Regency Main Street Cinemas
111 S Main St, Yuma, AZ 85364, United States

Review №1

They helped all my kids and there friends get in to watch the movie they wanted to watch they went all out so our kids can be happy thank u guys so much

Review №2

The chair is super comfortable

Review №3

They are getting 1 star for inconvenience. The tickets have to be bought online.Needless to say I didnt give them my business.Reply to owner: I have been to another theater here in Arizona since this review and was able to buy my ticket in person. Does the law, or mandate, only apply to your theater?

Review №4

This place has a good variety of snacks and the latest movies. And the chairs in the theater are reclinable so max comfort. Overall I give this place a 9/10

Review №5

Wonderful service with a smile a delicious snack bar and comfy cozy reclining chairs to feel special!

Review №6

The best theater seating around.--

Review №7

The better of the two theaters in yuma. harkins gives off dirty repressed memory of 2014 vibes. regency has more self respect? if that makes sense? also the coffee drinks are great.

Review №8

Nice little theater with updated reclining seating. Small cafe inside. Would be nice to have more upscale food items as an alternative to the standard popcorn and soda.

Review №9

Great place to see a flick. Nice big reclining leather, or near leather, chairs. You can pick your own seat. Kinda hard to find though once you get in. Several people just sat wherever. Only a couple people seemed to mind.

Review №10

Wouldnt wanna go anywhere else. I love The Palms but nothing beats this place! The seating, scenery its my favorite Family Night place

Review №11

Clean and the staff was wonderful...every single one!! They know how to make a movie experience perfect!! Thanks and great Clint Eastwood!!

Review №12

Awesome!!! The seats are very plush, reclining and comfortable. The theater is super clean. Its just an enjoyable experience all around. Its highly recommend for movie watching.

Review №13

Love seating in this historic theater. Wonderful cushy tilt back recliners allowing you to put up your feet up, munch away on your popcorn and enjoy your movie. Its Yuma Old Town location means you can find a cold one at a local brewery, dinner or lunch at the famed Lutes Casino or cruise a short distance to the infamous Yuma Prison to meet the ghosts that are said to still be there.

Review №14

Great movie going experience. Food is delicious, Always clean theatre and reatrooms. Seats are comfy. Makes for a great movie viewing environment.

Review №15

The people working here are courteous, friendly and very helpful. The Cinema offers a military discount. The theater we sat in was smaller than other theaters but very cozy. The plush reclining seats were very comfortable. You can purchase tickets in advance using Atom.

Review №16

I love their seats they are very comfortable but a bit pricey on their snacks but overall its worth it

Review №17

Great customer service. Everyone smiled and greeted us and the seats are super comfy. It wasnt excessively crowded so it made a nice movie going experience.

Review №18

Love the reclining seats in the space

Review №19

Big recliners great seating, good confections stands and great coffee drinks. Pleasant staff.

Review №20

Love the recliners but too strict on guests who comment during the movie. They need to lighten up their atmosphere for sure.

Review №21

First time. Thoroughly enjoyed. Seats so comfortable!

Review №22

I would have given 5 stars if it wasnt for the bathrooms. I know it is an older building but they really need more bathrooms. Other then that it is a great theater. The seating is wonderful and even the slot that you put your pop in keeps it cold.

Review №23

Always enjoy monthly visits here, welcoming environment with a genuine staff. Family friendly environment. Favorite part are the recliners in the theatres!

Review №24

Grew up coming here, Ill always love this place. The new upgrades are amazing. Love the comfortable seats. Unfortunately I didnt like the seating arrangements, there was a person in my seat. Fortunately, there were open seats. Perspectively, I would keep the seating arrangements open. Also, they have an arcade so I thought that was a really good addition to the place. Overall, a really good and comfortable theatre.

Review №25

The seating there is beautiful and comfortable but I dislike how we have to pay for popcorn flavoring

Review №26

The service quite good as always, very good service and excellent customer support for all the people who were asking for help.

Review №27

Great place to watch a movie and the employees are friendly too.And the chair is so good,That I don’t mind seating in the first rows.

Review №28

The “Butter” for the popcorn is not actually butter it’s Johnathan Goodman’s ball sweat

Review №29

Great seats in Great view!All the receipts are recliners and are exceedingly comfortable.

Review №30

Very comfortable reclining seats with foot rest. Very clean. Good low prices on tickets. Snacks are another thing, like all theaters snacks are very expensive, but you eat in comfort. Rooms are a bit to small, hard to get far enough away from the gigantic screen and the sound can be much, much, to loud.Have Fun and Enjoy.

Review №31

Have not been for quite some time. First time for the reclining chairs. I felt like a baby in a highchair. Lol all in all it was nice and relaxing. After I got used to the controlling buttons. Just like Harkins I dont like the pre taken seats. Just because when you meet friends at the movies. You may not all get to sit together you may not be able to have the money to pay for everyone. If youre the one to get there first. Even if they pay you back.

Review №32

Outstanding staff and great theater! Thank you Vanessa, Jesus, Raymond and the entire crew for making our 2019 office holiday movie a great experience!

Review №33

Very comfortable choice for movie theater out of the two in Yuma

Review №34

This is the theatre with reclining seats. All very decadent. There is parking in the back as well in front. The area is fabulous. They no longer sell tickets in the outside kiosk. You go inside to buy at the coffee counter or at the pedestal also inside.

Review №35

My family came here to see a movie, but having heard the place is haunted we were looking forward to seeing a ghost.It didnt happen. What DID happen was AMAZING prices and awesome seats. I mean the seats were AWESOME! They reclined, they were roomy. The theater was clean, the workers were nice.Great experience. Definitely our new spot.

Review №36

Seats were really comfortable. The popcorn could have been fresher, but my party did go to the last showing of the night. Overall it was a great experience

Review №37

Great place to relax and see a movie. Awesome

Review №38

Good. With current student ID u get $3 off anytime of the day and pay only $6 instead of $9 in the evenings. THAT MEANSthat for every $90 u spent on ten tickets during 10 different occassions and use the ID, u would save $30 and only pay $60. I think that is basically 33% saving of the overall price. Overall, the deal is good, seat with recliners are nice, people are friendly and the theater is well preserved and up-to-date. Even during rush hours their are things to do within the vicinity of the theater. I rate it 110% in my experience and would recommend going back many times over as much as my schedule allows.

Review №39

I am happy to recommend this theater. The seats are fantastic. The theater seating is leather, all with full power recline adjustments. The seats are comfy and spacious, even for those of us who are overweight. Seating rows are far enough apart that it isnt a fiasco walking through the aisle even with the seats full. When buying your ticket, you get to pick your seat on the computer screen after seeing what seats are sold and what is available. Very nice feature. This theater is by far the most luxurious available locally. The beef hot dog for $1.50 is a bargain for movie theater food, and they were quite good!

Review №40

Oh wow!! Our first time to this theater and pleasantly surprised. Super comfortable seats. Electric, leather? recliners . And not as loud as other theaters?? Really recommend. Rates are also reasonable

Review №41

Great place to see movies due to the amazing recliners which were very comfortable.

Review №42

My son and I prefer the comfort and easier prices. We love Main St!

Review №43

Clean and comfy... Love it there.

Review №44

The price of tickets are good and the comfort of the seats are awesome. The only thing that could have been better would be for the movie to play all the way through without a 20 minute break down. Maybe better maintainable for the equipment. Will definitely come back to this theater.

Review №45

It had great seats and an arcade but was kinda small

Review №46

Never been there before, loved the seats very affordable!!!

Review №47

Seating is reserved which I think is excellent, but highly-anticipated movies require tickets well in advance. Seats are recliners. Movie selection is limited to the most popular releases. Consider the competition for lesser known movies. Concessions is downstairs, and restrooms are upstairs.

Review №48

We love this theater. Good prices and the seats are awesome. I like the hotdogs too

Review №49

I recently had knee surgery so the reclining seats were so helpful and comfortable I was able to watch Malificent without pain

Review №50

Great service awesome coffees and great family time well spent. Ill always be loyal to my local regency. Thank you for those dollar hotdogs and bomb nachos

Review №51

Great movie theater in the center of old town. Easy parking and great selection of snacks to go along with good seating. Theater has stadium and recliner seating. Popcorn is not the only selection as you can get coffee items as Well. Rivals your local coffee shop easily! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable about seating and movie content. Easy parking and great places in the area to eat or have a few adult beverages while your waiting on friends.

Review №52

I was there a very long time ago. I really enjoyed the family environment, welcoming, the movie of course and refreshments. Prize for a family take out, snake and refreshments are a little to expensive for me.

Review №53

EXCELLENT SEATS! I really like the fact that you can reserve your seats online. No need show up early and wait in line for 30 mins to get good seats.

Review №54

Best seats always good customer service

Review №55

Movie was good, but the people behind us wouldnt stop talking. Thst was a bummer.

Review №56

Regency Main Street Cinema is the great place to go by all means l cant believe its not pack people should go there just once and then they would agree

Review №57

Had the theater all to our selves it was great.

Review №58

Comfy and awesome staff 5 stars!

Review №59

Amazing service would go back again

Review №60


Review №61

Everything is great except the microwave pretzel

Review №62

Dont judge the book by its cover! I had driven by this theater several times, and thought that it was really rough around the edges. Boy, was I wrong! The actual screening rooms are magnificent! The screens are bright and clear, the sound system is top notch, and the theater seats are the best I have ever used (in the category of seats for one)(I have been on movie dates with love seats in the theater). The movie ticket prices are low, and this theater doesnt disappoint.

Review №63

Love this place fresh popcorn great customer service its the place to be to catch a movie

Review №64

I love the seating style, and great customer service

Review №65

The cinema has reclining seats. When you buy your ticket you chose what seat to use.

Review №66

I am fairly pleased with the service. I love the reclining seats. The theater was clean and the environment was friendly.

Review №67

Great atmosphere great experience

Review №68

Love this movie theater. It has reclining seats so you can relax while you are watching a movie. Very nice and friendly staff.

Review №69

Every thing was perfect. Except that my seat did not work properly. But it didnt really bother me. Good first time experience.

Review №70

Seats are like recliners which is really nice.

Review №71

Assigned seats are great - power recliners...Need to up their game with popcorn and adding butter (as in they leave it to you after they fill the bag up - would be nice to add in layers)

Review №72

Very kind and helpful staff and great daytime manager! Always clean and very friendly

Review №73

We enjoy the movies, the reclining chairs and the popcorn is very good.

Review №74

Changed my mind tonight. They asked my wife to open her purse because they now search for weapons. So when they saw candy and water they confiscated it.So hide your candy. BTW we always buy other things at the snack bar.... but they dont have what I like so I carry mine inSay hi to Jesus the managerGo to Harkins. Shame

Review №75

Loved this theatre. Best, most comfortable seats weve ever had at any theatre. Reserved, so choose your fav. However, there are really no bad seats! Food & popcorn was also great (tho pricey). As seniors, our entry price was least expensive weve seen anywhere. Thus . . .We will be returning often, our first choice when the same movie is available here as elsewhere. Only time wed go to the other major (14 screen) place in town will be when a show we want to see isnt available here.

Review №76

Great prices. Clean and well kept. Recliner seats were awesome. Only issue is viewing from some rows; due to big seats they can cut the bottom of screen from view. Other than that really nice place.

Review №77

This was by far the BEST movie watching experience! The seats are assigned (although there were only 2 other people in there, it would be a plus if it was full), the chairs are actual recliners with power adjustment, the armrests are big enough for 2 people to have their arms on it at the same time, the seats are big enough that even plus-size people would have plenty of room and the sound was not blasting and not too low. I wish we lived in the area because its the first time Ive watched a movie in the theater and didnt end up in pain.

Review №78

We love going here. Its not as big as Harkins, but the prices sure are better and the chairs are the big comfy ones that you can recline! Perfect for date night or a time out with friends.

Review №79

Absolutely fantastic! Best theater in the country!

Review №80

Nice service, and seats so comfortable.

Review №81

Really like how I can buy seats and not worry bout lines or looking for a seat. Recliners are awesome way to relax and enjoy a show.

Review №82

I love there seats and it’s not as loud as other theaters.

Review №83

The reclining seats are amazing, I can finally get comfortable.

Review №84

Excellent service along with clean and super comfortable sits

Review №85

We had a wonderful night out to celebrate my birthday! We saw The Greatest Showman, of which was FANTASTIC! Its exciting & yet a wonderful love story! The only regret was that I didnt buy the unsalted popcorn, as the regular was too salty & broke my mouth out. Its however nice to know that you may request unsalted popcorn and theyll pop it fresh for you!

Review №86

Love, love, love it! The reclining seats, the service and the concessions make this Yumas hidden gem! We recommend dinner at the Twisted Kitchen before and stroll down for the movie after. Very reasonably priced for what you get!

Review №87

My kids favorite place to watch movies. Several screens, large, comfortable reclining seats assigned individually in stadium seating format. Standard movie theater munchies at movie theater prices. Fewer and smaller theaters than the Harkins, but the screen size is the same. Prices are also the same.

Review №88

I prefer this theater over the other one in Yuma!

Review №89

I like how it’s clean, the staff is friendly, and the popcorn is yummy. But the seats. Don’t get me started on the seats! I wish our theater at home had such comfy seats. Being able to recline is a plus and there is plenty of room. This will be our go to theater when we’re in town.

Review №90

First theater Ive ever been to that had reclining leather seats for its guests. Loved it

Review №91

Love their seats and snack bar fast friendly service

Review №92

My family and I enjoy this movie theater. The parking can be an issue once in awhile but the customer service and online ticket purchasing is great. The seats are very comfortable.

Review №93

Fantastic theater! Great chairs, great prices.

Review №94

Love that theyve remodeled with the full recliner seating! If you sit in the lower half of the auditorium, it might be hard to see over the chairs in front of you if youre fully reclined. Opt for a seat up top instead if you can.

Review №95

Excellent chairs or I should say recliners. Will definitely return to watch another movie. Awesome remodel job

Review №96

The atmosphere is great. You get the back in the day feeling standing outside. The inside is neat and very well kept. The addition of the star cafe gives you a break from the regular movie theater eats. The staff is excellent and very helpful. The theaters themselves are comfortable, plush leather, king recliners are stock and very well spaced. The food is average, equal to the price. Over all, a good theater for the family to attend and enjoy. Arcade needs help.

Review №97

I love the reserved seating. It bothers me that they dont include sales tax in the price of their concessions. Most theaters do.

Review №98

Was amazing had a great time with family and the staff always saw ok point

Review №99

Love the reclining seats and smaller cinema rooms. Makes it have more of a private feel. The café is always great, except at night when they run out of coffee and milk.

Review №100

This Movie Theater is awesome. They have GREAT and comfortable seats. You can even adjust the seats to lay back or simply elevate your legs. Makes the movie MORE ENJOYABLE!

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:111 S Main St, Yuma, AZ 85364, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 928-539-5555
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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