GQT Lafayette 7
3525 McCarty Ln #7, Lafayette, IN 47904, United States

Review №1

Awesome customer service, clean bathrooms, comfortable seats, and Anthony the manager was great and made my nephews first movie one to remember. Staff was friendly. Will be back for sure. The best movie threatre i have been to.

Review №2

Such a nice inviting atmosphere!!

Review №3

Its small but clean and enjoyable experience.

Review №4

Great prices and employees were very friendly. :)

Review №5

Always friendly staff, very clean environment. Been going there for years.

Review №6

Manager is wack. Goodrich sucks in general.

Review №7

If you havent been to Lafayette 7 in a while, they did some remodeling over the summer. Replaced the chairs with a softer, more comfortable chair. Took out the old carpets. Added some snack bar items.

Review №8

The only place in Grater Lafayette where I found Parasite... Seems la like a special place for independent and foreign movies. Great!

Review №9

Door price is good. Bring you own popcorn! $11 for a small popcorn and drink!

Review №10

Theater is laid out well, seats set high up enough that you see over the heads of the people in front of you.

Review №11

You get to pick your own seats on a computer screen so theyre reserved, clean, quiet and not as busy as the others. Tuesday is DISCOUNT Day and it only costs $5.00 to see any movie. Upon signing up for a Rewards card, you get a FREE medium popcorn and a drink. I love this theater because its seldom packed on Tuesdays and the staff are very quiet and polite, the manager is very accommodating too. Once we were the only 3 people in the entire theater and it was so cold that we asked to have the air turned down...and they did it. Another time it was so loud, and we asked for the volume on the movie to be turned down and they did that too. Customers are more then just a number and are valued here. Come check it out, youll see why we love GQT Lafayette 7 and youll love it too!

Review №12

Went for a Christmas day movie - first time ever. The place was packed but the staff was quick and helpful. Snack line moved quickly and the staff handling tickets jumped in to assist to keep the line moving. We just grabbed a large bucket of popcorn and we used Fandango to purchase the tickets in advance - the email got us a quick check-in. Comfy seats and a great movie (Green Book)! Plenty of parking and the restrooms were clean. Nice job!

Review №13

Watched Avengers Endgame. Had Bunch-a-Crunch (a chocolate snack produced by Nestle) and a Mtn Dew. No issues other than the lady who brought her toddler (whos bright idea was that?), but thats not at the fault of the theater and your mileage may vary. Overall good experience, and the usual five stars.

Review №14

Very nice theater! Friendly staff & great movies!

Review №15

Comfortable seats, good sound and quality picture.

Review №16

Rocking chairs are awesome. The parking lot is set up where the traffic moves pretty quickly. Staff is efficient and they were staffed to the max. Be sure to sign up for fmg rewards to save on combos.

Review №17

Love the remodel. My grandson, son, and friends enjoy the facility.

Review №18

Great little theater near-ish campus. Seating is comfy, and its very rarely crowded. They offer discount student tickets, and are generous in applying butter (which is actually canola oil, and therefore totally vegan) to their popcorn. Be sure to get a large bucket and have them refill it for like $1 before you leave :)

Review №19

Nice experience, friendly people and decent service.

Review №20

Movie quality was great. Seats comfy. However they make you choose your seat but dont enforce it. I actually had an altercation with a woman that was jumping seats every 30 mins disrupting the experience. Thats ultimately the reason for the 2 star rating.

Review №21

Great staff. However, the patrons who frequent this theater are very nasty in their demeanor. It has caused me to leave the theater and never return.

Review №22

Cozy, and cheap and relatively safe. Saw Joker there and they didnt force-check baggage like other theaters did,more trustworthy

Review №23

Exceptional customer service, comfortable seating, and delicious popcorn!

Review №24

Very comfy setting for my family. Enjoyed it alot!

Review №25

Love to watch all of the movies and the chairs are very.comforable

Review №26

We were already too late for our first movie choice, so we decided to see another movie. We get the tickets for the movie, and they tell us which theater to go into. We go into that theater, right? Well, in the middle of the movie, we knew that it wasn’t the movie we were supposed to see. When we go to tell them, all they do is tell us that they gave us the next showtime and which theater it was really in. They expected us to go into the right theater after the movie was already almost over, and they didn’t say anything else about it. Most definitely not going back.

Review №27

Small theater with a hometown feel. Nice staff. Clean. Prefer going here than other two theaters.

Review №28

The new seats make the theatre experience better.

Review №29

I love this one over all the movie theaters. As a very nice atmosphere and location.

Review №30

Loved the new seating. Very comfortable. I felt like I was in my lazy boy. Popcorn was great, lots of butter.

Review №31

Although the building is becoming dated, they have freshened up the theaters themselves with newer seats. Not quite as nice as the ones at Eastside, but better none the less. Havent had any negative experiences but its not quite amazing either. Will continue to enjoy going there. Side note: if youre like me and are not really into heavy crowds, it is slightly less busy than Eastside.

Review №32

Lafayette 7 is my favorite theatre and I always check their show times first. I dont even live in Lafayette and have many choices since I live right in the middle of 5 cities, but LAFAYETTE IS THE BEST. The staff is friendly and I never wait in line for concessions more than a few minutes. The theaters are great and the seating has 2 parts, the lower section and mid-upper section. I prefer to sit near the bottom of the mid-section but everyone is different.HERE ARE THE PRICES FROM THE WEBSITE.Evening (All Shows after 6pm)$9.50Matinee (All Shows before 4pm)$7.50Child Ages 3-11 (All Shows)$6.25SeniorEvening (Age 62+ after 6pm)$7.75Matinee (Age 62+ before 4pm)$6.75Student Evening (With valid ID after 6pm)$8.00Matinee (With valid ID before 4pm)$7.25MilitaryEvening (With valid ID after 6pm)$7.75Matinee (With valid ID before 4pm)$6.75Bargain TwilightAll Shows between 4-6pm$6.25Thrifty Ticket TuesdayAll Movies on Tuesday$7.00Special NotesThere is an additional $2.50 charge for 3D Tickets at this theater.

Review №33

Great rocker seats. Very helpful people selling tickets and at concessions.

Review №34

The staff is nice. The theater was dirty. The temperature in the theater went from hot to cold throughout the show. The fan above us had a bearing going out and made noise throughout the show. The furnace would also kick on and make noise. I could here other shows letting out as I watched the movie. The seat in front of us was wrapped with caution tape. This theater is in desperate need of updates. Also my twizzlers seemed to be very old. Luckily the movie was good.

Review №35

Of the theaters in the Lafayette area, this is one of the better ones. Its usually clean and the staff is usually polite. No bicycle parking though.

Review №36

Went to see Ralph Breaks the internet. It cost just under $20 for two tickets. The movie started at 7:05. We got concessions and they were just as overpriced as any other theater. We got a medium popcorn and it was way more than enough for us both. The drink sizes are generous. The theater was clean and we enjoyed the movie very much. The staff could have been a little friendlier.

Review №37

So me and my son went and seen the new venom! All I got to say is the best movie of the year hands down!! I dont know how much money its made and Ive seen a lot of movies. Just saying if you got the chance to go see it. GO SEE IT YOU WONT BR DISSAPOINTED AT ALL!!!!!!!!

Review №38

Convenient location with close parking. Located a little off the beaten path. Approach on McCarty Lane and turn in to the back entrance to Staples. Theatre is to the right after the turn. Clean theatre. We saw Green Door - it was a good movie. Lafayette 7 is on Fandango - I didnt preorder tickets, but used it to find movie show times. We went to 12:15 show and was out a little after 2 pm.

Review №39

Nice place, the seats are nice. The bathrooms are clean.

Review №40

My daughter and I were in the theater alone and enjoyed the movie crawl

Review №41

You can get the standard theater experience here. They chairs are very adequate, it could probably use a remodel but staff are friendly and its always clean. Of the 3 theaters in the area, the Wabash Landing 9 has the nicest seats but this one is always less crowded.

Review №42

Got tickets for seats that didnt exist. Had to sit all the way in the back instead of good seats that we paid for.

Review №43

Nice place friendly employees comfortable seats

Review №44

Wonderful staff and a great movie!

Review №45

Love this movie theater. Always convientient and in the middle of Lafayette. Never been too busy during the times Ive seen movies here. Staff is friendly and they have machines that you can pick your movie that you want to see, pay for your tickets, and it prints them for you too!

Review №46

Newer roomier rocking seats were a nice upgrade.

Review №47

Great except for I am very hard of hearing due to a car incident i was in several years ago and because of that it was rather hard to hear the movie. It did not seem like they had the volume up very loud. I could hear the audience talking more than I could hear the movie which was rather annoying for me.

Review №48

Clean, cozy, quaint and cheap snacks. Seat upholstery was a little worn, but seat structure was still very comfy, angles back a little as you sit down. The snacks were very reasonably priced, esp with respect to the portions. Staff was friendly, young but very competent.

Review №49

Volume in the movie was too low. They didnt fix it after several folks complained. It was like the speakers were low on treble, so couldnt hear talking clearly. Was told during complaint that it was just a quiet movie. So frustrating straining to hear. I wouldnt have stayed except it would have disappointed my daughter. After my third complaint they did refund movie Tix and concessions. Wont chance it again at this theater. Life is too short!

Review №50

Went for an early evening movie. Comfortable seats. Movie theater snacks are always good, but so expensive. Decent parking lot.

Review №51

Saw pet cremetery very spooky. I hope it isnt real

Review №52

Great movie theatre. Wonderful staff. Always clean. Enjoyable experience everyone

Review №53

Nice place the wait staff is pretty cool. Usual sky high prices for concessions. Pretty clean.

Review №54

We went on a date night to watch the release of Jumanji. Awesome movie. Clean theatre. I do wish they would install some couches. It would serve for a much more inviting theatre.

Review №55

Good prices theaters low old and run-down though needs updating

Review №56

Real awesome theater staff is friendly very clean and neat always enjoy when i go with my son give it 2 thumbs up

Review №57

It’s a small movie theater but it’s alright I don’t go to this one that often

Review №58

Love there food and our waiter was awesome !

Review №59

Clean and comfortable. Popcorn is always fresh and the staff is always polite and helpful.

Review №60

Some of the staff are uppty. But its an OK place.

Review №61

Expensive. Take ur own snacks.

Review №62

I really wish this theater had the nicer seating that had the lift up armrest. That adds so much more to the theater seating then the chairs that they have that lay all the way back. Theyre uncomfortable and do not allow support for your head at all.

Review №63

My family and I go here at least once every 8 weeks, the lines may be long but the employees work fast and were never line long at all, never really had an issue other than one time the popcorn wasnt fresh but overall good time, no complaints, my family and I always enjoy ourselves!!!!

Review №64

I dont like Pepsi products... deal breaker for me

Review №65

Not as nice as Eastside 10 but still decent.

Review №66

Those poor flimsy seats are uncomfortable and no leg room. Hopefully this theater will be updated asap. Great popcorn and friendly staff!

Review №67

I have gone to many an opening night at this theater and it never disappoints me. Its gives me the movie experience I enjoy.

Review №68

Great theatre if you have a big family and are on a budget. Make sure you join the rewards clubs for discounts and freebies.

Review №69

Very nice theatre! Always have a good experience

Review №70

Theatre accepts Google pay. I asked to make sure they took nfc payments and placed my order. They poured the drink, buttered the popcorn, and sat it on the counter. I tapped to pay and their P.O.S. system wouldnt accept it. They took the drink and popcorn from the counter, poured the drink out, and threw the popcorn in the trash right in front of me. WOW. After the movie, since we were curious and very hungry, we stopped at Steak n Shake. Tap and pay worked there.

Review №71

Just got done watching small foot. Clean atmosphere, had to tell the staff four times we where not ready to order.

Review №72

Nice theater.

Review №73

Nice seating, wonderful sound and view

Review №74

The seats in the theatre were great and we loved the movie, the only thing that I didnt like was that the staff werent very friendly and really couldnt help us.

Review №75

The staff are rude, discourteous and very unorganized.

Review №76

Freaking comfortable seats and $5 Tuesday

Review №77

Big comfortable seats

Review №78

Movie is always good but people talking during the movie and others on their phones totally ruins the experience. Wish GQT would take an Alamo draft house approach!!

Review №79

My mans outmart and me went to watch venom but when we got their the only seats where by a couple so we sat down and the minute the lights went out the guy puts his arm around his girl but this dude got freakishly long arms and was touching me with his hand. so the movie continues and there making out and he pushes into her while kissing and the lean on top of me so I have this dude and his girlfriend making out on top of me while trying to watch this movie in the end there feeling each other up and there still on me the girl chest is by my hand and I accidently touch it so the guy and girls start to scream that Im trying to sexual assault his girlfriend. I am forced to leave with no refund for the last 20 minutes I missed.

Review №80

A decent theater. Nothing to really be excited about. Its more of. Place for locals.

Review №81

Seats were comfy!

Review №82

Auditorium 2 was musty smelling. The clerks were great though.

Review №83

All the theaters n Lafayette are Goodrich. If I had to get this is the oldest. The seating is outdated but this is a nice place. Screen is good; sound is good; service is good. $6 Movies all day Tuesday is an excellent deal.

Review №84

Had a great time playing air hockey before the movies!

Review №85

Busiest premerie weekend of the year and they could not be bothered with having two people at the register. Go somewhere else than the Goodrich theaters. Ive had a consistently bad time with these three theaters all my life living in Lafayette.

Review №86

Great staff, clean, comfortable seats,we will definitely be there again

Review №87

Great atmosphere food was hot and delicious but it needs to b clean in theatres and has musk smell to it....

Review №88

Nice theatre, nice staff, nice place

Review №89

Good theater. Quiet and usually very few people in the day. They are revamping the seating soon as well.

Review №90

The management team is doing what they can with little help from GQT. This place needs revamped and updated but so do all of the theaters in Lafayette. I really wish AMC came to town and gave some competition.

Review №91

Movie theater with decent screens, decent audio, youll be satisfied if you dont have high expectations. Lives up to Lafayette standards.

Review №92

Hope they still open

Review №93

Really nice staff but the inside stinks so bad ! It has an old stench. Needs air fresheners

Review №94

Very nice recling new seats. Little pricy but nice.

Review №95

Clean....staff was friendly and professional

Review №96

Very friendly staff first time there

Review №97

Very clean nice environment and friendly staff

Review №98

Decent place. Clean. But on a hot humid day, it could be a bit cooler in the theater.

Review №99

Im addicted to this popcorn. They must put something extra in it. Is it Himalayan sea salt? Clarified butter? I dont know, but I cant get enough.

Review №100

We were able to get in on a sunday afternoon great service friendly staff

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  • Address:3525 McCarty Ln #7, Lafayette, IN 47904, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 765-449-7469
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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