AMC CLASSIC Billings 10
2456 Central Ave, Billings, MT 59102, United States

Review №1

First time here, really enjoyed it. I normally go to the bigger theater on Shiloh. This one is smaller and had a more personal touch to it. Only complaint is that theater was pretty chilly. Coulda used a bit more heat.

Review №2

What is the deal with this place? Come here on New Years Day. Only one side open and line out the door. This is usually one of the busiest days of the year at the movies. Stood in line for 25 minutes. You would have thought with three registers open, things would be moving faster. Plus, what happened to someone taking your ticket? Not sure how many people just walked in without paying. This place gets worse each time. Need to get the second side up and running and plan for high volume days.

Review №3

Typical maxi-screen. Nice seats. Procedure of selling tickets at the food counter sucks. Makes wait longer than it should be. I prefer the Babcock.

Review №4

Senior rates are nice. Good selection of movies and the place is always clean. Popcorn is okay.

Review №5

If you have to go to this one or shiloh, Id recommend this theatre. It might now have IMAX and big d but the atmosphere is much better, the employees are much nicer, and they actually remember to ask for your number for stubs. A bonus is that the managers are really nice and inviting while I havent had a single good experience with the shiloh managers. They always seem annoyed by the presence of movie goers

Review №6

The selection was great and the seating was awesome. Thank you Caronaviris!!

Review №7

If I could put a zero, I would! No warning beforehand that there was NO HEAT on November 10th. The coldest day of the year so far. Refunds or half off would have been the right thing to do. Oh wait. Dont open the doors until the heat is fixed!!!! Come on people, thats rediculous.

Review №8

Good theater with great service. Not many food options but great drinks. Seating is great

Review №9

Usually not enough staff on hand. Better seating at Shiloh. Come here if Shiloh is sold out. Expect to wait in the concession line for your ticket.

Review №10

Saw new Terminator movie. Was very good. Glad to Linda Hamilton Arnold back together again.

Review №11

We had a great time and loved the experience! Will definitely return

Review №12

I really enjoyed myself here, it was clean pleasant. Movie quality was perfect!

Review №13

Customers service at all AMC theaters in Billings is absolutley horrid. But, when you have no serious competion, and you are the only large theaters in town. Guess they can get away with subpar customer service.

Review №14

Its a movie theater folks. Comfortable seating . Grossly over priced concessions. Just happened to a decent movie showing. Enjoyed our evening.

Review №15

There is no way that this movie theater isn’t committing highway robbery on the advertisers and production companies. Their screens WILL NOT PLAY THE CORRECT DIMENSIONS OF THE ADS OR FILM. The top and bottom half of films are cut off!!! I watched a film there that you couldn’t even read the subtitles because they were cut off along with the top of the screen.

Review №16

Would give zero stars if I could! Spent money on Fandango to get tickets for the movie opening tonight for my boyfriends birthday. Get to the theater and cant even get a pop or snacks. Scheduling glitch. Wont be back.

Review №17

The theater is nice, but very expensive. The Babcock downtown is cheaper and the people are friendly and make you feel welcome.

Review №18

What a beautiful place for a good family activity . I would go here over all theatre. Clean, yummy snacks. And great atmosphere.

Review №19

Great movie theater! Would definitely be willing to go here again next time Im in Billings! Comfortable seating. Good value on tickets and snacks! Friendly Service!!

Review №20

There are two first run theaters in Billings. I like this one because it is a little smaller and a bit less crowded. It has all the same amenities without the hugeness. I think it is easy to get to and there is plenty of overflow parking. The people usually seem quite nice - probably because they are not so harried by large crowds and endless lines. Sometimes you can get your ticket and your snacks all at the same time - a nice feature!

Review №21

Love to go to see a movie out of town, always a good place to see a show.

Review №22

Smaller theater but nice atmosphere

Review №23

Great atmosphere. Expensive food/drink.

Review №24

Theater has gone downhill, never have enough employees, slow service, and often messy theaters

Review №25

Was clean, shows were on time, good film.

Review №26

This place is ridiculously expensive! Almost $60 for a Sunday matinee, $6 for a small soda. If my kids werent so excited to see the movie we would have just left. Definitely wont be returning as Im sure prices will continue to rise.

Review №27

Decent prices for a movie theater. I think they still have 5 dollar tickets on Tuesdays. Ive never had a problem seeing a movie, although I dont go watch that much Sometimes this theater doesnt have the same movies as their other one here, even though its a newer release. Not sure why, but Id assume its because the other one is bigger and nicer/newer. Id recommend this place to anyone going to see a movie here.

Review №28

Conveniant location, clean, good popcorn...

Review №29

Could be a little cleaner & long wait in line. Maybe understaffed?

Review №30

The ticket sellers were great movie was awesome but me an my friend were the only two in the whole screening an an employee sat behind us and he decided to be on his phone the whole movie calling someone almost ruined the whole experience

Review №31

It is CLEAN! It also isnt as busy as Shilo 14

Review №32

Not like it was when it was new. Still ok if you want to catch a matinee, and the actor still works good.

Review №33

Good, friendly staff, but a couple major complaints:1) Ticket prices are nuts.2) The heating system is fairly loud, and comes on full-blast in the middle of the quiet parts of movies. It was enough to distract me from multiple movies.

Review №34

No one selling tickets at the ticket window you had to go through the food line to get tickets. Bathrooms not clear and faucets didnt work. Movie quality & sound were good.

Review №35

Best movie theater Ive been to and love amc program.

Review №36

Loved it almost of room and the popcorn. Was excellent

Review №37

For passing thru.. not bad mall food nearby.. will come back if inthe area

Review №38

Awesome movie. Awesome deals for kids too

Review №39

Best seats but 4 stars because they dont have the gourmet popcorn.

Review №40

One ticket seller / refreshment guy during the 5 dollar tuesday night rush?

Review №41

My favorite of the AMC theaters, Tuesday is 5.00 day so its a great deal and the seats are comfy...can be a little cold so bring a blanket youll feel rite at home!

Review №42

The staff is so friendly but the theater could use a serious upgrade.

Review №43

I was a real nice way to spend some quality time with my daughter, and Dumbo was AWESOME

Review №44

We had a very nice experience here. The staff was friendly and the theater was comfortable and clean! The prices were reasonable, too. There were many price and time options to choose from.

Review №45

A fine place to catch a movie, but I remember when this place used to be the *nice* movie theater. Depending on what day of the week youre there it can be clean or look like a tornado hit. The staff are usually friendly enough and occasionally this theater will get some of the smaller-run awards movies.

Review №46

It was a great experience. The employees were very helpful and friendly. The theater was just the right temperature. The movie was Awesome!!! Tonight it was an 100% A+!!!!!

Review №47

Cool theatre and good food.

Review №48

Good service and a good clean place to take in a movie.

Review №49

Very good customer service and comfortable seats.

Review №50

Its okay. Kinda could use a remodel

Review №51

Stimulus Tuesday. Five dollar movie ticket and five dollars for a small popcorn & drink!

Review №52

While we have Shiloh 14, ill always choose the classic 10 anyday. Its just far better managed and less crowded. The service is great and youre not fighting a long line.

Review №53

Fast lines, nice variety of movies, clean and well maintained!

Review №54

Love it. Great location, right next to Target, Krispy Kreme, Winco and the mall.

Review №55

Enjoy going to movies there and love the popcorn. Sad refreshments have to be so expensive.

Review №56

Pleasant staff, lots of snack and beverage choices, comfortable seats, and the ac was on full blast. Ideal movie theatre conditions.

Review №57

I had a great time watching a great movie! Pop and popcorn was great! Love it!

Review №58

Not the newest theatre or the cleanest but it was ok

Review №59

Show ticket prices are a little insane and the food prices. You can go buy 4 brand new new releases for the price of tickets and your drinks and food. Its gonna cost ya about 60.00 to go on a date here

Review №60

This theater is older, but usually not as crowded as the new theater on Shilo.

Review №61

Nice and quiet good movie and service

Review №62

Good theater... lines are too long.

Review №63

Amazing staff,helpful, friendly

Review №64

The staff is very friendly and helpful! Love the programs to watch movies!

Review №65

Nice clean place. Theaters are the right size for watching movies. I really like that you get to fill / refill your own drinks and you get to butter your own pop-corn !!!! Good place to catch aflick.

Review №66

Ok, service wasn’t super good. Great food and popcorn.

Review №67

Very nice, no crowds

Review №68

Great family fun!!!

Review №69

Very clean. Lots of room. Concessions very expensive even with membership

Review №70

Nice theater. Its a bit outdated and bathrooms are hard to locate.

Review №71

Good price but dont buy food

Review №72

Its not fancy but the lines are much shorter. For the same money, the other theater in town is newer but service can be iffy.

Review №73

Favorite theater in town!

Review №74

The picture and sound system are amazing. The theater does not smell and there are no bed bugs.

Review №75

We went to see a movie Monday night, there was ONE EMPLOYEE in the whole theater, and the line was backed up out the door. We stood in line and ended up missing a good 10 minutes of the movie because of this disastrous scheduling. Also, there are no markers over the movie doors anymore, you NOW HAVE TO GUESS which theater youre going into and waste more time trying to locate the movie you paid for. Get it together AMC.

Review №76

Super small seats, but still fun

Review №77

They made me feel hella discriminated

Review №78

Cheeper than the Bigger one and the same great movies

Review №79

Okay but place always looks like a ghost town inside.

Review №80

I really love this place ️. I wish I could live here and just watch movies everyday all day long.

Review №81

Was ok for a theater.

Review №82

Clean and family friendly

Review №83

Comfortable seats.

Review №84

Very #helpful and very fun.

Review №85

It would be nice of they offered different movies than the ones already at Shiloh. But this is still a nice theater.

Review №86

Finally saw Bohemian Rhapsody, it was excellent!

Review №87

Nice place

Review №88

Good, clean place. Prices for concessions arent too bad. Good deals on Tuesdays for both tickets and concessions.

Review №89

Not very friendly and very over priced

Review №90

A basic movie theater offering first run movies at decent price

Review №91

They do have quality movies but the overall appearance of this theatre is run down and AMC has not helped it in any way.

Review №92

The butter and drink stations are always dirty, carpets have many stains and if you have your ticket on your phone you still have to wait in line and print one on paper. I will be going to the theater on Shiloh as default from now on.

Review №93

Awesome popcorn and the Rock on the big screen-- good times

Review №94

Even though this theater must be 25 years old, it is still pretty current on technology. It never seems crowded despite being smaller than the Wynnsong 14 at Shiloh Crossing. Seems like the feature doesnt start until 20 minutes after the listed starting time. The theater has been clean whenever I went for a show. Deals on snacks on Tuesdays.

Review №95

Love seeing movies here but they really need more help then the one guy on staff. He was nice but he needs help there.

Review №96

Ridiculously expensive popcorn and snacks, but the seats were comfortable.

Review №97

Comfortable seating, clean, friendly service.

Review №98

Nice place

Review №99

Nice theater and great manager

Review №100

Kinda expensive but very clean!

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  • Address:2456 Central Ave, Billings, MT 59102, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 406-656-2041
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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