Escape the Room LA (Glendale)
3223 Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA 91210, United States

Review №1

The Escape the Room LA we signed up for ended up breaking down right before we got to their location after an hour drive. They notified us and they were very accommodating - they reimbursed us as consolation for the inconvenience, and they were also more than happy to accommodate a free escape room experience as well. We ended up choosing another escape room theme that night, and we had a lot of fun.

Review №2

Booked two separate rooms around the same time for my large group. The staff were all accommodating and made sure that everything ran smoothly for our room. Be warned, the Clock Tower room is the most difficult... Our game master gave us helpful clues and nudged us in the right direction when we were lost. When time was up, the game master came in and coached us through the last of the puzzles, rather than just telling us what we had left to do -- which I appreciated, because I like trying to figure things out on my own. All in all, this was a great experience! I would definitely recommend!

Review №3

My wife and I have done all four rooms at this location., the latest one being South Park: Cartmans Escape Room. Such incredible set design! And the puzzles in Cartmans room are incredible and very much in theme with South Park. The staff has always been the best and, now that all rooms are private, I cannot recommend this place enough. Check them out! You wont be disappointed.

Review №4

Loved this room, it was a tone of fun but also on a scale of how hard it was, 7/10. Definitely need a group of 4 or more people for this particular room. But the set was great, the puzzles interesting and how everything tied into each other made sense, we plan on going back again! But we will try one of the easier rooms :)

Review №5

My daughter had her 15th birthday party here with her posse. They had a ball!!!

Review №6

This is SUCH a fun place! We originally came from Boston on vacation and didnt anticipate traffic so we were about 5 minutes late in parking. BUT since we didnt know our way around the mall, we lost about 10 more minutes until we called and one of the guys working kindly gave us easy to follow directions. When we got there, the same guy kindly let us know that since we were late, we had 2 options: start the game with the time remaining or wait an hour for the other one to start. We took the later start. The next guy there was the one helping us with the escape room. Not only did he explain the directions and rules well, but he was great with the hints and was SUPER funny! After which, the first guy took our group pictures and sent them to our email. Both guys at this location were incredibly sweet, funny, witty and helpful! Will definitely be coming back here again as we come to LA often!

Review №7

Booked the Western Room (Bank Robbery) the day we wanted to go in. Andrew was super nice over the phone and even cooler in person. Devin our key master or something like that was awesome. Made the experience that much more fun for myself and the others with me. I have done a few escape rooms in the past but they were no where near as clean cut as this one was. We didn’t escape but had a ton of fun trying to rob the bank. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking to pass some time, or have a different type of experience than the usual dinner and movie cliché. Two thumbs way up!!

Review №8

Located in a mall (random) and has a parking garage. We walked in, signed wavers, and put our stuff in the locker and they wand you before you go into the room to make sure it doesnt affect their tech and so you dont cheat.

Review №9

A very fun experience. We participated in Cartman’s escape room and they captured the essence of South Park Elementary School very well. The puzzles were challenging and were pretty satisfying to solve. There were lots of Easter eggs and inside jokes that made it even more enjoyable. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable as well.

Review №10

Had an unbelievably fun time escaping the South Park escape room! Most of us hadnt ever done a room before, but being fans of the show got us doubly excited to explore and start solving puzzles. Such a great setup, amazingly decorated and themed, and a fantastic staff! We escaped with 25 seconds left, and I dont think we would of made it without Lee, our amazing hint giver and guide who really set us up strong, and saved us at every turn with her help! Now were all hooked and excited to come back and try every room! Really cant overstate it, SO MUCH FUN!!!

Review №11

We did the South Park room, awesome! it was our first escape room and it was so much fun we were able to make it out! The staff were fun and enthusiastic. I cant wait to go back and try a different room.

Review №12

Fantastic production value and experience. Our group didnt escape, but Thomas let us see what we would have needed to do and I really appreciated that! Ive done many escape rooms in LA and this definitely was one of my favorites.

Review №13

Haven’t had fun like this in a while! Excellent experience, and my family and I made it out of the Jurassic Room! I definitely recommend Escape The Room LA in Glendale.

Review №14

We did the wild west & watchtower rooms. Both were very fun, especially the watchtowerr! You get as many hints as you want, so make sure to take advantage of that. We managed both rooms with only 5 people, but with only 2 minutes to spare on watchtower, and 5 on wild west.

Review №15

My friends and I went two nights in a row, this establishment was amazing! Not only were the rooms well done and thought out, but the Game Master, Dan, made the whole experience 10x better. He was super interactive and funny and we are lucky we got him to spend those two hours with him. Thank you Dan and Escape the Room for making my trip to LA so great!️ ️️️️

Review №16

Had a great time. Angelica was super friendly, and a great clue master. Helped us when we needed it and made the experience great.

Review №17

This was my first escape room experience. It was so much fun we decided to come back the next night :) we did western bank the first night and Jurassic escape the second night. We had the most amazing game master, Dan, for our first night.He made our experience so enjoyable and gave us recommendations on what to do next. He made the game master interaction very interesting and it just added more fun to the whole experience. Once we were done with the first one we immediately wanted to go back for another. After we signed up to do Jurassic Escape, the one he had recommended to us next, we called in and asked if Dan could be our game master. Again we had a really fun experience and he was able to help us have a truly unforgettable weekend. I will never forget this weekend of escape rooms and hope to come back to do clock tower :) thanks so much dan!

Review №18

The room was well themed but the puzzles weren’t enough for the 9 people in the room. It’s also very linear and many small props that players put into pockets and made the game much harder to solve. It’s a better room for six or less people who are all one group. Angie our host was lovely and did her best to still give us a quality experience. You need a team who really knows how to communicate for this room. If you get paired with teens like us it ruins the whole experience. The room is also poorly laid out in that you are presented with a lot of locks to solve that cannot be solved at until much later in the game. And the important pinch point puzzles relied too heavily on one person working to solve them. Overall this is one of my least favourite rooms I’ve done. The higher stars are for the staff and the good theme.

Review №19

It was extremely fun. The staff was very courteous. We were from out of town and could not find the location in the mall. They called and asked if we would be attending and they gave us directions. It was very thoughtful of them to take the time to contact us as we were late with all the trouble we had finding the location as it was a big mall.

Review №20

This was our first room at Escape the Room LA (Glendale) location. The room is recommended for 8 people but I think 6 or maybe even 4 would be the perfect number. The room offers some great technical puzzles and since the room we played was The Clock ready for some clock puzzles. Our host was amazing. We sadly had one last puzzle to solve before we could get out. After the time ended he walked us through the room and helped answer any and all questions we had. Were looking forward to heading back to play again their other two rooms. I believe the Western themed one is geared a little more towards beginners and the Jurassic is a bit more expensive. Also a 4th room is being built right now that send you into the world of South Park. Its a really challenging place and Im sure for any new or seasoned players youre really gonna love this place! The room design is beautiful with nice dynamic lighting and great sound design.

Review №21

Awesome escape room, especially if you like South Park and Cartman! Very well done and puts you right into the show! Definitely would recommend and very friendly and helpful staff.

Review №22

The Clock Tower Room was super fun. We almost solved it and had a great time! Bring your smartest friends when you go!!

Review №23

It was such a fun experience with friends and family. We all got into it. Would definitely do ot again. The tech guy in the truck was the best!

Review №24

We did the Jurassic Escape. The only reason I rate it 4 stars, not 5 stars, is because one of the machine buttons was broken and we spent maybe 5-10 extra minutes on that because the button wouldnt work and thats never fun when a fault in the equipment makes you not able to solve your puzzles. However, it was so fun and so interactive and very well designed. Beware though: none of the clues really link to what puzzle you solve so youll have to try everything a lot or ask for hints (which are unlimited). Very fun, thank you!!

Review №25

We did the South Park escape room as our first ever room and it was A BLAST!! Our host Lee kept us in the game with helpful hints and we escaped with under 30 seconds to go!! Cant recommend it enough.

Review №26

It was such an amazing & fun experienceOur host was awesome! I was able to play a game based on my favorite show and character.

Review №27

Exciting fun for all ages. Multiple rooms available. Reasonable price.

Review №28

We did the Jurassic Escape room at it was amazing! Challenging puzzles, amazing details in the room, cool special effects. Can wait to come back and try another room!

Review №29

I absolutely loved my experience here. I have been to so many escape rooms over the past couple years and this is by far the best one I have ever done. I went with all of my friends and we came in and did the Western room with gamemaster Dan and he made it such a blast. He was super helpful and also hilarious and it made the room so much more exciting and engaging. Because we loved it so much, we came back the next night and did the Jurassic World room and had Dan as our gamemaster again. Such a great place with amazing people! Definitely coming back (-:

Review №30

OMGoodness this was so fun. We did the bank robber room and we almost got caught but we made it for sure. I wish they wouldve had a scary type room, thats is the only reason for the 4 star review. Other than that they are 5.. please look into getting a scary eacapse room PLEASE

Review №31

Pretty good escape room. We got stuck on a few seemingly broken pieces even when knowing the clue. Overall decent with some fun clues

Review №32

Had so much fun playing with family and friends. Definitely best to break into groups to slove and get the clues. Made it out barely in time. It is a lot of fun and highly reccomend. My group did the Jurassic Escape.

Review №33

Hard and challenging but fun Id love to go back and do it again

Review №34

I had a wonderful time. Ive gone twice already and we made it both times. Lee was great(she assisted us), she was funny and nice. I would highly reccomend this to anyone..

Review №35

Actually pretty cool. Did the Cartman south park room. Very entertaining. Made it out with 8 mins to spare!

Review №36

We spent a very fun time in Cartmans escape room and escaped before the end. Its not a very hard one but there is a good variety of puzzles and the immersion is convincing.

Review №37

Did the Western themed room with 4 other friends and 2 strangers. Was pretty fun even if I didnt do much. Not a fan of the Western theme but the room was well made and I had fun. Cant wait to try their other rooms!

Review №38

Had a great time. Only issue was the miss interpretation of the online price. Was not $28 per group it was $30 a person ($28+fee). But the experience was worth the price, as long as the group is fun lol. The staff was very helpful too.

Review №39

Sooo much fun !! We did the clock one and its very challenging! Made it out missing 10 seconds left. I totally recommend it ️

Review №40

It was my first time with my daughter and friends. Game was challenging, wasnt easy to open the doors but we did it!!! We had so much fun...definitely well go back for another challenge...I wish we had a bit more time and 2 more doors in one game...the interior design was cool too...

Review №41

Such a fun family experience it was difficult to some point but great that when all agreed in our group we could get a clue/hint

Review №42

My company and I did the bank heist and completed it with ample time to spare. The room was themed well and the puzzles were of moderate difficulty compared to other escape room locations. My company will probably return.

Review №43

Amazing experience. Mike was such a great puzzle master and host, especially considering half our party were young children. Western/heist room looked amazing and the puzzles were challenging. We are definitely coming back.

Review №44

South Park is challenging and hilarious if you’ve seen at least the first few seasons. Manager and staff are the best! Made my birthday experience one of my most memorable yet! Thanks so much everyone! Shoutout to Devin (and Cartman)!

Review №45

Had so much fun here for my parents birthdays! We did the Western Bank Heist room and it was challenging but we also escaped!

Review №46

Had so much fun here! I would definitely recommend this if youre looking for something family friendly to do!

Review №47

Extremely fun & challenging. If you like to solve puzzles this is a must!

Review №48

A lot of fun. Such a great sense of completion when we finished.

Review №49

Im pretty sure the footage of our playthrough was just us screaming, but the employees were super nice to us, even when we were being dumb. Thanks again for putting up with us; I hope we entertained you for that hour.

Review №50

The South Park room is a real treat for any fan of the series. Very kind hostess and intricate unique puzzles.

Review №51

Lots of family-friendly fun! The Bank Robbery Room is perfect for first-timers and doesnt involve a lot of stress or pressure.

Review №52

Not sure why this place doesn’t have more 5 stars??!! Because I think this is one of the best escape rooms in California, hands down! Especially for being a mall escape room, those can either be hit or miss. This place definitely is great for all ages and lots of fun!Ive actually played Jurassic here twice now with two different groups of people. So of course the second time I tried to keep silent with what I knew. But both times we got out with a lot of time to spare (first time we had 28 mins left, second time we had 25 mins left). This room was super fun and the puzzles actually made sense and the flow was great. Some escape rooms make you do all this extra stuff that ends up not even being that important anyways. However, this room made perfect sense and the puzzle flow was great and each clue we found we ACTUALLY used.The technology was very advanced and without giving anything away, the way you get out of the room is super cool... make sure all your teammates are actually around to look at what happens! The first time our game master was Andrew who was extremely enthusiastic and friendly! We only needed two hints, but those hints where useful and didnt confuse us more (Ive been to rooms where the game master was not only not friendly, but also gave us the most outrageous clues). The second time our game master was Mike, who also gave us a very enthusiastic game and treated us with respect and kindness.What I liked the most about this place, second to the room, was the awesome customer service we experienced. So many times at escape rooms the workers can be pretty rude/know it alls. But at this place, they treat everyone equally and are kind to you no matter if you played 100+ games or if this is your first one. As someone whos played only 40 games (I know theres people out here whove played 200+), but I do have a fair amount of experience under my belt by now! I can confidently say this is one if the best out of the 40 I have played and one of the tops here in California. People forget that customer service matters, but Im happy this place doesnt put that on the back burner. Not only is the room great, and the location, but the workers are wonderful! So overall this place is a 100/100, not just an A+ room with D- service, but an A++ to both!I cant wait to play the other rooms! Ive had friends whove played the Western room and the clock tower, and Ive heard nothing but wonderful things!! I also saw theyre opening a South Park room soon and I most definitely cannot wait for that!

Review №53

Ive done JURASSIC ESCAPE and THE CLOCK TOWER. Both are excellent. TCT was definitely more difficult than JE. There are a few caveats to know before doing a room at Escape The Room:• unlike other escape rooms, you need to solve *all* of the puzzles to escape. Other escape rooms you can sometimes leap over a series of puzzles and still get out, or they might even throw in clues that are red herrings. In these rooms, its all or nothing.• once you are done with a puzzle, you are *done* with it. As in, if you get a number to appear or something lights up, youre done, move on to the next puzzle.• unlike other escape rooms, once you solve one room and open the next room, it does *not* mean you are done with the first room. You will have to go back through all the rooms youve opened to make the final escape.• the 2 rooms Ive done both have a high level of electronic and video and mechanical elements that are really impressive.• Jurassic Escape allows 10 players, we had 9: (7 teens, 2 adults) and we felt that was too many people in the room. An idea number would be 7.• The Clock Tower allows 8 players and we had 7 (5 12-year olds, 2 adults) and that was about the right number. TCT was too difficult for our group. The 2 of us who were the adults had to lead the majority of the puzzle solving instead of being able to watch the kids do it. They had a lot of fun but the final stretch of that room was impossible for them.In all, these rooms are well made, great props, great puzzles with video screens, touch screens, video projection, sound effects, and more.

Review №54

So much fun I love escape rooms

Review №55

I booked 2 rooms i was celebrating my bday the bank heist and clock tower u really have 2 put ur thinking caps on it was super fun and the hostess were super cool I had 10 of us in 1 room and 3 in the other

Review №56

Dan was fantastic! Trevor, Ken, and I had a great time in Jurassic. 10/10 would recommend!

Review №57

A lot of fun with great puzzles to solve. Highly recommended.

Review №58

Love the South Park escape room so cool

Review №59

Challenging and fun. lots of cool toys to use. thanks!

Review №60

Awesome escape rooms! Loved the South Park room!

Review №61

Amazing and fun

Review №62

The staff, especially Angie, was very friendly and made the experience really fun for our group who was doing an escape room for the first time.

Review №63

Challenging! Well design. Good experience and not frustrating!

Review №64

So fun!! Nicholas was so helpful and we left feeling so accomplished. Great theatrics!! All around amazing!

Review №65

My little brother and I had SUCH an amazing time!! The western heist was a blast!!! Definitely worth the $$ ! We’ll be back for the South Park one !!

Review №66

Cartmans escape room was fantastic.

Review №67

Great room we did bank heist our person in charge was very dead so kinda sad he didn’t really help much and when he did he spoke so soft we couldn’t hear any of the clues but still had good time . Even with correct code couldn’t open the safe and tried many times!

Review №68

Didnt make it out in time but had a blast

Review №69

Lee was extremely friendly and helpful. We had an amazing time in the Jurrasic themed escape room!

Review №70

Loved it! Did Jurrasic Escape. The decor is awesome!

Review №71

Great experience and the staff there were great as well!

Review №72

Came here today for opening weekend and we had so much fun!We are a group of enthusiasts with 70+ rooms each under our belts and we got to see some puzzles in these rooms that we had never encountered before!Location: If you know escape room then you are familiar with walking through sketchy areas into a strange building to find the room. This is way different! They are in a clean mall with many food options near by! The lobby area is spacious with many photo props to be used in Victory photos!Customer Service: I needed to reschedule my booking so I called the day before and nobody answered the phone. In total I left 3 voicemails, 2 contact us forms, and a Facebook message, and I had heard nothing back by the day of the booking. I ended up using the chat box on the website which to my surprise someone finally replied to! Had I not gone to the website chat I dont think I would have heard back from them regarding my booking. Thank you the the woman on the website who replied to me!Clock Tower: Story line in this room was very easy to follow and lots of fun! The set design was immaculate and there was nothing that brought us out of the immersion. The hint system was on a screen and when needed was also through the speakers. One of the puzzles however needs a safety precaution sign on it, or to be retrofitted in a safer way because if we would have reached our hand down to grab it, the metal item would have slammed down onto our hands. Other than that, the room and the puzzles were very interesting and kept us on our toes the entire time!Bank Heist: Again, set design is fantastic, and it felt like we were really in an old-timey bank. The puzzle follow was good in this room, however there was one lock we found by sheer luck and I am unsure how any others would be able to find it as I do not remember any direction in the room pointing you towards it. Immersion in this room was great, the hints were delivered through a digital photograph/screen on the wall. That being said though, the ending of this room broke the immersion for us. It didnt fit the theme at all and left us wondering if we were really done with the room or not. I hope in the future they find a better way to end the room.Jurassic Escape: We put on our Jurassic hats and headed into the room to be greeted by amazing set design and visual/audio effects. Puzzles in this room seemed to have less direction to them to the point where we just ended up guessing on most of them. There were two puzzles where we had solved or found items out of the regular order which held us up A LOT later on in the game. Finding them early on didnt necessarily hold us back, what did was the game master (GM). When we asked for a clue they pointed us towards something we had already solved, which would have been very clear to see had they been following along with our game play. We would have appreciated a you guys already solved what that item goes to, no need to worry about it vs. us wasting time trying to figure it out. Our clues were very vague in this room (ex: What in the room hasnt made sense yet?). There is a different GM for each of the rooms here and Jurassic Escape is the only room that uses walkie talkies instead of a screen would may have factored into why our clues for this room were not as helpful as those in the other rooms. It was opening weekend though so I am sure with more experience the clue giving will improve!Overall:The set design for this company is AMAZING, 10/10.The puzzles and room flow are great, 8/10Customer service: 6/10 (just get the phones fixed)I would recommend this escape room to anyone in the area looking for a high quality, well decorated room. I think both enthusiasts and first time played will had a great time at Escape The Room

Review №73

So much fun!!! Awesome experience!!! Highly recommend it!!!

Review №74

Super fun. Great family time

Review №75

It was a lot playing Co-Operative with other people.

Review №76


Review №77

So much fun!!!!

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