Locked Up - Mishawaka Escape Room Experience
227 W University Dr, Mishawaka, IN 46545, United States

Review №1

So much fun! We have done three rooms now. All of them so fun. Took my parents for their first escape room her and they love it! The place, itself, is also so nice. Great environment and nice people.Love that they have private rooms during this pandemic!

Review №2

Such a fun and challenging experience! I have gone once for a team building activity with co-workers, and another time for a birthday party. Both times were a lot of fun. You can also go in a smaller group (like 2) and join other people in a room. the staff is helpful and clearly wants you to do your best. This was a great experience!

Review №3

Really fantastic experience! The staff was super friendly. The puzzles were not too hard that you spent your whole time on one puzzle, but still a good challenge! We definitely needed our 3 hints. The theming and atmosphere was really well done. We did the speakeasy one. It room actually looked like a lot of old Chicago speakeasies. The space was SUPER clean too! Lots of hand sanitizer around, I felt very safe. Would highly recommend for anyone coming through South Bens/ Mishawaka!

Review №4

Staff was friendly, professional, well-organized, and addressed all our concerns. When I first reserved the room, our plans had to change last minute. Staff understood and helped us find a quick and easy solution. The facility was lovely and we had lots of fun!

Review №5

We had so much fun here in the Alcatraz room. The staff was friendly, really helpful (Thanks, Tristan!), and patient with our group of 12 overly-excited women. Also, not sure who decorated the place, but we were all in awe upon arrival. I cant wait to come back and try another room!

Review №6

What a fun outing... They give just enough clues to keep you going, but not so many that its anywhere near easy. Great and friendly service. Highly recommend.

Review №7

First time at this escape room and it was a blast! Very fun time for me and my family and we finished with 29 seconds to go! The Speakeasy room was challenging but very rewarding and the story was great. The environment was very clean and the staff was friendly and very helpful. We will definitely be coming back soon to try another room!

Review №8

Booked the Speakeasy Room on our vacation. It was great! Very challenging..but we still had a great time. Jeff was amazing as our helper..he even gave us a few extra nudges when we went off the rails a little:) Even though did not escape it was a lot of fun. If we visit Indiana again, will definitely stop and try another of their rooms. Very clean and beautifully decorated.

Review №9

This place was awesome! Highly recommend working with Jeff. He’s polite, well spoken, and explains everything super well. Certainly will come back to visit our friend Jeff! Thanks again LockedUp Crew!

Review №10

I love this place! Always clean and well done! I have done several rooms, and always enjoyed them. The reason for this specific review is to share their amazing customer service! Several days ago, I had some guys from my youth group approach me wanting to do an escape room. I said of course and figured we could all buy our tickets the following Wednesday morning together while getting coffee. I had no idea that they are only accepting specific bookings, so after looking through their website, I was a bit confused. I called hoping to figure out something, but to my surprise they offered to contact the GM and see what he could do. He agreed to come in for JUST OUR GROUP! I was stunned and extremely excited because many of my group had never been and were kinda bummed we couldnt book on the website. Great experience, great staff, and great puzzles! FYI, this group took the puzzles seriously, and had a fun doing it!

Review №11

These rooms are amazing! We went as a family and did their hardest room (Detained). The experience was amazing and the room really made it feel like we were actually detained. I highly recommend this escape room for a fun time that definitely uses your brain. The rooms are also reasonably priced. Everything in this building including the bathrooms are 5-star.

Review №12

So much fun! Challenging rooms that put your brain to the test. Some of the best rooms we’ve done. Definitely recommend checking them out for a unique experience that will push your brain to the limits. 10/10

Review №13

Great night out! Im sure it would be great with more people helping but just 2 of us made it really fun too! We will definitely be back soon!! The manager was awesome, very friendly staff and very clean location. Cant wait to come back with friends/family!

Review №14

I booked our room online 3 weeks in advance, our appointment was 7:00 pm we arrived early at 6:40 pm and waited and waited and waited to be helped. The employee stated they were short on staff. We didn’t get into our room until 8:05 pm which made us late for dinner . We were not offered anything for the inconvenience other than that the room was fun and challenging !!

Review №15

The experience we had was stellar. Hands down the best night we had all year. We will definitely be going back to enjoy more rooms. I would recommend everyone goes to Locked Up for an experience they wont forget. Thanks to all the staff for this.

Review №16

Such an awesome experience! Jeff was great and very helpful. We will definitely come back!

Review №17

Today was the 2nd time I visited Locked Up Mishawaka and though we did not escape either time we all had such a good time! The puzzles are difficult but still fun. 1st time with coworkers we did the Speakeasy and 2nd time tonight was Taken with my Husband and his family. Each experience is better than the last I can not wait to go back again and go through all the rooms. The staff is also very nice and informative. 100% recommend to anyone wanting to try an escape room.

Review №18

A lot of fun! Would definitely go again. The team that works there is very nice as well.

Review №19

The staff was amazing! They seemingly have a large variety of rooms, our party tried the hardest room and did NOT have enough time to escape... getting caught on the last task.Our party has completed countless escape rooms and this was one of the most well done and difficult rooms we’ve ever experienced... 10/10.

Review №20

Fun for the whole family. Very professional and polite employees. Will return

Review №21

It was a awesome experience!! And lots of fun. Definitely want to go again.

Review №22

Excellent escape room facility. They have a great escape set up with lots of options for puzzle setting and difficulty.

Review №23

Phenomenal experience, we did the “Detained” room and it was extremely challenging but doable. We ended up not completing the room but were working on the last puzzle when we ran out of time. Definitely going to come back to do another room! Would definitely recommend using your three clues in the harder rooms

Review №24

Best escape room ever!! I went in tonight and brought my cousins from out of town and we loved it! We had the best helper named Jeff who generously gave us the clues we needed to get nearly close to escaping! I 100% recommend this place for a fun time with friends and family!

Review №25

This place is awesome! My wife and friend had an amazing time at Locked up. The staff was great and very helpful with the clues. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have a fun time with friends and family!

Review №26

I had a super fun time, it was well put together and really nice. We had a girl named Emily to showus around and she was so sweet and welcoming. I highly recommend her helping you out and will definitely be back. This was our second time going and she was so awesome both times.

Review №27

We went with a large group and did the escape from Alcatraz. the building was nice and newly renovated. Staff was nice and friendly. The escape room though was kinda boring. Not that hard and didnt feel like it fit the story it was set in. Some of the locks and boxes were worn and was hard to operate, even if we had the right combination. For the high price we all paid, I do not think it was worth it!

Review №28

We had a great time. We did the Taken room for my birthday. It was awesome.

Review №29

Very fun and challenging. Time goes by quickly! Staff was very helpful. Facility is extremely clean. Cant wait to go back and try another room. Best to go with a group of 4-6.

Review №30

I didnt want to do this but my family wanted me to so I gave into them, had the best time ever. Cant wait to go back and do another. The place is so clean, the people so nice. Would recommend to anyone to give it a try.

Review №31

Love love love this place. Fam and I drive up from Peru. Employees are AWESOME. Especially Jeff The 3 clues they give are actual good ones & the games make sense so far! We’ve done Alcatraz & Taken. Plan to do the Speakeasy next. Thank you being open! & clean! *Jenna

Review №32

Very nice staff and the room i was apart of was patient 42, was easy and difficult at the same time if clues arent played at the right times...the wife and i had fun and will be back again for a different room i highly recommend this for so fun

Review №33

It’s a very clean and chill place. Jeff was a great help, especially because he had to run multiple rooms by himself at once. Would highly recommend!

Review №34

My best friend and I decided to take on the second hardest room they have (Patient 42) and with the outstanding help of Jeff, we were able to make it out! Will definitely recommend Locked Up to anyone looking to do something fun! We promise we will come back!

Review №35

Great experience! So much fun, we are college students and loved it! Definitely recommend :)

Review №36

A very fun experience. We had a wonderful time trying to figure out the various puzzles. It was challenging and all around perfect Friday evening.

Review №37

GREAT EVENING OUT! We almost escaped. Loads of fun with the family. My personal favorite? My girlfriend. Regardless whole fam had a great night.

Review №38

My girlfriend and I had our first escape room experience and I highly recommend Locked Up! Jeff was very nice and informative. Thanks Jeff for helping us newbies out haha

Review №39

We came here for a bachelor party and did the “defused” room. Jeff was our host and did an awesome job of prepping us for the room and going over the guidelines. Sometimes in escape rooms, when you ask for a clue, it’s a little vague, but Jeff was always able to see exactly where we were stuck and give us a helpful nudge to get unstuck. We made it out with just a few minutes to spare! Lots of fun!

Review №40

Great place for an outing. The kiddos had a blast!

Review №41

The rooms are fun, theres a few different levels, ive done 2 so far, theyre fairly priced and id definitely go again! I recommended groups! The more minds the better!

Review №42

First time, had a great time! Will definitely go again.

Review №43

We stood escape from Alcatraz and both the room itself and the host was delightful. It was a great experience and I will be returning to this location in the future.

Review №44

So much fun for a family outing! Will definitely be coming back with even more people!

Review №45

I came today the 12th of July, 2020 and it was so much fun! From the start the environment felt so welcoming and it felt like home. With the pandemic and everything going on it felt really safe being there. Everything was so clean and there was sanitizer everywhere. I would honestly come back a million times again because of how much fun I had and how great my experience was. Thanks for making my birthday great Locked Up! Absolutely recommend.

Review №46

Absolutely loved the Locked Up experience! This was my first time doing it and I found that it was challenging enough that you couldn’t walk out in 15 minutes, but not so difficult that it was impossible, at least for the one I was in. Highly recommend!

Review №47

Very fun, everyone is very nice and professional and the rooms are all greatCant wait to go back.

Review №48

I highly recommend this place it is so much fun and the people are super nice !!! So far I’ve done the room taken and speakeasy, taken is my favorite (it’s also easier) but speakeasy is fun too !! Definitely more challenging:)

Review №49

Had an absolute blast! Great experience for a first time escape room group. We will definitely be visiting again in the future to try more!

Review №50

The room was so interactive and so fun! Jeff was very nice and explained the rules clearly. Definitely would recommend for some family bonding time!!

Review №51

My first time at an escape room and we did Speakeasy. It was a lot of fun and just a little challenging. I’m looking forward to going back and trying another room!

Review №52

Had a fun time. Escape from Alcatraz is a good room for kids. Didn’t escape but overall it we all had fun.

Review №53

An amazing experience, so fun. Very friendly employees, overall a wonderful experience. Also, thanks Emily, you’re a great “instructor/clue giver”.

Review №54

As of right now I would not recommend. Unsafe in the midst of a pandemic. Staff was not wearing masks.

Review №55

Love this place! They are super nice and everything about it is professional, high tech and fun. We didnt escape in time from Detained, but it was very fun and very challenging! Highly recommend this as something different to get a group of family or friends engaged and having fun together.

Review №56

Clean, beautiful facility and so much fun! Worth every dollar!

Review №57

It was amazing! We did the Alcatraz escape room and had so much fun!! 10/10 will do again!!

Review №58

Very good experience even though we were only one step away from completing. It was still a very fun experience.

Review №59

It was very fun and challenging. You have to think outside the box!! More brains together the better!

Review №60

Had a great time. Emily and Jeff (staff) were were very friendly and helpful, and made our groups first escape room experience a great one.

Review №61

This was so fun. Our family of 7, kids 10 to 20 years old, all had a blast. All of us would like to go back again. Jeff was so accommodating for our family and did an amazing job of welcoming us, explaining the rules, and just being hospitable. We were able to escape from Alcatraz.

Review №62

Had an amazing time! Highly recommended

Review №63

Fantastic time. I wish I could remember the name of the person working at this time but they were very helpful and made our time there flow smoothly.

Review №64

We had so much fun! Can’t wait to go back and try another room!

Review №65


Review №66

Awesome time always. Been back several times. Plan on coming back again. Several times.

Review №67

The workers were SO friendly and the game was really fun!! Coming back soon :)

Review №68

It was so fun, I’m mad we couldn’t finish! We tried our best and came close!! Will be returning!!

Review №69

We had lots of fun trying Diffused at Locked Up Mishawaka. It was very challenging, but thats part of the fun! The place is very nice & has comfortable seating areas while you wait for your experience to start. Very friendly place, and I would definitely recommend!

Review №70

The staff were very helpful and the puzzles were challenging. 10/10 very recommended

Review №71

The escape room we did was very well done and some what tricky to figure out. Overall the experience was exciting and many thrills when trying to open the last lock in the last 20 seconds!!!!

Review №72

Been here more than once! Its awesome! And the employees are just as awesome!

Review №73

JeffWas so nice. It was a fun experience, especially for your first escape room. We did defuse, and we didnt make it out but that was a awsome time for our group. They are hard, but they will make much more sense later on in. I love this experience and will definitely go back again.

Review №74

My family and I had lots of fun completing the escape room and it was totally an awesome experience.

Review №75

Me and my daughter had an amazing time!

Review №76

So much fun! Went with my friends and will definitely be going back!

Review №77

We had a blast!! We didnt escape from alcatraz but thats ok. The family time, team building and challenge was well worth it. Emily was our guide, she did a great job, she was patient, personable and kind... Very clean environment and professionally yet comfortably decorated... They also provided hand sanitizer which was very considerate during these times. Do recommend. Such a good time and place. We will be returning... This would be a five star review but I do want to point one thing out, the locks were a little difficult to get to open. That could have been us or that they were worn out. Emily did explain how to use them, so it wasnt lack of explanation. Other than that still a great time and we left smiling.

Review №78

Great place. Employees were nice and the game was fun and challenging

Review №79

BEST ESCAPE ROOM EXPERIENCE THUS FAR.! I Doubt It Gets Any Better.! Jeff Was So Polite nd Went Above nd Beyond His Job Duty To Make Sure My Friends Nd I Had A Great Time. Much Appreciated.! Will Be Back To Do Every Room -Tha 6 Escapers

Review №80

Tons of fun! The people who work there are super nice and always helpful!

Review №81

Great experience. Fun way to spend time with friends!

Review №82

Awesome experience. Amazing service. Definitely recommend.

Review №83

Probably one of the best escape rooms out there! every time I go it’s a blast!

Review №84

I have done several escape rooms with smaller local escape room companies and the experience far exceeds the time our group had with locked up. Locked up was also the most I have paid for an escape room at 28$/person. We had a group of 8 including 4 adults and 4 teens aged 15 and up. 3 of our group were experienced w/escape rooms and the rest were 1st timers. The first complaint I have was that there is no skill/difficulty level on the rooms when booking. So I went with the rooms reviews and according to those some had solved the room. The room is built to solve 1 clue at a time so for a group of 8 people this is boring for some. Other companies rooms have several puzzles that can be worked at the same time so the whole group can stay engaged, that is more fun. Some of the clue props did not function due to worn condition and overuse, which wasted time and made things frustrating instead of fun. It ended up being very frustrating and not fun. There are less costly options that provide a better experience even if you don’t escape.

Review №85

Great fun!!!! This was our 3rd visit and every time we have enjoyed ourselves!!! We will definitely be back!!!

Review №86

It was fun and they were nice. Came with my graduating class.

Review №87

My friend and I were able to crack the second most difficult room “Patient 42” on our own. Thanks to the exceptional service of “Bob, Ralph, George, Jeff” we will be coming back tomorrow.

Review №88

Have been going every weekend for a few weeks now. Its fun.

Review №89

We did the Defused room. This was a lot of fun!The game was put together nicely and it allowed for lots of interaction with each other. Would recommend highly.

Review №90

Lots of fun! Must try! Great night

Review №91

Had a great time. Thanks for the experience!

Review №92

Jeff was a very accommodating host. We did the Escape from Alcatraz room as a family with kids ages 9-20. We all had a blast working together! And WE ESCAPED!!

Review №93

The staff here is always excellent and we always have a great time!! We made it through Speakeasy!!

Review №94

The best Escape room around had a blast and the staff was very friendly and helpful

Review №95

Had a great time. Though we didn’t make it out, it was a blast.

Review №96

This was my first time doing an escape room. Went with a group of friends for a birthday had a blast! Jeff was super friendly! We’ll definitely be back!!

Review №97

Had a blast even though we lost...patient 42 is difficult but a fun challenge

Review №98

Great place to have fun!

Review №99

It was so much fun!!!! A great way to spend a birthday. And we escaped from Alacatraz! Gonna come back and do all of the rooms. Highly recommend.

Review №100

Definitely recommend this place! Alcatraz was tough, but so so so much fun! Jeff is doing a great job with the place! Can’t wait to go back and try the other rooms!

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