Walker Cinemas North Ogden
1610 N Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84404, United States

Review №1

LOVE going here. Theres great service, always an extra seat available, good food, and current shows. Honestly I love it more than the Megaplex.

Review №2

Really not bad as far as theatre size. Their popcorn and drinks are good! One of the things I wish was different is reserved seating. For just about any movie you have to get there relatively early to get tickets and stand in line to get your first pick of the seats. When its a busy day its a sea of lines! Otherwise its not too busy. Prices are not as expensive as a megaplex as far as tickets go, and popcorn and drinks are about the same. They dont offer rewards programs like a megaplex but with cheaper prices its almost ok. Theatres are good quality though! I didnt notice any difference in seating or the screens.

Review №3

The best popcorn in Northern Utah. Support locally owned businesss like this.

Review №4

Friendly staff, reasonable prices, very clean theater with a good selection of movies.

Review №5

Good smaller theater. The newer screens are quite good. Older ones not as much, but it seems like every time I go it is in one of the bigger ones.

Review №6

Went to watch Onward with the fam. Theater 6 is big, screen was perfect and the sound way really good.. price is 5 bucks on Wednesday, and for 3 candies I payed 7.50. I was told theater 5 was big too, so next time Ill call and see whats playing in those..

Review №7

Good theatre, but I had a bad experience tonight. A young man was vacuuming the area by the concessions and butter station. I went to use the restroom and when I was done and opened the stall door, the male employee was in the bathroom cleaning it. He was aware I was in the bathroom before he started cleaning. Managers need to tell staff to ask if anyone is in the restroom before cleaning it. Definitely gave me the creeps

Review №8

Favorite movie theater by far. Best popcorn ever

Review №9

It was a great value and my family had a good time.

Review №10

Fine. Not super comfy, and smelled REALLY bad. But it was a movie and it was cheap.

Review №11

Love being able to see movies I can afford. Love that this theater sponsors five dollar days, even if its a new release. Very friendly staff.

Review №12

We just went to a movie Spies in Disguise. Popcorn was great, pop was pretty ok. Clean, and clean bathrooms.....but I really think the Mens bathroom needs to be updated. My boys as in kids said it super uncomfortable when the urinals dont have individual privacy. As in they are close together and no privacy. Its 2020.

Review №13

Theater was clean, tickets were fairly priced, concessions were priced well, and the popcorn was delicious. The only reason why its not 5 stars, is when my friends and I were watching the movie it went out for 10+ min in due to a technical issue.

Review №14

Very nice theater. Perfect seating. Prices on popcorn and drinks cant be beat.

Review №15

Walker Cinemas has been a family favorite for well over 20years, we love the small town friendly atmosphere, however when we went this last weekend I brought in a water bottle to have re-filled because I try not to use water bottles I choose to be environmentally aware and do my part. I ALWAYS use my reusable water bottle at the larger theatre chains with no problem but was told in a not friendly manner No and to take it up with the theatre in Perry. It is all about customer service, had she responded in a friendly manner I would have responded with I would be happy to pay whatever amount but she disregarding me and started speaking to the individual behind me.

Review №16

Great staff and the best pop corn around! The theater has good sound and is nicely maintained but a little tight compared to recliner seating at other theaters. Still a great place.

Review №17

Decently priced tickets but the concessions is where they get you because whats a movie without the popcorn, soda, and candy?

Review №18

Excellent prices! Nice interior and very friendly people. I recommend this place for all families

Review №19

Cute theater, great prices, very clean. Highly recommend.

Review №20

Kinda small, but nice. The seats were comfortable and most importantly were not gross. The floor was not sticky and I enjoyed the movie. Go and support this little theater they deserve it.

Review №21

Walker is a cheaper way to enjoy the movie theater experience. The staff are nice and happy to have you there and there isnt really the problem with the typical crowds. Everything is clean, just not the newest and shiniest you get from the expensive experience down the road. Overall, they provide a good experience that lets me take my family to the theater without breaking the bank.

Review №22

Nice Lobby, all the usually Snacks. An Older Theater, but Nice Place

Review №23

Good fair prices. Could use some upgrades but if it keeps the prices down then leave it the way it is. The only thing that really needs to be done is put up a small wall or something by the door in the mens room. Anyone (little kids) can just open the door and look right down the line of standing urinals. Didnt think much of it until a dad brought his daughter in to use the restroom. If your the unlucky one in the urinal by the door your right in sight.

Review №24

Very clean movie theater. The size of each theatre is large enough for premieres and there are many theatres to have a good selection of movies. They could improve the consessions for most of the food is lacking in quality.

Review №25

Great place just wish I had a little more elbow room.

Review №26

Movie theater isnt great. Price is good if you go on discount night.

Review №27

Not expensive. Comfortable enough. Good screen and sound

Review №28

Walker was the first theatre our family went to when we first moved to Utah.I love the family feel of the place and the popcorn is by far the best in town.The only reason I give four stars and not five is I am spoiled by nicer seats.Definitely a staple in our family and not sad about it.

Review №29

My favourite place and they have the best popcorn out of all the movie theaters around!

Review №30

I love the old family vibe I get from Walker Theaters. It reminds me of being a kid. I love their summer movie passes as well.

Review №31

Clean, nice people and great Dolby 7 surround. Prices in the concession stand were reasonable. Parking wasnt a problem and prices for tickets was easy on the wallet. I had a great experience and intend to visit again soon. Thanks Walker Cinemas!

Review №32

I loved it, the audio and visual makes the movies so immersive and amazing to view

Review №33

It was good! Popcorn was freshly made. Ask for double butter and youll be in heaven!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Review №34

Best popcorn and great prices. Nothing fancy, but its my favorite theater.

Review №35

This is our familys favorite..They treat you like family..I started going to the first theater in Brigham city owned by Mr. Walker.I now live in Ogden and this theater is great. Reasonable, clean, plenty of parking.

Review №36

Great local theatre. Their popcorn hands down is the best! Great prices on concessions. They do have 2 stadium seating theatre and the others are old style which in my option is so much when you have a fun movie like Greatest Showman or Mamma Mia you can stand up and dance a little bit.

Review №37

Its hard for overweight people the size of seat for the hips, however Disabled compatible, good food, movies.

Review №38

I would like to personally THANK Patti and Dave “the tech guy” for making my dreams come true. On July 21st, I proposed to my girlfriend at Walker Cinemas, where we had our first date. I contacted Patti and asked if It was possible I could propose to my girlfriend and play the movie I made for her on the big screen. Patti quickly emailed me back and was very excited and eager to help. Patti was able to arrange a time for me to have only close friends and family in the theatre to watch the proposal. She got in touch with Dave “the tech guy” who reached out to me. I could tell Dave really wanted to help. He worked with me and spoke to me every other day to make sure everything worked out smoothly. The day of the proposal, Dave made sure the trailers were playing right on time when she came into find her seat. The movie played without any malfunctions thank goodness. She was surprised. She said yes! Everything turned out perfect!! I couldn’t have done it without the help of those two! Thank you so much for everything! My girlfriend and I love this theatre and will continue to come back for our date nights :)

Review №39

So, its a little sad for me to say this because I dont say this about very many things. And no offense to the owner or anyone who works there or anything like that. But this movie theater will never be a five star movie theater. It just cannot do it. It needs to be rebuilt in order for that to happen, the layout its self prohibits it, from achieving Five Star Quality. Even if the people are some of the nicest youll meet, even if, (and unless its an opening day of something) the showings are less crowded and the popcorn more movie theatrey. Its an old school cinema. And thats something I love. But dont expect a 5 star experience.

Review №40

Good service and reasonable prices!

Review №41

Its a alright place to watch a movie. Its not expensive.

Review №42

Clean theaters, not too crowded, so plenty of good seats. Friendly staff.

Review №43

Not bad for what it is. Which is old and outdated

Review №44

Like supporting the little guy. Clean place, good prices, friendly staff. Close and convenient.

Review №45

A well priced and maintained discount theater. They have a good selection of movies in clean and well working theaters. The price is half that of the larger theaters in the area so youre certainly getting your moneys worth.

Review №46

I good theatre. Fair prices. Good popcorn. Seats are kinda eh.

Review №47

If you want to go see a movie and have the same experience you had as a kid (no frills, vibrating heated leather recliners, etc) then come here. classic theater.

Review №48

Best popcorn at a movie theater!

Review №49

Do not set your expectations too high for Walker Cinema. The popcorn may be delicious, but the movie experience is terrible. The theater has a poor sound system, a low quality screen, with uncomfortable seats. The price is not worth the poor experience.

Review №50

Great family theater. Pefect for those who want to see new movies but dont want the price. Concessions are equal or slightly less also. Plenty of parking quality is very good all around.

Review №51

Good prices and the staff is always friendly

Review №52

Nice theater, comfortable, great value.

Review №53

Its old but nice

Review №54

Staff is friendly. Price is right. Selection of films is good. Its a little dated and basic, but thats part of the charm. This is one of very few independent theaters left, and well worth a visit. This is where we come to watch movies as a family.

Review №55

This theater is a great value! $5 for a large popcorn with a free refill. The movie we saw would have been $61 for the family at AMC. At Walker we paid $36 for the same show. The staff are really nice and friendly.

Review №56

Great theater in Ogden. Prices are amazing. They floors in some of the theaters are concrete which makes them get sticky. That is the only problem. Love the quality of workers and of the theater

Review №57

This place is still one of my favorite places. It is completely worth it to wait a little while to be able to watch a movie for so cheap. The theaters are clean and the seats are comfortable. My only thing is that the distances between aisles are huge. That could be a good thing or an inconvenience.

Review №58

My kids love coming here. They do a good job at keeping the place clean.

Review №59

Great Small Theatre that isnt crowded. They do have sound from one movie passing through the walls into other showings. Comfortable seats with reclining backs. Affordable snacks with free refill on large popcorn!

Review №60

Nice place. Better than I expected for an independent theater. Like any other the concessions cost a lot and if you come late in the schedule the floors are sticky from spilled soda (not practical to thoroughly mop between showings), but the stadium seating is good and the sound and picture were excellent. A few things around the building are in a state of disrepair, but its just cosmetic stuff like the signs identifying the individual theaters, which are mismatched. But we had a good experience and will happily return.

Review №61

Have been going to movies here since I was a kid. It is a bit older but they have remodeled a few things. Concessions are half of what they charge at the big chain theaters.

Review №62

Convenient location, good prices. Seats are terribly uncomfortable...

Review №63

Its a good theater. They dont have reserved seating and they need to upgrade some of their seating.

Review №64

Love their popcorn, just wish they had reserve seating

Review №65

Good like it has been in the past years when we reside in Ogden uts cozy and busy or crowded like the other theatres.

Review №66

Family friendly atmosphere less crowded than most other theaters.

Review №67

Fun! Delightful! Sweet! Heart wrenching! Tearful! Funny! Gorgeous, harmonious Tongan singing!

Review №68

Some of the best popcorn prices in all of Ogden area.Their matinee specials are a great deal too!

Review №69

Great place, nice employees, easy parking, pretty clean inside. Pretty inexpensive but good quality overall. Could be nicer and classier but for the price its a good deal. Concessions are (naturally) more expensive than you may hope but cheaper than most places such as the Megaplex.

Review №70

Love their deals on Wednesday

Review №71

Great place nice staff. The best place to watch a movie with the fam

Review №72

First time at this Walker Cinema. I grew up in and out of the Walker Cinema in Brigham really its in Perry. I was glad to see they had caramel popcorn that was made in Brigham City. The chair I was in and the rest of them seem to lean back too far for my enjoyment thats my only complaint. Everything else was as expected. I would go there again and recommend it.

Review №73

Their popcorn is the best from movie theaters that you can find (in my experience).

Review №74

Ive been coming here for years and the prices are fair. The seats are pretty comfy. But the popcorn tastes cheaper than cheap. Could buy some real popcorn thatd be nice

Review №75

Small place but open late and showing good movies.

Review №76

Love this theater. The popcorn has real butter and is not overly salted. But if you love salt, there is more you can put on. Great affordable theater.

Review №77

Best popcorn ever. I wish they had hotdog or something more substantial. I would never go anywhere else. I like food with my movie. Chicken fingers would be awesome.

Review №78

Lovely little family-owned movie theatre. Always clean, always friendly. I especially like that their soda, popcorn, and candy prices arent outrageous! We always try to go to here to support the local business.

Review №79

Older cinema, but comfortable and less crowded than most.

Review №80

Great for the movies, service, and real butter popcorn! Its less expensive than its competition, and has $5 Wednesday to boot. The only problem weve ever experienced, is they frequently dont have tickets available for advanced purchase more than 2-3 days in advance. Its pretty minor, bit it has gotten in the way a few times. Everything else is fantastic. Its never been so full as to need assigned seating. Good movie experience.

Review №81

Best popcorn around. Very decent family theater, especially if thou catch the movies in one of their stadiums.

Review №82

My wife and I went here to see the new Star Wars film The Last Jedi. We enjoyed ourselves, however the theater is starting to show its age, or perhaps Im just getting older. The seats arent nearly as comfortable as they once were and they recline back too far. Thats really my only complaint. The sound, picture, and service were all great.Snacks here are less expensive than at the other first run theathers in the area. We will attend another movie here for sure.

Review №83

I love this little theater! Im only giving it 4 stars because my back hates the seats.. If the seats were more comfy it would be a perfect place.

Review №84

I love the Walker! Its right in my neck of the woods and its more affordable than most other theaters, plus it has a lovely hometown feel to it.

Review №85

This theater has a local Regional feel to it. The screens arent huge but theyre not small. The prices are very low due to the dad is more of a regional theater. it is still a great place to go see a movie on a big screen. It is relatively easy to get to and is a community theater for those living in Harrisville North Ogden Farr West and Pleasant View.

Review №86

Best popcorn! Affordable tickets and concessions!

Review №87

Great theater. Always seems a bit dirty though.

Review №88

Great little locally owned theater with reasonable concessions and ticket prices. We can take the whole family without a second mortgage. They are also a great supporter of local schools!

Review №89

I love this theater! Ive grown up with it being fairly close to home and frequented it very often. Now I live in an entirely different city, past at least 3 different closer theaters, and Ill still drive to Walker Cinemas to get the full experience. Most of their staff is extremely polite and helpful. They have decent refreshments at awesome prices. Not to mention that they always have plenty of extra seats during showings so youre not always rubbing elbows with noisy strangers during the latest releases. They recently got two new theater rooms for 3D, and they are amazing! Great prices, great food, awesome people. I recommend Walker Cinemas to anyone who likes good prices and plenty of room to watch the new movies with friends and family.

Review №90

5 dollars on Wednesdays and amazing popcorn

Review №91

Finally got to see the new Star Wars movie. Great show, accomodations, and worthwhile professional counter people. Small cinema but worth the wait. Enjoy! Has both a marquis and website for shows and times

Review №92

Basic movie house. Clean and respectable establishment. However, do not look for the amenities as you will find in larger theaters. This is a basic, no frills cinema.

Review №93

They have always had the best popcorn and fair prices. Thats one of the main reasons weve always went there. However the last two times there, the popcorn was mostly burnt and not very good. I was so bummed out and hope they will read this and remedy the problem. It was always my favorite theater and close to my house. I hope that I dont need to find a new favorite.

Review №94

They are great! The popcorn flavored butter was the bomb! Traveled all the way from Vegas, just to get the popcorn!

Review №95

Our favorite place for movies and the best popcorn!

Review №96

Overly priced other than that very fun experience

Review №97

Really comfortable chairs for a good price

Review №98

Best popcorn EVER!

Review №99

I love this theater. Great prices on everything and they always have the latest movies. Its local and has close parking.

Review №100

Ive been to two of the Walker Cinemas and I have ALWAYS received the very best service! I probably go 2-3 times a month. Even when I was short on cash for my popcorn the employee spotted me the rest and was incredibly kind about it. I have loved both of these theaters and recommend them. Also the prices are very very reasonable.

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  • Address:1610 N Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84404, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 801-737-9183
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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