GQT Eastside 10 IMAX
300 Farabee Dr, Lafayette, IN 47905, United States

Review №1

This is an awesome theater! All the staff is really nice, the seats are really comfy and most theaters have the reclining seats in them amd the prices for concessions and tickets are great! My fiance and I love coming here!

Review №2

The facility is nice. The screen is not as big as Hamilton IMAX is the only reason not 5 stars. Seats are very comfortable every seat has a great view.

Review №3

Oh My Lanta! This was the nicest, cleanest theater Ive ever been to! The chairs were so comfortable and the staff was so nice. I didnt use the bathroom but my husband did and he was impressed by the cleanliness in there too. Popcorn was extremely fresh and not too salty either. Only downfall is that they serve Pepsi, but beggers cant be choosers.

Review №4

Dont be afraid to go to the movies because of crowds. We went masked up and only saw 4 people; 3 employees and one other customer. We had the theatre showing our movie all to ourselves. The chairs are all extremely comfortable recliners with tray and cupholder for snacks!

Review №5

The new theater is awesome, love the seating!

Review №6

Love the recliner seats there. Movie wasnt as good as we wanted but the theater was great.

Review №7

I like the seats, wish the whole ceiling would be a screen like most IMAX theaters, but over all not bad

Review №8

Took my grand daughter to see this tide rage mivie. So on edge of your seat movie. We jump yelled and couldnt believe the extremely great seats we got recliners no less. Food to expensive but considering great movie and seat with alexis was worth it

Review №9

Went to see Back to the Future. I was excited to see that they were only charging $3 a ticket for these retro movies. Was slightly disappointed that they are not currently accepting Goodrich gift cards or loyalty cards right now. Overall though, great time!

Review №10

Good movie theater with comfortable reclining seats and cheap ticket prices.

Review №11

Great theater great seats prices were amazing

Review №12

Great prices, and awesome seats. All seats in the theatre are comfortable, adjustable recliners with cupholders and ample arm room. The rooms are slanted sufficiently such that even when fully reclined, one can still see the screen over the seat in front of them.

Review №13

Yes, they are open again! Great comfortable seating. Nice to go to the movies again!

Review №14

Weve had good experiences here. Its a modern theater, with an IMAX and recliners for the other theaters. I dont know how long it will last with GQT declaring bankruptcy, but this is our theater of choice to watch a movie these days. Then again, we are never going to movies on opening weekend when it might be crowded

Review №15

Love GQT Eastside 10. I always have. The IMAX was amazing.

Review №16

It was AMAZING!!! Very clean, staff friendly, and COVID restrictions enforced!

Review №17

THE LITERAL BEST THEATER. I cannot stress this enough. From wonderful staff to small things like having free flavoring for your popcorn. I go here just about every week with my girlfriend just to watch a movie and have a great time. I have never been disappointed.

Review №18

We had a great time! The employees were helpful and friendly. My daughter accidentally dropped her popcorn and I offered to clean it. They wouldnt let me. They refilled her popcorn and made her happy!

Review №19

The movie watching experience is top notch. The reclining seats are large and very comfortable. The popcorn and snacks are tasty. And with the option to grab a cold beer, the entire experience is highly recommended if you want to go out and see a flick.

Review №20

Love the reclining seats. The reason for 4 stars is the wait we had at the concession stand. We were there in plenty of time for the movie but the line caused us to get in after the previews started. There were 3 empty cash registers. Other than that it was great.

Review №21

This was my first time back after many years and I have to say that it was a great experience. Im not sure how long ago that they remodeled the place, but the chairs are super comfy and even recline with a leg extension. The spacious seating made for an incredible experience. I feel the volume level of the movie couldve been turned down a little because it was almost deafening, but the place was clean, comfortable, and a good choice to watch a movie.

Review №22

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! The comfy chairs that make you feel better than home and great movies, and COMFY CHAIRS that recline!

Review №23

The recent remodel really bring this theater to life! The theaters are clean, spacious, and boast comfortable amenities. The reclining seats are a crowd favorite and the IMAX screen larger than life. Be warned: due to IMAX restrictions, the seats in the IMAX theater do not recline. Otherwise, this theater is a gem!

Review №24

This was my first time ever going to this theater. I was told that they renovated it, so its much better than it used to be. The reclining seats were very comfortable, the lines went really quick, the bathrooms were clean, the prices werent terrible, and the staff was friendly.They serve beer and wine if you need to take the edge off before your movie .Overall, it was a great experience and I had an excellent time. I stepped out of my movie to grab another drink and there was no wait! didnt have to miss much at all! I hope to come back in the future!

Review №25

Went here with a party of four. Take note sit in the seat you paid for a couple of people about got in a fight over seats, select your seat and sit in the one you paid for were all adults here. Also take note that the Imax version of the movies are much louder. One of the people with me went into a panic attack due to this fact. So keep that in mind when going to movies here. I highly recommend it, the staff were friendly. The seats could have been cleaned better from previous screening, but all in all a good time and recommend the location for your movie going experience.

Review №26

Nice theater. Went on a Sunday night for 1917. Great sound, good picture, awesome seating. Will definitely come back. Clean and a great experience.

Review №27

The IMAX addition is very nice and spacious. You do not have to stand up when others have to step out. Additionally being able to pick your seats via online ordering is great! Prices are high but thats pretty much every theater now-a-days.

Review №28

Have seen a few movies in IMAX here and its amazing! Also, the food and drink selections are good as well! Just understand that you will be paying more for these items!

Review №29

This place is very clean, the employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. The food is good, but it is very overpriced. The seats recline and is very comfortable, I almost slept in one of the chairs. You can also get to choose where you would want to sit. The only thing that I suggest improving is organization, there should be two lines instead of one line when it is busy. I watched a movie that came out the say of and after I bought my ticket, the movie was already sold out. I am really glad that I was able to see my movie.

Review №30

Love coming here! Absolutely love the reclining seats! We even sat in the very first row this week and it was a good experience.

Review №31

As far as watching the movie. It was great. The seats are amazing and comfortable. Best movies seat ever. However the chaos that goes on in the lobby is very unattractive. Its like there is no order. Kids running and screaming everywhere. Popcorn and soda sticky floors. The lines for refreshments were long. Probably a 20 minute wait. They should find some kind of automation to speed it up. Its a business and people, kids should act like they have some kind of respect for it. This is what would cause me not to ever come back. Its also the reasons businesses close down. The rugs are wore out and stained. I would like to try a week day to see if its the same as a Saturday night. That will make my judgement on weather to come back again.

Review №32

Decent size movie theater to go to but Goodrich Wabash Landing 9 is the main theater I go to later on during the year to go see decent movies theaters be crowded during the holidays so order those tickets early people.Working in a movie theater sounds like fun I always wanted to try it out.

Review №33

Omgosh! This Forever Changed How I Watch Movies... I Was Very Impressed With The Seating And Quality Of. Not Noticeably More Expensive Than Any Normal Theater. If You Want To Have An Adult Beverage, They Offer That As Well Now. Overall Just A Wonderful Family Night. Weve Been Back Several Times And Will Continue To Come Back!

Review №34

We went and saw the movie DARK WATERS. The movie was excellent, the theater was nice and quiet, sound level is great, reclining seats are awesome. The popcorn was just right. Loved it!!

Review №35

Great seats and sound. Great screen. Saw Star Wars Rise of Skywalker and absolutely loved it! They also serve beer and wine now, I dont know when they started doing that. Bottled beer and beer on tap. I didnt drink any but had a blast.

Review №36

Love the recliners in the theaters. This makes the movie experience great. However, the theater was FREEZING. I asked an attendant if they could turn off the fans blowing. Another theatergoer did as well. They never adjusted the temperature not turned the fans off. Its difficult to fully enjoy a movie when you & your family is that cold.

Review №37

The movie experience was great! IMAX theatre seats were comfortable but not power reclining! The theatre was clean throughout and service was friendly!

Review №38

The seating is great love the reclining seats and your table for your snacks. Prices are competitive. Will be a repeat customer for sure!

Review №39

I was impressed with the new comfortable reclining leather seating. Very comfortable! The new theatres are nice. I will return soon.

Review №40

Therater a little loud and as for food being served state board of heath should be notified. They use no gloves while serving and hair nets nor did I notice proper hand washing between customers and dont look up because theres about 3 of dust on the vents and lighting features and you can see it moving around in the lights and down on to the food counters real gross

Review №41

Cheap prices, great movie choices.

Review №42

Seats are always comfy and clean. Sound quality is great. I never feel cramped up in this theater. I love getting a 44oz icee at every movie I see. I just wish the blue raspberry didnt run out before every popular movie lol

Review №43

Watched The Lion King with my daughter & her service dog. Free refills on all fountain drinks, no hassles or questions admitting her dog &, great sound through out the entire theater. Best feature is the handicapped seating at the back of the theater! They have oversized recliners that are so comfortable for their handicapped row & also accommodations for wheelchair seating!

Review №44

Really nice theatre. Hot food takes a while so get there early. Staff seemed uninformed about what movies were playing where and the need for the 3D glasses. Dont know if it was because it was a Sunday early showing. Maybe its better at different times. Seating is comfy and you get to pick where you seat beforehand.

Review №45

I enjoy the extra leg space and reclining option for the theater seating. Being a big and tall guy, I feel a bit self-conscious sitting anywhere in a semi-public space, so for this place to have comforts I normally find at home was a nice treat when I want to take my family out for a movie.

Review №46

Ever since they renovated it’s SUPER nice. Almost too nice. You might fall asleep in the reclining chairs lol

Review №47

First time at the remodeled theaters. Reclining seats are awesome. Queue system for concessions works much better as well.

Review №48

Comfortable seating and great sound in the normal sized theatre. Have not attended an IMAX screening. Would recommend reserving seats early online to ensure you get a prime viewing location. 7.2 overall. Would recommend.

Review №49

The new seating is so comfortable! And the sound system and picture are great. But be careful as you may fall asleep.

Review №50

The place looks much better and feels much better now that the IMAX renovations are done. My problem was that the price was a little too pricey for me. Great place if you want to see a movie in IMAX.

Review №51

I this love this movie theater!! The recliner seats are the BEST!!! The IMAX is also really cool!!

Review №52

This place was recently remodeled in early 2019 and the IMAX theater is opening soon. The new stadium seating and electric reclining seats are fantastic. You can even order a glass of beer and pretend to be Vincent Vega in Paris.

Review №53

Sunny and I sat in very comfortable seats. Movie, Dolittle, was very funny. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Snacks were very good.

Review №54

Love the theater and the new reclining seats are great. Sound was vastly improved during the remodel. The IMAX itself is a bit of a letdown as the seats dont recline so I go to the regular screens and they are great

Review №55

Love the place. The reclining chairs are very nice and the quality was outstanding! We saw the cats movie!

Review №56

Seating upgrade is excellent! They have the best popcorn in my opinion. The app gives you decent discounts. I always enjoy watching movies here.

Review №57

Reserved seating via the app. Large recliner style seats with huge aisles for people to easily get through. Well ventilated, great sound system. Very nice movie experience.

Review №58

Odd road to get to it, but a nice theater with nice seating, good sound and video quality.

Review №59

I love the recliner chairs and I can watch a movie comfortably. The staff seems nice and they seem to keep themselves busy on down time.

Review №60

The “updates” to this theater are comfortable and visually appealing, but they come at a cost. Lines are twice as long for both tickets and concessions. Want a popcorn refill? Miss 15 minutes of your movie. The number of seats per theater are fewer. Assigned seating meant my family of 3 would have been separated. Seats of two were available, but three side-by-side were not. The only reason for a 3-star was the kid customer service and comfortable seating. I’m less than impressed with the speed of service and smaller number of seats in the theater.

Review №61

The new IMAX theater is awesome!Super comfortable chairs with wider walking isles to & from your seats. No more awkward encounters with strangers invading your personal bubble, lol. The young man working at the register/concession was super friendly and patient. He even helped me troubleshoot my rewards app!

Review №62

This place is awesome. The chairs a so comfortable you could just fall asleep. There is a nice bar and good snacks. Nice and clean.

Review №63

IMAX 3D was awesome. Great seating. Prices good great movie choice

Review №64

The theater was rebuilt a year and it is really nice. Chairs were really comfortable

Review №65

The seats were awesome. The concessions lines were so long not worth it. And the seats were amazing.

Review №66

Really a decent place since their latest renovation. Great views all around and comfortable seating in the new IMAX area.

Review №67

Really enjoyed watching in IMAX. The crew was very polite and willing to work with the accommodations that were needed. Everyone was so nice

Review №68

Awesome theater:I love this theater, its clean, comfortable and the seating is awesome. The only issue Ive seen is with the concession stand as Ive never seen slower moving lines and the hot dogs could be better and they dont give enough cheese with the nachos. Even with the concession stand issues I will still go to this theater before any others just for the comfort.

Review №69

The new IMAX is awesome! Reserving seats/ordering tickets online is super easy and convenient and you can use the confirmation email to get your tickets when you arrive instead of waiting in line. The chairs are super comfortable, and have trays to set your snacks/drinks on. The aisles are also wide enough that you dont need to stand up every time someone wants to pass by you. It was a great experience and I will definitely be going back.

Review №70

I loved it. Very big and clean. Very nice theater.

Review №71

We did not do IMax we did Regular theater but the plushie recliner chairs and being able to reserve your seat ahead of time make for a great experience

Review №72

Best movie theater there is! So comfyAnd friendly!

Review №73

Saw a movie here for the first time in years and was impressed with the changes they have made. Lines can get hectic as always but we were very comfortable in our seats and had a great time!

Review №74

Theater is very nice since the remodeling. IMAX is not worth the cost. The seating is better in the regular theaters. IMAX just has a bigger curved screen and the seats dont recline like the rest of the theaters.

Review №75

They remodeled the theater. Large oversized comfortable seats that recline and allow your feet/legs elevated up with plenty of aisle space for people to pass by. They also have a bar with reasonably priced but not cheap beer on tap to bring in to watch your movie. My new favorite theater experience.

Review №76

Great place. Good prices and the recliner seating is wonderful. This was our first time here and we will return. Its one of the greatest and cleanest theaters Ive been to

Review №77

Love the new theater seats. Not a bad seat in the house. We were seated at the far right aisle, in row2, and still had a good view. Like the new check in. It was fast.

Review №78

Really nice theater! Amazing help from the manager with some ticket issues!

Review №79

Opening day for the last Star Wars movie, a lot of people crowding the theater, the staff maintained a professional and dignified composure. The snack bar was, predictably, expensive. All cinemas are, though.

Review №80

The theater was amazing as usual. They dont have a bike rake for my bike and other people bikes but they told me once all the construction is all done the they will be putting one back out . Besides that amazing as usual. Havent had the chance to watch a movie in the Imax yet cant wait

Review №81

Great movie theater.Very comfortable seating.Tom Hanks movie was a very nice Family movie. I had a great experience there.

Review №82

This theater is an excellent place to watch movies. I love it.

Review №83

Amazing I wanna rate this 1000 stars the people behind the counter are nice guys best quality seating good for birthday parties.

Review №84

Great experience. Love the seats and how comfortable it is now to watch a movie.

Review №85

I love coming here since they finished the remodel. The reclining chairs and atmosphere of the theater are very nice. This is definitely a big improvement over the state of the theater a year ago.

Review №86

Super nice since the inside was done. The outside was still being worked on the day we went. You now get your tickets at the concession stand and then you have to electronically pick out your seat(s). The seats are great with cup holders and electric reclining. The only negative..the sound is really, really loud. Staff was friendly. Went to an 11:15am movie on the weekday and there was only one other person in the theater.

Review №87

This place has to be the best movie theater in Lafayette/West Lafayette now! Amazing theater with big screens, comfy and large reclining chairs, and a large selection of food and drinks at the concession stands. This theater is the same price as Goodrich 9 in West Lafayette, but a million times better. This theater also comes with assigned seating so no need to arrive very early to get a good seat, and advance reservations mean that you and your friends will definitely have seats together! After going here, I cant go back to any other theater in the Lafayette area!

Review №88

The best theatre in Lafayette! Really enjoy this location, especially with the new recliner seats and ability to reserve seats ahead of time.Unfortunately, even though you can order tickets ahead of time and use a self service kiosk, the self service process still requires a staff member and physical tickets. Not ideal.The adult beverage counter is never staffed and you have to wait for an attendant to come over from the concession area, which can be quite a wait.

Review №89

Just recently went after they renovated, and WOW. This place is great. They did a wonderful job of making a trip to the movies a memorable experience. What a way to relax and enjoy yourself, individual lounging leather seats with lap tables, a full service beer bar, and more snacks than you can dream of. This is the type of place I am proud to have in my town!

Review №90

Ever since the remodel this place is my go-to theater. The leather reclining chairs are roomy and comfortable. The sound is immersive and the screens are huge. The staff has been friendly and quick during all my visits.

Review №91

SUPER comfortable and spacious. Already planning on going again.

Review №92

Good nice seats, someone in my seat not sure why cause there were many empty seats

Review №93

Comfortable seats and plenty of leg room to stretch out. Also plenty of room to exit your seats and not step on other peoples feet.

Review №94

Nice experience. Very nice way to enjoy movies. Just like home.

Review №95

The new leather recliners are extremely comfortable and come with there assigned cup holders &convenient desk like tray to hold your snacks. Stadium seating is gone but there is plenty of room between rows so that people dont have to stand up or tuck their knees to their chest for others to scoot past.The only downside is that the floor has a decent slope so when your movie is over it feels awkward walking to the main aisle to leave.

Review №96

The new seating is wonderful and makes the entire movie experience better here. The increased price was a little steeper than I expected, but its understandable with how much work they just did to the theater.

Review №97

I want to say that I I absolutely love the changes. I had all but given up on going to the movie theater, but now I can get a beer and it changes the whole game. You have a great price point as well. Honestly its cheaper than most bars and thats going to make it ok to spend an extra $10 to watch a movie. Literal the only reason Im going is for the beer. You have a good selection too. Im honestly impressed. Whoever your beer rep is theyre doing a great job. If its who I think it is keep listening to his suggestions.With that being said you should have him train your staff. There is a lot of things they did while pouring beer that was bad. Pouring beer is an art form. It requires practice and knowledge. I know Mid-America would happily train your staff and it will take your service to next levels.Truly Im excited for your success. This is what Hoosier have been wanting for a long time. Just take this seriously. Indiana Craft Beer On Tap at your favorite New Movie.

Review №98

Very nice place to see a movie. Reclining chairs w foot rests.

Review №99

Exelente sound picture and service but the seats are not very comfortable.

Review №100

Comfortable seats, friendly employees, and quick/ short lines. Great theater!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:300 Farabee Dr, Lafayette, IN 47905, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 765-447-0207
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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