doing now i think is limited due covi 19 be more respectful about your customers. If he is the manager he sucks about customer service

Review №11

Very friendly staff, theater was clean, our family had fun

Review №12

Thanks for keeping us safe during Covid-19!Other theaters are not keeping us protected like you are, bravo!

Review №13

This theater is always great especially since their renovation. Staff are always polite and management are always super helpful. Reasonably priced food with more than reasonable movie ticket prices. I get a better experience here than the big name theaters.

Review №14

This is one of the BEST theaters out there. Its close to home, tickets are cheaper than other theaters, staff is friendly, nachos taste amazing (although snacks are pricey) and seats recline and are very comfortable!! Love it, love it, love it! If you haven’t go definitely give this theater a try. Be ready the place is not too big but the rooms are spacious. I stopped going to the one in the Loop and came to this one and have never looked back since. Enjoy!

Review №15

Although Ms. Dorothy was not there tonight, definitely had the next best bartender. Im unsure of his name but I do know he is a supervisor. He recognized me from the last time I had him, and made me an awesome Old fashion. Then of course before we get to the assigned theater for our movie, we definitely had to stop and catch up with Ms. Ann. She is extremely pleasant and her customer service exceeds beyond her position.

Review №16

Very good I loved the wonderful experience Southchase had to offer. The tickets were good prices and they had recliners for only a buck extra. Only problem I had was how much the food cost which is good so it balances well. I also realized that they had daybeds for 25 dollars that come with a large popcorn. I would definetly come back again.

Review №17

Seating was comfortable with plenty of room. The staff was friendly.

Review №18

Maybe your seat doesn’t recline but you can pay $4 to see a movie so don’t expect the best in town. Definitely a good option to not get broke on a family movie trip.

Review №19

The locals talk during the movies here, and not just one person periodically. At least a few groups of people were talking continuously from the moment they say down until well after the movie started. It might not be the theaters fault, but this is not a good neighborhood to see a movie. It was a $5 Tuesday, so that might have been a factor. That said, Ive never seen so many rude people ruining a movie at the same time.

Review №20

Friendly people. Lots of food choices. Great recliners. Good prices. Awesome popcorn. My choice of theatres for 24 yrs.

Review №21

Overall good experience the recliner chair was very comfortable. My only complaint is that in the middle the movie I went to see here (The Invisible Man) the house lights came on for some reason and it really cut the feeling of the movie for me. Since its a horror film having the lights suddenly come on kinda ruined the movie experience a bit. I had to get up in the middle of the movie to get them to turn them off.

Review №22

Great theater. Great price. They have actual BEDS!

Review №23

Held a birthday party here however they do not have a room. We were still able to host 25 parents and children to see frozen 2 during opening weekend. My 6 year old loved her time with her friends and seeing the movie. Only downside is that there were no group discounts.

Review №24

Its a really good movie theater. Price is good, seats recline, you can get food service also. Theres lounge seating also its like being in your own home. Cool small spot. Good movies.

Review №25

Im genuinely impressed with this theatre. The experience of going to a REALLY nice movie theatre, complete with comfy recliners and a wide assortment of refreshments without breaking the bank.

Review №26

Great theater. Premier seating is definitely worth it and very reasonably priced. You can lean back and stretch your legs. Even regular seating is more comfortable than in other theaters. Its not stadium seating but the way the seats are arranged it doesnt really make a difference. This is now our go-to theater.

Review №27

Very comfortable seats (reclining fluffy chairs like you would see in a home movie theater, food is delivered to you, very fast service, very cheap prices. Team also very friendly. My kids always talked about how great that place is compared to the other movie theaters and I didnt understand why because it looks quite guetto compared to the other ones. But now I experienced it, I love it. Also feels less commercial, more like old school movie theaters.

Review №28

This theatre has positively improved so much since Ive first starting going there about 13 years ago. They have upgraded to recliner and day bed seating. Their concession stand (THE PLACE WHERE YOU BUY FOOD, DRINKS AND TICKETS-for those uncultured) has increased in the number of items they sell. Even when they are busy, management is on top of the staff ensuring every guest is taken care of quickly and professionally. Like ANY entertainment establishment, the company has rules and regulations to follow and its upsetting to see customers act so aggressively to the staff for things out of their control. There are signs that literally state NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED, NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED, NO REFUNDS, BAGS WILL BE CHECKED, etc and people act like they have no education and cant read. The staff are HUMAN just like us customers. Some of us enjoy a night with family and friends to watch a movie, so if all youre going to do is complain and ruin the night for others, honestly just stay home. The movie will come out on DVD or Netflix eventually.LITERALLY ANYONE THAT HAS EVER WORKED IN ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE JOB knows what I mean. Management is only doing their job.Touchstar Cinemas is great and I highly recommend it to those capable of treating others like human beings.

Review №29

Liked the staff they were cool, Wednesdays is free popcorn if ya bring ya own bucket they will fill it. Theres a liquor bar as well if you want a drink and super comfortable seats.

Review №30

Nice theatre. Cleaned it up a lot from the past yrs

Review №31

One of my favorite theaters. Your able to reserve your seat, the recliners are the best and theater is clean. Tuesdays are there bargain days and cant beat the price.

Review №32

I picked the recliner seats and they are powered. No need to be pushing back on your own. Its not too crowded like the Loop or Disney springs.

Review №33

Ever since they renovated the seats are so much better they even have reclining seats and some daybed type of seats. Not expensive and its a great place to go see a movie.

Review №34

The premium seats are so comfy. Its so hard not to fall asleep while watching a movie. Great place.

Review №35

Best movie theater ever very comfortable seats; I had the sofa bed with my wife and I n felt like we was at home.

Review №36

PIZZA DISASTER.I Love this theater, would have given 5 Star if it weren’t for the switch in Pizza. The single serve was enough for an adult, now I have to buy 2 which in essence is doubling the price.Fool me once.....

Review №37

Nice location and movie experience. Comfy seats.

Review №38

Price has went up over the years but $8 per adult ticket is still an amazing price

Review №39

Seating is so comfortable.And they still let you put your own butter and salt

Review №40

Excellent prices and super comfortable seats. Definitely worth splurging on the fully reclining seats

Review №41

I Love it. Close to my house. Love the reclining chairs that turn into a bed. I like that the food can be deliver to your sit, but unfortunately you would still need to make a line in order to order.It would make it more pleasant to be able to order food and drinks from your sit.

Review №42

HUGE RECLINERS & Tuesday night was SUPER! ONLY $5!!Great DINE-IN theatre!BUT, BUY TICKETS ONLINE HOURS EARLY! OR GO EARLY to buy your tickets. It was almost sold out 30 min before showtime.Everyone was super nice and the guests were ok. No screaming babies when i went, thank God. I never bring my babies to a theatre until they were old enough to be quiet. Thanks for a great night #SouthChase

Review №43

Great place for a movie night! Super affordable! Constant visitor! Love it

Review №44

Great seating! And nice and clean. Service was good.

Review №45

Great seats! Very Confortable! However they are anti babies! Didn’t let me go in with a juice for my 3 year old son. So according to them I have to buy a soda which is all they have for kids. Not very cool!!!!!

Review №46

They have substantially improved this theater. The top has king recliners, the regular seats are comfortable too, some theaters even have a daybed option that seat too. The tickets are reasonable and wont cost you a bunch of money for a night out and even cheaper for matinee. The have a wide selection of food options that are also reasonably priced (just super unhealthy). The bathrooms are cleaned and on busy nights they do have a lot of staff there. Ive been coming to this theater since I was a child and I can see the difference.

Review №47

Came to 2 months ago to see Avengers Infinity Wars and it was great! About a week ago Incredibles 2, we got a small popcorn... thays about it but overall great movie theater and will come back for Venom!

Review №48

Love this place I ALLWAYS come with my family

Review №49

Movies are great and entrance price reasonable.I loved the automatic adjustable seats. They go as far back that you lie down with legs extended. Its so relaxing. Try it, youll love it. Beware you dont fall asleep and miss the movie. LOL

Review №50

This is a newly remodeled theater with comfortable recliner seats. The price is also better than your national theater chains. I take my family here over other options.

Review №51

Im giving them a star because I cant do less. This is the mediocre theater I ever been and the prices are as high as the rest. The only reason why I ended up here was because it was the others were sold out, and now I understand why. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Review №52

Great! Screen and sound were excellent. Reclynear Seats super comfortable. Clean all away, smell really good. Bathrooms super clean. Tickets reasonably priced . Food and drinks very expensive.

Review №53

Great movie theater with great seats and affordable prices. We always have an awesome family movie night here.

Review №54

This location has gone through a much needed renovation and turned out great! You cant go wrong with cheap tickets and reclining seats.!

Review №55

I’ve been going here for 25 years! It’s the best now that it’s ever been. Great seats, recliner’s, and good food. Never had a bad experience.

Review №56

What a great place to see a movie. Sitting in a recliner was comfortable and it adjusted to make the experience great. Watch Captain Marvel, had a great time. The biggest surprise was the cost, it was 9 dollars on opening night. I was shocked and happy. Had excepted it to be at least $12-14.

Review №57

This place was really nice, a little smaller Theater than I expected but definitely a nice atmosphere. We ordered our tickets via the kiosk. The prices are really reasonable I paid $9 for my kids (student price) and $9.50 for adults. the popcorn was delicious (addictive) not drenched with butter or salt. The seating was awesome, with the reclining chairs. We really enjoyed this place. I would definitely go again and I definitely would recommend this place.

Review №58

Not like before but still very good

Review №59

Always a personal fav place tp go watch movies for a good price. Especially on Tuesday when the tickets are cheaper. And free popcorn on Wednesday

Review №60

Had been a while since going to the movies so it was nice to see I could pick the seats I wanted and be able to buy tickets at a kiosk instead of the way it was before. The seats are really comfortable and the prices here for tickets are really good. Would go again.

Review №61

They improved this movie theater. Implemented recliners seats which makes your experience superb. Attendants are helpful and courteous.Once thing I must say is that I highly recommend them to improve their lobby. It is extremely outdated and the carpets produce an odor.

Review №62

They go overboard with the searching, they act like a piece of candy is a weapon. Their customer service needs improvement as well starting with the manager who has been there for years.**Its a shame you guys only write back to the good reviews asking how could you improve, dont you think you should reply to the unhappy customers and ask us how we think you can improve. Makes more sense.

Review №63

A pretty good theater. They have deals on Tuesday night for discounted movies. The seats are good and the facilities are kept up. The shopping center that it’s a part of is pretty sketchy. It kind of looks like it’s in the wrong part of town. Other than that it’s fine.

Review №64

The best prices for Premium comfortable is good tooI must say this theatre is the ultimate experience...the theatre is so clean, staff everywhere and so friendly and helpful!!!Our family LOVES this movie theatre! Keep up the good work!

Review №65

This place puts higher prices theaters to shame, recliner seats, day beds alcohol food brought to your seat, what more can you ask for

Review №66

Much to my surprise it was not bad at all! Very Nice comfortable recliner chairs with a little side table that pulls around to each chair! I like the smaller theater because it was more like being at home honestly! Clean theater with nice floors! Will definitely go more often. The popcorn was good and the pretzel bites were just fine no complaints at all!

Review №67

I enjoyed the movie very much its a great place to watch a film. I do think they could handle the crowds better however. Also Im told they have movies on Tuesdays for five bucks now that Im going to try!

Review №68

The theater has gotten a much needed face lift. The staff was friendly and the food was ok. The tickets were a good price too. Wednesday is Bring Your Own Bucket Night so the theater was kinda smoky. All in all I had a great experience and will return soon.

Review №69

#1 movie theater. I love those leather reclining chair & the day bed.

Review №70

Comfortable theater with excellent prices. Since they remodeled it is the best place to watch movies. They also have their rewards that are really great cause for every alternate $50 they give you a free popcorn or a free ticket. Since we are a family of 5 every time I go I have something free. For those movie lovers that a great extra.

Review №71

Really like the seats. They have couches if you buy two tickets. Couldn’t figure out if my seat reclined though. Food is decent.

Review №72

It was the first time I had been there in a long time. I loved it. I got the recliner seats.

Review №73

Awesome theater! I enjoy the seating options they provide. Havent had their food from concessions yet, however it looks delicious and I cant wait to taste it.

Review №74

Fabulous remodel. Seats are great bar is even greater

Review №75

Tuesday nights great price movie night for me and the gf. Comfy seats and space to stretch out. Lose a star for the parking and the crazy popcorn/drinks prices.

Review №76

Comfortable seating and lots of options to drink/eat. I will recommend to buy tickets in advance so you can choose from their different seating options (regular, recliner, daybed) and avoid the line. Great for the price!

Review №77

Good for $5 dollars Tuesdays, Bring your own bucket for popcorn on Wednesdays. Great seats for recliners or day beds to watch movies. Its $20.00 for day beds each person.

Review №78

Gteat place to watch a movie. Prices are great. JUST STOP PUT THAT DEODORANT SPRAY. Is imposible to be 2 hour in a room full of that bad spray. I was about to leave you 1 star for that smell in the rooms.

Review №79

Never go opening night unless you want to hear lots of conversation around you, theyve really upgraded the interior good seating good staff. I personally never go unless its an off night.

Review №80

The most awful movie experience I have ever been to! Women collecting the tickets, wearing a black, not sure if it was a manager or what. Borderline strip searched two older women, approximately in there 60’s right in front of me. Searched there bags without gloves, treated them with the most condescending and Disrespectful attitude I have ever seen. I site down for the movie same women in all black must have walked up and down the Isles about 7-10 times during the movie. Could not focus at all. Proceeds to yell, again in a condescending and disrespectful manner, at a gentlemen With his phone out on the table face down. You’re not running a theater you’re running a prison. Will never attend again.

Review №81

Horrible customer service. I purchased tickets online and immediately tried to cancel them because it was the wrong movie. They told me I have to cancel them on the website. The company then sends an email that they are unable to cancel because it is less than 2 hours before the movie starts. I just made the purchase 20 minutes before. Yes is my fault for choosing the wrong movie but Ill say it again, horrible customer service. Me and my family have been going to this theater for 20 years. We will be going to a different theater now. Goodbye

Review №82

Best and economic plays to see movies and got to go on Mondays is 5$

Review №83

Good movie. Place still is kind of a dump. Plus they dont put out enough workers. Skipped the long concession line.

Review №84

Great work on the renovation. Love your theater

Review №85

I find it handy if a business post it hours of operation somewhere outside of its doors this theater feels the need not to post any hours of operation any movie times or prices or any information at all other than some posters saying what movie is playing currently and that it is a cinema.

Review №86

WORST THEATRE IVE EVER BEEN TO. I have never seen people be so rude and manner less in my life. Our theatre was full of people that would NOT stop talking throughout the entire film, they used their phone flashlights, even yelled at each other during the film. On top of that my seat was sticky with what I hope was melted candy and there was popcorn all over the floor. When it was time to leave a group of children blocked the exit and I had to ask them to move multiple times until they finally left. Never coming back again.

Review №87

The best small and the seats are amazing

Review №88

Went to saw Directive Pikachu with my little sister, she had in her hand lollipop type of candy when we walked pass the ticket lady, it was fine at first but another lady in black (assume manager??) stopped us and took away the candy from her, who does that to a kid? I understand no outside food allowed but just candy for a little kids, we enjoyed the movie but that totally ruined our night.

Review №89

Ticket prices are great but they stick it to you with the food prices

Review №90

It is a good place to go with family and friends, good prices, excellent service and food.

Review №91

Well organized,clean and very updated amenities. Very comfortable modern chairs with turn tables included. Definitely continue to visit.

Review №92

I will never go here again. They discriminate against handicap people it’s sad and I was nice but will not go back ever.

Review №93

I loved the seats, Wow! I enjoy my movie with comfort.

Review №94

Awesome place to watch movies! The staff is really good and very concerned about your needs! They can bring you food to your seat if you want to. The sound quality is awesome. They offer 3D movies too. If your thing is to relax watching a movie try the premium seats so you can a have a luxury experience while enjoying an excellent film. It’s really clean. They have a bar and you can drink if you are waiting for your movie also a great place to hang with friends! 5/5 but I wish I could give 10/10! My favorite spot to enjoy my favorite hobby!.

Review №95

Nice place. People dont respect others. Too much talking during movie. No staff to control that..

Review №96

Its not so fancy in the lobby but inside the theaters there are reclining seats and even bed seats. Free popcorn if you bring your own bowl on certain days.

Review №97

By far the best movie theater. My family and I watched two movies in one night first we watched Aladdin and sat in the recliners and they are so comfortable then waited 45 minutes and watched toy story 4 and laid in the AMAZING day beds that comes with a little pillow my 5 year old had a blast she was so amused that she could lay down and watch a movie at a movie theater the food is great and the employees are so polite. We live about 30 to 45 minutes away depending on traffic but we definitely will not be going to any other movie theater than touchstar cinemas.Thank you touchstar cinemas

Review №98

It was my first time at that cinema. I love it. Really comfortable clean and nice. I would return

Review №99

$5.00 Tuesday and Byob ( bring your own bucket) Wednesdays for free fill up to certain amount of popcorn. I enjoy the great value and service they have here. Specially bed seats and recliner seats for comfortably viewing of the movie and nice!

Review №100

Awesome service, clean salon and best pop corn ever. Recliners seat for better comfort.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:SOUTHCHASE 7, 12441 Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 407-888-2025
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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