1001 Shiloh Crossing Blvd, Billings, MT 59102, United States

Review №1

Very expensive ticket prices, more than I have ever paid.And in return they start the movie late every time.And their drink dispensers are not turned on.

Review №2

Ticket pricing is really confusing, the prices were different for each showing of the movie. No one checked our tickets. Staff was completely rude when asked if they had certain uncommon gluten free snacks that were clearly displayed in their display case. Popcorn and drink combo is way over priced, $15 for the large popcorn bag and soda in the picture. Glad we dont live here and wont ever be back, and will think twice about going to another AMC theater in the future.

Review №3

Clean, well maintained, friendly staff. I liked how they do reserved seating in IMAX to keep people socially distant.

Review №4

Not too bad prices are high but isnt every theater

Review №5

Love this theatre. Seen Venom, Bohemian Rhapsody and Joker in this same IMAX room.

Review №6

When I went the people that helped me get my ticket for sonic the hedgehog was very supportive and helpful. They were also very funny, making jokes and such. It was pleasant to find a place that felt like a family situated spot.

Review №7

The sound was so loud it distorted the words. We left before the movie was over

Review №8

To the employees: CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!Bought tickets online ahead of coming in & cashier made that an easy process. Concessions line was ultra-long, but moved pretty quickly. Cashier was quick and efficient. Drink station, however, was a MESS. Didn’t have proper sized lids, spilled drinks on the counter. No employees cleaning popcorn off the floor or the drink station. Our theatre was much cleaner which was nice & an employee came in to clean again when we were leaving. The bathrooms needed cleaning as well. I have two family members that work here (weren’t on shift when we came) & I hope the place is cleaner when they work than it was the other night.

Review №9

Always a nice time. Theaters are always clean. Bathrooms could always be better. Staff are nice

Review №10

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood was possibly the best movie I have ever seen in the entirety of my life. What a tremendous example of how to be human. Had me laughing and crying, and thinking of the effect of every person who has had an effect on my life, and how amazingly God can shape our character thru and with each of them. I loved Mr. Rogers as a child, but seeing him live his faith in this film, and his depth of character into his life was truly inspiring.

Review №11

Amazing sound and screens. My wife and I enjoy coming here for date night away from the kids. I highly recommend this movie theater

Review №12

Awesome theater, except its always cold. My family has to bring blankets to stay warm! Otherwise it would be 5 stars

Review №13

Clean and modern. Great prices and family friendly. 10/10

Review №14

The wait for tickets and popcorn is OUTRAGEOUS if you go during a busier time. I expect to wait but not for 30 minutes. Cleanliness was slightly lacking but nothing too crazy that it would detour us from going back. Seats were comfortable and the movie picture was good. Well go back but will be there WAY earlier so we dont miss the first few minutes of the movie again.

Review №15

Dont go out to eat before the movie when theres a full menu of food at the theater! From hamburgers to entrees at a price thats not bad. And the theater seats! Luxury leather better than my recliner ar home!

Review №16

Better then the other movie theatre. Employees are a hit or miss though, but most of the time are friendly. Prices on concessions are outrageous. Comfortable seating, but at times less then welcoming due to trash being on the floor.

Review №17

Rather than giving this movie fearder Ill 5 star, I give it only 3 stars. The reason for that is because they are really expensive, the service is really slow, and the section where your purchase snacks is dirty. Ive been to a lot of different movie theaters, and compared to those ones this theater as a lower grade. It does habits good qualities,. For example being in a good neighborhood, a convenient location, and they have many options for movies.

Review №18

They bring in some of the more popular movies coming out. Concession folks have always been great...wish the location was more mid Town...But we have wynnsong if location doesnt work

Review №19

This is one of the largest movie theaters in billings and they pulled out all the stops for it. It can get crazy busy on movie days, but they have a huge parking lot that can easily accommodate the surge. The prices for food and drink are kind of ridiculous....but its how they make their money so thats understandable.

Review №20

Only been here maybe 3 times but the staff was always courteous and it was clean.

Review №21

I would show 4.5 but it is not an option. Overall Shiloh 14 is really quite nice. The bathrooms are kept quite clean, the staff has never been rude or dismissive. They arent particularly engaging but they have alot to do with the massive crowds pouring through the doors. So they are usually pretty quick to serve patrons.No this is not a paid review, but I feel it was a fair representation of my real experience over the last few years.

Review №22

Great big theater. Service was great. Only thing was that the AC made it too cold during the winter time, but I didnt go and complain so it wasnt their fault.

Review №23

For the size of our town, i am amazed we have a nice theater. Sure if we want crazy amazing we go to denver but for the most part i love our 14 screen theater. It has imax and 3d sometimes both at the same time. Allow extra time for that though, you go through previews twice.

Review №24

The prices are GREAT if you get to go to the matinee. The popcorn is a little high but worth it! The theatres are so beautiful!

Review №25

Great atmosphere. Place is clean & accessible. Concession prices are on par with most theaters. I do appreciate being able to fill my own drink as well as butter my popcorn. *Free refills on large orders of soda & popcorn* staff are helpful & have a good attitude!Satisfied experience overall

Review №26

Just visiting the area and this is my first time to this theater but Ive never been to an AMC theater that the exit lights didnt dim when the movie started. The theater had a green glow in your eyes from two bright exit signs. Oh and the movie started 20 minutes late and the theater lights came back on 20 minutes before the movie was over. Not a good first impression.

Review №27

Great theater. Some employees are happy to be there, others make you feel like your asking to much of them.

Review №28

Nice theater, didnt stand in line too long! There was a guy there with a strange mustache that made the experience memorable!

Review №29

Unfortunately the last two times I have been in, they have been really understaffed. The last time the line was out the door. Nobody was checking tickets. I bought my tickets online but had to wait in line so they could scan my phone. Plus the place was so dirty. I had to walk on several inches of popcorn to get a drink. They know the holidays are a very busy time and they should have scheduled more people.

Review №30

I took my granddaughters 2 see Frozen 2 & they loved it! Very friendly & helpful staff. Thank you.

Review №31

Last 2 times Ive been here the line is probably a 20-30 min wait to get tickets. They keep not having any cashiers for tickets and make everyone go to concessions. One time they were out of soap in the bathroom. I told someone and two hours later there was still no soap. Gross.

Review №32

The IMAX experience is great! Needs a little updating, as seats are not reclining. I would pay 2 extra dollars for reclining seats.

Review №33

It had been so long since my family and I had went to the movies we found it to be a good great! However, for a Saturday afternoon it was pretty slow so it made it easy to get our tickets and get to our seats. The concessions were outrageously priced, but thats nothing new. Over all it was a good experience!

Review №34

Ive seen three special feature anime films here in about a year and every single one of them have had problems with projection and sound. We always have to go to the front and ask them to fix it. They are also Impossible to contact by phone. Information online was different on various sites for our showing so we tried to call and ask them. You get an automated message with an option to contact an associate. If no one answers the automated message comes back and tells you to call later. We ended up buying the wrong tickets due to the bad information and not being able to ask them about it. I just wish someone would care enough to watch the projector at the beginning of a new film when this has happened every time.

Review №35

We were premier members. We paid to have the fast lane and be in quickly . They took away the membership benefits we paid for. Terrible, paying for something then taking it away. I believe thats what is called a scam.

Review №36

Its not the shiniest theater around but i have never had an issue with acquiring snacks and watching a movie in a timely fashion at this location.

Review №37

Staff there seems to hate their jobs very unfriendly

Review №38

I like the People who work there they make my experience a good one.

Review №39

First time at this theater in awhile. Seats at AMC Classic on Central has better seats than here.

Review №40

Great! I love the service, popcorn, snacks, and comfort. But the bathrooms are kinda interesting but other than that five stars!

Review №41

Slow slow slow. Way understaffed. Better come 30+ minutes early if you want to be there when the show starts

Review №42

Loved seeing frozen two here with my sisters it was a bit cold but other than that amazing

Review №43

Pretty good experience, a little pricey but better than the theater in Laurel.

Review №44

You seriously were not ready for the Black Friday crowd. Bought tix online but no instructions which line to go thru, others w/ phones were walking around confused about what to do. Chances of returning here are slim to none & slim is out to lunch.

Review №45

Bathroom had no toilet paper or paper towels. Advised staff and was told they are out everywhere but there should be stuff in there. Again had to explain there was nothing in there.

Review №46

Great place to go for some movies. They also have a good variety of snacks

Review №47

Good theater rooms but almost always and assuredly understaffed. I ordered a large drink and it took them 20 minutes to decide who was going to go to storage to find the cups. I ended up just asking for a medium because I was late to the movie by that point. Prices are incredibly high. Last thing from feeling like a local theater.

Review №48

The movie glitched out and the whole screen went green. Then they completely restarted it when it was towards the end. Not happy.

Review №49

I’ve been going to this theater for years I like it. However the one thing I didn’t like was when they took out the faster line for amc stub but even when they had it they didn’t keep the deal of cutting into the front line. They changed it and didn’t tell no body when they did. The last few times I went one of the pop machines was not working and the other one didn’t have half of the drinks and the butter wasn’t working either. If they are gonna go this route on how they are doing it then they need to continuously check to make sure they are working especially for how much we pay for it. But the staff have always been polite when I go there. They would get an A from me. I do see a lot of rude customers a lot like when it the movie gonna start when the previous movie just got done and the poor guy was cleaning and they lady was just yelling at him and she’s the one that said she showed up a half hour before it started. Please remember they have been on there feet from 11:00 till late at night and it’s usually a few people working and doing tickets and concessions. I get people do minimum wage too but remember they are in the public dealing with every customer and remember for temperature wise in the auditorium they may not have control over it it maybe the manager that is only allowed to do it.

Review №50

Went and saw Rob Zombies 3 From Hell, I always like his films, great theater, always clean and the employees are always polite and helpful.

Review №51

Loved it ️ the workers are nice and the theater was in great condition . I would definitely recommend going. It is my favorite theater in billings

Review №52

On a busy holiday weekend (Thanksgiving)- there was only one person working at the ticket counter. As well as very few working at the snack counter. Staff were as friendly as their stress levels seemed to allow.

Review №53

Great service . Excellent service. Love the self serve butter....

Review №54

Going to the Movies never gets old...

Review №55

Overly crowded due to lack of Harkins and cinemark. Also no reclining seats like AMC does in AZ. Prices $3 to $4 more than AZ. Better to stay at home, canceled A list when moved to MT. MT ppl dont know what they are missing. This theatre doesnt do enough to earn people.

Review №56

Clean, well maintained.. the rails could use some paint. The staff was friendly and they have a lot of different things to offer for food and drink. The IMAX was awesome. Over all it was a great experience and I will be returning to watch John wick 3.

Review №57

Nice place very clean and good prices for food and movies

Review №58

Been waiting 45 minutes for 1215 movie to start. Now 1 pm and not even a preview or annoying commercial. 3 other patrons have gone out to see whats going on, this is getting ridiculous.

Review №59

First time Ive been to an IMAX. This theater made the experience a pleasant one!

Review №60

Very nice theatre, we saw A Very Good Liar and it was a really good movie. Helen Mirren is superb. This movie keeps you interested and totally immersed in the byplay between she and Ian Mc Clellan.

Review №61

It was a horrible experience. I went and watched Aladdin at 730 last night and it felt like a muggy wrestling room. I repeatedly asked staff if they could do anything about it. It was horrible customer response. One employee said yes your just going to have to deal with it. Another employee suggested I talk to a manager.m, then proceeded to continue sweeping. The movie theater was so un comfortable. Other patrons were complaining in the theater as well about the temperature. I was so irritated with the lack of customer service. I know they are just making minimum wage, but Ive worked for low pay jobs as well. I take pride in whatever kind of job I do regardless of pay. It was downright embarrassing.

Review №62

Great theater with upgrades and more food options than 2018 by far

Review №63

A wonderful theater. The screens and sound are superb.

Review №64

The Imax theatre experience is the best. Hands down!

Review №65

Ever since AMC took over it is going downhill.. quickly. They got rid of the premiere line, are constantly understaffed, movies are starting 10-20 minutes late, concession area is dirty :( I do love the IMAX and the Big D screens

Review №66

I absolutely love this theater, you cant beat IMAX!

Review №67

Why dont they show movies earlier in the day? I love a nice film in the a.m. I cannot believe how late the showtimes start.

Review №68

Updating to 4 stars after going 2 more times and having an improved experience.Original post: A few good and a few bad things:They didnt open until 12:24 pm. (Granted, my movie starts at 12:55pm, but still. )And that extra concession/convenience tax your Montana theaters have begun charging, cmon, AMC.The floor was quite sticky near the self-serve fountain soda machine, despite having just opened the door at 12:25.Kudos for friendly staff and good-tasting popcorn, sodas, etc.And we LOVE the Tuesday special pricing!! Thank you for that.

Review №69

My time at AMC was quite enjoyable. I like to go during the week to get the matinee price. The atmosphere is inviting and you get free refills

Review №70

They really need to clean up. The movie theater I was in was gross, popcorn EVERYWHERE and gum between the seats. Outside got eh theater the soda machine was leaking and soda was all over the floor. The lines are long and they never have enough staff. Not impressed ever since it changed to an amc

Review №71

O Dios Mio .... not comin back here anytime soon. Girl who I bought popcorn and a soda from, warned me of no soap in ladies restroom. Then I filled my drink and could not find a cup lid so I had to use an icee top. and I paid $25 for this!

Review №72

Clean and friendly great movies. Great place for the whole family. Always recommended

Review №73

Lovely place to catch a movie and nice clean theater

Review №74

It’s sad that a theater this nice doesn’t have a members line for concessions. Been a AMC movie goer for along time and never had to stand in line for popcorn. Membership should have its privileges. RIDICULOUS!!!

Review №75

I used to love this theatre when it was carmike Shiloh 14 now that AMC has taken over it’s so much different.

Review №76

Very clean and super comfortable seats that rock. Easy to fall asleep theyre so comfy. Lots of ads prior to the showtime and at least 20 minutes of trailers before the show starts. The speakers were definitely too loud and we could hear the sound effects from the movie showing next to us. Temperatures were a little on the cool side especially on a cold December afternoon. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie so I could overlook the other stuff. We didnt buy any concessions but generally the prices are on the high end.

Review №77

Nice clean theater with friendly staff and great concessions.

Review №78

Me personally love watching movies having a great seating experience

Review №79

As for the place it is great. As for getting a Id back is bull----. They have to talk with corporate my a--. So I would recommend that you not take anything with you if you ego to the movies that is important to you.

Review №80

We went to see joker with my teenage boys and wife and it was almost unbearably loud. We were not the only ones in the theater plugging our ears multiple times and it was to the point of irritation I almost left. I left with a headache and ringing in my ears, just horrible. How is someone not testing the decibel output in these theaters? Really frustrating experience.

Review №81

So I try to take my son to Dragon Ball Super. #1 only one showing for the entire weekend. WTF. #2 I paid for a stubs membership that had a fast line. Which now doesn’t exist. I wasn’t informed via email or anything about that. #3 due to the insane line when we got closer to the counter the show had become sold out. Thanks a lot for wasting my time. I don’t get the only having 1 showtime and why didn’t you inform me that you’re changing the benefits I paid for? Also won’t refund me for the subscription “THEY” changed on me.

Review №82

Totally enjoyed The Lion KingClean. Cashier was very helpful and happy to serve us.

Review №83

Had a projector snafu, but they handled it right. Went to a fathom live event, didnt start on time so asked for help. Then it started without sound. Asked for help again. Then they come in and try to reset with no luck. About thirty minutes after it started, they said it wasnt going to work. So they gave me a full cash refund ( I had bought through the website) apologized profusely, and since I had already bought some snacks gave me some vouchers worth more than I spent. He also said come back in a few days for the replay, I guarantee it will be fixed. I was the only person at the showing, so they didnt have to be so nice to me. Sometimes crummy things happen, and I felt like they did the best they could. I will return for the replay!

Review №84

Its the biggest theater in town so its got that going for it, but ever since AMC took over ownership the place has fallen into disarray. The concession area is consistently messy and for at least six months part of the mens bathroom was out of order. It does have an IMAX screen so thats cool I guess.

Review №85

Dirty, greasy kind of feel from the build down to the employees. If Im going to pay 10$ for a soda and a candy bar, could I at least get that molesting with a smile? A whole line of people waiting to pay, one lady at the head of the line asking for stuff that needed some managers approval. He ran off while we stood there. Finally a costumer asked a popcorn jockey if he could buy movie tickets at their counter. Word trickled down the line and we waited for people to buy tickets and their selection of highway robbery. So you had four employees standing behind that counter while we all milled around like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. What a poor costumer experience. Thank god for Netflix! Ill just wait for my movies there.

Review №86

Went to an afternoon movie with my family of 6.... Took about 15 minutes just to get tickets... Another 45 minutes standing in line for snacks... The bathroom also had 4 stalls out of order so lines were incredibly long for no reason today... Not impressed.

Review №87

Loved the seats, absolutely incredible new facility with the best surround sound that I have ever heard with the IMAX theater! However the ticket sales was slow and the concessions were really slow. I bought my tickets online and I stood in line forever! Im not dissing the folks who work there. I am saying you guys were awesome. However, somebody needs to rework the wait time. There werent even very many people there and it was very, very slow.

Review №88

Good movie

Review №89

Long line, but it moved fairly quickly.

Review №90

Its a nice theatre, just prepare to spend half of your paycheck to get the full movie theatre experience.

Review №91

Nice theatre. Comfy seats. Tried out the special vibration seats but had to turn it off after a while.

Review №92

FREAKING RUDE EMPLOYEES. Even managment treats customers like there an inconveneince

Review №93

Where are all the employees? Please hire some help, as it is frustrating that it takes so long to just buy tickets, let alone anything else. Forced to wait in line behind concessions when all we wanted to but was tickets. No signage showing where to buy tickets. I miss Carmike

Review №94

Great theater, great IMAX.. live reserved seating.

Review №95

Best place in town to see a movie!

Review №96

The waiting is insane! They got three people working in this whole place it seems. Six registers open one employee working. The line is literally out the door. The line at the concession makes the ticket line look small. Not a good way to start. Been here 15 minutes and moved two feet. This place used to be great. Apparently they have terrible managers or owners that cant seem to hire enough staff. Get it together people!!!

Review №97

Good movie house for billings now if we could get a Cinabar kinda of movie house that would be great

Review №98

Good place to watch movies. Concessions high priced.

Review №99

Long wait to get tickets and only 2 people working. Another long wait for the concessions. All workers in turtle mode!Got into theater with my two young daughters and nowhere for us to sit. I asked an employee for a refund on just one seat and he pointed me to another employee who said I could wait an hour for the next movie! NO thank you. Directed me to another “manager” who basically said he couldn’t do a thing for me. There were enough seats just not together...we sat in the handicapped reserved spots and one daughter on my lap the whole movie. So glad I paid for 3 seats! Will not go back! Very disappointed in the customer service.

Review №100

Seen john wick in the IMAX really cool. Clean and a great place to take the whole family

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  • Address:1001 Shiloh Crossing Blvd, Billings, MT 59102, United States
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  • Phone:+1 406-652-1105
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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