LaBare Male Revue
2750 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, United States

Review №1

I am so excited there is finally a great vegetarian restaurant in FL! The food here is amazing and they have creative cocktails (even non alcoholic drinks). I finally tried the Impossible burger and was extremely impressed with how good it was! The pumpkin soup is the perfect starter and the avocado toast is heavenly. I cant wait to bring my mom back to try more dishes!

Review №2

Such a fun place for a girls night out! The layout of the tables and the stage is fantastic and Tim is the best waiter ever! We always have such a good time. The dancers are great! They have skits and put in little performances. I absolutely love the entertainment aspect of what they do. Magic, Ty, Romeo, Cody and King are my favorites! Get a dance from any one of them and it will make your night!

Review №3

Oh my goodness. Amazing! Just went for my bachlorette party and they make you feel so special! The waitstaff is fun and tentative ! The men are soooo attractive and great dancers! They will make you feel like a total queen! Thanks for an amazing night!

Review №4

I am considering moving to Miami so I can come here every day ! Amazing night! Beautiful men! Loved it!

Review №5

We went last night. It was horrific. I have been to shows and the dancers were sexy and hot. These guys were not hot and leaving on boots and knee pads was terrible. I would never go again. We were really looking forward to going.

Review №6

The republican convention was hosted here and it was a grand ol time

Review №7

I have been here a couple times and it never disappoints! It really is such a nice and fun atmosphere. The music is great, service is friendly as well as the guys. Shoutout to Pineapple for being super attentive and polite!The guys are all 12/10 and actually have personalities to match. The dancing and entertainment aspect has gotten better with every visit as well. Overall it really is a fun time, would recommend! I promise you that you will leave with a huge smile on your face.

Review №8

It was my first time here and I am sooo happy with how my friend and I were treated!! not only by the dancers but the entire staff. Very nice, considerate, and fun! I will definitely be back️ Music was great, bathrooms are clean, I only wish they had food!

Review №9

I had a great experience when I was there last week. The staff are friendly and everyone is always smiling, the dj is funny and plays great music, the dancers OF COURSEEEE!! They all put on such a great show I couldn’t even pick a favorite honestly. But the person who impressed me the most was my waiter, Mathew. He was quick with anything I needed, was very attentive and always came to check on me. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone and can’t wait to go back because I know my needs will be met as soon as I walk through their doors. 10/10 for this establishment and every one should go check it out and experience it

Review №10

This place is the best! The guys are super fine, they dance amazingly, the show is entertaining and the staff is nice. I got in free for my birthday and they gave me a free bottle of champagne so that was really cool. I told all my friends about it and they were mad I didn’t invite them lol but all wanna come back for their birthdays and girls night out! I recommend LaBare 100% to everyone! It did not disappoint

Review №11

Been there a few times over years but the last time was not a good experience. I stayed because it was my friends birthday. The guys were not eye catching at all. One guy was so skinny he looked like a stick figure and another was too fat. I had a Cosmo and it was the worst Cosmo I ever had. The champagne taste like apple cider. The woman at the the door was rude and too top it off. The next day I checked my bank account was charged twice. The club looks old and dirty. Wont be back.

Review №12

We had a blast. Awesome looking forward to returning.

Review №13

Went here last night with my aunt. Had an amazing time. ( My first strip club ever ). Everybody here was super nice and excellent service ! All the guys were so sexy and put on a great show. Valentino and Vinny were my favorite. Too bad I live in New York, otherwise Id be here every weekend

Review №14

A very fun girl’s night out! The themed costumes and dances were great. The dancers themselves were REALLY good (and professional too!) if you’re in the area definitely check them out.

Review №15

We had such a great experience. From the waiters and bartenders and especially the maître d’. Annie was so helpful and sweet by getting us settled and was great and answering any questions we had.

Review №16

Went last night for a bachelorette party and it was amazing!! The waiter was great and was always there for us. And the men were absolutely gorgeous! Very clean cut and attentive to all the women. We asked for a much needed night out and got exactly what we asked for. Would definitely recommend LaBare to all my lady friends and will definitely be returning!

Review №17

This club is amazingly fun! I came here with 7 of my girlfriends for my birthday celebration and we all had a great time. The body shots couldve been a little stronger, but the VIP package was worth the money. Also the MEN are f*****g GORGEOUS! Cody. Would definitely recommend

Review №18

Wonderful experience entertaining female clients here. The guys were super professional all around. Took great care in their appearance and physique and they all had a great energy. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience!

Review №19

Our bachelorette party had a FANTASTIC time. The VIP package was worth every penny. Our waiter was phenomenal and the men were stunning and sweet. 10/10 would recommend!!

Review №20

So much fun!!!The guys were so entertaining 15$ cover charge.

Review №21

Went here on the 8th for a bachelorette party and had THE BEST time! I booked us a VIP package and it was worth every penny! Our waiter was absolutely AMAZING and tended to our every need and made sure we were taken care of and had a good time I just wish I remembered his name. All the men were very polite and amazing and made sure the Bride was well taken care of! 10/10 recommend and hopefully will be back! Thank you!

Review №22

Had an amazing time! We went for a bachelorette and got one of the packages, well worth the price. The guys were HOT, especially Mr. Leo and Valentino made my friends night! We will definitely go back again, already making plans for it! I will absolutely tell all my other friends about LaBare.

Review №23

LaBare was an amazing first experience! Our friends Bachelorette party was a complete success, thanks to LaBare! The men were amazingly friendly and gorgeous, especially Valentino and Leo, our favorites! Cant wait to go again!!!

Review №24

Sorry !!! But the drinks where extremely watered down to the point that it was 80% water. So for a bar tab of over $200.00 that was just two of us. We should have been a lot more buzzed.. The dancing was great other then that we have no desire to go again.

Review №25

Wife enjoyed it

Review №26

DO NOT PURCHASE ANY VIP PACKAGES its a waste of money! The dancers are all good looking. The waiter David was fun and on top of things. The girls at the front didnt seem happy to be there. Management is just useless a body in the building. The building leaks when it rains. You have to pay the parking security to park. Still had a good time due to the occasion. Its worth the experience.

Review №27

I love taking visitors here. I have taken several friends and we all had a great time. The service is friendly and so are all the entertainers. They make every visit better and better.

Review №28

The best place to go to

Review №29

OMG so hot and professional I love it

Review №30

️️ It’s amazing.its worth it

Review №31

All the men are so enthusiastic and attractive Ill definitely come back soon

Review №32

So much fun and if you are with a bachelorette party they will definitely show you a great time!! Cant say enough amazing things about LaBare!

Review №33

Great time! All the men are good dancers. Very entertaining

Review №34

We were there Saturday night for my sisters bachelorette party and had such an amazing time we came back Sunday. The guys were amazing!! And Tiago I fell in love with a stripper! lol..

Review №35

Theyre very nice men, well groomed, and know how to own the stage. Ps Boston & Cody are

Review №36

I accompanied some friends who wanted to go here. We were told the cover charge is $15 for women and $70 men. They definitely didnt get any business from us.Follow up 07/31/2017: Upon further investigation I found some things that were rather surprising. To being with, as mentioned by their representatives response, the prices are indeed listed on their website, where you can see they are blatantly practicing, with a large degree of disparity I might add, pricing discrimination based on gender; an illegal practice in Florida. More so, as per their website, if you are male, you are prohibited from entering the establishment unless you are accompanied by a woman. This policy too is gender-based discrimination. Now if that wasnt enough, then get ready to be floored. Again, straight from their website........If you show up, and if you are of the male gender, and if you meet their requirement of having a woman with you to be escorted inside, and if you pay the exorbitant discriminatory gender-based cover fee, then.....brace must sit down in male-specific zones and are denied free movement throughout the establishment! Yes you read that correctly. If you are a man, you are restricted to certain areas and cannot move about. I have never seen this kind of blatant and transparent discrimination. Look, I understand they are catering to the female demographic, but if a mixed-gender group shows up, they have absolutely no right to treat one gender differently based on their sex; doubly-so for an offense of this magnitude. Now to top this all off, their policy, again, straight from their website, explains a policy which, to me, demonstrates the pinnacle of absurdity. And this is the policy that minors pay a $20 entrance fee! This does not seem like a place for people under 18 to visit at all. I would like to see what their definition of a minor is. Because no persons under 18 years old should be at a place like this which serves alcohol and is practically a strip club. There are some serious issues here which to me raises eyebrows.With that I leave to the informed reader: should you decide to visit this establishment, and should you be of the male gender, you have been warned. They engage in practices which are, at the very least, unethical, if not illegal. Do not be surprised if you are treated differently.Follow up 08/01/2017: Jessica. Thank you for clearing up the confusion regarding your usage or the word minors. Normally when someone uses the word it is generally interpreted as a person under the age of 18. Please observe that, as a matter of fact, if you are a public business, (especially one which serves food and drink) it is indeed illegal to discriminate and, more significantly, segregate, patrons based on race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, handicap, familial status, and religion, pursuant to F.S. Title XLIV ss. 760.01-760.11 ( particularly ss. 760.08). Now taking into account this, compounding it with your admitted discrimination against males, as well as the publicly posted policies on your website, one can see clearly that you are knowingly engaging in this practice. Also, any reasonable person would have to assume that there is a pattern here as well. I have just a few more questions. What perceived threat is it that you interpret from men that, with such gravity, you deem it necessary to create safe-zones in your establishment where they are segregated to? In other words, why would the presence of a person of the male gender make your customers feel unsafe? I would very much like it if you could clear this up for me. Thank you so much for promptly replying. Have a great day!

Review №37

I went to this place on sunday for my best friends bday...i had an amazing time...the dancers are awesome and extremely hot, especially stye if im not mistaken....bc we went on a sunday it was dead but i still had so much fun....too bad i live in orlando but i will definitely come back!!!

Review №38

Always have the time of my life when I go there.

Review №39

Maybe I have low standards... But i have been to a chippendales production before and these guys were way hotter and great with their theatrics. $15 cover and free for bachelorette with bottle of champagne on sat night. The location is terrible and in a strip mall... And carpeted which is dumb. But for the amount of ppl that were there and needing service, bar tenders did a pretty decent job at rounding all the tables and bachelorettes. Our bartender had a heavy poor too. $20 table side dances and $60 for on stage. All in all, great night for my bachelorette.

Review №40

Ultimate ladies nites for any kind of time

Review №41

Classy place, the dancers and waiters were all top

Review №42

Friendly staff and some of those dancers oh lala

Review №43

Great place for ladies night!

Review №44

Trying to scam you by getting a copy of your credit card and drivers license. Dont do it!

Review №45

I have called numerous times and have not got a responsive, I have also sent a text like the voicemail said, still nothing. I have some questions and trying to get information for my bachelorette. Please respond

Review №46

We had the best time there

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