Regal Boulder Station & VIP
4111 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89121, United States

Review №1

A overall great movie theater! We went to watch Good Boys and laughed the whole time! Very peaceful and quiet with great popcorn and cold beverages with refills! Seats are pretty comfortable although they dont recline! When we went they were doing construction,looks like they were making upgrades! But,dont have to worry about any disturbance! Just a overall great experience for me.....

Review №2

Comfy neighborhood casino, big but not too big. The staff is friendly and helpful, and theres a huge selection of video slots. Always clean and well-maintained. I go there regularly to see movies at the Regal theater there.

Review №3

We like to go there and eat and play the slots and sports book.

Review №4

Had a good time. All the employees were nice and helpful.

Review №5

Boulder Station rules..great place to see a show and a decent mexican food restaurant

Review №6

I love regal movie theaters, very comfortable seats and pleasant staff all the time. No doubt i will come back .

Review №7

Shower drain was pluggedNot once did we have maid serviceBrothers room stunk like cigarettes got move to 14th floor when he was right across from us. Had a hostess at palace station who was an excelling hostess mrs Henderson she passed away so tried coming here think will try other hotels.

Review №8

Movie was closed but still had a great experience with my 10 year old at Kids Quest....

Review №9

Newly remodled.But they forgot a candy display in the concession area. No idea what candy they have or price ?Prices are high for everythingJust pay and watch at homeCheaper, faster and way more convenient..What really special does a movie theatre have to offer anymore..?I have a wide screenI have surround soundAnd i have a refer to choose healthier, cheaper, snacks.

Review №10

Newly remodeled and its great. They got new reclining seats that are very comfortable. Great staff. Free parking is nice. Movie prices arent bad. Try to go during matinee hours better prices and less people. Overall a big upgrade that was needed.

Review №11

Alright place good amount of new machines to play one but any hopes of winning can go bye bye

Review №12

The seats are a great improvement and very comfortable. I was irritated, though, with the girl at the concession stand. The ticket agent said she didnt know if the heat was working, since she hadnt spoken to the manager yet. I asked the girl at the concession if the heat was on and she said yes. It was not on. Also, asked for the 50% off popcorn and she said it wasnt until Tuesday,( this was Sunday 1/19/2020, which was when the deal was active). I told her that was incorrect and she checked and I was right. I love this theater but am tired of being cold! Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Review №13

I come here occasionally ever since I moved to Nevada. My grandmother loves playing the slots. And I get to watch Movies at the theater while I wait for her. Or I play the arcades when Im not in the mood to gamble. Over all I recommend this place. Ive yet to have any inconvenience here at all

Review №14

No house keeping peeps first night staying but mostly, but all extra$$$ for rooms is Bs!

Review №15

Theatre was closed. Quite expected it to be. It was cery late at night. I have been to this theatre though in the past. Quite pricey likexany theatre. Concessions are also pricey. Again. No different than other theatres. The chaurs are super comfortable and they recline. My only complaint was that the mobiecwas so loud. It was hard to not cover your ears at the really loud parts. I would def bring ear plug next time just in case. And od course it could have just been a loud movie. Regardless, i will be prepared. We saw Terminator. Dark fate.

Review №16

Great theater. There’s been several times when it was the only theater showing the movie I wanted to see. Plus if you get a Regal card, you get points every time and once you get enough, you get something free.

Review №17

Just ok but security was on it when needed÷

Review №18

Staff is friendly. Place is kept clean. Recently renovated theaters make coming here so relaxing. Highly recommend

Review №19

We booked a room and here and it was GREAT!!!BUT... in our room had this leaky shower and a picture that a someone prior to us getting that room had did a really horrible thing to this picture and I had told the lady at the desk that the picture was mutilated by someone who thought it would be funny but wasnt.Im glad the lady at the desk took care of it immediately cause she was horrified herself.But if youre going to rent the rooms I think housekeeping should be a little more aware of the things in the room and pay more attention to the entirety of the room and make sure things are as they need to be.Other than that I will still be a return customer for sure.The picture below is what was in our room we booked.Thanks.

Review №20

Its just recently got a make over. Still in progress. They have new seat. The theatre I was in had so many seats. They also have this regal card that you pay $21.99 for unlimited visits per month. Great! if you go to the movies weekly.

Review №21

The heat in the theatre doesnt work, and hasnt for over two weeks now. Amazing the health department allows them to operate with heaters broken.Today, power even cut out.Kindly get your act together or close until you do.

Review №22

The new remodel of the theater is looking great, the new design makes it look like a new theater. When I got there the employees were really nice to me and the popcorn tasted great and buttery. The new seats in the rooms are so comfy and comfortable. I loved it.

Review №23

I love this place they treat locals so well.

Review №24

Outstanding remodel! Great sound & reclining comfy seats! Definitely my new number 1 theater!

Review №25

Very nice theater, not crowded.The food in the casino has a large selection of restaurants. The is a little pricey.

Review №26

Had a great time, first time dropping my son off at kid quest. Staff was great with my son and the kid enjoyed hisself. So did momma

Review №27

The movie theater is beautiful. The seats are like the ones on an airplane. The back of the chair reclines but the bottom of the seat stays flat. Its slightly uncomfortable. There is no raised foot rest so your feet are on the floor. For the extra money the seats should be more comfortable.

Review №28

I hit on every game it was terrific

Review №29

After waiting for nearly half an hour and finding no employees to assist in locating someone from the department to speak with, i left. It was yet one more example of how poorly run the Station casinos continue to be over the past 15+ years. Not one staff member was around outside the table games area and the ones in the pit offered zero help. It seems nobody is concerned or educated in the term customer service.

Review №30

Had a great time watching jumanji 2 with my nephew and sister. Great hospitality. Friendly and Courteous staff

Review №31

They remodel the the whole thing it looks really up to date I like the recliner chairs and the front part of the lobby has chairs and a booth so you can sit down and relax before or maybe after the movie so people can actually talk about what they saw instead of just getting out.

Review №32

The Best!! Right off the freeway! They have a delicious breakfast buffet!! Chill vibes! A lot of locals go here! Excellent service! If you’re new get a players card!! They give cool gifts!! The best!! Have fun!!

Review №33

Just recently went to see a movie there, there was 4 staff at the snack bar and only one of them was working and taking order while the other 3 were just standing there, we were next up in line to order they had us wait about 5 minutes! A minute later another family came and they right away took their order . After we had been waiting forever ! That’s when we said something, we asked for “small popcorn “ the guy who served us didn’t even fill up the bag all the way! Bad staff / customer service ! I should say ...

Review №34

I buy 3 tickets for a movie. But ac doesnt work and sup or employees dont tell clients this is poor customer services please check reviews

Review №35

This place is ok. I wish they had a better ventilation system. The smoke from the casino is so overwhelming.

Review №36

Love the facility. I am a Movie buff. Go and have a good time.

Review №37

If your looking for a affordable price for movies this is the place you would wanna go and lunch or maybe dinner their buffet is also very delicious for dinner you can make your own pasta right in front of you still steaming on your plate.

Review №38

My man and I go here for regal films because I have free tickets that my job hands out for prizes

Review №39

I had dinner @ Guadalajara Restaurant @ Boulder Station, The Food & the Service was outstanding. I first started going there when I first moved here from California, in 2003. Easy parking, covered, if you like!!No charge to park. Lots of activity for families,

Review №40

Great place to eat and movies plus gambling.

Review №41

I dont remember this facility being so sleek but it was impressive seeing this place a few years later up to date and had an amazing movie experience

Review №42

Popcorn is great, but the seats could be better if they reclined. They are comfortable and well kept. Its close to our house and that is cool.

Review №43

Very nice place, pricey but nice. they had a few nice places to eat.

Review №44

Mexican dinner at Cabo and a movie. I won a tall Starbucks! Love this place. Easy access to Lyft. Movie theater is fully upgraded with recliners and great sound.

Review №45

Its’s the best please have ever been to so far

Review №46

Less expensive than the cannery theatre. Not as nice seats but not crowded. Pleasant staff. Not so freezing cold like other theatres. Great sound system. Going there from now on.

Review №47

I like Boulder Station but it takes forever to see or even find a cocktail waitress. Many choices of restaurants so you can always find good food.

Review №48

Brand New seats and cozy theater with out over crowding!

Review №49

Heat was not working in the theater it was freezing but the seats were comfortable

Review №50

I love how they remodeled the theater its great! Thanks Alvin for the great customer service your awesome

Review №51

Always a good time and the new remodeling of the regal theatre is amazing.

Review №52

Not what it use too be when you could won some play back. Now you a few bucks an they takeem back real quick

Review №53

It was a crazy night

Review №54

Loved it! The workers at the ticket counter as well as at the concession stand were very friendly and helpful. They helped me save some money on the ticket price as well as on the popcorn by getting the Regal Cinemas app, which I hadnt been aware of. Overall, a good experience.

Review №55

Very modern Theater! I was surprised for that area of town. Very Nice!

Review №56

I visit here often. I miss their valet services for parking but theater is located just inside and easy walk from parking lot.Theater is clean and quiet. Help could be much more customer oriented. Waits can be long at food counter.

Review №57

I like this theater. Its almost never too crowded. There are only eleven theaters, so sometimes they dont have the movie you want, but their selection has improved from before.There usually isnt a line for concessions either. Theres always plenty of parking and sometimes you get the whole theater to yourself!

Review №58

Not sure about the renovation yet, theyre not finished yet. Seating was ok. Concession stand staff needs to know what they are selling. Asked for salt for my pretzel, didnt have any, was told theres regular salt by the napkins

Review №59

Best place to watch movies! I recommend getting some large popcorn, and the seats can be controlled, you can lay down to!

Review №60

Great gambling spot

Review №61

Your average theatre but wouldnt be so bad if they updated the seats

Review №62

I love the buffet, tasty and a lot of food, cheap prices. The casino is nice. I dont like bet.

Review №63

Pretty good, it was nice and modern and surprisingly empty.

Review №64

Workers are great. Especially Alvin. He is multitasker with great customer service.

Review №65

There was no heat in the theatre (at the end of December). Same ticket price... Told us it was about 55 degrees inside, was def more like 45

Review №66

Great ole east side living. No other culture in the world is better than us

Review №67

Its wonderful place thank you guys very much.

Review №68

Pretty awesome, recliner stadium sitting chairs and fresh popcorn. A must try.

Review №69

Security too picky

Review №70

Great theater seating dre

Review №71

Lots of construction but the seats were comfy and we had a nice bunch of folks around us.

Review №72

Great place but bad/rude customers

Review №73

Staff is great. Love that they have alcoholic beverages for the adults.

Review №74

Under construction but is coming out very good, unfortunately didnt have bathrooms when I went so it made it very inconvenient to go outside to the casino area but I guess once is finish the rating will be better lol

Review №75

Do remember anything that will stick out

Review №76

I would give zero stars if possible. I spoke to the manager on duty regard my issue and she (Kayla) was rude, dismissive and condescending. I plan on writing a full letter to corporate regarding this experience. She made it seem like I wanted something for free. All I wanted was for her to take my complaint seriously, not try and fight me because I had a negative experience. I have never been so offended by someone who is suppose to be a supervisor. Another man named Chris was right next to her and didnt say a thing. I am not sure if he agreed with her response or was afraid to speak against her. I feel bad for the employees who have to work for her, if she is this rude to a guest I can only imagine what her team must endure under her leadership. Poor service, poor response and poor brand loyalty. This location she be ashamed to have such a terrible person representing them, I know I will never return due to her attitude.

Review №77

Cinemas recently renewed. Love it

Review №78

We love the buffet, enjoy slots and cinima

Review №79

Comfortable seats not crowded during the week

Review №80

Nice place to hang out

Review №81

Havent been to a movie in a long time. Was surprised because Im disabled, they had seats 2 make disable people comfortable and have a good view. Amazed how the movie sound surround sound and perfect.

Review №82

Boulder station its one of my favorite casinos fantastic food amazing gamble machines its a must go

Review №83

I loved Aquaman! The girls and I wanted to do something a bit different this evening, so we checked this theater out because it was new to us. Great service and kind staff! Thanks guys!

Review №84

Great movie selection. Fresh nachos. Price is fair and the matinee is a good deal. Family, couple and single friendly. It is wonderfully located inside casino. The parking is great and plentiful. The drinks are fresh and staff is friendly. It is not packed on the weekdays and is a nice place for a date.

Review №85

I love the Regal Cinemas and Sams Town Casino! I am a boxing fan, and the theater offered a special boxing event. Love that

Review №86

Good buffet i love playing the roulette table my wifes and mines date night every week

Review №87

Great place to go. Food was great as well.

Review №88

Saw the new Mary Poppins movie; loved it, very well done. Super nice friendly staff. Very good popcorn.

Review №89

Im giving 1 star for the design of the new chairs..the older chairs were alot more confortable then this new ones. This is the last time i would watch a movie in this theater because OF the new seats. THEYRE WAY TOO SMALL AND WONT RECLINE VERY GOOD..I DONT RECOMMEND THIS THEATER ANY MORE

Review №90

Lots of people are here for CoCo Mentoya show

Review №91

This place you enjoy like resort

Review №92

Great place to go for meals and to gamble.

Review №93

Looks like is in remodeling or construction ///Owner thanks for your patience and effort to make it better, see you guys soon

Review №94

The place had a very good atmosphere and very, very good staff.

Review №95

Its nice and close from my place.

Review №96

Great place, clean an the movie was great too

Review №97

? Overall great experience loved everything cleanliness was awesome and staff was very friendly

Review №98

Everything closedlol.but at mexican .getting wings n burgers.

Review №99

Wonderful local amusement. My current fave.

Review №100

Dont like casino bad help works there

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  • Address:4111 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89121, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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