Regal Sunset Station & IMAX
1301 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014, United States

Review №1

Theater was fine. The issue is walking through an entire casino to get to it. I wish this city would understand that not everyone wants to stroll through their smokey casino to go to the movies.

Review №2

Decent place to watch a movie, but, it smells absolutely horrible in there like an old damp basement. The bathroom needs updating and the cinema needs it’s own outside entrance. Walking through any Station owned casino will give you a headache quick fast and in a hurry because their ventilation system is the worst. The cigarette smoke is unbearable and covering your whole face to walk through there is a risk on it’s on. I know all their employees are subjected to 2nd hand smoke the entire shift. I’ll visit the District who has great ventilation I just can’t deal.

Review №3

Very clean. Distancing patrons for covid. Very comfortable reclining chairs. They have $5 movie classics since no new movies are coming out. It is SO worth it - watched Land Before Time and Hocus Pocus on the big screen. Both times going there were no more than 5 other people in the theater.

Review №4

Great theaters and great movies. We three customers had entire theaters to outselves. Covid precautions are followed.

Review №5

All in all a nice spot to see a movie. I have seen more modern locations but this place has a charm to it. The IMAX was fun saw IT Two.

Review №6

Had an excellent experience here, comfortable seat and very clean movie theater

Review №7

My entire family (husband and two adult daughters) loves this theatre. Wonderful staff and very clean. I just wish others were more respectful during movies. Mostly parents who bring children to movies when they’re clearly not ready to sit quietly.

Review №8

The guy went over, above, & beyond at Ben & Jerrys for us️

Review №9

Theater was spotless! A little dated in the lobby and concession area but the staff more than make up for it. They were all kind and very courteous.Love that this regal has leather recliners and assigned seating! Definitely has quickly become one of our favorite places to watch a movie.

Review №10

I prefer other theaters before this one. People here never sit at their assigned seats, and something about the reclining seat cushioning strains my neck

Review №11

Luxury chairs.. but the smell of smoke in the casino area irritated me.

Review №12

The movie theater here is nice. Clean seats, tasty snacks, and kind staff.The seats recline which is great, and footrests come up as well. The movie viewing experience is very comfortable at this theater.There are self serve kiosks to buy tickets so that you can skip the line.The only downside is price. Its over $10/tk here, when cinedome down the road is only $5. I know you get more for your money, but its a huge difference in price for only a modest improvement in comfort. If not for the reclining chairs, I would never spend the extra to come here.

Review №13

Great movie theater. The seats are really comfortable!! I love that you pick your seat ahead of time. The concession stand gets busy but moves quickly. They have a great system. The staff is very nice!!

Review №14

This is my favorite theater in NV now and I will drive out of my way to go there. the recliners are great and the whole experience is above average. Once youve done recliners in a movie theater its pretty hard to go back and this is one of the few places with recliners here. the sound system is good and Im enjoying being a member of Regals unlimited program.

Review №15

The movie was awesome. The theater was clean and the people very friendly. Great family time. Loved it!

Review №16

Clean theaters. Luxury seats a little on the small side given standard size of others. But overall a good theater.

Review №17

Seating is the BEST! Have to remember to bring blanket next time. Great popcorn!

Review №18

Good theater. Tickets are pricey but you cn buy an unlimited ticket for ~25 a month. Food isnt crazy expensive and the sounds and av are great.

Review №19

By far, my favorite movie theater in the Henderson-Las Vegas area. Comfortable seats and plenty of good people to help. Arrive early, as this is a popular place for families. My kids love this place too, which makes it easy on me!

Review №20

Best seats to take in a movie. Comfortable and reasonable cost. Wednesday had Matinee deals. Grab a friend and get caught up on the end of summer movies.

Review №21

We really like this movie theater since the remodel...Reclining big plush seats, with plenty of walking room in front.Plus, the ability to pick a seat prior to even getting to the movie theater.We have always had good service, even considering that most of the concession area is staffed by high school type aged employees.They even sell beer & wine for us over 21.

Review №22

The movie was great (Little Women), seats were the kind that recline but no little table. Also there was a horrible smell in the main hallway, smelled like a stinky bathroom. The bathroom smelled fine but the stalls are WAY too small

Review №23

Make sure you sit in the right seat, you reserve them for a reason!Great recliners in the standard movies, good popcorn, and good snacks. The main theater we go too.

Review №24

It was a Great experience. The movies were great and the facility was very clean. The employees were very courteous.

Review №25

Stadium seating and you can select the seats you want as you purchase the tickets. the seats also recline and there is plenty of leg room. always come here for movies.

Review №26

A nice place to visit. Not a well lit place but plenty to do there. With in walking distance to Galleria mall. On a bus line and there are plenty of restaurants and shops.

Review №27

This is one of the better Regal theaters in town. Its not usually too crowded, the reclining seating is comfortable, and the popcorn is always good. They also serve beer, and the staff is friendly.

Review №28

Seats were comfortable, the movie was amazing. Everyone who worked there was really nice

Review №29

The seats are super comfy recliners the theater was nice. cost me $10 just for a small soda and medium icee. The prices are insanely high

Review №30

This is a great theater. Its small but good. The seating is amazing

Review №31

Located inside the Sunset Station Casino and Hotel, near the food court areaEmployees were friendly and helpful when purchasing tickets and concessionsMatinee, Senior and 1 weekday ticket discounts a available.Theaters were clean, larger lounge chair type seating, but theater we were in didnt have reclining lounge chairs available.Restrooms were conveniently located, but just so so on cleanliness at the time of our visit in the early evening.Besides concessions, they had several coin operated candy dispensers in the hallway leading to the theaters, which dispense a handful of candies (M&Ms, Sour bites etc) for a quick sugar relief for less than a $1.Would definitely come back for other shows in the future

Review №32

Very comfortable theater. Easy entry close to the parking garage. Fresh popcorn. Reclining seats.good sound.

Review №33

Went to see Venom. This was our first visit. The lobby reaked of sewer. But the theater was fine. Fresh snacks and comfy seating.

Review №34

Great theater...but they REALLY need to update and upgrade their concession stand area

Review №35

Love this theater has recliner s in the first 2 rows,they are so comfortable

Review №36

This Sunset Theater is now arranged with the comfortable lounge chairs & assigned seating; a great upgrade

Review №37

Always a good clean there theater. The sound for the ads was not synced. Otherwise Id give it 5 stars

Review №38

The seats are very comfortable and they all recline. You walk through the casino to get go the movies.

Review №39

Seats are super comfortable.sound system was awesome. Food beer and popcorn cant be beat

Review №40

Nice theater with recliners. Only down side is you have to walk through the casino.

Review №41

Comfy seats and friendly staff. Do recommend.

Review №42

Love this place. Assigned seats plus reclining seats. What is their not to love about this place. Im there every weekend. Regal Unlimited so worth it!!!

Review №43

Any theatre with reclining seats, clean floors and courteous staff is a win for me. Bathrooms were clean and stocked and always has the latest movies.

Review №44

We were able to book ahead and choose our seats online. The seats were extremely comfortable and fully reclined Also, the staff were friendly and helpful.

Review №45

I love this theater because it is so clean and comfortable. They have reclining seats, great sound and they have free visual and hearing aids for people who are blind and deaf. The only down side of this place is the cost. Not only do you have to pay a lot to get in but the food cost is ridiculously high. You would be better off going to the buffet before you see your movie and save money. Even still this is the only movie theater I go to because the pros outweigh the cons.

Review №46

Love the reclining seats here! Popcorn is always fresh and good, too.

Review №47

I love this place. Always clean, always fast with there food service, seats are the comfy even for some of the biggest people (Im a big and wide man so comfort matters.) The only problem I have is they dont show any fathom events movies. I hope one day theyll start showing cause I hate going to Sam town for those movies.

Review №48

This was A GREAT movie theater with a very easy entrance as long as you go in the correct door and then pay attention to the signs in the casino. LONG lines (and waits) at the concession stand which is to be expected I guess. But, it was a comfortable theater and decently priced for the area.

Review №49

Regal Sunset offers senior pricing on Wednesday. Only $4 for the movie, but a small popcorn, bag of candy and medium drink is nearly $21! I was offered a $3 senior discount but could not take advantage of it because I am not a member of AARP. Cmon Regal! senior discounts should apply to ALL seniors!

Review №50

Great experience. Customer service is good. The recliner seats are absolutely amazing. 2 adults and 2 kids on a Saturday night for a movie and moderate snacks, cost me approximately 90 bucks.

Review №51

Friendly staff, reclining seats, lots of butter on popcorn, fantastic movie, Call of the wild

Review №52

Great theater love the seats.. very clean. Great manager and staff!!

Review №53

Convenient and good places to eat before/after a movie... Plus can stop to gamble alittle on the way to the free parking structure.

Review №54

Love this local theater. And in the best casino. Clean. Free parking. The popcorn is way too salty.

Review №55

Kind of slow at the concession stands. Otherwise a great experience. Very comfortable recliners.

Review №56

Today Monday we came to see dark Waters with the family. We get in towards theater number 2 and the whole Theatres smells like sewer. Terrible terrible smell. Man formed management and they said oh yes we know theres work being done which is causing the smell. By this time is everybodys already got popcorn and drinks from the snack bar. They should have at least let us know when we bought the tickets about this horrible smell. Think twice about coming here to see a movie until they get this situation resolved call ahead, do yourself a favor

Review №57

This movie theater in the casino is very family friendly. When purchasing you choose your exact seat. It is a smaller theater so get there early to sit in a group. We were late and had to take the front row, oh well. The large leather seats recline electronically with a button. Normal high priced rates for Regal Cinema.

Review №58

Cant feel good enough to go though it looks beautifull my friends are on the movies usually...

Review №59

The recliners were nice but they dont do 5 dollar tuesday for movies. Bathrooms were dirty too :/

Review №60

Comfortable... competitive pricing... efficient refreshment counter staff

Review №61

The seats were very comfortable, movie was very entertaining. The was a foul smell like the sewer system is not working properly. As I remember the were a row of bathroom stalls roped off. Need to fix immediately!

Review №62

As with the other local theaters in casinos, youve got to navigate the casino floor to get there, including the clouds of cigarette smoke. But its not so bad if you come in from the garage.Staff was pleasant. Floors a bit sticky.Stadium seating with powered recliners were nice. Sound rattled a bit like something was broken or loose.Acceptable experience. Not my favorite theater, but its our second choice for proximity and variety of showings.

Review №63

Love the seating in the IMAX 3D theatres, great chairs & the screen is huge! Love coming here

Review №64

Nice theater good seats but pricey for snacks and show!

Review №65

Epic place to hang out on a date ! Great drinks and costumer service.

Review №66

I like how there is enough room in between the rows for leg space, great surround system and HUGE screens!

Review №67

Love recling seats, and clean floorsYou also can get a free game of bowling with ticket.

Review №68

Sunset is my favorite for everything.

Review №69

Comfy seats. Great movie, final Star Wars.

Review №70

My go to theater. Comfy seats, huge selection at the concession. Quick exit routes to the parking lot from the theater (you dont have to walk through the casino again).

Review №71

As always it was a good experience. Movie was excellent, seating was outstanding, and the people were friendly and helpful.

Review №72

First time here and I enjoyed. Spacious sitting, comfortable. Will return

Review №73

The service is awesome and the food and drink is really good.

Review №74

All the movie theaters are closed.

Review №75

As someone with serious neck & back problems, and a love of the movies, theater’s that offer comfortable electric reclining seats are the only way I can experience a film outside of my own home. In my area, there are only two theaters that give me this option. One is a Galaxy owned and is in a small strip plaza, the other is Regal Cinemas owned, this one, and it’s inside one of our “local’s” casinos, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino.It’s part of a locally owned small chain of individual hotel casino properties in the Las Vegas/Henderson and the surrounding areas. While many of their properties have a Regal Cinema in them, I believe only the Regal Sunset Station & IMAX Theater has the recliner seats. The seats do not have an attached pullout tray for your goodies, but each seat does have cup holders. The theater have a nicely equipped concession stand that serves the usual soda, popcorn & candy. They also have a nice assortment of menu items like chicken tenders, pretzel bites with cheese, Bavarian pretzels, pizza, hot dog, ice cream snack varieties in their freezer case, and alcoholic beverages: beers, wines and hard liquors. If nothing there does it for you, before or after you movie, the hotel/casino has plenty of restaurants to choose from including a 24 hour coffee shop, a small food court, buffet, fine dining and more. In the immediate area outside of the hotel/casino, you have a shopping mall across the street and numerous places to eat within a minutes drive or so, in any direction practically.We frequent this theater the most and I do think like anyplace that gets high traffic and use, especially where messy, sticky food can involved, this place is do for a refresh. Though still very clean and comfortable, some of the seats are showing their wear and tear, the carpets too.

Review №76

Have to walk through a casino to get into the theatre

Review №77

Always great. We go once or twice every time we are in town.

Review №78

Went to see Star Wars this morning (12/24) at the 10:30AM showing, but was unable to use my assigned seat as someone else was using it. As I did not want to cause a fuss, I wanted a different screening time, but was given a different seat, rather than a different showing.A disappointing experience, to say the least

Review №79

Clean theaters and comfortable seating.. No matter where you sit you can always get a good view.

Review №80

Great seats. Senior Affordable.

Review №81

Amazing all reclining seats theatres! A littlebmore pricy compared to others but well worth it! Also they now have unlimited movie plans which are awesome for only $21 a month. It beats paying $14 for just one movie!

Review №82

Been going here since a kid

Review №83

Great movie at no cost with the Regal Unlimited Card. Seats are comfy, theater almost empty, volume just right. 5 stars all the way!

Review №84

Great entertainment! I accidentally bought my movie tickets on the wrong day. I spoke with a manager that was happy to help and didnt show any frustrations and was very professional. I will be back more often to this movie theater because the staff are always friendly!

Review №85

Luxurious seats at a fair price. One of the cheaper places whith reclining seat totally worth the money.

Review №86

Nice choice of movies but hate the forced seating. I have been jammed between large people too many times.

Review №87

They have nice seating and clean theaters.

Review №88

Overall great movie theater but the sewage smell was gross

Review №89

Not fair what just happened. You should have kicked all 3 out and not took sides. If all 3 people are causing a scene in the theatre then all 3 need to go, not just 1.

Review №90

Nice theatre, seating signs are subtle and can barely see, I moved 4 times before I found my seats. I saw a small lcd screen smaller than a phone that had the row numbers.Need to put on seat row or glow on the floor, its hard for me to see and that would help.

Review №91

Very front row is ridiculously close to screen otherwise theater is quite nice, seats are comfy. Lines for food were quite long but I blame Avengers for that. Love that you can get assigned seats ahead of time.

Review №92

The seats here are well comfortable. I like to sit in the front row with a great view to see the big screen of any movies I Really like too watch. Nice movie theater I go here on a few occasions.

Review №93

This place should come with a five star rating. Its clean. Employees are great. Seats are comfortable however you smell sewage while you order your refreshments and in hallways. Looking forward to upgrading my review once problem is fixed.

Review №94

My family and I had a great time..

Review №95

This place is so awesome. The seats, staff, etc.

Review №96

My review is only for the theater.Seats were spacious, reclined and were very comfortable. Screen quality and sound quality was great. The attendant at the window was very friendly when I was purchasing my ticket, (bought in person to save myself the processing fee.) I did not go to the concessions stand.Would not recommend for a family as you have to walk through the casino to get into the theater (Slot machines, Smoking, drinking, etc.)

Review №97

Great place to relax...comfortable seating, plenty of leg space. Courteous staff. Nice for retired seniors to enjoy a movie together and not pay the ridiculous prices some of these theaters charge. Try being on fixed income, companys telling you your to old to work. What are we suppose to do shrivel up and die!!Not this senior!! I am 66 years young and have slot of youth in me yet! So thank you for giving us retired folks a break God Bles

Review №98

Love this theater. Kids Quest, best seats, great selection of pricey (ok...its a theater) food. Adult drinks. Most importantly...CLEAN! No sticky shoes!. Cant say that about a lot of theaters.

Review №99

The IMAX theater was very clean in the seats were very plush I really enjoyed the experience

Review №100

Most awesome theater ever! Saw Advengers End Game (3 hrs and 2 minutes) was so comfortable in leather reclining seats and 3D. The actual theater was smaller than most but the screen is huge. You can preorder seats and pick where you choose to sit for your best view. Highly recommend!! And will definitely be returning for future movie outings.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:1301 W Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • IMAX theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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