AmStar Cinemas 18 - Four Seasons Station
2700 Vanstory St suite a, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States

Review №1

Great place. Just wish their business would pick up. Its a shame to see such a nice theater so empty due to Covid.

Review №2

Great massive theater, which plays great movies with superior visual and audio formats! theater is humongous and awesome! will try to visit again!almost everyone does! plus, prices are undervalued and sell at a very decent price!

Review №3

Very nice theater. Chairs are spacious and they recline. We enjoyed our movie and the establishment was super clean.

Review №4

Retired military and drive a semi now for a living. dont have to much time for movies but I did run out of drive time and had no choice but to pull into their parking lot because it was the only place large enough to park. only wanted to eat dinner and get some sleep but after being here for an hour, was escorted off the property. dont understand why seeing as it was closed. pretty disappointing. thanks for your hospitality, I wont come back.

Review №5

Love the renovation and updates. The plush auto recliners, spacious seating and isles makes for a relaxing and enjoyable movie experience.

Review №6

Nice big screen. Good acoustics. Saw Tenet!

Review №7

Theatre was clean, movie was great! Weeknight at the movies, not crowded at all...

Review №8

Due to the pandemic, I’ve really only craved movie theater popcorn. They have posted several times on Facebook that they are doing curbside pick up concessions. I’ve tried calling to place an order each time - at the posted times and find it extremely unprofessional that they can’t notify anyone that they aren’t actually offering the service or product.Don’t post that you are doing curbside concessions if you’re going to ignore customers and not offer the service.

Review №9

It was super cool that they still sell the tickets outside the building and then have a ticket taker. Too many theatres dont have that anymore. The seats were not as luxurious as other theatres Ive been to. We were in theatre 1 and seats leaned back but only by force of your body. They didnt actually recline. There was a red button by some, not all, of the seats. We pressed it, but nothing happened. We forgot to ask what they were on the way out. Very reasonable ticket prices. Of course they get you at the concessions. Will definitely return.

Review №10

Ive always loved this theater and love the new upgrades for the seats. I just wish they reclined a little more. And the new thing where they bring your snacks to your seat is pretty cool now too. Overall love this theater.

Review №11

Comfy! I love to visit here to see any movie! The reclining seats make me feel like Im right at home while fighting sleep (lol). What are they going to do next, heated seats?

Review №12

Wonderfull experience! The whole place was beautiful and very tidy, and there were polite staff working at the snack counter. Family friendly.

Review №13

The theater has been remodeled! The plushest recliners in all the Triad and the absolute friendliest staff. One team member showed up and surprised my daughter with a crown/tiara during the Frozen 2 movie. Great Family Friendly atmosphere!

Review №14

Saw Bad Boys 2 today and overall it was a great experience. The theater was well maintained but I think theater 3 has a busted speaker as some of the bass scenes seemed a little rattle-y. Definitely a theater to return to.

Review №15

Went here for the first time for a matinee of a much-anticipated new release and was impressed. Nicest movie theater bathrooms in town. Comfy theater seats and clean.

Review №16

Went to see Star Wars after getting a BOGO in the mail for tickets. On the back of the promotional they gave a $5.75 price for matinees and $7.75 for other shows. When purchasing tickets we were charged $12 for children and $12:50 for adults. At the Matinee! My reaction was WHAT about the promotional. Cashier went on to say well this is our luxurious theater with wide screen and surround sound and heated seat, which of course was all on this little promotional card,in addition to service for ordersOur objective was to take our kids to see the movie . They could care less about the other because reclining seats are standard at the Regal Theater in Friendly Center where I always go. My reaction was this is classic “bait and switch”I will not visit a place that feels the need to LIE to get you to come to their place of business. Anyway they don’t really provide the service of bringing food like the theaters in Raleigh where you can make your request from your seat. I don’t want food from a theater anyway unless it’s popcorn and I can take that in myself. Ugh.A PLOY!!

Review №17

The new theaters are great. The new reclining seats are nice. They also need a tray for your food to sit on like the tavern seats. They need to put the rows on the wall or the floor not just on the end seat. Other than that they did a good job.

Review №18

Seats are outdated, and uncomfortable. Understaffed.

Review №19

Was so happy with my experience here! Theater was clean. The recliners were so comfortable! I really appreciated the variety of concessions. The employees were friendly. I would definitely return.

Review №20

Went to the four seasons theater to see invincible man and it was people being loud and rude throughout the movie. Once I attempted to reach out to staff there was no one in sight or at the front and ended up having to leave the movie early. So I lost my money and didn’t get to see the movie. Highly suggest looking at other theaters if you would like to actually enjoy your movie.

Review №21

I love being able to order food from my seat. The food was served very fast. Drink refills without having to go to the concession stand. The only downfall is the seats dont recline. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Review №22

Drinks and snacks are a bit pricey, but they are really good. Place is really well kept (clean). Only problem I had is for the price I spent there I had to listen to the people down my row talk through the entire movie and they were not whispering. Would have enjoyed it way better if they had been asked to lower theyre voice, or had been removed from the movie.

Review №23

I am 18 years old and I got ID checked for a Pg-13 movie and was denied to go in. Seriously? A rated R movie I would understand not allowing me to go in without my ID but a Pg-13 movie, really. You seriously need to change your ticket sellers or something. Will not be returning.

Review №24

They were closed due to Covid. But rode my Harley around the parking lot!

Review №25

Amazing as usual and i was the first to get malificent cup and bucket fresh out the pack when it was rolling in. The guy had just told me it hadnt come in yet then.... here it comes right on time. The delivery of it. great experience

Review №26

Absolutely love this theater. It is the only theater I go to in the city. With over 15 are bound to catch any major box office motion picture that has been released at the time. Oh and if you like dinner and a movie..check out The Movie Tavern located within the theater. Excellent place.

Review №27

Clean, not over crowded, very comfortable and the staff is very friendly. Great Customer Service and I was at the Concession stand and visited the restrooms. Everything was clean.

Review №28

Its a good place to go watch a movies with good seat and a arcade room, the only reason why I dont give it 5 stars is because its expensive, other than that, everything else is good

Review №29

I saw The Best of Enemies at 3:10. The ticket line was empty and I was able to use my MoviePass to purchase my ticket.Fresh popcorn had just been popped so I bought a small bag for just over $5.00. I was given a complimentary cup of ice and was able to fill it with water from the fountain. There are reward points that I earned with each purchase that was applied by my phone number. Im glad that I didnt lose my points simply because I didnt have my point card!The screening room had approximately 1/2 dozen patrons in it. There is no reserved seating so I chose one in the middle back. The seats were comfortable. They seemed a little wider than most, and the arm rests moved up and down, so I wasnt squeezed into a tight space. The sound was properly adjusted so the atmosphere was perfect. The steps were spaced just right for me, so going up and down was done with ease.

Review №30

Nice rest room. Clean environment. Very nice theater. Will definitely be returning.

Review №31

I dont get to see many movies in the theater, but this place is my preferred choice when I do. Clean theaters and good staff make it a fun place to go.

Review №32

We tried the motion seating with 3D and it was pretty good. I would really like to see an action movie there. It almost puts you in the movie. We saw Lion King and some of the scenes were almost like it was happening to me. For sure try it.

Review №33

I was happy with the theater, but the food was extremely lack luster. If you gonna have a menu, u need to do a better selection, and the food taste like straight microwave. Not worth the money!!

Review №34

Loved my seating choice. Service started out well but ended tragically. I ordered the nacho supreme with added chicken. I preferred the pulled pork but was told I could only add chicken. No mixing or matching. Green onions were to come with it. As I dug around in my plate, there were none. In addition, I wanted to order a long island ice tea and was informed that alcoholic drinks dont come in until midnight for the weekend crowd. So I ordered the drink that was recommended. Nasty! I pressed the button to notify my server (all before the movie started). 15 minutes into the movie my server nor anyone else still had not responded. By the time they did come, my food was cold, the green onions didnt matter and the drink was still nasty. I asked them to take it away and they did but came back in 2 minutes with my plate asking if I still wanted the green onions or didnt want the plate at all. (Where have you been with my plate all this time? Its stone cold for sure.) I did ask for a Pepsi which came promptly. My thing, dont give a menu out if you dont plan to serve EVERYTHING that is on it. It should not matter the day (this was a Friday early evening). Your menu says you have these items, then you should have those items or dont give out the menu until the weekend crowd. MOVIE WAS GREAT! I use to enjoy coming to this theater.

Review №35

Went to go and see Bad Boys and it was a great experience. The staff are nice and are able to point you in the right direction. They took over the Cinema Cafe that was beside the theater and they still serve food and bring it too you.

Review №36

The movie theater itself was great with the heated recliners; however the food is too expensive for not being able to order and get your food in the movie theater. You have to order at the counter and then they bring it to you. That defeats the purpose especially if I paid 55 for 2 people.

Review №37

Great theater, clean, rarely have long lines at concession stand and they have an easy to use rewards system. Prefer this theater to the Palladium.

Review №38

They redid this theater and it looks so nice inside . My feet used to stick to the floor but not anymore. I really like the upgrades.

Review №39

Plenty of movie variety. Employees were very nice & attentive. The restrooms needed tidying up. Love the popcorn!

Review №40

Always an awesome experience here. Friendly staff and great food. Always excellent movie options.

Review №41

The prices at the concession could come down a little but overall enjoyed the seating

Review №42

Amazing cleanliness, great staff. The new Cindy chairs are awesome and the recline. Like lazy boy chairs there so cushiony...

Review №43

The theater was really clean and well kept. The staff were very helpful and eager to answer any questions. The seats are comfortable and more spacious than most theatres. The video and audio were better than usual. The snacks were overpriced like they are at most theaters. Overall a very good experience.

Review №44

Its pretty decent.Old theater that needs some TLC.Even the newer projectors need bulbs the way it was looking through out the movie.People were nice. Hey free refills on most of the items you get.All in all not bad.It does kind of smell old. I mean like warship old.

Review №45

Clean, lots of screens, modern theater. Perhaps the best feature is the reclining, easy chair style seating.

Review №46

Seats are nice, but if you go to a late show they close the concession stand down right after the movie starts. So you dont get the refills you pay for and get to sit through the with a dry mouth.

Review №47

Its a nice place I feel all snacks are to costly but its nice to the seats are very comfortable and its clean

Review №48

Theatres were nice and clean, food moderately overpriced and drinks even more so (but it is a movie theatre after all so no surprise there).Con: our theatre had a bright green exit sign right next to the screen which caused a slight green tint throughout the film.

Review №49

I love going to this theatre. Theres so much you can do before and after watching a movie. Not to mention how you watch the movie. Theres nice recliner seats. Ample room. Theres a game room, and a lounge area. Everyone is super friendly.

Review №50

Very nice theater, polite staff, and comfortable (and reclinable!) seats. The only slight downside was that the speakers in the theater were so powerful that it made it hard to hear the dialogue in the movies sometimes if there were also sound FX running at the same time. Will definitely come back!

Review №51

Great movie theater. Its always clean everytime I walk into there and they always show the best and most recent movies. Oh and you absolutely have to try the dining theater. You get the best food for the best deal and you dont even have to wait long for your food.

Review №52

Everything was clean and the seats were comfortable. Enjoyed the movie..

Review №53

I go there 10-15+ times a year. Good theater. Many showings, above average seats, large rooms. Concession prices are high even by movie theater standards however.

Review №54

Great Halloween experience

Review №55

Nice clean theater...little cold, but very nice

Review №56

Nice seats. Bought ticket for 12:20 show. Its now 1pm and the show hasnt started. Why did I hurry to get here. Why not say a delay at ticket counter

Review №57

Very nice place and wait staff was super friendly. Nice to be able to eat and chill while watching the movie! Not overpriced either.

Review №58

We got our feet up for the movie I love the new recliners

Review №59

Favorite movie theatre in Greensboro

Review №60

Great seats, the big island tea couldve been less fruity & more long island

Review №61

The service was great. The theatre & restrooms were very clean. The food was decent. Nachos were ok but dont come with sour cream. Well it does but its extra? The menu you look at online doesnt reflect what they sell. The Game day Platter says jumbo sliders, I would hate to see what the regular sliders look like. These jumbo sliders were not jumbo at all. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldve just ordered wings & a beer. Wings were very good & the service was great also!! Thanks to Isiah for great service!!

Review №62

The upgrades are wonderful. The isles are spacious and the drink bar is cool.

Review №63

Recliner seats but need to offer salt free popcorn

Review №64

The new seats are very comfortable and I love the way that they recline. Kudos on the upgrade!!

Review №65

Most comfortable seats I have been to in a movie theater! Nice place

Review №66

Great atmosphere and good prices, what you expect from a movie theater

Review №67

Love the seats, but expensive but Ive had a good experience here today.11•25•19

Review №68

Always my number one choice for watching a movie on the big screen. Staff is professional.

Review №69

Huge place excellent accommodations friendly staff comfortable seating and theater arrangement I was thoroughly impressed and then I saw new unbelievably Comfort seating is coming to town so Im excited

Review №70

Really nice place. Enjoyed our movie. My only complaint is the prices for the drinks and snacks are outrageous. Its absolutely makes no sense to me to charge anyone 5.00 for a small drink. Crazy.

Review №71

Nice, comfortable new seats. Gpx theater has heated seats.

Review №72

Decent. Usually clean. If you are ordering food allow yourself extra time and dont expect high quality faire.

Review №73

Theater under construction. I couldnt tell if it was open. I went for the restaurant style food. It was closed due to construction. Due to a leg injury, I chose this theater for reclining seating. I was wrong, they dont have them in theater 11. Very disappointing, so I endured the pain while I finish watching the movie.

Review №74

Great location and very nice theater! Prices arent bad either.

Review №75

I’m giving this a four star only because of the lack of customer service. I visit this theater often and it has one of the best picture quality and sound in Greensboro. I took my wife on a date and was disappointed how “to the point” the service team were. Normally the people look you in the eye and speak to you, and thank you. As we walked to the # 2 theater we pasted at least 5 employees standing on the corner at the hallway talking and laughing like they were not on the clock. We were given bad directions to the location of the theater and the lights stayed on during the movie for maybe the first 10 minutes. I’m being picky only because I go here often and they normally do so much better. Enough said about the in normal, the movie seat were very comfortable and the quality was excellent. It was clean inside and out and very easy to purchase the tickets on line. The bathrooms were very well maintained and the parking lot was in good shape. This is still one of the best places to watch a movie in the triad for the price. My wife and I had a very good time and I appreciate the service we did receive. I plan on seeing another movie at the Four Seasons again in the next two weeks.

Review №76

This theater is awesome. The seats are very comfortable and if you sit in the box seats you will be greeted with quality leather seats and also a full service restaurant all while you are watching you movie on the big screen. It is honestly quite the experience and it is affordable

Review №77

Luxury. Nice facility. No complaint at all

Review №78

We went to see the 2:15 showing of Alladin today and the movie itself was great. Only good part of the experience. The waitress took our order before the previews began and informed us we had 30 minutes to order everything we wanted for the whole movie. That would have put us not getting food after 10 minutes into the movie. Then she brought us our check 20 minutes into the movie. If we are paying the high prices that they are charging, I expect to be able to order food at least until half way through the movie. On top of that, our waitress was very rude and got our order wrong. This used to be our favorite theater…

Review №79

I love the move theater i go thear every weekend

Review №80

Good to be back!!

Review №81

As busy as I’ve seen it, they tend to keep it pretty clean.

Review №82

The menu is a little lighter but overall still great food and the staff is really friendly and helpful. We enjoy coming here.

Review №83

Enjoyed the movies with my family spent a good penny but it was worth it!!!

Review №84

My go to theatre . . . Staff is courteous, the place is clean and they have a rewards program. The half that serves meals is nice too.

Review №85

I love this place! I dont come out often so when I do I expect to enjoy myself. Its clean, the staff is helpful and friendly and it reasonably priced. My girlfriends and I love celebrating our birthdays there. Nothing like a great movie, drinks and a meal all in one place!

Review №86

I love there cinema its the best place to take your family and friends

Review №87

Saw Frozen II with some family. Got the recliner seats. Great amenities, just a bit pricey when it comes to consessions

Review №88

Awesome experience very clean and nice and comfy seats!

Review №89

Had dinner watching queen and slim. Epic experience

Review №90

Well, I will start this off by saying that (other than the few stabbings and shootings out here) I havent really had an issue with this theatre. But for my birthday I had two tickets to the premiere of End Game and the theatre just up and cancelled the showing and didnt even contact me about it and refunded the tickets. And I had pretty great seats and a great time. So like, watch out. You may get stabbed or shot... or even worse, have to try to find tickets to the biggest premiere of 2019 in another location.

Review №91

Clean, friendly service, very comfortable reclining seats.

Review №92

We saw Aladdin here with our family. The movie screen was great for this vivid movie and the seats were very comfortable. The concessions were good too.

Review №93

Really loved it. Spacious and very clean. Staff was helpful and courteous. Great job staff

Review №94

Worst movie theater for families in Greensboro.Went with my family to watch a movie on a Thursday afternoon at 2 PM, knowing that when you have a baby its best to go when the theater is almost empty in case the baby cries. We entered an empty room with about 5 other people. Our daughter was sleeping and woke up after almost an hour into the movie. She made a few sounds, not crying and some drunk kid went and complained to the manager.A very unprofessional manager by the name of Pedro Whing was rude and threatened to throw us out if our baby cried. I asked him if he saw the baby crying and told him that the baby had not cried at all. He continued making threats.After the movie ended I demanded to speak to the manager and explained to him how he had ruined the whole experience for us. We had just spend $60 in this place and thanks to his attitude we didnt enjoy ourselves at all. Pedro didnt show any concern and just gave us an empty apology.I even told him that I would be posting a review and he didnt care. Families beware, not a family friendly place.

Review №95

Bad weather so not many people were there. Relatively friendly staff. Parking lot has security and were attentive. The self serve butter area was a mess. The theater area was fairly clean and no sticky floors or seats and a nice sound system that was really clear. Overall not a bad place to visit

Review №96

Comfortable seats, and plenty of room, expected to pay alot more for tickets but theyre reasonable just higher priced concessions

Review №97

Ive always loved this theatre. I just wish theyd update their chairs to recliners like most other theaters now. I think prices here are fair.

Review №98

I enjoy going to the grand the people are nice, & the service is always A-1, what i really enjoyed was the new recliner chairs, made my movie going experience well worth it

Review №99

No gourmet food, and no button to press, as their advertising claims. What they have is mediocre bar food. Based on their ad copy, I expected an Alamo drafthouse clone. I got another run of the mill unimpressive movie theater.Its a decent enough theater, and will be better after their renovations, but its not a Dinner and a movie place as they suggest in their ad copy. The boring old sliders and quesadilla took like half an hour to get and we missed a chunk of our movie. They dont even bring it to your seat (which dont have tables, btw), you have to hang out at the pickup station. They need to either get with the program on their claims about food or they need to cut out the lies.

Review №100

The place is wonderful! Though the menu is a bit pricey, the food is delivered quick and hot! In short, I enjoyed myself, and Ill be back!

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:2700 Vanstory St suite a, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 336-855-2926
  • Movie theater
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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