Timber Ridge
3717 S Taft Hill Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80526, United States

Review №1

Dont rent here! Been here a little over a month and its been nothing but a headache- in that time the office ladies have lost 2 checks, the office has tried charging us for more rent when we already paid, we also had a citation warning on our door the first day we moved in for over grown grass and weeds when no one lived on site for months, and yesterday we have had our car towed right out of our lot for $200.. They are more worried about people parking in the grass- than the 5 sex offenders they allow to live in the park.. Dora isnt much help and has no consistency.

Review №2

Beautiful place

Review №3

They seem to never be working because they dont answer the phone when called for questions. They dont return calls in a timely manner.

Review №4

They will tow your car without notice and now are telling me they plan to remove cars parked on rocks more than half residents have cars on rock for extra parking.

Review №5

Office System is disorganized but they try their best. Just keep good records of your payments and notices. Manager is less than inviting sometimes. Grew up in this park (grandmother has lived in the community for 38 years, she says it was better when owned by a local family before it became corporate with SunCommunities)I grew up and purchased a home in the neighborhood. We did get things stolen out of our cars twice within a year of moving in and the Lot rent has gone up 3 times since we bought our home in Sept 2018.But as far as trailer parks go. It’s clean and the crime is petty.

Review №6

The community is managed poorly. Management staff do not seem to have knowledge for most questions. The most recent being the suneasypay app. There is no support for the app when something goes wrong. For the Timber Ridge community, the app does not work and after communicating with the staff they said, thats too bad and I dont know. I cant help you. I called Sun Communities for assistance and they said they cant help me because the app is tied to each specific community and I would have to call my community management who gave me the above response. Useless. I also signed a new lease with them on Dec 27, which they did not make active until Jan 6th and they still charged me a fee for not renewing my lease. Had to pull the paper work out on that one. Staff knowledge and ability to conduct their jobs is minimal at best. The list goes on. Not enough time to tell it all.

Review №7

Lots of nice and friendly people

Review №8

Constant harassment.. Stay away!!!

Review №9

This place has turned into crime central...I have seen more cops and rescue teams in the last 16months in the whole 22yrs I have lived here. They took the club house away for what they say is for children to read. This clubhouse has always been available to all tenants to rent for special events. The management seems to also only except the spanish in this community this last 16months. There is hardly ever a pool monitor this summer because the office sends them out to put notice on tenants doors. If you try and talk to the management about issues they act like they care but there is never no change. And then its to the point where you dont want to say anything because then they will start giving you violation notices for whatever to run you out or find a reason to evict you. This place is not family oriented like it used to be! I and many others of this community find it very sad that we cant let our children play outside with out worring of people not following the speed limit... This is supposed to be a safe place to live! Unfortunately it just is not anymore. I will not recommend anyone to live here any further until there is some type of change in this community.

Review №10

The manager Dora is great she knows her stuff! She is really building a great community there. Lovely staff. Glad they finally enforce the rules for everyone. The community coming along so much better! Cheers

Review №11

Love this park its very nice,, my parents have lived there for almost 30 years,, and Everytime I go and visit it seems to never change.. Very well maintained..

Review №12

Not to mainy speed bumps in the park

Review №13

For being a trailer park its clean. Most people take care of their yards. Not much trash around. Kinda expensive living here.

Review №14

Got to love the neighbors. Cant seem to park more than two inches from your car when we all have a reasonable amount of parking space. Especially when theyre part of the staff.

Review №15

Very clean and well kept park! Just bought a home here and love the trees and parks and pools. Annabelle was very sweet and helpful, Dora was great to talk to and it was very easy to get approved and get the paperwork for the park done. :D

Review №16

Was nice

Review №17

Its a wonderful safe clean place to live for any body

Review №18

For what i see management is really trying to bring up the community from what it was before I have noticed that the rules are being for EVERYONE ... the nicest and cleanest park in Fort Collins

Review №19

Cozy neighborhood including clubhouse, pool/hot tub, & other recreational amenities.

Review №20

I have enjoyed raising my family in this community. It is well maintained and safe. Truly the nicest mobile home part in the area. Management has always been helpful and professional. After reading some negative reviews, I have to assume that these stem from people who get upset because the management is doing their job. I would recommend this community to friends and family. I already have.

Review №21

Nicest trailer park Ive seen in a while

Review №22

Great place to live! I moved here 4 years ago thinking it was a temporary stop in between buying homes and I like it so much Ive stayed! Excellent management, nice neighbors, and you just cant beat the location.

Review №23

Pick up my daughter . Nice neighbor for shopping and eating.

Review №24

Crime and Drug central for southern Fort Collins. Staff here will listen to all complaints and seem like they might care but they dont do anything meaningful. Heroin needles litter the roads here. I have seen better neighborhoods in Detroits west end.

Review №25

Unfair move in policies. No felons on the property. Or so the ones they know about. Should be on a case by case situation.

Review №26

Worst place Ive EVER rented from... and Ive rented a lot. The sales staff is a joke, and the community manager is even worse. They have no communication skills, and definitely are not here to serve the community. The manager is only good at sticking violation notices to the door. They may get better results if they actually communicate with the renters instead of violating them all the time. You will get notices on a daily basis if you are not liked, but other properties can have all the crap in the world in their yard without ever hearing a word from the manager. I call it discrimination, and might talk to a lawyer about this. I feel like my rights are being violated. You dont want to live here if you have kids as this is not a kid-friendly community. You will get written up and threatened to get kicked out if you have any childrens toys or outside play equipment (unless they like you). But the manager never seems to be here when babies are walking around in the middle of the street with no parent in site.... maybe if they had something for their kids to play with in the yard they wouldnt wonder into the street?! But they are more worried about the outside appearance than they are about the community as a whole. What a joke!!! I would not recommend living here unless you need a cheap place to live and have nowhere else to go. Sometimes you only get what you pay for... and this is a prime example. Also be sure to document the condition of your lot well when moving in, because chances are they will make you fix it up to look better than it did at your expense. They only got one star because I couldnt post this with no stars. :(

Review №27

We have had such great help from the manager and team. New home ordered, set up and help with any issues. Always willing to give you the time and help you need. In a community this size, you will not find a better manager. The best part of this community is everyone seems to get along. That doesnt happen most places so those that have issues should be talking to the manager, she works hard for all of us

Review №28

As a kid I grew up here i have alot of memories here i love this alot of my friends r there and the home school i great I can honestly say its a great place

Review №29

Its a nice location, fairly clean. But the positives stop there. Lot rent is comparable to renting an entire home. Get everything in wrighting. Take pictures and dont believe a word of management. They will lie cheat and steal from you if given the chance. They have this special way of making thier job yours. There are many other options they should really re evaluate how they are running this park before legal action is taken on them.

Review №30

I have been living at Timber Ridge for about six months now and I really love it here. I cashed in my poker chips in the fall of 2015 and started looking for some investment properties. I was a bit nervous at first, but that nervousness subsided quickly. Timber Ridge is a real community.The staff at Timber Ridge is incredible and will bend over backwards to help you. If I ever have a problem, I know where to go. Britton and Cindy always seem to have solutions for me.Way to go, Timber Ridge! :D

Review №31

Is easy to find your place

Review №32

One of the nicer trailer parks in town.

Review №33

Lovely neighborhood. Management very friendly.

Review №34

My favorite place to live in college. I had a newer double wide. I thought the neighborhood was pretty quiet. I never had any problem with management. 2011-2012

Review №35

I love this community. It has to be one of the nicest mobile home parks in Colorado. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Security on the weekends and HOA keeps the area very well kept and landscape groomed. No trash in the yards etc. and the kids feel safe enough to play outside. Not to mention the million dollar views in our back yard! My only complaint is road width for the amount of traffic and ppl driving with their bass booming. Maybe a noise ordinance at night since there are so many sleeping kids.

Review №36

The people who work here were amazing for us!

Review №37

Racist. Dont bother if ur white. Mexicans ur in!

Review №38

Its a nice quiet mobile home park.Tornados love them!

Review №39

I would give a 0 if I could. The management are mean and do not care about the people all they care about is the $$$$. We get violation after violation. Even the maintenance man thinks the management is harassing us. I cannot wait to move away from here. A year and a half is long enough.

Review №40

As affordable as affordable housing is going to get in Fort Collins, but it is nicely maintained, has several parks, two swimming pools, and two community centers.

Review №41

Great neighborhood, strict on lot rules when you own your home tho...i couldnt put a swing set up for my 4 year old...had to take it down :/ otherwise 5 star

Review №42

The management, O wait what management, their a Joke. They moved my trailer, myself, and Kiddos just to make a $$$$$$$$! The people mean Nothing to them, cant wait to move from here, they will put violations left and right on your door but provide almost Zero services for you. It takes you going down to the office or calling corporate offices to possibly achieve anything if not nothing to make them stand behind their promises. Kids started school beginning of August, main Internet box is broken, was told would possibly be fixed in 2 weeks if approved by corporate. Its now the middle of September, called the secretary in the park office and shes suddenly clueless to the situation, her reply (Switch Providers) really easier said then done! Obviously her, and manager care nothing about my childrens education or providing them with a way to do their studies, seeing how the Internet is how the schools expect children to get their school work done in todays world. Maybe if the manager had children and a clue, she would give a S $#* !!!!!!!!! TimberRidge is out their to ONLY MAKE A $$$$$$ OFF OF YOU!. Nice location, clean, but thats the only thing this park has going for it! Namaste

Review №43

Not that great of a place

Review №44

Sweet quiet, except people dont mind their own business,

Review №45

The office personnel in this community are a joke. They are uneducated, and do not care about anything but themselves. We sold our home here and it was the worst process we have ever gone through. Britton Cook, the Sales Manager, straight up told us that she was only making $150 off us and did not care about us. When we listed our home we were told that the average turnaround was 3 weeks. It took Britton 3 weeks just to get our home on Craigslist. When she told me it was posted, I asked her if she had pictures, and she didnt. So I had to take time off work to be at the house for her to take pictures. It took another 2 weeks to get our home on the Community Website where all their traffic comes from. We asked to be notified when there would be showings and we were not. We went to check on the house one day and the keys were laying in the middle of the living room. We were not notified of it, and who knows how long the showings were not happening. Early on in the process we still had a camera set up inside the house that would notify us of movement or sound. One day when the maintenance people were supposed to be there fixing the skirting on the outside of the house, we watched them walking through the house, and going through the refrigerator. When they saw the camera they left. Three months into the process we found out that they were advertising our home for $10,000 more than we asked them to. We sent people we knew into the office to look at the house and they told us that they were telling them all different prices and pointing out issues as they walked through. When we would go check on the home they would move everything and leave it looking messy. They ripped off the skirting to look under the house and didnt bother to ever put it back. Everything we were told by anyone in the office was not followed through. When we finally did get the home under contract, it ended up closing a month after it was supposed to because the communication and documentation process was ignored. Britton was out of town on our closing date and did not let us know that it was being postponed until an hour before the time it was supposed to happen. Britton stopped returning our calls and emails and pawned us off to the receptionist Cindy. Cindy tried to help us but showed no sense of urgency, and couldnt answer any of our questions. A month after we closed, we contacted the office to see where our proceeds were and found out that all of the closing documents STILL hadnt been signed on the buyers side. Everyone in this office acts as if nothing is their problem, or part of their job responsibility. I would HIGHLY recommend staying as far away from Timber Ridge as you can.The neighborhood is also unsafe. We moved out because our neighbors broke in to our house, not only once, but TWICE. They broke our back door, kicked our dogs, raided our entire house, and stole valuables. There are constantly Sheriffs in the neighborhood arresting someone.

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Very quiet and very nice

Review №47

Unpleasant place to call home

Review №48

New management, seems ok too high price

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Park is clean and has friendly people.

Review №52

I live here its great

Review №53

Ran by the racist manager

Review №54

Quite community, peaceful two access to place

Review №55

I love this neighborhood

Review №56

Very nice park

Review №57

Clean and quiet park.

Review №58

Just a sketchy trailer park

Review №59

Its ok

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