AMC DINE-IN Clearfork 8
5015 Trailhead Bend Way, Fort Worth, TX 76109, United States

Review №1

The atmosphere puts you in the state of Movie. The bartender was really good. His pours were generous as well... The food was surprisingly tasty. And this particular location is beautiful! I will be back again and again!

Review №2

I hate to give a bad review but I also hate predatory business practices. Went today checked in went to purchase $23.00 worth of movies snacks went to pay with cash but was told they do not accept cash at the concession (no signs there or anywhere to indicate this policy.) Girl at the counter told me to go to ticket sales and purchase a gift card? Okay so lets get this straight; its okay to take my cash 20 steps away at ticket sales but not at the concession stand? Sorry this makes no sense at all. I asked if would be charged to get a gift card and she said no I would not. Went to get gift card ask for one for $24.00 (my bill was around $23.62ish) Guy at tickets was told $24.00 but yet he charged me $25.00 (an extra $1.00). I understand you have been closed but honestly, to not take my cash they charge me and $1 to get a gift card when I was told I would not incur any extra charges is not right. For a high end

Review №3

It gets a one-star for the way it look nice rest of Tarzan missing because you have to get up and get your food and tell them to bring it to your table its not really dine in

Review №4

WAAAAAY to overpriced almost $100 for 2 people to see a movie with 1 drink oof

Review №5

Nice and clean. Very helpful staff. The seats are stadium style, meaning they dont have much space kinda feel line your shoulder to shoulder with the next person. The seats Do recline and they are heated seats. Very nice experience.

Review №6

Love it there.. So Nice and everyone is friendly..

Review №7

Always clean and everyone seems courteous, if the small swiveling tables on each seat were adjustable or removable (yeah probably a bad idea) etc it would be nice as they feel like they are in the way.. otherwise its a great experience even the small theaters feel comfy and the screens are big enough

Review №8

I’m an AMC stubs member and I love this theater. They recently added a refillable popcorn bucket which is great for the environment and my wallet. The option for drinks and snack is great, plus it’s always clean and service is very friendly. The HEATED recliner seats are the icing on the cake!

Review №9

Bit pricey but worth the money. Food is excellent unlike most theatres. You have a full menu to pick from. Once the food is ordered, the rest is on cruise control to enjoy whatever movie you selected as the food is brought to you. Customer Service is great here too with all employees willing to pitch in to make your day better. I recommend this place. One issue is parking. You have to use the garage unless you get lucky enough to grab a outside spot.

Review №10

So me and my wife decided to go watch Frozen 2 and everything was great up until we got to where we order the food. Now keep in mind it was our first time at this location so we were a bit confused and asked the guy at the counter “is this where we order ?” And with an attitude he goes “yes” so at this point I’m not gonna pay for a bunch of food when AMC in Clearfork has people like that working there. Other than that encounter everything was awesome ! Maybe the guy was having a bad day but come on now it’s your job smile and treat the customer nicely !

Review №11

Great place. However, you can pay cash for your tickets but cant pay cash for your snacks.

Review №12

What a great experience watching a movie here. Food and drinks were great also. Highly recommend.

Review №13

Perfect upscale theater, loved the heated reclining seats and bathrooms were incredibly clean. Food was great! Ticket taker was very friendly and helpful but the food cashiers didn’t really seem to know what they were doing and took quite a while to get our food ordered.

Review №14

Not your ordinary movie experience. Love the reserved seating option, reclining heated seats, and great food choices for the dine-in-delivery theater options. Food choices are unique and quite good. Of course, you can still get your popcorn and candy fix...but getting it here seems a little more special. Full bar and you can take those drinks in the theater as well. Its a very nice getaway, clean and not beatdown like many of the theaters around. Bring your blanket, snuggle into a heated reclining seat with a big bucket of popcorn. You wont be disappointed!

Review №15

Amazing ambience, great service, clean/sparkly! In a lively and lovely strip mall, with many food choices and options surrounding it...Makes for a great date night... I love my A-List and the member perks as well, like jumping ahead in the refreshment line, advanced ticketing, access to special events, and discounts and loyalty points rewards!

Review №16

This is definitely the most upscale movie theater Ive ever been to. Its really nice however I would recommend eating before you go unless you want to get an overly priced meal. I fell in love with the heated seats. I will definitely return. The staff members were all really nice and informative.

Review №17

Came after brunch, reclining chairs. They even have seat warmers built in!!! Very easy to take a nap while watching a movie! Lol, the place was clean and modern and absolutely stunning. All the employees I encountered were super nice !!!Would go again.

Review №18

Went to see the movie Good Boys with the hubby for date night. The theatre was nice and semi swanky. The guys up front who issue tickets were very helpful and friendly. The bartender was informative and created a great adult beverage while we enjoyed the movie. The theatre itself was nice with the leather reclining seats and seat warmers. So I didnt have to use the blanket I brought.I gave the theatre 4 stars because the food was overpriced and the cashier Sofia told me only 4 wings come to an order, which was NOT true. My husband got the wings and they were really good, but definitely more than 4 to an order and maybe we wouldnt have had to buy extra food if I had known there was more than 4.Did I mention there is a delivery fee for your food?? YES a $1 fee for your food to be carried from the kitchen to the be prepared to spend money on date night ijs.

Review №19

The theaters are grand. The place is kept mostly clean. Not so much the soda area. The staff are polite::update::This AMC is starting to resemble most of the other theaters, as far as cleanliness. Which is sad considering the area of Clearfork

Review №20

️️️ this Location. EXCELLENT cuisine & Extremely Comfortable Recliner Chairs too. Top Shelf Alcoholic Beverages too. Bonus; AList Membership has Priority Lines

Review №21

Hated to give 2 stars because this place is nice, but we went to a 1:30 movie and one of our heated recliners would neither heat nor recline. We moved when movie was going to start (mostly empty) but then more people came in and we were in their seats so had to go get help. They noticed several seats not working. Nice employee said when they vacuum at night they unplug the seats and forget every night to get some plugged back in. He got everyone up, bent the seats all forward, and plugged them in. Maybe a quick check of all the seats every morning would help?

Review №22

This is NOT a dine in movie theater!!! Totally false advertising!! You do NOT order from your seat. Instead you can order outside at the concession/bar and they will deliver it?! You can staff people to bring food out but they cant take the order or clean the area when someone be is done??? If you get hungry or want more, you have to leave the movie?! WRONG!! YOU lose to any movie tavern or anyone that has figured out what people want at movie theaters. I give you 2 stars because I never give 1star and you were a clean facility. But I bought 2 bottles of wine @$33 EACH that I had to go get MYSELF! SO I will not be back!!

Review №23

First time here, truly amazing and breathtaking AMC. Watched Captain Marvel in Dolby, awesome movie!!! Great experience!!!

Review №24

Nice upscale experience within the Clearfork entertainment complex. The movies are decently priced but the extras are extremely overpriced. Nice friendly staff and the management is courteous. The food is really good, I had some ultimate nachos that was loaded with everything and portions big enough to share with a friend. Movie sounded great in Dolby Digital!

Review №25

Great cinema with reclining chairs with heated seats. Food is okay, chicken tenders are the pick of the bunch. What you save on the cinema ticket price, theyll get back on food prices, so come to the movie pre-fed

Review №26

Me and my Wife loves to go here for the movies and we enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounded within this community. If I could afford to live in this community I will. It has Parks and shops and hospitals. Beautiful is all I can say.

Review №27

The BEST movie experience in DFW hands down...SHOULD BE 6 STARS! The most luxurious seats movie seats in town....heated, leather seats that are super comfortable and the best headrest of any theater!Ticket prices are comparable to other theaters in the area. Popcorn and drinks are a little higher but not for the area (super luxery shopping establishments). The dine-in food is definitely delicious but has higher-end pricing.No better place for a movie date night in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!!!!

Review №28

The movie was nice and the seats were nice too but....... the food was awful. It was cold and looks nothing like the picture. I was cat-fished by the menu. Watch your movie but, eat somewhere else.

Review №29

Comfortable, heated, reclining seats. We saw a movie with the Dolby sound feature and the seats vibrated in connection with the audio. It was definitely thrilling but I did feel it was a little too loud at times, mostly in the beginning and then your ears adjust so its not so bad.

Review №30

This is a go to place for our date nights. We have a little kid at home so being able to combine dinner and a movie is awesome. The staff has always been helpful when something went wrong and never overcrowded. Wish it wasn’t so pricy but the convince is worth it I guess.

Review №31

Amazing theaters (especially the Dolby one) with nice reclining seats. A little pricey (food, drinks, etc.) but I guess that’s to be expected at Clearfork.

Review №32

The facility is clean and modern. You are able to recline in heated seats while eating and watching your chosen movie. Amazing experience.

Review №33

One of the best movie theaters I have ever been to. Its super nice and the staff are nice to. Definitely a movie theater you should splurge on to see a good movie.

Review №34

Very nice theater. White leather reclining heated seats extremely comfortable. The food was good, got 3 appetizers to share. We got a drink in the theater bar before the movie, very stylishly decorated but beer could be colder. All together a nice place. Got out the door for just over $100.00.

Review №35

The recliner seats were nice and the food was very good.

Review №36

By far best place to see a movie in ft worth. The reclining seats are even heated! The food and drinks are top notch.

Review №37

Great new theatre in town! AMAZING sound and visuals! Also the chairs (at least the ones we were in) have a vibrating mechanism that goes with the effects of the movie. I didn’t get to enjoy the food, but I hear it’s amazing.While the seats are comfortable, they don’t recline all the way, so your legs are stiff in this awkward angled position.

Review №38

Liked the theater but the chairs are small and the table is really in the way of getting in and out of the chair the mozzarella cheese sticks were over fried so there was no cheese left inside and the pizza didnt resemble the picture they had of it way over priced for what I got if going would just stick to the basics popcorn and drinks

Review №39

This is a really great movie experience the have very nice luxurious reclining chairs theyre soft and cushiony like your living Room chair. The screens are huge the sound system is amazing and they will bring food to you in the theater very happy with it

Review №40

The area and Theater itself is nice, however the service setup is not. For the price I expected it to be like other AMC Dine-In Theaters. Especially with a better food selection. I will continue to go to the Grapevine AMC Dine-In location. Way better with full service!

Review №41

Very clean, staff are pleasant and friendly. The AMC Dolby theater is amazing. Every seat is a good seat.

Review №42

This is a very nice place. But the customer service is way below average. I would recommend hulen movie tavern a few miles away.

Review №43

Love this place. This is one if my favorite places to go every Friday night. I can relax and enjoy my movie.

Review №44

Beautiful theatre. The seats are plush and very clean. The whole place is awesome. We saw Spider-man Far from Home in 3D and the experience was amazing with the killer sound system.

Review №45

We went to a movie here about a month ago and told the manager the soap dispensers in the woman’s bathroom were all empty except one and he told us they were broken and that they were waiting for the company to come out and fix them. When went tonight to see a movie and the same soap dispensers are still out of soap. I would think at the very least they would have disposable soaps at every sink but nope, hand sanitizer is provided but no soap. We also had three of the five chairs heaters not working. Very disappointing.

Review №46

Really enjoyed the theater. Not a huge fan of going to the movies, but this is the newest and best movie theater in Fort Worth. Heated seats is a new thing I never seen before. Full service bar, full menu of “bar food” and the usuals like popcorn, candy and cokes.

Review №47

Nice seats -way over priced bottle water .

Review №48

Nice leather seats with a heater option on them. Very clean theatre. Upscale compared to all other theatres in the area. The complex it is in. Is also more upscale and I have always noticed the crowd is better behaved than at other theatres in the area.

Review №49

Great Theatre, movies are clear and loud, A/C is cold, and food is pretty good. I’ve seen quite a few movies here since it opened and have only one complaint. What kind of Texas theatre doesn’t serve Dr. Pepper? Seriously, when I go to see a movie I want to sip on the 23 flavors of goodness that the good Lord in Heaven bestowed upon the Great State of Texas. Please, for the sake of all Texans seeking to beat the heat in a cool movie theatre, start serving the sweet Texan nectar that is Dr. Pepper. Thank you.

Review №50

Beautiful area. This AMC is very nice. I love that they have different flavored popcorn.

Review №51

One of the best movie theaters in Fort Worth, especially I like their Dolby room. The staff is always attentive and friendly. The bar area is nice and has great variety of cocktails and spirits.I will definitely be back.

Review №52

The chairs in this theater are not as comfortable as other AMC theaters. They are smaller and dont fully recline in the Dolby theater. The price is too high when compared to other entertainment. I spent almost $150 for tickets, food, and drinks for three. I expect better from what should be a higher end theater. I would only return on discount Tuesday.

Review №53

Was not impressed. High price tickets. Very high priced food. 3 piece chicken tender with fries and rolls and ranch dressing for $27.00. It did taste very good but not for that price. You order your food before you go to your theater and find your seat. They bring food to you and the service was quick. But it is very dark and you have a tiny tray attached to your seat so eating was a challenge. Personally I would not go back due to location, parking and high prices. Very clean restrooms and self serve drinks

Review №54

We love spending the extra money for the AMC Dolby theater for the extra special affect movies! The menu is amazing (Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Mac N Cheese)!

Review №55

At the time of writing this review the theater is brand new. This AMC offers a great movie watching experience in all theaters, but the Dolby Theater (Screen 2) is truly incredible. This is the screen you want to see the big action blockbusters. The picture, sound, and theater setup is great. When the move is going you barely notice anyone else in the the theater. The food is good and they will bring it to your seat after you order, but there arent servers walking in and out constantly like at movie tavern. The tickets can be on the high end, around $12-$15, but for the nice clean theater with great picture I think its worth it.

Review №56

Very clean and well organized!

Review №57

When I had walk into the theater a gentleman bye the name of Ben had confronted me and said if there was one complaint he will kick me and my party out no question asked i was a bit confused but just agreed and bought the tickets being so was the only showing at that time for the movie then as walked in movie he had took a picture of my little sister who may I add is 13 years old when the movie was close to over he had came up and said we have had a complaint and need you to leave I ask what happen he said. Get out of here and I find this funny cause there was no one near us when leaving I asked him to delete the photos of the minors and said we will never return to the property and he refused and called security more then one star experience it was flat out profiling and creepy for him to take a picture of minors

Review №58

This AMC is very clean and definitely has that movie theater aesthetic. The seats are comfortable and reclinable (w/ heater).

Review №59

The greeter was super sweet. The concession workers were grouchy. Online it shows all their fantastic food but no clear instructions on how to order or the prices. A walk to the concession stand revealed they actually serve maybe half of whats advertised online and the prices are ridiculous. The heated seats were amazing however so well be back, but only for the movie and maybe a popcorn if Im feeling like a splurge. Ill be sure to bring a blanket next time because its chilly!

Review №60

This is one of the nicest theaters in the area and while the ticket prices are more expensive, youre really paying the extra money for the luxury of the theater itself. The food is a bit pricey but so delicious and the delivery to your seat is so convenient. The bacon brussel sprouts are to die for.

Review №61

Best dine in movie theater in Fort Worth

Review №62

Very nice theater ..had a burger, it was pretty good! Staff was very friendly..

Review №63

Loved it except for the food, my chicken Mac and cheese bowl got brought to me very cold, wasn’t warm/hot at all.

Review №64

Loved the whole experience. The seats were comfy, the screen was huge, the sound was great, everything was so clean, and my hamburger was delicious! Will definitely be going again.

Review №65

Just had the rudest customer service here. We had a bad movie experience with a film we couldn’t even sit half way through (never happened before). We went to customer service to ask if we could get credit to see another movie at another time as this was our preferred theater and we were told (with attitude) company policy states they can’t give a refund based on personal preference and to “next time pick a better movie.” It’s not that it was their rule, it was her attitude, smugness and lack of willingness to even attempt to help. We paid $27 for 2 tickets. We will never go back.

Review №66

Theaters are clean and nice, but dine in is mostly self service unlike other dine in theaters. You order at the front when you walk in and they bring your food to you. Refills for drinks and popcorn are on you to get.

Review №67

Finest moving picture theatre in all the land! Friendly, helpful staff. Clean floors. Reclining chairs. They even serve you food. Like they literally bring your order of chicken tenders and fries right to your seat. You feel like a king but maybe with a bit of imposter syndrome because you dont feel like you deserve such great treatment after letting your coworker take the blame for not locking the door when you left the office the previous night so now you eat your chicken tenders slowly, hoping nobody hears the crunching noises and judges you because somehow the people behind you know you dont deserve those chicken tenders. Karen from three cubicles over is taking flack for your carelessness and everyone in the theatre knows it.

Review №68

Nice theater. Very clean. Lots of restaurants and stores to hang out before or after a movie. There is also a parking garage located right across the theater making parking easy.

Review №69

The 3 is for the theater and service the food is horrible and way overpriced. My girlfriends flatbread pizza was terrible and the combo appetizer was horrible the cheese sticks and onion rings were overcooked. For 60 bucks on food we expected a lot better.

Review №70

Best Movie Theater Ive ever been to! Very high class, clean. Food is great! Try the BBQ burger. Very good. They open doors and are extremely helpful. This is my new go to theatre! Not only do they have recliner seats but they are heated! Im in love! Lol

Review №71

Its a very nice theater. My wifes loves it. Always clean and staff is friendly. You can easily spend $50 on food for two (wings, frys and drinks).

Review №72

Always enjoy going here. Comfortable seating and always clean.

Review №73

A-Mazing. The seating is incredible!! We didnt eat the food, just popcorn, and well, popcorn is popcorn. But the seating was great. We could relax and enjoy. Just what I needed.

Review №74

Nice and clean, new facility. The food was awesome. They really should think about the ability to order from your seat as opposed to the current process of ordering before you go into the theater.The definition of dine in means something different to me.

Review №75

I think this new theater, I pass two closer to me to go here! But the heated seated dont seem to get warm anymore. They did when I first started going there. But still like this theater!

Review №76

I really enjoyed the online checkout. It was easy to maneuver through and it was my first time. I ordered food that came out by the time the movie began. It was clean and free of debris. The bathroom was clean and easily accessible from the Auditoriums. They were stocked and clean. I really enjoyed this location.

Review №77

Nicest movie theatre ive been in hands down. Heated seats??? Whaaaat!!!

Review №78

This theater is always clean and has a wonderful staff that helps you when needed, and are very friendly when doing so. You can tell they enjoy their job and want us to have a great movie experience.Ive only had a problem one time and it was when A Star is Born had come out and the projector messed up... but we were given a refund for our food and given a free ticket for a future visit. Everything was made right and I still attend this AMC.Highly recommend because of the seat warmers and the Dolby theater.

Review №79

The actual theater is very nice. However, the food is not very good & the food & drink prices are very expensive even for theater prices. In addition, you have to stand in line to order the food. They will bring it to you.

Review №80

Not big people friendly my date and I had to leave because I didnt fit in the seat. While it has sparked a heavy desire in me to take losing weight more seriously I do wish that the seats were large enough to accommodate all sizes.

Review №81

Had the worst experience at this movie theater. If I could give it a zero I would. My family and I went to watch a movie and we order plenty of food and out of that 2 hotdogs. The attendant explained there were no hotdogs at the moment but that once they would be ready he would deliver them. He took our row, our auditorium and seats.Halfway through the movie, no one showed up, we had to go check and no one was at the booth. The movie ended and no food was delivered, we go check and that attendant had left and they just said we never deliver hotdogs. Customer service could not be worse, we had to leave hungry, with a negative image, and with no help.

Review №82

I am not a movie goer but the next time I want to see a movie in the theater I am going here, specifically because of their wonderful customer service at the bar. The guy stayed open for us just so we could watch the last of a hockey game! The place looked clean, tidy, and very well taken care of, the staff was kind and attentive.

Review №83

I love taking my wife to this theater. Many restaurant options. The theater is dine in. There is also good shopping and a bowling alley near by.

Review №84

See my other post. Mediocre at best, $65 for food/snacks for two. Ran out of fries, but wanted to charge more to substitute tots when included with burger. They charge to bring food to your seat but will not bring napkins or condiments. A big NO from me, if you want to eat go to movie tavern or some place that is full service, with emphisis on service.

Review №85

Friendly staff only thing I didnt like were the bathrooms they needed more attention

Review №86

The theater is always clean and comfortable. The chairs are leather, recline completely, and have a heater option. The most comfortable theater experience in Fort Worth.

Review №87

Great sound, seats kinda narrow and way overpriced

Review №88

Love this amc Follow us on YouTube - The Never Ever Happy Family-The Rodz

Review №89

I love this theater! Always have a good time here:)

Review №90

The theater was clean. The seats were awesome! Huge theater, recliner style seating with a little table and drink holder. The food was excellent! And they delivered right to our seats! Will definitely go there again!!

Review №91

Great movie theater. Clean, nice comfortable recliners with heating option, food delivery to your seat is neat but like most theaters the food is very expressive.

Review №92

Amazing place! Heated reclining seats!

Review №93

Popcorn is good. The seats are very comfortable and surprisingly heated if you push the button.

Review №94

Nice little gem. We had morning brunch at this Amc was about six minutes away. Nice staff, clean facilities, great customer service

Review №95

Great atmosphere and comfy seats. Get the 5 ps Churros, 3 is not enough!

Review №96

Nice Clean Theater, Dine in and Heated Reclining Seats - Best location.

Review №97

I love movies of any kind, and go very regularly. Very similar to your standard AMC in terms of movies.Seats are great as they recline & are even headed in some of the theaters. I’m not a huge fan of the seat delivery thing AMC has now, but I also not hating it either.The only thing I dislike is how nearly everything on the menu are crazy expensive. Because of this I normally just get a drink.Food is good but for the price I’d honestly expect more, but I get it that there’s a convenience fee added on so I won’t rant too much on that.Though they have great quality & clean theaters I find it strange how few theaters they actually have when compared to other AMCs in the areas that I’ve been to like AMC Palace 9. But these guys leave Palace 9 in the dust with their cleanliness & theater quality.I also found that there staff is generally great, but they seriously need to have more or at least someone at the front desk at all times. Every time without exception that I’ve been here there has been just 1 person who’s too busy with other guests or no one at all. I have to wait there until someone shows up to either scan my barcode or rip my ticket as I don’t feel like I should just walk in.

Review №98

An extreme experience to watch a movie and have snacks brought to you and relax in a recliner. This the ultimate of movie watching. You can consider yourself spoiled once youve been here.

Review №99

Worst ever. Well not the worst, but for the cost and service AMC leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to be a movie tavern on the cheap doesnt work. You place your food order at the popcorn counter and they deliver to your seat for a $1 surcharge. Be warned, they will not bring condiments nor will they bring napkins. For two of us, sodas, one candy each, an order of nachos and a regular classic cheeseburger with fries. Drumroll... $65 bucks. Im sorry sir we ran out of french fries (included), would you like tater tots instead? Sure. Thats a $1 more upcharge. Oh, never mind, skip it. I can ask a mgr.. Oh boy. No, nevermind. Bottom line, eat before you go, or get ready to be bent over! Btw, my cheeseburger sucked.

Review №100

Ticket prices are good. The theaters are clean and comfortable. A very enjoyable experience.

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:5015 Trailhead Bend Way, Fort Worth, TX 76109, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 817-769-6762
  • Movie theater
  • Dinner theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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