Locked Up - Fort Wayne Escape Room Experience
6342 W Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804, United States

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Tons of fun! I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in escape rooms at all! We barely made it out in time, and that made it so much more insane!! We did the Capone 21 Club and it had a really interesting set of puzzles. 11/10 would recond to anyone. We are planning to go there again. SOON!

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Review №3

We had a really great time. The puzzles were very challenging and made the experience that much better. We didnt win but enjoyed it anyway.

Review №4

Very well designed room and clues. Staff was great. Had lots of fun

Review №5

Came up just a little short but we had a blast!! Great family experience. Happy Birthday Evan

Review №6

Fun and challenging. Need the right group if you are going to win. Only thing I can complain about is that they send you a link to the picture they take at the end that requires a facebook account to view.

Review №7

Locked Up has been around for awhile now and has been the most immersive escape room in Fort Wayne for me and my friends. They really put effort into making it a positive experience and we always have a blast. Rooms are about $28 per person and they offer coupons and discounts occasionally through their website. The only negative about Locked Up is their website. Its hard to review rooms and guage the experiences of other patrons, is a bit slow, and checkout you have to log back in even if youre logged in if you want to earn points.These rooms (in order) are how Id suggest going if youve never tried before:Al Capones Club, The Forgotten, Antiviral, Vault Heist, Guantanamo Bay

Review №8

Great experience. My group has done several dozen escape rooms and the offerings from Locked Up are on par with the best rooms weve done.We did Forgotten and Antiviral. They were well paced rooms, as well as difficult, which is great. We will definitely be returning to do the other 3 rooms.The staff was excellent. Our gamemaster was Kayli and she was fantastic. She was enthusiastic, helpful, and knowledgeable. She paced us through the room and delivered clues as they were needed. She added to the experience and made it fun for our whole group.5/5, would absolutely recommend.

Review №9

That was so much fun! Very well done.

Review №10

We had a fun time with our family! We may not have gotten into the vault, but we will be back to try again!!!

Review №11

Great Locked Up experience. Fun family team experience. Staff very friendly and welcoming.

Review №12

So much fun. Makes you use your friends and family to work together.

Review №13

This place is so much fun! Very clean and up kept facility. I have done the Capone room in the past and tonight did the Guantanamo room- we managed to escape both! Both are challenging and thought provoking. Jasmine helped us tonight and she was amazing! So nice and personable. Can’t wait to come back!

Review №14

Very first time here and it was a challenge! We did the Al Capone escape room. It helps having several minds working together to figure out the clues. Challenges your brain for 1 solid hour of fun with family or friends. Highly recommend this place.

Review №15

The room was super fun! The employees were awesome!!

Review №16

Great place to do something new with a group of friends! Very clean/nice facility, nice staff and reasonable prices! Im positive well be back! :)

Review №17

Great experience. Staff was very friendly and room challenge did not disappoint. We have done about 20 or so rooms around Indiana and they have the best! Cant wait to go back back very soon!

Review №18

This is a good stop with friends or family to do something different. We went on a Friday night and they were extremely busy. You can register and sign waivers on line which will save you a little time at check-in. Staff was friendly, lot of thought put into the escape exercise.

Review №19

It’s a new favorite! My wife and I double date with friends and we always struggle to find something new. But not anymore! We have our new addiction and we plan to keep coming back.

Review №20

Had a great time! Very friendly staff! We did the vault heist, very imaginative and well thought out!! Cant wait to do another one!!

Review №21

Was my first time to an escape room, and had an absolute blast! (My team did the Capone Room) I was hesitant about ever going to one because I have anxiety, and the thought of being, locked up, was a bit terrifying. Lol. However, our gamemaster was a doll, and she made our experience amazing! I cant wait to go back and try out the other rooms!

Review №22

First time being at Locked Up and had a ton of fun!! Enjoyed the opportunity to trial run the new room. Will definitely be returning!

Review №23

I did the forgotten and almost got it. The puzzle at the front desk was cool and the lady was nice

Review №24

Extremely kind and efficient staff that strives for perfection on the daily from what I can see. Understanding about conditions and handles situations in the utmost respected manner.

Review №25

We had a Great time ! We will definitely come back.

Review №26

Loved this place from the moment we walked in. The entry area is very welcoming and stylish. We did the Al Capone room and even though we didn’t get through, we had tons of fun. We’ve done several escape rooms around town but this place, by far, had the best room. The interactive clues, the storylines, and everything about the room was amazing! Can’t wait to come back and try another room!

Review №27

5 stars very nice and clean fun options of rooms to choose from and a great overall experience sadly we didnt escape though

Review №28

Locked up in Fort Wayne was the best escape venue I’ve seen in a while. The gal at the front desk was great! You could tell she loved her job and she made it fun for us. It was very clean and challenging! Would definitely recommend it!

Review №29

The Forgotten is a great room! Love the design. Lots of challenging puzzles, super spooky, definitely want to try more rooms here!

Review №30

A very great and fun experience. Awesome place for a fun date or a group of friends/family

Review №31

Great family fun!

Review №32

This was my first escape room! We went with a group of 8 (and 4 other people we didn’t know). The facility was clean and nice looking. Our “guide” did a great job explaining everything! We really liked the Capone’s 21 Club room, it was a lot of fun! The only issue that we had is the room was extremely HOT. We did have 2 extra people in the room that recommended but it was extremely uncomfortable. Other than that we’ll be back!!

Review №33

What a great time! Just when you think youve got it... another door opens.

Review №34

Nine family members and I completed the Al Capone room, and everyone had a great time. The facility was very clean, and the staff was friendly. A lot of detail was put into the escape room, and it felt like we were actually in a 1920s speakeasy. The employee supervising our group did a great job introducing us to the room, explaining the rules, and congratulating us when we escaped! It was a lot of fun, and we all want to go back to do another room.

Review №35

The game was too hard, they took 20 min trying to do the first item. They will not return to this escape room.

Review №36

Had an amazing time. Great staff, room was def one of the best we’ve been to...

Review №37

Super clean and great staff. The room we did was fairly new and very elaborate - definitely a challenge. There were only three of us and we didn’t escape but we were close! Lots of fun and worth the money for how well thought out it was.

Review №38

Really fun place. Have done 3 escape rooms so far (0-3 :/) and this one by far was the most extensive. Did the Capone room, was very surprised by.... I wont give it away. Lets just say it was a hidden surprise. Puzzles were pretty straightforward. Once you figure them out you are like duh! It seems we always spend too much time on 1 element that, once we know the answer, seemed so basic. Plan on going back to do Gitmo some time.

Review №39

Great fun for a cold night or the weather just stinks and you need something to do. This was our first time so we have nothing to compare it to but from other websites and reviews this seems to be the most organized, in-depth and upscale places. Also, the manager/owner is a former Marine and the night we were there with our friends and our boys on leave from military he went outside and shook their hands and thanked them for their service.The moderators are great and the effort they put into the authenticity is great. We did the Anti-viral and Gitmo.

Review №40

This escape room was well layed out. Very clean and professional. We did Capones 21 Club. Very cleverly kept in the theme.

Review №41

Had a lot of fun, space was very nice. Did a room with friends that had beat 2 other rooms but we got stumped on this one, missed it by a few minutes. Would definitely recommend.

Review №42

IT WAS GREAT FUN. We will do it again.

Review №43

I love escape rooms! Ive had 2 failed attempts at escape rooms but they are still a lot of fun. We did Guantanamo Bay this time. Be sure to bring your brain!

Review №44

I loved it here! We played 2 rooms so far: Anti Viral and Capones room and it was awesome! Rebecca at the front desk is really sweet and nice, while still being approachable. We hope to finish another room soon :)

Review №45

After doing several escape rooms around the area, this is the most challenging and fun room we have attempted. The Capones 21 Club is the first room we havent successfully escaped, so we will be back for a 2nd attempt.

Review №46

Challenging puzzles, great when you have liked minded group

Review №47

Always a good time. But we have never escaped!

Review №48

I’ve done all three rooms and loved them all! The newest one, antiviral, is challenging but really makes you think and work together. Can’t wait for more rooms to open! The staff is always super friendly and helpful as well.

Review №49

Fantastic rooms. very well done and well thought out!

Review №50

Very clever rooms and a great staff. Had a great time here. Definitely will be coming back to do more!

Review №51

Our 1st experience with an escape room and it wont be our last! Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the clues were well thought out. Plus, we ESCAPED! Cant wait to try another room at Locked Up.

Review №52

My experience at Locked Up Live - Fort Wayne was phenomenal! I booked the Capones 21 Club room for my cousins (we decided to do something together for Christmas this year rather than just give gifts) and the 10 of us filled the room. I dont want to spoil anything (it was SO FUN, just go try it yourself!) but I will say this: our hosts were fantastic, the room was fantastic, the experience was immersive and (yes) fantastic!! We made it out with just 1 minute and 46 seconds on the clock. We talked about the puzzles we solved for the rest of the evening. And every one of us would come back for another escape room experience with Locked Up!

Review №53

This is the best escape room I’ve been to in Fort Wayne so far. Very clean atmosphere, friendly staff and some very well thought out puzzles. If you’re looking for a mental challenge I 100% recommend this escape room. I also recommend to have as many people as possible because there’s a lot of rooms to escape from.

Review №54

Awesome escape rooms! One of my favorites in Fort Wayne!

Review №55

Great place! Very nice and clean! The games were hard, but not too hard! Very fun and I cant wait to go back!! Lets get LockedUp again!!

Review №56

This was a total blast. Cant wait to do it again.

Review №57

This place is hands down the best! The detail on the rooms is incredible. Way better than the other escape rooms in Ft. Wayne area.

Review №58

Not bad at all, but the room wasnt set up correctly and we lost several minutes because of this, even needing to use a clue because of the wrong set up.

Review №59

We went to another escape room facility after attending this one, and this one truly stands out. Other escape room facilities are more or less just puzzles. These escape rooms are not only immersive but very interactive.I wish I could post my fiances face at some of the twists and turns that our escape room provided which is why we cannot wait to try another escape room at this facility.

Review №60

Our 2nd time here and it was a great time once again.

Review №61

A lot of fun even though we didnt escape, lol. Beautiful place.

Review №62

What a great concept. We booked a corporate event for our staff. Everyone had such a great experience. The staff was great, very professional and friendly. If your looking to do a corporate event, I highly recommend Locked Up Ft. Wayne.

Review №63

I took my cousins there for a birthday party and the people there were very kind and caring. All of them had a ton of fun and would like to go back to try a different room. Highly recommend for any kind of occasion or celebration.

Review №64

Super fun! We visit our family in fort Wayne every August and go here

Review №65

WOW this place is fun. Ive done other escape rooms in the past, but the attention to detail and quality of Locked Up is noticeably higher than others. Very fast-paced, engaging, and definitely makes you think!

Review №66

So fun! Rebecca was a great game master would recommend!

Review №67

Best escape room business in Fort Wayne hands down. Very nice, clean facility. High quality rooms. Friendly and fun staff. Overall great experience.

Review №68

This was so much fun! Challenging, but such a great time!

Review №69

Very nice place. Very well designed and difficult puzzles. Will go again.

Review №70

We were so close! Will definitely be back

Review №71

Fun place. Great staff. Difficult puzzles. Very much recommend, will be returning sooner rather than later!!!

Review №72

According to Facebook, no one got out of any of the 4 scenarios all weekend.We asked for a clue, our clue was keep trying...We asked how we did and the admin indicated we were the worst shed ever seen.We had fun, until it was over.I guess Im not smart enough to ever spend my money @ Locked Up again.

Review №73

Great experience! We had a blast!!!

Review №74

Dont have to treat people like they committed a crime.... Show more respect to people who respect the law..... Dont act like you above the law...

Review №75

I’m very impressed with this place. A big, clean facility, fun and challenging rooms, and the staff is awesome. I highly recommend it. Great fun!

Review №76

The decor was very realistic and the staff running the room made the experience even more enjoyable. We will definitely be coming back to try their new rooms!

Review №77

I had a great time here for my 15 year old brothers birthday! He had so much fun and so did I. We cant wait to go back!

Review №78

Great team building exercise for work or family.

Review №79

Our group just tried the Guantanamo Bay room at Locked Up Live in Fort Wayne. They’re a chain with locations also in Grand Rapids (MI), Mishawaka (IN), Bloomington (IN) and Indianapolis. I like how, though they’re a chain, all locations have different rooms.The Gitmo room was very well done. We unfortunately didn’t escape, but were so very close. I believe in conversation, the owner called it an “immersive” experience. I would agree with that description.I look forward to their Capone room opening soon.

Review №80

Very nice setup!! Challenging as well!! A+

Review №81

Very nice place

Review №82

First time trying out an escape room -- couldnt have asked for a better experience! Cant wait to go back!

Review №83

Great build quality, immersive experience, fun!

Review №84

Locked Up is the best and most challenging escape room in the city!!!

Review №85

Great service

Review №86

Great escape room.

Review №87

Had fun great challenge

Review №88

Impossible to solve in the allotted time.

Review №89

I freaking loved it!!!

Review №90

Great fun

Review №91

This place is awesome!

Review №92

No one was there and we couldnt book a reservation.

Review №93

Pretty fun for group activities

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