Boardman Movies 8
469 Boardman Poland Rd, Youngstown, OH 44512, United States

Review №1

A nice place to enjoy a low cost film in a clean environment. Well worth visiting

Review №2

Prices are very affordable and nice selection of movies. My only complaint is that I find some movies to be extra dark, like the brightness needs to be adjusted a tad. I went to see Infinity War and found that the movies brightness was a bit off. I watched the movie somewhere else and it was perfectly clear. Other than that I like this place.

Review №3

Best movie place to go and wonderful prices

Review №4

You cant beat the value here! Maybe you are going to go on a blind date and not sure what to expect so why risk wasting $40 when you can spend about $4?! But really as I understand, the place wasnt doing so good due to a lack of funds but they saw an opportunity and took it. They dont show new releases when they come out. Hopefully they end up investing some money back into the place for upkeep and spend a little more on cleaning but again as a customer it is a great value.

Review №5

Great movies cheap price

Review №6

Nice older theater with reasonable prices. We saw beautiful day in the neighborhood and it was packed. Great movie by the way.

Review №7

Older movie theater. Shows older movies. But for $3.50 and 2 large drinks and a large popcorn for $15 makes it very low budget. But get to see some great movies!

Review №8

The theater was beyond warm. I asked politely for them to put on the air conditioning. I felt it for 5 minutes. I was the only person in the theater. I think they chose not to take care of me because they wanted a break and how dare I watch the movie by myself. I had already made plans to go back later this week. We will see if anything has changed. I dont think that you should be sweating in a movie theater. I hope and pray those same employees are not working.

Review №9

Had a great time. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely return to this location.

Review №10

Its a nice place at a cheap price. Sound can be a bit loud at times. May scare the little ones. Overall it was worth going.

Review №11

Sound quality was lacking. Seats are uncomfortable and you have no leg room. Ticket prices were cheap. Still spent 30 dollars though with popcorn and drinks. Id def. Recommend tinseltown luxury recliners.

Review №12

One of my favorite theaters around. Ticket prices are unbeatable, snack prices pretty reasonable.

Review №13

Abominable was a fantastic movie. And the theatre cost is FAMILY FRIENDLY. Highly recommended.

Review №14

Good place to watch good movies with your family and friends very cleanWill go again

Review №15

This theater is great! I like to take my kids to the movies but never want to spend big bucks because half the time they dont even watch the movie. This place makes our family outings much more affordable. The theater setting and 3D options leave nothing to be missed in comparison to the other theaters.

Review №16

Love it BUT sound is to low and smells like dirty T-shirts. So CLEAN AND RAISE THE SOUND!!!

Review №17

This is a great place to kill a few hours while the ladies shop!yesterdays movies, at yesterdays pricing!

Review №18

We always love seeing movies at Boardman Movies 8. Very affordable and nice facility and staff. :)

Review №19

It was amazing! I went with my girlfriend to see Once Upon a Time.. In Hollywood and the venue was very clean, and the tickets were very cheap! Definitely will visit again

Review №20

Nice place for a cheap movie. the seats need replaced or raised there to low if someone site I front of you better hope your taller

Review №21

I can take my entire family and buy some food and dont have to break the bank doing it, perfect get together

Review №22

Great place buy popcorn keeps the place open

Review №23

Nice theater in the retail area of Poland, OH. Cant beat the price of admission for newly released movies which was a surprise.The theater seats were very comfortable.And the concession stsnd was fully loaded with lots of good movie food too!!

Review №24

Cheap prices on almost new movies, seats arent to bad either

Review №25

Clean facility and great prices on snacks! Definitely recommend for a married couples date night!

Review №26

Laid back quiet place my kids love this movie theater.

Review №27

I brought my children here and now I bring my grandchildren. Awesome movie theater and service. Always clean and good prices. Great movie selection and great showing times. Great place for childrens birthdays or large groups. I took advantage of the popcorn buckets and bring it with me to get it filled for just $4!!

Review №28

This theater is a gem in the Youngstown area. Communities love special spots that really bring significance to their area, and this theater is no exception. Well-managed, friendly staff, and a positive atmosphere lead you to a nice, cheap, enjoyable experience with the family at the movies!

Review №29

For a dollar-theater, Movies 8 has been surprisingly stable and usually has a good array of films. food prices are what they are for any movie theater but you cant beat cheap tickets. usually takes a while for blockbuster films like Avengers to make there way here but its usually only a month or so for everything else to end up at Movies 8.

Review №30

Good for the first half until the movie projector cut off for the rest of the movie. Waste of time and money, the only good thing that happened was that we got our money back. Not recommended.

Review №31

Good movie Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez. Everything was great as expected from a movie theater.

Review №32

Never been disappointed. Nice evening out!

Review №33

Love the discount movies. Makes it affordable for a family. But the theaters always smell strange at best.

Review №34

Love it went to go see IT chapter 2 and it was amazing great people that work here too

Review №35

While it may be a cheap theater they still manage to provide a pretty good experience. I do wish the chairs were more comfortable, but I cant fault them too much considering how cheap the movies are. Concessions are more reasonably priced as well.

Review №36

Great theater for this area. Great price, great selection of movies & good quality food. HOWEVER theater has a VERY BAD ODOR & bathrooms are terrible. If those problems were fixed Movies 8 would be an outstanding movie theater

Review №37

This place is pretty cool. The seats could be more comfortable but you get what you pay for I guess.

Review №38

Very clean, and the booster seats worked perfectly for my kids

Review №39

Love coming here. Great prices.

Review №40

Great quality i got a friend workss at tinsletown

Review №41

The price was very reasonable and 21 bridges was fantastic

Review №42

Cant complain about this movie theater. Movies are cheap, concessions are cheap. What more can you ask for.

Review №43

Great prices, good movie selection

Review №44

Went to see Bohemian rhapsody. Theater was clean. Tickets of course, were reasonable at $3.50 each. I still find the prices to be high when it comes to the concession stand. Will be going back as Id rather see the films at a discount theater especially if you have children.

Review №45

Good place to see a cheap movie.

Review №46

Live this place... great price

Review №47

A nice, inexpensive comfortable theater and comfortable seats.

Review №48

Cheap night out vamt go wrong for a 2nd run movie theater

Review №49

Support Movies 8!!! Go there and keep it open. Where else can you go so cheap to watch the Big Screen? So much fun going to the movies. Dont forget to buy your popcorn and soda pop!!!

Review №50

We almost always have a great time at movies 8. The prices are great and that allows us to see a lot of more movies. The few times there has been any problem they have made it right. We are soooo glad it is open again.

Review №51

I traveled here ALL THE WAY FROM NEWELL WV (across the river from East Liverpool) and my First Experience here was AMAZING.. GREAT FOOD AND CHEAP PRICES I LOVES IT and Do plan on coming back....For ALL Movie Lovers in the Boardman/Youngstown and Surrounding Areas this is the PLACE TO BE!! I Plan on Returning!!!! Also its not often you come across a cheap theater thats still so Clean and Fresh 10 STARS!!

Review №52

If youre late and dont care about being late they will not let you in. I use to like going here

Review №53

My husband and I love coming to Boardman movies 8! It is so much cheaper than the other theaters and we dont mind waiting for them to get new movies. Perfect place to go for a date night. :)

Review №54

I love this place but the bathrooms are Terrible. Do you know will not flush, it smells like an outdoor john. I told Person now and they said oh well. I hate to see this price go down off

Review №55

The movie was excellent! The prices are great for the movie. They still get you for popcorn, candy, and drinks. Like all the other theaters. The clarity and sound of the move are still very, very good. Have been going there for quite awhile now. And will continue to go.. :)

Review №56

Great place!!! Tickets only 3.50. Good selection of movies. Clean and nice staff

Review №57

Positively my favorite place to come see a movie when youre on a budget. The staff is friendly, the concession stand has delicious food and the establishment is clean. I will definitely be coming back here in the future.

Review №58

The staff here was friendly and the prices were very reasonable, especially compared to other theaters.The seats werent very comfortable though. And the coloring of the bathrooms is neat but kind of gave me a headache.For the price, this theater is definitely worth it.

Review №59

Like the theater & kind staff & cheap tickets. Snacks & popcorn 1/2 of reg price @ other cinemas close by. Short purchase wait before Showtimes. Nice to afford to see a good flick w my daughter

Review №60

This is such a wonderful theater AND at a more affordable price!! The seating is very comfortable. Immaculately clean. Love it! Marvelous & affordable date night!

Review №61

Definitely a place to save a boat load on tickets and concessions. Movies available have been removed from other theaters for about a week or more but that never bothered us. Often times we looked here if we missed the opportunity to see a movies in the theater. Nice place, clean environment, friendly staff.

Review №62

Great place with affordable prices. Nice and clean

Review №63

Great movies, wonderful prices, good snack bar and the best employees (no, they didnt pay me to say this.)

Review №64

Look its a very affordable movie house. Clean with not so bad pop prices compared to the first run places. For $20 a family of four can have a nice night out.

Review №65

Great for movies but need to upgrade the chairs.

Review №66

Theater seats are incredibly tight. Any amount of extra hips or thighs is going to make you wish movies werent so long. Also, at the end of the night the entire staff seems to disappear.

Review №67

Best kept secret. Movies recently moving out of other theaters. Very inexpensive. Cool lobby. Comfortable seats. Great service & theater. Movie night experience for less $.

Review №68

Greatest place ever!! Make sure you buy popcorn with these ticket prices we gotta patronize!! Keep these guys open please!

Review №69

Great place for a great family movie

Review №70

Good bang for your husband and I enjoy a cheaper date night here and there or to take our daughter and her friends here for a lower price movie. Concessions are also reasonable and typically the place is clean. Have not had a bad experience yet here and would recommend

Review №71

The movie was great they had great service and we got into the movies really quickly and they put extra butter on our popcorn

Review №72

Awesome, ticket price n food deal were affordable

Review №73

The owner has pride in his theater. Very friendly owner. Good theater to take the family.

Review №74

This theater is fun. I love the colors, and the cheap prices. They have a nice little arcade section to play games while youre waiting on your movie to start.

Review №75

Really good service and very affordable prices, good movie choices also.

Review №76

Small theatres but friendly staff and good nachos and cheese.

Review №77

Old school theater nice prices, great staff and clean. Seen The movie SHAFT

Review №78

(Update: they transfer her and the new manager seems like a nice guy!) Was upset with the short blond manager, extremely rude and snotty. She treated my girlfriend very ignorantly. Messaged management and never got a reply, they do not care.

Review №79

Went to see Unbroken. Path of Redemption today. We chose Boardman Movies 8 for several reasons. The theater is clean, the seats are very comfortable (and new) plus the price is fantastic. We did not buy anything from the snack bar because we were having dinner after the movie but there is a good selction of treats. Next time, we will.

Review №80

Chespirito and Nice attendance

Review №81

Decent prices and not too crowded. Concession line goes quickly and I love the concession prices.

Review №82

Nice and prices are great.

Review №83

Ok seats, but you cant beat the price!

Review №84

It was a Tuesday with my 2 grandkids..we had the whole area to our selves, we had a great time, love coming here. Thankfully we have Movies 8 to go to when our pockets are low.

Review №85

Enjoyed the movie. Would like to see a little updating of the building. But decent experience.

Review №86

The theater was clean comfortable and the popcorn good tickets well priced what more would you want

Review №87

Cheapest movies in town and conscessions also I love it here

Review №88

Love going there for a movie. They got great price

Review №89

Comfortable seats and great prices! I love taking the kids here on the weekends

Review №90

Movies 8 is great. Everytime I am in town I take my sisters out for a movie. It is a great and affordable time.

Review №91

·*~ Ive been Attending this Theater for about 20 Years, and its always been a very Pleasant Place to visit.Safe, Secure & Comfortable for A all Age Groups & Families. I highly recommend this Theater to Any & Everyone ~*·

Review №92

Need better seats but other than that great ticket prices

Review №93

Love it! Great staff, super prices, and well maintained.

Review №94

Clean theater.Great price..seating was so awful, low to the ground and no leg room. Im 510 my legs were uncomfortable. If you have little ones its Great price and the seating wouldnt be an issue.

Review №95

Excellent prices. The films are not the most recent releases but if you can wait until they are showing here, you will save a lot of money.

Review №96

They have some really good movies for only $3.50

Review №97

Great experience Glad it opened up again. Prices are cheap and great friendly service!

Review №98

Love the prices to see movies that have only been out for about a month

Review №99

You cant beat this place! Great prices, which are way cheaper than other theaters. So what if you have to wait to see the movies.

Review №100

Everything was pretty good but I warn you DONT get a sprite! It tastes HORRIBLE!

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  • Address:469 Boardman Poland Rd, Youngstown, OH 44512, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 330-259-8946
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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