Great Escape of Central Texas
4400-1 E Central Texas Expy suite c, Killeen, TX 76543, United States

Review №1

Very unwelcoming. Met with extremely rude person named Charles. Although the room itself was fun, the attitude and rudeness we were welcomed with ruined the overall experience. Props to the rest of the staff, they were great! Customers are the sole being for a customer oriented business especially during these times of pandemic. Just as word of mouth could easily advance a business it could also topple it. From other reviews, even outside Google, I see a history of same rude experiences. At this time I would not recommend. There are other similar-broader activities within close driving distance and at a more advantageous cost. Weigh your options carefully.

Review №2

Loved my team building experience with my family. They all showed strengths and I was beyond happy to have been locked in a room for an hour with them.

Review №3

We have been to Great Escape of central Texas in Killeen several times. Date night, birthday, family night and just because. It’s awesome. If you can imagine getting your friends and/or family together for one hour to use your brains to figure out puzzles then this is something that you can do! It’s truly bonding. It doesn’t matter in the end if you actually escape but that makes it better. It’s probably one of the most entertaining and enjoyable experience I’ve shared with my family. It’s game night but better! Everyone has to share their knowledge and come together with communication and experiences. It’s really something that everyone should try. We’re going to keep going back! Thanks to everyone there who makes it great!

Review №4

Loved it! It was our first escape room experience and it was so fun! The puzzles were well thought out and not so difficult that your head will burst. The mechanics behind everything in the room and how all of it was connected made it a very exciting experience. Will definitely recommend Great Escape of Central Texas to my friends and will definitely be back!

Review №5

We left here about an hour ago and I have to say that we had a great time! It was my first time doing an escape room (The Lost Tomb of Nubius) was awesome! We will definitely be back soon!!!

Review №6

Over the last year we have done four different escape rooms and have had a blast each time in various settings-once with another family, twice with the kids, and once as just the two of us for date night. We walked away each time with a smile on our faces and laughter for the next few days as we recounted the puzzles we solved (and those we didnt). The team running Great Escape is friendly, helpful, and they ensure the environment is welcoming. This is definitely one of the best spots in Killeen.

Review №7

We did the jigsaw room and it was great! only one part TRULY stumped me! We also made it in time (: I hope to come back and try another room! my only reservation with it was I wish I got the picture of me and my husband after finishing.

Review №8

Did the mob room as a team building exercise and had the best time. He laughed, panicked, hunted, felt like a failure, then celebrated our success. It was a FUN hour and would love to do it again!

Review №9

Best escape room place Ive been to, prices are great, rooms are diverse and fun, interactive, and challenging. You wont be disappointed in your experience here, always a fun good time!

Review №10

Had a great time. Myself including 3 other adults all agreed we will definitely go back. Highly recommended for all. Thank you for the good time!

Review №11

So much fun! Staff is super nice! All rooms private now so thats cool. Great experience!

Review №12

The entire family ABSOLUTELY LOVED the experience!! And thats a hard thing to accomplish with 4 teenagers. Definitely recommend to anyone that is looking for a date night, family fun time, or even for team building for the work crew. The staff is super friendly and helpful.

Review №13

Really enjoyed the experience although we didnt escape. It was the first time for me and my two little ones to have visited an escape room. Definitely a challenge but it made us think and use a lot of help . Will definitely recommend to others. The only reason I didnt give 5 stars is because they suspended the military discount for the time being.

Review №14

The staff is always so nice and professional. When in the room they monitor your progress and drop you subtle hints from time to time, if your stuck. They keep you enthused, and want you to escape. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Review №15

Definitely enjoyed myself me and my family we will be back hopefully soon to finish off the mob room great experience

Review №16

We didnt escape but my husband and I had a good time with plenty of laughter trying to get out of the western saloon robbery. Staff was great from the time we entered the building until we left. We will definitely be back.

Review №17

My wife and I just finished and escaped from the “What the F$@# Happened Last Night?” room. One improvement that should be made is to laminate the “scratch-off” ticket then apply the stickers covering the items imaged. I believe this will allow for better interpretation of the images since they were torn off from the stickers already.

Review №18

So much fun! Very accommodating, great for company outing and team building experience! Will definitely go again!

Review №19

I have LOVED every single time I have played!! Super customer service, and really fun puzzles in the rooms. Recommend very highly!

Review №20

This was a BLAST! We did the JigSaw room... The staff were super friendly and the facility was clean. 10/10 recommend! Will be returning!

Review №21

An absolute must if youre looking for something fun to do!!! Me and my 3 teen girls had such a blast. Didnt make it, but almost!!

Review №22

I love this place!! Fun and challenging every time. You can ask for hints but I don’t like to do that; I’d rather keep coming back until I escape on my own. But the hints are a nice option to have. Will keep coming back over and over.

Review №23

Went with my best Lady friends didnt escape but I loved it, So much Fun and intense

Review №24

This was such a pleasant experience! With everything going on right now the staff was very clean and put everyone’s safety first which I truly appreciated. We had such a fun time, and we will absolutely be back very soon!

Review №25

I love this place. I take my family every time I come into town.

Review №26

We took our 8 and 10 year old grandkids. We all had a blast. The people running it were so very nice. Would definitely do this again.

Review №27

Love this place! So much creativity and effort go into each of the themed rooms, and many are family friendly.

Review №28

The size of their location might through you off but, the Great Escape of Central Texas actually has a wide variety of complex and challenging games that will keep you on your toes and keep you coming back for more

Review №29

The man that greeted us was super rude. He laughed at my little sister for not knowing she had to make a booking. When he asked a question before I could even answer he slammed the door in my face. He was treating us like he didnt care about us or the fact we were trying to have a good time. He was so rude we just decided to leave and not go back.

Review №30

Great service, the rooms were very well done (we didnt make it out. Haha), and the COVID protocols were well adhered to. !

Review №31

Was greeted at the door by an older man, who scoffed in mine and my friends faces when we were told we had to make a booking. He then asked my friend a question, and before she could answer he slammed the door in her face. Overall he was continuing to have a very unnecessary rude attitude, acting like he didnt care that we were coming to have a good time and that we were paying nearly $90 for one room. So we just decided that we didnt deserve to deal with that and left and wont be coming back.

Review №32

It was pretty fun for the family it was my first time there pretty nice they did a nice job of the decorations I give 4 stars great service

Review №33

Definitely worth it! I love it Thank you guys

Review №34

We had a great time! Everything was not easy to figure out. It took us almost the whole hour. All the clues they gave us where pretty cryptic and very relevant. Thank you all for the fun time! Hi

Review №35

Its a really fun experiance for the whole family and also for first timers

Review №36

This is one of the funnest things Ive been able to do with my teens in a while!! We loved it and will definitely be going back!!!

Review №37

This was a bit expensive but so much fun for our family of five. One pre-teen and 2 teens all enjoyed being trapped in a room and working together to figure it out. Super fun.

Review №38

Great experience! Super fun bonding experience

Review №39

It was a great time and affordable. We had a blast Nd will definitely do it again.

Review №40

Did Jigsaw this go round, really fun room!

Review №41

We had a great time! The team was very accommodating. We were able to book a last minute game and bring our 8 month old along for the ride. We will definitely visit again.

Review №42

I dont understand how this place isnt way bigger. Its worth every last penny. My wife and I not only plan on going back, but using this place as a gift idea for future events! This is the place to go in killeen, without a doubt!

Review №43

Reasonably priced fun. Came with family and worked with another random family. It was a really fun challenge. Our room was a 7/10 and still seemed a little on the easy side. Definitely interested in going again!

Review №44

We had a blast!!! Super fun date night. We are definitely going back for sure. We played the Saw escape room.

Review №45

We did the Tomb of Anubis for my sisters birthday and it was fantastic. Our game master had a great sense of humor and we loved the escape room, we talked about the room for the rest of the day. This is my third escape room at great escape and I have loved every room that we have done.

Review №46

Super fun! Although we didnt escape, we had an absolute blast. This place is great for a night out or even a date night. Highly recommend!

Review №47

Ive been to many escape rooms and the Tombstone room was the most fun, well thought out with so many clues to unlock, room that we have been in so far. Going back again when we go back there next year. The staff was great too!! Great time! The rooms are challenging and always a lot of fun.The staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely will visit again to try the other rooms.Have been a few times with co-workers and have had a great time. Definitely will continue to come back and check out new rooms! Fun activity to do!

Review №48

Weve gone to Great Escape before and loved it then. Doing it again was a great experience and the number of rooms to choose from make this a great option for date night or a group event for you and several friends. We will definitely be going back!

Review №49

I never have a bad experience here. Staff is great, rooms are intricate and well thought out. Puzzles are engaging but not impossible even for littles. Love love.

Review №50

Was so much fun! By far best place for an out of the box date night and only thing to do besides catch a movie around here! We LOVED it! And will be going back to try the other rooms!

Review №51

First time ever doing this activity. I must say it was amazing, the staff super friendly. The puzzle kept us engaged the whole time. Can’t wait to go back ️️️

Review №52

Best Escape Room that Ive ever been to in Central Texas! Discovered them through Bell County Comic Con. If you never been, its definitely a place you must check out with a group of friends!!!

Review №53

They did a nice job on the room! The room was challenging but we made it! Would recommend

Review №54

We have a great time.

Review №55

This experience was amazing. I really enjoyed the set up and the puzzles. The level of difficulty was set right not too hard not too easy (5/10)

Review №56

We had a great time!! We will be back to escape again!!

Review №57

My husband and I love this Escape Room! They keep improving and improving! We have been to several different escape rooms and this is by far our favorite!

Review №58

Great Escapes is by far one of the best business’s in Killeen. Not only are their games engaging, challenging, and aesthetically appealing, their customer service is exemplary. My family, friends, and I always have a great time here. Highly Recommend!!

Review №59

Amazing staff & wonderful experience!!! there was a mix-up error with some scheduling, but the staff handled it professionally & stayed open an extra hour late just to accommodate us & the party with the error. we tried the jigsaw room out & had a blast— will definitely be coming back!!!

Review №60

Top notch, absolutely loved playing.

Review №61

This was our first escape room experience and it was a lot of fun! The staff was helpful and seemed to have a lot of fun while at work. Will definitely be going back

Review №62

Had our Christmas party at the escape room, we played who killed Santa, and it was a lot of fun! Staff are lovely and set up is done really well. I definitely recommend it and will be back.

Review №63

Enjoyed it so much that we went again! Puzzles and functions were challenging and impressive! I also like they have different rooms for different sized groups. Staff was professional and courteous and helped us have a great time!

Review №64

We are escape room enthusiasts and used to own an escape room. We have played almost 250 escape rooms across the country. We played 3 games here and loved them all! It was a real treat finding these games in small town Texas. Very nice set design, great puzzles, good game masters who paid attention to our game and gave great hints when needed. When making a trip between DFW and Austin, you should definitely stop here and play a game!!

Review №65

This place is awesome. The puzzles were great and fun. The props, storyline, and decorations were amazing. Most fun Ive had in a long time. Highly recommended.

Review №66

Tonight was the first time I ever been to an Escape room and although I felt useless Lol I really had fun! Definitely will come back!

Review №67

I love solving puzzles and this had some good head scratches. But it was still fun.

Review №68

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!! Weve gone twice and both times had a great time. The forst room we did was the Jigsaw room. Shackled to the wall and in the dark, it was the most fun ever. Second room was the 8th Horcrux Harry Potter room. This was a bigger group room and even more fun than the first! If you are ever in Central Texas or already live here, this is a Must-Do!

Review №69

The guy wanted us to pay $100 for 2 people to do one room and was extremely rude about

Review №70

The rooms are well put together. Had four kids and the game master was very helpful in keeping them on task instead of running around.

Review №71

This place was so friggen fun. The amount of detail they went through for the CLUE theme was so elaborate and well thought out. I loved it. We failed but want to try again. I recommend having 8 people or so to help with solving

Review №72

Fun place bring a group of 5 or 6

Review №73

It was my 1st time doing an escape room and I loved the experience I had. I took my mom and sister to do this for mothers day and it was such a fun and challenging thing to do together! The employees were very helpful throughout the process and explained everything very well. My recommendation is not to be afraid to use the clue button in the rooms because it is very helpful!! Overall great experience, cant wait to go back and do this again.

Review №74

Took the family here to celebrate a birthday. The owner was real nice and friendly. She made sure we all understood not just the rules but how to best enjoy the experience. There were 3 different rooms at that time to choose from and they are very informative on how each have different experiences and level of hardness. I reccomend anyone to go here they care about making sure you enjoy what you pay for.

Review №75

Was in Texas for Christmas and wanted something to do after Christmas day. Had a blast solving Who killed Santa claus?. Will go again when we go back to visit..

Review №76

I enjoyed my first escape adventure. The layout, decor and puzzles are first class at this location. We had several choices of adventures and size the escape could include.My wife, daughter, Son-in-law and I joined another group of thrill seeking escapees that chose the archeology puzzle trap. This site offered many other themes to solve.

Review №77

Our experience was a great one. The owners were super friendly and patient with my large crowd of tweenagers. The rest of the staff was great as well. Definitely somewhere we will return for more fun!

Review №78

Went with 4 other people had a blast the owner is so cool I can’t believe he designed every room himself!!

Review №79

The staff were very friendly and did a great job setting the scene. Had an amazing time! The room was very well done and extremely fun! Would highly recommend!

Review №80

So much fun! Great bonding experience too. Employees are friendly and helpful and the establishment is very clean. We will definitely be going back to try different rooms!

Review №81

Very friendly people and my Son and his friends had a blast. He wants to go back Thank you for providing wonderful Customer Service and a fun spot

Review №82

We always have fun here. Great staff and good family bonding. Not that pricey and always worth every penny.

Review №83

Had a great time and completed their spell breaker room. Paid a little extra to get a private room for just our group and we had a blast

Review №84

My hubby and I havent been on a date in 6 months! Were sooo happy that we chose not just Escape Rooms, but Escape Rooms in Killeen! ( We traveled from Lorena ) The room was amazing and very well detailed/thought out, and the story was mindblowing! You are taken to another place while escaping. We will definitely be back and try escaping all the rooms! Thanks for the good time Killeen Escape Rooms!

Review №85

We drive almost an hour to escape and have loved every room! The staff is awesome and so fun to interact with. The rooms are challenging enough for the adults and interactive enough for my 10 year old son. We have been visiting for 2 years now and will continue our great escapes for years to come!

Review №86

This escape room is so much fun! The room we did was The Lost Tomb Of Anubis and it was so amazing, the way they decorated the room you really felt like you were in a tomb. I would suggest this escape room for having fun with family and friends.

Review №87

Great Escape of Central Texas was a great venue for our recent company Team Bonding Event! They accommodated our group of 30 seamlessly! This was my third escape room with them and each time its been a great experience. The rooms are creative and fun and the puzzles are tough! Definitely will be going back!

Review №88

The most fun my wife and I have had in a while. Definitely worth the price. Great problem solvers and team work practices. Cannot wait to go back.

Review №89

Great first ever escape room.... And yes we escaped... barely

Review №90

Fun times, great staff and looking forward to going back.

Review №91

Great experience. Ive done alot of escape rooms but this one was alot of fun and great staff. Didnt make it out the room however I will definitely be back.

Review №92

Fun little place that is family friendly. The entire family had a great time!

Review №93

My family and I have done most of the rooms here and loved them all. The puzzles are interesting and well thought out. I would highly recommend taking a visit!

Review №94

Had alot of fun, took my mom for her b-day and it was a great bonding experience for us girls! Will be back again

Review №95

Lived in Killeen forever and heard of this place for the longest but never went till recently and it was very fun and interactive, great customer service from staff and good experience overall. Have plans to go back for a different room already

Review №96

Not what I was expecting and still had a great time with my wife!

Review №97

This was my first escape room. Not only were the puzzles challenging and fun, the environment was immersive. This particular room was themed and every puzzle matched. I did not escape, but I didnt feel like I failed either! Very fun and would absolutely come here again!!

Review №98

Love it! Great experience and super friendly staff. They after meeting my special needs son tonight, discussed whether or not we would need any accommodations in the room we were in and did stick their head in the room to offer help at the predetermined time they figured assistance would be needed and when they saw we had it under control they ducked back out and we were successful at escaping. Highly recommend for a night of fun and challenging Buddy / family bonding time.

Review №99

We may not have won but we had a blast

Review №100

Me and my family love this place we had so much fun here. Is around $22 per person but it was definitely worth it. I love that our whole family had to work together as a team to be able to to escape from the rooms.

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