Movies at Wellington
13881 Wellington Trace, Wellington, FL 33414, United States

Review №1

I love this place. It reminds me of the old movie theaters from my childhood. Clean and affordable. My wife is not a large fan though because she is short and there is not a large height difference between the seats in front of you and she typically gets stuck sitting behind someone who is tall.

Review №2

Im not sure how they can stay in business. There were only three customers in our theatre. The management has purchased brand new reclining seats, but hasnt installed them for over a year. Instead they are still in boxes stacked up in front near the screen. Only good part is that tickets are about half of what you pay elsewhere.

Review №3

I have always loved going to see movies here ever since I was a kid and I am so happy this place continues to function and is still doing well! I love how its even been upgraded and has such comfortable accommodations now! And it is so much cheaper than other theaters, love it!

Review №4

Great price. Nice, new, comfortable leather chairs, but he aware they do not recline. Older theatre but a great value!

Review №5

Good for the price. First run movies for 5 dollars during the matinee. The theater reminds of old school theatres before stadium seating. They have boosters for the kids. The food and drinks are no more or less than other theaters. Good for movies that you want to see but dont want to pay 15 dollars per person.

Review №6

Great place to go with a big family! Worth getting their food since the tickets are cheap! $5 before 6 pm then its $8.

Review №7

It’s your neighborhood movie theater five dollars for a movie it’s really not bad still get a nice screen awesome surroundsound but worst of all you get rude teenagers that are most likely stoned and everybody point fingers to the person that’s not working that day never seen a manager supervisor owner boss or any leader ship there at all. Whoever owns this establishment should really be a part of the hiring process and should at least train the people in customer service before letting them take peoples money but can’t beat the five dollar matinee!

Review №8

Feels like a small town movie theater. Its cheap and looks run down but something about it reminds me of the movies when I was a kid and I enjoy it. Never crowded and food and drinks are a decent price.

Review №9

Makes it affordable to go to movies again. New movies playing and update seating. Well done

Review №10

Older theater, really not bad at all! Just got new seating but the electric wasnt hooked up yet, but Im sure it will be. Right around the corner from our house so Im sure well be back again

Review №11

Love love movies at Wellington. Best little spot around

Review №12

The Movies at Wellington is a gem! It has been in the community for years and the prices are right! They have upgraded the theaters with comfy and roomy seats! Support this local establishment when you want a fun night out at the movies!

Review №13

Very calm movie theater. Nice area. Low-key atmosphere

Review №14

Ever since i discovered this movie theater, i wont be going anywhere else. Its affordable and nice. Theyre in the process of upgrading the seats. Thatll be cool!

Review №15

For 5$ per ticket, you practically can’t go wrong. I hear they’re updating the seats which is certainly needed and they should really keep the AC on a bit longer in the theaters, but other than that, this is a great place.

Review №16

Seats in the theaters have been upgraded to the newer recliner-style. The theater is still not as nice as the Royal Palm Regal or the Paragon at the Wellington Mall, but it is lower priced than either of those two options.

Review №17

Best movie theater for value and atmosphere

Review №18

Quaint movie theatre, recently upgraded. We thoroughly enjoy having this theatre in our Wellington neighborhood!

Review №19

Very clean and family friendly! Affordable for families.

Review №20

Matinee prices are great and they have reclining seats.

Review №21

When are you gonna re-open?

Review №22

This movie theater is very good.Ticket and food prices are unbeatable. I hope the community highly supports it so they never have close.

Review №23

We still love coming here to enjoy with the locals. We used to live in the area and bring kids. Great price & friendly staff.

Review №24

Only $6. Big comfortable seats.

Review №25

Good, homely family service - need funds to fix bathroom and some of their theaters.

Review №26

The movies are price savvy for new movies that come out.Comfortable place to take the family for a day out thats affordable.

Review №27

After going to several movies at year here since 2005, I will never return. The cheap prices are not worth the hassle and poor experience. Here is the story of my last time. Please dont let it happen to you.On the evening of December 21st purchased tickets through Fandango to see the new Star Wars movie with my three sons at Movies At Wellington. Since moving to South Florida in 2005 I have enjoyed seeing movies at this theater, overlooking the less than stellar facilities and recent construction. My sons and I have seen both Star Wars and several Marvels movies on opening night at Wellington. But due to their final exams and athletic obligations we were not able to get to the theater until Sunday.Needless to say we were very excited and due to non reserved seating we arrived at the theater at 1:45 for the 2:15 movie. By 2pm I was concerned no one else was entering the theater and there were no pre-movie videos running. Prior to 2:15 I asked twice If I was in the right theater and was assured that my tickets were correct (2:15pm movie in Theater 2). I further asked staff at 2:15 and then again at 2:25 why the movie was not starting and was told it would. At 2:25 I was finally told by the manager (Leah) the movie was playing in theatre 5 and I would need to switch theaters. There was no apology for my inconvenience and no offer to right the facilities mistake. Leah was more concerned about getting her employees breaks than customer service and only became willing to refund my tickets after I asked about a refund. Due to the desire to see our movie I attempted to have my kids move theaters before I dealt with refund, only to discover the movie had already begun. To make matters worse I was refunded $24 of my $24.80 purchase and told I would have to deal with Fandango to get a full refund. I found Leah to be out of her element and ill prepared to manage situation. She was unwilling to contact her general manager and only provided an email address. Justin Boardman has been contacted with a request for immediate response and as of 9pm Sunday evening has yet to respond by phone or e-mail.I found the whole experience to be extremely frustrating and of little concern to the staff and management. There was no acknowledgment of their mistakes or care for the time that was wasted at their establishment. As stated I have been a consistent customer of the Movies At Wellington but after this the cheap pricing is not worth the nasty facilities, small theaters, and view of boxes. After this I am more than willing to pay a little more for Regal or Wellington Green, get better service and cleaner facilities.

Review №28

Love this theater. It has the best prices around for movies and concessions.

Review №29

Poor management. Place is a mess. Cancel movies without warning or regulars to the inconvenience of patrons.

Review №30

It is good prices and clean and new chairs

Review №31

I really like this theater but its well past time for some upgrades

Review №32

Cheap and good but no all the chairs or seats work good.

Review №33

The Pros: Its a nice comfy theater. Its off the main path, clearly made to cater to the locals.I drive out of my way for the price and its the only place that serves kettle corn. And its cheap. Matinee prices are 5.00 each.The Cons: this theatre is showing its age. It needs TLC, especially the bathrooms.The theatres are used 1/2 way as storage by a bunch of boxes. They dont obscure the screen, but they are disconcerting none the less.The kids running the place are for the most part nice and polite. During the beggining of summer some of the were getting on the rambunctious side, but still nice. Maybe an adult over 25 may help with that.Anyway, despite that, I keep going not only for the price but also the over all experience.

Review №34

What can I say its in Wellington where else can you watch a movie for $5 great place

Review №35

Friendly, remind me of old days simple theater.

Review №36

Loved the value but they need to keep the A/C turned on in the theater. The BEST MOVIE THEATER POPCORN EVER!!

Review №37

Love this place! Save money coming here

Review №38

Movie theater we nice; they also new chairs.

Review №39

No a/c in #8 changed to #2 .no remote for chairs working in #2 .popcorn was awful

Review №40

Best matinee prices at $5 on current movies before 6pm. Comfortable and clean. Also has old fashioned cinnamon sugar coated pecans, cashews and almonds.

Review №41

Amazing prices for both tickets and refreshments. The theaters are clean and the seats are comfortable.

Review №42

Good place to bring family that has good prices then other movie places, unless you looking for a recliner chair. I recommend coming here if you in a budget. The only problem I have is the staff puts too much salt on the popcorn and the almond/cashews always taste stale not fresh.

Review №43

New seating and quiet place for a movie

Review №44

Ive been a frequent customer here for a very long time and there are quite a lot of good things about this theater including the friendly staff and very affordable movie tickets. I definitely prefer the prices here to Regal which is usually twice as expensive if not more.

Review №45

They got bats flying around in the movie theater. This has been a problem since 2017. Yes, actual bats.

Review №46

You cant beat a lil nice neighborhood Cinema sitting in the cut with the popcorn and other treats to help you enjoy a movie

Review №47

Movies at Wellington provides Great Value for a good price.MAW as I will call them is not the biggest of flashiest place. Its 8 theaters are the old type of seating, which works out very well.MAW has the latest movies of the nearby bigger competitors but is able to provide a fantastic experience for a very reasonable price....for their Movies and Concessions too.The parking is more compact and not very many Handicap spots for those that need them.Overall, you give up some of the nicer amenities in exchange for having a few bucks left over when taking the family out or after dinner with your significant other or relative.Go to MAW and experience their Value for yourself...I have and go back regularly.

Review №48

Please do not listen to the bad reviews unless you are one of those stuck up I live in Wellington so kiss my feet type of people.Its a cute nostalgic theater thats great for the price! Yes they have the boxes stacked in each room but who cares once the movie starts? Just ignore them. Came here twice with my son and no complaints. The staff is super nice. If you want some fancy experience just go to Muvico or Boca and spend upwards of $60 to $100 bucks depending on how many people you bring. Folks, get over yourselves. This place reminds me of the simple days when I was 14 going to see a flick (or two) with my friend.

Review №49

Great little spot to enjoy a movie with family and friends.

Review №50

Probably the last affordable movie theater .Decent service.about $8.00 a ticket for regular movies.A couple of more by is for 3D. I hope they stay open although I can tell that the rooms never fill up. Thats bad for business. I wish them the best

Review №51

Very affordable tickets. Dated but as clean as can be expected. Great experience.

Review №52

Clean & comfortable seating. Its an older theatre and to a degree you get what you pay for. Yes it may look slightly dingy & dated inside but it IS clean, no funky smells. Yes, they do store boxes on the floor below the movie screens & unless you choose to sit in the front row the boxes do NOT block your view of the screen. The popcorn & soda/pop is just as expensive as the bigger, more modern & chaotic theaters and it IS just as good. Each experience at this theater has been a good one & is my theater of choice these days.

Review №53

I feel bad not leaving a better review. The pricing is affordable and the food choices are good. The downsides are some of the incomplete maintenance in the theatres. Lots of boxes. The edges of the projection come of the screens a lot. Wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt so significant. I loved this movie theatre as a kid but it hasnt really grown up with me. I really like the people working, and the maintenance and projection issues are definitely not their fault.

Review №54

Terrible paid to go to a 12 pm showing. Would not let us in because a camp was still in there. Then still 30 minutes later still cleaning the theater. Tried to go in to let kids sit and they told us we couldnt. Management in the front ignored us. Terrible customer service!!!

Review №55

1990s decor and facilities give it 2 stars. But first rate, current movies for $5 get it 5 stars. So I go with 4.

Review №56

Jo Jo Rabbit was interesting but the seats were very uncomfortable!

Review №57

Had a screening of a short film I worked on here for Wellington Film Festival, nice spot..

Review №58

Its my favorite!! All prices are traditional and reasonable

Review №59

Love the price of tickets. Just upset a lot of the times I try to go, they normally do not have kettle popcorn available. They make the best!

Review №60

Best ticket and concession prices in town. Full disclosure: it feels like a theater from the 90s. You wont get the giant screen and stadium seating. But you will get a movie for $8 ($5 matinee) and popcorn and drinks that are reasonably priced.

Review №61

Like always the movie tickets are cheap but inside the theater was super super dirty and the restroom smelt like urine. The only thing I like about it is the price of the tickets its always looks filthy inside the movie theater

Review №62

The theater is a little dated but it gets the job done and for a very fair price. Though it is a small theater it packs a big punch by providing all the hit movies. I went to see Deadpool and was very comfy. The seats even reclined back and were very cushy. I didn’t freeze to death like a lot of other theaters, so that is a positive.

Review №63

Go to movie place I deal with social anxiety so finding a place where I am comfortable and good makes me feel great. I love this place it’s small and affordable as well!!!

Review №64

Theater is dirty the price is only $5 yes but its a bunch of kids there that appear not to know what theyre doing what I went to buy my tickets for me and my son it took three people to find one person to teach them how to sell a ticket if youre looking for a cheap movie that I recommend going but just know that its not clean

Review №65

DO NOT GET THE PRETZELS. They are extremely salty and flavorless. but the service is good and the popcorn is nice.

Review №66

Love this place. Takes me back to my childhood. You can NOT beat the prices here. Even the food and drinks are reasonably priced for a movie theater. You can actually enjoy going to the movies and not break the bank doing it.

Review №67

Nice and cheap ($5) but you get what you pay for. Stale popcorn, bad sound and video quality but the price is right.

Review №68

Great price for matinee. Concessions reasonable too. Wish they would get the new seating installed.

Review №69

Less expensive than other theatres. There is a need for more staff and cleaning the theatre and bathrooms.

Review №70

I enjoyed this venue. Great screen, good Dolby sound and comfy seats.Good snacks too.

Review №71

3.5. kind of sucks but gets first rate movies on release and is crazy cheap and never crowded. Plus nostalgia city

Review №72

Great price for a movie, place does need an update.

Review №73

Great place for your family

Review №74

It has turned into a dump! Went to see Transylvania 3. Theatre had rows of storage boxes in front of the screen. Theatre was hot very little A/C. Seems like the owner doesnt care anymore

Review №75

Cheap good staff is just a good place to watch a movie you can actually afford it and by an icee or something

Review №76

I dont know how people can make little complaints about this theater. I love this theater. Im sick of the big expensive places. I dont need reclining lounge seats and pay 50 dollars to watch a movie for my family. I love how it has the small town ma and pa feel. It is super convenient as I live in the west part of Wellington. Matinee is amazing. I give this theater 2 thumbs up and hope they stay the course. I have been coming here for years often and will keep coming here. I will stay a loyal customer. Thank you Wellington Movie Theater

Review №77

Great prices! Clean and comfy.

Review №78

Quiet place to go too. Very small theaters without upgrades but great popcorn.

Review №79

Seemed very old and dirty. Also musky smells

Review №80

We come here with our children, tickets and food items are affordable, not overpriced like some other theaters. They do not clean the theaters as well as they should; but over all this theatre is budget friendly.

Review №81

Good for cheap tickets but literally nothing else. The carpets are sticky, the chairs and walls are filthy, and the employees couldnt care less about their job.

Review №82

Saw the new Gozilla movie here. Overall, its decent.

Review №83

Convenient...but dated seating with a warehouse feel...big boxes at the front of the auditorium...

Review №84

To be honest i almost ask for my refund because when i got there early their commercial ads are fuzzy and makes me dizzy. But when the movie trailers starts it becomes clear...and for that i gave it a 4 star. But then again even the movie theater is old and the fee is just 5 bucks i would gave it a 5 star because its clean and staff are all freindly.

Review №85

We use to (PAST TENSE) really enjoy going to this theater. We are a family of 5 (and many times would being family and friends too), always bought snacks and drinks, and spent a decent amount of money ($50-70) weekly . Many teenagers with serious attitude and a lack of respect have been hired. When Jurassic World was released we again went, more tickets than seats were sold. Our 3 children sat on our laps, we were uncomfortable but not a huge deal. BUT new seats were in boxes lining the front of the room. We we unable to see a good majority of the film. When we spoke to the manager (who looked to be approximately 13 years old as well) he rolled his eyes, was rude, obnoxious, and just disgusting. The only thing I asked is if we could get a partial refund or credit towards future tickets. As we were leaving he and the snack stand staff made ugly and vulgar comments as we walked out the door! We HAVE NOT since been back! We went due to the price and location. But I will gladly pay more to be treated with common courtesies and respect! Hopefully everyone else has a better experience than me, but we wont be back!

Review №86

Small, only 8 theaters but clean and excellent.

Review №87

There are literally boxes upon boxes right on front of me..they come right up to the screen and the movie Im in only holds about maybe 20 people or so...very cheap and unprofessional...not appealing and small...the tickets were fair though but i would not come back because I feel the movies should be comfortable and clean...I would prefer that over cheaper tickets.

Review №88

Overpriced food for one, they dont greet anyone it seems like all the kids working there are shy. Good ticket prices, normal seats nothing fancy but, the sound is way to loud it is unpleasant.

Review №89

This place needs to hire on more employees. No one is at the ticket booth to purchase tickets. When you go inside they have you pay for the tickets at the register.Then to get popcorn you must go to another register to make another transaction from the same person! Yes one person was working on a Saturday! There no signs telling you what movie is playing.I had to Interrupt the one lady working there to ask where the hell our movie was playing! This place is very unorganized!

Review №90

Very nice theater. Comfortable seats. We all had a good time tonight.

Review №91

The new seats are great and the people were fantastic. The concessions are a little too expensive.

Review №92

The theater is good but you should fire Stefano.

Review №93

Good food good seating good movies good service bad no so good with maintaining the place

Review №94

Great place to take in a movie - nice bars and restaurants surround so a good stop before or after !

Review №95

Great family value, all movies are matinee $5.00 before 5pm. Nice plaza location can usually find decent parking. Shows the latest movies, wheel chair accessible. Friendly staff. Need some new video games.

Review №96

Great movies for dirt cheap.

Review №97

It was great it was really loud and the chairs were great as a recliner should be

Review №98

We love this movie theatre! All seats we updated and are comfortable. The best deal in town - is their $5.00 Matinee Price that is in effect until 6pm seven days a week!

Review №99

Excellent place, I love coming here with my kids

Review №100

Other then the boxes in the front it has good sound and cheapish food

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  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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