EPIC Theatres at Lee Vista
5901 Hazeltine National Dr, Orlando, FL 32822, United States

Review №1

Such a great Experiance! Comfortable seating and very clean and sanitary.

Review №2

Gear theater with comfortable seats. Easy access to purchase tickets online and pick up at the automated machine. The one complaint I have is the staff, particularly the concession stand. One young man was not motivated to help me out at all. Very poor customer service. Epic you need to have more professional, highly motivated individuals working at your concession staff, they are not representing your theater in a positive manner

Review №3

I always come here with my friends and family and the chairs are super comfortable. The food is tasty and affordable and the movie selections are always up to date! Love it

Review №4

It was awesome Rented out a private theater for the kids and family, great experience. Loved it! Its a must do!!

Review №5

This theater is very clean and the seats are big and reclining. The food and snacks are going to be pricey but I didnt go there to eat, in fact, there are restaurants a few blocks away that people can eat properly. I had a great experience watching a movie there.

Review №6

Always a great time when we go to this theater. I wish there were one closer. The chairs are comfortable and whether alone or with someone it is always a pleasant experience.

Review №7

Great seats for any movie but I started getting bug bites all over my arms from the starting of the movie. I dont think every movie theater are REALLY clean. My guess is just spray and wipe like a table.

Review №8

Great experience. Clean., quiet, lots of space. reclining seats to relax and watch the movie. truly awesome .

Review №9

Always a great movie experience at Epic. Reclining large comfortable seats, quality audio and video equipment, easy online ticketing. I recommend the XL theater for maximum size and sound.

Review №10

Im used to paying the senior fee of $5.75. Tonight I took my lovely wife it it cost us more than $27.00. Not too happy about the fee increase. The movie was great.

Review №11

I was truly blown away everything exceeded my expectations... The staff was helpful the service was excellent.. love Infusion

Review №12

Excellent Movie Theater Glad they have reopened. Will go back for sure and recommend to friends and family. Very clean, great staff and service and reclining seats.

Review №13

I love this theater. The seats are so comfortable and recliner. The theater is nice and clean. They have a bar so you can buy drinks and take them inside the theater. The XL screen us so big. I always go see movie here.

Review №14

Great seats, clean, parking is 0 problems, clean restrooms, great audio/XL. I enjoy seeing feature films here.

Review №15

Love it here, clean, comfortable seats and very nice staff. I also love that it’s close to my house.

Review №16

We love this theater! Were trying to support them in these COVID times.

Review №17

Really great time with the family today.Seats are reclining comfortable (no mini-tables for food like Regal WP though) and the ease of tickets and concession is really good. I would like the option for some type of club soda or sparkling water. Weve been coming to this location for a few months now, its closer than Regal, but at Regal we enjoyed the non-sweet drink options EPIC does not offer. Consider offering please.

Review №18

Love it here. Always clean and friendly staffed. The seats are very comfortable and fully reclinable. The snacks are kinda pricey but they do have both beer and wine and a full selection to choose from.

Review №19

I love this theater so much, its sad this covid19 messed up everything. Once this is over I hope things pick back up.

Review №20

I really like this theater. Comfortable seats. Prices seem super high but maybe thats cause I dont get out much. Not much dealing with the staff. Took two seconds to pickup our tickets at the kiosk. All in all it was a good visit.

Review №21

Ill never go to another Movie theater. The reclining leather seats were awesome. Clear screens, great sound. Once you figure out the kiosk, it process was smooth and quick moving Snacks cost more than the tickets. Way too much salt on the pretzels. Completely inedible as served. Overall a great experience.

Review №22

I love this seating of this theater... so much that I refuse to see moves in any other theater. It’s so comfortable... seat became a full flat sofa. Prices aren’t bad.. two tickets to a movie that just came out was $22 USD.

Review №23

Very clean with comfortable lounge style seats.

Review №24

Very comfortable and cozy cinema. Many halls, that is - many different films, there is something to choose. Quiet location, large parking lot, convenient entry.

Review №25

Recently went to Epic Theater in Clermont and decided it was important for Me to rate My Experience and Praise One of Your OUTSTANDING Individuals! LAURIE was such a Great Customer Service Representative for the Company! I just Had To Let You Know! O

Review №26

My new favorite movie theater. I went to watch Star Wars: Rise of the Sky-walker and loved this movie theater. The seats are the most comfortable that Ive ever experienced allowing you to recline a great amount. There is plenty of leg room in each row to allow others to pass by. The facility is impeccable, and booking the movie through their website didnt give me any issues. the XL screen is HUGE! and the sound quality was incredible(we heard all the vibrations from explosions sitting in the back) I highly recommend this new theater, much nicer experience than Waterford Lakes. I will say that the only other theater that is bigger than this is the I-Drive Point Orlando IMAX screen but the prices there are much higher ($20-$25) compared to the $17.75 I paid to see Star Wars in the XL screen. I would also add that Epic Theaters is family owned and a local central Florida business which makes me want to support them even more.

Review №27

This theater is only a couple years old, its very comfortable recliner seats & Dolby surround sound makes for a great movie experience. The employees at the snack counter could be a bit friendlier, however they do have a wide variety of snacks, including a beer bar.

Review №28

I really like this epic theater. In fact, it is always my first choice of theaters. It has super comfortable recliners with plenty of space to relax. I buy my tickets online which is easy and hassle free. My only problem with it is, the only restrooms are located all the way at the front entrance. If you need to use them during the movie, you miss a lot of the show.

Review №29

I took my daughter to see her first movie and we had an overall excellent experience. Standard pricing, comfortable reclining seats with foot rest, assigned seating at ticket purchase. Super friendly staff, clean restrooms, plenty of parking. Awesome, will def return.

Review №30

Best theater in Orlando. Comtfy seat

Review №31

Not cheap to go here (but what decent theater is these days) but it is a premium experience. Faux leather reclining seats are the big sell. Again, like most theaters the concession prices are insane but of course that is where their money is made. The theaters are well cleaned and projection systems seems to be well maintained. They needed to put in another set of bathrooms as they are always mobbed after a movie gets out. But overall a great but not budget place to see a movie.

Review №32

Very comfortable seating. A well cleaned building overall. Quality was good. Food was over priced. But thats to be expected at a movie theater. All in all its a nice theater.

Review №33

It’s a nice place, the seats are comfortable enough for my dad to fall asleep in every movie we watch, I do have one suggestion it possible to sell buckets of French fries? Cause that would be like HEAVEN like wayyyyy better than popcorn in my opinion

Review №34

Very nice place and comfortable.

Review №35

The theater itself is nice and the reserved seating and recliners are good, but all of it means nothing because of the complete lack of customer service. No one is empowered to take care of an upset customer, and that is if there is even someone there when you need them. I am going somewhere else from now on.

Review №36

Our family really enjoys watching all the major blockbusters at Epic mostly due to their huge screen and enormous reclining seating. Orlandos best kept secret!

Review №37

Got to see this theater before it opened and got to see how it was built. Is one of the if not the best movie theater experience. The seats are state of the art and the location is ideal if you just landed at Orlando International Airport and want to wind down and relax with an awesome movie watching experience.

Review №38

Great experience. I definitely recommend.

Review №39

This theatre is impressive with reclining seats, cup holders and good eats. I will be glad to go see movies on big screen again soon! Lisa Bowden

Review №40

Great comfortable seats and very nice employees.

Review №41

The best theater in town because of the reclining chairs and ease of buying your ticket online. They also have automated machines for tickets purchase. Youre better off buying your ticket online before arriving to avoid the lines and slow service especially on weekends. Prices for food are very expensive of course like any theater and they only have one bathroom, but worth coming here for new releases.

Review №42

Clean and friendly and the movie was great!

Review №43

My favourite cinema in Orlando. Every screen has the reclining wide leather chairs so you are at maximum comfort. Even when a screen is busy you have all the space you need. Highly recommend it

Review №44

Its been a while since Ive been there... It was a long time coming...

Review №45

This theater is great and would have gotten 5 stars based on the movie and concession experience. However, there is only one restroom for the entire theater. The line was so long!! It’s crazy to not have more restroom areas for a theater this size. So if you don’t have to use the potty, you will love this venue!!

Review №46

Loved it. Their seats are the most comfortable Ive ever sit at a movie theater! Friendly staff. Clean restrooms. Highly recommend it

Review №47

Everyone was pleasant! Theater was clean. No lines! I had a great experience.

Review №48

Five star straight across. Good easy location next to airport easy to get in and out off. The theater itself is fantastic with fully reclining seats. Bathrooms are well maintained and very clean. Staff is very nice and helpful.

Review №49

Beautiful theater! This is the kind of theater that has luxurious chairs and assigned seats, so if you have a group you have to buy together. We were in theater 2, and it was very warm. I dont know if it is always like that. The concessions are even more overpriced than I remember other theaters being, but I rarely buy food at the movie theater anyway. Overall, my experience was great.

Review №50

Only complaint i have is that its over prices but other than that, great service. amazing chairs and great movie! I watched Hustlers last night and it was so full there was a line for the self serve confessions. There was a little boy with curly hair in concessions who was very nice to every customer and no matter how busy it was, he would drop what he was doing to help customers. When it was my turn, he politely asked how i was doing and how can he help me. He gave me a large fresh popcorn even he just filled the warmer with fresh popcorn bags and told me to enjoy my movie which i did! When the movie finished i was going to tell a manager but it was after 12:30 and i guess everyone left.

Review №51

Wednesday night movie with the kids. Very lite crowd. Epic seats are the best. Concession stand could have better options.

Review №52

We just went and saw PEPPERMINT, well this is the place to see an EPIC movie and girl this is the Movie! Yes, Jennifer there is another Die Hard movie but its with a smart character! I love all the Die Hard movies and all the great scenes. I especially like that this one person is able to have more than 9 lives. Girls, that your favorite person with you cause it is one worth the $9 dollars we paid for the tickets at senior citizens price. But the movie is worth selling the bloomers to see. The movie gets 10 stars**********!!!!. The movie theater was great, nice temperature looked like a lots of snacks, my down fall is the bathrooms. They were great, but even if you only have a handful of people in your theater you should still keep your restrooms well stocked with toilet paper. I went in before the movie started and after the movie, and both times no TP. So, make sure you take some with you before you go. Also, their is a Cracker barrel around the corner. If your lucky, Elle will be working. She is fast with your order, so if you want the salad 1st tell her when you order. Or it will come with your home made chicken and dumplings. So, so, good!

Review №53

So this place was so cozy!! We went for the first time while visiting family, and was pleasantly surprised by the whole set up! I cant wait to go again!

Review №54

Horrible customer service. Will not be back.

Review №55

The chairs are nice recliners. However, they dont go back all the way. Easy stop. Good matinee prices.

Review №56

We went on new years and it was not crowded at all. Buying the tickets with credit card is self service now which is great, food is pretty much self served too, so no line except a short one to pay. Theater was not too cold. We had a great time.

Review №57

Nice theatre but really expensive. There’s better options if you don’t want to spent too much on a movie night.

Review №58

The best movie theather in Orlando in my opinión why? The staff is really nice and the seats at the teather are amazing

Review №59

Nice and neat movie theater with reclining chairs. You can brink your own blanket and enjoy yourself!

Review №60

The theatre is clean and there are lots of movies to choose from. I’d suggest your buy the tickets online before you go there. There are only a few kiosks so you need to line up and you might not be able to get good seats. The seatings are very comfortable. They are like recliners. Next time I’ll bring a little pillow to pad my lower back.

Review №61

Its your pretty typical movie theater. They do have a fairly large drink menu, but to be honest its super overpriced. Im talking $9 for a single whiteclaw type of price. The seats recline which is nice, and theres plenty of legroom.

Review №62

State of the art everything, can buy literally any snack you want before sitting down to enjoy your movie. Best to get there early during new releases because you have to choose your seat when you purchase your ticket. My family and I drive to this theater despite the fact that it’s a bit further than other theaters that are closer to us. Only complaint is that there aren’t enough theaters. However, I do expect them to expand soon with all that cash flow coming in.

Review №63

Really love this movie theater! The reclining seats SOLD ME! You pay more for the experience but it’s absolutely worth it!

Review №64

The sound system and the seats are fantastic, very comfortable. The staff behind the concession stand I can’t say too much about. That young man that waited on us was very unfriendly didn’t try to help us out or suggest a combo. He just stood there like I was bothering him.......I think a little re-training would do him great

Review №65

Gave it 4 stars because it is very awsome. What kept it from the 5th is price, its is a pricy theater for what it is. Its clean and staff is staff, not really all that special, but its not about them. The screen clarity was amazing for all the action and special effects my movie had. I had a great time in my movie.

Review №66

Amazing experience. Fancy and great movie selection. 10/10 would recommend

Review №67

This is the best movie theater I have ever seen. Leather recliners clear views for every person. AWESOME sound and large screens!

Review №68

Come to see birds of pray and was not allowed due to personal policy at theater no kids under 12 at any time for r movies .thats insane I and my kids wanted to see this movie but guess what fashion square dose not have that stupid rule good by epic you were great till you decided to make choices for me

Review №69

Nice place, comfortable seating. Great sound.

Review №70

The price is ridiculously high no matter what time you go. I went at 1 pm over $15. There was no pizza, no nacho, no pretzels, no hot dog, luckily they had stale pop corn and soda. They should at least have a matinee discounts for early hours.

Review №71

Very comfortable theatre typical concessions which is really a minus 4 stars but... And thats why I always wear my backpack

Review №72

Was clean lobby and bathrooms, temperature inside the movie just right...fresh popcorn and soda wasnt flat.

Review №73

My favorite theater ever. The seats are amazing and lay all the way down and they have a bar! Adults will love this place for sure.

Review №74

Stadium seating with reclining seats. Doesn’t get better than this. The place is extremely quiet during this time of the day, perhaps because it was during the week. However, the ambiance and the look is very clean and proper. Love the friendliness of the staff. Even though, there was no one at the check in point towards the theater, another person that was working in another department came up and was very attentive and did the check-in. The theater has an exterior that has a classic look, but inside is comfortable and well done. Totally a new favorite movie theater for me.

Review №75

Nice theatre with oversized reclining seats. They serve alcohol but it is way overpriced. $12.50 for a 24 oz glass of beer...

Review №76

Could not wait to get back to the movies

Review №77

I love the theater but the service here isnt that great. The kids working here were all over the place. I had to wait repeatedly in the different areas I went to get snacks or drinks.

Review №78

Came for a late showing, and the lobby looked like it had been raided — popcorn and soda all over the floor. Concessions were sort of stocked, and the hot items we purchased were burnt. Seats were comfortable, but a little sticky in some places. Sound and screen were good quality.

Review №79

This is a truly Epic theatre and a fun experience. Lots of fun, always clean.

Review №80

Comfortable reclining seats. Touch screen to choose seats and movie. Nice big theaters and food is pretty good.

Review №81

Perfect experience all the way through. Purchasing tickets was an interesting experience, all on a giant screen monitor and being able to select our seats. And the seats? RECLINERS SEATS! Heck yes. Would totally recommend checking this theater out.

Review №82

Best seats in town! Its nice to pick your seat online before you go.

Review №83

First time here and I love the seating arrangement, very comfy and great view of the whole screen.

Review №84

I love this theater. Big screen all surround sound speakers. I saw Spiderman far from home needless to say that was great. But what was even better was the comfortable seats. Very good theater, I dont live here, I live in New York city, but the staff made me feel like the King I am.

Review №85

This was my first time going ti a theater with electric recliners. Very nice clean theater. Friendly staff. If youre in the Orlando area visit Epic.

Review №86

Magnificent theater! Id love a standalone like this back home

Review №87

Best movie theater that has the most comfortable leather sits that reclines back so you can relax comfortably while watch your movie

Review №88

Really nice place. Clean, comfortable and fast service.Update: I just returned and Kam took good care of me. He was super helpful in assisting me with drinks and even let me try a new beer before I made a purchase. Such a great experience coming here

Review №89

The best movie theater to watch a movie with family and friends. I really recommended.

Review №90

Extremely comfortable seating and its assigned so no one gets angry. Good is expensive but thats normal anymore

Review №91

Uber comfortable reclining seats and a good snack selection but ticket prices on the high side. The XL theater option is a positive if you’re looking for a larger cinematic experience without major crowds (read: tourist crowds), especially on opening nights.

Review №92

Close to my motel. food and drinks (beer, wine, plus) reserved seating and stadium seating. pretty good

Review №93

Love this theater. The seats are amazing they are like lazy boy chairs. So bring your blanket sit back relax and enjoy your movie!

Review №94

Closed for fake Corona virus. Pumping the lie.

Review №95

I love epic theatres for their reclining chairs. I would of given a 5 star if the sound wasnt to be that bad.

Review №96

L my gosh we love this place so much the seats are so comfortable we just love coming here.️️

Review №97

Super comfortable seats and a huge screen in the XL theatre! I hate the bathroom situation here though, and unfortunately Im one of those people with a tiny bladder that will need to use the bathroom once during the movie to be comfortable. You have to run all the way down the hall and almost to the exit of the building for the bathroom and make sure to take your ticket with you in case the attendant asks to see it on the way back to your movie. Overall, friendly staff and clean facilities though. Also there is a lot of good shopping and restaurants nearby to check out before or after your movie!

Review №98

Pick your seat ahead of time, nice leather recliners, super clean theater. Its fn awesome (▀̿ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

Review №99

Good theater. The chairs are nice and comfortable. Staff is helpful.

Review №100

We went for a film festival but employees were nice and friendly easy parking clean inside and out. Consessions were very high but the amenities were great.

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  • Address:5901 Hazeltine National Dr, Orlando, FL 32822, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 407-856-0508
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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