EVO Cinemas Creekside 14
214 Creekside Way, New Braunfels, TX 78130, United States

Review №1

Amazing service and cleanliness. The bar staff is knowledgeable and you can take the drinks into the theater. Rollin is our favorite bartender! The sound and picture quality is top notch. Best theater going experience in SC by far.

Review №2

Very nice facility.Prices are too steep though.The FREE popcorn needs to be given to the Customer prior to the Movie starting IF the concession stand will be CLOSED ONCE THE MOVIE IS OVER.

Review №3

Love the throw back movies

Review №4

This is the only place I watch movies now! The new seats are so fluffy and comfortable that Ive accidentally fallen asleep a few times...but so worth it. Staff is super friendly and the building is very clean! 10/10 recommend

Review №5

Concession employees were exceptional! Very courteous and diligent to provide the best customer service.This high level of service is unusual at the Popcorn LineFrom all appearances, everybody was working very hard to balance a clean, sanitary and welcoming environment.Entire experience was far above expectations.And the movie was pretty good too

Review №6

Felt like home. Nice place, clean bathrooms, and helpful people. The reclining seats are the bomb diggity.

Review №7

Finally made it back to the theater. Nice and clean, covid compliance. So happy to be back. Enjoyed the movie and popcorn!

Review №8

Seating is definitely weird especially in the smaller screens. The screen dips down so either youre directly in front of the screen or looking down with the solid rail cutting the bottom of the screen out. The popcorn was stale probably because it was a midday matinee.

Review №9

I recently went to this theater to watch Impractical Jokers. The theater was very nice and clean, and at only $7 a ticket, it was a bargain for the experience. They use reserved seating (which I highly prefer). But where the magic really is, is their seating. These things are comfortable as all get out! Theyre leather, reclining seats and are very fluffy which makes it a very comfortable experience. Each seat also has a little desk that swivels so you can put your snacks on it (a great addition for those with children!). My only complaint was my movie was a little low in volume. Other than that this theater was great and I will be back!

Review №10

Ive never given a movie theater 5 stars but this one deserved it. It had nice reliable chairs and trays to pit your food and drink on. I didnt have dirty or sticky floors and was all around very neat. The employees at the front desk got my tickets fast and were very nice about it. The movie had great suround sound audio and the screen was nice and vibrant. I will definitely be going back soon.

Review №11

This theater is trash. Dirty, unkept, and the staff is so awful.

Review №12

There were only two of us in an entire theater. Shhhh lets not tell anyone else they are open! Jk everyone should be back in the theater!!!!

Review №13

Friendly staff! Always great service.

Review №14

Renovations are awesome. New chairs are like recliners. They recline back, and there are trays in front of you. They have pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets, ice cream, and alcohol. The staff was very nice especially the young man taking our tickets yesterday evening. You get to pick your own seats. Place is very nice and clean.

Review №15

No good movies. But like the popcorn

Review №16

Online tickets, big recliner seats with swivel tray, 14 theaters, clean building and restrooms, kids snack pack with popcorn drink and candy is like $5.

Review №17

Very clean and comfy chairs. The staff are kind and personable.

Review №18

Went with high hopes, unfortunately won’t be back. The place is clean, friendly but the screen quality is a throw back from many years ago. Poor poor quality compared to everything else. If you don’t mind fuzzy and poor sound quality, it’s worth the cost. I’ve just seen better and prefer not to go backwards.

Review №19

First movie in my new hometown. Great place. Not too crowded but lots of choices. Ticketing was smooth. The staff persons batteries died on the scanner but he handled the situation perfectly.

Review №20

Good movie prices right now! $5

Review №21

They dont have the big popcorn tubs anymore. They only served the lunch bags of popcorn.

Review №22

We didnt know they changed into an EVO theater until we showed up. We went to see Spies in Disguise which has been out since Christmas. We showed up 30 minutes early and ended up having to sit in different aisles because those were the only seats showing available on the computer. There ended up being about 4 seats next to my husband that were empty the entire movie so we could have all sat together but Im not sure why they were shown taken when we were picking our seats. The chairs were comfy but going to a family movie and not being able to sit with your family is a little inconvenient.

Review №23

Super comfortable reclining chairs. So much room. Great sound system. Love it

Review №24

Great theater. Sears are nice and comfy. I love the large popcorn which allows me a free refill. Bring on the artificial butter. Tuesday is 5.00 so it is great.

Review №25

Nice full recliner seats. Adult beverages and theater food is good. Only negative is one restroom location, so its a bit far from some theaters.

Review №26

This was a good experience. The seating is great with lounge chairs. The movie was good and sound okay. I recommend this theater and would return if it was closer.

Review №27

FYI as of Jan 1, 2020 there are NO FREE REFILLS on soda! I was shocked..$70+ for 3 of us to go see a movie, and we cant even get a refill on soda! We will be looking for a new theater even if we have to go to Schertz or San Marcos. Too bad, I guess the cost of a refill on soda is worth the loyalty of regular movie goers..

Review №28

It’s good, I like the new recliners.

Review №29

Great selection of movies, well maintained and clean restrooms

Review №30

Very clean, seats are super comfy, great beer on tap. Staff was nice. Good place for family!

Review №31

They have awesome new recliners and you get your own tray. Tickets start at only $8. I love it!

Review №32

Great theater be very careful if you buy a large drink their cups were so flimsy that they literally cave in when you pick them up and the lid pops off and you spill it all over yourself happened to several of us in our group!! And yes our whole party was sober they just really have cheap cups!!!

Review №33

Courteous staff & cleaning staff very courteous. Atmosphere very good, seating very comfortable. However air conditioning very cold. Downton Abbey movie really great.

Review №34

The new theater seating is awesome. They are very relaxing and allow room in between each seat. The pricing in food concessions did go up. I wish they would have kept the same deals, the refillable cups, buckets that you purchased for the year were not visible any more. This was a nice bonus that I looked forward to buying each year. But overall, i give it the 4 stars

Review №35

We go here often. Recently there was a problem with an a/c vent in the ceiling of the theater we were in. It made a horible noise throughout the movie. The manager made it right by giving us passes to come back and see the movie again. Thats good customer service. Well definitely continue to go see movies here.

Review №36

So clean and comfy. I have been going to Alamo for a long time and Creekside has stepped up their game. The only complaint I have is it was very hot in theater 12. I think it was just that movie but it was hot. The lady next to me was sweating

Review №37

Me And Desirae My Beach Ball Girlfriend love It Here They Have Sodas And Everything Here

Review №38

Pleasantly surprised! Exceeding our expectations. Comfortable, upgraded seats and $5.50 tickets!

Review №39

Theyve really improved the theater from when I went when I was younger. The seats are super comfortable.

Review №40

This is our theater of choice. The customer service is excellent and the prices are reasonable. The seats are comfortable, too!

Review №41

Every nice theater. Kids got a row .....we got a row.... teens got a row. They sell beer and wine.... WHAAAAAAT?! Refills on the large drinks and for $10 ....not bad at all.

Review №42

We havent been to a movie in quite awhile. The reclining chairs were really comfortable. We paid online which made this process go much quicker. The employees were actually very nice and helpful.

Review №43

Small scale theaters, reclining seats, reasonable prices. Concession prices are typical, but the staff are friendlier than most large format chains.

Review №44

Our favorite place to watch a movie. Clean theater, clean restrooms, friendly staff, comfortable reclining seats. 5 Stars!

Review №45

We love coming here and now after the upgrades to the seats we come even more. Definitely a quiet little cozy Cinema and the snacks are not too bad themselves. The people that work there are very kind and courteous treat you like youre one of the family come check it out.

Review №46

Bought special refillable cup & popcorn tin for Toy Story promo over the summer. They said it would be just $3 to fill up next time we came back. Neglected to tell me it was only while Toy Story was out which was only one more week.Today we bought a large popcorn & soda. Confirmed with them that theres still free refills on them and was assured there were. When I went out to get refills, same girl I purchased from told me she made a mistake and forgot about the new policy starting today...only refills on popcorn, not on soda.There was a family in front of me that had a deaf child and the theatre had no accommodations for him with closed captioning.Also, movie was flickering the entire showing and said they couldnt fix until movie was finished.Overall, Ive had nothing but less than par experiences everytime. Always a disappointment.

Review №47

Cheap movies. nice comfy chairs. small rooms. Sounds great.

Review №48

Love the new seating! I’m the only thing that would make it better is if it had food service delivered to the seats like the other ones, but still good!

Review №49

It was awesome. New recliners are totally cool. So comfy!! Makes enjoying the movie even more fun!!

Review №50

Very comfortable theater. Pleasant and courtious employees. My family attends frequently.

Review №51

Comfy seats, great location. Food is extremely overpriced but u dont go to a theater for their food

Review №52

Came for a 7:45 showing and they said they close the cafe at 8.... so no food available at 7:30? 15 minutes before the movie even starts!

Review №53

Great cinema. Easy parking and access. Reasonable admission prices and concessions. Recliner seating. Very comfortable. Well be back.

Review №54

Theater was nice and clean and staff was friendly. Seats were comfortable. Only one complaint. Our seats were at the very top, and either the screen wasnt high enough, or the wall separating the rows of seats was too high. I am a short person, and I could see the whole screen. It was our first time going to this theater, I know to choose different seats next time

Review №55

Overall a great theater. Love the reclining seats and the trays. That being said I could not recline all the way because of the wall in front of the seats. If you are short or have children with you and try to recline it blocks your view of the screen a little. Even not reclining my children had a hard time seeing the screen because of the wall. We have been to many other theaters with the same seats and have never had that problem.

Review №56

Great clean and comfortable. Excellent reclining seats. Still has new carpet smell! Quick service and easy to access

Review №57

The movie was a dark comedy and not what I expected but the theater and staff were fine. Friendly staff and comfortable seating.

Review №58

We love the seating here.

Review №59

Great little theater. Very nice staff and it is always clean.

Review №60

Nice and comfortable, good option for those that want the accessibility without the Austin overcrowdedness.

Review №61

Drink and a movie. Get a handy for $5 row six

Review №62

Nice and clean. When you walk in to buy your tickets, you choose where you want to sit and they print out your tickets. Tickets are less than $7.They offer beer and other cocktails. Sodas are large and larger, which was a little disappointing. The movie theater is large and so comfy with its reclining chairs and movable trays. Loved the experience! We drive over an hour just to enjoy the vacay mood, lol.

Review №63

Its my first time in a million decades since, being in a theater or matinee. Whatever the term. THE MOVIES!It was fun. My 12yr old daughter had to walk me through the process, but it was fun. We had a daughter daddy day together and we had a good time hangin out with one another. And! I cant wait to do it again. We watched The Secret Life of Pets 2 and I recommend YOU (Dads) do the same thing as I did; with your daughters.Have fun.

Review №64

This has become our new favorite movie theater. Mostly because of the seats. They are so comfortable and you can put them up like a recliner. Now if only we could order food and they would be more strict on cell phones and noise, then itd be perfect.

Review №65

There was a IT worker that tripped the fire alarm when they should have been responsible and smart enough not to do that. All money refunds to people watching all movie showings should come out of their pocket and not the theatres, and then apologize to all people they caused this to. Firing the person would be too easy. HIT THEM IN THEIR POCKET.

Review №66

Nice theater, looks to be renovated because of the condition of the Seats last year were torn but this time they were electric recliner with tables on each chair. So now its very comfortable. Went on Wednesday and had the $1 hot dog special.

Review №67

Nice cinema. Seating is awesome! Very comfy. Only downside is the theaters are small so they have limited seating. Get in early or buy online!

Review №68

Go here all the time to see a movie, never had a bad experience here, food was a little pricey but besides that, everything was great.

Review №69

Love the new chairs, hoping for the food service to happen to be able to order while in your seat. Staff was also friendly.

Review №70

Great time to go is during a matinee on a Monday. Loved the quiet and it was not crowded.

Review №71

The theater I sat in was small and cozy like my own man cave plus the seats are recliners. I also enjoyed the delicious hot dog and buttered popcorn. I will return.

Review №72

Roomy seating, clean facility. Very reasonably priced tickets. Need a better system for purchasing tickets. Line gets long and people are standing in front of the entrance door blocking people from coming in.They serve alcohol as well.

Review №73

Staff was great friendly and attentive. Movie Joker was epic. New EVO seats and recliners were super comfortable.

Review №74

Really like the way they redid the movie theater

Review №75

Wow, love the new seating. Would give them five stars if I had seen a waiter at all.

Review №76

Great place I love this theater when Im in town. I like what they did with the remodel..Only draw back is Gift Cards dont work online to reserve seats..

Review №77

Love the remodel. Comfortable seating, great picture and sound design, and super service as always. Thank you Creekside crew!!

Review №78

Usually able to find good seats last minute.

Review №79

I brought my 3 kids (3, 5, and 8) and nephew to see Toy Story 4 and the staff, especially Mario Silva, were so helpful!They helped us carry all our food and drinks to the theater and get situated!Our experience was better than we could have hoped!!!Thank you!!!

Review №80

Love the seats! They recline all the way back. People bring blankets to be more comfortable.There are limited seats per showing, so its best to check it out online first to make sure the time in which you want to go, there will be a sufficient amount of seats available.

Review №81

Nice weather Anna Texas enjoyed my stay and the movie

Review №82

Them workers need a better attitude though no cap

Review №83

They have installed new seating which is nice but they have started pick your seat when you purchase your ticket. Do not like that at all. Its a great way to wind up next to a screaming rug rat.Leave well enough alone!!!

Review №84

Awesome theater experience. Reclining chairs and personal lap tables!! Sorry if Im excited like an amateur but this is the first modern theater Ive been to and Ill be back soon. And only $5.50 for the early show...nice...However, I have to update this... I ordered popcorn this time and once again when I came back last week...both times I got about 1/3 bag of unpopped kernels and broken down popcorn. For the high price of theatre popcorn, the least they can do is fill the bag with edible popcorn. I didnt take time to complain or maybe they would have fixed me up, but who wants the hassle?...not me... once I can understand, but 2 out of 2 costed you a star and bummed me out!

Review №85

Comfy chairs...but, buy tickets online before arriving. We wanted to go to the 4:15 movie, but there werent 3 tickets left...had to wait for the 7:15 show!

Review №86

When I was very little my family decide to move to Arizona to Texas Like in 2011 and the first movie we watched here was wreck it Ralph 1 but now the seats are a huge great upgrade best recliner ever 1000000 stars

Review №87

Okay I had read a review and it said there is a smell as you walk in and sadly its true but I dont think its what the other post said. My nose stopped smelling it after a few minutes. As for the rest, the staff was friendly, the room was clean, the ac was fine and the pool was great. All in all I felt it was a graet price and I would definitely come back.

Review №88

Excellent service and the new recliners are fantastic! More leg room even when people pass by.

Review №89

Great chairs, like being able to reserve seats.

Review №90

Excellent seating. Good options on snacks. Sound/video quality is only so so, but Im pretty picky about these things.

Review №91

Was looking forward to seeing the renovations and treating myself to a movie after a long stressful month. Arrived about 5 minutes in advance of a 10:30 am matinee. Perfect timing to get my tickets and popcorn and find my seat. There were only 3 people in front of me when I arrived. The first two went pretty quick although you pick your seats now so does take a bit more time. Then the person in front of me asked to purchase tickets for and advanced showing of a show that isnt even in the theater yet. Several rows in fact. The ticket agent starts showing her the chart so she can pick the rows she wants. I figured she would go ahead and sell me my ticket, since movies are starting and there is a line of about 5 people forming behind me. But no, she continues to point out the rows. The woman makes her choice and pays with a gift card. She begins to print out the 20 plus tickets as she is talking to the woman about where the gift cards came from (incentive program at work) etc. Tickets are all printed and I figured great I can get my ticket now and still make the show (its gone a bit past 10:30 at this point) But no, agent continues to chat with the woman about the incentive program at work, how many gift cards did they get, how did it work, will they be doing it again. etc. Im really biting my tongue at this point. Note she has made eye contact with me and others in the line behind me so she is aware we are there. When a woman behind me finally starts to ask her if she can get some help. At which point I did speak up and mention that the movies were about to start, could she not go ahead and wait on us. She looks up and very rudely states she is trying to sell tickets to this customer. NO, she had already sold tickets to that customer, had a little chit chat and was now going into the process of explaining to her that if for some reason they dont use all the seats they can get a refund and how to do it. Meanwhile its 10:39 on a movie that was scheduled to start at 10:30. Even if I get my tickets right at that moment Im going to be rushed to get to my seat. Then it hits me, that the theater in San Marcos has a showing at 12 noon. So I turned and left. I have no idea what the others in the line did.Note, I worked for many years in customer service. We would never have done anything like that. When offering a time sensitive service, you have to take that into account if you only have one person waiting on the customers. The customer with the advance purchase could very easily have been shown the chart to begin choosing her seats while the others in line that were there to see a movie that morning were sold their tickets to there showing.If you go to this theater you might want to purchase your tickets in advance. At least if you are going to a matinee.

Review №92

Awesome theater they have really comfortable seats

Review №93

The ole classic movie theater. Its surprising where they havent gone out of style but are still awesomely popular. I come here for a movie of interest every so often, what ever catches my fancy.

Review №94

Okay so this is the next best thing to sitting in my recliner at home. Reasonable prices great service and the most comfortable movie seat out there. This will be my go to from now on.

Review №95

The theatre was too warm. Need to cool it down! Need to monitor the rooms better.

Review №96

Matinees went up a dollar but still like the improvements that were made. Much more comfy.

Review №97

Seats were the most comfortable Ive ever experienced.

Review №98

Love this place. Its all new remodel really nice.

Review №99

Love the new bigger seats. Price of tickets are reasonable and popcorn is the best around

Review №100

Comfy seats! Great sound

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  • Address:214 Creekside Way, New Braunfels, TX 78130, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 830-643-0042
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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